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Schools in County Donegal, Ireland 31 December 1862

Accounts & Papers of the House of Commons
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


This file of the Schools in County Donegal, Ireland 31 December 1862 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland. Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy A complete list of records pertaining to County Donegal, Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The columns in the original document are: Parish & School; Religious Demonination of Patron; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Number of Pupils with sub-columns - Established Church, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Others; Total Number of Pupils for the Year1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Total Number of Pupils for the Quarter ended 31 Dec 1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Days & Hours set apart for all Religious Instruction etc. with sub-columns - Days on which given; Hours set apart; Nature of the Religious Instruction given; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

The columns transcribed are: Parish & School; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.


N.B. - Original spellings have been maintained with the exception that surnames such as M'Aleer were amended to McAleer. Names listed with no Position shown are from the 'Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction' column. It should also be noted that not all schools are listed in the correct parish.


The original document may be downloaded for viewing HERE.

Parish School Names Postion Page No.
Ardara Loughriespoint (Female) Eliza Buchanan head 114-5
    Mary Canahan    
  Garrowart Catherine McNair head  
All Saints [Allsaints] Crossroads Robert Graham head  
    Rev. S. McClure    
  Newtown Cunningham William Watson head  
    Robert Watson monitor  
Aughinish [Aughnish] Killycreen John Boyle head  
    Michael McBride monitor  
  Ramelton Robertson’s John Spiers head  
    Rev. A. G. Stewart    
Aughuninshun [Aughanunshin] Woodland Ed. Lynch head  
Burt Carrowreigh William McLelland principal  
  Burt, No. 1 John McRory principal  
  Carrowan William McKee principal  
Culdaff Ballycharry James Connolly principal  
    Susan Verner assistant  
  Bocan (Male) John McColgan principal  
  Carrowmore William Canig principal  
    Matilda Canig assistant  
  Dristeran Pat. Mohan principal  
    Celia Keane assistant  
  Bocan (Female) Margaret McColgan head  
    Grace McDaid monitor  
    Rev. Jas. McLaughlin    
  Ballycharry (Female) Susan Verner head  
Clonmany Gaddyduff (Male) George Mullen head  
  Rasheny Ed. Morrain head  
    Mary Doherty assistant  
  Beltra Denis Doherty head  
  Tiernasligo William Doherty head  
    Eleanor Doherty assistant  
  Gaddyduff (Female) Mary McCarron head  
    Anne M. Young monitor  
  Cross Connell Bernard Granny head 116-7
    Sarah Bradley workmistress  
Convoy Broadpath Jas. Aikens head  
  Lissinisk Jas. Haughey head  
    Cath. Kennedy    
    John Byrs?    
  Corradooey William Wray head  
  Drumkeen Jas. McCarron head  
    Susan McAnaw workmistress  
    Neal Gallagher monitor  
  Convoy, Ord. Agl. J. J. Livingstone head  
    Cath. Livingstone Assistant & workmistress  
    Rev. Mr. Martin    
    Rev. R. Beattie    
    J. O. Livingstone    
Clondavaddog Ballymichael school closed from 31 July 1862    
  Drumfad Thomas Mooney head  
    William McClure    
  Doaghbeg Chas. O’Donnell head  
  Tullyconnell Hugh Dorian head  
  Glenvar Charles Deany head  
Clondahorkey Cashelmore teachers reassigned 26th July 1862    
  Cashelmore (Evening) not obtainable    
Clondahorkey, East Tory Island Mary Friel head  
Clondahorkey [Clondahorky] Kilmackilloo Moses Sayers head  
  Dunfanaghy Jane Phelan head  
    Anne McHugh monitor  
    Bella Stewart    
  Dunfanaghy (W. H.) Sarah A. Irvine head  
    S. Coyle    
Conwal Letterkenny (Male) Ben. Boyle head  
    Daniel McGonpagle monitor  
    Rob. Duffy monitor  
  Glencar Andrew Fullterton head  
  Letterkenny (Female) Sarah Sweeny head  
  Ellistrim closed 9th December 1862   118-9
  Bornany Hugh Martin head  
    Brt. Martin workmistress  
    Brt. Martin, jun. monitor  
  Freantagh John Buchanan head  
  Crossogs Brt. Goarley head  
  Kirkneedy Anne Moyce head  
  Letterkenny, No. 2 Henry Millar head  
  Letterkenny (Evening) William Guthrie monitor  
  Rashedoge J. McGinley head  
  Templedouglas (Model Agricultural) Peter Clarke head  
    W. H. Bovaird    
    J. Hewetson    
  Letterkenny (W. H.) Jane Hutchinson head  
Clonlea [Clonleigh] Murlog Mary A. Sheil head  
    Ellen Gurl    
    E. McBeth    
  Cloghfin William McDavitt head  
    Wm. J. McDavitt    
  Ballybogan William McDavitt head  
    Rev. W. Edwards    
  Porthall John Sheill head  
    Jos. Kelly monitor  
    D. Dogherty    
Cloncha [Clonca] Aughacay Thomas McLaughlin head  
  Malinhead Mary Doherty head  
    William Doherty head  
  Coolkinny John Farren head  
  Malin William Sullivan head  
    M. J. Magennis assistant  
  Keenagh Francis Stewart head  
  Urblereagh Pat McLaughlin head  
    Catherine Doherty workmistress  
  Goovey Rebecca Colhoun head  
Donagh St. Patrick’s (M.) Philip Doherty head  
    John Quigley monitor  
  Creightown J. Doherty head  
  Glassalt M. Harkin head  
    Sarah Porter assistant  
  Glentogher John McEleny head 120-1
    Anne McEleny workmistress  
  St. Patrick’s (Female) Michael Gallagher head  
    B. Doherty assistant  
  Innishowen, W. H. Catharine Nelson head  
Donaghmore Gortichar John Finney head  
    T. McGolrick    
    E. Callaghan    
    R. Floyd    
  Cooladawson William Doherty head  
  Drummurphy James McCurdy head  
  Castlefin Rose Gallagher head  
    Thomas McGolderick assistant  
    Teresa Farrell monitor  
  Crossroads, No. 2 John Brady head  
  Knock James Bresland head  
    David Wray    
    Robert Kincaid    
    J. Rollestone    
  Dreenan Thomas McBrearty head  
    Catharine McBrearty workmistress  
  Carnower Joseph Buchanan head  
    Robert Wallace monitor  
  Gleneely Peter Murdock head  
  Donaghmore, No. 2 James T. Sailes head  
    John Mahon monitor  
  Drumavish John Irwin head  
  Sessiah O’Neill (Male) William Boyle head  
    C. Sweeny    
    James Boyle    
    J. McMenamin    
    Wm. Quin    
    Michael Ward    
  Sessiah O’Neill (Female) Margaret Sweeny head  
    Eliza Sweeny monitor  
  Donaghmore Isabella Mackey head  
  Castlefin Robert Lindsay head  
Donegal Leghawny Robert Farrell head  
    A. McGlinchy    
    Edward Cassidy    
    Mary McGlinn    
  Drumnhowl Mary A. Johnston head  
  St. Ermans Tamor Gold head 122-3
  Donegal, Workhouse Ellen McHugh head  
Dysertgeney [Desertegny] Meenagh Catherine Hegarty head  
Drumhome Ballintra (Male) Patrick Kelly head  
      Rev. Daniel Kelly  
  Ballymagroarty Michael McNulty head  
  Tullynaught Robert Maxwell head  
    William Graham monitor  
    Robert B. Maxwell    
  Ballydermott William Holmes head  
  Ballynakilleen John Kirkpatrick head  
      Rev. John Kincaid  
  Laghey Joseph Deery head  
  Ballintra (Female) Sarah Duffy head  
    Catharine McGrane monitor  
Fahan, Lower Cockhill Ellen Stone head  
  Dumfries William McLaughlin head  
    Isabella McLaughlin assistant  
  Lower Illies A. McGillway head  
    M. McGillway workmistress  
  Ballymacarrey Alexander Cassidy head  
    Jane Barr assistant  
    H. E. Cassidy    
    E. J. Cassidy    
  Tullydish William McLaughlin head  
  Buncrana Thomas Fleming head  
Fahan, Upper Birdstown John Johnson head  
    Jas. Johnson    
  Carnshanagh George Campbell head  
    Rachel Campbell workmistress  
  Crislagh or Tooban, Ord. Agrl. Michael Healy head  
    E. McFann workmistress  
    Sam. Mulholland    
    And. McLaughlin    
    John McFann    
    B. Deeny    
    Ellen Megarty    
Gartan Drumsallagh Bridget Fullerton head 124-5
    Fanny Gallagher monitor  
  Church-hill Eliza R. Pearson head  
    M. J. Pearson monitor  
Glencolumbkill Meenaneary Cormel Brogan head  
  Carrick Domk. McGuire head  
    Maurice Byrne assistant  
    Pat. Cunningham monitor  
  Teelan Pat. Boyle head  
    John Byrne assistant  
    Pat. Cunningham    
  Cashel Owen Carre head  
    John Doherty    
  Malinbeg John Ward head  
    Ml. Byrne assistant  
    Ml. O’Byrne    
  Meenacross Jas. McIntosh head  
Inniskeel [Inishkeel] Mullamore Pat. Molloy head  
    D. Gallagher monitor  
  Glenties Andrew Furey head  
    Mary Furey monitor  
    William Hamilton monitor  
  Cronaghbois Pat. Walker head  
    John McKee    
  Drumboghill Thomas Manelis head  
    Frs. Crummer    
    Eliza Crummer    
    Susan Crummer    
  Brackey Jos. Bradden head  
  Beagh Daniel McSweeny head  
  Clooney Brt. McHugh head  
  Ballinamore Wm. McCaffrey head  
    Edward Kelly monitor  
    C. O’Donnell    
    H. McGeehan    
    Denis McGeehan    
    John McLoone    
  Tullymore Catherine Young head  
  Shallogans Jos. Earley head  
  Lergynascarragh Frs. Maloney head  
  Kilkenny Neil Martin head  
  Kilclooney William McCoale head  
    John McCoale monitor  
  Loughrospoint F. H. Cartwright head  
  Edininfagh John McCafferey head  
  Glenties Workhouse Bridget Hanlon head  
Inver Drumbarrow Patrick Canning head 126-7
  Drumcoe John Lyons head  
    Catherine Lyons assistant  
    Rev. B. Darcus    
  Letterfad James Mulhern head  
    Andrew Meehan monitor  
  Meenlacreeghan Anthony Gallagher monitor  
    John Bonner monitor  
  Glencoagh (Male) Dan Gallagher head  
    W. J. Buchanan    
  Glencough (Female) Rebecca Gallagher head  
    Sarah Boyle    
  Legan Charles Canning head  
  Drimnaherk Denis O’Donnell head  
  Keeloys Neil Gillespie head  
Innismacsaint [Innishmacsaint] Drumnagrough Ellen McShea head  
  Bundoran (Male) John Daly head  
    Pat. Daly monitor  
  Bundoran (Female) Anne McAndrew head  
  Carrickboy (Male) Farrel McGowan head  
    John McGowan monitor  
    Pat. McGowan monitor  
  Carrickboy (Female) Elizabeth McGowan head  
  Dunmuckran Isabella O’Neill head  
    J. O’Neill    
  Ardfarna John McGowan head  
  Ballyshannon (W. H.) Maria McVity head  
    C. McCaffery    
Kilcar Keonaghan James Gallagher head  
    Hugh O’Donnell assistant  
    Hugh McShane monitor  
    Denis Murray monitor  
    F. Doherty    
    J. Friel    
  Shalvey Thomas Fawcett head  
    J. Campbell    
  Goquish Frs. Carre head  
    Pat. Gallagher assistant  
  Crove John Cunningham head  
  Muckress John Fisher head  
Killaghtee Croagh Ts. McGinley head  
    Roger McGinley monitor  
    D. M. Geever monitor  
    P. Kelly    
    James Gingley    
  Castletown James McGettigan head  
  Bruckless Connell Warde head  
  Drimduth William Walker head  
  Ballyotherland John Corscadden head  
Kilterock [Kilteevoge] Cloghan Ts. McCreary head 128-9
    Sarah McCreary workmistress  
    T. McCreery    
    A. Carlin    
    M. Hacken    
    J. May    
    J. McCoole    
    P. Doherty    
    H. Carlin    
    T. Boyce    
  Letterbrick Chas. Mulloy head  
    C. Molloy    
  Commeen Jno. Sweeny head  
    Pat. Dinnin monitor  
Kilmacrenan Carrownaganonagh Wm. Peoples head  
    Cath. McLaughlin workmistress  
    Ay. McGettigan monitor  
  Cashel Ts. Lynch head  
    Ml. Boyle monitor  
  Leiter Jos. Scott head  
  Edenacarnan Anne Sweeny head  
  Legnahoory Matt. Buichanan head  
  Cranford Js. Kelly head  
  Currin Jno. Sweeny head  
  Rathdonnell Moses Tease head  
  Portleen Hugh Ramsay head  
  Kilmacrenan Jno. Craig head  
    W. Sayers    
Killybegs, Upper Fintra Fs. Gilgar head  
    Jno. Gilgar monitor  
  Killybegs Js. Hegarty head  
    Js. Bresland monitor  
  Meenavally Jno. Cunningham head  
  Murray (Male) Jno. McConnell head  
    Ed. Curran monitor  
    Js. Rogers monitor  
  Murray (Female) Grace Thompson head  
    Ellen Cunnea assistant  
    Mary A. Cole monitor  
Killybegs, Lower Ardara (Male) Js. McAfee head  
    Js. Mulherrin monitor  
    J. Mulhern    
  Ardara (Female) Eliza Chism head  
    Mary Holmes assistant  
    Catherine McGinley    
  Gortnacart Isabella Baskin head  
    P. Herarin    
  Leckonell John Brogan head 130-1
  Meentanadea J. Roddy head  
    Pat. O’Gallagher    
    J. Gaffigan    
    J. Beslan    
  Ardara Thos. Wilson head  
Killynard [Killymard] Donegal (Male) John W. Hunter head  
    Denis O’Donnell monitor  
  Donegal (Female) Mary J. Hunter head  
    Sarah Gilmer Workmistress & assistant  
  Ballyderitt John Ward head  
  Drumgun Robert Hewlett head  
Kilbarron Greevy J. Doherty head  
    M. Doherty    
  Ballyshannon (Male) Dan. Gibbons head  
    Ed. Lynch monitor  
    Pat. Gibbons monitor  
  Ballyshannon (Female) Anne McGowan head  
    Catherine Gibbons monitor  
    Mary Quinn monitor  
    Rosanna Quinn monitor  
    M. Yuinn    
    R. A. Quinn    
    B. McNulty    
    H. Conolly    
    R. Gill    
    B. McGowan    
  Coolmore Js. McIntyre head  
    Ed. McIntyre monitor  
    C. Ashe    
  Cashelard John Carney head  
  Ballyshannon (Infant) Mary Reddy head  
    Bridget McGowan assistant  
    Agnes McGowan monitor  
  Dooballa Jos. Carney head  
  Behey (Temparary) Pat. Mahon head  
  Carrignahorna Anthony Patterson head  
  Rockfield Dan. Cunningham head  
Killygarvan Creevary Thos. McWilliams head  
    M. A. Mc Williams workmistress  
    Fa. Curtis monitor  
  Rathmullen (Infant) Magt. Corbett head  
  Caradoon (Ord. Agl) Wm. Crauford head  
    Eliza M. Crauford workmistress  
  Ardlahan Pat. Houston head  
    John Kelly monitor  
    Js. McNulty    
  Altnapaste James Kee head  
    Rev. Jno. Cockrane    
    Wm. Buchanan    
Leck Knockbrack Catherine Doherty head 132-3
Lettermacward [Lettermacaward] Dovey Neil Ward head  
    Hannah Gallagher monitor  
  Boyoughter Charles O’Donnell head  
Muff Clunelly James Farren head  
  Ture Daniel Campbell head  
    Wm. Johnston    
    R. E. Mackey    
    Margaret Mackey    
    John Stewart    
    Mary J. Doherty    
    Mary E. Mullin    
    Robert Doherty    
  Treetrees William Carmichael head  
  Muff Michael Johnson head  
    Charlotte McKee monitor  
  Carnamoyle William Robinson head  
Mevagh Aghadachor James Gallagher head  
    Anne McGettigan    
    Silda Wilkinson    
    George Speers    
  Carrick Francis McClure head  
  Island Roy Hugh Divir head  
  Derryhassen Michael Sweeney head  
  Bohunny Charles Kerr head  
Moville, Upper Drung Charles Lynch head  
  Ballyrattan John Lorry head  
    M. A. Farquher workmistress  
  Cabry George McMurray head  
    Rebecca Brown workmistress  
  Tirreroan John McMenamin head  
    Annie Campbell workmistress  
  Tully navin George Carroll head  
Moville, Lower Gulladuff Edward Quigg head  
  Glenagiveny Peter Brown head  
  Shrove Edward Doran head  
  Moville William Johnson head  
    William McGinley assistant  
    Rebecca McGinnins workmistress  
    Susan Kelly monitor  
  Carrowbeg (No. 1) J. G. Galbraith head 134-5
  Moville Sarah A. Doherty head  
  Drumaweir (Male) Arthur Murphy head  
  Drumaweir (Female) Anne Murphy head  
Raphoe Rooskey John Bonar head  
    Charles Harper    
  Glenmacginn Daniel McDavitt head  
    C. Doherty    
    J. Spence    
    Harry Johnston    
    J. Laird    
    W. Johnston    
    J. McClure    
    M. Tease    
    J. Allen    
    Jas. Noble    
    John Tease    
    Robt. Johnston    
  Ballyholy Robert Wilson head  
  Raphoe John Sheridan head  
  Raphoe (No. 2) E. G. Cotter head  
    Margaret Cotter assistant  
    Esther Glenn monitor  
  Robertson (Parish) James Stewart head  
    Margaret Stewart    
    Elizabeth Stewart    
Raymimterdoney [Raymunterdoney] Ballyboe Charles Sweeny head  
  Myragh Wm. McCullough head  
    William Gibson monitor  
Raymoghy Errity Samuel Caskia head  
  Balleeghan (Ordinary Agricultural) Wm. A. Campbell head  
    Jane Campbell workmistress  
    Martha Campbell monitor  
Stranorlar Dooish Pat. Patten head  
    Eliza McMenamin workmistress  
    Abraham McGinty monitor  
  Stranlorlar (Male) Wm. McMenamin head  
    John Nealis monitor  
  Stranlorlar (Female) Ellen McNulty head  
    Bridget Logne monitor  
  Meen Bane Mary Ward head  
  Ballinamona William Aikens head  
  Meencarrigach Wm. McNulty head  
    B. McBride workmistress  
  Ballybofey Pat. Doherty head  
    Anne McNulty workmistress  
Tullyaghobegly [Tullaghobegley] Derrybeg Pat. McCloskey head 136-7
    Pat. Duggan monitor  
    Hugh McGee    
  Gortahork John Sweeny head  
    Mary Ferry workmistress  
    Daniel Boyle monitor  
  Cashelnagow Jos. Sweeny head  
  Gola Owen McGanley head  
    Pat. Dever    
  Knockastola Bryan Sweeny head  
    Margery Sweeny monitor  
    James McBride    
  Dore John Byrne head  
  Bunaninver Michael Sweeny head  
Tullyaughnish [aka Tullyfern] Ramelton (Male) Andrew Irvine head  
    Mat. Lyndsay monitor  
    James R. Young monitor  
    M. Lindsay    
  Ramelton (Female) Matilda Cockrane head  
    Margery Lindsay assistant  
    Catherine Murray monitor  
  Croaghan William J. Porter head  
    Rebecca Murray workmistress  
  Ray James Carolan head  
    Mary Reid    
    Marg. McFadden    
    James Doherty    
  Bridge End John McRory head  
    H. Duffy    
    E. Kelly    
    J. Arkwright    
    Charles Browne    
    J. Doherty    
    D. McCafferty    
    W. Harrity    
    John Spellman    
  Kerry Keel Hugh Graham head  
  Brown Knowes George Murray head  
Templecrone Dunglow (Male) James Sweeny head  
    Daniel Sweeny monitor  
  Roshine Michael Boyle head  
    Anthony Boyle monitor  
  Keadue Pat Ward head  
    Teague Ward monitor  
    J. Ward    
    A. Ward    
    Jacob Ward    
  Meenmore John Sweeny head  
    Margaret Sweeny monitor  
    P. O’Donnell    
    J. O’Donnell    
  Owey Island Francis Joyce head  
  Acres Michael Boyle head  
    M. A. Rogers workmistress  
    Margaret Boyle monitor  
    Samuel Boyle monitor  
  Rutland John McBride head  
  Belcruit Owen Doherty head  
    Margery Boyle workmistress  
    James McGonagle monitor  
  Inishfree John Bell head 138-9
  Arranmore Denis Gallagher head  
    Marg. O’Donnell monitor  
  Dungloe (Female) Margaret Doherty head  
    Maria Sweeny monitor  
    A. Sweeny    
    M. McBride    
    A. Boyle    
    Cecily Davitt    
    Mary Boyle    
    Annie Sweeny    
  Arragoy John O’Donnell head  
    Daniel O’Donnell    
    J. Duffy    
    James Russell    
    Phil. Green    
  Mullaghduff Bridget Sweeny head  
Taughboyne St. Johnston James Love head  
    Jos. Parke monitor  
  Monreagh Henry Allen head  
    James Rutherford monitor  
  Castletown John Hall head  
    Mary Hall workmistress  
    William Jackson monitor  
  Ardagh Robert Canning head  
  Drumbeg James Donnell head  
Templecairne Gortnessy James Brimstone head  
Tullyfern Tullybeg George Kyle head  
  Glentidaly George McIntyre head  
  Milford (Female) Marian Fennell head  
  Milford (Workhouse) Jane Cassidy head  
    Rev. A. Delap    
    Rev. J. Madden    
    Patrick McBride    
    Rev. R. White    
Urney Alt, No. 1 William Gallagher head  
    Cath. Gallagher Workmistress & assistant  
  Alt, No. 2 John Barr head  

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