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Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland Tithe Applotment Book 1825

FIN 5A/ 5
FHL Film #0258443
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Tithe was a tax on all agricultural land (originally one tenth of the produce) excepting only church lands, glebes and urban areas and was paid by leaseholders and occupiers of all religious denominations to the clergy of the Established Church of Ireland. There was growing resentment against this tax, especially by Presbyterians and Catholics, particularly in the period of distress after 1815 and the government was forced to give way and introduce the Tithe Composition Act 1823 which replaced payment in kind by payment in cash.

In order to effect this change, all agricultural land across the country was required to be surveyed and applotted, or valued. During the period 1823 to 1837, a Tithe Applotment Survey was made in each civil parish across the whole of Ireland to determine the value of tithe payable by different landholders. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment. The material was arranged by civil parish and townland in volumes known as TITHE APPLOTMENT BOOKS.

In some parishes more than one survey was taken, whilst in others the manuscript has not survived. The books for all Ireland, compiled between 1823 and 1837, are now deposited in the National Archives of Ireland, Dublin and Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI).

PRONI holds the tithe books for all but 31 of the 273 parishes then surveyed in Northern Ireland. These tithe books are arranged by townland and record the names of leaseholders, the area of their farm subject to tithe, sometimes the quality of the land and an overall valuation and occasionally the names of landlords. Researchers should be aware that cottiers who did not hold land are not recorded, and unaccountably, some types of land were passed over entirely; a field of potatoes attracted a tithe payment in one parish, but not in that adjoining.

Those researchers who are fortunate to locate a forebear in the Tithe Applotment Books may find it possible to take their research back a further generation prior to Griffiths Valuation.


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghenis Anacramp Annagh Annaghmore
Annaghroe Annaghsallagh Ards Ballagh
Ballyboy Ballyvaddy Bohard Caledon
Carricklongfield Cavanboy Crievelough Crilly
Cronghill Culligan Cumber Curlagh
Demesne Derrycourtney Derrygooly Derrykintone
Derrylappen Dromore Drumearn Drumess
Drummond Dunmacmay Dyan Edenageeragh
Enagh Finglush Glasdrummond Glenarb
Glencrew Glendavagh Glenkeen Guiness
Kedew Kilgowney Killynaul Kilmore
Kilsampson Kilsannagh Knockaginny Knockaroy
Lairakean Leagane Lismulladown Millberry
Mullaghmore East Mullaghmore West Mullaghmossagh Mullintor
Mullycarnan Mullynaveagh Mullyneill Mulnahorn
Ramacket Rehaghy Stragane Tannagh
Tannaghlane Tullyblety Tullynashane Tullyremon



Alphabetical List of Townlands in that Parish of Aughaloo comprised in the district of Caledon subject to tithing

Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghenis Anaghcramp Anaghmore Anaghroe
Annagh Annaghsallagh Ards Ballagh
Ballyboy Ballyvaddy Bohard Caledon Demesne
Carrick Cavanboy Colligan Crievelough
Crilly Cronkill Crumlin Crievelough Cumber
Curlough Derrycourtin Derrygooley Derrykintone
Derrylappen Dromore Drumeron Drummess
Drummond Dunmacmay Dyan Edenageeragh
Finglish Glassdrummond Glencrue Glendavagh
Glenkeen Guinnis Keadue Kilgowney
Killanaul Kilmore Kilsampson Kilshanagh
Knockaguinea Knocknaroy Larrakeen Legain
Lismulladown Milberry Mullacarnon Mullaghmore
Mullamore Mullamossa Mullinahorn Mullineal
Mullintor Mulnaveigh Raghahy Ramakit
Stragrone Tanaghblane Tannagh Thompson Crievelough
Town & Lands of Caledon Tullyblitty Tullygremon Tulnashane


ABRAHAM John Bohard
ABRAHAM Robert Glenkeen
ADAMS James Cavanboy
AGNEW [...?] Crilly
AGNEW Francis Knocknaroy
AGNEW James, Jun. Knocknaroy
AGNEW John Knocknaroy
AGNEW Samuel, Jun. Knocknaroy
AGNEW Samuel, Sen. Knocknaroy
AGNEW Thomas Tullyblitty
AGNEW Widow, Jun. Knocknaroy
AGNEW Widow, Sen. Knocknaroy
AKEN Thomas, Jun. Tannagh
AKEN Thomas, Sen. Tannagh
AKEN William Tannagh
ALLEN Andrew Tulnashane
ALLEN Arthur Knockaguinea
ALLEN James Tulnashane
ALLEN John Tulnashane
ALLEN Oliver Town & Lands of Caledon
ALLEN Robert Annagh
ALLEN Robert Tulnashane
ALLEN Robert, Jun. Tulnashane
ALLEN Samuel Drummess
ALLEN Samuel Town & Lands of Caledon
ALLEN Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
AMBERSON John Bohard
ANDERSON Agnes Carrick
ANDERSON Alexander Curlough
ANDERSON Anne Kilshanagh
ANDERSON Elizabeth Curlough
ANDERSON George Curlough
ANDERSON George Town & Lands of Caledon
ANDERSON James Tannagh
ANDERSON John Carrick
ANDERSON Joseph Carrick
ANDERSON Mary Curlough
ANDERSON Samuel Cronkill
ANDERSON Samuel, Jun. Carrick
ANDERSON Samuel, Sen. Carrick
ANDERSON William Glendavagh
ANDREWS Joseph Town & Lands of Caledon
ANKITILLE Roger Annaghmore
ARCHER Edward Mullamossa
ARCHER James Colligan
ARCHER James Mullamossa
ARCHER Widow S. Mullamossa
ARMSTRONG Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
ARMSTRONG William Annaghmore
ARMSTRONG William Mullinahorn
ART Owen Glendavagh
ARTHUR John Guinnis
ARTHURS John Guinnis
ATKENSON Robert Aghenis
AULD Alexander Mullineal
AULD John Mullineal
AULD William Mullineal
BAKER James Legain
BALL John Mullintor
BALMER John Derrykintone
BARNES Robert Edenageeragh
BARNS Robert Curlough
BARNS Thomas Mullinahorn
BARRET Robert Kilsampson
BARRETT Edward Derrylappen
BARRETT Robert Town & Lands of Caledon
BARRETT Thomas Derrylappen
BARRY Thomas Knocknaroy
BARTIN William Annaghsallagh
BAYLEY James Mullinahorn
BAYLEY Margaret Drumeron [Drumearn?]
BAYLEY Robert Drumeron [Drumearn?]
BAYLEY Robert Glendavagh
BAYLEY Widow Crilly
BEATY John Mullinahorn
BELL Hugh Drumeron [Drumearn?]
BELL Hugh Glencrue
BELL James Tullyblitty
BELL John Glencrue
BELL John Tullyblitty
BELL Joseph Mullinahorn
BELL Mary Drummond
BELL William Crilly
BELL William, Sen. Crilly
BELMONT Earl of Kilgowney
BELMONT Earl of Milberry
BELMORE Earl of Mullamossa
BEST Moore Mullacarnon
BLACK James Mullintor
BLACK Mary (widow) Mullintor
BLACKMORE John Raghahy
BLAYNEY Thomas Raghahy
BLOOMER Anne (widow) Finglish
BLOOMER John Dromore
BLOOMER John Finglish
BLOOMER Michael Dromore
BLOOMER Richard Finglish
BOHANNON William Mullinahorn
BOUGE [BOGUE] Owen Annaghsallagh
BOURN Bridget Thompson Crievelough
BOURN James Thompson Crievelough
BOURN John Thompson Crievelough
BOWMAN William Tullyremon
BOYCE James Crilly
BOYD James Glendavagh
BOYD Robert Glendavagh
BOYD William Glendavagh
BOYLAND Rev. Hugh Mullamore
BOYLON Edward Annaghmore
BOYS James Dyan
BOYS John Dyan
BRADY James Knocknaroy
BRADY Samuel Lismulladown
BRANNAGAN Hugh Kilshanagh
BRANNAGAN Thomas Kilshanagh
BRENAN Js. Thompson Crievelough
BRENNAN Mrs (widow) Ballagh
BRIDGE [.....?] Mullinahorn
BRIDGES Rev. Mr. Glendavagh
BROWN James Bohard
BROWN James Drumeron [Drumearn?]
BROWN James Knockaguinea
BROWN James Mullamore
BROWN James Tannagh
BROWN John Kilmore
BROWN John Knockaguinea
BROWN John Mullamore
BROWN John, Jun. Cronkill
BROWN John, Sen. Cronkill
BROWN Robert Drumeron [Drumearn?]
BROWN Robert Glenkeen
BROWN Robert Killanaul
BROWN William Aghenis
BROWN William Dyan
BRYANS Robert Kilmore
BUCHANNON John Mullaghmore
BULL William Knocknaroy
BURNS James Ballagh
BURNS Matthew Annaghsallagh
BURNS Matthew Ballagh
BURNS Thomas Knockaguinea
BURTON Henry Raghahy
BURTON Thomas Mullacarnon
BUSBY James Raghahy
BUSBY John Town & Lands of Caledon
BUTTON Robert Tullyblitty
BYRNE Elizabeth Anaghcramp
BYRNE Peter Anaghcramp
BYRNE Rev. Patrick Dunmacmay
CADOW Hugh Ballyvaddy
CADOW James Ballyvaddy
CADOW John Kilshanagh
CALDEW George Kilshanagh
CALDEW William Kilshanagh
CALDEW William, Sen. Kilshanagh
CALEDON Rt. Hon. the Earl of Caledon Demesne
CALLAGHAN James Curlough
CALLAGHAN Thomas Aghenis
CALLAGHAN Thomas Curlough
CALLAGHAN Thomas Killanaul
CAMAC Molly Edenageeragh
CAMPBELL Charles Finglish
CAMPBELL Henry Glenkeen
CAMPBELL Hugh Kilshanagh
CAMPBELL James Kilshanagh
CAMPBELL James Tanaghblane
CAMPBELL James Tannagh
CAMPBELL Jane (widow) Finglish
CAMPBELL John Finglish
CAMPBELL John Kilshanagh
CAMPBELL Moses Thompson Crievelough
CAMPBELL Rev. James Guinnis
CAMPBELL Rev. James Tulnashane
CAMPBELL Robert Finglish
CAMPBELL Robert Mullacarnon
CAMPBELL Samuel Mullacarnon
CAMPBELL Samuel Raghahy
CAMPBELL William Mullintor
CARR Robert Annagh
CARROLL Edward Carrick
CARROLL Edward Glassdrummond
CARROLL George Raghahy
CARROLL Henry Glassdrummond
CARROLL James Edenageeragh
CARROLL Jane (widow) Cavanboy
CARROLL Jane (widow) Tullyremon
CARROLL Thomas Glencrue
CARRON Bernard Cronkill
CARRON John Cronkill
CARSON John Lismulladown
CARSON William Annaghsallagh
CARTEEN Mary Town & Lands of Caledon
CARVALIN James Ballyvaddy
CASEY James Crumlin Crievelough
CASEY Jane Crumlin Crievelough
CASEY Lawrence Crievelough
CASSADY John Annagh
CAVANAGH Charles Colligan
CHAMBERS George Annaghsallagh
CHAPMAN Archibald Town & Lands of Caledon
CHAPMAN John Mullamossa
CHERRY John Glencrue
CHERRY John Raghahy
CHERRY Moses Drummond
CHERRY Moses Edenageeragh
CHERRY Robert Drummond
CHERRY Robert Edenageeragh
CLARKE Denis Derrylappen
CLARKE Elizabeth Colligan
CLARKE James Derrylappen
CLARKE William Ballagh
CLARKE William Mullacarnon
CLEMENTS Christopher Cronkill
COCHRAN Cornelius Glendavagh
COCHRAN Elizabeth, Mrs. Glenkeen
COCHRAN Mrs. Glendavagh
COLE Mrs. Mullinahorn
COLLINS Francis Aghenis
COLLINS Hugh Edenageeragh
COLLINS Margaret Town & Lands of Caledon
COLLINS William Drumeron [Drumearn?]
CONLEY Widow Derrycourtin
CONLY Bernard Mullinahorn
CONNELLY John Mullamossa
CONNER Bernard Knockaguinea
CONWAY John Curlough
COOGAN Bryan Thompson Crievelough
COOGAN James Keadue [Kedew]
COOGAN John Crievelough
COOGAN John Thompson Crievelough
COOGAN Pat. Thompson Crievelough
COOKE Charles Cumber
COOKE Hugh Drumeron [Drumearn?]
COOKE James Mullintor
COOKE John Ballagh
COOKE John Curlough
COOKE John Drumeron [Drumearn?]
COOKE William Ballagh
COOKE William Curlough
COOPER Anne Keadue [Kedew]
COOPER John Larrakeen
COOPER Samuel Mullintor
COOPER Thomas Stragrone [Stragane?]
COOPER William Keadue [Kedew]
COOPER William Larrakeen
COOPER William Stragrone [Stragane?]
CORBET Andrew Glencrue
CORBET George Drummond
CORBET George Glencrue
CORBET James Glencrue
CORRAN Sally Glassdrummond
CORRIDON Patk. Annaghmore
CORRIGAN Francis Aghenis
CORRIGAN John Aghenis
CORRIGAN Michael Aghenis
CORRY Adam Knockaguinea
CORRY James Larrakeen
COSH Hugh Annagh
COTTER William Crumlin Crievelough
COTTERAL George (schoolhouse & garden) Town & Lands of Caledon
COULTER William Mullinahorn
COULTER William, Jun. Killanaul
COWAN Grizel Tannagh
COWAN James Edenageeragh
COWAN John Tannagh
COWAN Thomas Tannagh
COX Joseph Glassdrummond
COYLE Bernard Glencrue
COYLE Bernd. Annaghsallagh
COYLE Edward Glencrue
COYLE John Glencrue
COYLE John Town & Lands of Caledon
COYLE Owen Aghenis
COYLE Richard Ballyboy
COYLE Richard Mullaghmore
COYLE Terence Mullaghmore
COYLE William Aghenis
CRAIG David Dyan
CRAWFORD Andrew Cumber
CRAWFORD George Annagh
CRIGAN John Crumlin Crievelough
CRIGAN Pat. Crumlin Crievelough
CROSS Joseph Ballyvaddy
CROZIER Adam Mullintor
CROZIER Adam Stragrone [Stragane?]
CROZIER Adam Town & Lands of Caledon
CROZIER John Mullamore
CROZIER John Tannagh
CRUGAN [CRIGAN?] John Crumlin Crievelough
CULL James Knockaguinea
CULL Lawrence Knockaguinea
CULL Peter Knockaguinea
CULL Thomas Anaghcramp
CULLEN James Town & Lands of Caledon
CULLEN Samuel Tanaghblane
CULTON James Killanaul
CULTON James Lismulladown
CULTON William Lismulladown
CUMMINS James Bohard
CUMMINS William Tanaghblane
CUNNINGHAM Felix Crumlin Crievelough
CUNNINGHAM Owen Crievelough
CUNNINGHAM Rev. Robert Annaghsallagh
CURLEY Hugh Annaghsallagh
CURREN Cornelius Crumlin Crievelough
CURREN J. Thompson Crievelough
CURREN Mary Crumlin Crievelough
CURREN Owen Crumlin Crievelough
CURRENS John Glendavagh
DAILY Lawrence Ballyvaddy
DAVIDSON Alexander Mullacarnon
DAVIDSON Anne Knocknaroy
DAVIDSON George Lismulladown
DAVIDSON James Glassdrummond
DAVIDSON James Knocknaroy
DAVIDSON James Tanaghblane
DAVIDSON James, Jun. Lismulladow
DAVIDSON John Knocknaroy
DAVIDSON John Lismulladown
DAVIDSON Joseph Carrick
DAVIDSON Susannah Lismulladown
DAVIDSON Thomas Killanaul
DAVIDSON Thomas Knocknaroy
DAVIDSON William Tanaghblane
DAWLEY [.....?] Town & Lands of Caledon
DAWLEY Denis Crievelough
DAWLEY Pat. Crumlin Crievelough
DAYLEY [.....?] Town & Lands of Caledon
DAYLEY Bernard Thompson Crievelough
DAYLEY Jeremiah Crumlin Crievelough
DAYLEY John Glassdrummond
DAYLEY Laurence Thompson Crievelough
DAYLEY Philip Crumlin Crievelough
DAYLEY Robert Glassdrummond
DELICOAT Richard Mullineal
DENNING James Town & Lands of Caledon
DERHAM John Drumeron [Drumearn?]
DERHAM Thomas Annaghsallagh
DEVELIN Francis Knockaguinea
DEVELIN James Knockaguinea
DIVINE John Knocknaroy
DIXON Anne Drumeron [Drumearn?]
DIXON Francis Kilshanagh
DIXON James Annaghmore
DIXON Jane Tannagh
DIXON John Kilshanagh
DIXON John Tannagh
DIXON Robert Dyan
DOGHERTY Daniel Drumeron [Drumearn?]
DOGHERTY Pat. Drumeron [Drumearn?]
DOHERTY Pat. Drummond
DOMARDS James Cumber
DONAGHY C. Glenkeen
DONAGHY Charles Glenkeen
DONAGHY Daniel Aghenis
DONAGHY George Mullacarnon
DONAGHY James Derrycourtin
DONAGHY James Glenkeen
DONAGHY Pat. Mullacarnon
DONAHY Daniel Ballyboy
DONAHY Edward Ballyboy
DONALDSON James Guinnis
DONALDSON James Tulnashane
DONNELLY Bryan Mullacarnon
DONNELLY Daniel Ballyvaddy
DONNELLY Edward Glenkeen
DONNELLY Hugh Glenkeen
DONNELLY James Mullinahorn
DONNELLY John Cronkill
DONNELLY John Glenkeen
DONNELLY Mary (widow) Knocknaroy
DONNELLY Mathew Ballyvaddy
DOOLADY Arthur Anaghcramp
DORAN James Annaghmore
DOUGLASS George Cumber
DOUGLASS James Cumber
DOUGLASS Mary Cumber
DOWNEY Bernard Legain
DOWNEY Bridget Carrick
DOWNEY Daniel Legain
DOWNEY James Carrick
DOWNEY James Dyan
DOWNEY Mary Town & Lands of Caledon
DOWNEY Thomas Dyan
DOWNY Michl. Town & Lands of Caledon
DRAFFEN David Tannagh
DRAIN Henry Dunmacmay
DRAIN James Dunmacmay
DRAIN Patrick Dunmacmay
DRAIN William Anaghcramp
DRENNAN John Bohard
DUFF F. Mullintor
DUFFY John Town & Lands of Caledon
DUN Bernard Mullinahorn
DUNN Arthur Annaghmore
DUNN Pat. Anaghcramp
EDDY [.....?] Town & Lands of Caledon
EDWARDS James Dyan
EDWARDS James Kilmore
EDWARDS Wilson Dyan
EVANS Henry Raghahy
FAIRLY John Raghahy
FAIRLY William Knocknaroy
FALLS Alexander Glassdrummond
FARLEY William Cumber
FARLEY William Mulnaveigh
FARMER James Knocknaroy
FARMER John Knocknaroy
FARRENDON Jane Derrycourtin
FARRENDON Joseph Town & Lands of Caledon
FERGUSON John Kilmore
FERROL Edward Mullineal
FERROLL Patrick Annaghsallagh
FINLAY David Mullinahorn
FINLAY James Mullinahorn
FINLAY Margaret Mullinahorn
FINLAY William Mullinahorn
FINNAGAN Daniel Annagh
FINNIGAN Daniel Kilgowney
FITZGERALD Pat. Mullinahorn
FLEMING David, Rev. Town & Lands of Caledon
FLEMING Hugh Mullacarnon
FLEMING John Mullacarnon
FLEMING Thomas Annaghsallagh
FLEMING William Mullacarnon
FLEMMING David, Rev. Tulnashane
FLEMMING Margaret Flemings Hill, Bohard
FLEMMING Thomas Crilly
FLOOD Patrick Knockaguinea
FOX James Killanaul
FRAIN Arthur Annaghsallagh
FRAZIER Alexander Mullinahorn
FRAZIER David Annaghsallagh
FREEMAN Thomas Raghahy
GALLAGHER John Crumlin Crievelough
GAWLEY Joseph Tanaghblane
GAWLY Andrew Derrygooley
GEDDES [.....?] Town & Lands of Caledon
GIBSON William Dromore
GILLESPIE Charles Derrylappen
GILLESPIE Francis Mullintor
GILLESPIE George Kilshanagh
GILLESPIE George Mullintor
GILLESPIE Hamilton Town & Lands of Caledon
GILLESPIE James Mullineal
GILLESPIE John Dunmacmay
GILLESPIE John Glenkeen
GILLESPIE John Mullintor
GILLESPIE Richard Dunmacmay
GILLESPIE Samuel Kilshanagh
GILLESPIE William Mullineal
GILLESPIE William Mullintor
GILMORE William Town & Lands of Caledon
GIRVAN James Mulnaveigh
GIRVAN James Tanaghblane
GIRVAN James, Sen. Tanaghblane
GIRVAN John Mulnaveigh
GIRVAN John Tanaghblane
GIRVAN Joseph Mulnaveigh
GLENN John Raghahy
GLYNN James Dunmacmay
GOE James Curlough
GOE Leonard Curlough
GOE Read Curlough
GOLDEN George, Esq. Kilgowney
GORDON James Town & Lands of Caledon
GORDON John Annaghsallagh
GOWDY Joseph Tanaghblane
GRAHAM Edward Curlough
GRAHAM George Glassdrummond
GRAHAM John Dunmacmay
GRAHAM John J. Legain
GRAHAM Thomas Knocknaroy
GRANE Hugh Annaghmore
GRANE James Annaghmore
GRIMES Catherine Annaghmore
GRIMES Hugh Annaghmore
GRIMES Thomas Kilsampson
GRIMES Thomas Tanaghblane
GUBBY James Derrylappen
GUILDERNEW Arthur Cronkill
GUILDERNEW E. Derrylappen
GUILDERNEW James Derrylappen
GUILDERNEW Neal Derrylappen
GUILDERNEW Phelemy Derrylappen
GUY George Dunmacmay
GUY James Drumeron [Drumearn?]
GUY James Edenageeragh
HACKET Francis Knockaguinea
HACKET Widow Knocknaroy
HADDEN George Cumber
HADDEN George Dromore
HADDEN James Dromore
HADDEN John Dromore
HADDEN Robert Crilly
HADDEN Robert Cumber
HADDEN Samuel Annaghsallagh
HADDEN Samuel Dromore
HADDOCK James Curlough
HADDOCK John Curlough
HADDOCK John Derrycourtin
HADDOCK John Dromore
HADDOCK John Kilgowney
HADDOCK Js. Dromore
HADDOCK Samuel Tanaghblane
HADDON James Raghahy
HAGAN James (woodman) Glenkeen
HAGAN James Annaghmore
HAGAN James (son of James, woodman) Glenkeen
HAGAN John Bohard
HAGAN Thomas Tanaghblane
HAGGAN James Cumber
HAGGAN James (forth-man) Glenkeen
HAGGAN James (Holly Man) Glenkeen
HAGGAN Pat. Knocknaroy
HAGGAN William Town & Lands of Caledon
HAGHY John Derrycourtin
HAINEY Robert Flemings Hill, Bohard
HALL Brown Legain
HALL Francis Mullamossa
HALL Henry Derrycourtin
HALL Henry Finglish
HALL James Mullamossa
HALL Jane Curlough
HALL John Crilly
HALL John Curlough
HALL John Mullamossa
HALL Thomas Curlough
HALL William Mullamossa
HALLIGAN Bryan Dromore
HALLIGAN Elizabeth Knockaguinea
HALLIGAN Henry Knockaguinea
HALLIGAN Hugh Knockaguinea
HALLIGAN John Derrycourtin
HAMILL Bryan Crievelough
HAMILL Catherine Crievelough
HAMILL Grace (widow) Annaghsallagh
HAMILL James Annaghsallagh
HAMILL John Annaghsallagh
HAMILL Patrick Annaghsallagh
HAMILL Sarah Annaghsallagh
HAMILTON James Town & Lands of Caledon
HAMILTON Pat. Mullamossa
HAMILTON Rev. A.W. Town & Lands of Caledon
HAMILTON Rev. Archd. William Town & Lands of Caledon
HAMILTON Robert Colligan
HAMILTON Robert Drumeron [Drumearn?]
HAMILTON Robert Drummond
HAMILTON William Raghahy
HAMMIL Henry Glassdrummond
HAMMILL George Knocknaroy
HAMMILL James Knockaguinea
HAMMILL P. Derrylappen
HARE James Knockaguinea
HART John Aghenis
HART William Aghenis
HARVEY James Glenkeen
HARVEY Samuel Glenkeen
HATELY [.....?] Kilsampson
HATELY Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
HAUGHEY Arthur Crumlin Crievelough
HAUGHY Catherine Crumlin Crievelough
HAYNES Andrew G. Tulnashane
HAYNES Andrew Goater, Esq. Guinnis
HAYS Samuel Town & Lands of Caledon
HAYZELTON John, Jun. Glassdrummond
HAYZELTON John, Sen. Glassdrummond
HAYZLETON Edward Tullyblitty
HEANEY Robert Mullacarnon
HEANY John Mullacarnon
HEATHERINGTON Samuel Town & Lands of Caledon
HEATHERNTON Samuel Town & Lands of Caledon
HEATLY Robert Town & Lands of Caledon
HENDERSON Alexander Mullintor
HENDERSON Anthony Cumber
HENDERSON Galbraith Town & Lands of Caledon
HENDERSON George Guinnis
HENDERSON James Glenkeen
HENDERSON James Kilmore
HENDERSON James Town & Lands of Caledon
HENDERSON John Dunmacmay
HENDERSON John Town & Lands of Caledon
HENDERSON John Town & Lands of Caledon
HENDERSON Joseph Dunmacmay
HENDERSON Marshal Glenkeen
HENDERSON Philip Derrycourtin
HENDERSON Thomas Guinnis
HENDERSON Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
HENDERSON Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
HENDERSON William Kilmore
HENDRY Hugh Carrick
HENEY Robert, Jun. Bohard
HENEY Robert, Sen. Bohard
HENRY Alexander Larrakeen
HENRY Hugh Knockaguinea
HICKLAND George Derrykintone
HIGGANS Charles Thompson Crievelough
HIGGANS Edward Mullamossa
HIGGANS John Mullamossa
HIGGANS John Raghahy
HILL George Glenkeen
HILL James Glencrue
HINCHEY William Cumber
HODGE John Mullacarnon
HODGE Robert Mullacarnon
HODGE Thomas Mullacarnon
HODGEN John Drummond
HODGEN William Drummond
HOEY John Tullyremon
HOLLAND John Crievelough
HOLLAND John Legain
HOLMES David Drummess
HOLMES David Town & Lands of Caledon
HOLMES Rev. David Annaghsallagh
HOLMES Thomas Carrick
HOLMS David Annaghsallagh
HOOEY [.....?] Glassdrummond
HOOEY Alexander Carrick
HOOEY Isaac Carrick
HOOEY James Bohard
HOOEY James Raghahy
HOOEY William Dyan
HOOEY William Kilmore
HOOEY William Kilshanagh
HOPS John Derrygooley
HOPS William Annagh
HOPS William Derrygooley
HOPS William, Sen. Derrygooley
HORNER Jackson Drummond
HORNER John Kilsampson
HORNER John Mullinahorn
HORNER Moore Edenageeragh
HORNER William Raghahy
HOTHE Widow Mullinahorn
HOTHE William, Jun. Mullinahorn
HOUGHEY Morris Derrykintone
HUGHES Anne (widow of James Hughes) Mullineal
HUGHES Anthony Crumlin Crievelough
HUGHES Arthur Guinnis
HUGHES Arthur Kilgowney
HUGHES Arthur Town & Lands of Caledon
HUGHES Bridget Cumber
HUGHES Bryan Crumlin Crievelough
HUGHES Charles Annaghsallagh
HUGHES Edward Derrylappen
HUGHES Francis Carrick
HUGHES Henry Cumber
HUGHES Henry Derrylappen
HUGHES James Ballyboy
HUGHES James Cumber
HUGHES James Curlough
HUGHES James Derrylappen
HUGHES James Town & Lands of Caledon
HUGHES James (widow) Annaghsallagh
HUGHES M. Annaghsallagh
HUGHES M. Crumlin Crievelough
HUGHES Michael Derrylappen
HUGHES Michael, Jun. Derrylappen
HUGHES Owen Knockaguinea
HUGHES Pat. Cumber
HUGHES Pat. Kilsampson
HUGHES Pat. Town & Lands of Caledon
HUGHES Robert Derrylappen
HUGHES Teague Glassdrummond
HUGHES Terence Ballyboy
HUGHES Thomas Annaghsallagh
HUGHES Thomas Crumlin Crievelough
HUNTER Joseph Town & Lands of Caledon
HUNTER Robert Mullamore
HUSSEY Edward Cronkill
HUSSEY George Bohard
HUTCHINSON James Annaghsallagh
HUTCHINSON Joseph Annaghsallagh
IRWIN Catherine (widow) Ballyvaddy
IRWIN Catherine (widow) Kilshanagh
IRWIN Elizabeth Glassdrummond
IRWIN G. Mullintor
IRWIN George Ballyvaddy
IRWIN James Ballyvaddy
IRWIN James Dyan
IRWIN James Glendavagh
IRWIN James Kilmore
IRWIN James Mullineal
IRWIN John Annaghsallagh
IRWIN John Ballyvaddy
IRWIN John Crievelough
IRWIN John Derrygooley
IRWIN John Drummess
IRWIN John Tanaghblane
IRWIN Joseph Killanaul
IRWIN Richard Cavanboy
IRWIN Richard Dromore
IRWIN Richard Dyan
IRWIN Richard Keadue [Kedew]
IRWIN Richard Stragrone [Stragane?]
IRWIN Richard Town & Lands of Caledon
IRWIN Robert Annagh
IRWIN Samuel Ballyvaddy
IRWIN Thomas Annagh
IRWIN Thomas Annaghsallagh
IRWIN Thomas Dromore
IRWIN Thomas Drummess
IRWIN Thomas Kilgowney
IRWIN Thomas Larrakeen
IRWIN Thomas Tanaghblane
IRWIN Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
IRWIN Thomas, Jun. Drummess
IRWIN Thomas, Jun. Tanaghblane
IRWIN Tom Kilsampson
IRWIN William Ballyvaddy
IRWIN William Edenageeragh
IRWIN William Thompson Crievelough
IRWIN William Town & Lands of Caledon
JACKSON D. Glenkeen
JEMMISON Thomas Carrick
JENKINSON David Tannagh
JENKINSON George Tannagh
JENKINSON James Legain
JENKINSON Margaret Tannagh
JENKINSON William Tannagh
JOHNSTON David Finglish
JOHNSTON James Ballyvaddy
JOHNSTON James Crumlin Crievelough
JOHNSTON James Thompson Crievelough
JOHNSTON John Dromore
JOHNSTON John Finglish
JOHNSTON John Mullacarnon
JOHNSTON John Town & Lands of Caledon
JOHNSTON Margaret (widow) Ballyvaddy
JOHNSTON Robert Ballyvaddy
JOHNSTON Samuel Mullineal
JOHNSTON William Ballyvaddy
JOHNSTON William Mullineal
JONES Anne Drummond
JONES Ezekiel Edenageeragh
JONES James Mullinahorn
JONES John (widow) Mullinahorn
JORDAN John Glassdrummond
JOYCE Edward Derrylappen
KANE Thomas Drummess
KEENAN [....?] Aghenis
KEENAN Philip Tanaghblane
KEENAN Philip, Mr. Edenageeragh
KEENAN Terence Derrykintone
KELLY Elizabeth Tannagh
KELLY Henry Annaghsallagh
KELLY Hugh Anaghcramp
KELLY Hugh Tannagh
KELLY James Raghahy
KELLY James Tanaghblane
KELLY Neil Cronkill
KELLY Pat. Raghahy
KELLY Thomas Cronkill
KELLY Thomas Kilshanagh
KELLY Thomas Knocknaroy
KELLY William Tannagh
KENNEDY Hugh Annaghsallagh
KENNEDY Hugh Cumber
KERNEY John Kilmore
KERR [....?] Annagh
KERR Alexander Cumber
KERR Alexander Cumber
KERR Alexander Mullacarnon
KERR Edward Derrykintone
KERR James Legain
KERR James Tannagh
KERR James Town & Lands of Caledon
KERR John Drummond
KERR John Larrakeen
KERR John Tannagh
KERR Oliver Cumber
KERR Patt. Cronkill
KERR Rev. John Cumber
KERR Robert Cumber
KETTER Francis Annaghsallagh
KILLEEN George Tanaghblane
KILLEN [.....?] Tannaghblane
KIMMONS James Tullyblitty
KINCADE James Knocknaroy
KINCADE Robert Knocknaroy
KING James Glenkeen
KING Robert Mullineal
KINKADE William Knocknaroy
KIRK John Cumber
KIRKLAND John Carrick
KYLE William Drumeron [Drumearn?]
LAIRD John Glencrue
LATIMER George Town & Lands of Caledon
LATIMER John Town & Lands of Caledon
LATTIN Hugh Carrick
LAVERY Andrew Dunmacmay
LAVERY James Dunmacmay
LEE George Curlough
LEE James Tanaghblane
LEE James, Sen. Tanaghblane
LEE Jeremiah Kilmore
LEE John Ballyvaddy
LEE John Glenkeen
LEE John Knocknaroy
LEE Johnston Tanaghblane
LEE Robert Tanaghblane
LEE Samuel Tanaghblane
LEE Thomas Curlough
LEES Samuel Tanaghblane
LEGGATE George Tullyblitty
LENNON Hugh Cumber
LESLIE James Mullineal
LESLIE M. (widow) Cumber
LETTY John Drummond
LEWES Sarah Kilgowney
LEWIS Sarah Town & Lands of Caledon
LEYGETTE George Cumber
LEYGETTE George Cumber
LINDSAY Elizabeth Kilsampson
LINN A. Dunmacmay
LINN Anne Town & Lands of Caledon
LINN George Dunmacmay
LITTLE James Knocknaroy
LITTLE Samuel Knocknaroy
LITTLE Thomas Crilly
LITTLE William Knocknaroy
LIVINGSTON Henry Ballagh
LOUGHEAD Timothy Glencrue
LOUGHEAD Timothy Legain
LOUGHRAN William Crumlin Crievelough
LOWRY James Drumeron [Drumearn?]
LUNDY William Kilmore
MABLE John Raghahy
MACAN James, Jun. Knocknaroy
MACAN Michael Crumlin Crievelough
MACAN Murtagh Knocknaroy
MACAN Peter Thompson Crievelough
MACAN Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
MACHESNEY James Mullineal
MACHESNEY Samuel Mullineal
MAGARITY John Knocknaroy
MAGEE Hugh Mullacarnon
MAGEE John Drummess
MAGILL Charles Crievelough
MAGILL Joseph Annaghsallagh
MAGILL Joseph Lismulladown
MAGILL Patrick Crievelough
MAGIN Hugh Annaghmore
MAGINLY John Derrycourtin
MAGINN James Ballyvaddy
MAGUIRE Hugh Aghenis
MAGUIRE James Anaghcramp
MAGUIRE Pat. Aghenis
MAGUIRE Widow Ballagh
MAHAFFY Andrew Larrakeen
MALLOY James Dromore
MARSHAL James Cumber
MARSHALL Charles Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Cornelius Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Edward Drummess
MARSHALL Edward Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Elizabeth Tullyblitty
MARSHALL Francis Drummess
MARSHALL Francis Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Henry Curlough
MARSHALL Henry Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Huggans Annagh
MARSHALL Huggans Kilgowney
MARSHALL Huggans Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL James Tanaghblane
MARSHALL John Cumber
MARSHALL John Killanaul
MARSHALL John Mulnaveigh
MARSHALL John Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Joseph Carrick
MARSHALL Joseph Cumber
MARSHALL Mathew Carrick
MARSHALL Mrs. Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Robert Cumber
MARSHALL Thomas Carrick
MARSHALL Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
MARSHALL Timothy Guinnis
MARSHALL William Kilmore
MARTIN Francis Glassdrummond
MARTIN Margaret Mullinahorn
MARTIN Stewart Mullinahorn
MARTIN Stuart Drummond
MARTIN Widow Drummond
MATHEWS Sarah Town & Lands of Caledon
MAXWELL Adam Tulnashane
MAXWELL William Annagh
MAYNE Nathaniel, Mr. Raghahy
MAYNE William, Esq. Glassdrummond
McADAM Alexander Raghahy
McALEER Owen Glenkeen
McALIN John Mullacarnon
McALIN Neil Mullacarnon
McANALIN Edward Annaghsallagh
McANALLEN Francis Guinnis
McANALLEN Henry Guinnis
McANALLY James Town & Lands of Caledon
McANALLY Tole Annaghsallagh
McANALLY Tully Crumlin Crievelough
McANANLIN J. Tanaghblane
McANESPIE John Colligan
McANESPIE Robert Colligan
McANESPIE Thomas Colligan
McANNALLIN Mary (widow) Mullacarnon
McAREE James Anaghcramp
McAREE James Mullamossa
McAREE John Mullamossa
McAULEY Henry Knockaguinea
McAVIN John Derrycourtin
McBRIEN James Knockaguinea
McBRIEN John Knockaguinea
McCABE Robert Kilshanagh
McCAFFERY Alexander Town & Lands of Caledon
McCAIN John Legain
McCALL James Crumlin Crievelough
McCALLEN James Annaghsallagh
McCAMEY Robert Drumeron [Drumearn?]
McCAMEY Robert Glendavagh
McCAN Daniel Thompson Crievelough
McCAN James Thompson Crievelough
McCAN Pat. Crumlin Crievelough
McCANN [....?] Carrick
McCANN Pat. Annaghmore
McCANN Pat. Carrick
McCASLAND George Town & Lands of Caledon
McCLEERY George Cumber
McCLEERY Hugh Cumber
McCLEERY John Cumber
McCLEERY Robert Anaghcramp
McCLEERY Robert Bohard
McCLEERY Samuel Anaghcramp
McCLEERY William Cumber
McCLELAND James Guinnis
McCLELLAND James Town & Lands of Caledon
McCLELLAND James Tulnashane
McCLINTON Elizabeth Drummond
McCLUSKEY James Mulnaveigh
McCLUSKY Pat. Mulnaveigh
McCONNELL Bell Mullaghmore
McCONNELL Samuel Mullaghmore
McCORMICK Charles Raghahy
McCORMICK Henry Knockaguinea
McCORMICK Henry Ramakit
McCOURTNEY James Colligan
McCREEDY Bartholomew Derrylappen
McCREELY Peter Cavanboy
McCREERY Alexander Tullyblitty
McCREERY Robert Mullinahorn
McCRUDDEN James Lismulladown
McCUDDEN John Mullintor
McCUE James Kilshanagh
McCUE Luke Ballyvaddy
McCULLA John Derrycourtin
McCULLAGH James Drummond
McDONNELL Charles Mullaghmore
McDONNELL J. Crumlin Crievelough
McELDON John Cronkill
McGAUGHY Joseph Dunmacmay
McGEE James Mullinahorn
McGEE John Dunmacmay
McGEE John Larrakeen
McGEE Jonathan Mullinahorn
McGEE Robert Colligan
McGEE Robert Mullinahorn
McGILLEN Thomas Legain
McGINLEY Harry Ballyboy
McGINLEY Pady. Ballyboy
McGINN Robert Dunmacmay
McGINNIS Robert Ballyvaddy
McGIRR Francis Cronkill
McGIRR Pat. Mullamossa
McGIRR Terence Knockaguinea
McGLONE B. Dromore
McGLOUGHLAND Terence Kilshanagh
McGOFFIN Christian Cumber
McGOFFIN James Cumber
McGORMAN William Annaghsallagh
McGOUCAN John Guinnis
McGOUGH Bryan Edenageeragh
McGOUGH Ellenor Cronkill
McGOUGH Hugh Colligan
McGOUGH Hugh Derrykintone
McGOUGH Terence Colligan
McGOUGH William Colligan
McGOUGH William Derrykintone
McGOWAN Joseph Tanaghblane
McGRONAN Daniel Crumlin Crievelough
McGRONAN James Crumlin Crievelough
McGRONAN John Crievelough
McGRONAN John Crumlin Crievelough
McGRONAN P. Thompson Crievelough
McGRONAN Pat. Crumlin Crievelough
McGRONAN Paul Crumlin Crievelough
McGRONAN Paul Derrylappen
McGRONAN Thomas Crumlin Crievelough
McGUFFIN George Mullacarnon
McGUFFIN Mathew Lismulladown
McGUFFIN Mathew Mullacarnon
McGUFFIN Moses Lismulladown
McGUIGAN Bryan Mullineal
McGUIGAN Catherine (widow of John) Crumlin Crievelough
McGUIGAN D. Crumlin Crievelough
McGUIRE Hugh Knockaguinea
McGUIRE Jane (widow) Knockaguinea
McGUIRE Joseph Knockaguinea
McGUIRE Philip Anaghcramp
McGUIRE Philip Annaghsallagh
McGURK John Knockaguinea
McKENNA Andrew Glencrue
McKENNA Art. Crilly
McKENNA Bernard Anaghcramp
McKENNA Bryan Anaghcramp
McKENNA Bryan Annaghsallagh
McKENNA Catherine Anaghcramp
McKENNA Catherine Glencrue
McKENNA Charles Aghenis
McKENNA Charles Dunmacmay
McKENNA Charles Tulnashane
McKENNA Edward Dunmacmay
McKENNA Felix Derrykintone
McKENNA Hugh Anaghcramp
McKENNA Hugh Dunmacmay
McKENNA Hugh Dunmacmay
McKENNA Hugh Mullinahorn
McKENNA James Anaghcramp
McKENNA James Dunmacmay
McKENNA James Knockaguinea
McKENNA James Mullinahorn
McKENNA John Anaghcramp
McKENNA John Dromore
McKENNA John Mullacarnon
McKENNA John Thompson Crievelough
McKENNA Mary Knockaguinea
McKENNA Michael Knockaguinea
McKENNA Owen Crilly
McKENNA P. Thompson Crievelough
McKENNA Pat. Drummond
McKENNA Pat. Dunmacmay
McKENNA Pat. Knockaguinea
McKENNA Pat. Raghahy
McKENNA Pat. Thompson Crievelough
McKENNA Patrick Anaghcramp
McKENNA Patrick Knockaguinea
McKENNA Peter Annaghmore
McKENNA Peter Crilly
McKENNA Peter Drumeron [Drumearn?]
McKENNA Peter Dunmacmay
McKENNA Phelemy Dunmacmay
McKENNA Robert Drummond
McKENNA Samuel Drumeron [Drumearn?]
McKENNA Samuel Mullintor
McKENNA Terence Annaghmore
McKENNA Terence Dunmacmay
McKENNA William Curlough
McKENNY William Ballagh
McKEON James Kilshanagh
McKEW [.....?] Glencrue
McKEW Catherine (widow) Kilmore
McKEW Thomas Kilmore
McKIGNEY Felix Kilmore
McKIGNEY John Kilmore
McKINNY William Glendavagh
McKOWN Elizabeth (widow of Moses McKown) Mullintor
McKOWN George Mullintor
McKOWN John Mullineal
McLDOWN Edward Crumlin Crievelough
McLDOWN Hugh Derrylappen
McLDOWN John Derrylappen
McLROY Hugh Kilmore
McLROY John Kilmore
McMAHON Edward Aghenis
McMAHON James Cronkill
McMAHON John Anaghcramp
McMAHON Owen Cronkill
McMAHON Owen Mullinahorn
McMAHON Pat. Anaghcramp
McMAHON Pat. Raghahy
McMAHON Patrick Edenageeragh
McMAHON Richard Raghahy
McMANUS John Cumber
McMASTERS Daniel Mullineal
McMASTERS James Edenageeragh
McMASTERS John Edenageeragh
McMASTERS Tagart Edenageeragh
McMASTERS William Mullineal
McMICHAEL James Tannagh
McMITCHELL Daniel Crievelough
McMITCHELL David Crievelough
McMITCHELL James Drummond
McMITCHELL John Crievelough
McMITCHELL Robert Crievelough
McMITCHELL Robert Drummond
McMORRER Nichs. Anaghcramp
McMULLAN James Mullamossa
McMULLAN John Carrick
McMULLAN John Legain
McMULLEN Sarah Town & Lands of Caledon
McMULLON James Ballyboy
McMULLON Peter Ballyboy
McNALLY Felix Crumlin Crievelough
McNALLY Philimy Ballyvaddy
McNALLY Tally Crievelough
McNALLY Tully Crumlin Crievelough
McNALLY William Ballyvaddy
McNAMEE Cornelius Town & Lands of Caledon
McNAMEE Robert Colligan
McNEALEN Francis Thompson Crievelough
McNEALEN Henry Thompson Crievelough
McNEILLY Tully Crumlin Crievelough
McPHARSON James Anaghcramp
McPHERSON Owen Anaghcramp
McPIKE John Glassdrummond
McPIKE William Glassdrummond
McQUADE John Derrykintone
McQUADE John Town & Lands of Caledon
McQUADE Mary Annaghmore
McQUADE Peter Annaghmore
McQUADE Rose Anne Annaghmore
McQUADE William Town & Lands of Caledon
McSHANE Edward Aghenis
McSHANE Owen Mullamossa
McTAMNEY Owen Crievelough
McVEAGH Denis Aghenis
McVEAGH Edward Tullyremon
McVEAGH Pat. Aghenis
McVEAGH Peter Knocknaroy
McWILLIAMS George Dyan
McWILLIAMS George Lismulladown
McWILLIAMS George Mullaghmore
McWILLIAMS James Mullinahorn
McWILLIAMS John Mullaghmore
McWILLIAMS Moore Edenageeragh
McWILLIAMS William Lismulladown
MEALON Henry Legain
MEANS A. Edenageeragh
MELLION Daniel Crievelough
MELLION Pat. Crievelough
MELLON Henry Tannagh
MELLON Michael Derrylappen
MELLON Neil Town & Lands of Caledon
MELLON Thomas Tullyblitty
MENEELEY Hugh Glendavagh
MENEELEY Widow & son Glendavagh
MERCER H. Finglish
MERCER Henry Dromore
MERCER Henry Raghahy
MERCER James Finglish
MERCER John Finglish
MERCER Richard Finglish
MERCER Robert Annaghsallagh
MERCER Robert Dromore
MERCER Robert Finglish
MERCER Robert Killanaul
MERCER Robert Mullintor
MERCER Robert, Jun. Finglish
MERCER Robert, Sen. Finglish
MERCER William Guinnis
MERRY Hugh Town & Lands of Caledon
MERRY John Derrycourtin
MILLAGAN John Town & Lands of Caledon
MILLAKAN James Kilshanagh
MILLAR Anne Crievelough
MILLAR Frances Flemings Hill, Bohard
MILLAR George Crievelough
MILLAR Joseph Keadue [Kedew]
MILLAR Widow Mullinahorn
MILLIKEN J. Tanaghblane
MILLON James Town & Lands of Caledon
MITCHEL James Mullinahorn
MOFFET William Edenageeragh
MONAGHAN Edward Raghahy
MONEY William Legain
MONTGOMERY Adam Glendavagh
MONTGOMERY Adam Mullinahorn
MONTGOMERY James Drummond
MOONEY John Legain
MOONEY William Crumlin Crievelough
MOORE [....?] Flemings Hill, Bohard
MOORE Edward, Esq. Glassdrummond
MOORE Hugh, Esq. Mullinahorn
MOORE Janes Derrycourtin
MOORE John Knockaguinea
MOORE John, Esq. Drumeron [Drumearn?]
MOORE John, Esq. Drummond
MOORE John, Esq. Mullinahorn
MOORE Leslie Town & Lands of Caledon
MOORE Robert Glenkeen
MOORE Samuel Knockaguinea
MOORE Thomas Drummess
MOORE Thomas Keadue [Kedew]
MOORE Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
MOORE William Keadue [Kedew]
MORGAN Richard Aghenis
MORRIS Stewart Town & Lands of Caledon
MORRISON Jane, Mrs. Glenkeen
MORRISON John Knocknaroy
MORRISON Robert Bohard
MORRISON William Bohard
MORROW Charles Dromore
MORROW James Dromore
MORROW John Dromore
MORROW Robert Crumlin Crievelough
MORROW Robert Dromore
MORROW Robert Dunmacmay
MORROW Robert Glendavagh
MORROW Thomas Drummess
MORROW William Dunmacmay
MORROW William Tullyblitty
MORTON Charles Glendavagh
MORTON David Guinnis
MORTON John Glendavagh
MORTON William Tulnashane
MOSMAN John Crumlin Crievelough
MOSMAN John Legain
MOSMAN John Mullacarnon
MOY John Tanaghblane
MULLAN Anne Ballyboy
MULLAN Bryan Anaghcramp
MULLAN Frank Ballyboy
MULLAN Henry Mullaghmore
MULLAN James Mullaghmore
MULLAN Owen Mullaghmore
MULLAN Sally Ballyboy
MULLIGAN Andrew Keadue [Kedew]
MULLIGAN James Carrick
MULLIGAN James Knocknaroy
MULLIGAN Joseph Keadue [Kedew]
MULLON Francis Derrylappen
MULLON James Anaghcramp
MULLON Pat. Edenageeragh
MULLON Philemy Annaghmore
MURPHY Bridget Knocknaroy
MURPHY Charles Legain
MURPHY Elizabeth Ballyboy
MURPHY Hugh Knocknaroy
MURPHY John Knocknaroy
MURPHY Pat. Edenageeragh
MURPHY Pat. Raghahy
MURPHY Terence Knocknaroy
MURPHY Thomas Legain
MURPHY William Ballyboy
MURRAY James Aghenis
MURRAY John Mullamoss
MURRAY Owen Mullinahorn
MURRAY Robert Glendavagh
MURRAY Robert Glenkeen
MURRAY William Crilly
MURROUGH Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
NEAL Michael Town & Lands of Caledon
NEILL James Aghenis
NEILSON Alexander Kilshanagh
NEILSON Arthur Glencrue
NEILSON James Cronkill
NEILSON John Kilshanagh
NEILSON Sarah (widow) Kilshanagh
NEILSON William Ballyvaddy
NIMMONS John Kilshanagh
NIMMONS William Kilshanagh
NIXON John Tannagh
NORRIS Charles Knockaguinea
NORRIS Charles Town & Lands of Caledon
NORRIS Elinor Town & Lands of Caledon
NORRIS Oliver Annagh
NORRIS Oliver Derrygooley
NORRIS Oliver Drummess
NORRIS Oliver Kilgowney
NORRIS Oliver Knockaguinea
NORRIS Oliver Larrakeen
NORRIS Oliver Milberry
NORRIS Oliver Tanaghblane
NORRIS Oliver Town & Lands of Caledon
NORRIS Stewart Town & Lands of Caledon
O’DONNALD Mary (widow) Derrylappen
O’DONNELL Constantine Derrylappen
O’HARE Denis Anaghcramp
O’HARE Denis Mullamossa
O’HARE Francis Knockaguinea
O’HARE Henry Mullamossa
O’HARE James Mullintor
O’NEILL Con. Glenkeen
O’NEILL Francis Mullinahorn
O’NEILL Henry Knockaguinea
O’NEILL Hugh Carrick
O’NEILL John Glenkeen
O’NEILL Michael Town & Lands of Caledon
O’NEILL Roger Legain
OLIVER Anne Lismulladown
OLIVER Arthur Edenageeragh
OLIVER James Dyan
OLIVER James Killanaul
OLIVER James Lismulladown
OLIVER Jeremiah Lismulladown
OLIVER John Annagh
OLIVER John Larrakeen
OLIVER Mark Annaghsallagh
OLIVER Robert Lismulladown
OLIVER Robert Mullacarnon
OLIVER Robert, Jun. Annaghsallagh
OLIVER Robert, Sen. Annaghsallagh
OLIVER Sarah Lismulladown
OLIVER William Lismulladown
ORR Thomas Annaghsallagh
PARKINSON Jane Derrykintone
PEARSON William Tanaghblane
PEEBLES [....?] Flemings Hill, Bohard
PETTIGREW [.....?] Knockaguinea
PETTIGREW George, Esq. Edenageeragh
PETTIGREW James, Mrs. Crilly
PETTIGREW Robert, Esq. Dunmacmay
PETTIGREW William, Esq. Crilly
PETTIGREW William, Esq. Glendavagh
PIPES Hugh Annagh
POTTER Alexander Town & Lands of Caledon
POTTER Elizabeth Ards
POTTER Jackson Ards
POTTER James Ards
POTTER John Ards
POTTER Joseph Knocknaroy
POTTER Robert Ards
POTTER Robert Ards
POTTER Robert Curlough
POTTER Robert Tullyblitty
POTTER Robert, Sen. Ards
POTTER Thomas Annaghsallagh
POTTER Thomas Ards
PRICHARD Thomas Knockaguinea
PRINGLE Alexander Killanaul
PRINGLE Alexander Mulnaveigh
PRINGLE Alexander Tanaghblane
PRINGLE Hamilton Town & Lands of Caledon
PRINGLE Hamilton Tulnashane
PRINGLE John Town & Lands of Caledon
PRINGLE John, Esq. Annaghroe
PRINGLE John, Esq. Kilgowney
PRINGLE John, Esq. Kilsampson
PRINGLE John, Esq. Town & Lands of Caledon
PRINGLE Mary Town & Lands of Caledon
PRINGLE William Town & Lands of Caledon
QUIGLEY Charles Ballagh
QUIGLEY William Ballagh
QUINE Joseph Cavanboy
QUINE Margaret Annaghsallagh
QUINE Mary Crumlin Crievelough
QUINE Thos. Town & Lands of Caledon
QUINNE William Glassdrummond
RANSAND Henry Town & Lands of Caledon
RAVERTY Bridget Crievelough
RAVERTY Catherine Crievelough
RAVERTY Daniel Knocknaroy
RAVERTY Owen Crievelough
RAY George Town & Lands of Caledon
RAY George Tulnashane
RAYNEY James Glassdrummond
READ John Crievelough
REED Andrew Edenageeragh
REED John Edenageeragh
REED Mary (widow) Kilmore
REED Robert Glencrue
REED William Glencrue
REILLY Alexander Colligan
REILLY Cornelius Kilsampson
REILLY Cornelius Thompson Crievelough
REILLY Cornelius Town & Lands of Caledon
REILLY Hugh Dunmacmay
RICHARDSON Alexander Legain
RICHARDSON Charles, Captain Glencrue
RICHARDSON William Drummond
RIDDLE Robert Dunmacmay
RITE [WRIGHT] William Keadue [Kedew]
ROBERTS Thomas Ballagh
ROBERTS Thomas Curlough
ROBINSON Andrew Cumber
ROBINSON Henry Cumber
ROBINSON Hugh Raghahy
ROBINSON James Cumber
ROBINSON John Cumber
ROBINSON Joseph Tanaghblane
ROBINSON Samuel Colligan
ROBINSON Samuel Town & Lands of Caledon
ROBINSON Thomas Raghahy
RODGERS Henry Knockaguinea
ROGERS James Dromore
ROGERS James Drumeron [Drumearn?]
ROGERS James Finglish
ROGERS Robert Drummond
RULE James Town & Lands of Caledon
RULE John Drummess
RULE John Guinnis
RULE John Town & Lands of Caledon
RUSH Thomas Derrykintone
RUTHERFORD Elizabeth Mullintor
RUTHERFORD Mary (widow of John Rutherford) Mullineal
RUTHERFORD Mary (widow) Mullintor
RUTHERFORD Thomas Mullintor
SALLY John Glendavagh
SALLY Samuel Carrick
SCOTT Archibald Mullintor
SCOTT Arthur Dunmacmay
SCOTT Hugh Dunmacmay
SCOTT Hugh Tullyblitty
SCOTT James Glenkeen
SCOTT John Glenkeen
SCOTT Robert Dunmacmay
SCOTT Thomas Kilshanagh
SCOTT William Kilshanagh
SCOTT William Town & Lands of Caledon
SHAW Samuel Kilsampson
SHEILDS John Glenkeen
SHEILDS Mark Glenkeen
SHEILDS Robert Colligan
SHEILDS Thomas Glenkeen
SHEILDS William Colligan
SHEILDS William Kilmore
SHEPHERD Joseph Glassdrummond
SHERRIDAN Bryan Ballyboy
SHERRIDAN David Aghenis
SHERRIDAN John Ballyboy
SHERRIDAN Richard Ballyboy
SHERRIDAN William Aghenis
SHERRY Barnaby Dunmacmay
SHERRY Owen Dunmacmay
SHERRY Pat. Annaghsallagh
SIMPSON Edward Anaghcramp
SIMPSON Edward Knockaguinea
SIMPSON James Kilmore
SIMPSON James Mullintor
SIMPSON Jane (widow) Ballagh
SIMPSON William Knocknaroy
SINGLETON Thomas, Esq. Annaghmore
SLAIN Patrick Town & Lands of Caledon
SLATER John Glassdrummond
SLOAN Alexander Mullamore
SLOAN David Raghahy
SLOAN Francis Carrick
SLOAN James Kilshanagh
SLOAN John Legain
SLOAN Mary Kilshanagh
SLOAN William Carrick
SMALLEN Bryan Anaghcramp
SMITH Daniel B. Crilly
SMITH George Mullinahorn
SMITH James Knocknaroy
SMITH James Mullinahorn
SMITH James Tannagh
SMITH Mary Town & Lands of Caledon
SMITH Nathaniel Tannagh
SMITH Robert Mullinahorn
SMITH William Mullinahorn
SMYTHE Thomas Knocknaroy
STEEN David Glenkeen
STEENE William Cumber
STERLING Thomas Tannagh
STEWART James Knockaguinea
STEWART John Mullintor
STEWART Robert Tanaghblane
STOCKDALE Richard Raghahy
STRICKLAND Thomas Town & Lands of Caledon
STRINGER Robert Kilshanagh
STRUTT Robert Ramakit
SWAN Thomas Ballagh
SWAN Thomas Curlough
TAGGART William Annaghsallagh
TAGGART William Crievelough
TAKER William Town & Lands of Caledon
TEGGART Joseph Legain
THOMPSON William Thompson Crievelough
TOOLE John Tannagh
TRAYNOR James Crumlin Crievelough
TRAYNOR William Mullinahorn
TRIMBLE James Thompson Crievelough
TROTTER Adam Glenkeen
TROTTER Alexander Bohard
TROTTER Alexander Legain
TROTTER James Tannagh
TROTTER John Bohard
TRUSDALE Samuel Knocknaroy
VANNY William Keadue [Kedew]
VARNETT [BARNETT] Robert Glendavagh
WALKER Elinor (widow) Annaghsallagh
WALKER Jane Tannagh
WALKER John Bohard
WALKER Thomas Glendavagh
WALKER Thomas Tannagh
WALL James, Sen. Ballyboy
WALLACE Andrew Ballagh
WALLACE John Carrick
WALLACE John Flemings Hill, Bohard
WALLACE Rachel Ballagh
WALLACE Thomas Carrick
WARD Philip Cavanboy
WARDEN Hugh Kilshanagh
WARDEN Hugh’s widow Kilshanagh
WARDEN Isabella, Mrs. (widow) Tullyremon
WATERS John Legain
WATSON Christopher Dunmacmay
WATSON John Dunmacmay
WATT James, Sen. Aghenis
WATTERS Robert Legain
WATTERSON William Lismulladown
WAUGH Robert Annaghsallagh
WEAVER Andrew Derrykintone
WHITE A. (widow) Annaghsallagh
WHITE George Derrykintone
WHITE George Town & Lands of Caledon
WHITSIDE James Cavanboy
WHITTON John Drumeron [Drumearn?]
WHITTON Nicholas Drummond
WHITTON Nicholas Mullinahorn
WILKEN David Dromore
WILKEN John Ramakit
WILKEN William Town & Lands of Caledon
WILKENS David Finglish
WILKENS David Ramakit
WILKENS David, Sen. Ramakit
WILKENS Elizabeth Ramakit
WILKENS William Town & Lands of Caledon
WILKINS Elizabeth Knockaguinea
WILKINS John Knockaguinea
WILLIAMS John Town & Lands of Caledon
WILLIAMSON James Carrick
WILLIAMSON James Kilshanagh
WILLIAMSON John (widow) Mullinahorn
WILLIAMSON Joseph Kilmore
WILLIAMSON Mary Kilshanagh
WILLIAMSON Sarah (widow) Kilshanagh
WILLIAMSON Thomas Ballyboy
WILSON Agnes Dyan
WILSON Anne Kilmore
WILSON Bernard Cumber
WILSON Hugh Dyan
WILSON Hugh Kilmore
WILSON Isaac Kilmore
WILSON James Dyan
WILSON James Glassdrummond
WILSON James Legain
WILSON James Mullintor
WILSON Jane Kilmore
WILSON John Glassdrummond
WILSON John Glendavagh
WILSON John Kilshanagh
WILSON Joseph Crievelough
WILSON Matty Glassdrummond
WILSON Rev. James Ards
WILSON Rev. Thomas Ards
WILSON Robert Dyan
WILSON Robert Mullinahorn
WILSON Samuel Kilmore
WILSON Thomas Annaghsallagh
WILSON Thomas Cumber
WILSON Thomas Glenkeen
WILSON Thomas, Jun. Cumber
WILSON Vernard [Bernard?] Cumber
WILSON William Carrick
WILSON William Cumber
WILSON William Derrygooley
WILSON William Dyan
WILSON William Glendavagh
WILSON William Kilshanagh
WILSON William Knocknaroy
WILSON William Tannagh
WINCHEY Reed Mullinahorn
WINCHEY William Mullinahorn
WOOD Catherine (widow) Drummess
WOODS Catherine (widow) Kilsampson
WOODS Catherine (widow) Town & Lands of Caledon
WOODS John Kilmore
WOODS John Town & Lands of Caledon
WOODS Owen Anaghcramp
WOODS Pat. Knockaguinea
WRIGHT Charles Tullyblitty
WRIGHT David Kilmore
WRIGHT David Kilshanagh
WRIGHT Francis Ballyvaddy
WRIGHT Francis Kilmore
WRIGHT James Town & Lands of Caledon
WRIGHT John Keadue [Kedew]
WRIGHT John Kilmore
WRIGHT Joseph, Jun. Kilmore
WRIGHT Joseph, Sen. Kilmore
WRIGHT Robert Kilshanagh
WRIGHT Robert Lismulladown
WRIGHT William Kilmore
WRIGHT William Kilshanagh
WRIGHT William Town & Lands of Caledon
WRITE George Town & Lands of Caledon