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Cappagh Volunteers, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1781

Extracted from the Dublin Evening Post, June 16, 1781
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

For an explanation of the origins and function of this body:



At a meeting of the CAPPAGH Company of Volunteers, Saturday, the 26th of May 1781, and being resolved into a committee of the whole Company, it was voted,

That the Company now wants a Captain to command them.

ALEXANDER COLHOUN, ESQ., of Omagh, being proposed as a fit person for that rank,

The Company therefore in general expressing approbation, from a sense of his amiable character, both in his public and private capacity, unanimously elected him as their Commanding Officer as Captain humbly requesting he will accept of the same; and that the REV. HUGH DUNLAP, LIEUT. DAVID DENNY and Secretary of the Company, do wait on the said ALEXANDER COLHOUN with their said resolutions for his approbation.

Assigned by order,


Mr COLHOUN impressed with a due sense of honour conferred on him by the Cappagh Volunteers, in appointing him to be their Captain, returns them his most sincerely thanks, and hopes by his attachment and attention to the cause in general, and to that of the Cappagh Company in particular, he may be thought to merit their future approbation.