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Taylor Genealogy Notes, Co. Donegal, Ireland 1829-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Nov 21 1829 [Died] At Carrickshandrum, on the 12th inst., Mr. Robert Taylor, aged 85 years
May 1 1830 [Died] At Convoy, on Friday, the 23rd April, Jane, wife of the Rev. James Taylor, aged 87
Feb 19 1831 [Died] On the 15th inst., at Gortin, the residence of his son in law, in the 91st year of his age, the Rev. James Taylor, for 65 years Minister of the Presbyterian Congregation of Convoy
Mar 26 1831 [Married] YOUNG & TAYLOR On the 17th inst., in St. Peter's Church, by the Rev. H. Brownrigg, Anne, only daughter of the late Thomas Young, Esq., of Mounthall, in the county of Donegal, to Major Edward Gillespie Taylor, 13th Regiment Light Dragoons
Jun 30 1832 [Married] PORTER & TAYLOR On the 22nd inst., by the Rev. James Steel, of Stranorlar, Mr. C. Porter, of Ohio, U. S., to Miss Taylor, only daughter of Mr. James Taylor, of Carrackashandrum
Sep 7 1833 [Married] TAYLOR & ELLISON On the 29th ult., by the Rev. Samuel Dill, of Donaghmore, Mr. John Taylor, of Crossy, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr. James Ellison, of Breagey
May 24 1834 [Died] On Sunday the 18th inst., at Carrickshandrum, near Stranorlar, Mrs. Taylor, relict of the late Mr. J. Taylor of the same place, at the advanced age of 92
Mar 7 1835 [Married] TAYLOR & POLLOCK On the 25th ult., by the Rev. James Steele, of Stranorlar, Mr. John Taylor, of Carron, to Miss Hester Pollock, of Minavoy
Apr 4 1835 [Died] On Saturday, the 21st ult., aged 60, Margaret, the wife of Mr. James Taylor, of Carrickshandrum, near Stranorlar
Jul 2 1836 [Married] COCKBURN & TAYLOR June 23rd, at Caledon [Co. Tyrone], Mr. Walker Cockburn, of Ballyshannon, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. E. Taylor
Sep 28 1839 [Died] At the house of his uncle, George Taylor of Culbuoy, Esq., on Friday the 20th inst., Mr. James Marshal, late of Bishop Street, in this City
Oct 24 1840 [Married] TAYLOR & WILSON On Wednesday, the 21st inst., by the Rev. William McCrea, Presbyterian Minister of Ballindrate, Mr. Adam Taylor, of Gortfad, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. John Wilson, of Church Minister, near Castlefin
Aug 28 1841 [Married] TAYLOR & MCCLAY On Thursday, 19th inst., by the Rev. Joseph McConaghy, Presbyterian Minister of St. Johnston, Mr. Harvey Taylor, of Craigadoes, to Mary Anne, only daughter of Mr. Andrew McClay, of Fahan
Aug 28 1841 [Married] TAYLOR & ARMSTRONG In the Parish Church of Stranorlar, on the 27th inst., by the Rev. Thomas Fullerton, Mr. Henry Taylor, of Liscarron, to Miss Mary Armstrong, of Cregan
Jan 1 1842 [Married] TAYLOR & HARPER On the 9th ult., by the Rev. J.P. Dickey, Mr. William Taylor, of Donoughmore, to Mary, only daughter of the late John Harper, Esq., of Carnone
Mar 12 1842 [Married] TAYLOR & WILSON On the 25th ult., by the Rev. J. Steele, Stranorlar, Miss Mary A. Taylor, of Carron, to Mr. James Wilson, of Dunwiley
Jun 13 1846 [Married] TAYLOR & NELSON On the 18th inst., in the Presbyterian Church of Buncrana, by the Rev. William Brown, Mr. Joseph Taylor, of Aughnish, near Ramelton, to Mary Martha, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Nelson, of Ludden, near Buncrana
Oct 24 1846 [Married] MCCONAGHY & TAYLOR In Urney Church [Co. Tyrone], on Thursday, the 15th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Rogers, Mr. James McConaghy, of Rusky, to Jane, eldest daughter of James Taylor, of Cornakelly, Esq.
Dec 5 1846 [Married] TAYLOR & BLACKWOOD On the 26th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Leitch, in the Third Presbyterian Church, Letterkenny, Mr. Alexander Taylor, Aughnish, to Margaret Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. James Blackwood, of Maghrenan
Jul 24 1847 [Married] TAYLOR & TAYLOR On the 21st inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar, by the Rev. J. Steele , Mr. Samuel Taylor, Drumavis, to Miss Margaret Taylor, Carron
Nov 25 1848 [Died] At Craigadoes, on the 14th inst., of croup, Harvey Galbraith Taylor, aged 3 years and 7 months
Jul 7 1849 [Married] TAYLOR & MARTIN On the 3rd inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar, county Donegal, by the Rev. J. Steele, Mr. Robert Taylor, sen., Carrickshandrum, to Mary, daughter of Mr. Stephen Martin, Corraghamone
May 23 1851 [Died] On the 17th inst., aged seven months, Joseph, son of Mr. Harvey Taylor, Craighadoes
Apr 8 1853 [Died] On Wednesday last, at Cloughfin, near Carrigans, aged 73 years, Mr. John Taylor
Mar 11 1853 [Married] TAYLOR & PATTERSON On the 4th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar, by the Rev. Dr. William Steele, William, son of Mr. Samuel Taylor, Carron, to Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. Steven Patterson, of Ballinacor
Jun 24 1853 [Married] WITHEROW & TAYLOR On the 16th inst., by the Rev. John Macky, in Fahan Presbyterian Church, Mr. Robert Witherow, Gortconnican, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. Andrew Taylor, Drumadowey, Birdstown, county Donegal
Feb 17 1854 [Died] On Saturday, the 11th inst., Mr. George Taylor, of Culbee, in the 67th year of his age
Aug 15 1856 [Died] August 6, at Cornakelly, the residence of his grandfather, Mr. James Taylor, Charles Ferguson, aged 29 years, eldest son of the late Charles Ferguson, Esq., Excise Officer, Wexford
Feb 20 1857 [Married] TAYLOR & AIKEN In Urney Church [Co. Tyrone], on Wednesday, the 4th inst., by the Rev. Vincent Smith, Mr. Marshal Taylor, of the Haw, near Lifford, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. J. Aiken, of Drumbane
Jul 17 1857 [Married] MORROW & TAYLOR On the 26th ult., in the First Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar, by the Rev. Dr. Steele, Mr. Thomas Morrow, Ballybofey, to Anne, daughter of Mr. John Taylor, Carron
Mar 5 1858 [Married] MCCONNELL & TAYLOR On the 25th ult., in the First Presbyterian Church, Letterkenny, by the Rev. John Kinnear, Mr. James McConnell, of Ramelton, to Miss Agnes Taylor, of Castlegrove
Jul 9 1858 [Died] At Craicadoes, Ballindrate, on Sunday last, Mr. Harvey Taylor
Apr 29 1859 [Married] TAYLOR & TAYLOR On the 12th April, in the First Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar, by the Rev. Dr. Steele, Mr. James Taylor, to Ellen, the only daughter of Mr. John Taylor, sen., both of Carrickshandrum, near Stranorlar
Feb 8 1861 [Married] MCELVENNY & TAYLOR February 7, in the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. John B. McBride, A. B., Fahan, Mr. Joseph McElvenny, Elaghbeg, to Miss Eliza Ann Taylor, Birdstown
Apr 5 1861 [Married] TAYLOR & TAYLOR March 25, in the First Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar, by Rev. H.C. Graham, Mr. Robert Taylor, Carrickshandrum, to Miss Elizabeth Taylor, Carrin
Aug 30 1861 [Married] CROSSAN & TAYLOR On the 25th August, at St. Baithin's Church, St. Johnston, Derry, by the Rev. James Stephens, P. P., Mr. Joseph Crossan, of Carrickmore, to Sarah, the youngest daughter of Mr. James Taylor, Mongavelin
Jul 18 1862 [Married] TAYLOR & DAVIS On the 7th July, in the First Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. John Brown McBride, of Fahan, county Donegal, Mr. Samuel Taylor, of Birdstown, Assistant Surveyor for the Barony of Kilmacrenan, Ramelton, to Margaret, the youngest daughter of the late Mr. William Davis, of Auglehard
Mar 6 1863 [Died] March 1, at Lisnenan, Miss Elizabeth Taylor, formerly of Culbee, aged 72 years
Dec 29 1863 [Died] December 21, at Gortfad, Margaret, wife of Mr. John Taylor, aged 60 years
Mar 29 1864 [Married] TAYLOR & NELSON March 16, in Alt Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. S. Stewart, Mr. John Taylor, Gortfad, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr. James Nelson, Castlefin
May 24 1864 [Died] April 30, at Ramelton, Mr. Samuel Taylor, late deputy surveyor for county Donegal
May 27 1864 [Died] May 6, at Tirargus, the residence of her husband, Sarah, wife of Mr. Alexander Taylor, clerk and schoolmaster
Dec 9 1864 [Died] November 25, at his residence, Carrickshandrum, Mr. John Taylor, formerly of Omagh, aged 88 years
May 15 1866 [Died] May 9, at Linsford, near Buncrana, the residence of her son, Mr. John Taylor, Jane, relict of the late Mr. Thomas Taylor, of Sharon, near Newtowncunningham, aged 85 years
Jul 28 1868 [Married] TAYLOR & NELSON July 23, in Alt Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Mr. Stewart, Samuel Taylor, Esq., Gortfad House, Castlefin, to Maggie, only daughter of James Nelson, Esq., Castlefin
Oct 27 1868 [Married] TAYLOR & MOORE October 22, at Altrest Presbyterian Church [Donagheady, Co. Tyrone], by the Rev. F. J. Porter, Mr. John Taylor, of Linsfort, to Catherine, daughter of the late Mr. Moore, Loughnease