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Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Derry 1612-1858, Parish of Aghadowey, Co. Londonderry

(Ed) Gertrude Thrift
Phillimore & Co., Ltd.,
120, Chancery Lane, London (1918)
Formatted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Prior to 1858 the Established Church was responsible for the probating of wills. In 1860 each diocese forwarded all original wills to the Public Record Office in Dublin where they were destroyed in the firing of the PRO and Four Courts in 1922. Fortunately the indexes have survived and are genealogically valuable in placing families in a parish and county at a specified time.


Surname Firstname Townland Year
BARR Robert Drumstaple 1841
BLAIR Robert Keely 1825
BLAIRE Thomas Killy 1724
BLACK Samuel Shanelongford *1795
BOYD Thomas Aghadowey, (nuncupative) *1697
BOYLE/ BOYL Thomas Aghadowey 1791
BRAITHWOOD/ BRATHWOD George Aghadowey *1689
CALDWELL Mathew Sigorey 1779
CALLDRWOD See Calderwood John Maleynabren 1768
CAMRON See Cammeron Simon (Rev.) Drumsteeple 1855
CARRICK See Carick and Carik Samuel Cragemore 1731
CARROL Thomas Ballycahan 1823
CLINTON Francis ………. (lodged) 1817
COCKHRAN Archibald Carrenrow 1814
DOUGHERTY Henry Clarehill 1826
DUNN James Mullaghmore 1812
ELDER John Rusky 1779
ESPIE Thomas Belmacallie Beg (Ballymacally Beg) 1636
FERGUSON John Craiglea 1791
FULTON William Aghadoey 1767
GAGE Robert (Rev.) Aghadoey (nuncupative) *1725
GAGE William Caheny 1787
GILMORE James Aghadoey 1830
GILMOUR William Glenkeen 1816
GOOD Richard Clagan 1640
GRISSAM John Ballygawley 1844
HANSEN (Hason) John Ballybritain *1780
HENRY Jane Cooleyrammer (listed as Parish of Desertoghill) 1833
HENRY John Cooleyrammer (listed as Parish of Desertoghill) 1732
HENRY Samuel Lisnamuck 1855
HENRY Timothy Clare Hill 1815
HENRY William Mullan 1813
HILL John Ballygally *1727
HILL William Belleygalley (Ballygawly) 1835
HOGG Robert Crosscanly 1826
HOGG Thomas Caheny (lodged) 1835
HULL John Seagory 1837
HUNTER John Munnycarry (Moneycarrie) 1741
HUNTER Joseph Ballywollen 1742
KENNEDY William Cahany (lodged) 1841
KNOX Timothy Mullan 1806
LAFERTY John Meencreg 1805
LAUGHLIN James Moyoughell 1790
LUSK Robert Tamlaught *1827
M AULEY (or McCallow, McCawley) Matthew Ballybritain 1837
M CARTNAY John Clarehill 1637
M ILROY Daniel Inchadohill 1825
M MULLAN Archibald Ballygaly 1744
MILLER Mary Culcrow 1831
MOONEY William Clare Hill 1813
MOOR Edward Clear Hill 1804
MULLAN Dennis Kiltest 1799
O'CONNELL Daniell Mobuoy (Mayboy) (nuncupative), *1817
O'FLAHERTY Thomas Kiltess (Kiltest) 1809
O'MULLAN James Rusky *1777
PEDON (or Peden) Hugh Moyoughill 1780
QUIGG Daniel Caheny 1853
RANKEN Hugh Lisboney 1770
RANKEN Hugh Lisbuoy 1824
RANKEN John (linen draper) Lisbuoy 1794
RANKEN John Lisboy 1854
READ Hugh Mayochells (Mayoghill) 1715
ROBERTSON John Killague 1848
ROXBORRO (Rosebrogh) John Crevelea 1787
SHEELS Andrew Aughadoey 1816
SPENCE John Aghadoey 1770
STEVENS (or Stepens) John Clagan 1839
STEWART John (farmer) Gortan 1786
STEWART John Liskey 1802
STEWART John Lisachrin 1807
STUART William Glebe of Aughadoey *1778
TANHILL John Ballyclough *1779
THOMPSON James Glenkeen 1836
TITTLE Gilbert Munecary 1700
TORRENCE Archibald (yeoman) Carnroe 1748
TORRENS Alexander (farmer) Mullahinch 1771
WATT George (yeoman) Carnrallough 1720
WITHROW/ WOODREW Robert Coolban 1839
WILSON David P. Aughadoey (copy, original in Prerogative Court) 1810
WOODBURN James Garvagh 1776
WOODBURN Mathew Garvagh 1807
WOODEN als. Furgrave Mary Lisboy 1840
WOODEND John Drumacrow *1755
WOODEND John (farmer) Drumacroe 1843
WOODS Thomas (junior) Coolehill 1855
WORKMAN James Mullan 1797