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Schools in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862

Accounts & Papers of the House of Commons
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


This file of the Schools in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland. Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy A complete list of records pertaining to County Tyrone, Northern Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The columns in the original document are: Parish & School; Religious Demonination of Patron; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Number of Pupils with sub-columns - Established Church, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Others; Total Number of Pupils for the Year1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Total Number of Pupils for the Quarter ended 31 Dec 1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Days & Hours set apart for all Religious Instruction etc. with sub-columns - Days on which given; Hours set apart; Nature of the Religious Instruction given; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

The columns transcribed are: Parish & School; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.


N.B. - Original spellings have been maintained with the exception that surnames such as M'Aleer were amended to McAleer. Names listed with no Position shown are from the 'Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction' column. It should also be noted that not all schools are listed in the correct parish.


The original document may be downloaded for viewing HERE.


Parish School Names Postion Page No.
Ardstraw Lisnascreagh Patrick Smyth head & instructor 234-5
  Newtown Stewart Charles Maguire head & instructor  
    M. McDeromott assistant & instructor  
    Samuel Fisher monitor & instructor  
    Robert Whitley    
    Jno. Beatty    
    James Whitley    
    Jno. Robb    
    Margaret White    
    Andw. Anderson    
    Charles Porter    
  Tullymuck John McCanny head  
    Sarah McCanny workmistress & assistant  
  Tiveney Daniel McKenny head  
  Killymore Robert Hawthorne head  
  Altdoghal Adma Browne head  
  Douglas William Little head  
    James Johnston monitor  
  Garvetagh James Baird head  
    James Caird    
  Crosh James McNichol head  
  Magheracotton James McDavitt head  
    James Vaughan monitor  
  Moyle temporarily closed    
  Beagh E. A. Wood head  
  Drumnabay Owen Hely head  
    Ellen Farrell workmistress & assistant  
  Gallon John Kelly head  
    John Morris    
    John O’Lone    
    Thomas Devlin    
    Mary Quinn    
    Anne J. Morris    
    Sarah McGarrey    
    Mary Bradley    
  Drumlegagh Matilda McDermott head  
  Magheracreggan James Leith head  
    Samuel Cooper    
    Rev. H. Faussett    
  Carnkenny James Orr   236-7
  Letterbin Alexander Gray    
  Clare Joseph Whitton head  
    John Mullin    
    Rev. H. Faussett    
  Newtown Stewart (Minor Model Male) William Mitchell head  
    John J. Conway assistant  
    Andrew White monitor  
    Thomas Hunter monitor  
  Newtown Stewart (Minor Model female) Mary A. McAlister head  
    Sarah J. Taylor assistant  
    Mary J. Roulston monitor  
    Frances Cummins monitor  
    Sarah McGowan monitor  
    Rev. J. MacIvor    
    Rev. C. Hamilton    
    Rev. R. C. Donnell    
    Rev. F. Little    
    Fras. Cummins    
    J. J. Conway    
    Mary Campbell    
  Newtown Stewart (Minor Model Infant) Susanna C. Manning head  
    Mary Campbell pupil teacher  
    M. J. Roulston    
  Lisnatunny closed during year 1862    
Aghaloo Showerflood John Duff head  
    Ann Beatty workmistress  
    William Holmes monitor  
  Rehaghy Robert Pike head  
    Robert McMahon    
    Thomas Hughes    
  Mulnaborne closed temporarily    
  Caledon Thomas Mitchell head  
    P. McMitchell    
    Rev. A. McCullagh    
  Minterburn William J. Friel head  
    William J. Friel assistant  
    Ann Friel workmistress  
    John Friel monitor  
  Knocknaroy John Browne head  
Arboe Albany Thomas J. Espy head  
  Mulnahoe (Male) John Devlin head  
  Drumaney Joseph Waterson head 238-9
  Arboe (Old) Charles McKeon head  
    John McKeon monitor  
  Ballymaguire John Smith head  
    John Smyth    
  Arboe Wiliam Lapsley head  
  Mullinahoe (Female) Ellen Denny head  
  Moortown William Kearns head  
Aughalurcher Alderwood Mary Colgan head  
Barr Meenagar Mary Kelly head  
    Cath. Colgan monitor  
    Margt. Crozier    
Ballyclog Brigh Robert Bell head  
    John Gillis monitor  
    Rev. J. Maxwell    
Bodoney Lower Aughnamerrigan Francis Bradley head  
    Ellen Tracy workmistress & assistant  
  Greencastle (Male) Denis Fox head  
  Greencastle (Female) Mary Tracey head  
    Mary A. McGillian monitor  
  Greenan James Craig head  
  Glenmacoffer James McCullough head  
    Mary McCullough workmistress  
    Patrick McNamee monitor  
  Liscabble And. T. McFarland head  
    And. J. Mathews monitor  
  Gortin (Male) Robert Hixon head  
    William McKeemin monitor  
  Gortin (Female) Anne Hixon head  
    Lizzie Mathews monitor  
    Eliza Mathews    
  Legatraght Patrick Rodgers head  
Bodoney Upper Legcloghfin (Male) Michael Duffy head  
  Legcloghfin (Female) Mary Duffy head  
  Meennachrane Patrick McAneany head  
  Corick Andrew Graham head  
  Castledamph William Henry head  
  Letterbratt (Male) William Mackey head 240-1
  Letterbratt (Female) Anne Mackey head  
Clogher Fivemiletown (Male) Samuel Robinson head  
    James Mills monitor  
    George Britton    
    Margt. McNally    
    Jas. Armstrong    
    M. Cunningham    
  Fivemiletown (Female) Sarah J. Robinson head  
    Eliza Hillock    
    Margt. McNally    
  Sciencien John O’Breirne head  
    John Wilson    
    Joseph McKenna    
    John Bryan    
  Kilbeg James Noble head  
  Findirmore (Female) Rebecca Campbell head  
  Carntall James Cuthbertson head  
  Kilnahusogue Charles Muldooon head  
    Ellen Baxter workmistress  
    Thos. McWilliams monitor  
    John Cullinan monitor  
    James Moore    
    Joseph Leggeth    
    Rich. Johnson    
    Cath. Keenan    
    Francis McCahey    
  Aughadarragh Owen McKenna head  
    Arthur Mullen monitor  
  Ballyscally John McIlroy head  
    Bessie Corrie monitor  
  Kilclay Michael McCann head  
    James Moynd    
    Robert Lynch    
    Thomas Lown    
    John Baird    
  Eskra Francis O’Hagan head  
    Rosanna O’Hagan workmistress  
    Wm. Mitchell    
    Chas. Mitchell    
    John Klingan    
    Thos. Mitchell    
    B. McCarroll    
    Jos. McCarroll    
  Curleaghan John Mullin head  
  Balnagorrah Michael Meegan head  
    Catherine Meegan workmistress & assistant  
  Aughentain Henry M. Fleming head  
Clonoe Aughamullen John Morris head 242-3
    Brid. Kilpatrick monitor  
    Charles Quinn monitor  
    Jane Corr    
    Joseph Hughes    
    Pat. Canovan    
  Mountjoy James Muholland head  
    Edward O’Neill monitor  
Comber Upper Stranagalwilly Neil Gormley head  
Clogherney Seskinore John Logue head  
    Elza Foy workmistress  
    John Moore    
  Beragh (Female) Sophia McBride head  
    Anne J. Henry monitor  
  Dervaghroy Edward Perry head  
  Mullaghslin Samuel Marshall head  
  Beragh (Male) William McCusker head  
    Fras. Rafferty monitor  
  Tullyrush Wm. Hetherington head  
  Curr Michael McGillion head  
  Redargan Upper Bernard Donnelly head  
    Hugh Donnelly    
    James McKown    
  Clogherney (Male) John W. Crozier head  
    William Hanna assistant  
  Clogherney (Female) Mary Harrison head  
    Margt. McKelvey monitor  
  Killadroy John Patterson head  
    Roadanna Gorman workmistress & assistant  
    Mary A. Barr monitor  
  Tattykeeran John Nugent head  
  Aughnagar William Rollstone head  
    S. J. Rollstone workmistress and assistant  
Carnteel Aughnacloy (Male) Geo. Slevin head  
    Charles Murray monitor  
    James Malgrew    
  Aughnacloy (2) James Mulligan head  
    Rev. Jno. Gilbert    
  Innismagh James Donnelly head 244-5
    Cath. Donnelly assistant  
Camus Strabane John McCaffrey head  
    Anne McCaffrey assistant  
    Cath. McCaffrey monitor  
    Susan McCaffrey    
  Camus Francis McDevitt head  
    M. A. Devitt workmistress  
    Pat. McDevitt    
  Derrygalt John Boyle head  
  Strabane (Male) John Henderson head  
    John J. McCrossan monitor  
  Strabane (Female) Sarah A. Hanna head  
    E. B. Hanna monitor  
    Anne J. Wilson monitor  
  Strabane (Parocahial Male) Charles Matthews head  
    George Ewing monitor  
    Donald McDonald monitor  
    Rev. W. Alexander    
    John Macdonell    
Clonfeacle Roan (Male) James Todd head  
  Roan (Female) Mary J. Shannon head  
  Derrylattine John McConnell head  
  Moy (Male) Patrick Kearns head  
    Meredith Lavery monitor  
    James Hughes monitor  
  Moy (Female) Charlotte Meather head  
    Eliza Toal monitor  
  Moy (No. 2) Roderick McClane head  
    Mary McClane workmistress & assistant  
    Rev. W. Wrightson    
Cappagh Killyclogher (Male) Thomas McNamee head  
  Tattahanaught Charles Teague head  
    Patrick Teague monitor  
    David Jack monitor  
    James Ramsey    
  Carrigans Lower James McManus head  
    William Kerr    
    J. J. McFarland    
  Beltony Charles Maguire head  
    Ellen Maguire workmistress & assistant  
  Calkill John H. Greer head  
  Reylaugh William Stewart head 246-7
    Jane Simpson workmistress  
    Wm. Canning    
    James Coyle    
    James Lyons    
    Jno. Hutchinson    
    Saml. McKeown    
  Belnatibbert Bernard McNulty head  
    Margaret McKena workmistress  
    Isabella McNulty    
  Killyclogher (Female) Mary Anderson head  
  Castletown Patrick Mulligan head  
    Mary Mulligan workmistress  
  Edenderry Thomas Donaldson head  
    Eliza Donaldson workmistress & assistant  
    Rev. W. R. Weir    
    James McNeil    
  Tattymore Patrick R. Murtagh head  
  Erganagh (Female) Jane I. McLaren head  
    Rev. Jas. Byrne    
  Tircur William Stewart head  
    Thomas Steward monitor  
    Rev. Jas. Byrne    
  Recarson John Malone head  
    Mary McLenchan workmistress  
    Rev. W. R. Weir    
  Carrenary Hugh Graham head  
  Mountfield John Robb head  
    Nicholas Kelly assistant  
    M. A. Carland workmistress  
  Castleroddy Catherine Mulligan head  
  Mullaghmore James Longden head  
    Rev. W. B. Weir    
  Omagh Workhouse H. L. O’Donnell head  
    Cath. McNicholl head  
    Peter Donnelly    
    Marg. Mellan    
    Sarah Early    
Donaghedy Tattymoyle James Brennan head  
    Mary Goodman workmistress & assistant  
    Jas. Craigmiles    
  Attaghmore John Campbell head  
    Francis Coleson monitor  
  Upper Belix John Kearney head  
  Blackfort (Male) Samuel Molloy head  
  Donaghedy Rebecca Alexander head 248-9
    Sarah Wood monitor  
    Mary Kerr    
  Dorratt John Gormley head  
    Mary Devine workmistress  
  Killina John O’Neill head  
    Margaret Moody workmistress  
    Pat. Leddy    
    Ed Shells    
    Harriet Baird    
    Margt. Baird    
  Altishane Patrick Mullen head  
  Sandville Samuel Guthrie head  
    Sarah A. Guthrie workmistress & assistant  
    Joseph Guthrie monitor  
  Castlemellan David Dodwell head  
  Loughash (Ordinary Agricultural) James Moore agriculturist  
    Dan. McMenamin head (Literary)  
    James Robers    
    James Callaghan    
  Ballyrenor (Ordinary Agricultural) John Eaton head  
    Alexander Eaton monitor  
  Drumnafern Matthew Forbes head  
    Thos. Forbes    
  Shankey (Day) John Flandedy head  
  Shankey (Evening) John Flandedy head  
Donaghenry Brickaville (Male) Bernard Rafferty head  
    Pat. McChristal monitor  
  Brickaville (Female) Mary Hannigan head  
    Jane O’Neill monitor  
  Stewartstown Michael McRory head  
    Rose Campbell monitor  
    Michael Cullen    
    Robt. O’Neill    
    John Quinn    
    Christr. Quinn    
  Stewartstown (No. 2) (Day) William Campbell head  
    Margt. Catherwood workmistress  
    George Laurence monitor  
  Stewartstown (Evening) William Campbell head  
  Skelga James Horisk head  
    William Houston    
    Alex. Warnock    
    James Stars    
Derryloran Dortalowry William J. Kane head  
  Grucraw Joseph Conn head  
    Mary Conn workmistress  
  Cookstown Workhouse Mary Graham head  
  Loy George Sinclair head 250-51
    Agnes Sinclair workmistress & assistant  
  Cookstown Hugh Ward head  
    Mary Ward assistant  
    William Duff monitor  
    John Galway monitor  
Drumglass Dungannon (Male) Francis Daly head  
    James McDonald assistant  
    Arthur O’Neill monitor  
    William Greene    
  Dungannon (Female) Catherine Nolan head  
    Catherine Donnelly assistant  
  Ann-street, Dungannon John Boyd head  
    Rbt. McCausland monitor  
  Perry-street, Dungannon John Murdock head  
    Rev. W. P. Appelbe    
Dromore Tummery (Male) Philip Gallagher head  
    David Brown    
  Corboley John McHugh head  
    Jas. McGlinchy    
    Thos. Charlton    
    M. Warnock    
  Dromore (Male) John McLoughlin head  
    John McLoughlin monitor  
    Ter. Gorman    
    Geo. McAneran    
    Geo. Hamilton    
    William Corry    
  Curley John McLoughlin head  
    James McLorley    
    Edwd. McLorley    
    Hugh McLouglin    
    Margaret Scott    
    Isabella Scott    
  Aghnamoe Hugh Kelly head  
    Alex. Armstrong    
  Dromore (Female) Sarah McLaughlin head  
    Brid. McPike    
    Mary McNulty    
    Rebec. McLunny    
  Tattycorr Michael McGuigan head  
    Alicia Walker    
    Robert Grey    
  Mullaghbane James McMullen head  
    John Chittick monitor  
  Ederney Hill John Blaney head  
  Esker George J. Doherty head  
    John Griffin    
    Jane Wiley    
    Mary J. Osborne    
  Drumlish Laurence Hughes head & agriculture 252-3
    Michael Doran monitor  
    Alexander Stubbs    
  Trummery (Female) Ellen Gallaher head  
  Belisle John Keenan head  
    John Keenan monitor  
    Nevil Gibson    
  Grennan, Upper William Charlton head  
Donacavey Corryglass James Kelly head  
    Mary Breen workmistress  
  Legamaghery Pat. Martin head  
    Mary Martin assistant  
  Fintona (Male) Thomas Owens head  
    Pat. McIvor assistant  
  Blackfort (Female) Mary Kelly head  
  Fintona (Female) Matilda Fleming head  
  Lisnacrieve Joseph Boyd head  
    Anne King workmistress  
  Treenan (Female) Cath. McCallan head  
  Aughafad James McCaughey head  
    Susanna McAtee workmistress  
  Derrabard Mathew Robinson head  
    M. A. Williams workmistress  
    Francis McAleer monitor  
Donaghmore Aughnagar John Devlin head  
  Donaghmore Stephen Porter head  
    Daniel Porter monitor  
  Tullyallen Edward Hughes head  
  Tullyarran John Johnston head  
  Dernaseer John Sande head  
    James Sharkey    
    John Donnelly    
    Hugh O’Neill    
    Ellen Cavlin    
    Anne O’Neill    
  Gortnaglush Joseph Freckleton head  
  Donaghmore Catherine Gillen head  
Drumragh Ballynahatty William McMullen head  
  Cavanacaw James O’Breirne head  
    Thomas Carson    
    Mw. T. Perry    
    Chas. McEnhill    
  Tallysallagh Pat. McGrath head 254-5
  Cornabracken William J. Higgins head  
  Aughee Bernard McCullagh head  
  Drumragh Henry Forbes head  
  Mullaghmena James Rankin head  
  Omagh Minor Model (Male) Alex Greer head  
    James O’Driscoll assistant  
    James Brisland assistant  
    Daneil Murrell pupil teacher  
    Henry Armstrong pupil teacher  
    William Semple monitor  
    Patrick Devlin monitor  
    Bernard Kening monitor  
    Luke Smyth monitor  
    John A. Orr monitor  
    L. Smith    
    J. Bresland    
    Rev. W. Chartes    
    Rev. W. Weir    
    Rev. J. Mitchell    
    Rev. J. Arnold    
    Rev. Jno. Oliver    
    Rev. Jas. Oliver    
  Omagh Minor Model (Female) Margt. Skeffington head  
    Jane Manning assistant  
    Annie Frame assistant  
    Fanny Morrow pupil teacher  
    Eliza Hamilton monitor  
    Emily Greer monitor  
    Elizabeth Delap monitor  
    Julia Greer monitor  
    Jane Mellon monitor  
    M. McPhilomy    
    S. Ballantine    
    A. Porter    
    Rev. W. Chartes    
    Rev. W. Weir    
    Rev. J. Mitchell    
    Rev. J. Arnold    
    Rev. Jno. Oliver    
    Rev. Jas. Oliver    
  Omagh Minor Model (Infant) Fanny D. Taylor head  
    Rev. W. Chartes    
    Rev. W. Weir    
    Rev. J. Mitchell    
    Rev. J. Arnold    
    Rev. Jno. Oliver    
    Rev. Jas. Oliver    
  Corlea Thomas Brown head  
  Omagh Convent (Female) Nuns head  
    Jane Joyce monitor  
    Ellen McDonnell monitor  
    Jane Farnan monitor  
    Mrs. Duffy    
    Miss McGuckin    
    Miss McGlade    
    Miss Diamond    
    Miss Mulholland    
    Miss Barr    
    Miss Fitzpatrick    
    Miss Boyce    
    Miss O’Donnell    
    Miss Ferner    
    Miss Doolin    
Desertcreat Rock William Hurson head 256-7
    Margaret Dyer monitor  
  Slatequarry Bernard Harvey head  
  Cady Wm. McCormick head  
    James Weir    
Errigal, Keerogue Gort Felix Lynch head  
    Margaret Lynch monitor  
    Ellen Lynch workmistress  
    Brid. Lynch    
  Glencull (Male) Charles McGirr head  
  Glencull (Female) Mary McKenna head  
  Rarogan Henry McGirr head  
  Ballygawley (No. 1) James Harvey head  
  Altamuskin Bernard Montague head  
    Michael Montage assistant  
    Mary Montague workmistress  
  Altcloghfin John Montague head  
    Johnson Rainy monitor  
    Johnston Rainey    
  Turnaskea John Higgins head  
  Fallaghearn Daniel McGarvey head  
  Ballygawley (No. 2) T. J. Mulligan head  
    Thos. Milligan    
Kildress Dunamore John Monaghan head  
    Mary Monaghan    
  Killeenan Charles McKernan head  
  Glenarney Bernard Halligan head  
  Corvanaghan William Crook head  
  Stramacklemartin Michael Quin head  
  Gortnacladdy John Corr    
  Drumchambo (Female) Rebecca Forsythe head 258-9
  Drumanalta Charles Clarke head  
Kilskerry Crossan James Keys head  
  Feglish (Male) Michl. McLoughlin head  
    James Gorman    
  Prillick (Male) Cornelius McGee head  
  Drumharvey James McCarron head  
    William Irvine    
    E. Keys    
    A. Maxwell    
    A. Bleakley    
    H. Keown    
    L. Gormley    
    D. McManus    
    W. McManus    
    D. McBrine    
  Stranagomer Francis McKeogh head  
    J. McSorley    
    M. McCalgan    
    A. Grainger    
  Killyblunag James Kelly head  
    Hugh McCann    
    Michl. Keenan    
    Ber. Teague    
    Cath. Kelly    
    Alice Nixon    
    Robert Nixon    
  Stralongford James McQuaid head  
    James C. Keany    
    Wm. Thompson    
    Robert Jones    
  Knocknagor Owen McBride head  
  Cluncandra John Creen head  
  Reylaghgunnis John McLoughlin head  
    F. Armstrong    
  Moneygar John Collins head  
Killyman Cavan or Killymar Felix Ruddy head  
  Gortshalgan Ezekiel Dilworth head  
Killeeshill Cleenaneese John Richardson head  
    M. J. Sloane workmistress  
    W. J. Erwin monitor  
Leckpatrick Cloughcor (Male) Js. McDavitt head 260-1
    Js. McDavitt monitor  
  Cloughcor (Female) Ellen Gallagher head  
  Glenmornan John Deery head  
  Strabane (Workhouse) Fanny M. Conboy head  
    E. Mains    
Lissan Crievagh Cath. Quin head  
    Rose Quin workmistress  
  Broughderg Pat. Conway head  
  Uhagh Rob Knipe head  
  Unagh (Evening) Rob Knipe head  
Longfield East Drumanforbe Chas. McSorley head  
    A. McVey    
    W. Anthony    
    M. Haire    
    C. Nethery    
  Garveyhullion Fs. McGinn head  
  Dressog John Hill head  
    R. Dougherty    
Longfield West Dovish (Female) Anne Cooke head  
  Dovish (Evening Male) John McTaggart head  
  Dovish (Evening) John McTaggart head  
  Carrick Owen McCaffrey head  
    W. Rankin    
    J. Rankin    
    P. McCanny    
  Lackagh Pat. McQuaid head  
  Drumgallon Chris. Irwin head  
  Cornavarra (Female) Catherine Doran head 262-3
  Cornavarra (Male) Peter Quin head  
    Michael Quin monitor  
  Mulnava Lodge (Female) John Donald head  
    Margaret Donald workmistress & assistant  
  Willmount Margaret McKenny head  
    Alice McKenny monitor  
  Lower Longfield Adam Touchbourne head  
    Eliza Touchbourne workmistress  
    Joseph Loughrey monitor  
  Drumquin (Female) Jane Morris head  
Letteree Letteree T. S. Curran head  
    T. Curran    
Pomeroy Pomeroy (Male) J. Graham head  
    James Hogan monitor  
  Altmore (Male) Peter Boyle    
  Altmore (Female) Mary Duff    
  Coolmaghery Charles Hurson head  
    Francis Hurson monitor  
  Lisnagleer J. Maguire head  
    J. Carson monitor  
    T. Morrow    
    J. Beggs    
    M. Caldwell    
  Claggin J. Whan head  
    Margaret Whan monitor  
  Galbally John McKernan head  
    Bernard McKenna monitor  
  Pomeroy (Female) Sarah M. Kavanagh head  
Termonamonghan Altamullen J. Young head  
  Magherakeel Neil McElhill head  
  Aughmahoe J. Hunter head  
    T. Andrews monitor  
  Carracoghan J. McLaughlin head  
  Laght Lauglin Moss head  
    F. Connolly    
    J. Mooney    
    F. Curran    
  Maghernageeragh Jos. Robinson head 264-5
    W. Robb monitor  
  Lisnacloon (Female) Mag. J. Hickson head  
    Ellen McHugh monitor  
    M. Hickson    
  Third Corgary Fs. Gallagher head  
  Tullycar John O’Kane head  
  Killeter Rob. C. Colhoun head  
  Croigh Cor. Meehan head  
  Scraghy Jos. Gallagher head  
    Owen Quinn monitor  
    Js. Gallagher    
Termonquirk Aughiogan John McAleer head  
    David Grogan assistant  
  Creggan Daniel McDonald head  
  Tanderagee Js. Conway head  
    M. McGarry monitor  
  Trummogue John Conlan head  
    Margery Conlan monitor  
    Anne Conlan monitor  
  Sixmilecross (Male) Js. Forbes head  
  Drumlester Robert Early head  
  Carrickmore inoperative    
  Benchran Ephraim Watt head  
  Rathmackin Henry McKernan head  
    Rev. T. Junk    
  Clare (Female) Mag. McCallan head  
  Sixmilecross A. J. Forbes head  
    Rev. T. W. Junk    
  Brackey M. Mulholland head  
    P. McChrystal monitor  
  Inishatrask David F. Marshall head  
    Patrick McGuigan monitor  
  Miltown Eugene Daly head 266-7
  Drumnakilly James Longden head  
    Rev. E. Moore    
  Brackey Brid. McAleer head  
    Anne McFarlane    
Tamlaght Coagh Sam. Hutchinson head  
    Js. Hutchinson    
    Rob. Charleton    
  Augharey Wm. Speres head  
Tullynisken Edendork Ber. Daly head  
Urney Robstown John Maguire head  
    Rebecca Maguire workmistress & assist.  
    T. McGolrick    
    C. Doherty    
  Ganvaghan Pat. Monahan head  
  Kilcleen Thos. Hamilton head  
  Castlesessagh Wm. McGranahan head  
    Martha Campbell workmistress & assist.  
  Castlederg (Workhouse) Jane McGrenahan head  
    J. McCarron    
  Bridge End Pat. McGowan head  
    Ellen Shiels monitor  
  Urney (Male) Wm. McConnell head  
    Anne Wilson    
  Sion Mills Jno. Armstrong head  
    Thomas Barr assistant  
    Cath. Armstrong workmistress  
    T. Barry    
  Tullywhisker Charles Colhoun head  
    B. Ewing    


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