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Poem: Farewell My Native Land

By Joe Sharkey
Submitted by
Kathleen Brown Herman

Joe Sharkey wrote this poem the night before he left Ireland to sail to Canada about 1900. He sailed for Canada with another brother, Andrew Sharkey, and George Brown who married his sister Martha Sharkey. They were all from Loughneas, Leckpatrick Parish.


Farewell,farewell my Native Land, a long farewell to thee

For I will woo Dame Fortune’s smiling land far o’er the sea,

But I am sad to leave you, green Erin’s fertile soil

The lovely banks of Dennet and the winding river Foyle.


No more I’ll watch the golden sun set over Binion Hill

Or listen to the Dennet’s song down by the old scotch mill

No more at early dawn I’ll hear the lark’s clear thrilling lay

But I will fondly think of thee when I am far away.


Farewell to Killycurry’s Heights, farewell to Eden Braie,

Farewell to Ballyheather and goodbye to sweet Laughnease.

That name so sweet shall cheer me on Canada’s trackless plain

And fancy on the wings of love shall bear me back again

Back to the dear old home and the dear friends I’ve known

While engraven on my heart shall be the Hills of Sweet Tyrone.