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Bronze Age Grave Found in Lislaird Townland,  Termonamongan Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Belfast Telegraph - Thursday 03 April 1969
Submitted by William Houston


The Bronze Age, so-named because of the use of bronze, existed c.3300-1200 BC.

Belfast Telegraph - Thursday 03 April 1969

Bronze Age Grave Found in Tyrone

An ancient grave, wjhich may date back to the Bronze Age, has been found in the Castlederg area of Tyrone.

It was discovered by Mr. Matthew Crilly, of Lislaird, when he struck a large stone while ploughing a field on his farm.

On lifting the stone, which is in a field known locally as “the Croft field”, Mr Crilly discovered among the dry, sandy soil underneath small pieces of bone, some of which appear to be human.

Castlederg police dug out the remainder of the contents of the small, diamond-shaped grave, which has stone sides and a stone bottom.

The grave is just over 18 inches deep, and each side measures just over a foot.

First impressions of experts were that it was a grave dating back to the Bronze Age betweeen 2,000 and 1,000 years BC, when cremation and the burial of the ashes was customary.


Credit to Declan Hurl

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