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Index to the Griffiths Valuation, Raymoghy Parish, Barony of Raphoe South, Co. Donegal 1858

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Raymoghy Parish, Co. Donegal Map. Acknowledgements to Bob Hilchey

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see



ALEXANDER John Hungersmother
ALLEN James Roosky
ALLEN Robert, Jr. Tully
ALLEN Robert, Sr. Tully
ALLISON John Kincraigy
ALLISON Matthew Moneyhaughly
ALLISON Nathan Ballylevin
ALLISON Stewart Manorcunningham
ARTHUR Esther Manorcunningham
BARNHILL John Balleeghan
BARNHILL John Ballylawn
BARNHILL John Tirharon
BARR Margaret Veagh
BARRON Eleanor Ballylawn
BEERS John Corkey
BEERS John Labbadish
BEERS John Raymoghy
BEGLEY Robert Drean
BENSON Richard Manorcunningham
BIRLAND [BORLAND?] Daniel Maghera Beg
BLAIR John Drumoghill
BOLES James Dunduffsfort
BOLES William Moneymore
BORLAND Daniel Manorcunningham
BOYD Francis Raymoghy
BOYD Hugh Carricknamart
BOYLE Daniel Monclink
BOYLE Hugh Kincraigy
BOYLE John Mondooey, Lower
BOYLE Neal Moneymore
BOYLE William Moneyhaughly
BRADLEY Charles Lisclamerty
BRADLEY Daniel Manorcunningham
BRADLEY Denis Lisclamerty
BRADLEY Michael Dunduffsfort
BRESLAND Thomas Manorcunningham
BROGAN Alexander Carrickballydooey
BROGAN Charles Monclink
BROGAN James Labbadish
BROGAN John Moneymore
BROGAN John Sharon Glebe
BROGAN Patrick Monclink
BROGAN Stephen Labbadish
BROGAN William Drumcarn
BROWNE Adam Tullybogley
BROWNE Adam Woodhill
BROWNE Jane Maghera More
BROWNE Jane Manorcunningham
BROWNE Jane Manorcunningham Churchland
BROWNE Jane Plea Isle
BROWNE Joseph Drean
BURGOYNE Cornelius Dunduffsfort
BURTE Eliza Corkey
CALLAGHAN James Ballylawn
CALLAGHAN Maurice Kincraigy
CAMPBELL Alexander Drean
CAMPBELL James Castleblaugh
CAMPBELL James Drean
CAMPBELL James Tirharon
CAMPBELL William A. Balleeghan
CANNING Anne Raymoghy
CANNON Neal Maghera Beg
CAROLAN Anne Veagh
CAROLAN John Roosky
CAROLAN Michael Woodhill
CAROLAN Philip Mondooey, Middle
CARR Mary Veagh
CARRON John Killyverry
CARRON William Killyverry
CASSIDY Frederick Balleeghan
CHAMBERS Samuel Drumbarnet
CHAMBERS Samuel Maylin
CHAMBERS Samuel Moneymore
CHAMBERS Samuel Sharon Glebe
CHITTICK James Manorcunningham
CLARKE Daniel Raymoghy
CLARKE Dugald Carricknamart
CLARKE John Carricknamart
CLARKE John Corkey
CLARKE John Labbadish
CLARKE Samuel Carricknamart
CLARKE Samuel Lisclamerty
CLEA James Woodhill
CLEE Hugh Maghera Beg
CLEE Hugh Manorcunningham
CLYDE Robert Grawky
CLYDE Thomas Drumoghill
CLYDE Thomas Monclink
CLYDE William Grawky
COLHOUN Andrew Manorcunningham
COLHOUN Jane Manorcunningham
COLLINS James Corkey
COLLINS Michael Corkey
COLLINS Philip Carrickballydooey
COLQUHOUN Andrew Carrickballydooey
COLQUHOUN David Drumcarn
COLQUHOUN John Maghera Beg
COLQUHOUN Robert Carrickballydooey
COLQUHOUN Thomas Glebe
COLQUHOUN Thomas Raymoghy
CONNAGHAN Mary Tirharon
CONNAGHAN Owen Woodhill
CONNOR Anne Balleeghan
CONNOR Jane Carricknamart
COOPER Richard Manorcunningham
COYLE Elizabeth Roosky
COYLE John Roosky
COYLE Margaret Roosky
COYLE Rose Castleblaugh
CRAIG Matthew Roosky
CRAMSIE Owen Manorcunningham
CRAWFORD William Drumbarnet
CRESWELL Joseph Ballylawn
CRESWELL Joseph Sharon Glebe
CROW James Carricknamart
CROW James Mondooey, Upper
CROW Joseph Mondooey, Upper
CRUMLISH William Monclink
CUBBERT [CULBERT] Andrew Balleeghan
CULLEN Robert Castleblaugh
CULLEN William Kincraigy
CULLEN William Lisclamerty
CUNNINGHAM Robert Tullybogley
CUNNINGHAM Samuel Dunduffsfort
CURRAN Loughlin Drean
CURRAN Patrick Killyverry
DARCUS Charles Manorcunningham
DAVIS Eliza Corkey
DAVIS Robert Monclink
DEACON John Dunduffsfort
DELAP James Maghera Beg
DERMOTT Bernard Carricknamart
DERMOTT James Carrickballydooey
DERMOTT James Drumoghill
DEVANNY David Ballylevin
DEVANNY James Ballyboe
DEVENNY John Moneyhaughly
DEVENY Patrick Ballylawn
DILL David Glebe
DILLON Edward Ballylawn
DINGWELL Samuel Monclink
DOGHERTY Alexander Roosky
DOGHERTY Anne Roosky
DOGHERTY Bridget Roosky
DOGHERTY Christopher Monclink
DOGHERTY Cornelius Woodhill
DOGHERTY Denis Roosky
DOGHERTY Edward Veagh
DOGHERTY Hugh Ballyboe
DOGHERTY Hugh Maghera Beg
DOGHERTY Isabella Carricknamart
DOGHERTY James Manorcunningham
DOGHERTY James Manorcunningham Churchland
DOGHERTY James Roosky
DOGHERTY John Roosky
DOGHERTY Margaret Kincraigy
DOGHERTY Margaret Maghera Beg
DOGHERTY Mary Roosky
DOGHERTY Robert Labbadish
DOGHERTY Rose Ballylawn
DOGHERTY William Lisclamerty
DOGHERTY William Maghera Beg
DOHERTY Hugh Castleblaugh
DOHERTY James Manorcunningham
DOHERTY Michael Manorcunningham
DOHERTY Susan Manorcunningham
DONAGHY James Labbadish
DONNELL Catherine Maghera Beg
DONNELL Charles Dunduffsfort
DONNELL Giles Sharon Glebe
DONNELL Hugh Manorcunningham
DONNELL Hugh Manorcunningham Churchland
DONNELL Isabella Raymoghy
DONNELL James Maghera Beg
DONNELL James Mondooey, Upper
DONNELL Patrick Grawky Glebe
DONNELL William Manorcunningham
DOOGAN Bernard Roosky
DOOGAN James Roosky
DOOGAN Martha Roosky
DOOGAN William Roosky
DORAN Edward Moneymore
DUFFY Anthony Moneymore
DUFFY William Moneymore
DUNCAN John Grawky
ECCLES Alexander Drumbarnet Middle
ECCLES William Drumbarnet Middle
ELDER John Milltown
ELLIOTT William Manorcunningham
EWING Alexander Drumbarnet Upper
EWING Alexander Hungersmother
EWING Alexander Labbadish
EWING James Tirharon
FARMIN Thomas Mondooey, Lower
FINLAY John Drumbarnet
FINLAY John Sharon Glebe
FINUCANE James Labbadish
FLOOD Margaret Carricknamart
FORBES John Raymoghy
FORSYTH James Carricknamart
FORSYTH John Moneyhaughly
FORSYTH Samuel Moneyhaughly
FORSYTH Stewart Moneyhaughly
FRIEL Catherine Drumoghill
FRIEL Mary Raymoghy
GALBRAITH Alexander Roosky
GALBRAITH Francis Ballyboe
GALBRAITH Sophia Ballyboe
GALBRAITH William Ballyboe
GALBRAITH William Carrickballydooey
GALLAGHER Anne Kincraigy
GALLAGHER Bernard Carricknamart
GALLAGHER Bryan Moneymore
GALLAGHER Bryan Tullybogley
GALLAGHER Charles Ballylawn
GALLAGHER Daniel Drumcarn
GALLAGHER Francis Drumoghill
GALLAGHER Francis Manorcunningham Churchland
GALLAGHER Hugh Dunduffsfort
GALLAGHER Hugh Mondooey, Upper
GALLAGHER James Manorcunningham
GALLAGHER John Drumbarnet
GALLAGHER John Drumoghill
GALLAGHER Michael Moneymore
GALLAGHER Neal Mondooey, Middle
GALLAGHER Owen Manorcunningham
GALLAGHER Thomas Roosky
GALLAGHER William Drumoghill
GARDINER James Castleblaugh
GARVEY Catherine Ballylevin
GILFILLAN Moses Moneyhaughly
GILLESPIE Robert Drumbarnet Upper
GILLINAN Eleanor Lisclamerty
GLENN James Moneymore
GLENN John Grawky
GLENN Robert Drumcarn
GOOLD Frederick Sharon Glebe
GRAHAM David Carricknamart
GRAHAM William Carricknamart
GUTTERY Mary Mondooey, Middle
GUTTERY Nathan Mondooey, Middle
GUTTERY Samuel Mondooey, Middle
GUTTERY William Monclink
HAGARTY Andrew Hungersmother
HAGARTY William Manorcunningham
HAMILTON John Highbank
HAMILTON John Mondooey, Upper
HAMILTON Samuel Carrickballydooey
HARLIN Anne Hungersmother
HARRIS John Ardnaditian
HARRIS Joseph Ardnaditian
HAUGHEY Thomas Corkey
HAUGHNY [HAUGHEY] William Raymoghy
HEALY John Roosky
HEARN Jane Carricknamart
HEGARTY William Maghera Beg
HEGARTY William Manorcunningham
HENDERSON Rebecca Raymoghy
HENDERSON William Maylin
HIGGINS John Grawky
HODGE Henry Moneyhaughly
HOOD Archibald Maghera More
HOOD Archibald Manorcunningham
HUNTER David Raymoghy
HUNTER James Errity
HUNTER Robert Grawky
HUNTER Robert Grawky Glebe
HUSTON John Killyverry
HUSTON Joseph Killyverry
HUSTON Moses Killyverry
HUSTON Moses Tinklersford
HUSTON Moses, Jr. Tinklersford
HUSTON Moses, Sr. Tinklersford
IRWIN Rev. James Manorcunningham
JAMES Catherine Castleblaugh
JASPER John Balleeghan
JASPER John Ballylevin
JOHNSTON John Drumcarn
KANE Eleanor Maghera Beg
KEATLEY George Manorcunningham
KEEFFE Daniel Balleeghan
KELLY Charles Drumbarnet Middle
KELLY Charles Hungersmother
KELLY John Carrickballydooey
KELLY Michael Hungersmother
KILGORE Joseph Maghera Beg
LAIRD John Mondooey, Upper
LAIRD Sarah Carricknamart
LAIRD Sarah Mondooey, Upper
LEAPER Robert Roosky
LECKY Alexander Corkey
LECKY John Drumcarn
LECKY John Mondooey, Upper
LECKY Robert Carrickballydooey
LECKY Robert Labbadish
LESLIE Francis C. Corkey
LESLIE Francis C. Drumoghill
LESLIE Francis C. Errity
LOGUE Daniel Ballylawn
LONG Mary Maghera Beg
LOUGHLIN Mary Manorcunningham
LOWRY Isabella Killyverry
LUCAS William Raymoghy
LYNCH William Mondooey, Upper
LYONS James Dunduffsfort
MACKEY Samuel Errity
MAGEE William Drumoghill
MAGENNIS Arthur Ballylawn
MAGENNIS John Drumoghill
MAGENNIS William Ballylawn
MAGILL John Maghera Beg
MAGILL William Manorcunningham
MAGILL William Manorcunningham Churchland
MAHON David Milltown
MAHON Elizabeth Ballylevin
MAHON George Killyverry
MAHON Samuel Moneyhaughly
MARSHALL James Milltown
MARSHALL James B. Dunduffsfort
MARSHALL James B. Maghera More
MARSHALL James B. Manorcunningham
MARSHALL James B. Monclink
MARSHALL James B. Plea Isle
MARSHALL James B. Sallybrook
MARTIN Garrett Drean
MARTIN Garrett Drumbarnet Middle
MASON William Castleblaugh
MAXWELL John Mondooey, Lower
McALLISTER John Milltown
McANNAIR Alexander Drumcarn
McANNAIR Alexander Lisclamerty
McANNAIR Alexander Mondooey, Upper
McANNAIR David Lisclamerty
McANNAIR Isabella Drumcarn
McANNAIR John Carricknamart
McANNAIR John Drumcarn
McBRIDE Hannah Roosky
McBRIDE John Kincraigy
McBRIDE John Moneymore
McCAMLEY Daniel Maghera Beg
McCARRON Neal Castleblaugh
McCARRON Neal Moneymore
McCART Charles Kincraigy
McCAULEY Denis Roosky
McCAULEY James Carrickballydooey
McCAUSLAND William Ballylevin
McCLEAN Catherine Tirharon
McCLEAN James Carrickballydooey Glebe
McCLEAN John Balleeghan
McCLEAN Matthew Ballylevin
McCLEAN Robert Moneymore
McCLEAN Samuel Balleeghan
McCLEAN Thomas Moneymore
McCLELLAND James Dunduffsfort
McCLELLAND Jane Dunduffsfort
McCLERAN Matthew Ballylawn
McCLERAN Matthew Tirharon
McCLINTOCK Alexander Moneymore
McCLINTOCK James Maylin
McCLINTOCK William Manorcunningham
McCLINTOCK William Manorcunningham Churchland
McCLURE Oliver Killyverry
McCOBB James Raymoghy
McCOBB Thomas Errity
McCOLLINS Denis Ballylawn
McCOLLUM Denis Monclink
McCOLLUM John Moneymore
McCOLLUM John Veagh
McCONNELL Alexander Drumcarn
McCONNELL Jane Moneymore
McCONNELL John Drumcarn
McCONNELL Mary Jane Carricknamart
McCONNELL Nathan Ballylawn
McCONNELL Rose Ballylawn
McCONNELL Samuel Veagh
McCOON Charles Raymoghy
McCORDY James Roosky
McCORKELL William Woodhill
McCORMACK John Sallybrook
McCREA William Corkey
McCULLIAGH Denis Tirharon
McDAID Hugh Manorcunningham
McDAID Hugh Mondooey, Lower
McDAID Jane Ballylevin
McDERMOTT Neal Lisclamerty
McDEVITT Henry Killyverry
McDEVITT James Maylin
McDEVITT John Drumbarnet Middle
McFADDEN Cormack Moneymore
McFADDEN John Killyverry
McFADDEN Rev. Hugh Drumoghill
McFAGAN Anne Moneymore
McFAGAN John Tinklersford
McFAGAN Patrick Drumoghill
McFARLANE Thomas Lisclamerty
McGARVEY Catherine Ballylawn
McGAWAN James Moneymore
McGEEHAN Arthur Manorcunningham
McGEEHAN Connell Ballylawn
McGEEHAN John Tirharon
McGINLEY David Killyverry
McGINLEY John Kincraigy
McGINLEY Patrick Manorcunningham
McGINNTEY James Balleeghan
McGINTY Charles Grawky
McGINTY John Tullybogley
McGLINN Anthony Ballylawn
McGOWAN William Carricknamart
McGROARTY [McGROARTY] William Drumcarn
McGRORTY James Manorcunningham
McGUIGAN John Kincraig
McHUGH James Ballylawn
McILWAIN Bernard Carricknamart
McILWAIN Patrick Drumcarn
McKEON James Carrickballydooey
McKEVERS John Moneyhaughly
McKINLY James Ballylawn
McKINLY John Ballylawn
McKINLY Robert Balleeghan
McKINLY Samuel Veagh
McKINLY Thomas Veagh
McKINLY William Ballylawn
McLOUGHLIN John Balleeghan
McLOUGHLIN John Killyverry
McLOUGHLIN Thomas Moneyhaughly
McMONIGLE William Manorcunningham
McMORRIS Rev. Robert Manorcunningham
McTEER Bryan Drumcarn
McTEIGUE Hugh Manorcunningham
McWARD William Manorcunningham
McWEIR John Milltown
MEAGHAN Neal Lisclamerty
MEAHAN Daniel Labbadish
MEAHAN Eleanor Carrickballydooey
MEAHAN Francis Carrickballydooey
MEARES John Ballyboe
MEEGHAN William Roosky
MEEHAN Charles Carricknamart
MIDDLETON James Kincraig
MIDDLETON John Kincraigy
MIDDLETOWN Robert Cottage
MOLLOY Gilley Manorcunningham
MOLLOY Hugh Tinklersford
MONTGOMERY David Cottage
MONTGOMERY William Manorcunningham Churchland
MONTGOMERY William Raymoghy
MOODY Alexander Sharon Glebe
MOONEY Daniel Castleblaugh
MOORE Alexander Manorcunningham
MOORE Robert Labbadish
MOORE Robert Manorcunningham
MOORE Robert Manorcunningham Churchland
MULLIGAN Daniel Roosky
MULLIN Daniel Monclink
MURRAY David Drumbarnet Upper
MURRAY Gilley Castleblaugh
MURRAY Gilley Drumbarnet Middle
MURRAY Gilley Veagh
MURRAY James Maghera More
MURRAY James Manorcunningham
MURRAY Thomas Ballylevin
MURRAY William Drumbarnet Middle
NELSON George Monclink
NOBLE James Drumoghill
NOBLE Margaret Moneymore
O'DONNELL James Ballylawn
O'DONNELL James Lisclamerty
PARKE James Monclink
PARKER Samuel Roosky
PARKER Samuel Tully
PARKER William Drumcarn
PATTEN Hugh Maghera Beg
PATTERSON John Ballylawn
PATTERSON John, Sr. Woodhill
PATTERSON Margaret Maylin
PATTERSON Mary Anne Ballylevin
PATTERSON William Drumoghill
PATTERSON William Mondooey, Lower
PATTERSON William Tullybogley
PATTERSON William Woodhill
PATTON Thomas Manorcunningham
PEOPLES Alexander Lisclamerty
PEOPLES James Mondooey, Middle
PEOPLES John Moneymore
PILKINGTON Samuel Errity
PORTER Andrew Veagh
PORTER William Drumbarnet Upper
PROCTON [PROCTOR] Robert Raymoghy
PROCTOR Robert Kincraigy
QUIGLEY Charles Roosky
QUIGLY Hugh Roosky
RABB Margaret Raymoghy
RAMSAY Archibald Maylin
REA Alexander Raymoghy
RENTOUL Rev. Alexander Errity Churchland
RENTOUL Robert Manorcunningham
RENTOUL Robert Manorcunningham Churchland
RENTOUL Robert Raymoghy
RODGERS George Killyverry
ROGERS George Sharon Glebe
ROGERS Margaret Mondooey, Lower
ROGERS Rebecca Mondooey, Lower
ROGERS William Balleeghan
ROSIN Robert Corkey
SAUNDERSON Mary Anne Big Isle
SAUNDERSON Mary Anne Manorcunningham Churchland
SAUSSE Armasindo Drumcarn
SAYES Hannah Moneyhaughly
SCOTT Catherine Kincraigy
SHANNON James Roosky
SHANNON John, Jr. Roosky
SHANNON John, Sr. Roosky
SHEENIN [SHEERIN?] Andrew Drumoghill
SHEERIN Alexander Monclink
SHEERIN David Tullybogley
SHIELS James Corkey
SIMPSON Matthew Moneymore
SMITH John Manorcunningham
SMITH John, M. D. Manorcunningham
SMITH Richard Raymoghy
SMITH Robert Carrickballydooey
SMITH Robert Mondooey, Middle
SPENCE Oliver Raymoghy
SQUIRE William Manorcunningham
STEELE Allen Roosky
STEELE James Errity
STEELE James Maghera Beg
STEELE Margaret Errity
STEELE Robert Manorcunningham
STENSON Matthew Carricknamart
STEPHENSON Robert Ballylevin
STEVENSON Andrew Hungersmother
STEVENSON James Raymoghy
STEVENSON William Raymoghy
STEWART James Carricknamart
STEWART James Corkey
STEWART Rev. Charles Monclink
STEWART Walter Mondooey, Upper
STRAIN Henry Carrickballydooey
SWEENY Samuel Woodhill
TATE Eleanor Raymoghy
TAYLOR John Mondooey, Upper
TEAZE Matthew Roosky
TEAZE William Drumbarnet Middle
THOMAS Daniel Roosky
THOMPSON John Moneymore
TINNY Joseph Drumcarn
TOLAN Denis Veagh
TOLAND Martha Manorcunningham
TOLAND Rosanna Mondooey, Lower
TUNNY William Roosky
VANCE Joseph Drumbarnet Middle
WALKER Thomas Drean
WALLACE James Drumoghill
WALLACE Jane Grawky
WALLACE John Grawky
WALLACE John Grawky Glebe
WALLACE Walter Balleeghan
WALLACE William Carricknamart
WALLACE William Grawky Glebe
WALLACE William Raymoghy
WALSH William Moneymore
WARD Hugh Kincraigy
WARD John Veagh
WAZEN [WASON] Alexander Tully
WICKLOW Earl of Dunduffsfort
WILSON Alexander Errity
WILSON David Mondooey, Upper
WILSON Eleanor Errity
WILSON Elizabeth Lisclamerty
WILSON John Moneyhaughly
WILSON Matthew Drean
WILSON Matthew Maghera Beg
WILSON Robert Carrickballydooey
WILSON Robert Grawky
WILSON Robert Grawky Glebe
WILSON Thomas Drumcarn
WILSON William Balleeghan
WILSON William Grawky
WILSON William Lisclamerty
YOUNG William Manorcunningham