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Tithe Applotment Book, Derryloran Parish, 1826

FIN 5A/94/1
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

MACONCHIE William Cookstown Gardens
MACONCHY William Cranfield
MACONCHY William Drumcraw
MADDEN John Gortalowry Gardens
MAGEE Patrick, Sen. Gortalowry
MAGILL James Cookstown Gardens
MAGILL Samuel R., Esq. Cookstown Gardens
MAGILL Samuel R., Esq. Drumgarrel
MAGILL Samuel R., Esq. Malloon
MAGILL William, Esq. Cookstown Gardens
MAGILL William, M.D. Cookstown
MAGILL William, M.D. Cookstown Gardens
MAGOWAN Martha Craigs
MAGOWAN Martha, Widow Gortin
MALLON John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MALLON Mary Kirktown
MALLON Patrick Cookstown Gardens
MALLON Theodous Kirktown
MALOWNY John Loy Gardens
MALOWNY John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MARSHALL John Cookstown Gardens
MARSHALL Robert Cookstown
MARSHALL William Tullycall
MASON James, Jun. Derrycrummy
MASON James, Sen. Derrycrummy
MASON John Derrycrummy
MASON Samuel Derrycrummy
MASON William Derrycrummy
MAULEVERER Rev. William Derryloran
MAULEVERER Rev. William Kirktown
MAYNE Anne, Widow Cloghog
MAYNE Edward Drummond
MAYNE Isaac Gortalowry
MAYNE Isaac Gortalowry Gardens
MAYNE Isaac Kirktown
MAYNE Patrick Killybearn
MAYNE Patrick, Jun. Culcrunagh
MAYNE Patrick, Jun. Gortalowry Gardens
MAYNE Patrick, Jun. Kirktown
MAYNE Patrick, Sen. Culcrunagh
MAYNE Patrick, Sen. Kirktown
McALEER James Drummond
McALEER Peter Moyvay [Moveagh]
McALISTER Patrick Tullycall
McANALLY Art. Kilkeighan
McANESPY Daniel Gallanagh
McANULLA Bernard Tullycall
McANULLA Sarah Ballinasullas
McANULLA Thomas Tubberlane
McANULLA Thomas Tullycall
McATEE Alice Ballygrugan
McATEE James Ballygrugan
McATEE John Moyvay [Moveagh]
McAVANEY Bernard Moyvay [Moveagh]
McAVANEY Nancy Moyvay [Moveagh]
McAVRAY Hugh Drumard
McAVROY Bernard Kirktown
McAVROY Hugh Kirktown
McAVROY John Moyvay [Moveagh]
McBRIDE Andrew Cookstown Gardens
McBRIDE Edward Dunman
McBRIDE Sarah, Widow Drumgarrel,
McCALLION Daniel Ballyloughan
McCALLION James Ballyloughan
McCALLION James Ballysudden
McCALLION John Ballyloughan
McCALLISTER Daniel Gortalowry Gardens
McCAMPBELL Edward Cloghog
McCANN James Gortalowry Gardens
McCANN Neall Gortalowry Gardens
McCANN Owen Loy
McCANN Owen Loy Gardens
McCANN Philip Gortalowry Gardens
McCANNEY William Cranfield
McCANNEY William Tullygare
McCANNY James Killybearn
McCARDELL Henry Loughry
McCARDLE Henry Rockhead
McCARDLE James Rockhead
McCARTNEY Michael Loy Gardens
McCARTNEY Neal Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McCASKEY Robert Cloghog
McCASKEY William Gortalowry Gardens
McCAULEY Patrick Loy Gardens
McCLEESH John Cookstown
McCLELLAND David Loy Gardens
McCLELLAND David Malloon
McCLELLAND James Loy Gardens
McCLELLAND James Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McCLELLAND John Tullygare
McCLELLAND Sarah Loy Gardens
McCLERNAN Mick Gortalowry
McCLERNAN Mick Loy Gardens
McCLERNAN Mick Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McCLERNAN Patrick Cloghog
McCLUSKY Mary, Widow Cluntydoon
McCONNELL Robert Claggin
McCONNELL Robert Tubberlane
McCONOMY Andrew Tullycall
McCOOEY John Oghless [Aughlish]
McCOOK Alexander Gortalowry Gardens
McCOOK Daniel Loy
McCOOK Daniel Loy Gardens
McCOOK Eliza, Widow Cookstown Gardens
McCOOK Eliza, Widow Malloon
McCORD Grace Gortalowry Gardens
McCORD John Gortalowry Gardens
McCORD John Loy Gardens
McCORD John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McCORD Nancy Gortalowry Gardens
McCORD Nathaniel Teressan
McCORD William Teressan
McCORMICK David Ballyreagh
McCORMICK Hugh Ballyreagh
McCORMICK Jane (Spinster) Cookstown
McCORMICK Jane Cookstown Gardens
McCORMICK Jane (Spinster) Malloon
McCORMICK John (Agent) Cookstown Gardens
McCORMICK John (Agent) Killymam
McCORMICK John (Agent) Malloon
McCORMICK John, Sen. Cookstown Gardens
McCORMICK John, Sen. Malloon
McCORMICK John, W.M. Cookstown
McCORMICK Robert Tullycall
McCORMICK Thomas Ballyreagh
McCOY Daniel Cookstown Gardens
McCOY Daniel Munrush
McCRORY John Derryloran
McCRORY Patrick Kirktown
McCULLOGH Mick Tullycall
McDONNELL James Gortalowry Gardens
McDONNELL John Ballyloughan
McDOWELL Rev. Samuel Cookstown Gardens
McDOWELL Samuel (Carpenter) Cookstown Gardens
McELDERRY Cornelius Anahavil
McELDERRY Henry Anahavil
McELDERRY Jane Anahavil
McELDOON John Ballyloughan
McELDOON Neale Kirktown
McELDOON Patrick Cluntydoon
McELDOON Peter Cluntydoon
McELHATTON Peter Loy Gardens
McELHENNON Bernard Ballygrugan
McELHERNEY Bernard Kirktown
McELHERNEY Patrick Killybearn
McELHERNY Edward Drumgarrel
McELHERRON Patrick Moyvay [Moveagh]
McELROY John Clare
McELWAIN Hugh Oghless [Aughlish]
McFAULS William Ballygrugan
McGANNERTY James Killybearn
McGAUGHAN Bernard Gortalowry Gardens
McGAUGHAN Bryan Ballyloughan
McGAUGHAN Con. Killybearn
McGAUGHAN Peter Artcumber
McGAUGHAN Peter Ballyreagh
McGEAGH John Cookstown Gardens
McGEAGH John, Jun. Culreaghs
McGEAGH John, Sen. Culreaghs
McGEAGH Margaret Culreaghs
McGEAGH Mathew Culreaghs
McGEAGH Robert Munrush
McGEAGH Robert Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McGEE Terence Cloghog
McGIVERN Alexander Loughry
McGONE Rodger Ballygrugan
McGORRERY James Gortalowry Gardens
McGUCKIAN Daniel Killymam
McGUFFAN Hugh Culcrunagh
McGUFFAN Nancy, Widow Culcrunagh
McGURK Art. Ballinasullas
McGURK James Clare
McGURK John Tullycall
McGURK Mary, Widow Killymam
McKEARNAN Bernard Ballyloughan
McKEARNAN Peter Loy Gardens
McKEARNAN .....? Widow Ballyloughan
McKEE James Loy Gardens
McKEE John Gortalowry
McKEE John Loy Gardens
McKEE John Tullybuoy
McKEE Robert Tullybuoy
McKEEGHAN John Loy Gardens
McKEEVER Bernard Killycurragh
McKEEVER Charles Killycurragh
McKEEVER John Killybearn
McKEEVER Patrick Killybearn
McKEEVER William Killybearn
McKENZIE Alexander Drumcraw
McKENZIE Henry Cookstown
McKENZIE James Newbuildings
McKENZIE John Newbuildings
McKENZIE Robert Tamlaghmore
McKENZIE William Teressan
McKEOWN Eliza Loy Gardens
McKEOWN John Moyvay [Moveagh]
McKINNY John Gortalowry Gardens
McKINNY Samuel Tullycall
McKINNY Thomas Tullycall
McKITTRICK David Tullycall
McKITTRICK John Tullycall
McKITTRICK Margaret Tullycall
McKITTRICK Robert Tullycall
McKITTRICK William (of Gortreagross) Tullycall
McLAUGHLIN Bernard Gortalowry Gardens
McLAUGHLIN David Culnahavil
McLAUGHLIN David Gortalowry
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Gortalowry
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Gortalowry Gardens
McLAUGHLIN Robert Gortalowry Gardens
McLAUGHLIN Robert Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Gortalowry Gardens
McLAUGHLIN Thomas Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McMANAMY William Tubberlane
McMANAMY William Tullycall
McNAIL [McNEAL] Laughlin Loy Gardens
McNAIL [McNEAL] Laughlin Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McQUORT [McCOURT] Catherine, Widow Gortalowry
McQUORT [McCOURT] Catherine, Widow Gortalowry Gardens
McQUORT [McCOURT] Henry Gallanagh
McQUORT [McCOURT] Mary Rockhead
McQUORT [McCOURT] Mick Loughry
McQUORT [McCOURT] Patrick Kilkeighan
McQUORT [McCOURT] Peter Gortalowry
McQUORT [McCOURT] Peter Gortalowry Gardens
McQUORT [McCOURT] Peter Tullagh & Sullinbuy
McQUORT [McCOURT] William Rockhead
McWATERS John Oghless [Aughlish]
McWILLIAMS Arthur Loughry
McWILLIAMS Catherine, Widow Tullycall
MILLAR Rev. Thomas Loy
MILLER Alexander Ballyforlay
MILLER George Loy Gardens
MILLER James Anahavil
MILLER James Cookstown Gardens
MILLER Joseph Ballymenagh
MILLER Margaret Cookstown
MILLER Margaret, Widow Cookstown
MILLER Margaret, Widow Cookstown Gardens
MILLER Rev. Thomas Culnafranky
MILLER Rev. Thomas Loy Gardens
MILLER Samuel Claggin
MILLER Thomas Ballyloughan
MILLER William Ballyforlay
MILLER William Loy Gardens
MILLIGAN Patrick Culnahavil
MILLIKIN Robert Ballygrugan
MOFFETT Archibald Ballygrugan
MOFFETT George, Jun. Ballygrugan
MOFFETT George, Sen. Ballygrugan
MOFFETT Rachael, Widow Cookstown
MOFFETT Rachael, Widow Munrush
MOFFETT Robert Ballygrugan
MOFFETT Rachael Cookstown Gardens
MONTCREEF Isaac Gortregh
MOODEY James Drumard
MOONAGH Patrick Killybearn
MOONEY Bernard Moyvay [Moveagh]
MOONEY Charles Loy Gardens
MOONEY Charles Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MOONEY Daniel Gortalowry
MOONEY Daniel Loy Gardens
MOONEY Daniel Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MOONEY Felix Moyvay [Moveagh]
MOONEY Francis Moyvay [Moveagh]
MOONEY John Gortalowry
MOONEY John Gortalowry Gardens
MOONEY John Loy Gardens
MOONEY John Moyvay [Moveagh]
MOONEY John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MOONEY Mary Loy Gardens
MOONEY Mary Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MOONEY Michael Loy Gardens
MOONEY Mick Gortalowry
MOONEY Patrick Gortalowry
MOONEY Patrick Loy Gardens
MOONEY Patrick Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MOONEY William Moyvay [Moveagh]
MOORE John Gortalowry Gardens
MOORE Joseph & partners Craigs
MOORE Robert Gortalowry
MOORE Robert Gortalowry Gardens
MOORE William Loy Gardens
MOORE William Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MOORHEAD Fergus Drumard
MOORHEAD Grace, Widow Drumard
MOORHEAD Henry, Jun. Drumard
MOORHEAD Henry, Sen. Drumard
MOORHEAD James, Jun. Drumard
MOORHEAD James, Sen. Drumard
MOORHEAD John Drumard
MOORHEAD Thomas Drumard
MORGAN Owen Figarren
MORGAN Thomas Loy
MORGAN Thomas Loy Gardens
MORGAN Thomas Munrush
MORGAN Thomas Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MORRIS John Killybearn
MORRIS William Killybearn
MORTAN Robert Gortalowry
MORTAN Robert Gortalowry Gardens
MORTON George Drumard
MOURNE James Loy Gardens
MULDOON Arthur Craigs
MULDOON Bernard Cluntydoon
MULDOON Felix Craigs
MULDOON Patrick Cluntydoon
MULDOON Rev. Bernard Gortregh
MULDOON Terence Cluntydoon
MULGREW David Cookstown Gardens
MULGREW James Ballygrugan
MULGREW Patrick Ballygrugan
MULLAN Bernard Clare
MULLAN Daniel Killybearn
MULLAN Hugh Clare
MULLAN James Cloghog
MULLAN James Drumcraw
MULLAN John Clare
MULLAN John Drumcraw
MULLAN Patrick Gortalowry
MULLAN Rose Rockhead
MULLAN Thomas Cookstown Gardens
MULLEN Daniel Clare
MULLEN David Clare
MULLEN James Artcumber
MULLEN James Clare
MULLEN James Kirktown
MULLEN John Artcumber
MULLEN John Ballygrugan
MULLEN John Gortalowry Gardens
MULLEN Margaret, Widow Drummond
MULLEN Patrick Artcumber
MULLEN Stephen Kirktown
MULLEN Terence Rockhead
MULLOY John Loy Gardens
MULLOY John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
MULLOY Joseph Ballyloughan
MURPHY Archibald Drumgarrel
MURPHY Edward Tullygare
MURPHY John Gortalowry
MURPHY John Gortalowry Gardens
MURPHY Robert Tamlaghmore
MURPHY William Tamlaghmore
NABBS [NOBBS?] Thomas Craigs
NEALL Bernard Gortalowry Gardens
NEALL William Gortalowry Gardens
NEELE Alexander Oghless [Aughlish]
NEESON Daniel Cluntydoon
NEILL James Drumard
NEILL John Drumard
NEILL Robert Drumard
NEILL William Drumard
NEIPER George Gortalowry Gardens
NELSON Elizabeth, Widow Tullycall
NELSON John Culreaghs
NICKLE Owen Moyvay [Moveagh]
NIXON Henry Culnahavil
NIXON Henry Gortalowry
NIXON Henry Gortalowry Gardens
NIXON John Culnahavil
NIXON John Gortalowry Gardens
NIXON Joshua Teressan
NIXON Robert Gortalowry Gardens
O’FARRELL Henry (B.B.) Loy
O’FARRELL Henry (B.B.) Loy Gardens
O’FARRELL Henry Loy Gardens
O’NEALL Bernard Ballinasullas
O’NEALL Paul Ballinasullas
OLIVER Stephen Cookstown
OLIVER Stephen Cookstown Gardens
ORR John Loy Gardens
ORR Rev. G. Loy Gardens
OUGHTERSON Joseph Tullagh & Sullinbuy
OWENS Daniel Clare
OWENS Daniel Gortalowry Gardens
OWENS George Loy Gardens
PARK Alexander Derryloran
PARK Alexander, Jun. Oghless [Aughlish]
PARK Andrew Craigs
PARK James Cookstown Gardens
PARK James Munrush
PARK James, Jun. Tullycall
PARK James, Sen. Tullycall
PATRICK Hugh Malloon
PATRICK Robert Claggin
PATRICK Robert Culreaghs
PATTERSON Benjamin Tullagh & Sullinbuy
PATTERSON John B. Loy Gardens
PATTESON Benjamin Gortalowry
PATTESON Benjamin Loy Gardens
PATTESON Edward Loy Gardens
PATTESON Mary, Widow Loy
PATTESON Mary, Widow Loy Gardens
PATTESON Mathew Cookstown Gardens
PATTESON Mathew Killymam
PATTESON Mathew Malloon
PATTESON Peter Gortalowry
PATTESON William Cookstown
PATTESON William Cookstown Gardens
PORTER Elizabeth, Widow (for Robert Porter) Killybearn
PORTER Elizabeth, Widow Killybearn
PORTER John Gortalowry
PORTER John Gortalowry Gardens
POTTER Peter Cookstown
POTTER Peter Cookstown Gardens
POTTER Peter Malloon
POTTER Samuel L., M.D. Culnafranky
POTTER Samuel L., M.D. Gortalowry
POTTER Samuel L., M.D. Loy Gardens
PURVIS Henry Cloghog
PURVIS Henry Loy Gardens
PURVIS Oliver Cloghog
PURVIS Robert Killybearn
PURVIS Samuel Cloghog
PURVIS Thomas Tamlaghmore
QUIN Catherine, Widow Cluntydoon
QUIN Charles Ballymenagh
QUIN Charles Cluntydoon
QUIN Edward Clare
QUIN John Ballymenagh
QUIN John Gallanagh
QUIN John Rockhead
QUIN Margaret, Widow Ballygrugan
QUIN Mathew Cookstown Gardens
QUIN Mathew Gortalowry Gardens
QUIN Michael Figarren
QUIN Owen Cluntydoon
QUIN Owen Killycurragh
QUIN Robert Ballymenagh
QUIN Robert Clare
QUIN Thomas Cluntydoon
RAMSEY John Gortalowry Gardens
RANKIN Nathaniel Killymam
RANKIN Patrick Malloon
RANKIN Robert Cookstown Gardens
RANKIN Robert Tullagh & Sullinbuy
RANKIN Thomas Tullycall
RAY David Loy Gardens
RAY John Clare
REED Daniel Drumard
REED James Derrycrummy
REED James Tamlaghmore
REED John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
REED Patrick Cranfield
REED Thomas Derrycrummy
REED William, Jun. Ballyloughan
REED William, Sen. Ballyloughan
REYNOLDS Robert Cloghog
RICHARDSON Jane, Widow Drumard
ROBINSON Robert Ballysudden
ROBISON James Killymam
ROBISON Joseph Gortalowry Gardens
RODGERS Alexander Clare
RODGERS Alexander Cookstown Gardens
RODGERS Alexander Culreaghs
RODGERS Alexander Killymam
RODGERS Alexander Loy
RODGERS Alexander Malloon
RODGERS Alexander Munrush
RODGERS George Cookstown
RODGERS George Cookstown Gardens
RODGERS George Malloon
RODGERS George Newbuildings
ROONEY Daniel Killybearn
ROONEY Felix Killybearn
ROONEY John Killybearn
ROONEY John Killymam
ROONEY Michael Killybearn
ROONEY Peter Killybearn
RUTHERFORD George Gortalowry Gardens
RUTHERFORD John Loy Gardens
RUTHERFORD John Tullagh & Sullinbuy
RUTHERFORD Margaret, Widow Claggin
RUTHERFORD Mary, Widow Cookstown Gardens
RUTHERFORD Mary, Widow Munrush
RUTHERFORD Robert Gortalowry Gardens
RUTHERFORD William Cookstown Gardens
RUTHERFORD William Malloon
RUTHERFORD William Moyvay [Moveagh]
RUTHERFORD William Munrush
SAMPSON George Ballyloughan
SAMPSON James Ballyloughan
SAMPSON Ralph Teressan
SAMPSON Thomas Ballyloughan
SANDERSON Andrew Culcrunagh
SANDERSON Andrew Culnahavil
SCOTT James Anahavil
SCULLION James Ballyloughan
SCULLION Nicholas Ballyloughan
SELLERS William Culnafranky
SELLERS William Loy Gardens
SHAW James Teressan
SHAW William Newbuildings
SHERLOW Alexander Tamlaghmore
SHERLOW John Cranfield
SHUTER [SOUTER?] David Oghless [Aughlish]
SHUTER [SOUTER?] James Malloon
SIMPSON John Cloghog
SIMPSON William Killycurragh
SINCLAIR Robert Tullycall
SINCLAIR William Culcrunagh
SMYTH Andrew Derryloran
SMYTH Joseph Cookstown
SMYTH Joseph Cookstown Gardens
SMYTH Joseph Munrush
SMYTH Robert Ballyforlay
SMYTH William Gortalowry Gardens
STAFFORD Mrs Rebecca, Widow Gortalowry Gardens
STANTON Thomas Ballyforlay
STAPLES Rev. J.M. Dunman
STAUNTON James Culreaghs
STAUNTON James Tullybuoy
STAUNTON John Tullybuoy
STAUNTON Thomas Tullybuoy
STEENSON Robert Gortalowry Gardens
STERRAT Archibald Loy Gardens
STEWART Alexander Killycurragh
STEWART Alexander Tubberlane
STEWART Isabella, Widow Tubberlane
STEWART James (King) Tubberlane
STEWART James (of Drumearn) Tubberlane
STEWART James Ballygrugan
STEWART James Derryloran
STEWART James Tubberlane
STEWART John Ballygrugan
STEWART John Clare
STEWART John Cranfield
STEWART John Killycurragh
STEWART Patrick Malloon
STEWART Rev. Robert Killycurragh
STEWART Ruth Tubberlane
STEWART William, Esq. (for Moffett) Loy Gardens
STEWART William, Esq. Cloghog
STEWART William, Esq. Culnahavil
STEWART William, Esq. Doorless
STEWART William, Esq. Gortalowry
STEWART William, Esq. Killymoon
STEWART William, Esq. Kirktown
STEWART William, Esq. Loy Gardens
STIEGLITZ Charlotte, Widow Gortalowry
STIEGLITZ Widow Gortalowry Gardens
SUMMERVILLE Eleanor Gortalowry Gardens
TAYLOR George Tullygare
TAYLOR James Tullygare
TAYLOR John Cookstown
TAYLOR John Cookstown Gardens
TAYLOR Samuel Cookstown Gardens
TAYLOR Samuel Munrush
TEGGART James Gortalowry Gardens
TEGGART John Gortregh
TEGGERT Alexander Oghless [Aughlish]
THOMPSON Catherine Gortalowry Gardens
TIMONEY John Gortalowry Gardens
TIMONY Arthur Ballyloughan
TODD William Loy Gardens
TRAINER Mary Ballygrugan
TRIMBLE John Loy Gardens
TRIMBLE Mathew Cookstown
TRIMBLE Mathew Loy Gardens
TURKENTINE [TURKINGTON] Samuel Moyvay [Moveagh]
TURNER George Loy Gardens
VALLELY Patrick Drumard
VANCE John Gortalowry
VANCE John Gortalowry Gardens
VANCE John Loy Gardens
VANDALL James Cookstown Gardens
VANDALL John Cookstown Gardens
VINCENT Catherine, Widow Killybearn
VINCENT James Culcrunagh
VINCENT John Cloghog
VINCENT John Cranfield
VINCENT Patrick Cloghog
VINCENT Patrick Killybearn
WARD Rodger Loy Gardens
WARD Rodger Tullagh & Sullinbuy
WATERS James Malloon
WEB James Killybearn
WEBSTER William Gortalowry Gardens
WEIR John Ballysudden
WEIR John Gortalowry
WEIR John Gortalowry Gardens
WEIR Levina, Widow Ballysudden
WEIR Levina, Widow Gallanagh
WEIR Silas E. Cookstown
WEIR Silas E. Loy Gardens
WEIR Silas E. Munrush
WEIR Thomas Moyvay [Moveagh]
WHAN Jane, Widow Tullycall
WHAN John Tullycall
WHAN William (Poor) Tullycall
WHAN William (Rich) Tullycall
WHITE Sarah, Widow Anahavil
WILEY Isaac Moyvay [Moveagh]
WILEY John Tullycall
WILEY Kennedy Tullycall
WILKISON William Moyvay [Moveagh]
WILLIAMS Charles Gortalowry
WILLIAMS Charles Gortalowry Gardens
WILSON Andrew Cookstown Gardens
WILSON Eliza Loy Gardens
WILSON Hugh Cookstown Gardens
WILSON Hugh Malloon
WILSON Hugh Tullagh & Sullinbuy
WILSON John Culreaghs
WILSON Joseph Cookstown Gardens
WILSON Thomas Cookstown
WINTERS Abraham Oghless [Aughlish]
WOODS Eliza, Widow Tubberlane
WOODS John Tubberlane
Worshipful Drapers Company   Ballymenagh
WRIGHT Domnick Tullycall
WRIGHT Robert Ballymenagh
WRIGHT Samuel Ballyloughan
WRIGHT Samuel, Esq. Loy
WRIGHT Samuel, Esq. Loy Gardens
YOUNG James Culnafranky
YOUNG James Malloon
YOUNG James Munrush
YOUNG John (S.R.N.) Munrush
YOUNG John (S.R.N.) Newbuildings
YOUNG John (Surgeon) Ballymenagh
YOUNG John (Surgeon) Cookstown Gardens
YOURK Alexander, Sen. Oghless [Aughlish]