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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Magheracross Parish, Cos. Fermanagh & Tyrone 1829

PRONI Ref: FIN 5A/ 213 - FHL Film #258464
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia





Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardgart Ballydoolagh Baragh Beagh
Bellanamallard Cavanalough Glebe Cavantillycormick Cleenaghan
Coa Coolgarran Cooltrain Craghan
Currin Derryraghan Drumbulcan Drumconnis
Drumcreen Drumcullion Drumkeen Drummurry
Drumrainy Drumsloe Ferney Glencoonra
Gortaloughan Kilgortnaleague Killee Killymittan
Knockmanoul Lettermoney Magheracross Mullaghmeen
Relagh Roscor (Co. Tyrone) Salloon Salry
Sessiaghs Sheridan (Co. Tyrone) Sidaire Tullyrain



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardgart Ballidolagh Ballinamallard Bara
Bigh Carnhill Cavan Cavanalough
Clenaghan Coe Cooltrane Craghan
Crorkins Curren Derriraghan Drumbad
Drumbolkin Drumconis Drumcreen Drumkeen
Drummory Drumrainy Drumsloe Dunmcullen
Ferny Glenconra Kilgartnalague Killee
Kilmitten Knockmanoul Lettermoney Magharacross
Mullaghmeen Relagh Roscor (Co. Tyrone) Salloon
Salry Sessagh Sydare Telerane





Surname Firstname Townland
ADAMS Alexr. Ballidolagh
ADAMS Thos. Ballidolagh
ADAMS William Ballidolagh
AIKEN John Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
AIKEN Robert Thomas Armstrong, Thomas Cowan & Anthony Donnelly Sydare
AIKEN Robert, Thomas Armstrong, Thomas Cowan & Anthony Donnelly Sydare
AMERSON [AMBERSON?] James Crorkins
AMERSON [AMBERSON?] James & James Wilson Drumbad
ANDERSON Edward & George Anderson Curren
ANDERSON George & Edward Anderson Curren
ANDERSON George & John Robinson Derriraghan
ANDERSON James Senr. & James Anderson, Junr. Cooltrane
ANDERSON James, Junr. & James Anderson, Senr. Cooltrane
ANDERSON John Cooltrane
ANDERSON Joseph Cooltrane
ANDERSON Widow Drumkeen
ANDERSON William Drummory
ANDERSON Wm. Drumsloe
ANDERSON Wm., John Brown, Wm. Betty, Pattk. McGowan & Robert Brown Drumsloe
ANDREW Arthur Salloon
ARCHDALL Edwd., Esqr. Kilgartnalague
ARCHDALL Edwd., Esqr. Sydare
ARMSTRONG Alexr. Drumrainy
ARMSTRONG Arthur Kilgartnalague
ARMSTRONG Chas. Curren
ARMSTRONG Chrsr. Drumrainy
ARMSTRONG Edward & Robert Armstrong Sydare
ARMSTRONG Edwd. Curren
ARMSTRONG Francis Sessagh
ARMSTRONG Fras. Drumkeen
ARMSTRONG James Drumbolkin
ARMSTRONG James Salloon
ARMSTRONG Jas., Andw. Crozier & Andw. McMenamen Craghan
ARMSTRONG John Ballinamallard
ARMSTRONG John Craghan
ARMSTRONG John Drumkeen
ARMSTRONG John Salloon
ARMSTRONG John, Junr. Drumrainy
ARMSTRONG John, Senr. Drumrainy
ARMSTRONG John, William Armstrong, Senr. & Kitt. Armstrong Drumbolkin
ARMSTRONG Kitt., John Armstrong & William Armstrong, Senr. Drumbolkin
ARMSTRONG Robert & Edward Armstrong Sydare
ARMSTRONG Robt. Drumconis
ARMSTRONG Thomas, Thomas Cowan, Anthony Donnelly & Robert Aiken Sydare
ARMSTRONG Thos. Ballinamallard
ARMSTRONG Widow & James Logan Relagh
ARMSTRONG William Cavan
ARMSTRONG William Salloon
ARMSTRONG William Sydare
ARMSTRONG William & George Irvine Drumbolkin
ARMSTRONG William, Senr., Kitt. Armstrong & John Armstrong Drumbolkin
BAKUM? Edward & Samuel Marshall Sessagh
BALL Joseph Drumcullen
BETTY Andw. Bigh
BETTY Charls. Drumsloe
BETTY Corry W. Ballinamallard
BETTY Corry W. Drummory
BETTY Crozier Kilmitten
BETTY Fras. Coe
BETTY Guy Bigh
BETTY James Drumkeen
BETTY Robt. Killee
BETTY Rowland & tenants Kilmitten
BETTY Rowland, Junr., James McQuade, James McCann, Patrick Mulworrugh?, Jams. Donnelly, Phelix McQuade, Francis Corr & John Green Kilmitten
BETTY Thos. Drumrainy
BETTY Thos. & Irwin Dawson Drumkeen
BETTY William Drumsloe
BETTY William Kilmitten
BETTY Wm., Junr. Drumsloe
BETTY Wm., Pattk. McGowan, Wm. Anderson, Robert Brown & John Brown Drumsloe
BLACK John Cavan
BLACK John Lettermoney
BLAKE Pattk. Salry
BLEAKLEY Andw. Ardgart
BLEAKLY Chas. Mulaghmeen
BLEAKLY Henry Mulaghmeen
BLEAKLY John Mulaghmeen
BLEAKLY Joseph Mulaghmeen
BLEAKLY Thos. Mulaghmeen
BOGS Edwd. Bara
BONNER John & Joseph Coulter Drumcreen
BOOSBY Henry Craghan
BOOTH George Sydare
BOWLES Thos., James Graham & Robt. Fowler Knockmanoul
BOYD Robt., Joseph Kirk, Thos. Faires, Henry Breen, Pattk. McQuade, John McQuade & William McGrory Killee
BOYLE Hugh Lettermoney
BOYLE Phelix Salloon
BRASLIN James Drumsloe
BREADON Robt. Bigh
BREEN George & Christr. Robinson Magharacross
BREEN George, Henry Breen, Robert Breen & William Breen Relagh
BREEN Henry Relagh
BREEN Henry Salloon
BREEN Henry, George Breen, Robert Breen & William Breen Relagh
BREEN James & John Breen Cooltrane
BREEN John Drumkeen
BREEN John Salry
BREEN John & James Breen Cooltrane
BREEN John & Robert Brown Relagh
BREEN Patrick Bigh
BREEN Robert Relagh
BREEN Robert & John Breen Relagh
BREEN Robert, William Breen, George Breen & Henry Breen Relagh
BREEN Widow Drummory
BREEN William Magharacross
BREEN William Salloon
BREEN William & Henry Breen Drumbolkin
BREEN William, George Breen, Henry Breen & Robert Breen Relagh
BROWN James Craghan
BROWN John Drumsloe
BROWN John Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
BROWN John & James Veitch Drumbolkin
BROWN John, Wm. Betty, Pattk. McGowan, Wm. Anderson & Robert Brown Drumsloe
BROWN Little Bara
BROWN Robert, John Brown, Wm. Betty, Pattk. McGowan & Wm. Anderson Drumsloe
BROWN Thomas Salloon
BROWN Thos. Ballinamallard
BROWN William Bara
BURNSIDE ….. Cavan
BUSBY James Coe
CADAN Henry Salry
CADAN Hugh Salry
CADAN James Salry
CADAN John Salloon
CADANS Rowland Salry
CAMPBEL Fred., Patk. Fife, James Fife & Robt. Campbel Drumcullen
CAMPBEL Robt., Fred. Campbel, Patk. Fife & James Fife Drumcullen
CAMPBELL Henry Curren
CAMPBELL Henry & Richard Campbell Drummory
CAMPBELL John Drumcreen
CAMPBELL Richard & Henry Campbell Drummory
CAMPBELL Thos. & Andw. Crozier Drummory
CAMPBELL William Drummory
CARLAN James Ballidolagh
CHAPMAN Andw. Ballidolagh
CHAPMAN George Ballidolagh
CLARK George, Junr. Glencondra
CLARK George, Senr. Glencondra
CLARK John Glencondra
CLARK Widow Ballidolagh
COOR Fras. & John Lindsey Magharacross
CORR Francis, John Green, Rowland Betty, Junr., James McQuade, James McCann, Patrick Mulworrugh?, Jams. Donnelly & Phelix McQuade Kilmitten
CORRAN Henry Ardgart
CORRAN Henry & Thomas Green Cavanalough
CORRIGAN Arthur Drumrainy
CORRIGAN James Drumkeen
CORRIGAN James Drumrainy
CORRIGAN James Salloon
CORRIGAN Jas. & Robt. Gorrel Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
CORRIGAN Thos. Drumrainy
CORRIGAN Thos. Kilmitten
CORRIGAN Thos. Sessagh
CORRIGAN Widow Ballidolagh
CORRIGAN Widow Glencondra
CORRIGAN William Curren
CORRY Alexr. Mulaghmeen
CORRY Chas. Mulaghmeen
CORRY James & Chas. Portius Mulaghmeen
CORRY Nathl. Mulaghmeen
COULTER Andw. Bigh
COULTER Andw. & Archy. Coulter Ballidolagh
COULTER Archy & Andw. Coulter Ballidolagh
COULTER Joseph Ballidolagh
COULTER Joseph & John Bonner Drumcreen
COULTER William Ballidolagh
COULTER William Drumcreen
COWAN James Drumrainy
COWAN John Craghan
COWAN Thomas, Anthony Donnelly, Robert Aiken & Thomas Armstrong Sydare
COZ Thos. Crorkins
CRAETON Robert Salry
CROOKS Edwd. Drumrainy
CROW Robert Lettermoney
CROZIER Andrew Salloon
CROZIER Andw. Ballinamallard
CROZIER Andw., Jas. Armstrong & Andw. McMenamen Craghan
CROZIER Robt., John Kidney, Laurance Doyle, Patrick Keon & John Wilson Drummory
CULLEN Hugh Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
CURLY Owen Bara
DAWSON Irwin Drumrainy
DAWSON Irwin & Thos. Betty Drumkeen
DEMERY William Salloon
DICK Hugh Drumsloe
DINNEEN Mathew Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
DIXON Ralph Sydare
DOGERTY Andw., Patk. McAlipher?, Edwd. McMulchin, Pattk. McMulchin, John McAlipher?, Michl. McAlipher? & Thos. McAlipher? Killee
DOGERTY Pattk. Killee
DONELY Henry Killee
DONELY James Ballinamallard
DONELY John, Junr. Coe
DONELY John, Senr. Coe
DONELY Patk. Bigh
DONNELLY Anthony, Robert Aiken, Thomas Armstrong & Thomas Cowan Sydare
DONNELLY Henry Cavanalough
DONNELLY Henry Salloon
DONNELLY James Cavanalough
DONNELLY Jams., Phelix McQuade, Francis Corr, John Green, Rowland Betty, Junr., James McQuade, James McCann & Patrick Mulworrugh? Kilmitten
DONNELLY John Cavanalough
DONNELLY Patrick Cavanalough
DONNELLY Widow Cavanalough
DORAGH Chas. Bigh
DOWLIN James Salloon
DOYLE Laurance, Patrick Keon, John Wilson, Robt. Crozier & John Kidney Drummory
DOYLE Thomas Sydare
DOYLE Thos. Bara
ELLIOT Andw. Ballinamallard
ELLIOT Andw. Clenaghan
ELLIOT George Cooltrane
ELLIOT Hugh Clenaghan
ELLIOT James Drumsloe
ELLIOT James Ferny
ELLIOT John Ballidolagh
ELLIOT John Clenaghan
ELLIOT John Cooltrane
ELLIOT John Ferny
ELLIOT William Ballidolagh
ELLIOT Willm. Drumkeen
ELLIOT Wm. Drumsloe
ELLIOTT Michael & Gerrard Worthington Salry
ELLIOTT Robert Relagh
ELLIOTT Robert Salry
ELLIS William Lettermoney
FAIR Alexr. Knockmanoul
FAIR Alexr. & Richd. McCracken Knockmanoul
FAIR Edward Knockmanoul
FAIR William Drumkeen
FAIRES Thos., Henry Breen, Pattk. McQuade, John McQuade, William McGrory, Robt. Boyd & Joseph Kirk Killee
FAIRIS Joseph Ballidolagh
FAIRY Andw. Bigh
FARRY Andw. & Jas. Farry Coe
FARRY Andw. & Michael Farry Coe
FARRY Barnard Coe
FARRY Domnick & Thos. Farry Killee
FARRY James Cavan
FARRY James Knockmanoul
FARRY James Salloon
FARRY Jas. & Andw. Farry Coe
FARRY John Kilmitten
FARRY John & son Drumbad
FARRY Michael Cavan
FARRY Michael & Andw. Farry Coe
FARRY Pattk. Cavan
FARRY Thos. & Domnick Farry Killee
FERGUSON Widow Ballidolagh
FIFE James Craghan
FIFE James, Robt. Campbel, Fred. Campbel & Patk. Fife Drumcullen
FIFE John Drumcullen
FIFE Margret Craghan
FIFE Patk., James Fife, Robt. Campbel & Fred Campbel Drumcullen
FIFE Thos. & Michl. McCan Bigh
FIFE William Bigh
FINLAY William Salloon
FORSTER Edwd. Drumkeen
FORSTER William Sydare
FOWLER Robt., Thos. Bowles & James Graham Knockmanoul
FOX Patrick Cavanalough
GALAGHER Michl. & Hugh McCosker Drumconis
GALAGHER Patrick Cavanalough
GALAUGHER Dennis Magharacross
GALAUGHER Michl. & Art. McQuade Coe
GALLAUGHER Thos. Drumbad
GARDNER Peter Clenaghan
GIBSON Geo. & William Graham Knockmanoul
GIBSON Richard Drumkeen
GIBSON Thos. Drumcullen
GIBSON Wm. Ferny
GILLESPIE James Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORREL John, Junr. Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORREL John, Senr. Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORREL Mathew Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORREL Robt. Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORREL Robt. & Jas. Corrigan Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORREL Wm. Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORRELL Joseph & Joseph Gorrell Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GORRELL William & Joseph Gorrell Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
GRAHAM Crozier Coe
GRAHAM Francis Knockmanoul
GRAHAM James Salry
GRAHAM James, Robt. Fowler & Thos. Bowles Knockmanoul
GRAHAM John Clenaghan
GRAHAM John Knockmanoul
GRAHAM John & …….? Leviston Ballidolagh
GRAHAM John, Junr. & tenants Knockmanoul
GRAHAM Robert Drumcullen
GRAHAM Robt. Knockmanoul
GRAHAM Thos. Curren
GRAHAM Thos. Knockmanoul
GRAHAM Thos. & Andw. Montgomery Mulaghmeen
GRAHAM William Knockmanoul
GRAHAM William & Geo. Gibson Knockmanoul
GREEN ……? & Patrick Green Cavanalough
GREEN John, Francis Corr, Rowland Betty, Junr., James McQuade, James McCann, Patrick Mulworrugh?, Jams. Donnelly & Phelix McQuade Kilmitten
GREEN Patrick & ……? Green Cavanalough
GREEN Thomas & Henry Corran Cavanalough
HALL John & Joseph Hall Magharacross
HALL Joseph & John Hall Magharacross
HARDING David & John Liddy Derriraghan
HARDY John & Wm. Hardy Killee
HARDY Wm. & John Hardy Killee
HENDERSON A ……?, Wm. Henderson & Jas. Kirk Curren
HENDERSON Geo., John McKirry? & William Henderson Drumconis
HENDERSON George Salloon
HENDERSON George & Hugh Henderson Sessagh
HENDERSON George, Robt. Henderson & Wm. Henderson Drumbolkin
HENDERSON Hugh & George Henderson Sessagh
HENDERSON James Curren
HENDERSON John Drumconis
HENDERSON John G. Sydare
HENDERSON Margt. & Robt. Henderson Drumconis
HENDERSON Robt. & Margt. Henderson Drumconis
HENDERSON Robt., Wm. Henderson & George Henderson Drumbolkin
HENDERSON William Sydare
HENDERSON William, Geo. Henderson & John McKirry? Drumconis
HENDERSON Wm., A…….? Henderson & Jas. Kirk Curren
HENDERSON Wm., George Henderson & Robt. Henderson Drumbolkin
HETHERINGTON Christopher Lettermoney
HETHRINGTON Christopher Sydare
HETHRINGTON James & John Hethrington Glencondra
HETHRINGTON John & James Hethrington Glencondra
HETHRINGTON Thomas & Watty Irvine Sessagh
HIGGINS James Killee
HIGGINS Pattk. Killee
HOEY John Drumcreen
HONES Fras. Craghan
HONES James Craghan
HONES John Drumconis
HOWE Francis Salloon
HOWES Patrick Salloon
HUGHES Mick. Drummory Drummory
HUNTER Andw. Coe
HUNTER Andw. & Wm. Hunter Coe
HUNTER James Coe
HUNTER James, Senr. Coe
HUNTER Robt. Coe
HUNTER Wm. & Andw. Hunter Coe
HUNTER Wm., Senr. Coe
HURST Anthony Telerane
HURST Edwd. Curren
HURST Geo. Drumkeen
HURST Geo. & John Hurst Craghan
HURST George Craghan
HURST George Telerane
HURST George, Junr. Craghan
HURST James Salloon
HURST John Drummory
HURST John & Geo. Hurst Craghan
HURST John, Thos. Morrison, Wm. Logan & George Kidney Curren
HURST Mitchel Telerane
HURST Widow Telerane
HURST William Drummory
HURST William Ferny
HURST William Telerane
HURST Wm. & Hugh Woods Drummory
IRVINE Alexr., James Porter & George Somerville Telerane
IRVINE Chrsr. Cavan
IRVINE Francis Cavan
IRVINE George & William Armstrong Drumbolkin
IRVINE James Curren
IRVINE John Curren
IRVINE Watty & Thomas Hethrington Sessagh
IRVINE William D’Arcy, Esqr. Sessagh
IRVINE Wm. Cavan
IRVINE Wm. Curren
IRVINE Wm. Drumsloe
IRWIN Revd. John Bara
IRWIN Revd. John Cavanalough
JERVIS Abraham Craghan
JERVIS Abraham Salloon
JERVIS Edwd. Mulaghmeen
JOHNSON John Drumrainy
JOHNSTON James Curren
JOHNSTON John Drumcreen
JOHNSTON John Glencondra
JOHNSTON John & James Machel Drumcreen
JOHNSTON John, Esqr. Drumconis
JOHNSTON John, Esqr. Drumcullen
JOHNSTON John, Esqr. Kilgartnalague
JOHNSTON John, Esqr. Salry
JOHNSTON Joseph Sydare
KENEDY Stephen Coe
KENNEDY Edward Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
KEON Patrick Drummory
KEON Patrick, John Kidney, Laurance Doyle, John Wilson & Robt. Crozier Drummory
KERNAN Michael Magharacross
KERR John Sydare
KERR Moor Drumkeen
KERR Thos. Bara
KIDNEY George & Lanty Kidney Drumcullen
KIDNEY George, Thos. Morrison, Wm. Logan & John Hurst Curren
KIDNEY John Ferny
KIDNEY John & Jas. Ralston Drumconis
KIDNEY John, Laurance Doyle, Patrick Keon John Wilson & Robt. Crozier Drummory
KIDNEY Lanty & George Kidney Drumcullen
KIDNEY Widow Ferny
KIDNEY William Cavan
KIDNEY William Drumcreen
KILDAY William Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
KIRK Andw. Cavan
KIRK Jas., A……..? Henderson & Wm. Henderson Curren
KIRK Joseph, Thos. Faires, Henry Breen, Pattk. McQuade, John McQuade, William McGrory & Robt. Boyd Killee
LEARD George Salloon
LEE Edwd. & Robert Lee Ballidolagh
LEE Robert & Edwd. Lee Ballidolagh
LEEPER Deborah Glencondra
LENDRUM George, Esqr. Craghan
LENDRUM George, Esqr. Magharacross
LEVISTON …….? & John Graham Ballidolagh
LIDDY James Drumrainy
LIDDY John Drumrainy
LIDDY John Salloon
LIDDY John & David Harding Derriraghan
LILLY James Cavan
LINDSEY Barny Magharacross
LINDSEY John & Fras. Coor Magharacross
LITTLE James Salry
LITTLE Saml. Bigh
LITTLE Widow Relagh
LITTLE William Kilmitten
LOGAN Hugh Curren
LOGAN James & Widow Armstrong Relagh
LOGAN John Cavan
LOGAN Patrick Ballidolagh
LOGAN Wm. Curren
LOGAN Wm., Thos. Morrison, John Hurst & George Kidney Curren
LOVE John & Pattrick Love Cavanalough
LOVE Pattk., Senr. Cavanalough
LOVE Pattrick & John Love Cavanalough
LOVE Thomas Cavanalough
MACHEL James & John Johnston Drumcreen
MACHEL Phill. Drumbolkin
MAGUIRE Hugh Sessagh
MAGUIRE Phill. Drumcreen
MAGUIRE Wm. Drumkeen
MARSHALL Samuel & Edward Bakum? Sessagh
MARTIN Robert Sydare
MASTERSON Hugh & John Masterson Mulaghmeen
MASTERSON John & Hugh Masterson Mulaghmeen
McALEER Hugh Salloon
McALEER John Salloon
McALIPHER? John, Pattk. McMulchin, Edwd. McMulchin, Andw. Dogerty, Michl. McAlipher?, Thos. McAlipher? & Patk. McAlipher? Killee
McALIPHER? Michl., Pattk. McMulchin, John McAlipher?, Andw. Dogerty, Thos. McAlipher?, Patk. McAlipher? & Edwd. McMulchin Killee
McALIPHER? Patk., Edwd. McMulchin, Pattk. McMulchin, John McAlipher?, Andw. Dogerty, Michl. McAlipher? & Thos. McAlipher? Killee
McALIPHER? Pattk & Thos. McAlipher? Killee
McALIPHER? Thos. & Pattk. McAlipher Killee
McALIPHER?, Patk., Pattk. McMulchin, Thos. McAlipher?, Edwd. McMulchin, John McAlipher?, Michl. McAlipher? & Andw. Dogerty Killee
McANERIN? Humphry Drumsloe
McANESPIE Patrick Bigh
McARIN? Hugh Salry
McBRYAN Hugh Magharacross
McBRYAN Saly Mulaghmeen
McBRYAN Thos. Bigh
McCABE Hugh, John McCabe & Willm. McCabe Coe
McCABE John Drumkeen
McCABE John, Willm. McCabe & Hugh McCabe Coe
McCABE Willm., Hugh McCabe & John McCabe Coe
McCAFFREY James Ballinamallard
McCAFFRY James Drumkeen
McCAN James Coe
McCAN John Bigh
McCAN Michl. Drumbad
McCAN Michl. Kilmitten
McCAN Michl. & Thos. Fife Bigh
McCANN James, Patrick Mulworrugh?, Jams. Donnelly, Phelix McQuade, Francis Corr, John Green, Betty Rowland, Junr. & James McQuade Kilmitten
McCANNA William Lettermoney
McCARNY John & Pattrick McCarny Sessagh
McCARNY Pattrick & John McCarny Sessagh
McCARTY Michael Salloon
McCAWLY John Knockmanoul
McCLANE James Knockmanoul
McCLELAND John Clenaghan
McCLELAND Robt. Knockmanoul
McCLELAND William Clenaghan
McCLELAND Wm., Senr. Clenaghan
McCLELLAND Lettitia Knockmanoul
McCLELLAND Widow Knockmanoul
McCONNEL James Kilgartnalague
McCOSKER Bryan Ardgart
McCOSKER Bryan Ballidolagh
McCOSKER Domnick Ballidolagh
McCOSKER Edward & Peter McCosker Ballidolagh
McCOSKER Francis Magharacross
McCOSKER Hugh & Michl. Galagher Drumconis
McCOSKER John Ballidolagh
McCOSKER Peter & Edward McCosker Ballidolagh
McCOSKER Philip Ballidolagh
McCOSKER Redmond Ballidolagh
McCOSKER Thos. Drumsloe
McCOSKER Widow Ballidolagh
McCRACKEN Richd. & Alexr. Fair Knockmanoul
McCRACKEN Richd. & Alexr. Fair Knockmanoul
McCULGAN William Roscor (Co. Tyrone)
McCULLOUGH James, Esqr. Bara
McFARLAND George Salloon
McGORMAN Thomas Sydare
McGOWAN Lowdy Bara
McGOWAN Robt. Drumsloe
McGREGOR James Sessagh
McGREGOR Noble Lettermoney
McGRORY William, Robt. Boyd, Joseph Kirk, Thos. Faires, Henry Breen, Pattk. McQuade & John McQuade Killee
McINTAGART Pattk. Ferny
McKIRRY? John, William Henderson & Geo. Henderson Drumconis
McLAUGLIN Owen & Terance McLauglin Bigh
McLAUGLIN Terance & Owen McLauglin Bigh
McMANUS Chas. & Mary McManus Bara
McMANUS James Cavan
McMANUS John Sessagh
McMANUS Mary & Chas. McManus Bara
McMANUS Nancy Magharacross
McMANUS Pattk. Coe
McMANUS Robt. & Widow McManus Cavan
McMANUS Widow & Robt. McManus Cavan
McMENAMEN Andw. Craghan
McMENAMEN Andw., Andw. Crozier & Jas. Armstrong Craghan
McMULCHIN Edwd., Andw. Dogerty, Michl. McAlipher?, Thos. McAlipher?, Patk. McAlipher, Pattk. McMulchin & John McAlipher? Killee
McMULCHIN John Kilmitten
McMULCHIN Pattk., John McAlipher?, Edwd. McMulchin, Andw. Dogerty, Michl. McAlipher?, Thos. McAlipher? & Patk. McAlipher? Killee
McQUADE Art. & Michl. Galaugher Coe
McQUADE James Glencondra
McQUADE James, James McCann, Patrick Mulworrugh?, Jams. Donnelly. Phelix McQuade, Francis Corr, John Green & Rowland Betty, Junr. Kilmitten
McQUADE John Salloon
McQUADE John, William McGrory, Robt. Boyd, Joseph Kirk, Thos. Faires, Henry Breen & Pattk. McQuade Killee
McQUADE Pattk. Drumbad
McQUADE Pattk., John McQuade, William McGrory, Robt. Boyd, Joseph Kirk, Thos. Faires & Henry Breen Killee
McQUADE Phelix, Francis Corr, John Green, Rowland Betty, Junr., James McQuade, James McCann, Patrick Mulworrugh? & Jams. Donnelly Kilmitten
McQUADE Widow Ballidolagh
McREAVEY Pattk. Coe
McSCOLLOG Thos. Mulaghmeen
McSORLY Owen Bara
MEARS Thos. Ballidolagh
MITCHEL Andw. & Son Ballidolagh
MITCHEL William Bara
MOFFIT Thos. Drumbolkin
MONAGHAN John Craghan
MONTGOMERY Andw. & Thos. Graham Mulaghmeen
MONTGOMERY James Knockmanoul
MOOR William Ferny
MORRISON Anthony Telerane
MORRISON Antny. & James Morrison Curren
MORRISON James & Antny. Morrison Curren
MORRISON Thos. Drumbad
MORRISON Thos. & William Morrison Curren
MORRISON Thos., John Hurst, Wm. Logan & George Kidney Curren
MORRISON William & Thos. Morrison Curren
MULWORRUGH? Patrick, Jams. Donnelly, Phelix McQuade, Francis Corr, John Green, Rowland Betty, Junr., James McQuade & James McCann Kilmitten
MURPHY Thos. Ballidolagh
MURRY Owen Drumcullen
NEAL James Bara
NEELY Thos. Drumkeen
NEELY Thos. Drumrainy
NIXON Roger Drumrainy
NOBLE Adam Kilgartnalague
NOBLE Robert Lettermoney
NOBLE Thomas Lettermoney
NOBLE William Kilgartnalague
NOBLE William Lettermoney
NOBLE William Sydare
O’DONNELL Hugh Sessagh
PORTER James, George Somerville & Alexr. Irvine Telerane
PORTIUS Chas. & James Corry Mulaghmeen
PURSLEY Jas. Drumbad
RALSTON Jas. & John Kidney Drumconis
REED Thomas Sessagh
REID Edwd. Drumkeen
REID Nicholas Drumcullen
RICHEY James Sydare
ROBINSON Alexr. Drumcullen
ROBINSON Alexr. Drumcullen
ROBINSON Christr. & George Breen Magharacross
ROBINSON Chrsr. Clenaghan
ROBINSON Chrsr., Senr. Clenaghan
ROBINSON John Clenaghan
ROBINSON John Drumrainy
ROBINSON John & George Anderson Derriraghan
ROBINSON Joseph Clenaghan
ROBINSON Joseph Drumcreen
ROBINSON Robt. Clenaghan
ROBINSON Thos. Clenaghan
ROBINSON Wm. Drumsloe
ROE Thomas Sessagh
SCALLAN Chas. Mulaghmeen
SCALLAN Edwd. Drumcullen
SCALLAN John Cavan
SCALLAN John Cavanalough
SCALLAN Joseph & Hugh Scallan Cavan
SCALLAN Owen Cavanalough
SCALLAN Widow Cavan
SCOLES Mary Salry
SMYTH John & Thos. Smyth Derriraghan
SMYTH Thos. & John Smyth Derriraghan
SOMERVILLE George, Alexr. Irvine & James Porter Telerane
SOMERVILLE Gerrard Telerane
SOMERVILLE Robert & Thomas Wilson Telerane
SPRATT James Drumconis
SPRATT John Mulaghmeen
STINSON Andrew Sydare
SWEENY William Sessagh
VANCE William Crorkins
VEITCH James & John Brown Drumbolkin
VELDON Thos. & tenants Ballidolagh
WHITAKER Mrs. Drumcullen
WILLIAMS James Drumconis
WILSON Alexr. Sydare
WILSON James Ballidolagh
WILSON James Crorkins
WILSON Jas. & Jas. Amerson [Amberson?] Drumbad
WILSON John Sydare
WILSON Thomas & Robert Somerville Telerane
WILSON William Drumrainy
WILSON William Mulaghmeen
WILSON William Salry
WOODS Andw. Drumbad
WOODS Hugh & Wm. Hurst Drummory
WORTHINGTON Gerrard & Michael Elliott Salry

Compiled 1828-9: Tithe Commissioners: JOHN ARMSTRONG, Ballinamallard and GEORGE HURST, Craghan

Dated December 2, 1829