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Gravestone Photos & Transcriptions from County Londonderry, Northern Ireland


- Aghadowey Parish Church, St. Guaire's Church of Ireland Gravestone Transcriptions
- Aghadowey Presbyterian Church Gravestones Transcriptions, Aghadowey Parish
- Colonel Henry Baker & Captain Michael Browning Memorial Tablet, St. Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry City 1689
- Boveedy Presbyterian Church Graveyard Transcriptions, Tamlaght O'Crilly Parish
- Derry City Cemetery, Londonderry City Click on View Records at the bottom of the page
- Desertoghill (Old) Parish Church, Church of Ireland Graveyard Transcriptions, near Garvagh
- Desertoghill Parish Church, Church of Ireland Gravestone Transcriptions, Townland of Moyltra, Desertoghill Parish
- First Garvagh Presbyterian Church Graveyard Transcriptions, Errigal Parish
- Register of Gravestone Inscriptions in Old Glendermott Burial Ground, Clondermot Parish, Church Road, Londondeerry
- Kilrea Parish Church, St. Patrick's Church of Ireland, Graveyard Transcriptions, Kilrea Parish
- St. Paul's Church of Ireland Graveyard Transcriptions, Garvagh, Parish of Errigal
- Young, Stewart & Holmes Headstone Transcriptions, Main Street Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Garvagh, Errigal Parish