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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Artrea Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of INDEX TO GRIFFITHS VALUATION OF ARTREA PARISH, COUNTY TYRONE forms part of the vast archive of 4,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to ARTREA PARISH on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

For an explanation of and the background to c1860 Griffiths Valuation see

Artrea Parish (that portion within County Tyrone) Townlands in Artrea (Tyrone portion)



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballynahone Claggan Derrygonigan Dufless
Edernagh Enniskillen Glebe (Artrea) Knockanroe
Lisboy Liscausy Lisnahall Lurganboy
Tievenagh (Detached Portion) Tievenagh (Main Portion) Tullyconnell Tullyhurken
Tullyraw Tullyveagh Tullyweery  




ANDERSON Anne Tullyveagh
ANDERSON Henry Dufless
ANDERSON Samuel Derrygonigan
ANDERSON Samuel Dufless
ANDERSON William Dufless
ARBUTHNOT John Dufless
ARBUTHNOT John Tievenagh
ARBUTHNOT John Tullyhurken
ART Henry Tullyveagh
BAILIE Rev. James K. Glebe
BAILIE Rev. James K. Knockanroe
BARCLAY William Knockanroe
BARCLAY William Lisboy
BAXTER Isabella Enniskillen
BAXTER John Enniskillen
BAXTER Thomas Claggan
BEATTY Samuel Lurganboy
BEATTY Samuel Tullyconnell
BEATTY Thomas Lurganboy
BELL Sarah Ballynahone
BLAIR John Edernagh
BLAIR John Liscausy
BOYLE Anne Glebe
BOYLE Ellen Tullyveagh
BURNS James Lisboy
CALDWELL John Claggan
CAMPBELL Robert Knockanroe
CARDWELL John Claggan
CARSON Robert Tievenagh
CHARLETON Francis Derrygonigan
CLENDINNING Henry Enniskillen
COOKE John Lisnahall
CORRAN Thomas Edernagh
COSTELLO Richard Derrygonigan
CRAWFORD Samuel Liscausy
CRAWFORD William Enniskillen
CRAWFORD William Tullyconnell
CROOKS Isabella Ballynahone
DALLAS Jame Edernagh
DEVLIN Catherine Lisboy
DEVLIN James Derrygonigan
DEVLIN James Tullyveagh
DEVLIN Thomas Derrygonigan
DONNELLY Margaret Ballynahone
DOOGAN Kennedy Edernagh
DOYLE Patrick Knockanroe
DUNNE Andrew Enniskillen
DUNNE Anne Enniskillen
DUNNE Hamilton Tullyveagh
DUNNE Joshua Enniskillen
DUNNE Margaret Jane Enniskillen
EARLY John Tullyveagh
FALLS William Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Abraham Tullyhurken
FERGUSON Alexander Tievenagh
FERGUSON Alexander Tullyhurken
FERGUSON Alexander Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Alexander Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Archibald Tullyhurken
FERGUSON Fergus, Jun. Knockanroe
FERGUSON Fergus, Sen. Knockanroe
FERGUSON John Edernagh
FERGUSON John Liscausy
FERGUSON John Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Joseph Edernagh
FERGUSON Patrick Enniskillen
FERGUSON Rev. William Tievenagh
FERGUSON Robert Edernagh
FERGUSON Robert, Jun. Enniskillen
FERGUSON Robert, Sen. Enniskillen
FERGUSON Thomas Enniskillen
FERGUSON Thomas Tullyhurken
FERGUSON Thomas Tullyveagh
FERGUSON Thomas, Sen. Tullyveagh
FERGUSON William Lisboy
FERGUSON William Liscausy
FERGUSON William Thomas Tievenagh
FERGUSON William Thomas Tullyveagh
FIELDS James Knockanroe
FOSTER Jane Enniskillen
GIBSON Alexander Derrygonigan
GLASGOW Benjamin Derrygonigan
GLASGOW Benjamin Tievenagh
GLASGOW Benjamin Tullyveagh
GLASGOW William Tievenagh
GLASGOW William Tullyveagh
GRAHAM Hugh Tullyconnell
GRAHAM James Dufless
GRAHAM James Knockanroe
GRAHAM Sarah Derrygonigan
GREER James Tievenagh
GREER John Tievenagh
GREER John Tullyconnell
GREER Thomas Ballynahone
HAGAN George Tullyweery
HAGAN James Derrygonigan
HAMILTON Isabella Tullyveagh
HAMILTON James Tullyweery
HAMILTON Sarah Ballynahone
HAMILTON Thomas Tullyconnell
HANNAN Bernard Derrygonigan
HARRIS John Derrygonigan
HARRIS Robert Tullyveagh
HILLAS Sarah Edernagh
HOGG David Ballynahone
HOGG James Derrygonigan
HOGG Robert Ballynahone
HOGG Robert Dufless
HOGG Robert Knockanroe
HOOD William Tullyveagh
HOWARD Joseph Knockanroe
IRWIN Adam Edernagh
IRWIN Adam Lisboy
IRWIN David Claggan
IRWIN David Enniskillen
IRWIN James Lisboy
IRWIN John Enniskillen
IRWIN Thomas Lisboy
JOHNSTON Anne Liscausy
JOHNSTON Robert Tullyveagh
JONES Rev. James Derrygonigan
JONES Rev. Thomas J. Claggan
JONES Rev. Thomas. J. Tullyraw
KENNEDY James Liscausy
KIDD James Tievenagh
KINGSBURY Robert Tullyraw
KIRKE James Tullyveagh
LEES John Tullyraw
LEES William Tullyraw
LEONARD Patrick Edernagh
LINDESAY Frederick Dufless
LINDSAY William Tullyveagh
MACKRELL William Claggan
MACKRILL David Liscausy
MACKRILL William Tullyhurken
MAGEE Arthur Dufless
MAGEE Sarah Glebe
MAJOR Matthew Tullyveagh
MARSHALL John Claggan
MARSHALL John Lisnahall
MARSHALL William Derrygonigan
MCCOLLUM Elizabeth Knockanroe
MCCONNELL John Tullyconnell
MCCORD Andrew Tievenagh
MCCORD David Tullyhurken
MCCORD James Tullyveagh
MCCORD John Enniskillen
MCCORD John Lisnahall
MCCORD Margaret Lisnahall
MCCORD Robert Edernagh
MCCORD Robert Enniskillen
MCCORD Robert Lisnahall
MCCORD Robert Tullyweery
MCCORD Thomas Edernagh
MCCORD William Enniskillen
MCCORD William Lisnahall
MCDONAGH Bartholomew Tullyveagh
MCDONNELL Elizabeth Tullyraw
MCDONNELL John Derrygonigan
MCDONNELL John Derrygonigan
MCGAHY James Edernagh
MCGAHY James Liscausy
MCGAHY John Tullyconnell
MCGAHY Matthew Liscausy
MCGANERTY Patrick Derrygonigan
MCGANERTY Patrick Derrygonigan
MCKAY David Lisboy
MCKAY Hugh Dufless
MCKEOWN Sarah Dufless
MCMURTRY George Derrygonigan
MCREYNOLDS Anthony Lisboy
MCREYNOLDS Anthony Liscausy
MCREYNOLDS Elizabeth Tullyweery
MCREYNOLDS Robert Tullyweery
MCREYNOLDS Thomas Enniskillen
MCTEAGUE Michael Derrygonigan
MCVEAGH John Dufless
MILLER James Lisboy
MILLIGAN Henry Ballynahone
MOFFETT Archibald Lisnahall
MOFFETT Archibald Tullyweery
MOFFETT Thomas Claggan
MOFFETT William J. Knockanroe
MOORHEAD James Dufless
NEILL Patrick Liscausy
NESBITT Archibald Ballynahone
NESBITT Archibald Derrygonigan
PURVIS James Tullyveagh
PURVIS John Derrygonigan
PURVIS Joseph Tullyveagh
PURVIS Mary Tullyveagh
PURVIS Thomas Tullyveagh
REYNOLDS Thomas Edernagh
ROLLINS Thomas Knockanroe
ROLLSTON William Tullyveagh
SETON John Lisnahall
SETON Robert Lisnahall
SIMPSON Robert Ballynahone
SIMPSON Robert Claggan
SIMPSON Robert Edernagh
SIMPSON Robert Tullyhurken
SLOAN David Tullyconnell
SLOAN James Tullyconnell
SLOAN John Claggan
SLOAN John Derrygonigan
SLOAN John Tullyraw
SLOAN John Tullyveagh
SLOANE John Tullyweery
SMITH Charles Derrygonigan
SNIPE Margaret Enniskillen
SNIPE William Derrygonigan
SPEARS John Tullyveagh
STEWART James Tullyconnell
STUART Susan Tievenagh
TALBOT William Tullyconnell
THOMPSON John Dufless
TRIMBLE Matthew Edernagh
WADE John Tullyveagh
WALKER Robert Tullyweery
WALKER Samuel Edernagh
WEIR Hugh Liscausy
WILSON Thomas Claggan
WILSON Thomas Lisboy
WILSON William Tullyconnell
WRAY John Tullyveagh
WRIGHT Mary Tullyveagh
WRIGHT William Derrygonigan
YOUNG James Derrygonigan

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Artrea Parish Records, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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