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Killygarvan Parish Records, Co. Donegal, Ireland

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- Killygarvan Parish, Rathmullan, Co. Donegal, Birth Announcements 1838-69

Church Records

- Rathmullan, Killygarvan Parish, Co. Donegal Presbyterian Ruling Elders & Commissioners 1620-1700
- Opening of Rathmullan Presbyterian Church, Killygarvan Parish, Co. Donegal July 1873

Killygarvan Roman Catholic Records at the NLI

Church Photographs

- Rathmullan Presbyterian Church Photographs, Killygarvan Parish, Rathmullan


- Killygarvan Parish (Rathmullan), Co. Donegal Death Announcements 1787-1870

Flaxgrowers List

- Index to the Flaxgrowers Bounty List (Spinning Wheel Premiums), Killygarvan Parish (Rathmullan), Co. Donegal 1796

Griffiths Valuation

- Index to Griffiths Valuation, Killygarvan Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Hearth Money Roll

- Hearth Money Roll Killygarvan Parish, Co. Donegal 1665


- Killygarvan Map, Co. Donegal


- Rathmullan Presbyterian Church, Rathmullan, Killygarvan Parish, Co. Donegal Marriages 1845-99

- Killygarvan Parish (Rathmullan), Co. Donegal, Marriage Announcements 1830-71


- Flight of the Earls 1607


- Schools in Killygarvan Parish, Co. Donegal 1835

Tithe Applotment

- Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Killygarvan Parish 1834