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Rodgers & Rogers Genealogy Notes, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1832-69

Extracted from Personal Announcements of Births, Marriages and Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia




Date Notice
Dec 29 1832 [Died] On the 19th inst., at Riverland Glebe, near Omagh, the residence of his grandfather, the Very Rev. the Dean of Cork, John Clarke Rogers, eldest son of the Rev. Samuel G. Rogers, after a tedious illness, at the age of 16
Dec 26 1835 [Married] JOHNSTON & ROGERS On the 18th inst., by the Rev. James Reid Dill, Robert, fourth son of Hugh Johnston, Esq., Lissenaden, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Rodgers, Esq., Ashfield, near Omagh
Sep 10 1836 [Died] On the 4th inst., after a protracted illness, Mr James Rodgers, of Glassmullagh, near Omagh, in his 80th year
Nov 4 1837 [Married] ROGERS & ROGERS On Friday the 20th ult., by the Rev. Hugh W. Rogers, William Rogers, Esq., of Cavanaca, near Omagh, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Maxwell Rogers, Esq., Glenwherry, county Antrim
Oct 20 1838 [Married] RODGERS & GRAHAM October 9, Robert Rodgers, Esq., M. D., sixth son of John Rodgers, Esq., of Ashfield, near Omagh, county Tyrone, to Elizabeth, second daughter of James Graham, Esq., merchant, Liverpool
Jul 6 1839 [Died] At Dungannon on the 27th June, Miss Mary Rodgers, in the 79th year of her age
Aug 31 1839 [Birth] On the 14th inst., at 25 Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, East London, the wife of Robert Rodgers, Esq., M. D., the sixth son of John Rodgers, Esq., of Omagh, of a daughter
Nov 20 1841 [Married] PORTER & RODGERS On the 11th inst., by the Rev. William Hamilton, Edenderry, the Rev. John Porter, Ballinahatty, to Anne, youngest daughter of John Rodgers, Cavenaca, Esq
Jun 25 1842 [Married] BEATY & RODGERS On the 9th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Rentoul, Mr. Johnston Beaty, of Castlederg, to Matilda, youngest daughter of Mr. Nathan Rodgers, of Galdanagh
Mar 29 1845 [Died] On Thursday, the 27th inst., at 53 William Street, Ellen, relict of the late Dr. George Rogers, of Newtownstewart, aged 72 yrs
Jul 12 1845 [Died] On the 6th inst., at Greenmount, near Omagh, aged 21 years, William Thomas, third son of the Rev. S. G. Rogers
Jan 31 1846 [Died] On the 10th inst., at Ballinahatty, Mr. Ebenezer Rogers, at the advanced age of 95 years
Jun 27 1846 [Died] On the 22nd ult., at Madeira, aged 28 years, the Rev. Robert B. Rogers, the eldest son of the Rev. Samuel G. Rogers, Greenmount, Omagh
Mar 18 1848 [Died] On the 8th inst., at Greenmount, Omagh, Anna Charlotte, eldest and beloved daughter of the Rev. Samuel G. Rogers
Jan 6 1849 [Married] RODGERS & MCDONNELL At Beragh, on the 24th ult., by the Rev. P. Quinn, P. P., Matthew Rodgers, Esq., merchant, to Isabella, third daughter of Edward McDonnell, Esq., of Mullahead House, Tandragee
Sep 7 1849 [Died] In New York, U.S.A., of cholera, on the 7th of August, aged 20 years, Arthur, the eldest son of Mr. John Rodgers, of Sixmilecross, county Tyrone
Oct 19 1849 [Married] ROGERS & MCCREA On the 12th inst., in the First Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, by the Rev. S. T. Wray, Rev. N. P. Rogers, Presbyterian Minister of Kilmacrenan, to Catherine, youngest daughter of the late James McCrea, of Glencosh, Esq
Nov 9 1849 [Birth] October 31, at Beragh, county Tyrone, the lady of Matthew Rodgers, jun., Esq., of a daughter
Nov 7 1851 [Birth] At Beragh, on the 25th ult., Mrs. Matthew Rodgers, of a son
Apr 9 1852 [Died] On the 1st inst., at the house of his father, at Glasmullagh, near Omagh, of consumption, Mr. Archibald Rodgers, aged 25 years
Feb 15 1856 [Died] On the 1st inst, at Cavanacaw, aged 17 years, Anne Graham, the beloved twin daughter of William Rodgers, Esq.
Aug 8 1856 [Died] On the 28th ult., at Mullaghmore, the Rev. Samuel George Rogers, aged 61 years
Jul 2 1858 [Married] RODGERS & DAWSON On the 22nd ult., at Ardoyne Church, by the Rev. Robert Fishbourne, A. M., Rector of Ferns, George Alexander Rodgers, Esq., son of the late Rev. Samuel George Rodgers, Mullaghmore, county Tyrone, to Fanny, fourth daughter of the late Rev. George B. Dawson, Pastor of Aghade, Tullow, county Carlow
Nov 12 1858 [Died] On the 5th inst., at Glassmullagh, near Omagh, Mary, relict of the late James Rodgers, at the advanced age of 100 years
Dec 10 1858 [Died] On the 5th inst., Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. Hugh Rodgers, Gorticleer, near Donemana
Apr 1 1859 [Birth] On 30th March, at Mullaghmore, near Omagh, the wife of George Alexander Rogers, Esq., of a son
Apr 8 1859 [Birth] March 30, at Mullaghmore, near Omagh, the wife of George Alexander Rogers, Esq., of a son
Dec 28 1860 [Birth] December 12, at Mullaghmore, Omagh, the wife of George Alexander Rogers, Esq., of a daughter
Jul 19 1861 [Birth] June 19, at 340, Bowery, New York, the lady of Mr. Samuel Rodgers, formerly resident near Clogher, county Tyrone, of a son
Dec 26 1862 [Birth] December 18, at Shanaragh, Omagh, the wife of George A. Rogers, Esq., of a son
Oct 16 1863 [Died] September 12, in New York, Eliza Ann, beloved wife of Samuel Rogers, youngest son of the late Mr. Rogers, of Newry, near Clogher, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 24 years and 6 months
Feb 12 1864 [Married] ROGERS & CLARKE February 2, in Rooskey Roman Catholic Chapel, by the Rev. Thomas Taggart, C. C., Mr. Edward Rogers, of Rooskey, to Miss Bridget Clarke, of Fallagh
Mar 11 1864 [Died] February 24, at Coneglan Glen, Lower Badoney, after a lingering illness, the Rev. Michael Rogers, late C. C., Urney
Mar 7 1865 [Married] JOHNSTONE & RODGERS On the 2nd March, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Omagh, by the Rev. Josias Mitchell, James Johnston, Esq., Cornamuckle, Dromore, to Jane Walker, daughter of William Rodgers, Esq., Cavanaca, Omagh
Feb 13 1866 [Died] February 5, at his residence, Beragh, Mr. Hugh Rodgers, in the 75th year of his age
Jan 29 1867 [Died] January 20, at the residence of John Hagan, Esq., Irish Street, Dungannon, Francis Rogers, Esq., of Ballymacelroy, near Ballygawley, in the 61st year of his age
Apr 2 1869 [Died] March 30, at his residence, Glenfern, near Omagh, Andrew Rodgers, Esq., aged 52 years