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Alexander Family Notes, Co. Tyrone 1829-68

Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


Date Details
March 10 1829 Died on Thursday, the 5th inst. MRS. ALEXANDER, Gortmesson, aged 64 years
April 21 1829 Died last week at Gortmesson, MARGARET, daughter of JAMES ALEXANDER ESQ.
June 9 1829 Died at Killstroll, on Sunday last, MR. JACOB ALEXANDER aged 70
November 30 1830 Died at Sandville, on Sunday last, Mr James Alexander of Gortmesson, at an advanced age. During life he was respected for his upright conduct, and every good quality that could bind society together; and is most sincerely lamented by a most numerous and respectable acquaintance
April 21 1835 Married on the 31st ult. at St. George’s church, by the Right Hon. the Lord Bishop of Meath, ALEX. CHARLES HEYLAND, ESQ. Bengal Civil Service, son of COLONEL HEYLAND, his Britannic Majesty’s consul at Ostend, to ANNE ALEXANDER, daughter of the late REV. SAMUEL MONTGOMERY, Rector of Leckpatrick, in the Diocese of Derry




Date Details
January 22 1851 Married on the 12th inst., in Strabane Church, by the Rev. James Smith, MR. JOHN ALEXANDER, to MARY, second daughter of MR. JOSEPH MEHAFFY, of Strabane




Date Details
June 26 1839 Died on Sunday last, at Strabane, MRS. ALEXANDER, relict of the late JOHN ALEXANDER, of that town, printer
May 7 1847 Died at his house, Grange Foyle, on the 4th inst., MR. G. ALEXANDER, aged 49 years



Date Details
June 7 1834 Died on May 10, at Clifton [Bristol], ISABELLA, the wife of WILLIAM JOHN ALEXANDER, ESQ., of Caledon, county Tyrone
May 23 1840 Died May 15, at Mountcastle, MR. JAMES ALEXANDER, aged 82
October 3 1840 Died on the 24th ult., at Strabane, in her 70th year, ELIZABETH, daughter of the late REV. ANDREW ALEXANDER, of Urney
April 9 1842 Birth March 31st, at Termon Glebe, the lady of the REV. S. ALEXANDER, of a son
June 11 1842 Died at Termon Glebe, on the 2nd inst., the infant son of the REV. S. ALEXANDER
September 23 1843 Birth at Termon Glebe, county Tyrone, on the 14th inst., the lady of the REV. S. ALEXANDER, of a son
October 28 1843 Married on Thursday, the 19th inst., in the Parish Church of Dromore, county Tyrone, by the Rector, the Rev. Henry L. St. George, MR. THOMAS ALEXANDER, son of MR. THOMAS ALEXANDER, merchant, Dromore, to Mary Jane, only daughter of ARCHIBALD OSBORNE, ESQ., of Dern
September 11 1847 Died August 31st, at her residence, Newtownstewart, county Tyrone, ISABELLA ALEXANDER, widow of JOSEPH ALEXANDER, ESQ., aged 40 Years
March 18 1848 Birth on the 8th inst., at Omagh, the lady of JAMES F. ALEXANDER, ESQ., manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland, of a son
April 15 1848 Birth at Termon Rectory, on the 12th inst., the lady of the REV. S. ALEXANDER, of a son
November 30 1849 Birth at Termon Rectory, on the 23rd inst., the lady of the REV. S. ALEXANDER, of a daughter
February 22 1850 Married at Dromore Church, on Thursday, 7th inst., by the Rev. H.L. St. George, ARTHUR GRAHAM, ESQ., of Rekerinbeg, to MARY, fourth daughter of JOHN ALEXANDER, ESQ., of Kildrum
July 12 1850 Birth on the 2nd inst, the wife of J.F. ALEXANDER, ESQ., Manager of the Provisional Bank, Omagh, of a son
December 13 1850 Died on the 27th ult., MR JOHN ALEXANDER, of Kildrum, near Dromore, aged 85 years
August 15 1851 Married on the 7th inst., in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Bready, by the Rev. Robert Nevin, MR. ANDREW McILWAINE, Culmore [Co. Donegal], to MARY, daughter of MR. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, of Maghereagh, Grange, county Tyrone
November 28 1851 Birth at Termon Rectory, Dungannon, on the 22nd inst., the lady of the REV. B. ALEXANDER, of a daughter
June 25 1852 Birth on the 11th inst., at 19, Holles Street, Dublin, the wife of the REV. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Rector of Termonamongan, of a son
August 13 1852 Birth on Friday, the 30th ult., the wife of JAMES F. ALEXANDER, ESQ., Provincial Bank of Ireland, Omagh, a son
August 26 1853 Married on Tuesday, the 26th ult., in Ballinahatty Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Houston, THOMAS ALEXANDER, ESQ., of Dromore, to SARAH JANE, eldest daughter of JOHN HOUSTON, ESQ., of Ballinahatty
April 7 1854 Died at Altrest, on the 24th ult., MR. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, aged 85 years. He was a ruling elder of the First congregation, Donagheady, for more than half a century
August 25 1854 Died at Chill, Cosocton county, State of Ohio, America, on the 26th June last, aged 86 years, MR. JOHN ALEXANDER, formerly of Creevan, near Omagh, county Tyrone
August 10 1855 Died at Denamona, near Omagh, of dropsy, on the 6th inst., JOSEPH, youngest son of MR. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, aged 21 years
July 27 1856 Died on the 19th July, at Omagh, ANN CAMERON, the wife of J.F. ALEXANDER, ESQ
October 24 1856 Died on the 17th inst., of gastric fever, aged 20 years, WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, second son of MR. ROBERT ALEXANDER, Sandville, Donagheady
October 2 1857 Died on the 20th ult., at Crew, near Castlederg, MATILDA, third daughter of MR. SAMUEL ALEXANDER
February 26 1858 Died at Altrest, on the 22nd inst., MRS. ALEXANDER, aged 86 years
June 11 1858 Married on the 3rd inst., in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Bready, by the Rev. Josias A. Chancellor, MR. ROBERT McKINLAY, Killymallagh [Co. Londonderry], to MISS SARAH ALEXANDER, Maghereagh
June 10 1859 Died on the 1st June, at Sandville, MARY, third daughter of ROBERT ALEXANDER, ESQ
June 24 1859 Died June 17, at Strabane, of scarlatina, JOSEPH, son of MR. JOHN ALEXANDER, tailor, aged four years
July 29 1859 Married July 21, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, by the Rev. F.J. Porter, LEWIS GUTHRIE, ESQ., Ferry Field, Dumbartonshire, to AGNES, second daughter of the late GEORGE ALEXANDER, ESQ., Grange Foyle, county Tyrone
September 2 1859 Died August 17, at Mountcastle, MR. THOMAS ALEXANDER
October 21 1859 Died at Fivemiletown, on Monday, the 17th October, MR. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, SEN., aged 76 year
March 2 1860 Died February 26, at Sandville, RACHEL, daughter of ROBERT ALEXANDER, ESQ
March 23 1860 Died on the 13th March, at Strabane, MR. JOHN ALEXANDER, tailor, aged 75 years
May 4 1860 Married at Termon Church, county Tyrone, on the 2nd of May, by the Rev. John J. Fox, Rector of Kinnawley, uncle to the bride, GEORGE PERRY McCLINTOCK, ESQ., Captain Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, Seskanore House, county Tyrone, only surviving son of the late S. McCLINTOCK, ESQ., formerly of Newtown House, county Louth, to EMILY HARRIETTE, the eldest daughter of the REV. S. ALEXANDER, Rector of Termon, Diocese of Armagh, and grand-daughter of the late REV. CHARLES COBBE BERESFORD
May 18 1860 Died May 8, Margaret, daughter of ROBERT ALEXANDER, ESQ., Sandville
July 27 1860 Died July 25, at Earlyhill, Douglas, near Strabane, after a long illness, MISS MARY ANNE ALEXANDER
January 25 1861 Died January 13, MR. JOHN GEORGE ALEXANDER aged 28 years, son of the late JOSEPH ALEXANDER. ESQ., of Grenville, county Tyrone
November 22 1861 Died November 14, at the residence of her son, the Crew, near Castlederg, ISABELLA, widow of the late JOSEPH ALEXANDER, ESQ., aged 87 years
April 8 1864 Died April 2, at Strabane, after a lingering illness, MARY, wife of MR. JOHN ALEXANDER, tailor, aged 37 years
June 10 1864 Died June 2, at Maghereagh, the residence of her brother, MISS E. ALEXANDER, aged 80 years, for upwards of sixty years a resident of Strabane
December 16 1864 Died on the 13th December, at Cranebrook, county Tyrone, the residence of her son in law, J. CRANSTON, ESQ., CHRISTIAN IZOD, relict of the late JOHN ALEXANDER, Esq., of Milford, county Carlow, aged 85 years
October 3 1865 Died October 2, at his father's residence, Sandville, ROBERT ALEXANDER, M.D., aged 27 years
October 6 1865 Married September 28, in the First Presbyterian Church, Ardstraw, by the Rev. L.N. Lyle, JOSEPH, son of MR. JOHN FULTON, Beltony, Cappagh, to REBECCA, daughter of MR. SAMUEL ALEXANDER, Crew, Ardstraw
April 10 1866 Married April 5, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Donagheady, by the Rev. F.J. Porter, father of the bride, JAMES ALEXANDER, ESQ., Sandville, to MISS PORTER
April 27 1866 Died April 17, at The Crew, MR. SAMUEL ALEXANDER, aged 69 years
June 1 1866 Died May 27, at Maghereagh, MR. JOSEPH ALEXANDER, aged 81 years
July 10 1866 Birth July 4, at Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, the wife of JOSEPH ALEXANDER, ESQ., solicitor, of a daughter
November 13 1866 Died November 7, at his residence Fivemiletown, county Tyrone, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, aged 76 years
February 8 1867 Died January 31, at his residence in Clogher, MR. JAMES ALEXANDER, aged 64 years
August 20 1867 Died August 8 at Crew, JOSEPH ALEXANDER, only son of ANDREW ALEXANDER, of Crew, aged 35 years
February 4 1868 Died January 31, at his residence, Binelly, MR. GEORGE ALEXANDER aged 91 years
July 7 1868 Died June 30, at Early Hill, REV. JAMES ALEXANDER. His death is deeply regretted