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Schools in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862

Accounts & Papers of the House of Commons
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


This file of the Schools in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland. Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy A complete list of records pertaining to County Donegal, Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The columns in the original document are: Parish & School; Religious Demonination of Patron; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Number of Pupils with sub-columns - Established Church, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Others; Total Number of Pupils for the Year1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Total Number of Pupils for the Quarter ended 31 Dec 1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Days & Hours set apart for all Religious Instruction etc. with sub-columns - Days on which given; Hours set apart; Nature of the Religious Instruction given; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

The columns transcribed are: Parish & School; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.


N.B. - Original spellings have been maintained with the exception that surnames such as M'Aleer were amended to McAleer. Names listed with no Position shown are from the 'Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction' column. It should also be noted that not all schools are listed in the correct parish.


The original document may be downloaded for viewing HERE.

Parish School Names Postion Page No.
Aghalurcher Moate Elizabeth Maguire Principal 178-9
    Rose McCara    
    Elizabeth Cosgrove    
  Mullaghfad Thomas Callaghan Principal  
  Cavanaleck Wm. Thompson Principal  
  Ballindarragh Jas. McClintock Principal  
  Lisnaskea Giles McMahon Principal  
    John McMahon Monitor  
  Maguire’s Bridge Thomas O’Beirne Principal  
    Ellen O’Beirne Assistant  
  Mulnaburtlin Philip Maguire    
  Maguire’s Bridge Joseph Happer    
  Tyrehan Ordy. Agri. Patrick Morris Principal  
    Mary E. Lendrum Workmistress  
Aghavea Ardmoney Thomas Rooney Principal  
  Tatty Keeran James Owens Principal  
  Tatnamona no records    
  Ednagilhorn Thomas Douglas Principal  
  Coonlan John Bogue Principal  
    Robert Burnside    
    James Wilson    
    Mary Kennedy    
    Luke Bogue    
    Catherine Bogue    
  Cornafanog John Irvine Principal  
  Brookeboro’ Joseph Kane Principal  
    Hugh Shields Monitor  
  Croeve Ordy. Agrl. Wm. Hergaton Principal  
Boho Carrickbeg John McSpirritt Principal 180-1
  Treel Charles Murphy Principal  
Beleek [Belleek] Tonaghgorm John Kane Principal  
  Belleek James Mortimer Principal  
  Mullick Thomas McGolrick Principal  
    Edward Bell    
    Robert Elliott    
    Francis Shee    
    Cath. O’Neill    
Clones, Eastor Rosteagh Bruscarnagh Peter McHenry Principal  
Clones Deerpark James Keeran Principal  
    John Cadin Monitor  
  Rossbrick Richard Crudden Principal  
  Cornagague Bernard Donegan Principal  
    Thos. Mayne    
  Lisroon Samuel McMurray Principal  
  Knockmaroony Patrick Maguire Principal  
  Mullinvaum Patrick Morris Principal  
  Greaghawarren James Cassidy Principal  
    James McManus Assistant  
  Dristernan John Martin Principal  
  Rosslea Daniel Denneby Principal  
Cleenish Corryglass, West Francis Judge Principal  
    Patrick Judge Monitor  
  Carrick Robert Scott Principal  
  Lisbellaw (Male) George Maxwell Principal  
    R. McManus    
  Lisbellaw (Female) Annie Armstrong Principal  
    R. Montgomery    
    E. Smith    
  Skea (Tempy.) James O’Flanagan Principal  
    Margt. O’Flanagan Assistant  
    Margaret Brians    
    Eliza Spense    
    Mary A. Spense    
    R. O’Flanagan    
    Wm. O’Flanagan    
  Corryglass Eleanor Loughlin Principal  
    Sarah Loughlin    
  Rossdoney Patrick Doogan Principal 182-3
    Hugh Doogan Monitor  
    Jane Armstrong    
    Wm. Dowler    
    Wm. Statt    
    John Armstrong    
    Faith Hilliard    
  Belcoo Terence Greene Principal  
  Lattone John Feely Principal  
  Drumawillan Arthur Clellan Principal  
    A. H. M. Clelland    
  Cornagee Thomas Loughlin Principal  
    Alice Loughlin Monitor  
  Belnaleck Robert H. Fleming Principal  
    Rev. W. A. Willock    
  Killycrew Rose Lilly Principal  
Derryvallan [Derryvullan] Slee Wm. A. Wilson Principal  
    Jane Wilson Workmistress  
  Drumaul Closed during 1862    
  Cules James Irvine Principal  
    Eliza Irvine Workmistress  
    Bernard Magrath    
  Liscrievan James McCaffry Principal  
  Drogan (Female) Cath. Reid Principal  
  Coolaness David Goane Principal  
  Irvinestown Sarah McIvor Principal  
    Sarah L. Boyle Assistant  
    Mary J. Simpson    
    Margaret Cooper    
    John McConnell    
    Agnes McHugh    
    Thomas Rankin    
Drumkeeran Gusheady Terence Monaghan Principal  
    Owen Gormley    
    John McCaffrey    
    Ellen Lacken    
  Tullyhommon Jane McCaffrey Principal  
    Margt. Stuart    
    Margt. Bustard    
    Susan Houston    
    Alice Donaldson    
    Mary Anne Flood    
    Ellen Flood    
  Aghalane Owen McCaffrey Principal 184-5
    Bartly Coen    
    John Monaghan    
    P. Monaghan    
    Henry McHugh    
    A. Johnston    
    Allen Stewart    
    Henry McBrien    
    George McBrien    
  Aghagreffin Henry McMulkin Principal  
  Ednaveigh Christopher Keys Principal  
    Hugh Marshall    
    Jas. Marshall    
    Wm. Hy. Barton    
    James Somewith    
    Ellen Smyth    
    Mary Barton    
  Drumskinny Thomas Gallagher Principal  
    Pat. Monaghan Monitor  
    Edw. Magrath    
    John McEvoy    
    John Chittick    
    William Vance    
  Drumgowna Alexander Irvine Principal  
    Archibald Spence    
    John Coulter    
    Hugh McGobrick    
  Drumangenahan John O’Donnell Principal  
    Wm. McGrory    
    John McGibrica    
    George Chittick    
    Andrew Gibson    
Devenish Lisded Peter Magennis Principal  
    John Magennis Monitor  
    A. H. McClelland    
  Monea James Donnelly Principal  
    Irvine Hazlett Monitor  
    Irvine Heazlett    
  Garrison James O’Reilly Principal  
    John O’Reilly Monitor  
    Wm. G. Scott    
    John Elliott    
    James Elliott    
    Eliza E. Elliott    
    M. M. Johnston    
    Margaret Scott    
    Barbara Johnston    
    Patrick O’Reilly    
    Mary A. O’Reilly    
    Maria Coyle    
    Peter Coyle    
  Drumbeggan Ellen Carroll Principal  
    Anne Stinson    
  Rossinuremore Pat. Timoney Principal  
    Bernard Timoney    
  Cashelnadrea (Male) Myles McGrath Principal  
  Cashelnadrea (Female) Margaret Dolan Principal 186-7
Derrybrusk Ballyreagh James Darragh Principal  
    Danl. McKinsey    
    Thomas Wherry    
    Mary O’Connor    
  Derryhanny Joseph Yeates Principal  
Enniskillen Shankill John McManus Principal  
  Killea John Bannon Principal  
  Carrickmacmea John Martin Principal  
    Bridget Martin Workmistress  
    Eleanor Martin Monitor  
    John Thompson    
    George Reid    
  Tempo (Male) Henry Rutledge Principal  
    Anna J. Sloan Workmistress & Junior Assistant  
    James Irvine Monitor  
    Pat. McCaffrey    
  Enniskillen (Male) Henry Cassidy Principal  
    William Sheeran Monitor  
  Enniskillen (Female) Bridget Cox Principal  
    Ellen Quinn Assistant  
    Margaret Fitzpatrick Monitor  
  Immarue Joseph Baxter Principal  
    Sarah E. Sloan Workmistress  
    George Good Monitor  
    Arthur McGarrety    
    Eleanor Maguire    
    Sarah A. Owens    
    Pat. McManus    
    Terence McQuaid    
    rose McClusker    
    Philip Maguire    
  Immarue (Evening) Joseph Baxter Principal  
  Glen Patk. McMullen Principal  
    Patk. Owens Monitor  
    Pat McMullan    
  Carrowkeel Francis Petty Principal  
  Tempo (Female) Mary Brannon Principal  
  Enniskillen (Male) (2) John Haidy Principal  
    Felix Durnan Monitor  
    Geroge Busby    
    John Elliot    
    Chas. Irvine    
    Robt. Higgins    
    John Kelly    
    John Graham    
  Enniskillen (Male) (3) James W. Neile Principal 188-9
    Francis James Monitor  
    Arthur Carrenduff Monitor  
    Rev. W. C. Magee    
    Rev. B. C. Davidson    
    James Hamilton    
    James Neale    
    Richard James    
  Enniskillen (Female) (3) Anne W. Neile Principal  
    Rebecca Flanagan Monitor  
    Rev. W. C. Magee    
    Rev. B. C. Davidson    
    Annie Neale    
    Mrs. Lowry    
    Miss Keys    
  Enniskillen Convent (Female) (2) Nuns Principal  
    Hannah Scollan Workmistress  
    Catherine Maguire Monitor  
    Mary Higgins Monitor  
    Rose Lilly Monitor  
    Mary McHugh Monitor  
    Jane Durnan Monitor  
    Sisters of Mercy    
    Jane Durneen    
    Bridget Tunny    
Galloon Moorlough Edward McRoe Principal  
    Bridget McRoe    
  Newtown Butler (Male) Hugh McRoe Principal  
  Manor Waterhouse (Male) John Clifford Principal  
    Eleanor Clfford Workmistress  
    William Steen    
  Drumbarry Michael Mowen Principal  
    James Mowen    
  Drumlone Hugh Clifford Principal  
    Lucy Clifford Workmistress  
    Thomas Faucett    
  Kilturk James Beggan Principal  
    James Downey    
    James McMahon    
  Newtown Butler (Female) Mary McCaffrey Principal  
    Eliza McDonnell Monitor  
  Feaugh John McIlroy Principal  
    James Foster Monitor  
  Derryginnedy James Magennis Principal  
  Gubb Hugh Smyth Principal  
    David Crawford    
Innishmacsaint Derrygonnelly (Female) Catherine Tracy Principal  
    Susan Maguire    
  Coranerk Thomas Gallagher Principal  
    Simeon Johnston    
    Patrick O’Dare    
  Loughill John Slane Principal  
  Tullymore Patrick Tracey Principal  
  Rossof Thomas Tracy Principal  
  Glenn East Francis Maguire Principal 190-1
    Thomas Brock    
    Alexander Brock    
    Elizabeth Johnston    
    Marie Jane Johnston    
    Jane Graham    
    Alexander Hamilton    
    Margaret Hamilton    
    John Hamilton    
    Peter Maguire    
    Francis Teevin    
    Bernard Maguire    
    Michael Tracy    
    Anne Flanagan    
    Margaret Campbell    
    Terence Ferguson    
    Anne Carty    
    Marg. McGinness    
  Drumlisorleen (now Fassagh) Thomas O’Rorke Principal  
Killesher Crossroads (Male) James Cassidy Principal  
    John Cassidy Monitor  
    Catherine Cassidy Assistant  
    Robert Little    
    Robert Given    
  Mullaghbawn closed from 31 July to end of 1862    
  Arney Peter Durnan Principal  
Kinawley Derrylin (Male) Francis Clarke Principal  
    Thomas Clarke    
  Stonepark John McKenna Principal  
  Derrymacansey James Maguire Principal  
  Slieverussell (Male) Luke Boylan Principal  
    John Boylan Monitor  
  Slieverussell (Female) Margaret McGovern Principal  
    Ann Maguire Monitor  
  Cornaleck John O’Hara Principal  
  Garvery Drumderig Patrick McKenna Principal  
  Aughakillimaude John Fitzpatrick Principal  
    Margaret Fitzpatrick Workmistress & Assistant  
  Carroo Peter McHugh Principal  
  Drumanymore Patrick Clarke Principal  
    Bridget Martin Workmistress & Assistant  
  Derrylin (Female) Mary Clarke Principal  
    Ellen Maguire    
    Jane Maguire    
  Kinawley Michael Maguire Principal 198-9
    Jane Storry    
    Margaret Storry    
    Jane Wallace    
    Mary Anne Walsh    
    John Walsh    
    Alicia Given    
Kilskerry Fearney [Ferney School is actually in Magheracross Parish (both in Tyrone & Fermanagh) which adjoins Kilskeery Parish in Co Tyrone Margaret McNulty Principal  
Magheraculmoney Clare View Johnstone Brimstone Principal  
  Nedsherry Owen Gallagher Principal  
    Francis Gallagher Monitor  
    Patk. Gallagher    
    John Mulholland    
    Stephen Maguire    
  Aghagaffart Ambrose Gallagher Principal  
    Joseph Rinn    
  Lack George Evans Principal  
  Cloy Robert Armstrong Principal  
  Creneenbrin Robert Irvine Principal  
    Mary Irvine Workmistress  
    John Moffit    
    Thomas Knox    
    Pat. McDermott    
    Francis McClusker    
  Moneyvriece (Female) Terence Donnelly Principal  
Magheracross Coa John Maguire Principal  
  Grove William Browne Principal  
    Isabella Browne Monitor  
  Sydare (Male) Bernard Maguire Principal  
  Drumcullion W. J. Robinson Principal  
    J. Robinson    
Rossory Ashwood Philip Magorney Principal  
    John Clarke    
Templecarn Townavanny Thoms Brimstone Principal  
Templecarn (Drumkeeran) Bow Island John Irvine Principal  

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