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Clark / Clarke Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1832-69

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


April 22 1834 Married the 16th inst. by the Rev. Jas. Purss, MR. JAMES BROOKE of Scarvahern, nephew of the REV. HUGH BROOKE of Burt [Co. Donegal], to MARGARET, sister of the REV. MATHEW CLARKE, Ardstraw
November 25 1834


A very aggravated case of this description occurred on the evening of Thursday last, within a short distance of this town. As two men named JOHN CLARKE and ROBERT MITCHELL, were going along the road towards Milltown, they were overtaken at the School House, by three persons, who, without the slightest provocation, commenced beating the unfortunate men in the most brutal and savage manner, and were it not for the praiseworthy and spirited exertions of the Master of the School, MR. McCARTER, who interfered between the cowardly assailants and their unoffending victims, it is more than probable that murder would have been committed. As it is, one of the men, John Clarke, is so dreadfully beaten, that he has not been as yet able to come to Strabane to lodge information against the persons who beat him; in fact, his life is considered in imminent danger.

Three men (ROBERT McCARBERRY, JAS. COYLE and JAMES KIRKWOOD) were arrested by the Constabulary, on Sunday evening, under a warrant granted by SIR J. J. BURGOYNE, on the information of Robert Mitchell. This man, whose appearance fully shewed the severe treatment he experienced, as his hands, arms and head were dreadfully cut, and bruised, swore in the most positive and direct manner, to the three prisoners, as having been the persons who assaulted him. They have been remanded, until the surgeon’s report of the extent of the injuries inflicted on Clarke, is received

November 25 1834 Married the 28th of September last, in the Parish Church of Drumragh, by the Rev. Thomas Stack, CHRISTOPHER BOLAND, ESQ., of Omagh, to MRS. MARY CLARKE, relict of the late EPHRAIM CLARKE, ESQ., of Omagh, merchant



March 13 1832 Died at Ballymagorry on Tuesday 6th inst., MR. JOHN CLARK aged 68 years



November 27 1846 Died on the 19th inst., in Lower Badony, after a protracted illness which she bore with Christian patience, MRS. CATHERINE CLARKE, aged 63 years




June 16 1832 Died on Tuesday, 5th inst., MR. EPHRAIM CLARKE, of Omagh, aged 49 Years
November 22 1834 Married on the 28th September last, in the Parish Church of Drumragh, by the Rev. Thomas Stack, CHRISTOPHER BOLAND, ESQ., of Omagh, to MRS. MARY CLARKE, relict of the late EPHRAIM CLARKE, ESQ., of Omagh, merchant
July 6 1839 Died on the 25th ult., CHARLES ROBERT, youngest son of the late MR. E. CLARKE, Omagh, aged 7 years
May 14 1842 Married on the 2nd inst, in Omagh Church, by the Rev. James Hill, ARCHIBALD HUNTER, third son of CAPTAIN JARVEY, of the 50th Regiment, to CHARLOTTE, eldest daughter of the late EPHRAIM CLARKE, ESQ., of Omagh
November 16 1844 Married on the 27th September, in Georgetown, Demerara, by the Rev. James Struthers, D.D., MATTHEW STEWART, ESQ., merchant of the firm of Stewart and Co., of that city, to ANNIE, daughter of the late LUKE CLARKE, ESQ., Tyrone, Ireland
September 16 1848 Married Wednesday morning, in Strabane Church, by the Rev. Edward Atkinson, MR. JOHN KEARNEY, JUN., to MISS CLARKE, formerly of Omagh
February 6 1852 Married Tuesday, the 27th ult., by the Rev. Josias Mitchell, in the Crossroads Presbyterian Church, MR. WILLIAM CLARKE, master of Omagh Workhouse, to ELIZA JANE, matron of same workhouse, and daughter of the late MR. JAMES CRAWFORD of Knockmoyle
March 18 1853 Married on Monday, the 7th inst., by the Rev. William Alexander, at Termonamongan Church, MR. JOHN WOODS, of Millview House, Urney, to JANE, eldest daughter of WILLIAM CLARKE, ESQ., of Gortnagross, Killeter
February 22 1856 Married on the 12th inst., at Killeter Church, by the Rev. M.C. Motherwell, MR. JAMES KYLE, Creduff, to MARGARET, second daughter of MR. SAMUEL CLARKE, Magherakeel
November 20 1857 Died at Edymore, near Strabane, on Wednesday, the 18th inst., MR. WILLIAM CLARKE. His remains will be removed from his late residence at Lisdiven, for internment in the burying ground at Grange, on Saturday, the 21st inst., at eleven o'clock
January 1 1858 Died on the 29th ult., at Maghereagh, near Strabane, DR. ROBERT CLARKE, R.N.
March 26 1858 Married in the Second Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, on the 11th inst., by the Rev. F.J. Porter, MR. JAMES MACKEY, of Coolatee, to ISABELLA, eldest daughter of the late MR. JOHN CLARKE, of Tamnaclare
September 17 1858 Died the 21st ult., at 24 Clark Street, New York, MR. THOMAS CLARK, a native of Derryhoar, county Tyrone, aged 27 years
January 25 1861 Married January 17, in the Church of Upper Badony, by the Rev. John Conroy, Rector of Faughanvale, assisted by the Rev. J.D. Macdonagh, ARTHUR WIGGINS, ESQ., of Eglinton [Co. Londonderry], and late of Australia, to EMILY, fourth daughter of the REV. E.M. CLARKE, Rector of Upper Badony
March 29 1861 Married on the 21st March, in the Presbyterian Church, Ballygawley, by the Rev. John McBride, MR. MATTHEW EAGLESON CLARKE, Garvaghy, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CREATON, Lisdoart, Ballygawley
April 4 1862 Died February 1, at Toronto, Canada, MRS. CLARKE, daughter of the late MR. JAMES CRAWFORD, Knockmoyle, Parish of Cappagh, county Tyrone, aged 44
September 19 1862 Married September 10, in the Presbyterian Church, Sixmilecross, by the Rev. William Thomas Junk, MR. ANDREW CLARK, of Nottingham, to MATILDA, the eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CLARK, Beragh, county Tyrone
January 1 1864 Married on the 30th December, at Urney Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John McConaghy, EDWARD STEVENSON, ESQ., Maghregar, to BELLA, eldest daughter of MR. JOSEPH CLARKE, Doortans, county Tyrone
January 31 1865 Birth: January 23, at Newtownstewart, the wife of MR. JOHN CLARKE, of a daughter
March 10 1865 Married on the 4th March, at Regent Square, London, by the Rev. Dr. Hamilton, JOSEPH, eldest son of JOSEPH CLARKE, ESQ., Doortans, county Tyrone, to CLARA, eldest daughter of HENRY GRIGG, ESQ., Freeland Cottage, Clifton, Bristol
November 28 1865 Married November 24, at Moy Church, by the Rev. Richard Wrightson, MR. WILLIAM HANNA, to ELLEN, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CLARKE, Dungannon
June 1 1866 Died May 24, at Ballyvadden Cottage, near Fivemiletown, MARY CLARK, aged 84 years, and for 66 years the exemplary wife of PATRICK CLARK, ESQ., late Supervisor of Excise
July 31 1866 Died July 26, at Tamnaclare, MR. JOSEPH CLARKE, aged 63 years
September 21 1866 Married on the 15th September, on their way to New York, in the Cathedral, Londonderry, by the Rev. B.M. Brown, MR. R.W. BLOOMFIELD, to SARAH, second daughter of JOHN CLARK, ESQ., both of Dungannon
February 19 1867 Married February 12, at the Second Presbyterian Meeting House, Dungannon, by the Rev. Andrew Wilson, JOHN CLARKE, ESQ., Dungannon, to ANGELINA SOPHIA, only surviving daughter of the late PATRICK McCULLA, ESQ., M.D., Roslim Cottage, Castlecaufield, near Dungannon
March 12 1867 Married March 6, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. Leslie A. Lyle, ROBERT, son of JOSEPH CLARKE, ESQ., Doortans, county Tyrone, to ANNE, youngest daughter of the late JAMES BROOKE, ESQ., Scarvaheron
June 18 1867 Died June 11, at her residence, Church Street, Newtownstewart, CATHERINE, wife of MR. JOHN CLARK
November 5 1867 Died October 27, at Glenelly Rectory, Newtownstewart, the REV. EDWARD M. CLARKE, aged 74 years
December 20 1867 Birth: December 15, at the residence of her brother, MR. BROOKE, Scarvaghern, Castlederg, the wife of MR. ROBERT CLARKE, late of Philadelphia, of a daughter
August 17 1869 Died August 13, at Doortans, MR. JOSEPH CLARKE