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Emigrants on the Ship "Duncan" Sailing from Londonderry to New York 1804

Emigrants from Counties Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry, Fermanagh & Armagh
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland Ref: T. 3262 ( Irish Emigration Lists 1803-1806)
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


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List of Passengers who have contracted to take their passage on board the Ship Duncan of Whitehaven, Burthen 238 tons, Abraham Sebson, Master, for New York, sworn at Londonderry, Ireland 26 May, 1804.



ALCORN James 40 Labourer Glenvenogh [Glenveagh], Donegal
ALCORN John 17 Labourer Glenvenogh, Donegal
ALCORN Michael 16 Labourer Glenvenogh, Donegal
BRISLAND James 26 Farmer Tyrone
COYLE John 20 Farmer Glenvenogh [Glenveagh], Donegal,
CROW Francis 22 Labourer Magheranny, [Longfield, Tyrone?]
CROZIER James 22 Labourer Dromash [Co. Tryone?]
CUTHBERT Ann 13 Spinster Glenvenogh [Glenveagh], Donegal
CUTHBERT Fanny 12 Spinster Glenvenogh Donegal
CUTHBERT George 35 Labourer Coleraine [Co. Londonderry]
DAVITT Hames [James?] 24 Farmer Astraw [Ardstraw] Co. Tyrone
ELLIOT George 24 Farmer Down
GALLAGHER Mary 35 Spinster Glenvenogh [Glenveagh], Donegal
GAMBLE James 25 Farmer Donaghardy [Donagheady], Co. Tyrone
GIBSON Eliza 28 Spinster Drumceeran [Drumkeeran], Co. Tyrone
GIBSON Fanny 18 Spinster Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
GIBSON John 19 Labourer Ballycloy [Ballyclog, Co .Tyrone?]
GIBSON Matthew 38 Farmer Drumceeran [Drumkeeran, Co. Tyrone?]
GINN Anne 50 Spinster Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
GINN Jane 20 Spinster Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
GINN John 28 Labourer Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
GINN Margt 26 Spinster Drumceeran, Co. Tyrone
GUTHRIE Richard 34 Labourer Magheranny , [Longfield, Tyrone?]
JOHNSTON Ann 26 Spinster Fermanagh
JOHNSTON Charles 38 Labourer Fermanagh
KEYS Eliza 20 Spinster Magheranny, [Longfield, Tyrone?]
KEYS Thomas 24 Farmer Magheranny
MCCARAN [McCARRON] Edward 22 Farmer Glenvenogh [Clenveagh], Donegal,
MCCARAN [McCARRON] James 20 Farmer Glenvenogh, Donegal
MCGAWLY Patrick 26 Labourer Urney, Co. Tyrone
PATTERSON Samuel 26 Labourer Donaghardy Co Tyrone
PAUL Thomas 20 Labourer Down
SANDERSON Margaret 18 Spinster Langfield, Co. Tyrone,
SANDERSON Sidney 28 Farmer Langfield, Co. Tyrone,
SANDERSON William 35 Labourer Langfield, Co. Tyrone
TODD James 19 Labourer Largilly [Loughgilly, Co. Armagh?]
WATSON George 29 Labourer Donaghardy [Donagheady,] Co.. Tyrone
WOODS Margaret 28 Spinster Lissenderry [Lissan, Co. Derry]

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