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Frame & Knox Marriages, North Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1845-1916

General Registers Office of Northern Ireland
Submitted by
Jane Knox, New Hampshire


From the General Registers Office of Northern Ireland where indexes to all Protestant marriages are kept from 1st Jan 1845 (Catholic 1st Jan 1864).

The following are all the Knox and Frame marriages which are recorded as civil marriages from 1845 onwards in the North Tyrone area:-

Male Frame Marriages

Date Groom Bride District Church
14 May 1847 James Frame Isabella McGarrigle Strabane Newtownstewart RC
14 Feb 1853 James Frame Mary Steel Strabane Urney Presbyterian
13 Sept 1860 John Frame Letita Lyons Omagh Cappagh C of I
8 Jan 1865 John Frame Teresa McGrath Omagh Fintona RC
5 Sept 1867 John Frame Lucy McKeagney Omagh Registers Office
13 June 1891 John Frame Annie Gillice Strabane Newtownstewart RC


Female Frame Marriages

Date Groom Bride District Church
13.6.1863 John Dorrian Mary Frame Strabane Registers Office
5.1.1854 Robert Meynes Martha Frame Strabane Strabane Pres
8.2.1905 Charles O'Donnell Catherine Frame Omagh Not given


Knox Marriages in Drumquin Area


Date Groom Bride District Church GRO Ref
10.10.1856 Joseph Knox Anne McCrea Omagh DrumquinPres 1/35
5.6.1857 George Russell Eliza Knox Omagh Drumquin Pres 1/38
21.10.1862 John Knox Elizabeth Mellon Omagh Drumquin Pres 1/58
14.10.1873 John Knox Mary Jane Irwin Omagh Drumquin Pres 1/87
2.6.1879 Samuel Knox Matilda Forgy Omagh lsl Omagh Pres 1/83
5.5.1874 Joseph Knox Mary Ginn Omagh Langfield CI 2/10
29.5.1916 Joseph Knox Maggie McGaughey Omagh Langfield CI 14/67
2.1.1874 James Knox Jane Thompson Omagh Langfield CI 2/09