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Will of John James Donaghy, Ballyskeagh, Leckpatrick Parish, Co. Tyrone 1916

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Faye Logue, Tully, Queensland, Australia

Dated 19th July 1916

I JOHN JAMES DONAGHEY of Ballyskeagh, Co Tyrone farmer hereby revoke all wills & testamentary dispositions before made by me & make this my last will.

I appoint SAMUEL R. FULTON and ROBT. FULTON of Ballylaw and RICHARD DONAGHEY of Doneybrewer my Executors and Trustees. I direct all my debts funeral and testamentary expenses to be paid. I direct that my sister BELLA shall be maintained and supported out of my lands in Ballyskeagh in my house there or some other house there as my Executors shall think right & find possible for her life but this provision is not to operate as a charge on my lands or interfere with an unencumbered sale thereof so far as this direction is concerned if the said lands are sold. I leave my two farms in Ballyskeagh to my sons RICHARD and ROBERT JOHN when the youngest of them attains twenty three years of age. I leave two hundred pounds to my daughter Sarah Elizabeth. I leave one hundred pounds to my son JAMES CAMPBELL on his attaining age. I leave to my son Samuel Alexander Three Hundred pounds. I direct my Executors to provide out of my Estate for the payment of the premiums on the life policy I have taken out payable to my son James Campbell for One Hundred & fifty pounds till he is twenty years of age. I direct my wife to be maintained and supported on my Ballyskeagh lands till the same pass as above bequeathed to Richard and Robert John or the survivor of them. She is then to be paid fifty pounds out of said lands if no other funds provided for that purpose hereafter by me and she is to have no further claim on my Estate. From he is fourteen till he is twenty one my son James Campbell is to be paid Five pounds a year out of my Ballyskeagh lands.

I leave my stock crop implements horses & vehicles to Richard and Robert John. I leave all the rest of my Estate to my children Richard and Robert John until they become entitled to my lands in Ballyskeagh. I direct my Executors to manage the same to the best of their judgement for the maintenance of my said family there and accumulate the surplus profits if any as part of the residue of my Estate. Should any of my said sons to whom lands are herein bequeathed select to learn a profession my Executors shall have power to raise the necessary funds for that purpose by mortgage of such lands up to Four Hundred pounds in satisfaction of his interest otherwise and so this will.

Should the rest of my Estate prove insufficient to satisfy all above legacies my lands in Ballyskeagh are to bear the three Hundred pounds left to SAMUEL ALEXANDER. It is my intention to sell my farm in Tiveney and I direct my Executors to sell it immediately if it is not sold in my lifetime. Dated this 19th July 1916

Signed by the testator in the presence of us J. J. DONAGHY

who in his presence at his request & in the presence of each other hereto sign our names as witnesses


Wm. Mc???Mackley


I JOHN JAMES DONAGHY of Ballyskeagh make this codicil to the foregoing will.

I revoke the appointment of SAMUEL R. FULTON and ROBERT FULTON as executors and I appoint Mr JOHN BATES of Grove Hill and Mr JOHN McCLEA of Pollockstown to be executors with RICHARD DONAGHEY of the foregoing will which other respects I confirm. Dated this 1st Augt 1916.

Signed in presence of us

both present at same time also }

in the presence of the testator and } J. J. DONAGHY

each other hereto sign as } DONAGHY