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Clogher Parish Tithe Applotment Book 1829

PRONI Ref: FIN 5A/73
FHL Film #258450
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Commencing on the first day of November 1829



Townlands and subdenominations (as spelt), were compiled by Manor within the Tithe Applotment Book; Clogher parish is divided into six Manors:







The Ordnance Survey Memoirs compiled for Clogher parish 1833-5 reveal that eight townlands within the manor of Clogher were tithe-free for 21 years from November 1, 1829; Lisbuie, Findermore, 2 Nurchosys, Aughnaglough, Tulnavert, Fardross, Glenoo, [all] abbey lands.

AGHENLARK Mountstewart AGHENTAIN Mountstewart
ANNAGH Augher ANNAGH Blessingburn
BELTANY Clogher BLACKLANDS Blessingburn
BOLIES Mountstewart BRANTER Augher
CALDRUM Augher CAR Augher
CARNAGAT Mountstewart CARNAHINNY Clogher
CORBOE Cope CORCREVEY Blessingburn
GORTMORE Blessingburn GRANGE (or ASHFIELD) Clogher
GURLAW Mountstewart KILCLAY Augher
LISGORRAN Augher LISLANE Mountstewart
LONGRIDGE Cecil LOSETT Mountstewart
LUNGS Mountstewart LURGANGLAR Cope
MALLABENEY Mountstewart MELTIGY Clogher
NEWRY Clogher PROLISQUE Mountstewart
RANENLY Blessingburn REHORIN Mountstewart
RETORY Clogher ROSEMEALAN Mountstewart
ROY Cecil SCIENTIAN Mountstewart
SCREEBY Mountstewart SESS MOUTRAY Mountstewart
SHANTANAGH Mountstewart SKELGAGH Mountstewart
TOWNAGH Mountstewart TULLY Augher


ADAMS Robert Drumhirk
ADAMS Samuel Mullaghmore
AIKIN James Shanco
AIKIN James Shanco (Bog)
AIKIN James Shanco (portion of Mountain)
AKIN John Corcrevey
ALEXANDER George Ballyvadden
ALEXANDER George Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
ALEXANDER John Rehorin
ALEXANDER Joseph Fivemiletown Tenements (Nursery field)
ALEXANDER Joseph Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
ALEXANDER Robt. Cornamucklagh
ALEXANDER William Fivemiletown Tenements
ALLEN Alexr. Tychany
ALLEN Joseph Tychany
ALLEN Thomas Tychany
AMOS Walter Longridge
AMOS William Eskermore
ANDERSON Alexander Ballyness
ANDERSON Edwd. Ballyness
ANDERSON Edwd. Losett
ANDERSON George Aghendara
ANDERSON James Irish Street, Augher
ANDERSON James Murley Sess
ANDERSON Jno. Town of Augher
ANDERSON Samuel Ballyness
ANDERSON William Aghendara
ARMSTRONG Francis Ballagh
ARMSTRONG George Annaloghan
ARMSTRONG James Beltany
ARMSTRONG James Eskermore
ARMSTRONG Jas. Fivemiletown Tenements
ARMSTRONG John Tatnadavney
ARMSTRONG John Town of Augher
ARMSTRONG Lendrum Blacklands
ARMSTRONG Lendrum Gortmore
ARMSTRONG Mary Gortmore
ARMSTRONG Robert Glenageragh
ARMSTRONG Thomas Corboe
ARMSTRONG William Corcrevey
ARMSTRONG William Slatmore
ARMSTRONG Wm. Fivemiletown Tenements
ARTHUR Alexander Annaloghan
ARTHURS Alexander Mullans
ARTHURS Joseph Mullans
ARTHURS Robert Altnacarney
ARTHURS Robert Mullans
ARTHURS William Mullans
BAILEY Adam Shanco
BAILEY Adam Shanco (Bog)
BAILEY Adam Shanco (portion of Mountain)
BAILEY Benjamin Town of Clogher
BAILEY David Cross Owen
BAILEY Geo. Town of Augher
BAILEY John Augher Bog
BAILEY John Irish Street, Augher
BAILEY Joseph Shanco
BAILEY Joseph Shanco (portion of Mountain)
BAILEY Thomas Shanco
BAILEY Thomas Shanco (Bog)
BAILEY Thomas Shanco (portion of Mountain)
BAIRD George Mullaghmore
BAIRD James Kilclay
BANNON James Killygordon
BANNON Michael Killygordon
BARBER James Ballyness
BARLOW Peter Lislane
BARNET Thomas Ballagh
BARNETT Benjamin Fogart
BARNETT Charles Mallabeney
BARNETT James Fogart
BARNETT James Killeany
BARNETT Robert Fogart
BARR Anne Fogart
BARR Archibald Corkhill
BARR George Corkhill
BARR James Eskeragh
BARTON James Clarmore
BATES Archibald Cole
BAXTER Arthur Ranenly
BAXTER Hugh Aghendara
BAXTER Jas. Fivemiletown Tenements
BAXTER Lucy Screeby
BAXTER William Ballygreenan
BAXTER Wm. Kilnahushog
BAXTER Wm. Tullybroom
BEATTY Edward Tullyvernan
BEATTY James Eskeragh
BEATTY Martin Annagh
BEATTY Martin Fivemiletown Tenements
BEATTY Martin & tenants Fivemiletown Tenements
BEATTY Richard Corcrevey
BEATTY Richard Fivemiletown Tenements
BEGLEY Thos. Ballyvadden
BELL James Augher Bog
BELL James Irish Street, Augher
BELL Joseph Tullyvernan
BELL Thomas Augher Tenement Fields
BELL Thos. Town of Augher
BELL William Corick
BELL William Cross Owen
BEST Henry Irish Street, Augher
BEST William Augher Bog
BEST William Augher Tenement Fields
BEST William Irish Street, Augher
BEST William Town of Augher
BIRNEY George Rehorin
BIRNEY George & tenants Ballyvadden
BIRNEY George & tenants Fivemiletown Tenements
BIRNEY James Gortmore
BIRNEY Jane Ballyvadden
BIRNEY Jane & tenants Fivemiletown Tenements
BIRNEY Joseph Ballymagowan
BIRNEY Joseph Lisnamoghery (Bog)
BIRNEY Joseph, Esq. Town of Clogher
BIRNEY Joseph, Esq. Town of Clogher (Harry Bright’s Hill)
BIRNEY Joseph, Esqre. Mullaghmore (turf bog)
BIRNEY Matthew B. Annagh
BIRNEY Matthew B. Fivemiletown Tenements (tenements & park)
BIRNEY Matthew B. Gortmore
BIRNEY Rev. Thomas Town of Clogher
BLACKBURN Thomas Fogart
BLAIR James Rehorin
BLAIR John Rehorin
BLAIR Oliver Rehorin
BLAKELY James, Senr. Edergole or Murly Blakely
BLAKELY James, Junr. Edergole or Murly Blakely
BLAKELY John Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
BLAKELY John, Senr. Edergole or Murly Blakely
BLAKELY Matthew, Senr. Edergole or Murly Blakely
BLAKELY William Edergole or Murly Blakely
BLYTHE Christian Eskermore
BLYTHE William Tamlaght
BOGUE Bernard Fivemiletown Tenements (garden)
BOGUE Bryan Murley Sess
BOGUE Hugh Fivemiletown Tenements (garden)
BOGUE Owen Ballimacan
BOGUE Owen Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
BOGUE William Carrickavoy
BOURKE Oliver, Esqr. Blacklands
BOURKE Oliver, Esqr. Fivemiletown Tenements (fields)
BOURKE Oliver, Esqr. Fivemiletown Tenements(tenement)
BOURKE Oliver, Esqre. Rehorin
BOUY James Mullaghmore
BOYLAN James Kilnahushog
BOYLE Anne Tamlaght
BOYLE James Augher Tenement Fields
BOYLE James Sessagh
BOYLE John Sessagh
BOYLE Patrick Cloneblagh
BOYLE Patrick Cloneblagh (Macan’s farm)
BOYLE Patrick Dunbigin
BOYLE Sarah Tamlaght
BRATTEN William Knockmany
BRATTIN Nicholas Fivemiletown Tenements
BRATTON Matthew Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
BREADON Arthur Lislane
BREADON Doctor Joseph Blacklands
BREADON Joseph Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
BREADON Thomas Corcrevey
BREADON William Lungs
BREADON Wm. Annaganey & Divinagh
BREDAN Dr. Joseph Ballyvadden
BREDAN Wm. Ballyvadden
BREEN Bernard Fivemiletown Tenements (garden)
BREEN James Frughmore
BREEN James Town of Clogher
BREEN John Frughmore
BREEN Robert Drumhirk
BRENNAN Joseph Sessagh
BROOMFIELD David Slatmore
BROOMFIELD James Rosemealan
BROWN James Town of Augher
BROWN John Town of Augher
BROWN John H. Edergole or Murly Blakely (Mountain)
BROWN John H., Esqr Murley Sess (Bog)
BROWN John H., Esqr. Aghengowley (Tenants’ reserved Bog)
BROWN John H., Esqr. Aghenlark (Bog)
BROWN John H., Esqre. Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins) (Mountain)
BROWN John Henry, Esqr. Cole
BROWN Matthew Town of Augher
BROWNLEE Arthr. Irish Street, Augher
BRYANS Henry Lisnarable
BUCHANNAN David Clarmore
BUCHANNAN James Clarmore
BUCHANNAN John Clarmore
BUCHANNAN John Cloneblagh
BUCKLEY .....[?] Ballymagowan
BUNBURY Captain Altnaveagh
BUNBURY Captain Tully (Bog)
BUNBURY Captn. Augher Tenement Fields: fields held by sundry tenants next Cecil Estate
BUNBURY Captn. Town of Augher (in McDowell’s ten.)
BUNBURY James M. R. Car
BUNBURY James M. R., Esqre. Castle Hill Demesne
BUNBURY Sir James M. R. Roy
BUNBURY Sir James Mervyn Richardson, Bart Sessagh (Bog)
BURKE Revd. Henry A. (Glebe) Dunbigin
BURNSIDE James Ballyvadden
BURNSIDE Matthew Jas. Fivemiletown Tenements
BURNSIDE Matthew Jas., Esqr. Corcrevey
BURNSIDE Matthew Jas., Esqr. Corcrevey (Bog)
BURTON Edwd. Annaloghan
BURTON Thomas Glenageragh
CAFFART Edward Town of Augher
CAFFART Edwd. Annaganey & Divinagh
CAFFART Edwd. Car (Bog)
CAFFART Thomas Town of Augher
CAIRNES Alexander Frughmore
CAIRNES George Balnagoragh
CAIRNES George Carntall
CAIRNES James Dromore
CAIRNES James Kilnahushog
CAIRNES James Mallabeney
CAIRNES Jane (Carntall) Corboe
CAIRNES Mrs Catherine Kilnahushog (Bog)
CALDWELL John Augher Tenement Fields
CALDWELL John Ballyness
CALDWELL John Ballyness
CALDWELL John Irish Street, Augher
CALDWELL John Town of Augher
CALLEN Patrick Town of Augher
CALLIN Bernard Lislane
CALLIN Hugh Skelgagh
CAMPBELL George Eskermore
CAMPBELL James Killygordon
CAMPBELL James Lurganaglar
CAMPBELL John Mullaghlinny
CAMPBELL John Mullaghmore
CAMPBELL John (pensioner) Springtown
CAMPBELL Michael Kilclay
CAMPBELL Miles Lurganaglar
CAMPBELL Peter Mullaghmore
CAMPBELL Robt., Senr. Ballygreenan
CAMPBLE Colon Augher Bog
CAMPBLE Colon Town of Augher
CAMPBLE John Springtown
CAMPBLE Patrick Lurganaglar
CAMPBLE Patrick Mount Stewart
CAMPBLE Robert, Junr. Ballygreenan
CAMPBLE Thomas Ballygreenan
CAMPBLE Wm. Springtown
CANNON Neal Cornamucklagh
CAR John Sessagh
CARR John Augher Bog
CARROLL Francis Kilclay
CARSON John Cormore
CARSON John Lislee
CARSON John Tatnadavney
CARSON Joseph Cormore
CARSON Robt. Lislee
CARSON Samuel Annaloghan
CARSON Samuel Tychany
CARSON William Lislee
CASEY Bernard & partners Balnagoragh
CASSIDY Jane Mullaghmore
CASSIDY Patrick Annaloghan
CASSIDY Thomas Kilclay
CASSIDY Thomas Mullaghmore
CAVANAGH Thomas Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
CLARKE James Fogart
CLARKE John Fogart
CLARKE Luke Town of Augher
CLARKE Matthew Rosemealan
CLARKE Matthew Rosemealan (bog)
CLARKE Revd. Andrew S. Farnetra
CLARKE Revd. Andrew S. Town of Clogher
CLARKE Robt. Annaganey & Divinagh
CLEMENTS James Fernandrum
CLEMENTS Joseph Fernandrum
CLEMENTS Susan Fernandrum
CLINGAN Geo. Tullybroom
CLINGAN James Eskeragh
CLINGAN James Town of Augher
CLINGAN Jas. Augher Bog
CLINGAN Joseph Eskeragh
CLINGAN William Tullybroom
CLINGAN William Tullyvernan
CLOGHER Bishop of Mullaghlinny
COCHRANE William Aghendara
COLGAN Hugh Gortmore
COLGAN James Ballyvadden (garden)
CONLAN John Lisbane
CONLAN Neil Tychany
CONLAN Owen Eskernabrogue
CONLY Owen Killygordon
CONNOLLY Charles Cavan
CONNOLLY Francis Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
CONNOLLY James, Junr. Aghindarragh
CONNOLLY James, Senr. Aghindarragh
CONNOLLY Michael Springtown
CONNOLLY Owen Aghindarragh
CONNOLLY Owen Carnagart
CONNOLLY Owen (Cornacrudda) Carnagart
CONNOLLY Patrick Cavan
CONNOLLY Thomas Lisgorran
CONNOR James Mount Stewart
COOK Andrew Annaloghan
COOK Andw. Ballaghneed
COOK Letitia Ballaghneed
COOK Robert Annaloghan
COOK Samuel Annaloghan
COOK William Annaloghan
COOKE James Clarmore
COOTE Robert Mullans
CORIGAN John Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
CORIGAN Michael Lisnamoghery
CORIGAN Michael Lisnamoghery (Bog)
CORIGAN Owen Town of Clogher
CORIGAN Patrick Gurlaw
CORIGAN Patrick, Junr. Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
CORIGAN Patrick, Senr. Ballyscally
CORIGAN Peter Ballyscally(Inland & Mountain)
CORIGAN Thomas Lisnamoghery
CORIGAN Thomas Lisnamoghery (Bog)
CORIGAN Thomas, Junr. Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
CORIGAN Thomas, Senr. Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
CORRIGAN Michael Ballimacan
COSGROVE James Cloneblagh
COTTER James Fernandrum
COULTER James Ballyvadden
COULTER James Fivemiletown Tenements
COULTER John Annagh
COULTER John Ballyvadden
COULTER John Fivemiletown Tenements
COYLE Charles Car
COYLE Charles Car (Bog)
COYLE Fras. Town of Augher
COYLE George Ballyvadden
CRAWFORD Andrew Tatnadavney
CRAWFORD Edwd. Tatnadavney
CRAWFORD John Tatnadavney
CRAWFORD Thomas Rehorin
CREERY Catherine Scientian
CROOKS Miss Town of Clogher
CROOKS Miss Town of Clogher (Fields)
CROOKS Miss Martha Lisnamoghery
CROZIER Alexander Aghenlark
CROZIER Andw. Ballyvadden
CROZIER Wm. Murley Sess
CRUMLEY Hugh Bolies
CRUMLEY Patrick Lislane
CULINAN James Ballaghneed
CULLA Patrick Retory
CULLAN James Tychany
CULLEN Bernard Tullycorker
CULLEN James Tullycorker
CULLEN Michael Tullycorker
CULLEN Patrick Tullycorker
CULLINAN Bridget Altanarvey
CULLINAN Henry Skelgagh
CULLINAN Neal Kilnahushog
CULLINAN Owen Kilnahushog
CULLINAN Patrick Kilnahushog
CULLINAN Peter Kilnahushog
CULLINAN Peter Tatnadavney
CULLINAN Rose Kilnahushog
CULLINAN William Kilnahushog
CUMBERLAND Anne Slatmore
CUMBERLAND James Mullaghlinny
CUMBERLAND John Slatmore
CUNNINGHAM David Fernandrum
CUNNINGHAM Jas. Fernandrum
CUNNINGHAM Michael Town of Augher
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Knocknacarney
CURLISS (now Wm. Richardson) Farnetra
CURLISS James Ballymagowan
CURLISS Oliver Farnetra
CURLISS Oliver Town of Clogher
CURLISS Oliver Town of Clogher (Bridge Field)
CURLISS Oliver, Junr. Ballymagowan
CURLISS Oliver, Senr. Ballymagowan
CURLISS St. George Frughmore
CURLISS Widow Mary Town of Clogher
CURRAN James Altnaveagh
CURRANS George Altnaveagh
CURRANS James Altnaveagh
CURRANS John Taveneymore
CURRANS Joseph Altnaveagh
CURRANS Robert Altnaveagh
CURREN John Annagh
CURRY George Mullaghmore
CURRY Robt. Ballyvadden
CURRY Wm. Ballyvadden
DALE Alexander Augher Tenement Fields
DALE Alexander Town of Augher
DALE Alexander Tully
DALE Alexr. Sessagh
DALE George Augher Bog
DALE George Irish Street, Augher
DALE James Augher Bog
DALE James Augher Tenement Fields
DALE James Irish Street, Augher
DALE James Town of Augher
DALEY Bernard Tychany
DALEY Bridget Tychany
DALEY Michael Tychany
DATTON [DUTTON?] John Frughmore
DAVIDSON James Tully
DAVIDSON Joseph Tulnafoil
DAVIDSON Thomas Cloneblagh
DAVIDSON William Eskernabrogue
DAVIS James Town of Augher
DAWSON Alexander Slatbeg
DAWSON Gilbert Slatbeg
DAWSON Gilbert Slatbeg (Mountain in common)
DEALEY Bernard Ballymagowan
DEALEY Francis Retory
DEALEY Francis Retory (Boggy)
DEALEY Hugh Dunbigin
DEALEY Hugh Town of Augher
DEALEY James Annaloghan
DEALEY Jane Ballygreenan
DEALEY Owen Ballymagowan
DEALEY Patrick Ballygreenan
DEAN Andrew Tully
DEERY Jas. Lurganaglar
DENNIS Francis, Junr. Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
DENNIS Francis, Senr. Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
DENNIS Henry Killygordon
DENNIS James Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
DENNIS John Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
DENNIS Thomas Cole
DEVLIN Catherine Altnacarney
DEVLIN Hugh Cormore
DEVLIN James Tychany
DEVLIN Patrick Tychany
DEVLIN Terence Tychany
DICKEY .....[?] Town of Clogher
DICKEY John Slatmore
DICKEY John Terrew
DICKEY William Town of Clogher
DICKEY William, Junr. Terrew
DICKEY William, Senr. Terrew (in John Dickey’s farm)
DICKEY William, Senr. Terrew
DILLON Michl. Tychany
DIVINE Anne Corkhill
DOGHERTY Catherine Cormore
DOGHERTY Dennis Cormore
DOGHERTY Edwd. Lislane
DOGHERTY Felix Fernandrum
DOGHERTY James Cormore
DOGHERTY John Shanco
DOGHERTY John, Junr. Cormore
DOGHERTY John, Senr. Cormore
DOGHERTY Michl. Cormore
DOGHERTY Peter Clarmore
DOGHERTY Peter Cloneblagh
DOGHERTY Rose Cormore
DOGHERTY Thos. Fivemiletown Tenements
DOGHERTY William Kilnaheery
DONAGHEY John Annaganey & Divinagh
DONAGHEY Patrick Mallabeney
DONAGHEY Patrick Mullans
DONAGHEY William Aughnish [Part of Clogher Tenements]
DONAGHEY William Kilnahushog
DONAGHEY William Town of Clogher
DONAGHEY Wm. Kilnahushog
DONAGHY Patrick Tamlaght
DONALDSON Christy Dromore
DONALDSON John Dromore
DONALDSON John Lisnamoghery
DONALDSON Mattw. Ballaghneed
DONNALLY Edwd. Car (Bog)
DONNALLY James Branter
DONNALLY John Slatbeg
DONNALLY Patrick Branter
DONNELLY Bernard Beltany
DONNELLY David Dunbigin
DONNELLY David Lisnarable
DONNELLY Edwd. Letbeg
DONNELLY Edwd. Taveneymore
DONNELLY Edwd. Taveneymore (Bog)
DONNELLY Eleanor Derrynascombe
DONNELLY Felimy Kilnaheery
DONNELLY James Kilnahushog
DONNELLY James Mullaghlinny
DONNELLY James Tullybroom
DONNELLY James, Junr. Derrynascombe
DONNELLY Jas. Derrynascombe
DONNELLY John Corboe
DONNELLY John Dunbigin
DONNELLY John Kilnahushog
DONNELLY Margaret Derrynascombe
DONNELLY Mary, Junr. Altnaveagh
DONNELLY Mary, Senr. Altnaveagh
DONNELLY Michael Corboe
DONNELLY Michael Kilnahushog
DONNELLY Michael Tullybroom
DONNELLY Micl. Letbeg
DONNELLY Neil Derrynascombe (Bog)
DONNELLY Neill Springtown
DONNELLY Owen Derrynascombe
DONNELLY Owen Letbeg
DONNELLY Pady Killifaddy
DONNELLY Patk. (bailiff) Springtown
DONNELLY Patk. (Lawyer) Springtown
DONNELLY Patrick Clarmore
DONNELLY Patrick Cloneblagh
DONNELLY Patrick Corboe
DONNELLY Patrick Derrynascombe
DONNELLY Patrick Mullaghmore
DONNELLY Patrick Mullans
DONNELLY Patrick Tullybroom
DONNELLY Peter Derrynascombe
DONNELLY Terence Clarmore
DONNELLY Terence Mullaghlinny
DONNELY Neil Derrynascombe
DOORIS Francis Ballyscally
DOUGAN Daniel Lisnamoghery
DOUGAN Daniel Lisnamoghery (Bog)
DOUGAN John Bolies
DOUGAN Patrick, Junr. Glenageragh
DOUGHERTY Michael Tullycorker
DOUGHERTY William Murley Sess
DOWNEY James Corboe
DOYLE Felix Fernandrum
DOYLE James Fernandrum
DOYLE John Tamlaght
DOYLE Pat. Fernandrum
DRUGAN John Corick
DRUGAN Mark Town of Augher
DRUGAN Peter Murley Sess
DRUMMOND Thomas Frughmore
DUNBAR James Fernandrum
DUNKIN Jane Cole
DUNLOP Daniel Kilnaheery
DUNLOP James Tullybroom
DUNLOP Samuel Fernandrum
DURNION Elizabeth Ballymagowan
DURNION James Ballymagowan
DUROSS Charles Fivemiletown Tenements (garden & park)
DUROSS Charles Fivemiletown Tenements (park)
DUROSS Donaghey Lislane
DUROSS Edward Mallabeney
DUROSS Henry Mullans
DUROSS James Cole
DUROSS James Killygordon
DUROSS James Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins) (off Elliot)
DUROSS John Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
DUROSS John Fivemiletown Tenements (fields)
DUROSS John Fivemiletown Tenements (garden & park)
DUROSS Michael Cole
DUROSS Neill Killygordon
DUROSS Neill Killygordon (Green Mountain)
DUROSS Neill Killygordon (Inside Mountain)
DUROSS Neill Killygordon (Out Mountain)
DUROSS Patrick Derrynascombe
DUROSS Patrick Killygordon (Mountain)
DUROSS Terence Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
DUROSS William Derrynascombe
DUROSS Wm. Derrynascombe (Bog)
EAGLESON James Tychany
EARLEY Charles Mullaghlinny
EARLY Thomas Irish Street, Augher
EASON Richard Mullaghlinny
EASON Richard Town of Clogher
EDWARDS Hugh Gore, Esq. Corkhill
EDWARDS Hugh Gore, Esqr. Eskeragh (Bog)
EDWARDS Hugh Gore, Esqr. Eskeragh (Meadow)
EDWARDS Hugh Gore, Esqr. Eskeragh (Plantations)
ELLIOT James Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
ELLIOT Robt. Corcrevey
ELLIOTT William Tatnadavney
ELLIOTT William, Junr. Corboe
ELLIOTT William, Junr. Corboe (grazing farm)
ELLIOTT William, Senr. Corboe
ELLISON MACARTNEY J.W. Demesne of the Lord Bishop of Clogher
EWING John Dunbigin
FALLACE William Corcrevey
FALLS David Augher Bog
FARIS Matthew Murley Sess
FARRELL Edwd. Altnaveagh
FARRELL Patrick Caldrum
FARRELL Widow Town of Clogher
FAULKENER Alexander Corick
FEE Matthew Fivemiletown Tenements
FERGUSON William Lislane
FLAGHERTY James Eskermore
FLAGHERTY Thomas Augher Tenement Fields
FLAGHERTY Thomas Town of Augher
FLANAGAN John Annaloghan
FLANAGAN Margaret Dromore
FLANAGAN Patrick Glenageragh
FLANAGAN Peter Lisnarable
FLANIGAN John Eskermore
FLANIGAN Phelamy Ballimacan
FLEMING John Dromore
FLEMING John Fogart
FLEMING John Mullans
FLEMING Matthew Fogart
FLEMING Matthew Mullans
FLEMING Robert Dromore
FLOOD James Derrydrummond
FOSTER Andrew Aghengowley
FOSTER Arthur Cole
FOSTER Christopher Rehorin
FOSTER Edwd. Aghengowley
FOSTER Joseph Knocknacarney
FOSTER Joseph Slatmore
FOSTER Robt. Aghengowley
FREEBURN John Mullaghlinny
FREEBURN William Cross Owen
FULTON James Frughmore
FULTON William Balnagoragh
GALLAGHER Elinor Town of Clogher
GALLAGHER James Ballimacan
GALLAGHER James Screeby
GALWAY George Tully
GALWAY Wm. Town of Augher
GAMBLE John, Junr. Newry
GAMBLE John, Senr. Newry
GAMBLE Joseph Lislane
GAMBLE Robert (Newry) Lislane
GARLAND Robert Eskernabrogue
GARTLAND Hugh Belnaclogh
GARTLAND John Fivemiletown Tenements (garden)
GARTLAND Pat. Augher Bog
GARTLAND Patrick Augher Tenement Fields
GARTLAND Patrick Town of Augher
GATT [GOTT] Robt. Balnagoragh
GAVAN Bryan Tullycorker
GAVAN Patrick Mallabeney
GAY John Car
GAY John Car (Bog)
GEAREY John Edergole or Murly Blakely
GEAREY Patrick Cole
GEAREY Patrick Edergole or Murly Blakely
GERVAIS James Skelgagh
GERVAIS Rev. Francis Annaganey & Divinagh (Bog)
GERVAIS Rev. Francis Drumhirk
GERVAIS Rev. Francis Letbeg
GERVAIS Rev. Francis Tullycorker (Meadow)
GERVAIS Rev. Francis Tullycorker (off Hunter’s farm)
GERVAIS Rev. Francis Tullycorker (Plantation)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Bank( Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Belnaclogh (Meadow)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Beltany (Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Beltany (Curragh Meadow)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Cecil Demesne
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Clarmore (Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Clarmore (Plantations)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Cloneblagh (Green Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Cloneblagh (Plantations)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Dunbigin (Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Dunbigin (Esker, adjoining the Donley’s farm)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Dunbigin (Meadows)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Eskermore (Plantation at Samuel McKnight’s))
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Eskernabrogue (Plantation)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Fernandrum (Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Fernandrum (Meadow)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Glenageragh (Carrick Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Glenageragh (Meadow)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Glenageragh (Part of Grazing farm at the Meeting House)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Glenageragh (Plantations)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Kilnaheery (Bogs)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Kilnaheery (Meadow)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Kilnaheery (Mill, next to Killydroy)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Knockmany (Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Lisnarable (Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Lisnarable (Marsh & Riverside)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Lisnarable (meadow next to Chapel)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Lisnarable (Roman Catholic chapel ground)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Longridge (Meadow)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Longridge (Part of Grazing Farm at the Meeting House)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Longridge (Plantation)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Roy
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Tamlaght (Bog at Wm. Blythe’s)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Tamlaght (for Glen)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Tulnafoil (Bog next Garvaghy)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Tulnafoil (Meadow next to the Lake)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Tulnafoil (Meadow next to Thos. Magennis)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Tychany (Bog)
GERVAIS Revd. Francis Tychany (Plantation)
GERVAIS Revd. Fras. Tullyvernan (Plantations)
GERVAISE David Knocknacarney
GERVAISE Rev. Fras. Cormore (Bog)
GERVAISE Rev. Fras. Cormore (Meadow & garden)
GILESPIE Hamilton Fernandrum
GILESPIE James Cavanakirk
GILESPIE James Losett
GILESPIE James Townagh
GILESPIE James, Senr. Eskernabrogue
GILESPIE Jas. Eskernabrogue
GILESPIE John Aghendara
GILESPIE Noble Screeby
GILESPIE Oliver Fernandrum
GILESPIE Thomas Aghenlark
GILESPIE Thos. (son to James Gilespie) Screeby
GILESPIE Thos., Junr. (son to John Gilespie) Screeby
GILESPIE William Gortmore
GILESPIE Wm. Eskernabrogue
GILLESPIE John Belnaclogh
GILLESPIE Wm. Annaganey & Divinagh
GLASS John Beltany
GLASS Wm. Ballyvadden
GLEDSTANES Ambrose U., Esqre. Slatbeg
GLEDSTANES Ambrose Upton, Esqre. Slatmore
GLEDSTANES Ambrose, Esqr. Ballimacan
GLEDSTANES George Town of Clogher
GLENN Elizabeth Fivemiletown Tenements
GLENN Elizabeth (Curragh) Fivemiletown Tenements
GOOD George Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
GOOD William Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
GORDON David Ballymagowan
GORMAN Edwd. Cormore
GORMAN Hugh Beltany
GORMAN Patrick Ballimacan
GORMLEY Francis Letbeg
GORMLEY James Drumhirk
GORMLEY Michael Lisnamoghery
GORMLEY Patrick Lisgorran
GORMLY Arthur Tulnafoil
GORMLY Bernard Aghindarragh
GORMLY Bernard Lisnamoghery
GORMLY Daniel Aghindarragh
GORMLY Henry Retory
GORMLY James Aughamilkin
GORMLY James Aughamilkin (Bog)
GORMLY John Tullycorker
GORMLY Mary Aghindarragh
GORMLY Michael Aghindarragh
GORMLY Patrick Tychany
GORMLY Rose Kilnaheery
GORMLY William Kilnaheery
GOURLEY Charles Aghenlark
GOURLEY James Aghenlark
GOURLEY Jane Aghenlark
GOURLEY Robt. Aghenlark
GRAHAM Andrew Killicorran
GRAHAM James Annagh
GRAHAM James Ballagh
GRAHAM James Slatbeg
GRAHAM Jane Retory
GRAHAM John Augher Tenement Fields
GRAHAM John Cloneblagh
GRAHAM John Town of Augher
GRAHAM John Town of Clogher
GRAHAM John, Junior Taveneymore
GRAHAM John, Senr. Taveneymore
GRAHAM Philip Taveneymore
GRAHAM Philip Taveneymore (Bog)
GRAHAM Robert Cloneblagh
GRAHAM Robert Corboe
GRAHAM Robert, Esqre. Rehorin
GRAHAM William Lungs
GREEN John Tatnadavney (2 farms)
GREER Joseph Corcrevey
GREGSON Mr. Derries (Bog)
HACKET Patrick Skelgagh
HAGAN Daniel Ballimacan
HAGAN Daniel Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
HAGAN Edward Corkhill
HAGAN Edwd. Lurganaglar
HAGAN Henry Corkhill
HAGAN Henry Lurganaglar
HAGAN John Gortmore
HAIGNEY Michael Eskeragh
HAINES Robert Ballymagowan
HALL John Ballyvadden
HALL John Fivemiletown Tenements (fields)
HALL John Fivemiletown Tenements( tenement)
HALL Joseph Ranenly
HALL Robt. Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
HALL William Annagh
HAMILL Bernard Dromore
HAMILTON Charles Killicorran
HAMILTON James Killicorran
HAMILTON John Augher Bog
HAMILTON John Killicorran
HAMILTON Robert Killicorran
HAMILTON Robert Lisnarable
HANAGAN William Bolies
HANCE James Tullyvernan
HANCE Thomas Ballymagowan
HANCE Thomas Tullybroom
HANEY Robert Fernandrum
HANNA Adam Shanco
HANNA Adam Shanco (Bog)
HANNA Adam Shanco (portion of Mountain)
HANNA James Shanco
HANNA James Shanco (Bog)
HANNA James Shanco (portion of Mountain)
HANNA John Aghengowley
HANNA John Mullaghlinny
HANNA Saml. Slatbeg (Mountain in common)
HANNA Samuel Slatbeg
HANNAGAN Patrick Ballymagowan
HANNAGAN Patrick Town of Clogher
HAPPER Thomas Aghadrummin
HARDFORD William Caldrum
HARDY Alexander Eskermore
HARRIS Revd. George Balnagoragh (Bog)
HART Anthony Cole
HART Daniel Tullycorker
HART Felix Tullycorker
HART Francis Tullycorker
HART Owen Tullycorker
HARTFORD John Town of Augher
HARVEY John Kilnaheery
HARVEY Thomas Kilnaheery
HARVEY William Augher Bog
HARVEY William Town of Augher
HARVEY Wm. Augher Tenement Fields
HAUGHEY Francis Shanco
HAUGHEY Francis Shanco (portion of Mountain)
HAUGHEY James Lislane
HAUGHEY Patrick Lislane
HAWKSHAW John Carntall
HEGAN Philemy Cormore
HEGAN Terence Cormore
HENRY James Dromore
HENRY William Town of Augher
HENRY William Tully
HETHERINGTON Francis Tulnafoil
HETHERINGTON James Tulnafoil
HETHERINGTON John Ballyvadden
HIGINBOTHAM George Ballaghneed
HILL Aw. Town of Clogher
HILLOCK William Annagh
HINCH Michael Ballimacan
HINDS Bryan Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
HINDS Mary Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
HINDS Pady Ballyscally
HINDS Patrick, Junr. Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
HINDS Patrick, Senr. Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
HOLLAND Cormick Aughamilkin
HOLLAND Michael Ballimacan
HOLLAND Michael Eskeragh
HOLLAND Patrick Derrydrummond
HOLLAND Patt. Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
HOLLAND Thomas Gortmore
HOLMES Magdalen Town of Augher
HOMES Irwin Augher Bog
HOMES Irwin Augher Tenement Fields
HOMES William Altnacarney
HORISK Bernard Fernandrum
HORISK James Fernandrum
HORISK John Kilnahushog
HOWE John Killygordon
HUGHES Bridget Tamlaght
HUGHES Elizabeth Altnacarney
HUGHES Elizth. Fivemiletown Tenements
HUGHES Felix Beltany
HUGHES James Beltany
HUGHES Owen Lisnarable
HUGHES Owen Tamlaght
HUGHES Patrick Beltany
HUMES George Eskernabrogue
HUMES James Mallabeney
HUMPHRIES Thomas Corcrevey
HUNTER Francis Ballimacan
HUNTER Henry Mullans
HUNTER James Ballimacan
HUNTER James Slatmore
HUNTER John Tamlaght
HUNTER Samuel Ballimacan
HUNTER William Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
HUNTER Wm. Corcrevey
HURST James Corick
HURST John Tullybroom
HURST Samuel Drumhirk
HURST Samuel Tullybroom
HYDE Robt. Price Fivemiletown Tenements
IRWIN Achison Ballymagowan (farm held by his under tenants)
IRWIN Archd. Scientian
IRWIN George Prolisque
IRWIN Jane Prolisque
IRWIN Jas. Tychany
IRWIN John Clarmore
IRWIN John Cloneblagh
IRWIN John Edergole or Murly Blakely
IRWIN John Fivemiletown Tenements
IRWIN John Prolisque
IRWIN John Scientian
IRWIN John Screeby
IRWIN John Slatmore
IRWIN Joseph Kilnaheery
IRWIN Samuel Clarmore
IRWIN Samuel Eskernabrogue
IRWIN Samuel Eskernabrogue (Bog)
IRWIN Samuel Gurlaw
IRWIN Samuel Scientian
IRWIN Thomas Clarmore
IRWIN William Eskernabrogue
IRWIN William Eskernabrogue (Bog)
IRWIN William Gurlaw
IRWIN William Tychany
IRWIN Wm. Clarmore
IRWIN Wm. Slatmore
IVEY James Town of Augher
JACKSON John Lislane
JAMISON John Ballyness
JAMISON Joseph Ballyness
JAMISON William Ballyness
JOHNSTON Archibald Dromore
JOHNSTON Arthur Balnagoragh
JOHNSTON Charles Ballywholan
JOHNSTON Charles Balnagoragh
JOHNSTON Charles (Tamnacrin) Ballywholan
JOHNSTON David Mallabeney
JOHNSTON Elizabeth Cornamucklagh
JOHNSTON Elizabeth Dromore
JOHNSTON Francis (of Crockanany) Carnagart
JOHNSTON George Aghadrummin
JOHNSTON George Cornamucklagh
JOHNSTON Henry Annaganey & Divinagh
JOHNSTON James Augher Bog
JOHNSTON James Augher Tenement Fields
JOHNSTON James Ballyvadden
JOHNSTON James Ballywholan
JOHNSTON James Balnagoragh
JOHNSTON James Branter
JOHNSTON James Cornamucklagh
JOHNSTON James Dromore
JOHNSTON James Town of Augher
JOHNSTON James Tully
JOHNSTON James (Tamnacrin) Ballywholan
JOHNSTON James (tenant John Morrow) Dromore
JOHNSTON John Corcrevey
JOHNSTON John Cornamucklagh
JOHNSTON John Lislane
JOHNSTON Jos. (Crockanany) Ballywholan (deleted)
JOHNSTON Joseph Altnaveagh
JOHNSTON Mary Cornamucklagh
JOHNSTON Matthew Cornamucklagh
JOHNSTON Robert Altnaveagh
JOHNSTON Samuel Aghadrummin
JOHNSTON Samuel Tully
JOHNSTON Thomas Lislane
JOHNSTON Thomas Lurganaglar
JOHNSTON William Ballyvadden
JOHNSTON William Cornamucklagh
JOHNSTON William Glenageragh
JOHNSTON William Slatbeg
JOHNSTON William A. Aghadrummin
JOHNSTON William A. (& Tenants) Tullyvernan
JOHNSTON Wm. Slatbeg (Mountain in common)
JOHNSTON Wm. A. Prolisque
JONES James Corboe
JONES Margaret Shanco
JONES Samuel Town of Clogher
JONES Samuel Town of Clogher
JONES William Corboe
KANE Alexander (millar) Kilnaheery
KANE Bernard Beltany
KEE John Ballaghneed
KEE John Mallabeney
KEE John Tatnadavney
KEE Samuel Tatnadavney
KEE Thompson Tatnadavney
KEE William Altanarvey
KEE William Tatnadavney
KEENAN Colin Roy
KEENAN James Caldrum
KEENAN Michael Ballaghneed
KEENAN Owen Cargagh
KEENAN Pat. Augher Bog
KEENAN Patrick Lislane
KEENAN Patrick Town of Augher
KEENAN Peter Altnaveagh
KEENAN Peter Caldrum
KEENAN Terence Ballaghneed
KEENAN Thomas Lislane
KEENAN Thos. Fivemiletown Tenements
KEERAN Culla Town of Augher
KELLY Arthur Clarmore
KELLY Bridget Lurganaglar
KELLY Hugh Beltany
KELLY Hugh Cormore
KELLY James Mullans
KELLY Matthew Annaloghan
KELLY Matthew Mullaghlinny
KELLY Michael Ballaghneed
KELLY Michael Cormore
KELLY Michael Fogart
KELLY Michl. Mullans
KELLY Owen Ballaghneed
KELLY Owen Fogart
KELLY Owen Mullans (meadow)
KELLY Patrick Knockmany
KELLY Patrick Lurganaglar
KELLY Peter Ballimacan
KELLY Peter Lurganaglar
KELLY Richard Ballimacan
KELLY Terence Eskeragh
KELLY Terence Mullans
KELLY Thomas Beltany
KELLY Thomas Lisnamoghery
KELLY Thomas Lisnamoghery (Bog)
KELLY Thos. Lurganaglar
KELLY William Lisnamoghery
KELLY William Lisnamoghery (Bog)
KELLY Wm. Mullans
KELSO John Ballyvadden
KELSO John Ballyvadden (Plantation)
KELSO John Fivemiletown Tenements
KELSO John Gortmore
KELSO John & tenants Fivemiletown Tenements
KERNAGHAN James Annaloghan
KERNAGHAN John Annaloghan
KERNAHAN Philip Tulnafoil
KERR/ KEON? Matthew Corcrevey
KEYS Richd. Taveneymore
KEYS Robert Taveneymore
KILLINS William Mullaghmore
KILPATRICK Joseph Gurlaw
KILPATRICK William Glenhoy
KING George Kilclay
KIRK Richard Augher Bog
KIRK Richd. Irish Street, Augher
KYLE Andrew Dunbigin
KYLE David Glenhoy
LARKINS Bernard Ballimacan
LAW James Cavanakirk
LAW John Knocknacarney
LAW Matthew Letbeg
LAW Matthew (Tulnavert) Cavanakirk
LAW Matthew, Senr. Cavanakirk
LAW Robert Lislane
LAW William Tullyvernan
LENDRUM Andrew Sess Moutray
LENDRUM James Aghenlark
LENDRUM James Gortmore
LENDRUM Joseph Fivemiletown Tenements (fields)
LENDRUM Joseph Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
LENDRUM Matthew Ranenly
LESLIE Charles Powell, Esq. Annaloghan
LEY Robert Grange Mountain
LEY Robert, Esqre. Grange (or Ashfield)
LEY Robert, Esqre. Irish Street, Augher
LIGGIT Andrew Cornamucklagh
LIGGIT John Lislee
LIGGIT Joseph Tychany
LIGGIT Samuel Corboe
LINDSAY James Slatmore
LINDSAY Joseph Slatmore
LINDSAY Robert Gortmore
LITTLE Elizabeth & sons Murley Sess
LITTLE Francis Augher Bog
LITTLE Francis Augher Tenement Fields
LITTLE Francis Augher Tenement Fields
LITTLE Francis Fivemiletown Tenements
LITTLE Francis Town of Augher
LITTLE John Annaganey & Divinagh
LITTLE Oliver Rosemealan
LITTLE William Murley Sess
LOAN Andrew Ballagh
LOAN Thomas Carntall
LONG Edwd. Lislee
LONG James Augher Tenement Fields
LONG Margaret Town of Augher
LOUGHRAN Arthur Glenageragh
LYNCH Bryan Letbeg
LYNCH George Beltany
LYNCH James Cloneblagh
LYNCH James Tullycorker
LYNCH Jas. Town of Augher
LYNCH Jos. Lurganaglar
LYNCH Robert Eskeragh
MACAN Bernd. Cloneblagh
MACAN John Cloneblagh
MACHESNEY Alexander Derrynascombe
MAGEE Charles Derrydrummond
MAGEE William Annaloghan
MAGENNIS James Ballyness
MAGENNIS Thomas Tulnafoil
MAGLINSHEY Edwd. Altanarvey
MAGOWAN Owen Clarmore
MAGUIRE Charles Blacklands
MAGUIRE Edwd. Fivemiletown Tenements
MAGUIRE James Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
MAGUIRE Jno. Mullaghmore
MAGUIRE John Mount Stewart
MAGUIRE John Tychany
MAGUIRE Patrick Shanco
MAGUIRE Patrick Shanco (portion of Mountain)
MAGUIRE Rodger Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
MALLON Henry Altnaveagh
MALLON Hugh Mullaghlinny
MALLON John Kilnaheery
MALLON Patrick Kilnaheery
MALLON Toal Kilnaheery
MALLOY Bernard Fivemiletown Tenements
MANEARY David Eskernabrogue
MARKEY Bryan Ballymagowan
MARKEY Bryan Retory
MARLEY Arthur Tulnafoil
MARLEY Bryan Tamlaght
MARLEY Hugh Tamlaght
MARLEY Michael, Senr. Tamlaght (Bog)
MARLEY Michael, Senr. Tamlaght
MARLEY Miles Cormore
MARLEY Pat. Tulnafoil
MARSHAL James Kilnaheery
MARSHALL Allan & son Kilnaheery
MARSHALL Allen Fernandrum
MARSHALL Jane Fernandrum
MARSHALL Law Kilnaheery
MARTIN Alexr. Town of Augher
MARTIN Daniel Kilclay
MARTIN Danl. Mullans
MARTIN Danl. Town of Augher
MARTIN Henry Mullaghlinny
MARTIN James Slatbeg
MARTIN John Kilnahushog
MARTIN John Town of Augher
MARTIN Joseph Slatbeg
MARTIN Patrick Mount Stewart
MARTIN Terence Mullaghlinny
MARTIN Thomas Slatbeg
MARTIN Thomas Slatbeg (Mountain in common)
MARTIN William Drumhirk
MAXWELL John, Junr. Ballygreenan
MAXWELL John, Senr. Ballygreenan
MAXWELL Robert W., Esqre. Corboe
MAXWELL Robert W., Esqre. Lislee (Bog)
MAXWELL Robt. W., Esqr. (Bog) Fogart
MAXWELL Robt. W., Esqr. Carntall (Barnhill)
MAXWELL Robt. W., Esqr. Carntall (Wood)
MAXWELL Robt. W., Esqr. Killyfaddy Demesne
MAYNE John Aghendara
MAYNE Robt. Aghendara
MAYNES George Kilnahushog
MAYNES Thomas Carnagat
McAFEE Daniel Town of Augher
McALEER Neil Tychany
McANANLY Margt. Cavanakirk
McANANLY Owen Cavanakirk
McANENY Philemy Lurganaglar
McANULTY Patrick Lisbane
McARDLE Jno. Augher Bog
McARDLE John Irish Street, Augher
McARDLE Rev. Doctor Town of Augher
McATTEE John Dunbigin
McBRINE Anthony Dromore
McBRINE John Kilnahushog
McCABE John Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
McCABE Patt. Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
McCAFFREY Francis Cloneblagh
McCAFFREY Hugh Kilnahushog
McCAFFREY John Cloneblagh
McCAFFREY Owen Belnaclogh
McCAFFREY Philemy (for Cornacrudda) Carnagart
McCAFFREY Philemy (for Crock Reedy Moun.) Carnagart
McCAFFREY Thomas Kilnahushog
McCAFFRY Bryan Ballywholan
McCAFFRY Bryan Meltigy
McCAFFRY Cormick Balnagoragh
McCAFFRY Hugh Fernandrum
McCAFFRY John Eskermore
McCAFFRY Margaret Cloneblagh
McCAFFRY Owen Carnagart
McCAFFRY Patrick Ballywholan
McCAFFRY Patrick Dunbigin
McCAFFRY Peter Ballywholan
McCAFFRY Peter Cloonacappogue
McCAFFRY Peter Letbeg
McCAFFRY Philemy Carnagart (farm over the river)
McCAFFRY Philemy Carnagart (for Owen farm beyond the river)
McCAFFRY Philemy Meltigy
McCAFFRY Thomas Augher Tenement Fields
McCAFFRY Thomas Town of Augher
McCAMMON Alexander Glenageragh
McCAMMON John Glenageragh
McCAMMON Thomas Glenageragh
McCANN Arthur Altnaveagh
McCANN Bd. Slatbeg (Mountain in common)
McCANN Catherine Altnaveagh
McCANN Edward Town of Augher
McCANN Edwd. Balnagoragh
McCANN Edwd. Car
McCANN Edwd. Farnetra
McCANN Henry Corkhill
McCANN Hugh Altnaveagh
McCANN Hugh Eskeragh
McCANN James Mullaghmore
McCANN Patrick Dunbigin
McCANN Patrick Shantanagh
McCANN Patrick & tenants Lislane
McCANN Peter Lislane
McCANN Roger Cloonacappogue
McCANN William Altnaveagh
McCANN William Cloonacappogue
McCANN William Tychany
McCARNEY Bernard Tatnadavney
McCARNEY Bryan Altanarvey
McCARNEY Charles Carntall
McCARNEY Henry Altanarvey
McCARNEY Isabella Altanarvey
McCARNEY James Lislane
McCARNEY Neil Tatnadavney
McCARNEY Owen Mount Stewart
McCARNEY Owen Tamlaght
McCARNEY Pat. Mount Stewart
McCARNEY Patk. Altanarvey
McCARNEY Patrick Lislane
McCARNEY Patrick Lisnarable
McCARNEY Patrick, Senr. & son Tatnadavney
McCARNEY Susan Tamlaght
McCARNEY Thomas Altanarvey
McCARNEY Thomas Tatnadavney
McCARNEY Thos. Altanarvey
McCAROLL Michael Town of Clogher
McCARROL Jas. Town of Augher
McCARROLL Arthur Cargagh
McCARROLL Bryan Cormore
McCARROLL Edwd. Altanarvey
McCARROLL Edwd. Cargagh
McCARROLL Edwd. Tychany
McCARROLL Hugh Carntall
McCARROLL Hugh Corkhill
McCARROLL Hugh Eskeragh
McCARROLL Hugh Lisbane
McCARROLL Hugh Lurganaglar
McCARROLL James Augher Bog
McCARROLL James Roe Lurganaglar
McCARROLL James, Junr. (formerly Terence McCarroll) Lurganaglar
McCARROLL James, Senr. Lurganaglar
McCARROLL John Cargagh
McCARROLL John Lurganaglar
McCARROLL John Tullybroom
McCARROLL Lawrence Cargagh
McCARROLL Margaret Altanarvey
McCARROLL Michael Altanarvey
McCARROLL Michael Cole
McCARROLL Michl. Cormore
McCARROLL Miles Corkhill
McCARROLL Owen Corkhill
McCARROLL Owen Tullybroom
McCARROLL Patrick Eskeragh
McCARROLL Patrick Irish Street, Augher
McCARROLL Patrick, Junr. Cargagh
McCARROLL Patrick, Senr. Cargagh
McCARROLL Peter Altanarvey
McCARROLL Peter Clarmore
McCARROLL Peter Corkhill
McCARROLL Peter Lurganaglar
McCARROLL Philip & son Cargagh
McCARROLL Phill. Sessagh
McCARROLL Terence Corkhill
McCARROLL Terence Prolisque
McCARROLL Thomas (Bog) Tullybroom
McCARROLL Thomas Fernandrum
McCARROLL Thomas Lurganaglar
McCARROLL William Clarmore
McCARROLL Wm. Fivemiletown Tenements
McCARRON Bernard Slatbeg
McCARRON Chas. Clarmore
McCARRON Edward Cross Owen
McCARRON James Eskermore
McCARRON Miles Aughnish [Part of Clogher Tenements]
McCART .....[?] Lisnamoghery
McCART .....[?] Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McCARTNEY Anne & tenants Fivemiletown Tenements
McCAUGHERY Bridget Ballyness
McCAUGHEY Bryan Cloghlin
McCAUGHEY Bryan Shantanagh
McCAUGHEY Edward Cloghlin
McCAUGHEY Edwd. Kilnahushog
McCAUGHEY Francis Cornamucklagh
McCAUGHEY Francis Kilnahushog
McCAUGHEY Francis Lislane
McCAUGHEY Hugh Cloghlin
McCAUGHEY Hugh Derries
McCAUGHEY James Ballywholan
McCAUGHEY James Balnagoragh
McCAUGHEY James Corloghey
McCAUGHEY James Kilclay
McCAUGHEY James Lismore
McCAUGHEY Owen Kilnahushog
McCAUGHEY Owen Lislane
McCAUGHEY Patrick Beltany
McCAUGHEY Patrick Cloghlin
McCAUGHEY Patrick Kilnahushog
McCAUGHEY Philemy Ballywholan
McCAUGHEY Philemy Corloghey
McCAUGHEY Philemy Town of Augher
McCAUGHEY Terence Lislane
McCAUGHEY Thomas Kilnahushog
McCAUGHEY Thomas Rehorin
McCAUGHY John Aghindarragh
McCAUGHY John Frughmore
McCAWELL Bernard Eskermore
McCAWELL Bridget Kilnaheery
McCAWELL Bryan Kilnaheery
McCAWELL Charles Derries
McCAWELL Chas. Kilclay
McCAWELL Daniel Kilnaheery
McCAWELL Dennis Derries
McCAWELL Doctor Patrick Tamlaght
McCAWELL Francis Fernandrum
McCAWELL James Bolies
McCAWELL James Gonal Kilnaheery
McCAWELL James Roe Kilnaheery
McCAWELL John Cavan
McCAWELL John Ranenly
McCAWELL Matthew Tulnafoil
McCAWELL Michael Cavan
McCAWELL Michael Eskermore
McCAWELL Michael Kilclay
McCAWELL Owen Slatmore
McCAWELL Owen Springtown
McCAWELL Patk. Kilnaheery
McCAWELL Patrick Belnaclogh
McCAWELL Patrick Cormore
McCAWELL Patrick Derries
McCAWELL Patrick Culla Tamlaght
McCAWELL Peter Tamlaght
McCAWELL Terence Kilnaheery
McCAWELL Terence Tychany
McCAWELL Thomas Belnaclogh
McCAWELL Thomas Tychany
McCAWELL William Cavan
McCAWELL William Kilnaheery
McCAWLA Thomas Tullycorker
McCAWLEY Alexr. Ballyness
McCLARIN John Tulnafoil
McCLARIN Robt. Tulnafoil
McCLARIN William Tulnafoil
McCLEAN Jacob Annaganey & Divinagh
McCLEAN Thomas Aghentain
McCLELAND George Ballyvadden
McCLUNG Robert Ballaghneed
McCLUSKEY Patrick Ballymagowan
McCONNELL Alexander Ballyscally (Cow & Garden)
McCONNELL Hugh Ballimacan
McCONNELL Hugh Ballimacan (Inner Mountain)
McCONNELL Hugh Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
McCONNELL James Corlehan
McCONNELL James Corlehan (Mountain)
McCONNELL John Corlehan
McCONNELL John Corlehan (Mountain)
McCONNELL Miles Murley Sess (2 farms)
McCONNELL Terence Ballimacan
McCONNELL Terence Ballimacan (Inner Mountain)
McCONNELL Terence Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
McCONNELL Terence Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
McCORMICK James Screeby
McCOURT Bernard Ballymagowan
McCOURT Bernard Bolies
McCOURT Owen Ballymagowan
McCOURT William Gortmore
McCOY Anne Corboe
McCOY Arthur Mallabeney
McCOY Henry Corboe
McCOY Henry Corboe (2nd farm)
McCOY John Ballimacan
McCOY Margaret Losett
McCOY Sarah Corboe
McCRACKEN Charles Tatnadavney
McCRACKEN James Tatnadavney
McCREA Alexander Cavanakirk
McCREA Alexander Lislane
McCREA James Cavanakirk
McCREA Martha Townagh
McCREANOR James Tully
McCREANOR Philip Eskeragh
McCRORY Michael Lisnarable
McCRORY Michael Lisnarable (Bog)
McCULLA Wm. Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
McCULLAGH Patrick Altanarvey
McCULLEN Francis Lislane
McCULLEN Francis Shantanagh
McCULLEN James Lislane
McCULLEN John Cole
McCULLEN Terence Bolies
McCUSKER Bernard Dunbigin
McCUSKER Con. Cole
McCUSKER Francis Cole
McCUSKER Francis Lisnamoghery
McCUSKER Francis Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McCUSKER Hugh Mullans
McCUSKER Hugh, Junr. Kilclay
McCUSKER Hugh, Senr. Kilclay
McCUSKER James Car
McCUSKER Pat. Augher Tenement Fields
McCUSKER Patrick Carntall
McCUSKER Patrick Town of Augher
McCUSKER Shibby Lislane
McCUSKER Thomas Car
McCUSKER William Car
McCUSKER William Dunbigin
McCUTCHEON Claudius Gortmore
McCUTCHEON John Glenageragh
McDERMOT Owen Tamlaght
McDERMOT Patrick Tamlaght
McDERMOTT Daniel Eskermore
McDERMOTT John Eskermore
McDERMOTT Mary Mount Stewart
McDERMOTT Patrick Bolies
McDERMOTT Patrick Tulnafoil
McDERMOTT Thomas Caldrum
McDERMOTT Thomas Eskermore
McDERMOTT Thomas Lislane
McDERMOTT Thos. Tulnafoil
McDERMOTT William Caldrum
McDONNEL Thos. & tenants Fivemiletown Tenements
McDONNELL John Fernandrum
McDONNELL John Tamlaght
McDONNELL Murph Tulnafoil
McDONNELL Robt. Kilnaheery
McDONNELL Thos. Ballyvadden
McDOWALL Doctor Terrew
McDOWALL Doctor Town of Clogher
McELGREW Patrick Cole
McELHINNY Alexander Shanco
McELHINNY Alexander Shanco (portion of Mountain)
McELMEEL Bryan Ballymagowan
McELMEEL Michael Ballymagowan
McELMEEL Miles Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
McELRATH John Beltany
McELRATH John Tamlaght (Bog at Doctor McCawell’s)
McELROY .....[?] Ballymagowan
McELROY Anne & sons Taveneymore
McELROY Art. Ballimacan
McELROY Art. Ballywholan
McELROY Barney Retory
McELROY Barthw. Lisgorran
McELROY Bernard Carntall
McELROY Bernard Cloonacappogue
McELROY Bernard Mullans
McELROY Bernard Town of Clogher
McELROY Bryan Retory
McELROY Charles Retory
McELROY Charles Springtown
McELROY Edwd. Augher Bog
McELROY Edwd. Caldrum
McELROY Edwd. Retory
McELROY Edwd. Sessagh
McELROY Francis Ballyvadden
McELROY Francis Taveneymore
McELROY Francis & tenants Fivemiletown Tenements
McELROY Hugh Ballimacan (Inner Mountain)
McELROY Hugh Springtown
McELROY James Ballimacan
McELROY James Ballimacan
McELROY James Ballimacan (Inner Mountain)
McELROY James Carnagat
McELROY James Cloonacappogue
McELROY Jas. Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
McELROY Jas. Carntall
McELROY John Corlehan
McELROY John Corlehan (Mountain)
McELROY John Retory
McELROY Matthew Carntall
McELROY Michael Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
McELROY Michael Carntall
McELROY Michael Lisgorran
McELROY Michael Taveneymore (Bog)
McELROY Michael, Junr. Taveneymore
McELROY Michl., Senr. Taveneymore
McELROY Miss Ballyvadden
McELROY Neal Retory
McELROY Owen Altnacarney
McELROY Owen Balnagoragh
McELROY Owen Retory
McELROY Owen Town of Clogher
McELROY Owen, Junr. Cloonacappogue
McELROY Owen, Senr. Cloonacappogue
McELROY Patk. Ballimacan
McELROY Patrick Caldrum
McELROY Patrick Carnagat
McELROY Patrick Cloonacappogue
McELROY Patrick Corcrevey
McELROY Patrick Corlehan
McELROY Patrick Corlehan (Mountain)
McELROY Patrick Retory
McELROY Patrick Tychany
McELROY Peter Lisgorran
McELROY Terrence Lisgorran
McELROY Thomas Caldrum
McELROY William Clarmore
McELROY William, Junr. Cloonacappogue
McELROY William, Senr. Cloonacappogue
McELWAIN Baptist Ranenly
McFETRIDGE Robt. Tully
McGARTLAND Patrick Farnetra
McGARTLAND Patrick Farnetra (Bog)
McGAUGY .....[?] Augher Bog
McGAUGY Andrew Mullaghmore
McGAUGY Arthur Cargagh
McGAUGY Bernard Cormore
McGAUGY Bryan Aughamilkin
McGAUGY Bryan Aughamilkin (Bog)
McGAUGY Bryan Augher Bog
McGAUGY Bryan Balnagoragh
McGAUGY Daniel Cormore
McGAUGY Daniel Frughmore
McGAUGY Edwd. Aughamilkin
McGAUGY Edwd. Springtown
McGAUGY Francis Cormore
McGAUGY Hugh Aughamilkin
McGAUGY James Frughmore
McGAUGY John Cargagh
McGAUGY John Cormore
McGAUGY John Glenageragh
McGAUGY John Mullaghmore
McGAUGY John Tychany
McGAUGY Joseph Frughmore
McGAUGY Margt. Kilnaheery
McGAUGY Mary Derrydrummond
McGAUGY Michael Aughamilkin
McGAUGY Michael Beltany
McGAUGY Michael Derrydrummond
McGAUGY Michael Eskernabrogue
McGAUGY Michael Tulnafoil
McGAUGY Miles Taveneymore
McGAUGY Neal Beltany
McGAUGY Owen Aughamilkin
McGAUGY Owen Fernandrum
McGAUGY Pat. Cormore
McGAUGY Patrick Fernandrum
McGAUGY Patrick Frughmore
McGAUGY Rodger Kilnaheery
McGAUGY Thomas Frughmore
McGAUGY Thos. Fernandrum
McGAUGY Widow Aughamilkin
McGAUGY Widow Aughamilkin (Bog)
McGAUGY William Aughamilkin
McGAUGY William Aughamilkin (Bog)
McGAUGY William Derrydrummond
McGAUGY William Mullaghmore
McGAUGY William Taveneymore
McGAVERON Thos. Tychany
McGAVERON Wm. Tychany
McGEAREY James Town of Clogher
McGEE James Altnacarney
McGERAGHTY Owen Prolisque
McGINLEY Catherine Beltany
McGINLEY Daniel Tamlaght
McGINLEY Jas. Beltany
McGINLEY John Beltany
McGINLEY Michael Beltany
McGINLEY Owen Tullybroom
McGINN Arthur & son Cormore
McGINN Bernard Fernandrum
McGINN Bernd. Cloneblagh
McGINN Bryan Dunbigin
McGINN Cormick Clarmore
McGINN Daniel Altanarvey
McGINN Daniel Altanarvey (Mountain)
McGINN Felix Tamlaght
McGINN Henry Tullycorker
McGINN Hugh Dunbigin
McGINN James Beltany
McGINN James Carrickavoy
McGINN James & sons Balnagoragh
McGINN Jas. Cloneblagh
McGINN Jas. Tatnadavney
McGINN Jno. Tamlaght
McGINN John Cormore
McGINN John Cornamucklagh
McGINN John Killeany
McGINN Joseph Lisnamoghery
McGINN Joseph Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McGINN Michael Altanarvey
McGINN Michael Altanarvey (Mountain)
McGINN Michael Killeany
McGINN Michael Tamlaght
McGINN Michael & partners Lisnamoghery
McGINN Michl. Cloneblagh
McGINN Owen Tamlaght
McGINN Patrick Cargagh
McGINN Patrick Eskermore
McGINN Patrick Fernandrum
McGINN Patrick Killeany
McGINN Peter Cargagh
McGINN Robt. Tullycorker
McGIRR Bernard Fogart
McGIRR Bridget Tulnafoil
McGIRR Charles Tulnafoil
McGIRR Chas. Irish Street, Augher
McGIRR Chas. Tullyvernan
McGIRR Edwd. Tychany
McGIRR George Tullybroom
McGIRR James Dromore
McGIRR James Glenageragh
McGIRR James Kilnahushog
McGIRR Jas. Tychany
McGIRR John Cormore
McGIRR John Killygordon
McGIRR John, Junr. Dromore
McGIRR John, Senr. Dromore
McGIRR Joseph Altanarvey
McGIRR Margaret Lislane
McGIRR Mary Dromore
McGIRR Owen Dromore
McGIRR Owen Killygordon
McGIRR Owen Tamlaght
McGIRR Owen Tullyvernan
McGIRR Patrick Cormore
McGIRR Patrick Mount Stewart (2 farms)
McGIRR Patrick Tulnafoil
McGIRR Peter Ballyscally
McGIRR Peter Scientian
McGIRR Terence Dromore
McGIRR William Town of Augher
McGIRR William Tychany
McGLAGHLIN Patrick Murley Sess
McGLAUGHLIN Daniel Belnaclogh
McGLAUGHLIN Patrick Belnaclogh
McGLAUGHLIN Thomas Ranenly
McGLAUGHLIN Thomas Tychany
McGLONE Bernard Kilnahushog
McGLONE James Killeany
McGLONE Mary Kilnahushog
McGLONE Michael Kilnahushog
McGOGHEY Andrew Caldrum
McGOGHEY John Caldrum
McGOLRICK Bryan Tullyvernan
McGONNELL James Altnaveagh
McGOVERN Bryan Cloneblagh
McGOVERN Jane & son Cloneblagh
McGOVERN John Cloneblagh
McGRATTY Edwd. Altanarvey
McGRATTY Patrick Altanarvey
McGRATTY Richard Fivemiletown Tenements
McGROREY Catherine Lislane
McGROREY James Lislane
McGUIGAN Edward Eskeragh
McGUIGAN James Altnacarney
McGUIGAN James Lisnamoghery
McGUIGAN James Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McGUIGAN John Cloneblagh
McGUIGAN Laughlin Lisnamoghery
McGUIGAN Laughlin Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McGUIGAN Laughlin Lisnamoghery (Strand)
McGUIGAN Owen Tulnafoil
McGUIGAN Patrick Mullaghlinny
McGUIRE Constantine Tychany
McGUIRE Dennis Mullaghlinny
McKEAGNEY James Eskeragh (Bog)
McKEAGNEY James Eskeragh (spent Bog)
McKENNA Barney Ballywholan
McKENNA Bryan Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
McKENNA Catherine Kilnaheery
McKENNA Charles Ballywholan
McKENNA Charles Corloghey
McKENNA Charles Corloghey (Mountain)
McKENNA Doctor Car
McKENNA Edwd. Lismore
McKENNA Francis Altnaveagh
McKENNA Francis (Drumgary) Ballywholan
McKENNA Hugh Altnaveagh
McKENNA Hugh Corkhill
McKENNA Hugh Tamlaght
McKENNA James Aghentain
McKENNA James Aghindarragh
McKENNA James Ballaghneed
McKENNA James Ballyness
McKENNA James Ballywholan
McKENNA James Cavan
McKENNA James Corick
McKENNA James Corloghey
McKENNA James Corloghey
McKENNA James Corloghey (Mountain)
McKENNA James Gurlaw
McKENNA James Rehorin
McKENNA James Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
McKENNA James Tulnafoil
McKENNA James (Harley) Ballywholan
McKENNA James (Tamnachrin) Ballywholan
McKENNA Jas. Cornamucklagh
McKENNA Jas. (Grehanoid) Ballywholan
McKENNA John Altnacarney
McKENNA John Ballymagowan
McKENNA John Ballywholan
McKENNA John Beltany
McKENNA John Bolies
McKENNA John Corloghey
McKENNA John Corloghey
McKENNA John Corloghey (Mountain)
McKENNA John Corloghey (Mountain)
McKENNA John Fivemiletown Tenements
McKENNA John Frughmore
McKENNA John Kilnaheery
McKENNA John Kilnahushog
McKENNA John Tully
McKENNA John Tulnafoil
McKENNA Johnny (Tamnachrin) Ballywholan
McKENNA Laughlin Branter
McKENNA Laughlin Taveneymore
McKENNA Laurence Altnacarney
McKENNA Lawrence Kilnaheery
McKENNA Mary Beltany
McKENNA Mary Mullaghmore
McKENNA Michael Belnaclogh
McKENNA Michael Car
McKENNA Michael Corloghey
McKENNA Michael Corloghey (Mountain)
McKENNA Michael Mullans
McKENNA Owen Branter
McKENNA Owen Farnetra
McKENNA Owen Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
McKENNA Owen Taveneymore
McKENNA Owen Taveneymore (Bog)
McKENNA Owen (Creena) Ballywholan
McKENNA Pady Car
McKENNA Patk. Tully
McKENNA Patrick Annaloghan
McKENNA Patrick Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
McKENNA Patrick Ballywholan
McKENNA Patrick Ballywholan
McKENNA Patrick Bolies
McKENNA Patrick Car
McKENNA Patrick Cavan
McKENNA Patrick Cloonacappogue
McKENNA Patrick Cormore
McKENNA Patrick Cornamucklagh
McKENNA Patrick Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
McKENNA Patrick Taveneymore
McKENNA Patrick Tulnafoil
McKENNA Patrick (Oakwood) Ballywholan
McKENNA Patrick, Junr. Tulnafoil
McKENNA Patrick, Senr. Tulnafoil
McKENNA Peter Altnaveagh
McKENNA Phelamy Car
McKENNA Philemy Taveneymore
McKENNA Philemy Taveneymore
McKENNA Terence Taveneymore
McKENNA Terence (Grehanoid) Ballywholan
McKENNA Wm Town of Augher
McKEOWN Edward Irish Street, Augher
McKEOWN Edwd. Augher Bog
McKEOWN Hugh Mullaghlinny
McKERNAN Thomas Fernandrum
McKEVER Michael Eskeragh
McKEVER Owen Eskeragh
McKIMM Alexander Eskernabrogue
McKIMM James Corboe
McKIMM James Lislee
McKIMM Robert Beltany
McKIMM Robert Corboe
McKIMM Robt. Tullycorker
McKINLEY Thomas Lisbane
McKINLY Thomas Balnagoragh
McKINLY Thos. Altnacarney
McKINLY William Altnacarney
McKNIGHT James Bank
McKNIGHT Samuel Eskermore
McKNIGHT Samuel Glenhoy
McLAUGHLIN Dennis Tullycorker
McLAUGHLIN Michael Balnagoragh
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Balnagoragh
McMAGH Bartholomew Tamlaght
McMAGH Francis Tamlaght
McMAGH Francis Tulnafoil
McMAGH Owen Tulnafoil
McMAGH Peter Tamlaght
McMAGH Stephen Tulnafoil
McMAHON Patrick Eskeragh
McMAHON Patrick Lisnamoghery
McMAHON Patrick Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McMANUS Edwd. Tamlaght
McMANUS Edwd. Tamlaght (Bog)
McMANUS Francis Corcrevey
McMANUS Hugh Tamlaght
McMANUS Hugh Tamlaght (Bog)
McMANUS William Town of Augher
McMASTER Hugh Glenageragh
McMASTER James Glenageragh
McMASTER James Tychany
McMASTER William Glenageragh
McMASTER William, Junr. Glenhoy
McNAMARA Bryan Beltany
McNAMEE Patrick Fernandrum
McNANLY Fras. Slatmore
McNANLY John Slatmore
McNAUL George Shanco
McNAUL George Shanco (Bog)
McNAUL George Shanco (portion of Mountain)
McNAWL Edwd. Carnagat
McNAWL Edwd. Cole
McNAWL George Tychany
McNAWL Rev. Tulnafoil
McNAWL William Donaghmoyne
McNEELY John Augher Bog
McNEELY John Tullybroom
McNENLY Bernard Ballimacan
McNENLY Susan Ballimacan
McNOGHER Michl. Town of Augher
McNOUGHER Francis Derrynascombe
McNULTY Michl. Ballyscally
McNULTY Owen Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
McQUADE Henry Lisnamoghery
McQUADE Henry Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McQUADE James Ballymagowan
McQUADE James Farnetra
McQUADE James Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McQUADE James Town of Clogher
McSHANE Edwd. Mullans
McSHANE Hugh Annaganey & Divinagh
McSHANE James Ballaghneed
McSHANE James Fogart
McSHANE Michael Tatnadavney
McSORLEY Arthur Kilclay
McSORLEY Edward Ranenly
McSORLEY James Lisnamoghery
McSORLEY Jas. Corcrevey
McSORLEY Michl. Ballaghneed
McSORLEY Owen Lisnamoghery
McSORLEY Owen Lisnamoghery (Bog)
McSORLEY Patk. Ballaghneed
McSORLEY Patrick Lisnarable
McSORLEY Peter Lisnarable
McSORLEY Terence Lisnarable
McWILLIAMS .....[?] Eskernabrogue
McWILLIAMS Edwd. Branter
McWILLIAMS George Carntall
McWILLIAMS George Corick
McWILLIAMS Hugh Slatbeg
McWILLIAMS Hugh Slatbeg (Mountain in common)
McWILLIAMS Jane Prolisque
McWILLIAMS John Eskernabrogue
McWILLIAMS Thomas Corboe
McWILLIAMS Thomas Tatnadavney
McWILLIAMS William Corboe
MEANS John Aghengowley
MEANS Mary Aghengowley
MEANS Thomas Carnagat
MEEGAN Edward Mount Stewart
MEEGAN Patrick, Senr. Mount Stewart
MEENAN Bernard Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
MEENAN Danl. Kilnaheery
MEENAN Denis Ballimacan
MEENAN John Ballimacan
MEENAN John Kilnaheery
MEENAN Michael Tamlaght
MEENAN Nogher Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
MEENAN Nougher Tulnafoil
MEENAN Pat. Town of Augher
MEENAN Patrick Kilnaheery
MEENAN Peter Ballyscally (Inland & Mountain)
MEENAN Terence Kilnaheery
Meeting House Yard   Belnaclogh
Meeting House Yard   Carntall
MEGAN James, Junr. Mount Stewart
MEGAN James, Senr. Mount Stewart
MEGAN John Mount Stewart
MEGAN Michael Mount Stewart
MEGAN Owen Knocknacarney
MEGAN Terence Mount Stewart
MILLAR Andrew, Esqre. Lungs
MILLAR Captain Lisnamoghery
MILLAR Captain Lisnamoghery (Bog)
MILLAR John Dunbigin
MILLER Andrew, Esqre. Town of Augher
MILLS James Dromore
MILLS John Ballymagowan
MILLS John Losett
MILLS John Rosemealan
MILLS John Rosemealan (bog)
MILLS Robt. Tatnadavney
MILLS Saml. Ballyvadden
MILLS Samuel Fivemiletown Tenements (park)
MILLS Widow Dromore
MILLS William Ballymagowan
MILLS William Lisnamoghery
MILLS William Lisnamoghery (Bog)
MITCHELL Charles Eskeragh
MITCHELL Charles (Raveagh) Eskeragh
MITCHELL James Corkhill (Escra, meadow)
MITCHELL James (Eskeragh) Corkhill
MITCHELL James, Junr. Eskeragh
MITCHELL Robt. Kilnahushog
MITCHELTREE Elizabeth Ballimacan
MITCHELTREE James Slatmore
MOAN Thomas Cross Owen
MOFFET Alexander Slatbeg
MOFFET Thomas Slatbeg
MOFFIT Andrew Letbeg
MOFFIT John Eskernabrogue
MOFFIT William Clarmore
MONTGOMERY Colonel Fivemiletown Tenements
MONTGOMERY Hugh, Esqr. Annagh Demesne
MONTGOMERY Hugh, Esqr. Annagh Demesne (Bog)
MONTGOMERY Hugh, Esqr. Ballyvadden
MONTGOMERY Hugh, Esqr. Fivemiletown Tenements (in Hyde’s tenement)
MONTGOMERY Hugh, Esqre Annagh (Bog)
MONTGOMERY Robt. Slatbeg
MOORE Acheson Ballygreenan
MOORE Acheson Balnagoragh
MOORE Acheson Caldrum
MOORE Acheson Kilclay
MOORE Alexander Rosemealan
MOORE George & Tenants Murley Sess (Bog)
MOORE Hugh Caldrum
MOORE James Longridge
MOORE Moses Ballimacan
MOORE Robert Annaganey & Divinagh
MOORE Saml. Slatbeg
MOORE Samuel Cormore
MOORE William Clarmore
MOORE William Cormore
MOORE William Eskernabrogue
MOORE William Tullycorker
MORAN Thomas Annaloghan
MORRISON Andrew Annaloghan
MORRISON Elizabeth Ballygreenan
MORRISON Erskine Ballygreenan
MORRISON Hance (Bog) Ballygreenan
MORRISON Hance Ballygreenan
MORRISON Hance, Junr. Annaloghan
MORRISON Hance, Senr. Annaloghan
MORRISON Lendrum Annaloghan
MORRISON Robert Augher Tenement Fields (at Broad Lane)
MORRISON Robert Town of Augher
MORRISON Robt. Annaloghan
MORRISON Robt. Augher Bog
MORROW Andrew Lismore
MOSSEY James Longridge
MOUTRAY John C., Esqre. Sess Moutray (Bog)
MOYNAGH Arthur Mallabeney
MOYNAGH Constantine, Junr. Bolies
MOYNAGH Constantine, Senr. Bolies
MOYNAGH Edwd. Mullans
MOYNAGH Hugh Aghentain
MOYNAGH Hugh Bolies
MOYNAGH Hugh Lislane
MOYNAGH James Bolies
MOYNAGH James Mallabeney
MOYNAGH Jno. Mallabeney
MOYNAGH John Bolies
MOYNAGH John Mallabeney
MOYNAGH Samuel Bolies
MULDOON Daniel Kilnahushog
MULLAN Felix Tychany
MULLAN Patrick Kilclay
MULLEN Catherine Aughamilkin
MULLEN Daniel Carnagart
MULLEN Daniel Carnagart (one half of Out Mountain)
MULLEN Dennis Eskeragh
MULLEN James Tychany
MULLEN John Derries
MULLEN Michael Aghentain
MULLEN Michael Derries
MULLEN Patrick Aughamilkin
MULLEN Peter Derries
MULLEN Terence Mount Stewart
MULLEN Thomas Town of Clogher
MULLIGAN Edwd. Eskermore
MULLIGAN James Glenhoy
MULLIGAN James Letbeg
MULLIGAN John Annaloghan
MULLIGAN John Ballygreenan
MULLIGAN John Ballygreenan (Bog)
MULLIGAN John Glenhoy
MULLIGAN John Gortmore
MULLIGAN John Slatmore
MULLIGAN John, Junr. Belnaclogh
MULLIGAN Robt. Tullycorker
MULLIGAN William Belnaclogh
MULLIGAN William Eskernabrogue
MULLIGAN William Gortmore
MULRINE Mary Altnaveagh
MULRINE William Altnaveagh
MURDOCK William Irish Street, Augher
MURPHY Catherine Balnagoragh
MURPHY James Sessagh
MURPHY John Ranenly
MURPHY John Sessagh
MURPHY Mary Balnagoragh
MURPHY Patrick Ballyvadden
MURPHY Patrick Lislane
MURPHY Thomas Fivemiletown Tenements
MURRAY Andrew Kilrudden
NAHAN Edward Corcrevey
NEAL Hugh Cormore
NEELY Benjamin Corboe
NEELY Benjamin Lismore
NEELY George Ballymagowan
NEELY James Ballymagowan
NEELY John Town of Augher
NEELY Robt. Ballaghneed
NEELY Wm. Ballyvadden
NEIL James Augher Bog
NEIL James Irish Street, Augher
NEILL George Fernandrum
NEILSON James Townagh
NEILSON John Fivemiletown Tenements
NEILSON John Skelgagh
NEILSON William Prolisque
NEILSON William the elder Townagh
NEILSON William the second Townagh
NEILSON William the youngest Townagh
NEILSON Wm. Ballyvadden
NELSON John Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
NELSON William Cavanakirk
NELSON William Killeany
NIXON William Fernandrum
NOBLE Isabella Lislane
NORRIS William Tullybroom (Bog)
NUGENT Bryan Tamlaght
NUGENT Francis, Junr. Aghengowley
NUGENT Francis, Senr. Aghengowley
NUGENT Hugh Tamlaght
NUGENT Mary Aghengowley
NUGENT Richd. Cloneblagh
NUGENT Thos. Ballimacan
NUGENT Thos. Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
O’NEIL Ferdinand Corick
ONEILL James Lurganaglar
ONEILL Mary Ballyness
ONEILL Neill Dromore
ORNEAL John Tychany
ORNEAL John Tychany (Mountain)
ORR James Farnetra
ORR James Irish Street, Augher
ORR James Town of Augher
ORR Thomas Farnetra
ORR Thos., Junr. Irish Street, Augher
ORR William Altanarvey
ORRE Allen Prolisque
ORRE Allen Skelgagh
ORRE James Augher Bog
ORRE James Augher Tenement Fields
ORRE James Sessagh
ORRE John Augher Bog
ORRE Thos. Augher Bog
ORRE Thos., Junr. Sessagh
ORRE Thos., Senr. Irish Street, Augher
ORRE Thos., Senr. Sessagh
OWEN Francis Ballaghneed
OWENS Allan Dromore
OWENS Allen Kilnahushog
OWENS Bryan Ballyness
OWENS Christopher Dromore
OWENS Christopher Mullans
OWENS Edwd. Mount Stewart
OWENS Francis Cole
OWENS George Dromore
OWENS Margaret Cole
OWENS Mary Ballyness
OWENS Michael Cole
OWENS Teague Killygordon
PALMER William (miller) Annaganey & Divinagh
PATERSON John Lisnarable
PATERSON John (Bog) Lisnarable
PATTERSON Agnes Fernandrum
PATTERSON Francis Ranenly
PATTERSON James Taveneymore
PATTERSON John Fernandrum
PATTON James & son Mallabeney
PATTON Joseph Carntall
PATTON Joseph Carntall (for farm at Home [holme])
PAUL Samuel Eskermore
PEEBLES James, Esqre. Annagh
PEEBLES James, Esqre. Lungs
PERRY James Murley Sess
PHILIPS Owen Kilnahushog
PHILIPS Revd. James Gortmore
PHILLIPS Revd. James Ballyvadden
PORTER Anne & sons Taveneymore
PORTER James Ballyness
PORTER John Annagh
PORTER John Ballyness
PORTER John Shanco
PORTER John Shanco (portion of Mountain)
PRESTON James Ballagh
PRICE Thomas Glenageragh
PRINGLE John Cloneblagh
PRINGLE John Glenageragh
PRINGLE Robert Beltany
PRINGLE Stewart Beltany
QUIN James Beltany
QUIN Robert Town of Clogher
QUIN Robt. Ballymagowan
QUINN Daniel Cormore
RAFFERTY Cornelius Lisnarable
RAFFERTY Michael Derrynascombe
RAFFERTY Pat. Kilnahushog
RALSTON William Clarmore
RAMSAY Francis Lungs
RAMSAY John Gunnell
RAMSAY John Killicorran
RAMSAY Samuel Ballagh
RAMSAY Samuel Gunnell
RAMSAY Samuel Killicorran
RAMSAY William Gunnell
REED Alexander Screeby
REED Andrew Murley Sess
REED Isabella Glenageragh
REED Jane Glenageragh
REED John Corcrevey
REED John Eskermore
REED John Tychany
REED Joseph Annaganey & Divinagh
REED Joseph Corcrevey
REED Robert Tychany
REED Robt. Corcrevey
REED Saml. Tychany
REID John Carnagat
REID Robert Carnagat
REID Saml., Senr. Glenageragh
REILEY James Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
REILLY Edwd. Killygordon
REILLY James Killygordon
REILLY Neill Cole
RENNY Saml. Cloneblagh
RICHARDSON Widow Farnetra
RICHARDSON William Farnetra
RICHARDSON William Farnetra (Bog)
RICHEY Adam Carnahinny
RICHEY Adam Lismore
RICHEY James Clarmore
RICHEY William Carnahinny
RIGNEY John Town of Clogher
ROBINSON David Ballaghneed
ROBINSON Henry Eskermore
ROBINSON James Tatnafinnel (Murley Pickins)
ROBINSON Robert Beltany
ROBINSON Samuel Glenageragh
ROBINSON William Belnaclogh
RODGERS James Ballyness
RODGERS James Losett
RODGERS James Newry
RODGERS James Scientian
RODGERS William Losett
RODGERS William Newry
RODGERS Willm. Ballyness
RODGERS Wm. Scientian
Roman Catholic Chapel   Scientian
ROURKE Sarah Irish Street, Augher
RUSH Francis Lisnamoghery
RUSH Francis Lisnamoghery (Bog)
RUSH James Beltany
RUTLEDGE George Ballymagowan
RUTLEDGE N. Ballyscally(Inland & Mountain)
SAMPSON Fleming Aghenlark
SAWYERS James Belnaclogh
SAWYERS John & son Beltany
SCALLIN Jas. Eskernabrogue
SCANLAN Sarah Altnaveagh
SCOTT James Fivemiletown Tenements
SCOTT James (at the Mill) Fivemiletown Tenements
SCOTT John Killifaddy
SCOTT John Town of Augher
SCOTT Joseph H. Carntall
SEGARSON James Augher Bog
SEGARSON James Irish Street, Augher
SHANNON Edwd. Lislane
SHARKEY Dennis Mallabeney
SHARKEY Dominick Dromore
SHARKEY James Mallabeney
SHEILDS Charles Ballaghneed
SHEILDS Daniel Aghindarragh
SHEILDS Owen Aghindarragh
SHEPARD Elizabeth Town of Clogher (Harry Bright’s Hill)
SHEPHERD George Ballyvadden
SHERIDAN Alexander Kilnahushog
SHERIDAN Anne Car (Bog)
SHERIDAN James Cormore
SHERIDAN Mrs. Anne Town of Augher
SHERRY Francis & son Carrickavoy
SHERRY John & son Carrickavoy
SHERRY Michael Altnaveagh
SHEVLIN Francis Rehorin
SHEVLIN Henry Slatmore
SHEVLIN Jas. (Crockanany) Ballywholan (deleted)
SHEVLIN Jas. (Crockanany) Carnagart
SHEVLIN Michael Lisnamoghery
SHEVLIN Terence Ballimacan
SHEVLIN Terence Ballimacan (Out. Mountain)
SHEVLIN William Eskeragh
SHIELDS Arthur Shanco
SHIELDS Arthur Shanco (portion of Mountain)
SHORT Hugh Corick
SHORT Hugh Tullybroom
SHORT James Cormore
SIMPSON ....[?] Town of Clogher
SIMPSON Francis Rosemealan
SIMPSON James G. Lisnamoghery
SIMPSON James G. Lisnamoghery (Bog)
SIMPSON James G. Mullaghlinny
SIMPSON Thomas Drumhirk
SIMPSON Thomas Rosemealan
SIMPSON Thomas, Esqre. Lisgorran
SIMPSON Widow Drumhirk
SIMPSON William Mullaghlinny
SIMPSON William Town of Clogher
SIMPSON William (Graham) Ballymagowan
SIMPSON William (McElmeel) Ballymagowan
SIMPSON William (Owens) Ballymagowan
SKELTON Edwd. Eskeragh
SKELTON Rose Eskeragh
SKELTON Terence Eskeragh
SLEAVIN Hugh Altnaveagh
SLEVIN Bridget Dromore
SLEVIN Daniel Shantanagh
SLEVIN Patrick Annaganey & Divinagh
SMALL William Sess Moutray
SMITH James Augher Tenement Fields
SMITH James Clarmore
SMITH James Cloneblagh
SMITH James Town of Augher
SMITH John Shantanagh
SMITH Moses Carnagat
SMITH Patrick Ballyness
SMITH Philip Ballyness
SMITH Philip Cole
SMITH William Screeby
SMYTH Joseph Ballyvadden
SPARROW Edward Scientian
STARS Patrick Fernandrum
STARS Sarah Kilnahushog
STEEL Robert Annaganey & Divinagh
STEEN Elizabeth Skelgagh
STEEN George Prolisque
STEEN James Prolisque
STEEN Joseph Longridge
STEEN Margery Prolisque
STEEN Margery Skelgagh
STEEN Mary Knocknacarney
STEEN Robert Prolisque
STEEN Robert Skelgagh
STEEN Thomas Prolisque
STEWART Guy Bolies
STEWART James Bolies
STEWART James Cavanakirk
STEWART James Donaghmoyne
STEWART James Knocknacarney
STEWART James Lislane
STEWART James (Lislane) Cavanakirk
STEWART John Ballaghneed
STEWART John Cavanakirk
STEWART John Shantanagh
STEWART John (Cark) Knocknacarney
STEWART John (Donaghmoyne) Knocknacarney
STEWART John (Kirk) Knocknacarney
STEWART Joseph Prolisque
STEWART Joseph Rosemealan
STEWART Joseph Skelgagh
STEWART Martha Cavanakirk
STEWART Mary Donaghmoyne
STEWART Samuel Gurlaw
STEWART Sarah Knocknacarney
STEWART Solomon Knocknacarney
STEWART William Aghendara
STEWART William Aghentain
STEWART William Donaghmoyne
STEWART William Prolisque
STEWART William Skelgagh
STEWART William of Donaghmoyne Cavanakirk
STEWART William of Mountain Cavanakirk
STEWART William, Senr. Shantanagh
STEWART William, Junr. Shantanagh
STEWART Wm. Slatmore
STINSON George Kilclay
STINSON James Altnaveagh
STINSON Oliver Taveneymore
STINSON Robert Augher Tenement Fields
STINSON Robert Town of Augher
STINSON Robert Tully
STINSON Thos. Taveneymore
STOKES Hugh Belnaclogh
STOKES Hugh Beltany
STOKES James Augher Bog
STOKES Jas. Irish Street, Augher
STORY Doctor Ballywholan (McGregor Hill)
STORY Doctor Corick
STORY Doctor Cross Owen
STORY Doctor Drumhirk
STORY Doctor Farnetra
STRAIN Porter Ballaghneed
SWEENEY Charles Eskermore
TALLON John Lisnarable
TARLETON Rev. John Town of Clogher
TARLETON Revd. John Farnetra
TAYLOR William Dunbigin
TEAGUE Edward Lisnamoghery
TEAGUE Edward Lisnamoghery (Bog)
TEAGUE Edward Town of Augher
TEAGUE Francis Carntall
TEAGUE Francis Killifaddy
TEAGUE Francis Lisnarable
TEAGUE James Altnacarney
TEAGUE James Mullans
TEAGUE Michael Mullans
TEAGUE Peter Mullaghmore
TEAGUE Thomas Mullans
TEAGUE Thomas Town of Augher
TEIRNEY John Carnagart
TEIRNEY John Carnagart (one half of Out Mountain)
TEIRNEY John (Crocknameny) Carnagart
THOMPSON Archibald Corcrevey
THOMPSON Mary Beltany
THOMPSON Robert Town of Clogher
THOMPSON Thomas Ballyness
THOMPSON Thomas Losett
THOMPSON Wm. Ballyvadden
TODD Jane Cornamucklagh
TODD John Balnagoragh
TODD John Taveneymore
TORRENS Andrew Aghendara
TORRENS James Aghendara
TOY Owen Lurganaglar
TRACEY Edwd. Tullycorker
TRACEY Michael Tullycorker
TRACEY Morris Clarmore
TRACEY Owen Cormore
TREANOR Bernard Mount Stewart
TREANOR Bernard Slatmore
TREANOR Francis Carnagart
TREANOR Jas. (Loughanoid) Ballywholan
TREANOR John Cloonacappogue
TREANOR Owen Corboe
TREANOR Owen Cormore
TREANOR Owen Retory
TREANOR Owen Slatmore
TREANOR Patk. (Loughanoid) Ballywholan
TREANOR Patrick Carntall
TREANOR Patrick Corboe
TREANOR Terence Beltany
TREANOR Terence Killeany
TRIGGAR Lorenzo Town of Clogher
TRIMBLE Andrew Town of Clogher
TRIMBLE Andrew Town of Clogher (Meadow)
TRIMBLE Doctor Lisnamoghery (Bog)
TRIMBLE Doctor Terrew
TRIMBLE Doctor Town of Clogher
TRIMBLE George Ballagh
TRIMBLE James Ballagh
TRIMBLE James Ballimacan
TRIMBLE James Ballymagowan
TRIMBLE James Frughmore
TRIMBLE James Town of Clogher
TRIMBLE John Screeby (2 farms)
TRIMBLE John Sessagh
TRIMBLE John & sons Ballimacan
TRIMBLE Joseph Ballymagowan
TRIMBLE Joseph Carnahinny
TRIMBLE Joseph Town of Clogher
TRIMBLE Joseph Town of Clogher (for Curliss’s tenement)
TRIMBLE Robert Gortmore
TRIMBLE Robert Slatmore
TRIMBLE Robert (in Golan) Slatmore
TRIMBLE Robt. Ballagh
TRIMBLE Robt. Ballimacan
TRIMBLE Thomas Edergole or Murly Blakely
TRIMBLE Thomas Lismore
TRIMBLE Thomas Lismore (Marsh)
TRIMBLE Thomas Lismore (Plantation)
TRIMBLE Thos. Ballagh
TRIMBLE William Ballagh
TRIMBLE Wm. Gortmore
TURBOT Daniel Cormore
TURBOT David, Junr. Cormore
TURBOT David, Senr. Cormore
TURBOT Edwd. Beltany
TURBOT Edwd. Cormore
TURBOT James Cormore
TURBOT James Tamlaght
TURBOT John Cormore
TURBOT John Town of Augher
TURBOT Mary Beltany
TURBOT Patrick Cormore
TURBOT Peter Cormore
TURBOT Richard Cormore
TURBOT William Cormore
TWIGGE Doctor Mullaghlinny
VITCH Joseph Corcrevey
WADE Francis Fivemiletown Tenements
WALKER John Slatbeg
WALKER Matthew Frughmore
WALKER Robert Glenhoy
WALKER Thomas Ballygreenan
WALKER William Drumhirk
WALLACE Alexander Tullyvernan
WALLACE James Glenageragh
WALLACE James Lungs
WALLACE John Lungs
WALLACE Joseph Ballaghneed
WALLACE Joseph Eskeragh
WALLACE Joseph Letbeg
WALLACE Oliver Lisnarable
WALLACE Thomas Lisnarable
WALLACE Wm. Corcrevey
WALLS Miles & sons Lisnamoghery
WALLS Thomas Town of Augher
WALS Thomas Augher Tenement Fields
WALSH Christopher Augher Tenement Fields
WARD Daniel Mullans
WARREN Edwd. Augher Bog
WATSON James Longridge
WATSON John Tychany
WATSON Mary & sons Glenageragh
WATSON William Glenageragh
WATSON William Knockmany
WELCH Jas. Fivemiletown Tenements (garden)
WELDON James Eskernabrogue
WELDON William Eskermore
WELSH Christopher Town of Augher
WHITE Wm. Town of Augher
WHITELY James Knocknacarney
WILLIAMSON Saml. Augher Bog
WILLIAMSON Samuel Farnetra
WILLIAMSON Samuel Town of Augher
WILLIS Joshua& tenants Rehorin
WILSON Alexr. Belnaclogh
WILSON James Lurganaglar
WILSON Margaret Aghentain
WILSON Margaret Donaghmoyne
WILSON Margaret Lungs
WILSON Martha Donaghmoyne
WILSON Mary Altanarvey
WILSON Robert Fogart
WILSON Samuel Belnaclogh
WILSON Samuel Tullyvernan
WILSON Wallace Lurganaglar
WILSON Wm. Ballyvadden
WINSLOW Mary Cornamucklagh
WINSLOW Robt. Altnaveagh
WINSLOW Robt. Cornamucklagh
WISHART William Beltany
WOODS Francis Fivemiletown Tenements
WOODS Henry Fivemiletown Tenements (park)
WOODS Henry Fivemiletown Tenements (tenement)
WOODS Henry Town of Augher
WOODS John Augher Bog
WOODS John Kilclay
WOODS John & tenants Town of Augher
WOODS William Mullaghlinny
WOODS William Town of Clogher
WRIGHT Alexander Eskermore
WRIGHT Anne Caldrum
WRIGHT Joseph Newry
YOUNG Adam Glenhoy
YOUNG Catherine Kilrudden
YOUNG James Frughmore
YOUNG John Altnaveagh (two farms)
YOUNG Robert Slatmore
YOUNG William Lisnarable