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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Raymoghy Parish, Co. Donegal 1833

PRONI ref: TAB 7/31
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

Tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.

Images of the tithe applotment can be viewed here


Raymoghy Parish and Townlands


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardnaditian Balleeghan Ballyboe Ballylawn
Ballylevin Big Isle Carrick Ballydooey Carricknamart
Carrick Ballydooey Glebe Castleblaugh Castledowey Corkey
Cottage Dooish Drean Drumatoland
Drumbarnet Lower Drumbarnet Middle Drumbarnet Upper Drumcarn
Drumoghill Dunduffsfort Errity Errity Churchland
Galdonagh Galdonagh Glebe Glebe Grawky
Grawky Glebe High Bank Hungers Mother Killyverry
Kincraigy Labbadish Lisclamerty Lismoghry
Maghera Beg Maghera More Manor Cunningham Manor Cunningham Churchland
Manor Cunningham Churchland Isle Maylin Milltown Monclink
Mondooey Lower Mondooey Middle Mondooey Upper Money Haughly
Money More Plea Isle Raymoghy Roosky
Ryelands Sharon Glebe Sheskinapoll Tirharon
Tully Tullybogly Veagh Woodhill



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardnaditian Ballyboe Ballylawn Ballyleighan
Ballylevin Carrickballydooey Carricknamart Castleblaugh
Castledooey Corkey Dooish Drain
Drimohill Drumatoland Drumbarnett Drumcairn
Dunduff Galdanagh Glebe Grawkey Big Grawkey Glebe
Grawkey Little Irrity Isle Big Isle Plea
Killyvary Kincraiggy Labadooish Lisclamerty
Lismohery Maghrebeg Maghremore Manor Cunnigam
Meenahaughly Monclink Mondooey Moneymore
Ruskey Rylands Terharrin Tully
Tullybogly Veagh Lower Veagh Upper Whitehill
Wood Hill




ADCOCK William Isle Plea
ALEXANDER Nathan (Culbert Farm) Balleighan
ALEXANDER Nathan Balleighan
ALEXANDER Thomas Drumbarnett
ALLEN Alexander Mondooey
ALLEN James Ruskey
ALLEN Robert Tully
ALLEN Samuel Ruskey
ALLEN Samuel Tully
ALLISON Moses Meenahaughly [Money Haughly]
ARMOR Andrew Rylands
ARMOR Andrew, Sen. Rylands
ARMOUR James Rylands
ARMOUR Thomas Ruskey
ARMSTRONG Margaret Galdanagh Glebe
AYRS Robert Carricknamart
BARNHILL Hugh Rylands
BARNHILL John Ballylawn
BEAGH Alexander Kincraiggy
BELL James Castledooey
BENSON [..?] Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
BOAL William Dunduff
BOALE Daniel Moneymore
BOALE William Moneymore
BOGLE James Kincraiggy
BONAR William Drumihill
BRISLAND Daniel Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
BRODLEY Charles Woodhill
BRODLEY Francis Lisclamerty
BRODLEY James Woodhill
BROGAN Michael Monclink
BROGAN Patt. Jun. Monclink
BROGAN Patt. Sen. Monclink
BROOKS Widow Rylands
BURGOYNE John Woodhill
CALLWELL Robert Carricknamart
CAMPBLE James Drain
CAMPBLE James Moneymore
CAMPBLE John Mondooey
CAMPBLE Mary Drumatoland
CAMPBLE Samuel Mondooey
CAMPBLE Solomon Drumatoland
CANNON Charles Corkey
CANNON Daniel Corkey
CANNON James Corkey
CANNON Neal Maghrebeg
CARLIN Bryan Lisclamerty
CLARK Dougal Carricknamart
CLARK John Carricknamart
CLARK John Galdanagh Glebe
CLARK John Lisclamerty
CLARK Robert Carricknamart
CLARK Robert Labadooish
CLARK William Carricknamart
CLARKE John Lisclamerty
CLYDE John Drumihill
CLYDE John Grawkey Big
CLYDE John Grawkey Little
CLYDE John Monclink
CLYDE William Grawkey Big
COCHRAN Alexander Castledooey
COLHOUN Hugh Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
COLHOUN James Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
COLHOUN James Lismohery
COLHOUN John Maghrebeg
COLHOUN John Ruskey
COLHOUN John Rylands
COLHOUN Mrs Corkey
COLHOUN Robert Carrickballydooey
COLHOUN Thomas Labadooish
COLHOUN Thomas Manor Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
COLHOUN Widow Labadooish
COLHOUN William Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
COLLINS Michael Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
COLLINS Peter Corkey
CONAHAN Andrew Woodhill
CONAHAN Hugh Drumatoland
CONAHAN John Drumatoland
CONAHAN Owen Drumatoland
CONAHAN Sarah Drumihill
CONNOR Barny Carricknamart
CONNOR Barny Veagh Lower
CORBIN Widow Woodhill
COWAN James Moneymore
COWAN James Moneymore
COYLE Cormick Ruskey
COYLE Daniel Ruskey
COYLE Hugh Drumatoland
COYLE John Ruskey
COYLE Patt. Ruskey
COYLE William Kincraiggy
COYLE William Ruskey
CRAWFORD Charles Isle Big
CRAWFORD William (or John Thompson) Moneymore
CRAWFORD William Drumbarnett
CROWE Joseph Mondooey
CULBERT Joseph Balleighan
CULLION Hugh Kincraiggy
CULLION Hugh Lisclamerty
CUNNIGAM [CUNNINGHAM] Robert Galdanagh Glebe
DAVIS William Corkey
DELAP James Drumbarnett
DERMOTT Alexander Ruskey
DERMOTT Charles Ruskey
DERMOTT Denis Ruskey
DERMOTT James Drumihill
DERMOTT James Tully
DERMOTT Peter Ruskey
DEVANY John Killyvary
DEWARD Edward Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
DILL Rev. Francis Ballylawn
DILLON Redmond Ballylawn
DINGWELL James Drumihill
DINGWELL William Monclink
DOHERTY Anthony Castleblaugh
DOHERTY Christopher Castleblaugh
DOHERTY Conel Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
DOHERTY Conel Ruskey
DOHERTY Conel Woodhill
DOHERTY Hugh Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
DOHERTY James Corkey
DOHERTY James Ruskey
DOHERTY John Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
DOHERTY John Ruskey
DOHERTY Robert Corkey
DOHERTY William Maghrebeg
DONAGHLY James Labadooish
DONAGHLY William Labadooish
DOOGAN Bryan Ruskey
DOOGAN William Ruskey
DOUGLAS James Ballylawn
DOUGLAS John Ballylawn
DUFFY Bernard Moneymore
DUFFY Charles Moneymore
DUFFY John Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
DUFFY John Moneymore
DUNN Hugh Rylands
DUNN Robert Rylands
ECLES Widow Drumbarnett
ECLES William Drumbarnett
EWING Alexander Maghrebeg
EWING Alexander Moneymore
EWING Alexander Whitehill
EWING James Mondooey
FERGUSON Thomas Ballylawn
FERGUSON Victor Terharrin [Tirharan]
FORSYTH Alexander Meenahaughly [Money Haughly]
FORSYTH James Meenahaughly [Money Haughly]
FORSYTH John Meenahaughly [Money Haughly]
FREELE Hugh Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
FREELE Michael Labadooish
FREELE Nail Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
GALBRAITH Andrew Drain
GALBRAITH Samuel Ballyboe
GALLAHER Charles Meenahaughly [Money Haughly]
GALLAHER Charles, Jun. Kincraiggy
GALLAHER Charles, Sen. Kincraiggy
GALLAHER King Rylands
GALLAHER Widow Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
GALLAHER William & partners Tully
GALLAHER William Drumihill
GAMBLE Alexander Lismohery
GAMBLE Thomas Lismohery
GASPUR John Ballylevin
GILDEA James Lisclamerty
GILGORE Joseph Maghrebeg
GILLESPIE James Lismohery
GILLGORE Joseph Whitehill
GLACKAN Daniel Lisclamerty
GLACKAN Hugh Maghrebeg
GLACKAN Widow Lisclamerty
GLACKAN Widow Lisclamerty
GLACKAN William Lisclamerty
GLEN Andrew Drain
GLEN John Drain
GLEN Robert Grawkey Little
GLEN William Drain
GRAHAM David Carricknamart
GRAHAM John Drumatoland
GRAY Andrew Mondooey
GREGG Robert Galdanagh Glebe
GUTTERY James Veagh Upper
GUTTERY Nathan Mondooey
GUTTERY Samuel Mondooey
GUTTERY William Mondooey
HAMILTON James Corkey
HAMILTON James Veagh Upper
HAMILTON Richard Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
HAMILTON Stewart Whitehill
HARPUR William Drumihill
HARRIS Joseph Ardnadtian
HARRIS Joseph Balleighan
HARRIS Robert Ardnadtian
HAUGHEY Thomas Corkey
HAVLIN[?] William Rylands
HEALEY John Ruskey
HEASTY John Grawkey Little
HEGARTY William Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
HEGARTY William Drain
HEGARTY William Maghrebeg
HENDERSON William Meenahaughly [Money Haughly]
HOGAN Barny Galdanagh Glebe
HOGAN Patt. Galdanagh Glebe
HOOD Archibald Maghremore
HOOD James Irrity [Errity]
HOOD James Maghremore
HOOD Thomas Ruskey
HUEY Alexander Drumbarnett
HUME James Corkey
HUNTER George Drain
HUNTER Miss (Tenements) Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
HUNTER Miss Irrity [Errity]
HUNTER Nathaniel Drain
HUNTER Samuel Drain
HUNTER William Grawkey Big
HUNTER William Grawkey Glebe
HUSTON James Killyvary
HUSTON James Veagh Upper
HUSTON John Killyvary
HUSTON John Veagh Upper
HUSTON Joseph Killyvary
HUSTON Moses Killyvary
JAMES Charles Castleblaugh
JOHNSTON Thomas Lisclamerty
JOHNSTON William Labadooish
KINCAIDE Robert Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
KINCAIDE Robert Woodhill
LAIRD John Carricknamart
LAIRD Ralph Carricknamart
LAIRD William Carricknamart
LAIRD William Mondooey
LARKEY John Galdanagh Glebe
LECKEY Alexander Carrickballydooey
LECKEY Alexander Kincraiggy
LECKEY Alexander Labadooish
LECKEY Alexander Mondooey
LECKEY Alexander Ruskey
LECKEY John Corkey
LECKEY Robert Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
LECKEY Thomas, Jun. Ruskey
LECKEY Thomas, Sen. Ruskey
LINCHAGHAN [..?] Carrickballydooey
LINDSAY John Lismohery
LOGAN Andrew Galdanagh Glebe
LOUGAN Charles Maghrebeg
LOWRY Moses Killyvary
LUCAS William Rylands
LYNCH William Ruskey
LYNCHAHAN William Drumatoland
MACKEY John Irrity [Errity]
MAGILL Andrew Maghrebeg
MAGILL Ann Maghrebeg
MAGILL James Maghrebeg
MAHON John Killyvary
MARSHAL James Monclink
MARSHALL James Carrickballydooey
MARSHALL James Mondooey
MARSHALL John Moneymore
MARSHALL Walter Drain
MARTIN Gerard Drumbarnett
MASON George Castleblaugh
MAXWELL John Carricknamart
MAYERS [MEARES] John Rylands
McADOO Alexander Moneymore
McCARREN Neal Castleblaugh
McCART John Kincraiggy
McCARTER David Veagh Upper
McCLAIN Andrew Balleighan
McCLAIN John Ballylevin
McCLAIN Robert Ballylevin
McCLEARN James Grawkey Glebe
McCLELLAND Robert Dunduff
McCLELLAND Samuel Dunduff
McCLOSKEY Patt. Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
McCLURE John Killyvary
McCOBB Widow Sen. Irrity [Errity]
McCOBB Widow, Jun. Irrity [Errity]
McCOLLIN John Veagh Upper
McCONNEL James & partners Ballylawn
McCONNEL James Ballyboe
McCONNEL William Veagh Upper
McCORKELL William Woodhill
McCREA John Irrity [Errity]
McCREA Thomas Rylands
McCRIARAN James Ballylawn
McCULLIN Arthur Balleighan
McDADE Bryan Veagh Upper
McDADE John Lisclamerty
McDADE John Tully
McDERMOTT Daniel Drumatoland
McDERMOTT James Drumatoland
McDEVITT James Drumihill
McDEVITT James Mondooey
McFADDIAN John Killyvary
McFARLAND Thomas Lisclamerty
McGARR William Drain
McGEHIN Conel Ballylawn
McGEHIN Edward Ballylawn
McGINLEY James Kincraiggy
McGINLY John Grawkey Big
McGLANAHY [..?] Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
McGOWAN Denis Moneymore
McGOWAN Denis Moneymore
McGOWAN Hu. Moneymore
McGOWAN Hugh Moneymore
McGOWAN John Killyvary
McGROARTY Bryan Ruskey
McGROARTY Hugh Ruskey
McGROARTY Hugh Tully
McGUINISS Ephraim Ballylawn
McILHINNY Catherine Ruskey
McILHINNY James Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
McILHINNY James Irrity [Errity]
McILHINNY James Maghremore
McILHINNY James Tully
McILHINNY James Tullybogly
McILHINNY Thomas Ruskey
McILHINNY Thomas Tully
McILMEEN[?] William Castledooey
McILWEE [..?] Rylands
McILWEE William Drain
McKINLEY David Balleighan
McKINLEY Robert Ballylawn
McKINLEY Robert Veagh Lower
McKINLEY Samuel Veagh Lower
McKINLEY William Drain
McLEAN Anthony Terharrin [Tirharan]
McLEAN John Moneymore
McLEAN John Terharrin [Tirharan]
McLEAN Robert Terharrin [Tirharan]
McLEAN Thomas Moneymore
McMENIMON Charles Castledooey
McMENIMON Hugh Galdanagh Glebe
McMENIMON James Galdanagh Glebe
McMENIMON Patt. Lisclamerty
McMENNIMON John Galdanagh Glebe
McMONIGLE William Ballyboe
McNAIR Alexander Lisclamerty
McNAIR David Lisclamerty
McNAIR James Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
McNAIR James Mondooey
McNAIR Patt. Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
McNAIR Samuel Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
McNAIRE William Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
McSHANE Brine Kincraiggy
McSWINE Daniel Castledooey
MEEHAN Widow Labadooish
MELLY[?] John Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
MIDDLETON Alexander Kincraiggy
MIDDLETON Andrew Kincraiggy
MIDDLETON John Dunduff
MIDDLETON John Monclink
MILLS John Lismohery
MITCHELL Mary Drumbarnett
MITCHELL William Carrickballydooey
MONEY Daniel Moneymore
MONTGOMERY James Rylands
MONTGOMERY John Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
MONTGOMERY John Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
MONTGOMERY John Labadooish
MONTGOMERY Rebecca Moneymore
MONTGOMERY William Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
MONTGOMERY William Labadooish
MONTGOMERY William Rylands
MONTGOMERY William Rylands
MOODY William Drumatoland
MOORE Samuel Carricknamart
MORISON Patt. Drumatoland
MULLIGAN Daniel Ruskey
MURRAY Daniel Drumbarnett
MURRAY John Drumbarnett
NEELY Thomas Drumkairn [Drumcarn]
NICHOLS John Veagh Lower
NILES [NEILIS?] Mary Castleblaugh
NOBLE John & Partners Castledooey
O’DONEL Bernard Lisclamerty
O’DONEL Hugh Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
O’DONEL Hugh Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
O’DONEL James Lisclamerty
O’DONEL James Maghrebeg
O’DONEL William Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
PARK Andrew Balleighan
PARK Andrew Meenahaughly [Money Haughly]
PATTERSON [..?] Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
PATTERSON James Castledooey
PATTERSON James Galdanagh Glebe
PATTERSON John Ballylawn
PATTERSON John Castledooey
PATTERSON John Drumbarnett
PATTERSON John Drumihill
PATTERSON John Galdanagh Glebe
PATTERSON Joseph Galdanagh Glebe
PATTERSON Mathew Galdanagh Glebe
PATTERSON Robert Tullybogly
PATTERSON Thomas Galdanagh Glebe
PATTERSON William Tullybogly
PEOPLES Alexander Lisclamerty
PEOPLES James Grawkey Big
PEOPLES Stewart Rylands
PEOPLES Widow Lisclamerty
PORTER John Drumbarnett
QUIGLY Charles Ruskey
RABB Samuel Corkey
RAMSAY James Lismohery
RANKIN James Rylands
RANKIN William Rylands
REA John Rylands
RENTOUL Mr. Rylands
RENTOUL Rev. R. Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
RODGERS Alexander Drumatoland
RODGERS Andrew Lismohery
RODGERS James Killyvary
RODGERS Nathan Galdanagh Glebe
RODGERS Robert Mondooey
ROGAN William Ruskey
ROWLIN Widow Ruskey
RUDDY Alexander Moneymore
SANDERSON Mr. (for William Patterson) Grawkey Little
SANDERSON Mr. Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
SCOTT Robert Drain
SHANNON James Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
SHANNON John, Jun. Ruskey
SHANNON John, Sen. Ruskey
SHAWE[?] Walter Drumatoland
SMILEY Andrew Labadooish
SMITH Archibald (now Arthur McCullin) Balleighan
SMITH Elizabeth Moneymore
SMITH Joseph Rylands
SMITH Richard Rylands
SMITH William Drumbarnett
SPEER Joseph Castledooey
SPEER William Drain
SPENCE Robert Rylands
SQUIRE William Cunnigam [Manorcunningham]
STEEL Allen Ruskey
STEEL James Maghrebeg
STEEL Stewart Maghrebeg
STEPHENSON William Rylands
STEWART James Carricknamart
STEWART Walter Mondooey
SWEENY James Woodhill
SWEENY Richard Castledooey
TAYLOR Thomas Ballylevin
TAYS [TEAZE] Samuel Ballylevin
TAYS [TEAZE] William Veagh Lower
THOMPSON John Moneymore
THOMPSON Samuel Drumatoland
THOMPSON Widow Drumatoland
TINAN Robert Drumbarnett
VANCE Mathew Ballylevin
WALKER Thomas Drain
WALLACE Francis Carricknamart
WALLACE George Grawkey Glebe
WALLACE John Drumatoland
WARD Hugh Kincraiggy
WASON Andrew Castledooey
WASON James, Jun. Castledooey
WASON James, Sen. Castledooey
WASON John Tully
WASON Joseph Castledooey
WATSON Charles Galdanagh Glebe
WATSON David Balleighan
WATSON David Terharrin [Tirharan]
WELSH William Maghrebeg
WILSON Alexander Irrity [Errity]
WILSON Alexander Lismohery
WILSON Hugh Irrity [Errity]
WILSON John Galdanagh Glebe
WILSON John Irrity [Errity]
WILSON John Whitehill
WILSON Robert Grawkey Little
WILSON Robert, Jun. Grawkey Glebe
WILSON Robert, Sen. Grawkey Glebe
WILSON William Grawkey Glebe
WILSON William Lisclamerty
WILSON William Lismohery
WOODS Archibald Drain
WOODS James Drain
WOODS Thomas Drain