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Index to Tithe Applotment Book, Kilskeery Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1826

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (PRONI) Ref: FIN/5A/191
FHL Film #258462
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.


In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).


PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballyard Bodoney Brackagh Cabragh
Carran Castlemervyn Demesne Cavanamara Cloncandra Glebe
Coolback Cordromedy Corkhill Corkragh
Corlea Crossan Dernagilly Derry



Derryallen Glebe






Drumbinnion Drumdran Drumharvey Drumsonnus
Effernan Glebe Feglish Ferney Gargadis
Garvaghy Glassmullagh North Glassmullagh South Golan Glebe
Greenan Hackincon Keenogue Kilknock
Killyblunick Glebe Killyfuddy Killymendon Kilskeery Glebe
Kinine Knocknagor Lifford Lisdoo
Lisnahanna Loughterush Magheralough Makenny
Meeltogues Moneygar Moorfield Mulnagork
Realtons Relagh Relagh Guinness Rossnareen
Scallen Screeby Shanmullagh East Shanmullagh West
Stralongford Stranagummer Tullynincrin Tullywolly




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballyard Bodony Bohee Cabra
Carron Castle-Mervyn Cavanamarrow Cordromedy
Corlea Crossan Derrymacanna Dirrey
Doralea Dreigh Drumardnagross Drumash
Drumbinnion Fairney Fegliss Gargadoes
Garvaghey Glasmullagh Grannan Hackencon
Keenogue Kenine Killyfuddy Kilnock
Knocknagor Laughterush Lifford Lisduff
Lisnahanna Magheralough Meltogues Moneygar
Moorfield Rusnareene Shanmullagh Sleve-row
Stralongford Stranagomer Tullynunckrin Tullyvolley



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Brockagh Coolback Cork-Hill Corkraw
Derryallen Doogery Dorney Drumdran
Drumharvey Drumsonas Johnston Drumsonas Lindrum Glassmaullagh
Killymendon Mackenny Raleigh Gunness Realtons
Scallon Scraby  





AIKEN Henry Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
AIKEN James Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
AIKEN James Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
AIKEN John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
AIKEN Thomas Makenny Ballyvarrell
ALEXANDER George Castlemervyn Sloy
ALEXANDER George Cavanamarrow Sloy
ALEXANDER James & sons Shanmullagh Sloy
ALEXANDER James Druminardnagross Sloy
ALEXANDER James Glassmullagh Sloy
ALEXANDER John Castlemervyn Sloy
ALEXANDER Joseph Druminardnagross Sloy
ALEXANDER Robert Druminardnagross Sloy
ALLEN Christopher Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
ALLEN Hugh Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
ALLEN John Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
ALLEN Mrs. Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
ALLEN Samuel Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
ALLEN Thomas Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
AMBERSON Robert Doogery Ballyvarrell
ARCHDALL General Castlemervyn Sloy
ARMSTRONG [..?] Corlea Sloy
ARMSTRONG Abel Dreigh Sloy
ARMSTRONG Alexander Killymendon Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG Andrew Loughterush Sloy
ARMSTRONG Charles Carron Sloy
ARMSTRONG Edward Killymendon Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG Hugh Raleigh Gunness (Relagh Guinness) Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG Irvine Dreigh Sloy
ARMSTRONG James Doogery Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG James Dreigh Sloy
ARMSTRONG John Ballyard Sloy
ARMSTRONG John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
ARMSTRONG John Castlemervyn Sloy
ARMSTRONG John Doogery Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG John Glassmullagh Sloy
ARMSTRONG Mrs. Kilnock Sloy
ARMSTRONG R. Cordromedy Sloy
ARMSTRONG Robert Cavanamarrow Sloy
ARMSTRONG Robert Killymendon Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG Robert Killymendon Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG Thomas Makenny Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG Thomas Relagh Kilskeery
ARMSTRONG W. Cavanamarrow Sloy
ARMSTRONG William Coolback Ballyvarrell
ARMSTRONG William Druminardnagross Sloy
ARMSTRONG William Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
BALL Henry Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
BALL James Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
BAMFORD [..?] Keenogue Sloy
BAMFORD John Carron Sloy
BAMFORD Robert Doralea Sloy
BANNON [..?] Kilnock Sloy
BANNON Owen Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
BANNON Philip Loughterush Sloy
BEACOM Edward Glasmullagh Kilskeery
BEACOM Mrs. Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
BEACOM W. Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
BEATTY John Makenny Ballyvarrell
BETTY [BEATTY] A. Kinine Sloy
BETTY [BEATTY] Crozier Cork Hill Kilskeery
BETTY [BEATTY] George Cordromedy Sloy
BETTY [BEATTY] John Jun. Scallon Ballyvarrell
BETTY [BEATTY] John Sen. Scallon Ballyvarrell
BETTY [BEATTY] Mrs. Loughterush Sloy
BETTY [BEATTY] Roland Kinine Sloy
BETTY [BEATTY] W. Cavanamarrow Sloy
BETTY [BEATTY] W. Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
BIRD E. Cavanamarrow Sloy
BIRD James Shanmullagh Sloy
BIRD Mrs. Shanmullagh Sloy
BLEAKLEY George Cordromedy Sloy
BLEAKLEY Irvine Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
BLEAKLEY M. Cordromedy Sloy
BLEAKLEY William Cordromedy Sloy
BLEAKLY Andrew Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
BLEAKLY George Makenny Ballyvarrell
BLEAKLY Guy Jun. Garvaghey Sloy
BLEAKLY Guy Sen. Garvaghey Sloy
BLEAKLY Irvine Jun. Garvaghey Sloy
BLEAKLY Irvine Sen. Garvaghey Sloy
BLEAKLY Irvine Tullyvolley Sloy
BLEAKLY John Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
BLEAKLY Joseph Drumdran Kilskeery
BLEAKLY M. Tullyvolley Sloy
BLEAKLY Mathew Cavanamarrow Sloy
BLEAKLY Mrs. & sons Doogery Ballyvarrell
BLEAKLY Thomas Garvaghey Sloy
BLEAKLY William Bohee Sloy
BRADLEY [..?] Hackincon Sloy
BRADLEY [..?] Stranagomer Sloy
BRADY John Doogery Ballyvarrell
BRADY Mathew Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
BRADY Thomas Doogery Ballyvarrell
BREADON John Derryallen Kilskeery
BREADON John Glasmullagh Kilskeery
BREADON John Scraby Kilskeery
BRIEN [..?] Rusnareene Sloy
BRIEN Archy Scraby Kilskeery
BRIEN Edward Stranagomer Sloy
BRIEN H. & son Carron Sloy
BRIEN Hugh Bodoney Sloy
BRIEN J. Lisnahanna Sloy
BRIEN James Sen. Moorfield Sloy
BRIEN John Carron Sloy
BRIEN John Drumbinnion Sloy
BRIEN John Jun. Moorfield Sloy
BRIEN John Moorfield Sloy
BRIEN Mrs. Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
BRIEN Mrs. Stralongford Sloy
BRIEN O. Carron Sloy
BRIEN Robert Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
BRIEN Surgeon Loughterush Sloy
BRIEN Thomas Killymendon Ballyvarrell
BRIEN W. Carron Sloy
BRIEN W. Lisnahanna Sloy
BROWN [..?] Dreigh Sloy
BROWN [..?] Magheralough Sloy
BROWN [..?] Relagh Kilskeery
BROWN George Derryallen Kilskeery
BROWN James Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
BROWN John & partners Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
BROWN John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
BROWN John Doogery Ballyvarrell
BROWN John Dreigh Sloy
BROWN Mrs. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
BROWN Mrs. Dreigh Sloy
BROWN Robert Derryallen Kilskeery
BROWN W. & son Dreigh Sloy
BROWN W. & son Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
BROWN W. Sen. Makenny Ballyvarrell
BRUNT George & son Drumash Sloy
BRUNT George Dreigh Sloy
BRUNT Henry Makenny Ballyvarrell
BRUNT John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
BRUNT Ralph Drumash Sloy
BRUNT Richard Magheralough Sloy
BUCHANAN Andrew Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
BUCHANAN George Glassmullagh Sloy
BUCHANAN George Shanmullagh Sloy
BUCHANAN Thomas Keenogue Sloy
BUCHANAN Thomas Shanmullagh Sloy
BURNS James Moorfield Sloy
CALLAGHAN John Sen. Dorney Ballyvarrell
CALLAGHAN Mrs. Dorney Ballyvarrell
CAMPBELL [..?] Crossan Sloy
CAMPBELL Hugh Kilnock Sloy
CAMPBELL James Loughterush Sloy
CAMPBELL John Crossan Sloy
CAMPBELL Pat Rusnareene Sloy
CAMPBELL Peter Crossan Sloy
CAMPBELL Thomas Rusnareene Sloy
CARSON [..?] Doralea Sloy
CARSON John Dreigh Sloy
CARSON William Cavanamarrow Sloy
CASSIDY Barny Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
CASSIDY D. Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
CASSIDY O. Cavanamarrow Sloy
CASSIDY Thomas & son Makenny Ballyvarrell
CHAPMAN [..?] Magheralough Sloy
CHENEY Christy Sen. Fairney Sloy
CHENEY Francis Fairney Sloy
CHENEY L. Fairney Sloy
CHENEY R. Fairney Sloy
CLARKE Daniel Loughterush Sloy
CLARKE David Tullyvolley Sloy
CLARKE John Tullyvolley Sloy
CLARKE Thomas Castlemervyn Sloy
CLARKE William Tullyvolley Sloy
CLUFF Francis Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
CLUFF George Carron Sloy
CLUFF John Keenogue Sloy
CLUFF R. Cavanamarrow Sloy
CLUFF Richard Bodoney Sloy
COLGAN Charles Keenogue Sloy
COMISKEY [..?] Lisnahanna Sloy
COMISKY Bryan Crossan Sloy
COMISKY Mrs. Crossan Sloy
COMISKY Pat Carron Sloy
CONIKAN Owen Jun. Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
CONIKAN Owen Sen. Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
CONLON Owen Lifford Sloy
COOPER Francis Stranagomer Sloy
COOPER William Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
COOPER William Stranagomer Sloy
CORIGAN [..?] Keenogue Sloy
CORR Bryan Loughterush Sloy
CORR Christopher Realtons Kilskeery
CORR James Drumbinnion Sloy
CORR James Killyfuddy Sloy
CORR James Loughterush Sloy
CORR John Killyfuddy Sloy
CORR Mary Killyfuddy Sloy
CORR Patrick Killyfuddy Sloy
CORRIGAN John Lifford Sloy
CORRIKAN Connor Cork Hill Kilskeery
COSGROVE W. Realtons Kilskeery
COTTON Owen Jun. Moorfield Sloy
COTTON Owen Sen. Moorfield Sloy
COULTER D. Kinine Sloy
COWAN D. Esq. Cavanamarrow Sloy
CRANE Andrew Cork Hill Kilskeery
CRANE Robert Dreigh Sloy
CRANE Robert Drumdran Kilskeery
CRANE Robert Relagh Kilskeery
CRANE William Killymendon Ballyvarrell
CRAWFORD A. Cavanamarrow Sloy
CRAWFORD F. Cavanamarrow Sloy
CRAWFORD F. Kinine Sloy
CROZIER [..?] Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
CROZIER A. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
CROZIER C. Drumash Sloy
CROZIER George Magheralough Sloy
CROZIER Joseph Moorfield Sloy
CROZIER Mrs. & son Magheralough Sloy
CROZIER R. Drumash Sloy
CROZIER Ralph Carron Sloy
CROZIER Ralph Magheralough Sloy
CROZIER Richard Jun. Magheralough Sloy
CROZIER Richard Sen. Magheralough Sloy
CROZIER Robert Moorfield Sloy
CROZIER William Makenny Ballyvarrell
DARRAH [..?] Scraby Kilskeery
DAVIS [..?] Hackincon Sloy
DINNING George Magheralough Sloy
DIVINY Henry Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
DOLIER M. Relagh Kilskeery
DONNELLY [..?] Lisnahanna Sloy
DONNELLY [..?] Stranagomer Sloy
DONNELLY Arthur Keenogue Sloy
DONNELLY Francis Derrymacanna Sloy
DONNELLY Francis Sen. Derrymacanna Sloy
DONNELLY James Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
DONNELLY James Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
DONNELLY John Moorfield Sloy
DONNELLY Owen Derrymacanna Sloy
DONNELLY Pat Hackincon Sloy
DONNELLY Patrick Dreigh Sloy
DONNELLY Patrick Relagh Kilskeery
DONNELLY Thomas Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
DONNELLY William Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
DORAN [..?] Fairney Sloy
DORAN Andrew Drumdran Kilskeery
DORAN H. Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
DORAN Michael Fairney Sloy
DORAN Patt & son Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
DORAN Terence Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
DORAN Terence Relagh Kilskeery
EATON G. Carron Sloy
EATON G. Jun. Cavanamarrow Sloy
EATON George Cavanamarrow Sloy
EATON Isaac Cavanamarrow Sloy
EATON Joseph Carron Sloy
EATON Joseph Magheralough Sloy
EATON R. Carron Sloy
EATON Robert Bohee Sloy
EATON Robert Cavanamarrow Sloy
EATON W. Carron Sloy
EDWARDS George Doogery Ballyvarrell
ELLIOT David Fairney Sloy
ELLIOTT [..?] Dreigh Sloy
ELLIOTT Andrew Coolback Ballyvarrell
ELLIOTT Archy Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
ELLIOTT George Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
ELLIOTT H. Fairney Sloy
ELLIOTT James Dreigh Sloy
ELLIOTT James Garvaghey Sloy
ELLIOTT John Dorney Ballyvarrell
ELLIOTT William Druminardnagross Sloy
FAIR James Cork Hill Kilskeery
FAIR William Druminardnagross Sloy
FARAN [..?] Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
FEE [..?] Cavanamarrow Sloy
FIELDS Alexander Doogery Ballyvarrell
FIELDS Thomas Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
FIFE [..?] Carron Sloy
FIFE Denis Hackincon Sloy
FIFE Hugh Cavanamarrow Sloy
FIFE John Makenny Ballyvarrell
FIFE Kitty Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
FIFE Thomas Scraby Kilskeery
FIFE W. Cavanamarrow Sloy
FIFE William Scraby Kilskeery
FLEMING [..?] Cavanamarrow Sloy
FLEMING James Cordromedy Sloy
FLEMING James Magheralough Sloy
FLEMING Mrs. & son Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
FODIGAN Francis Cavanamarrow Sloy
FODIGAN Rodger Cork Hill Kilskeery
FORSTER Edward Killymendon Ballyvarrell
FUNSTON E. Cavanamarrow Sloy
FUNSTON Irvine Ballyard Sloy
FUNSTON J. Cavanamarrow Sloy
FUNSTON James Ballyard Sloy
FUNSTON John Ballyard Sloy
FUNSTON Thomas Cavanamarrow Sloy
FUNSTON William Ballyard Sloy
GALLAGHER [..?] Cavanamarrow Sloy
GALLAGHER [..?] Loughterush Sloy
GALLAGHER Barney Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
GALLAGHER Charles Moneygar Sloy
GALLAGHER Daniel Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
GALLAGHER Francis (crossed out) Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
GALLAGHER Hugh Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
GALLAGHER Hugh Jun. Coolback Ballyvarrell
GALLAGHER Hugh Keenogue Sloy
GALLAGHER Hugh Sen. Coolback Ballyvarrell
GALLAGHER James Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
GALLAGHER James Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
GALLAGHER James Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
GALLAGHER James Rusnareene Sloy
GALLAGHER John Meltogues Sloy
GALLAGHER John Rusnareene Sloy
GALLAGHER John Stralongford Sloy
GALLAGHER Larry Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
GALLAGHER Michael Bodoney Sloy
GALLAGHER Mrs. & sons Stranagomer Sloy
GALLAGHER Mrs. Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
GALLAGHER O. Fairney Sloy
GALLAGHER O. Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
GALLAGHER O. Jun. Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
GALLAGHER O. Rusnareene Sloy
GALLAGHER O. Sen. Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
GALLAGHER Owen Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
GALLAGHER P. Rusnareene Sloy
GALLAGHER P. Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
GALLAGHER Pat Makenny Ballyvarrell
GALLAGHER William Doogery Ballyvarrell
GARDNER James Cavanamarrow Sloy
GAULT E. Cavanamarrow Sloy
GAULT Edward Bodoney Sloy
GAULT R. Cavanamarrow Sloy
GAVEN [..?] Glassmullagh Sloy
GERVAIS C. Killymendon Ballyvarrell
GERVAIS Charles Killymendon Ballyvarrell
GILLESPIE David Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
GOEN [..?] Hackincon Sloy
GOLRICK William Fegliss Sloy
GORMAN [..?] Hackincon Sloy
GORMAN Charles Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
GORMAN Francis Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
GORMAN James Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
GORMAN James Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
GORMAN James Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
GORMAN Mrs. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
GORMAN Mrs. Fegliss Sloy
GORMAN Pat Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
GORMAN Patrick Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
GORMAN Patrick Hackincon Sloy
GORMAN Patrick Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
GORMAN Terence Drumbinnion Sloy
GORMAN Thomas Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
GORMLY Barney Rusnareene Sloy
GORMLY James Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
GORMLY John Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
GORMLY Lanty Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
GORMLY Michael Rusnareene Sloy
GORMLY William Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
GRAHAM James Scallon Ballyvarrell
GRAHAM Mrs. Fairney Sloy
GRAHAM Robert Druminardnagross Sloy
GRAHAM Walter Coolback Ballyvarrell
GRAINGER A. Corlea Sloy
GRAY [..?] Kilnock Sloy
GRAY Andrew Moneygar Sloy
GRAY Daniel Killyfuddy Sloy
GRAY Patrick Killyfuddy Sloy
GRAY Stephen Drumdran Kilskeery
GRAY William Fegliss Sloy
GUTTERY Robert Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
HALL Joseph & partners Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
HALL Miss Cavanamarrow Sloy
HALL Miss Cavanamarrow Sloy
HAMILTON [..?] Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
HAMILTON John Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
HAMILTON John Scraby Kilskeery
HAMILTON Patrick Druminardnagross Sloy
HAMILTON William Fegliss Sloy
HARAN Charles Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
HARAN James Cavanamarrow Sloy
HARAN James Doralea Sloy
HARRISON Archy Fegliss (Sloy)
HEALY James Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
HEALY Pat Scallon Ballyvarrell
HENDERSON [..?] Corlea Sloy
HENDERSON A. Corlea Sloy
HENDERSON James Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
HENDERSON James Corlea Sloy
HENDERSON James Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
HENDERSON James Loughterush Sloy
HENDERSON John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
HENDERSON John Killyfuddy Sloy
HENDERSON John Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
HENDERSON John Scallon Ballyvarrell
HENDERSON Mathew Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
HENDERSON Thomas Doogery Ballyvarrell
HENDERSON W. Doogery Ballyvarrell
HENDERSON W. Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
HETHERINGTON Hugh Tullyvolley Sloy
HETHERINGTON James Makenny Ballyvarrell
HETHERINGTON John Fairney Sloy
HILLIARD Guy Cork Hill Kilskeery
HOOD Robert (or John) Makenny Ballyvarrell
HUGHES [..?] Scraby Kilskeery
HULL John Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
HUMES Anketell Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
HUNTER William Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
HURST Andrew Scallon Ballyvarrell
HURST George Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
HURST George Makenny Ballyvarrell
HURST John Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
HURST John Killymendon Ballyvarrell
IRVINE A. Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
IRVINE Archy Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
IRVINE Charles Drumbinnion Sloy
IRVINE Francis Stranagomer Sloy
IRVINE George Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
IRVINE Gerard Fegliss Sloy
IRVINE Gerrard Magheralough Sloy
IRVINE Henry Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
IRVINE James Rusnareene Sloy
IRVINE John Fegliss Sloy
IRVINE Patrick Corlea Sloy
IRVINE Rev. A. Cork Hill Kilskeery
IRVINE Rev. A. Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
IRVINE Walter Brockagh Ballyvarrell
IRVINE William Fegliss Sloy
IRVINE William Scallon Ballyvarrell
JAMIESON John Moorfield Sloy
JAMISON Allen Fegliss Sloy
JAMISON Edward Fegliss Sloy
JAMISON R. Fegliss Sloy
JAMISON Robert Druminardnagross Sloy
JAMISON Robert Sen. Fegliss Sloy
JOBB [..?] Cordromedy Sloy
JOBB [..?] Glassmullagh Sloy
JOBB Mrs. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
JOHNSON John Cavanamarrow Sloy
JOHNSON John Moorfield Sloy
JOHNSTON A. Cordromedy Sloy
JOHNSTON George Doralea Sloy
JOHNSTON Gerard Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
JOHNSTON Thomas Druminardnagross Sloy
JOHNSTON Thomas Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
JOHNSTON William Druminardnagross Sloy
JONES Mrs. Loughterush Sloy
JUNKIN Andrew Fegliss Sloy
KEENAN F. Realtons Kilskeery
KEENAN Francis Derryallen Kilskeery
KEENAN Francis Relagh Kilskeery
KEENAN James Lifford Sloy
KEENAN Mrs. Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
KEENAN Owen Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
KEENAN Pat Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
KEENAN Pat Lifford Sloy
KEENAN Terence Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
KELLY [..?] Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
KELLY James Dreigh Sloy
KELLY Patrick Derryallen Kilskeery
KELLY Rodger Lifford Sloy
KELLY T. Cavanamarrow Sloy
KELLY Thomas Lifford Sloy
KENNEDY John Fairney Sloy
KENNEDY Patrick Brockagh Ballyvarrell
KENNEDY Peter Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
KEOWN Patrick Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
KERR Mrs. Loughterush Sloy
KERR W. & son Glassmullagh Sloy
KEYS Thomas Tullyvolley Sloy
KIDNEY George Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
KILPATRICK Joseph Cordromedy Sloy
KING Samuel Dreigh Sloy
LAIRD [..?] Doralea Sloy
LAIRD A. Sen. Doralea Sloy
LAIRD John Bohee Sloy
LAVENS John Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
LEE William Derryallen Kilskeery
LENDRUM George Esq. Cork Hill Kilskeery
LENDRUM George Esq. Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
LINDRUM George Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
LINDSAY Mrs. Makenny Ballyvarrell
LITTLE A. Realtons Kilskeery
LITTLE Andrew Corlea Sloy
LITTLE Andrew Stranagomer Sloy
LITTLE Catherine Killymendon Ballyvarrell
LITTLE James Derrymacanna Sloy
LITTLE James Moorfield Sloy
LITTLE John Derrymacanna Sloy
LITTLE John Killymendon Ballyvarrell
LITTLE John Moorfield Sloy
LITTLE S. Realtons Kilskeery
LITTLE Thomas Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
LITTLE W. Realtons Kilskeery
LONG Andrew Makenny Ballyvarrell
LONG Robert Killymendon Ballyvarrell
LOVE Edward Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
LOVE Patrick Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
LYNN William Moorfield Sloy
MACARTNEY Joseph Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
MALOGUE Hugh Drumbinnion Sloy
MARTIN Claudius & his brother Ballyard Sloy
MASTERSON Hugh Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
MASTERSON Joseph Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
MASTERSON Mrs. Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
MAXWELL Thomas Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
MAXWELL Thomas Tullyvolley Sloy
MAXWELL William Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McALEER Mathew Crossan Sloy
McALEER Nicholas Crossan Sloy
McALEER Owen Crossan Sloy
McALEER Pat Keenogue Sloy
McALEIR Mrs. Stranagomer Sloy
McALOON Art Carron Sloy
McALOON Art Meltogues Sloy
McALOON Bridget Drumbinnion Sloy
McALOON Mathew Moorfield Sloy
McALOON Michael Carron Sloy
McALOON Peter Drumbinnion Sloy
McALOON Thomas Relagh Kilskeery
McALOON William Keenogue Sloy
McALOON William Lifford Sloy
McANESPIC James Bodoney Sloy
McBREARTY Christopher Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
McBREARTY Hugh Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
McBRIDE Arthur Crossan Sloy
McBRIDE Francis Crossan Sloy
McBRIDE Francis Doogery Ballyvarrell
McBRIDE Frany Crossan Sloy
McBRIDE Owen Crossan Sloy
McBRIDE Pat Crossan Sloy
McBRIDE Pat Crossan Sloy
McBRIDE Pat Killymendon Ballyvarrell
McBRIDE Terence Crossan Sloy
McBRIEN Robert Loughterush Sloy
McBRINE [..?] Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McBRINE Adam Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McBRINE Andrew Cork Hill Kilskeery
McBRINE Arthur Bodoney Sloy
McBRINE Arthur Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McBRINE Charles Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McBRINE Edward Cavanamarrow Sloy
McBRINE Edward Killyfuddy Sloy
McBRINE Francis Keenogue Sloy
McBRINE Henry Cavanamarrow Sloy
McBRINE Hugh Moneygar Sloy
McBRINE James Stralongford Sloy
McBRINE John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McBRINE John Kilnock Sloy
McBRINE Michael Stralongford Sloy
McBRINE Owen Lifford Sloy
McBRINE Owen Moneygar Sloy
McBRINE Pat Lifford Sloy
McBRINE Rodger Kilnock Sloy
McBRINE Terry Kilnock Sloy
McBRINE Thomas Scraby Kilskeery
McBRINES [..?] Stranagomer Sloy
McCAFFREY O. Cavanamarrow Sloy
McCAFFREY Pat Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McCAFFREY W. Cavanamarrow Sloy
McCANN Anthony Fairney Sloy
McCANN Felix Lifford Sloy
McCANN Henry Lifford Sloy
McCANN Hugh Keenogue Sloy
McCANN James Lifford Sloy
McCANN James Lifford Sloy
McCANN John Lifford Sloy
McCANN Mrs. Hackincon Sloy
McCANN Owen Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McCANN Owen Lifford Sloy
McCANN Pat Lifford Sloy
McCANN Pat Moneygar Sloy
McCANN Thomas Keenogue Sloy
McCANN Thomas Rusnareene Sloy
McCANN Thomas Scraby Kilskeery
McCANNEY John Makenny Ballyvarrell
McCANNY Francis Doralea Sloy
McCARRON [..?] Druminardnagross Sloy
McCARRON Charles Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McCARRON Charles Kilnock Sloy
McCARRON F. Kilnock Sloy
McCARRON Mathew Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McCARRON Peter Killyfuddy Sloy
McCARRON William Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
McCAUGHEY Ardell Doralea Sloy
McCAUGHEY Arthur Doralea Sloy
McCAUGHEY Arthur Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
McCAUGHEY Francis Doralea Sloy
McCAUGHEY Francis Drumdran Kilskeery
McCAUGHEY Hugh Bodoney Sloy
McCAUGHEY Hugh Moneygar Sloy
McCAUGHEY John Bodoney Sloy
McCAUGHEY John Doralea Sloy
McCAUGHEY John Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
McCAUGHEY John Moneygar Sloy
McCAUGHEY John Sleve-Row Sloy
McCAUGHEY Mathew Realtons Kilskeery
McCAUGHEY Michael Doralea Sloy
McCAUGHEY Michael Scraby Kilskeery
McCAUGHEY Michael Scraby Kilskeery
McCAUGHEY Owen Bodoney Sloy
McCAUGHEY Pat Drumdran Kilskeery
McCAUGHEY Pat Scraby Kilskeery
McCAWELL Hugh Cavanamarrow Sloy
McCLEAN Hugh Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
McCOART A. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McCOART Francis Scallon Ballyvarrell
McCOART Henry Dreigh Sloy
McCOART James Keenogue Sloy
McCOART James Moneygar Sloy
McCOART James Sen. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McCOART John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McCOART Mrs. Dreigh Sloy
McCOART O. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McCOART Patrick Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McCOART W. Cabra[Cabragh] Sloy
McCOLGAN [..?] Relagh Kilskeery
McCOLGAN Charles Carron Sloy
McCOLGAN James Derryallen Kilskeery
McCOMB William Makenny Ballyvarrell
McCONNELL Pat Fairney Sloy
McCONNELL Thomas Stralongford Sloy
McCONNELL W. Stralongford Sloy
McCORMICK James Lifford Sloy
McCORMICK Pat Stranagomer Sloy
McCOSKER Bryan Bohee Sloy
McCOSKER Bryan Relagh Kilskeery
McCOSKER Christopher Meltogues Sloy
McCOSKER Francis Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McCOSKER James Moorfield Sloy
McCOSKER John Derryallen Kilskeery
McCOSKER John Glasmullagh Kilskeery
McCOSKER Philip Drumdran Kilskeery
McCOSKER Redmond Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McCOSKER Redmond Scraby Kilskeery
McCOSKER Terence Cork Hill Kilskeery
McCOSKER Terence Killyfuddy Sloy
McCOSKER Thomas Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McCOY R. Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
McCOY William Moorfield Sloy
McCREERY Joseph Loughterush Sloy
McCULGAN[MCCOLGAN] William Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
McCULLOW William Lifford Sloy
McDANIEL James & partners Stralongford Sloy
McDANIEL James Scallon Ballyvarrell
McDONAGH Francis Drumdran Kilskeery
McDONAGH Thomas Cavanamarrow Sloy
McDUNN John Stralongford Sloy
McDUNN Owen Stralongford Sloy
McELLHOLM [..?] Rusnareene Sloy
McELLHOLM Pat Moorfield Sloy
McELLHOLM Shane Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
McELLHOLM W. Cavanamarrow Sloy
McELLHOLM William Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
McELLROY Bryan Killyfuddy Sloy
McELLROY John Killyfuddy Sloy
McELLROY Mrs. Killyfuddy Sloy
McELLROY Pat Keenogue Sloy
McELLROY Philip Killyfuddy Sloy
McELLROY Terence Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McELLROY Thomas Killyfuddy Sloy
McELLROY Thomas Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McFAGEY Bernard Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McFAGEY James Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McFAGEY Michael Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McFAGEY Owen Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McFAGEY Pat Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McFARLAND Charles Ballyard Sloy
McFARLAND Francis Ballyard Sloy
McFARLAND R. Cavanamarrow Sloy
McFARLAND Samuel Ballyard Sloy
McFARLAND Widow Ballyard Sloy
McGARVEY [..?] Relagh Kilskeery
McGEEHAN Neil Drumbinnion Sloy
McGHEE George Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
McGHEE H. Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
McGHEE John Drumsonas Lendrum Ballyvarrell
McGINN Andrew Cavanamarrow Sloy
McGINN Arthur Drumbinnion Sloy
McGINN James Relagh Kilskeery
McGINN Mrs. James Drumdran Kilskeery
McGINN Mrs. Relagh Kilskeery
McGINN Patrick Drumdran Kilskeery
McGLINSEY H. Carron Sloy
McGLINSEY Henry Cavanamarrow Sloy
McGLINSEY James Rusnareene Sloy
McGLINSEY Pat Rusnareene Sloy
McGLINSEY W. Carron Sloy
McGLINSHEY A. & partners Carron Sloy
McGLINSHY Francis Carron Sloy
McGLINSHY Michael Carron Sloy
McGLINSHY W. Carron Sloy
McGLINSY Bryan Moneygar Sloy
McGLYNN John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McGOLRICK [..?] Carron Sloy
McGOLRICK Edward Scallon Ballyvarrell
McGOLRICK H. Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
McGOLRICK Henry Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McGOLRICK J. Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
McGOLRICK Peter Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McGOLRICK Thomas Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McGOMERY [MONTGOMERY] Henry Druminardnagross Sloy
McGOMERY [MONTGOMERY] J. Castlemervyn Sloy
McGOMERY [MONTGOMERY] James Cavanamarrow Sloy
McGOMERY [MONTGOMERY] W. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McGRADE Barney Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McGRADE Bernard Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McGRADE Edward Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McGRADE Hugh (Owen’s son) Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McGRADE Hugh (Philip’s son) Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McGRADE Hugh Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McGRADE James Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McGRADE John (Owen’s son) Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McGRADE Michael Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McGRADE Owen Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McGRADE Owen Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McGRADE Philip Fairney Sloy
McGRADE Thomas Tullynunckrin [Tullynicrin] Sloy
McGRAID Hugh Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
McGRATH Hugh Makenny Ballyvarrell
McGRATH John Castlemervyn Sloy
McGRAW William Doogery Ballyvarrell
McGRIGOR R. Kinine Sloy
McGRORTY [..?] Cavanamarrow Sloy
McGRORY Ned Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
McGUIGAN Hugh Druminardnagross Sloy
McGUIRE Andrew Stralongford Sloy
McGUIRE Bryan Moneygar Sloy
McGUIRE Bryan Stralongford Sloy
McGUIRE Cormick Killyfuddy Sloy
McGUIRE George Brockagh Ballyvarrell
McGUIRE James Scraby Kilskeery
McGUIRE Mrs. Moorfield Sloy
McGUIRE Pat Killyfuddy Sloy
McGURRAN [..?] Stranagomer Sloy
McGURRAN Colly Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
McGURRAN James Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McGURRAN John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
McKENNA [..?] Crossan Sloy
McKENNA [..?] Stranagomer Sloy
McKENNA James Moneygar Sloy
McKENNA O. Cavanamarrow Sloy
McKENNA Patrick Moneygar Sloy
McKENNA Terence Scallon Ballyvarrell
McKEOGE [..?] Doogery Ballyvarrell
McKEOGH [..?] Stranagomer Sloy
McLAUGHLIN James Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McLAUGHLIN Michael Meltogues Sloy
McLAUGHLIN Nogher Hackincon Sloy
McLAUGHLIN Pat Realtons Kilskeery
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McLAUGHLIN Robert Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McLAUGHLIN T. Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McLAUGHLIN W. & son Drumbinnion Sloy
McLISTER Michael Cork Hill Kilskeery
McLISTER Thomas Loughterush Sloy
McLOON Paul & son Killyfuddy Sloy
McLOON Terence Killyfuddy Sloy
McMAHON [..?] Cavanamarrow Sloy
McMAHON Art Carron Sloy
McMAHON Rev. F. Carron Sloy
McMAHON Thomas Drumdran Kilskeery
MCMANUS [..?] Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
McMANUS Michael Cavanamarrow Sloy
McMANUS Misses Scraby Kilskeery
McMANUS Terence Realtons Kilskeery
McMANUS William Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McMENAMY Bryan Corlea Sloy
McMULLEN Walter Cork Hill Kilskeery
McNABB Bryan Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
McNABB Thomas Keenogue Sloy
McNABB Thomas Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
McNABB Thomas Meltogues Sloy
McNAMEE Bartholomew Cavanamarrow Sloy
McNAMEE F. Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
McNAMEE Owen Carron Sloy
McNULTY James Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
McNULTY James Kilnock Sloy
McNULTY James Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
McNULTY Neil Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
McNULTY Neil Kilnock Sloy
McQUADE Neil Cavanamarrow Sloy
McQUAID [..?] Fairney Sloy
McQUAID [..?] Rusnareene Sloy
McQUAID Andrew Coolback Ballyvarrell
McQUAID James Cordromedy Sloy
McQUAID James Drumbinnion Sloy
McQUAID John Crossan Sloy
McQUAID John Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
McQUAID John Lifford Sloy
McQUAID John Lifford Sloy
McQUAID John Moorfield Sloy
McQUAID Michael Derrymacanna Sloy
McQUAID Mrs. Lifford Sloy
McQUAID Mrs. Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
McQUAID Mrs. Moorfield Sloy
McQUAID Neil Magheralough Sloy
McQUAID O. & son Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
McQUAID O. Makenny Ballyvarrell
McQUAID Owen Lifford Sloy
McQUAID Pat Crossan Sloy
McQUAID Pat Lifford Sloy
McQUAID Patrick Drumdran Kilskeery
McQUAID T. Cordromedy Sloy
McQUAID Terence Cavanamarrow Sloy
McQUAID Terence Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
McQUAID Terence Lifford Sloy
McQUAID Terence Makenny Ballyvarrell
McSORLEY Alexander & partners Gargadoes [Gargaolis] Sloy
McSORLEY Bernard Cavanamarrow Sloy
McSORLEY Charles Doralea Sloy
McSORLEY Christopher Bodoney Sloy
McSORLEY Daniel Bodoney Sloy
McSORLEY Daniel Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Hugh Carron Sloy
McSORLEY Hugh Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY John( Killyfuddy) Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY John Killyfuddy Sloy
McSORLEY John Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Owen Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Pat (Gollin) [Golan?] Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Pat (Hill) Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Pat (Kiln) Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Peter Bodoney Sloy
McSORLEY Peter Bohee Sloy
McSORLEY Peter Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Rodger Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Terence Moneygar Sloy
McSORLEY Terence Sleve-Row Sloy
McT...[?] Pat Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
McT...[?] William Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
McVEY [..?] Fairney Sloy
MELDRUM Christopher Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
MINNAGH Francis Realtons Kilskeery
MOFFAT Andrew Makenny Ballyvarrell
MOFFAT Thomas Makenny Ballyvarrell
MOFFAT W. Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
MONAGHAN E. Carron Sloy
MONAGHAN James Loughterush Sloy
MONAGHAN Pat Derryallen Kilskeery
MONAGHAN Pat Scraby Kilskeery
MONAGHAN Rodger & brothers Doogery Ballyvarrell
MONAGHAN Rodger Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
MONAGHAN William Killymendon Ballyvarrell
MOOR John Moorfield Sloy
MORRIS John Scallon Ballyvarrell
MORRIS Lanty Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
MORRIS Noble Scallon Ballyvarrell
MORRISON Edward Loughterush Sloy
MORROW Andrew Dreigh Sloy
MORROW Hugh Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
MORROW John Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
MULHERN James Makenny Ballyvarrell
MULHERN O. Makenny Ballyvarrell
MULRAINE John Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
MULRAINE William Raleigh Gunness (Relagh Guinness) Ballyvarrell
MURPHY James Relagh Kilskeery
MURPHY John Drumdran Kilskeery
MURPHY Patrick Bohee Sloy
MURPHY Patrick Drumdran Kilskeery
MUSGRAVE James Lisnahanna Sloy
MUSGRAVE John Hackincon Sloy
MUSGRAVE John Lisnahanna Sloy
MUSGRAVE Mrs. Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
MUSGRAVE Thomas Moorfield Sloy
NELSON A. Makenny Ballyvarrell
NELSON Alexander Makenny Ballyvarrell
NEVILLE [..?] Relagh Kilskeery
NEVILLE Charles Cavanamarrow Sloy
NEVILLE Charles Derrymacanna Sloy
NEVILLE Surgeon Scallon Ballyvarrell
NEVILLE W. Derrymacanna Sloy
NIXON Thomas & brother Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
NUGENT James Drumdran Kilskeery
O’DONNELL F. Cavanamarrow Sloy
O’DONNELL George Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
O’DONNELL Hugh Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
O’NEILL [..?] Crossan Sloy
O’NEILL Cormick Shanmullagh Sloy
O’NEILL Francis Makenny Ballyvarrell
O’NEILL Henry Druminardnagross Sloy
ORR Anthony Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
ORR John Druminardnagross Sloy
OSBORNE John Carron Sloy
PHILLIPS William Bodoney Sloy
PURSLEY/ PAISLEY James Keenogue Sloy
PURSLEY/ PAISLEY John Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
PURSLEY/ PAISLEY John Keenogue Sloy
PIPER Joseph Cavanamarrow Sloy
PORTER John Dreigh Sloy
PORTER Mrs. Cavanamarrow Sloy
PORTER R. Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
PORTER W. Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
POTTERS A. Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
POTTERS George Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
POTTERS James Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
POTTERS John Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
POTTERS William Killymendon Ballyvarrell
QUIN Paddy Kilnock Sloy
RAMSAY G. Lisnahanna Sloy
RAMSAY James Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
RAMSAY W. Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
REA James Hackincon Sloy
REA William Hackincon Sloy
READ Mrs. & son Killyfuddy Sloy
REILLY Edward Makenny Ballyvarrell
REILLY Terence Brockagh Ballyvarrell
RINCHEY [HINCHEY/ RITCHEY?] George Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
ROBINSON [..?] Fairney Sloy
ROBINSON Christopher Doogery Ballyvarrell
ROBINSON John Doogery Ballyvarrell
ROBINSON Thomas Doogery Ballyvarrell
ROBINSON Thomas Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
ROBINSON William Keenogue Sloy
ROSS Pat Lifford Sloy
ROSS Thomas Lifford Sloy
RUTLEDGE David Bodoney Sloy
RUTLEDGE George Cavanamarrow Sloy
RUTLEDGE James Bodoney Sloy
RUTLEDGE Joseph Carron Sloy
RUTLEDGE S. Bodoney Sloy
RUTLEDGE Thomas Bodoney Sloy
RUTLEDGE William Bodoney Sloy
SCALLON John Hackincon Sloy
SCOALES Mrs. Relagh Kilskeery
SCOTT Samuel Killymendon Ballyvarrell
SHEERAN Owen Drumbinnion Sloy
SHEERAN Owen Killyfuddy Sloy
SHEERAN Thomas Drumbinnion Sloy
SHERRARD John Ballyard Sloy
SHERRARD Joseph Ballyard Sloy
SHIELDS John (or Christy) Moorfield Sloy
SHORT Terence Relagh Kilskeery
SLACK Henry Keenogue Sloy
SLEVIN Henry Doogery Ballyvarrell
SLEVIN Henry Magheralough Sloy
SLEVIN James Magheralough Sloy
SLEVIN Mrs. Magheralough Sloy
SLEVIN Owen Loughterush Sloy
SMITH James Glassmullagh Sloy
SMITH John Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
SMITH Samuel Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
SMITH Thomas Doogery Ballyvarrell
SMITH Thomas Tullyvolley Sloy
SMITH W. Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE David Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE George Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE James Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE James Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE James Scallon Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE John Cavanamarrow Sloy
SOMERVILLE John Makenny Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE R. Makenny Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE Thomas Carron Sloy
SOMERVILLE Thomas Makenny Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE W. Glasmullagh Ballyvarrell
SOMERVILLE W. Makenny Ballyvarrell
STEWART James Makenny Ballyvarrell
STEWART W. Makenny Ballyvarrell
STEWART William Makenny Ballyvarrell
STORY J. H. Esq. Glasmullagh Kilskeery
STORY J. H. Esq. Relagh Kilskeery
STUTT G. Killymendon Ballyvarrell
SWIFT [..?] Scraby Kilskeery
SWIFT Hugh & son Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
TEAGUE Hugh Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
TEAGUE Michael Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
TEAGUE Owen Grannan [Greenan] Sloy
THOMAS David Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
THOMPSON [..?] Hackincon Sloy
THOMPSON [..?] Relagh Kilskeery
THOMPSON Allen Lisduff [Lisdoo] Sloy
THOMPSON Edward Fegliss Sloy
THOMPSON George Cork Hill Kilskeery
THOMPSON George Moorfield Sloy
THOMPSON H. Drumash Sloy
THOMPSON J. Drumash Sloy
THOMPSON J. Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
THOMPSON James Moorfield Sloy
THOMPSON John Corlea Sloy
THOMPSON John Corlea Sloy
THOMPSON Miss Cavanamarrow Sloy
THOMPSON Ralph Magheralough Sloy
THOMPSON T. Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
THOMPSON Thomas Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
THOMPSON W. Corlea Sloy
THOMPSON W. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
THOMPSON W. Drumsonas Johnston Ballyvarrell
THOMPSON Widow Corlea Sloy
TOLAN John Scraby Kilskeery
TRAINOR [..?] Stralongford Sloy
TRIMBLE John Derryallen Kilskeery
TRIMBLE John Relagh Kilskeery
WALKER Thomas Killymendon Ballyvarrell
WALLACE Solomon Corkraw [Corkragh] Kilskeery
WATKINS William Doogery Ballyvarrell
WHITE Mathew Derryallen Kilskeery
WHITE W. Derryallen Kilskeery
WILEY Mrs. & son Lisnahanna Sloy
WILSON [..?] Cordromedy Sloy
WILSON George Cavanamarrow Sloy
WILSON Guy Fegliss Sloy
WILSON John Ballyard Sloy
WILSON John Cavanamarrow Sloy
WILSON John Corlea Sloy
WILSON Mrs. & sons Crossan Sloy
WILSON Mrs. Glasmullagh Kilskeery
WILSON Mrs. Loughterush Sloy
WILSON R. Carron Sloy
WILSON Robert Moorfield Sloy
WILSON Robert Stranagomer Sloy
WILSON Thomas Carron Sloy
WILSON Thomas Drumharvey Ballyvarrell
WILSON William Fegliss Sloy
WILSON William Raleigh Gunness [Relagh Guinness] Ballyvarrell
WOODS Anthony Loughterush Sloy
WOODS Arthur Fairney Sloy
WOODS E. Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
WOODS George Loughterush Sloy
WOODS Henry Meltogues Sloy
WOODS Humphrey Killyfuddy Sloy
WOODS James Dirrey [Derry] Sloy
WOODS James Doogery Ballyvarrell
WOODS James Moorfield Sloy
WOODS James& brother Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
WOODS John Cabra [Cabragh] Sloy
WOODS John Moorfield Sloy
WOODS Thomas Fairney Sloy
WOODS William Fairney Sloy
WOODS William Jun. Meltogues Sloy