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Schools in County Armagh, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862

Accounts & Papers of the House of Commons
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Jim McKane, Ontario, Canada


This file of the Schools in County Armagh, Northern Ireland 31 December 1862 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland. Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy A complete list of records pertaining to County Donegal, Ireland on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The columns in the original document are: Parish & School; Religious Demonination of Patron; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Number of Pupils with sub-columns - Established Church, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Others; Total Number of Pupils for the Year1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Total Number of Pupils for the Quarter ended 31 Dec 1862 with sub-columns - E.C., R.C., Pres., Other; Days & Hours set apart for all Religious Instruction etc. with sub-columns - Days on which given; Hours set apart; Nature of the Religious Instruction given; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.

The columns transcribed are: Parish & School; Name & Religion of Head and Assistant Literary Teachers, Workmistresses, and Paid Monitor with sub-columns - Name, Position in School, Religion; Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction with sub-columns - Names, Creed; Observations.


N.B. - Original spellings have been maintained with the exception that surnames such as M'Aleer were amended to McAleer. Names listed with no Position shown are from the 'Names & Creed of Person Imparting Religions Instruction' column. It should also be noted that not all schools are listed in the correct parish.


The original document may be downloaded for viewing HERE.

Parish School Names Postion Page No.
Armagh City [not a parish] Armagh (Male) Thomas Collins Principal 68-9
    James McGoldrick Assistant  
  Armagh (Female) Ellen Hughes Principal  
    Sarah McGrath Assistant  
    Kate Muphy [Murphy] Monitor  
    Cath. Morgan Monitor  
    Isabella O’Connor Monitor  
    Kate Murphy    
    Kate Morgan    
    Bella O’Connor    
Armagh Grangemore David Carson Principal  
  Gosford Place (Female) Eliza Mary Livingston Principal  
    Eliza Mary Hamilton Principal  
    Mary Ann Reid    
    Agnes Sutch    
    Susan Shegog    
  Gosford Place (Male) Samuel Ewing Principal  
  Ballynahone (Female) Archibald Renshaw Principal  
  Mount St. Catherine Nuns Principal  
    Mary Short Monitor  
    Eliza Monaghan Monitor  
    Ellen Short Monitor  
    Margaret O’Haire Monitor  
Ballymore Old Clare (Male) Joseph Lilly Principal  
    Wm. Thos. Beattie Monitor  
  Old Clare (Evening) Joseph Lilly Principal  
  Old Clare (Female) Nannie Archer Principal  
    Annie Archer    
  Corlust Thomas Hamilton Principal  
  Tannyokey (Female) Anna E. McCulla Principal  
    Martha McCulla    
  Tannyokey (Evening) Anna E. McCulla Principal  
  Poyntz Pass (Female) Cath. Watson Principal  
    Sarah J. Bell Monitor  
  Tanderagee (2) Patrick Rogers Principal  
    Letitia McIvor Assistant  
    Letitia Rice Assistant  
    Martha Hughes Monitor  
  Acton (Infant) Martha Thompson Principal  
  Poyntz Pass Peter Murphy Principal  
    Patrick Murray Monitor  
  Tanderagee (Infant) Ane H. Rea Principal  
    Letitia Gilpin Monitor  
  Clare Jemima McConkey Principal  
    Henrietta Gray    
  Tanderagee (Male) Thomas Kerr Principal 70-1
    John Hackett Assistant  
    Rev. J. P. Bush    
    Rev. T. Meredith    
    Sam. McCune    
  Tanderagee (Evening) Thomas Kerr Principal  
  Tanderagee (Female) Elizabeth Johnston Principal  
    Charlotte Johnston Assistant  
    Mary McHenry Monitor  
    Rev. J. P. Bashe    
    Rev. J. Meredith    
  Tannyokey Modagh (Evening) William McCulla Principal  
    R. H. McCulla    
Creggan Dorsey Bernard Muckian Principal  
    Cath. Muckian Workmistress  
  Tullynavall John Robinson Principal  
  Cullyhanna Patrick Murray Principal  
    Elizabeth Murray    
  Creggan Duff Michael Hearty Principal  
    Mary Hearty Workmistress  
  Crossmaglen (Male) James Craige Principal  
    Owen Craige Monitor  
  Crossmaglen (Female) Ellen Gleeson Principal  
  Ballynaclosha (Male) Bernard Lavelle Principal  
    Bridget Rafferty Workmistress  
  Annaghmore (Male) Anthony Lennon Principal  
    James Lennon Assistant  
  Clonalig Patrick Walters Principal  
  Glassdrummond Felix McGeeney Principal  
    Pat. Garvey Assistant  
    Anne McGeeney Workmistress  
Clonfeacle Blackwallertown (Male) Daniel Campbell Principal  
  Blackwallertown (Female) Mary Campbell Principal  
  Tullyroan William Devers Principal  
    Anne Devers Workmistress  
    Rev. W. Appelbe    
Drumcree Richmount Robert Anderson Principal  
    W. J. W. Anderson Monitor  
  Richmount (Evening) Robert Anderson Principal  
  Breagh James Lennon Principal  
  Maghon John Montgomery Principal  
    M. A. Montgomery Monitor  
  Maghon (Evening) John Montgomery Principal  
  Derrycraw Andrew Carolan Principal 72-3
    Joseph Halfpenny    
    Mary Carolan    
  Portadown (Male) Eugene Lennon Principal  
    Archd. McVeigh Assistant  
    Dominick Brolly    
    Patrick Luppin    
    Hugh McClory    
    John McClory    
    James Lappin    
    Edward Loughran    
    Michael Callan    
    Francis Carrall    
    Pat. Henry    
    Thomas Henry    
    Francis McGinness    
    Francis McGaul    
    Eugene McVeigh    
  Portadown (Evening) Eugene Lennon Principal  
  Portadown (Female) Caroline Simpson Principal  
    Rosetta Loughran Monitor  
    Ann McCorry    
    Cath. Loughran    
    Mary A. Loughlin    
    Ellen M. Loughran    
    Bridget Corr    
  Portadown Wm. English Principal  
    Wm. Morgan Assistant  
    Wm J. Mallagh Monitor  
    C. McFetridge    
    Christoph. Briens    
    Wm. Daly    
  Portadown (Infant) Mary Cooke Principal  
    Drusilla Doran Assistant  
    Eliza Anne Tallan Monitor  
  Portadown (Evening) Martha Dowling Principal  
  Thomas-street (Male) Richard Ferguson Principal  
    Wm. John Corry Assistant  
    Dorcas Rea Second Assistant  
    Wm. Downey    
  Corcrain James Marsall Principal  
Derrynoose Lislea Samuel Brown Principal  
  Derrynoose (Male) James Murtagh Principal  
    Patrick Mulligan Assistant  
    John Clarke Monitor  
  Maddan Francis O’Neill Principal  
    Rose O’Neill Workmistress & Assistant  
  Maghery Kilcrany James Wright Principal  
    Wm. Wright Monitor  
  Temple George Porter Principal 74-5
Eglish Lisadian David Nicholl Principal  
  Tullysaran (Male) Peter O’Neill Principal  
    Patrick Devlin Monitor  
  Tullysaran (Female) Mary O’Neill Principal  
  Caranballaghy Wm. Rollston Principal  
    David Rollston Monitor  
    Rev. D. Coote    
Forkhill Meighfoner S. Cunningham Principal  
    Bridget Daly Assistant  
    Bridget M. Alvey Workmistress  
  Aughanduff John Mooney Principal  
    Bridget Mooney Workmistress  
  Silverbridge Patrick Grant Principal  
    Thomas Faughey    
    James Faughey    
    Francis McCann    
    Bernard Murphy    
    Michael Casey    
  Dromintee Bernard Larkin Principal  
    Sarah Larkin Workmistress  
    Rev. J. Malone    
    Rev. F. C. Hamill    
  Forkhill John O’Heare Principal  
    Rose O’Heare Workmistress  
  Carrickavanna Ml. McParlan Principal  
    Michael Murphy    
    Patrick Quinn    
    Owen Murphy    
    Mary McCreesh    
    Rose Mooney    
Grange Blundell’s Grange (Male) Thomas Graham Principal  
    Mary Graham Monitor  
  Blundell’s Grange (Female) Anne S. Graham Principal  
Jonesborough Jonesborough (Male) Michael Harte Principal  
    Rev. F. E. Hamill    
    Edw. McKeown    
    Matthew Grant    
    John Murphy    
    Patrick Morgan    
  Jonesborough (Female) Mary Bell Principal  
    Rose McAvoy    
    Rose Rorke    
Killevy Cloghore Arthur Markey Principal  
    Hugh Quinn Assistant  
  Deveragh William Conn Principal 76-7
  Drumilley Peter McVerry Principal  
    John McVerry Assistant  
  Drumbanagher (Female) Jane Fullerton Principal  
    Mary Whiteside Monitor  
    Mary J. Whiteside    
  Drumbanagher (Evening) Jane Fullerton Principal  
  Bessbrook (Male) William Briars Principal  
    William Irwin Assistant  
  Bessbrook (Evening) William Briars    
    Peter Feenan Assistant  
  Bessbrook (Female) Mary Briars Principal  
    Mary Simmons Assistant  
    Eliza Wright Assistant  
  Bessbrook (Evening) Mary Simmons Principal  
  Bessbrook (Infant) Eliza Russell Principal  
    Martha Symington Assistant  
  Drumbanagher (Agricultural) Joseph Fullerton Principal  
    William Gillon Monitor  
  Lislea Michael McParlan Principal  
    Daniel Murray Assistant  
    James Byrne Monitor  
  Lissummon Peter Boyle Principal  
    Thomas Ovens Assistant  
    Eleanor Savage Workmistress  
  Lislea (Female) Teresa Doyle Principal  
    Catherine McGlade Workmistress & Assistant  
  Camlough (Male) Michael Murphy Principal  
  Camlough (Evening) Michael Murphy Principal  
  Camlough (Female) Margaret Doyle Principal  
    Eliza Doyle Monitor  
    Jane Collins    
    S. A. McKeowne    
    Margt. A. Kelly    
    Mary O’Neille    
  Camlough (Evening) Margaret Doyle Principal  
  Killean (Male) Michael Mallon Principal  
    Philip McNamee Monitor  
    James ollywood    
    Edward Kelly    
    Luke McGuigan    
  Killean (Female) Mary Brennan Principal 78-9
    Sarah Brennan Workmistress  
    Mary A. Mathews    
    Bridget Maguire    
    Mary McQuade    
    Rose McConvill    
  Ballinliss (Female) Eliza McQuillan Principal  
    Mary A. Dowey Monitor  
  Ballinliss (Male) Daniel Hardy Principal  
    Michael McNally Assistant  
  Cloghouge (Female) Anne McArdle Principal  
    Rose Sloane Assistant  
Kilmore Ballinabinch (Male) John Moore Principal  
    Alexander Logan Monitor  
  Ballinabinch (Female) Sarah Campbell Principal  
  Ballywilly Henry Lee Principal  
  Aghorey William Sands Principal  
  Mullavilly Michael Hamill Principal  
    P. C. Vallely    
Keady Keady (Male) Adam A. Ross Principal  
  Keady (Female) Anne Amelia Potts Principal  
    Martha Glascon    
  Aughnagurgan John Dowds Principal  
  Carrickawilkin James Allen Principal  
    Thomas Quinn    
  Crossmore Keady (Male) Edward Quinn Principal  
    Denis Hughes Monitor  
    Peter McKnight Monitor  
  Crossmore Keady (Evening) Edward Quinn Principal  
    Ellen Quinn Assistant  
  Crossmore Keady (Female) Ellen Quinn Principal  
    Mary Reynods Monitor  
  Dartley Thomas Gray Principal  
    Eleanor Kirkwood Assistant  
    Hugh Coyle Monitor  
    Hannah Bell Assistant  
  Dartley (Evening) Thomas Gray Principal 80-1
    Eleanor Kirkwood Assistant  
    Hannah Bell Assistant  
  Hermitage Joseph King Principal  
  Granemore John McOwen Principal  
    James McMahon Assistant  
    Anne Vallely Workmistress  
    Mary Jeffers    
    Francis Johnson    
    Daniel Lindsay    
    Thomas Carraher    
    John Conroy    
    Francis Harvey    
    Patrick Harvey    
  Clay James McDonald Principal  
Kilclooney Cladymore Samuel Carlisle Principal  
  Ballylane David Mullen Principal  
  Clady Cornelius Loughran Principal  
  Derrycughan Jane Rollston Principal  
    Martha Hill Monitor  
  Derrycughan (Evening) Jane Rollston Principal  
Kildarton Collone James Alexander Principal  
Killyman Clonmore James Dogherty Principal  
    Rev. James Disney    
Lisnadill Foley William Lennon Principal  
    Pat. Short Monitor  
    James Clarke Assistant  
  Drumgaw William B. Palmer Principal  
    Martha Johnston Assistant  
    John Belshaw Monitor  
  Balleer George Walker Principal  
    Charlotte Walker Assistant  
    Eliza Ireland Monitor  
    Robert Kyle Monitor  
  Lisnadill Alex. D’Evelyn Principal  
    Rev. M. Mulgan    
  Drumbee Henry Duggan Principal 82-3
  Milford John Hamilton Principal  
  Milford (Evening) John Hamilton Principal  
Loughgall Aughanlig Francis Lennon Principal  
    Mary Fegan Assistant  
  Eagralougher Pat. Cullen Principal  
    Mary McIvor Assistant  
  Waste Lands Andrew Gillespie Principal  
    Grace Gillespie Workmistress  
    Eliza Gillespei Monitor  
Loughgilly Tullyherron Hugh Rafferty Principal  
    Terence Mohan    
    Hugh Toner    
    Thomas Toner    
    Pat. Clarke    
    Pat. O’Neille    
    Thomas Murphy    
    Charles Murphy    
    Pat. Boylan    
    Elizabeth Toner    
    Marianne Boylan    
    Anne Jennings    
    Marianne McCann    
    Anne Boyle    
    Cath. Toner    
    Elizabeth Myles    
  Belleek (Male) Michael McParland Principal  
  Belleek (Female) Mary Anne Doyle Principal  
  Derrycuhane George Rolston Principal  
  Ballymoyer Michael Hanratty Principal  
    Felix McParlan Assistant  
    Catherine Fearon Workmistress  
    Felix McParland    
Mullaghbrack Market Hill (Male) Joseph McKeague Principal  
    James Swaineze Assistant  
  Market Hill (Female) Rosanna Burrows Principal  
    Matilda McCalla Assistant  
  Cross Keys Hans Platt Principal  
    Thomas Waddell Monitor  
  Coolmillish (Female) Margaret Kelly Principal  
Mointiaghs [Montiaghs] Derrytrasna Patrick Austin Principal  
    Catherine Austin Workmistress & Assistant  
New Town Hamilton
Mullaghduff (Male) Samuel Lockart Principal 84-5
    Michael O’Hara Monitor  
  Tullyvallen Henry Finnegan Principal  
    Cath. Finnegan Workmistress  
    Patrick Finnegan Assistant  
  Cortamlet James Mills Principal  
    Eliza Mills Assistant  
    Eliza Jane Mills    
  New Town Hamilton Thomas Mackin Principal  
    Bernard Mackin Assistant  
    Elizabeth McKeown Workmistress  
  Vallenbrook Alex McIlwaine Principal  
    Jane McIlwaine Workmistress  
  Mullaghduff (Female) Sarah Lockart Principal  
    Mary Quin    
  Skerriff Robert Henderson Principal  
    Thomas Rowland    
    Wm. McMahon    
  Carrickrovaddy Jos. Mackin Principal  
  Camly McCullough Thomas Thompson Principal  
    Marianne Thompson Workmistress  
Newry Newry District Model (Male) John Brown Principal  
    W. McDonnell Assistant  
    James Kennedy Pupil Teacher  
    Owen Donnelly Pupil Teacher  
    John Allen Pupil Teacher  
    John Boylan Pupil Teacher  
    Pat Byrne Pupil Teacher  
    Thomas McCreedy Pupil Teacher  
    John McCombe Pupil Teacher  
    Rev. J. Dodd    
    Margt. J. Pollock    
    Mrs. Bagot    
    Kate Fitzgerald    
    Sarah Thompson    
    Susan Hill    
    Rev. J. Alexander    
    Rev. Gilchrist    
  Newry District Model (Female) Annie McQuillan Principal  
    Margaret Pollock Assistant  
    Bridget Marron Monitor  
    Kate Fitzgerald Monitor  
    Bridget McKenna Monitor  
    Sarah Thompson Monitor  
    Walter McDonnell    
    Owen Donnelly    
    James Kennedy    
    John Boylan    
    Pat Byrne    
  Newry District Model (Infant) Anna Glenny Principal  
    Sarah Fegan Monitor  
    Susan Hill Monitor  
  Canal-street (Convent) Nuns Principal  
    Eliza Flynn Industrial Teacher  
    Fannie Murney Monitor  
    Hannah Carroll Industrial Teacher  
    Ellen Kelly Monitor  
    Agnes McGennety Monitor  
    Ellen Nearny Monitor  
    Ellen McKay Monitor  
    Bridget McGeown Monitor  
    Ellen Kelly Monitor  
Shankill Tannaghmore William Loughlin Principal  
  Dougher (Male) William Cullen Principal 86-7
    Murtagh Kennedy Assistant  
    Joseph Darragh Monitor  
  Dougher (Female) Mary A. McKeown Principal  
    Mary Ward Assistant  
    Susan Duffy Assistant  
    Mary Ann Harkin Monitor  
    Sarah McGeown Monitor  
  Lurgan (Male) Thomas Donaldson Principal  
    George Orr Assistant  
    James McKenna Assistant  
    Richard Livingston Monitor  
    Thomas Stevenson Monitor  
    Wm. J. Haskiss Monitor  
    Samuel Moore Monitor  
  Lurgan (Male) (Evening) Thomas Donaldson Principal  
    James McKenna Assistant  
  Lurgan (Female) Jane Lowry Principal  
    Sarah Ginn Assistant  
    Jane Hull Assistant  
    Mary Hull Monitor  
    Essie Livingston Monitor  
    Abigail George Monitor  
  Lurgan (Female, Evening) Sarah Ginn Principal  
  Hill-street, Lurgan Andrew Morrisson Principal  
    Margaret Green Assistant  
    Andrew Morrison    
    Margaret Greene    
  Halftown (Male) Pat. Carroll Principal  
  Halftown (Female) Ellen Larkin Principal  
  Queen’s-street Matilda Logan Principal  
    Mary Mehaffy Assistant  
    Ruth Nettleton Assistant  
    Mary Mahaffy    
  Knocknashane Eliza McMullan Principal  
Seagal [Seagoe] Aghacommon James McGrath Principal  
    Arthur Sherry Assistant  
  Aghacommon (Evening) James McGrath Principal  
  Aghacommon (Female) Eleanor Carolan Principal  
    Mary A. McGrath Assistant  
  Edenderry David Geddis Principal  
    Margaret Hunter Assistant  
    Samuel Weir Assistant  
    Robert Daly Assistant  
    Priscilla Winchester Monitor  
    James Graham Monitor  
    Thomas Monro Monitor  
    Anne Ferguson Monitor  
    Sophia McCormick Monitor  
    Margaret Kennear Monitor  
    David Forbes    
  Balteagh (Male) Samuel Morrisson Principal  
    Samuel Morrison    
  Balteagh (Female) Jane Anderson Principal  
  Turmoyra John Nelson Principal  
Tartaraghan Maghery Daniel Campbell Principal 88-9
  Eglish Thomas McNamee Principal  
    Teresa Rooney Assistant  
  Cloncore Samuel Bowden Principal  
    Henry Davidson Assistant  
    Emil Malchet Workmistress  
    Mary Craig Monitor  
  Eglish James Cooke Principal  
    Rev. W. Nicholas    
Tynan Middletown (Male) Peter Corr Principal  
    Felix Hughes    
    John Rice    
    John McGrane    
  Middletown (Female) Maria Connor Principal  
    Mary McParland Monitor  
  Manooney Murtagh McCann Principal  
    John Harvey    
    Thomas Louglin    
    Cath. Campbell    

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