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Memorandum of the Will of David MacGhee, Loghmonye, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1678

Submitted by Bill McGee
Wisconsin, USA

Memorandum that on or about the ninth day of October one thousand six hundred seventy eight David Macghee of Loghmonye in the County of Tyrone deceased did in the presence of the undernamed witnesses declared his last will and testament nuncupative in the words following or words to the like effect (viz). He left Catherine Magee his wife all his yearly rent out of Loghmonye, Dromneboy and the houses and acres in and about Strabane during her natural life. ITEM he left her sole administration of his last will and testament, ITEM He left his eldest son George Macghee after the death of the said Catharine his mother whatever yearly rents should accrue out of his lands in Loghmonye, Dromneboy, Holyhill and Kenarhane and the house in towne which now James Hamilton the merch:t hath. But left noe power to him to sell or dispose of any part of the above said lands or tenements from his eldest son and heir but to depend upon his said son and his heires. ITEM Whereas George Hamilton of Nenagh in the county of Tipperary, Gent., Knt. and Barntt. was endue him by bond one hundred and fifty odd pounds for principall debt the interest whereof bill the time of his death he ordered to be forgiven to the said Sr. George always provided that his said son should not be forced to sue the said Sr. George or his heirs of which sums he ordered his son John Macghee thirty pounds sterl [ing] and to his son in law Alexander Browne thirty pounds sterl more and to his grandchild Mary Browne wife of John Reane ten pounds sterl for all the residue of the said sums or bond he left equally to be divided to his said son George and his two sons David and Tobye ITEM He left his son James Macghee all his tenements and acres in and about the town of Strabane that was bound over to the said James his wife upon their marriage and also he left the said James a bond of sixty five pounds which James Hamilton of Eliston, Esq. was endue him with any other little penny debts that was endue him ITEM He left his foresaid wife the house wherein she dwells and furnishings thereof during her life and then to his said son James being present then Ja: Macghee Marianna Lighton. [view original document]