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Will - List of Names from the Ireland Index of Wills

Transcribed & Compiled by Phil

Re: Reference. Vol. & pg =   the full PRONI references [T559] +


Date of

Probate                                                                                                                              Reference


1799              Adams, James,  Tullydoey (Tullydowey) ,Clonfeacle Co. Tyrone                        5 p 72


1801              Alexander,  John, Strabane ,Camus / Urney, Co. Tyrone                                    5 p233


1731              Allen, James, Cloghboy, Co. Tyrone                                                                  5 p153


1665              Catheart, Adam,  Drumslagee, Co. Tyrone                                                         W.


1834              Caulfield, James,  Castlestewart,  Co.  Tyrone                                                    W.


1755              Eccles,  Mary, alias Lowry, widow, Fintonagh, Co. Tyrone                                 N. Vol 150 P              

                                                                                                                                                       p. 130

1834              Edle, Edward, Strabane,  Co.  Tyrone                                                                W.


1707              Gamble, John, mechant, Strabane, Co. Tyrone                                                    W.


1735              Hall, Rev. John D.D., Ardstragh, Co. Tyrone                                                       G.


1803              Hamilton,  Audley, Eccles  Green, Co. Tyrone                                                     G.


1667              Hamilton, Dame Beatruce, Manor Elliston, Co. Tyrone                                         G.


1699              Hamilton, George, Co. Tyrone                                                                             G.


1689              Hamilton, Hugh, Donagheady, Co. Tyrone                                                           G.


1791              Hamilton, James Moore, Desertcreate, Co. Tyrone                                              N. Vol 150

                                                                                                                                                       p. 294

1707              Hamilton, John,  Edergoll, Co. Tyrone                                                                 G.


1708              Hamilton, John, Carrowbeg, Co. Tyone                                                               G.


1761              Hamilton, John, Co. Tyrone                                                                                 G.


1765              Hamilton, John,  Tullycullion,  Co. Tyrone                                                            G.


1692              Hamilton,  Robert,  Killeelunie, Co. Tyrone                                                          G.


1694              Hamilton,  William,  Cornemucklagh,  Co. Tyrone                                                G.


1744              Hamilton, William,  Killycoran,  Co. Tyrone                                                         G.


1747              Hamilton,  William,  Beltrim,  Co.  Tyrone                                                            G.


1751              Hamiton,  William,  Anglish, Co. Tyrone                                                               G.


1777              Houston, Francis,  Tullydowey,  Co. Tyrone                                                        W.


1729              Houston, John, Castle Stewart,  Co. Tyrone                                                        W.


1728              McCausland, John,  Strabane,  Co. Tyrone                                                          W.


1722              McCausland, Oliver,  Strabane,  Co. Tyrone                                                        G.


1741              McCausland, Oliver,  Strabane, Co. Tyrone                                                         G.


1697              McLorinan, Margaret, widow, Aghadremderege, Co. Tyrone                               G.


1813              McNeelance, John, Milltown,  Co. Tyrone                                                           W.


1813              McNeill, Charles, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone                                                            W.


1772              Maxwell, James,  the elder,  Omagh, Co. Tyrone                                                 G.


1709              Maxwell, Mary, Strabane, Co. Tyrone                                                                 G.


1709              Maxwell, William merchant, Strabane, Co. Tyrone                                               W.


1708              Morris,  Rev. Jon, Ballymully,  Co. Tyrone                                                           W. & G.


1804              Morris, Rev. Samuel, Glebe House, Co. Tyrone                                                   G.


1729              Stewart, George, Omagh, Co. Tyrone                                                                  W.


1726              Stewart, James, Killymoon, Co. Tyrone                                                                W.


1727              Stewart, Margaret,  widow,  Killymoon,  Co. Tyrone                                            W.


1706              Stewart, William, Killymoon,  Co. Tyrone                                                             W.