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Muster Roll, Strabane Barony, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1630

Information provided by Teena

Muster roll of Strabane Barony Sir George Hamilton, Knt ,undertaker of 2,500 acres- his men and arms about 1630.

calliver= a sort of hand gun or musket
snaphance= a dutch firelock


Name Weapon
William MILLER Sword and pike
John PORTER Sword and pike
James WILKEN (?) Sword & Calliver
Stephen Lowry Sword & Calliver
John MURRAY sword only
Peter LAUGHLYNE sword & Pike
James MATHEW sword & snaphance
Daniel WOOD sword & snaphance
Daniel BROWN sword & pike
John MICHELL sword & snaphance
James CROSS sword & snaphance
John HOLMES sword & snaphance
Claudius WILLSON- sword only
George NESBIT- sword only
David MURRAY sword & pike
James LOWRY sword & Halbert
John GRANGER sword & snaphance
Robert BREWELL sword & pike
Robert WAT sword only
James LYNNE sword only
Daniel McILWAINE sword & snaphance
Daniel HILL sword & pike
Robert GRANGER sword only
Robert MACKLIN sword & snaphance
Andrew CLAY sword only
John MACLYNE sword & snaphance
Alexander BROWN sword only
Robert WALLAS sword & pike
Andrew BROWN sword & snaphance
Gillcolim McCOLLIM sword &pike
Alexander FENTON sword & snaphance
George BREW sword & pike
James BARHILL sword only
David McDOALL sword only
John BROWNE sword only
James HALL sword only
William DARAGH sword only
Art McART sword only
William GREENLY- sword & snaphance