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Gamble Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1823-69

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


June 24 1823 Married on Saturday morning last, by the Rev. Stewart Hamilton, WM. GAMBLE, Esq., of this town, to ANNE JANE, daughter of the late DESPARD HUMPHRYS, ESQ., of this town
February 15 1825 Died on Friday evening, very suddenly, MRS. GAMBLE, relict of the late MR. ANDREW GAMBLE, of this town
July 9 1827 Died on Saturday last, MRS. GAMBLE, wife of WILLIAM GAMBLE, ESQ., of this town
May 10 1831 Died on Wednesday last JOHN GAMBLE ESQ. of this town. Author of Views of Society and Manners in the North of Ireland, Stanley, Charleton, and several other esteemed Works. This lamented Gentleman walked partly to Lifford [Co. Donegal], and accompanied the Funeral of the late MRS. HUMPHREYS to the graveyard here, and whilst in the Church, at the reading of the Funeral Service, he dropped down, and instantly expired. He was a Gentleman universally respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance
February 28 1832 Married in this town yesterday, by the Rev. Mr. Porter, MR. ROBERT GAMBLE, to ELIZA, daughter of EZEKIEL DONNELL of Strabane



April 26 1837 Married in the Cathedral Church of this City [Londonderry], on Monday 24th inst., WILLIAM GAMBLE, ESQ., of Strabane, to MARY, daughter of the late B. HANNA, ESQ., of Hill Cottage, near Strabane
March 31 1841 Died suddenly, at Castlefin [Co. Donegal], on Thursday week, WILLIAM GAMBLE, ESQ., formerly of Strabane
April 24 1846 Died in Strabane, on Wednesday week, MISS MARIA GAMBLE, daughter of the late MR. ANDREW GAMBLE



April 18 1835 Died at Fyfin, near Castlefin [Co. Donegal], on the 3rd inst., MR. ANDREW GAMBLE, SEN., at the advanced age of 87. On the Sunday following, his remains were accompanied to the grave yard at Urney by a vast number of friends and acquaintances
November 12 1836 Died on Sunday, the 6th inst., MR. JOHN GAMBLE, of Newry, county Tyrone, aged 97 years. As a husband, a father, and a friend, he was exemplary in all the relations of life.
August 5 1843 Died on the morning of Wednesday, the 26th ult., in the 51st year of his age, MR. ANDREW GAMBLE, of Fyfin, near Castlefin [Co. Donegal]
April 8 1853 Died on the 2nd inst., at Eden, MRS. GAMBLE, aged 68 years
August 18 1854 Married August 3rd, MR. JOHN BOGAN, of Ballymagorey, Strabane, led to the hymeneal altar, MARGARET, relict of the late MR. JAMES GAMBLE, of Desart. The bridegroom has completed his 84th year, and has now perpetrated matrimony for the fourth time. The bride is about 60, so their united ages amount to 144 years
November 25 1859 Died November 18, at Bridgehill, Castlederg, of scarletina, RACHEL, daughter of MR. JAMES GAMBLE, aged 12 years
November 25 1859 November 21, at Bridgehill, Castlederg, of scarletina, SUSAN, youngest daughter of MR. JAMES GAMBLE, aged 10 years
January 27 1860 Died January 21, at 17 Russell Street, Dublin, MARY, relict of the late WILLIAM GAMBLE, ESQ., H.E.I.C.S., of Castlefin House, Castlefin [Co. Donegal], and daughter of the late BERNARD ROGAN, ESQ., M.D., of Strabane
August 2 1861 Died on the 31st July, at his residence, Grange, MR. JOHN GAMBLE, aged 69 years
August 2 1861 Married July 25, in Upper Cumber Church [Co. Londonderry], by the Rev. James Smith, JAMES, son of JOHN IRWIN, ESQ., Ballyarton Mills, county Derry, to MARY, daughter of the late JAMES GAMBLE, ESQ., Fyfin, Strabane, and niece of JOHN HANCOCK, ESQ., Craig, Cumber
April 11 1862 Married April 8, in the First Presbyterian Church, Castlederg, by the Rev. John Crockett, MR. JOSEPH ORR, Ligg [Co. Londonderry], to CATHERINE, daughter of MR. JAMES GAMBLE, Bridgehill
May 20 1864 Died May 17, at Eden, MR. SAMUEL GAMBLE
December 9 1864 Died December 5, at Eden, JOSEPH GAMBLE, ESQ., aged 29 years
June 11 1867 Married May 30, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, by the Rev. F.J. Porter, MR. WILLIAM GAMBLE, Magheramason, to AGNES, daughter of MR. WILLIAM McNEILLY, Magheramason
August 2 1867 Died July 29th, at Tavenakerry, MR. JOHN GAMBLE, aged 67 years
November 26 1867 Married November 21, in the First Castlederg Presbyterian Church, by the REV. JOHN CROCKETT, Castlederg, uncle to the bride, assisted by the REV. ANDREW BROWN, Hollymount, brother of the bridegroom, and the Rev. John Edgar Henry, Second Ardstraw, MR. JOHN BROWN, Creevy, to ELIZABETH, third daughter of MR. JAMES GAMBLE, Bridge Hill, Castlederg
December 13 1867 Died December 11, at the residence of MR. JAMES WALKER, 8 Diamond, Derry, MISS GAMBLE, late of Strabane. Her remains will be removed for interment in Leckpatrick Burying Ground on this Friday, morning, leaving Derry at ten o'clock
July 30 1869 Married July 24, in the First Presbyterian Church, Derry, by the Rev. Robert Ross, MR. THOMAS COLHOUN, JUN., Derry, to MISS MARY GAMBLE, daughter of MR. JOHN GAMBLE, Grange, county Tyrone
August 27 1869 Died August 24, at Craig, Cumber Claudy [Co. Londonderry], the residence of WILLIAM HANDCOCK, her brother, MARY, the beloved wife of THOMAS HANDCOCK GAMBLE, ESQ., Farm Hill, Omagh, and Foyfin, county Donegal