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Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Derry 1612-1858, Parish of Desertoghill, Co. Londonderry

(Ed) Gertrude Thrift
Phillimore & Co., Ltd.,
120, Chancery Lane, London (1918)
Formatted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Prior to 1858 the Established Church was responsible for the probating of wills. In 1860 each diocese forwarded all original wills to the Public Record Office in Dublin where they were destroyed in the firing of the PRO and Four Courts in 1922. Fortunately the indexes have survived and are genealogically valuable in placing families in a parish and county at a specified time.


Surname Firstname Townland Year
ALEXANDER Thomas Moneydeeg *1845
CAROTHERS See Carrithers, Carruthers, and Corrithers William Tirkeran 1853
CASSIDY Neal Ballymena 1830
CHURCH William Dulloghy 1742
CHURCH William Dulaghy 1768
COOK Archibald Ballynameen 1750
COOK Archibald Belnamen *1790
DORRANCE James Trinaltnough (Trienaltenagh) 1774
DORRANCE James Balury (Bellury), 1854
DORRANCE Mary Ann Ballury 1827
DORRANCE Michael Desertoghill 1747
DORRANCE Samuel Ballury 1813
DORRANS John Ballury 1820
DORRANS William Trinaltanagh 1792
DOWGLASS Jean Moneydigg 1763
GARVIN John Craigavole 1813
GIBSON (or Giben, Giben in signature) John, Robert Ballynemean *1754
GILMORE James Balyagin 1847
GILMORE (or Gilmer) John Monidig 1761
HEGORTY James Movenis *1838
HAMELL William Killeyvealy *1812
HAMIL Robert Kurn *1775
HARVY Isabell Killyvally *1700
HENDERSON John Ballyogan 1839
HENDERSON William Crossland 1820
HENRY John Killowen (parish of Desertoghill?) 1748
HILTON William Dullaghy 1767
KENNEDY James Coolyman (lodged), 1840
LAMONT Dunkin Killavally 1771
LUSK Robert Tamlaught *1827
LYTLE John Moletragh 1774
M ALESTER Charles Ballynameen 1800
M ALISTER John Desertoghill 1813
M CALLA Robert Ballury 1781
M COOK Daniel Desertoghill (lodged) 1771
M CORMICK Robert Desertoghill *1706
M FETTRESH Jennet(widow) Laragh 1766
MAIN Thomas (Rev.) Ballyaghan 1827
MORRISON John Moneydig 1842
ORR Alexander (no townland/parish listed) 1854
ORR John Ballyagin 1826
PATTON Matthew Coolamann 1828
REED David (gent.) Moylettragh 1781
ROSS Francis (Rev.) Balleary (Bellury) 1751
SPEERE Thomas Desertoghill (nuncupative), 1636
STEWART Andrew Lissacreen 1712
STEWART Andrew Lisachrin 1847
STEWART John Ballury 1815
STEWART John Lisachrhin 1807
STEWART Thomas Ballynameen 1768
THOMPSON Jane Desertoghill 1684
TOY Alexander Coolnaman 1840
WALKER James (farmer) Dullaghy 1820
WALLACE Michael Trinaltinagh 1857
WORKMAN Catherine (widow) Kurin *1750