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Index to the Tithe Applotment Book, Aghanunshin Parish, County Donegal, Ireland 1834

NAI Ref: TAB 7/18
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of the AGHANUNSHIN PARISH TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOK (1834), COUNTY DONEGAL forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to Aghanunshin Parish on this website can be found at the end of this file



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghalenty Ardarawer Ballyboe Lisnenan Ballyboencurragh
Ballymaleel Bogay Camblestown Castlebane
Castlewray Cornagill Deenystown Drumnaskea
Eighterross Glebe Greenhill Kiltoy
Knockybrin Lanehead Lisnanees Lower Lisnanees Upper
Loughagannon Loughnagin Magheranan Roughpark



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardrawel Arthurush Aughalenty Ballybocurragh (Lower)
Ballybocurragh (Upper) Ballyboleal Barkley’s Ballyboe Bogay
Castlebawn Castlegrove Castlewray Cornagill
Drumnaskeagh Kiltoey Knockabrin Lane Head
Lisnanees (Upper) Lisnanees Lower Loughegannon Loughnagin
Maghrekennan Oak Park Rough Park Woodland


Aghanunshin Parish, Co. Donegal. Courtesy of



Surname Given Name Townland
ALEXANDER Joseph Green Hill
ARMSTRONG Hugh Castlebawn
ARMSTRONG Widow Castlebawn
BLACKWOOD James Maghrekennan
BOGLE Joseph Cornagill
BOGLE Ralf Cornagill
BOICE John & co. Loughegannon
BOVERD [BOVAIRD] Alexander Loughnagin
BOVERD [BOVAIRD] James Loughnagin
BOVERD [BOVAIRD] Robert Loughnagin
BOVERD [BOVAIRD] Robert, Jun. Loughnagin
BOYD Rev. William Ardrawel
BOYD Rev. William Castlebawn
BOYD Rev. William Kiltoey
BROOK Mrs. Castlegrove
BROOK Mrs. Loughegannon
BUCHANNON John & partners Lisnanees (Upper)
CARLIN Neal Rough Park
CARSON Charles Loughnagin
CARSON Samuel Loughnagin
COYLE Andrew Drumnaskeagh
CRAMSEY John Ardrawel
CRAMSEY John Cornagill
CRAMSEY Neal Ardrawel
CRAWFORD William & co. Drumnaskeagh
CREARAN Anthony & brother Castlebawn
CROSSAN James Loughegannon
CROSSAN John Loughegannon
CROSSAN Widow Loughnagin
CROSSAN William Loughegannon
DEENY Michael Rough Park
DEENY Patrick Ballybocurragh (Upper)
DEENY Roger Rough Park
DEENY White Roger Rough Park
DEENY Widow Rough Park
DEENY William Rough Park
DELAP [DUNLAP] James Green Hill
DELAP [DUNLAP] John Ballybocurragh (Upper)
DELAP [DUNLAP] William Cornagill
DERMOTT John Arthurush
DOHERTY Widow Rough Park
DOOHAN John Drumnaskeagh
ELLIOTT William Loughnagin
GALLAGHER Hugh Drumnaskeagh
GAMBLE Rev. William Green Hill
GIBSON John Loughnagin
GREER Thomas Arthurush
GREGG William Kiltoey
HAMILTON [..?] Knocknabrin
HOOD Archibald Lisnanees (Lower)
HOOD Daniel & co. Drumnaskeagh
HOOD James Drumnaskeagh
HOOD William Lisnanees (Lower)
HOPKIN Benjamin Loughnagin
HOPKIN Robert Loughnagin
KERRIGAN James Drumnaskeagh
LEE James Drumnaskeagh
LOCKART Charles Ballyloleal
LOCKART Widow Ballyloleal
LUCAS [..?] Lisnanees (Lower)
MAGEE Robert Cornagill
MANSFIELD Francis, Esq. Bogay
MANSFIELD Francis, Esq. Castlewray
MANSFIELD Francis, Esq. Drumnaskeagh
MANSFIELD Francis, Esq. Lane Head
McBAY John Lisnanees (Upper)
McBAY William Lisnanees (Upper)
McCAFFERTY Nancy Loughnagin
McCLOSKY Edward Cornagill
McCLOSKY Joseph Rough Park
McCLOY Robert Ballybocurragh (Lower)
McCLOY William Drumnaskeagh
McCOACH James Cornagill
McCONNEL King Ardrawel
McDADE Patrick Loughegannon
McELHINNEY Alexander Rough Park
McELHINNEY John Loughnagin
McELHINNEY Robert Loughnagin
McELHINNEY Samuel Loughnagin
McELHINNEY Samuel (of Hill) Loughnagin
McELHINNEY Samuel, Jun. Loughnagin
McELRATH Hugh Drumnaskeagh
McELRATH William Drumnaskeagh
McFADEN James & partners Drumnaskeagh
McGETIGAN Darby Loughegannon
McGINTY John Drumnaskeagh
MILLAR Robert Green Hill
MONTGOMERY Robert Lisnanees (Upper)
MORROW James Ballybocurragh (Lower)
MORROW James Green Hill
MORROW Jonathon Ballyloleal
MORROW Widow Ballyloleal
MORROW William Drumnaskeagh
MULHOLLAND John, Jun. Rough Park
MULHOLLAND John, Sen. Rough Park
NOBLE Samuel Ballyloleal
NORRY Samuel Cornagill
O’DONNELL Arthur Loughegannon
O’DONNELL Daniel Castlebawn
O’DONNELL Hugh Castlebawn
PATTERSON Alexander Ballybocurragh (Lower)
PHILSON [..?] Lisnanees (Lower)
RAMSAY Crawford & partners Barkley’s Ballyboe
RAMSAY David & partners Barkley’s Ballyboe
RAMSAY David & partners Maghrekennan
RAMSAY William Kiltoey
RUSSEL James Kiltoey
SPEER James, Jun. Ballybocurragh (Upper)
SPEER James, Sen. Ballybocurragh (Upper)
SPEER William Ballybocurragh (Upper)
SPRATT Rev. Mr. Ballyloleal
STARRET Alexander Bogay
STARRET Alexander Drumnaskeagh
STARRET David Bogay
STARRET John Kiltoey
STARRET Widow Drumnaskeagh
STEWART Alexander Loughnagin
STEWART James Aughalenty
STEWART Jonathon Ballybocurragh (Lower)
STEWART William Aughalenty
STUART William Green Hill
TAYLOR Charles Green Hill
TAYLOR Jonathon Green Hill
TAYLOR Walter Green Hill
TONER Hugh Green Hill
TONER Michael Cornagill
WARD Hugh Arthurush
WILSON Andrew Cornagill
WILSON Mrs Bogay
WILSON William Bogay
WILSON William Lane Head
WRAY William, Esq. Cornagill
WRAY William, Esq. Knocknabrin
WRAY William, Esq. Oak Park
WRAY William, Esq. Woodland

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