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Templecarn Parish Church, Pettigo, County Donegal, Ireland & County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland Marriages 1845-50

Church of Ireland
Marriages Recorded during the Years of the Great Famine 1845-50
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

This file of MARRIAGES RECORDED IN TEMPLECARN PARISH CHURCH, PETTIGO, TEMPLECARN PARISH, COUNTIES DONEGAL & FERMANAGH 1845-1850 forms part of the vast archive of 4,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( A complete list of records pertaining to TEMPLECARN PARISH on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

Templecarn Parish Church, Pettigo



1 April 1 1845

Robert Bogs 30 years farmer Ross Harbour. Father: James Bogs farmer


Eliza Mills 20 years spinster Aughablaney. Father: Sam Mills blacksmith

Witnesses: James Graham & William Dixon

2 June 12 1845

William Stewart full age widower farmer Belleek. Father: John Stewart farmer


Anne Maxwell 21 years spinster Tullyvarrid? Father: James Maxwell farmer

Witnesses: James Maxwell & Andrew Stewart

3 Jul 3 1845

Andrew Knox full age widower farmer Belalt. Father: Andrew Knox farmer


Margaret Fleming full age spinster Belalt. Father: James Fleming farmer

Witnesses: John Knox & James Funston

4 Jul 8 1845

Robert Somerville 21 years bachelor farmer Tievemore. Father: Thomas Somerville pensioner


Jane Day 19 years spinster Aughnahoo. Father: Thomas Day pensioner

Witnesses: John Day & Thomas Shephard

5 Jul 10 1845

William Abram full age bachelor farmer Brookhill. Father: Thomas Abram farmer


Madge Maxwell full age spinster Brookhill. Father: James Maxwell farmer

Witnesses: George Maxwell & Robert Mills

6 Aug 16 1845

Joseph Collins full age bachelor policewoman Drumhiriff. Father: James Collins farmer


Anne Black full age spinster Drumhiriff. Father: unknown

Witnesses: William Collins & John Farmer

7 Sep 18 1845

Robert Jones full age bachelor farmer Drumnacheer? Father: Henry Jones farmer


Sarah Knox 18 years spinster Tullycarne. Father: John Knox farmer

Witnesses: Edward Armstrong & William Knox

8 Sep 29 1845

George Kennedy 23 years bachelor labourer Sesaskilty. Father: Andrew Kennedy farmer


Mary Jane Stewart 21 years spinster Sesaskilty. Father: William Stewart farmer

Witnesses: Adam Armstrong & William McCaffrey

9 Nov 4 1845

John Owens full age bachelor Aughnahoo. Father: Terry Owens blacksmith


Anne Irwin 21 years spinster Sesaskilty. Father: Thomas Irwin farmer

Witnesses: Edward Read & William Irwin

10 Dec 4 1845

Thomas Abram full age bachelor labourer Drumgun. Father: Robert Abram farmer


Barbery Abram full age spinster Drumgun. Father: William Abram farmer

Witnesses: Charles Coulter & James Abram

11 Dec 9 1845

Henry Irwin full age bachelor baker Pettigo. Father: William Irwin farmer


Margaret McCoy full age spinster Pettigo. Father: James McCoy wheelwright

Witnesses: Oliver Edwards & Thomas Mills

12 Jan 6 1846

John Devitt 20 years bachelor farmer Belalt. Father: James Devitt farmer


Elizabeth Hunter 19 years spinster Cassidy. Father: James Hunter farmer

Witnesses: William Coulter & Robert Frazer

13 Jan 27 1846

Robert Marshall 21 years bachelor labourer Dromore. Father: Edward Marshall farmer


Bel. Kennedy 20 years spinster Drumawark. Father: Andrew Kennedy farmer

Witnesses: William Raw & John Noble

14 Mar 17 1846

John Golden 21 years bachelor farmer Parish of Drumkeeran. Father: Thomas Golden farmer


Dorethea Johnston 23 years spinster Lettercran. Father: Henry Johnston farmer

Witnesses: Henry Johnston & William Martyn

15 Apr 23 1846

James Knox full age bachelor sawyer. Kilmore. Father: George Knox farmer


Rebecca Carr full age spinster Pettigo. Father: Charles Carr pensioner

Witnesses: Adam Read & George Knox

16 Jul 7 1846

Robert Walsh 28 years bachelor farmer Inver. Father: James Walsh schoolmaster


Catherine Freebourne 21 years spinster Glasskeragh. Father: James Freebourne farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Freebourne & Andrew Hammond

17 Sep 8 1846

John Falls full age widower farmer Pettigo. Father: Henry Falls farmer


Elizabeth Irwin 23 years spinster Letter. Father: John Irwin farmer

Witnesses: Alexander Irwin & Robin Shaw

18 Oct 13 1846

Arthur Knox full age bachelor farmer Aughalague. Father: William Knox farmer


Martha Mills 21 years spinster Balalt. Father: John Mills farmer

Witnesses: William Maxwell & Francis Brandon

19 Dec 11 1846

Robert Graham 23 years bachelor sawyer Drumkeeran. Father: Charles Graham farmer


Mary Abram 24 years spinster Drumgun. Father: William Abram farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Abram & Johnston Graham

20 Jan 19 1847

William Moore 25 years bachelor farmer Letter. Father: James Moore farmer


Letitia Stinson 26 years spinster Middlebrook. Father: John Stinson farmer

Witnesses: John Rosten & Thomas Carr

21 Jan 19 1847

James McCrea 25 years bachelor farmer Derrin. Father: John McCrea farmer


Sarah Mills 24 years spinster Derrin. Father: Hugh Mills farmer

Witnesses: Arthur Jervais & John Mills

22 Feb 26 1847

John Johnston 22 years bachelor farmer Drumkeeran. Father: John Johnston farmer


Anne Johnston 23 years spinster Sesaskilty. Father: Thomas Johnston farmer

Witnesses: Thomas Johnston & Arthur Johnston

23 Mar 3 1847

Joseph Rynd 40 years widower farmer Parish of Templecarne. Father: William Rynd farmer


Elizabeth McGomery 27 years widow Parish of Templecarne. Father: Matthew Maxwell farmer

Witnesses: William Rynd & Matthew Maxwell

24 Aug 3 1847

Thomas Johnston 21 years bachelor farmer Kilmore. Father: James Johnston farmer


Letitia Caulin [Callan] 20 years spinster Cullion. Father: James Caulin [Callan] farmer

Witnesses: Walter Tweedy & William Johnston

25 Feb 1 1848

Stuart Kirkpatrick full age bachelor farmer Tievemore. Father: John Kirkpatrick farmer


Eliza Moore full age spinster Tievemore. Father: James Moore farmer

Witnesses: Johnston Coulter & Stewart Young

26 Mar 16 1848

Richard Ellis full age bachelor farmer Kilmore. Father: John Ellis no further details


Phoebe Devitt full age spinster Drumnaskew. Father: Maxwell Devitt no further details

Witnesses: James Ogle & John Ellis

27 May 23 1848

John Moore 45 years widower farmer Gortnessy. Father: no details given


Angel Cathcart 23 years spinster Portnabligh. Father: Henry Cathcart farmer

Witnesses: James Virtue & John Cathcart

26 Sep 5 1848

James Maley 30 years bachelor farmer Rossharbour. Father: William Maley farmer


Anne Maley 20 years spinster Rossharbour. Father: James Maley farmer

Witnesses: John Cathcart & James Coulter

29 Sep 13 1848

John Scott full age widower merchant Dromore. Father: John Scott merchant


Martha Hamilton full age spinster Pettigo. Father: Hazlett Hamilton merchant

Witnesses: Gorges Irvine & Matthew Anderson

30 Nov 16 1848

William McFarland full age bachelor farmer Drumsawnamore, Magheraculmoney. Father: no details given


Margaret Dixon full age spinster Cullion, Templecarne. Father: Robert Dixon farmer

Witnesses: John Ingram & Thomas Carr

31 Dec 5 1848

Richard Hassard 22 years bachelor farmer Castle Caldwell, Belleek. Father: Jason Hassard farmer


Jane Ogle 28 years spinster Rossharbour, Templecarne. Father William Ogle farmer

Witnesses: William Ogle & Thomas Carr

32 Oct 15 1848

Nathaniel Clarke 25 years bachelor farmer Grouselodge, Templecarne. Father: Nathaniel Clarke no further details


Rhoda Scott 22 years spinster Grouselodge, Templecarne. Father: Charles Scott no further details

Witnesses: John Clarke & Charles Caldwell

33 Jan 25 1849

Robert Barclay 30 years widower ……? Ardaragh, Termonamongan. Father: John Barclay no further details


Sarah Knox 21 years spinster Drumawark, Templecarne. Father: Robert Knox no further details

Witnesses: Thomas Knox & John Knox

34 Feb 9 1849

James Elliott 25 years bachelor farmer Drumawark. Father: James Elliott farmer


Matty Kearns 21 years spinster Cullion. Father: Alex. Kearns Farmer

Witnesses: William Johnston & John Smyth

35 Mar 2 1849

John Lowry full age bachelor farmer Aughnahoo. Father: William Lowry farmer


Alice McIlwaine full age spinster Aughnahoo. Father: James McIlwaine farmer

Witnesses: James McIlwaine & Johnson Owens

36 Mar 6 1849

William Mills full age bachelor farmer Aughnablaney. Father: James MiIls farmer


Sarah Gregory full age spinster Aughnablaney. Father: Andrew Gregory farmer

Witnesses: John Mills & John Mills

37 Mar 6 1849

William Stuart full age bachelor farmer Drumawark. Father: Johnston Stuart farmer


Anne Elliott full age spinster Drumawark. James Elliott farmer

Witnesses: John Elliott & William Stewart

38 Mar 13 1849

Charles McCutcheon 28 years bachelor farmer Rushen, Drumakeeran Father: Robert McCutcheon farmer


Mary Kyle 18 years Crilly, Templecarne. Father: John Kyle farmer

Witnesses: John Semple & Robert McCutcheon

39 Mar 21 1850

Edward Malley 26 years bachelor labourer Big Wood. Father: William Malley farmer


Eliza McKinley 22 years spinster Stoneforth. Father: C……? McKinley farmer

Witnesses: John McCrea & Richards B…..?

40 Apr 3 1850

Edmond Moutray full age bachelor gentleman Tievemore. Templecarne. Father: Alexander Moutray gentleman


Mary Jane Baxter full age spinster Tievemore, Templecarne. Father: Liddle Baxter gentleman

Witnesses: Hamilton A. Baxter & Alexander Moutray

41 Apr 3 1850

Samuel Malley (signed Mealey) full age boat-builder Big Wood, Templecarne. Father: no details given


Jane Gregory full age spinster Big Wood, Templecarne. Father: no details given

Witnesses: John McCrea & John Cathcart

42 Jun 7 1850

Arthur Vincent Watson full age bachelor clergyman Pettigo. Father: Henry Watson, Esq., gentleman


Nannie Hamilton full age spinster Pettigo, Templecarne. Father: Hazlett Hamilton merchant

Witnesses: William James West & Gorges Irvine

43 Oct 29 1850

Barton Graham full age bachelor farmer Banagh. Father: William Graham farmer


Jane Foster full age spinster Boa Island. Father: Christopher Foster farmer

Witnesses: John Cathcart & Guy Armstrong

44 Nov 20 1850

John Morrow full age bachelor farmer Grouse Lodge. Father: Thomas Morrow farmer


Letitia Johnston full age spinster Cashelenny. Father: Henry Johnston farmer

Witnesses: Henry Johnson & Charles Caldwell

45 Dec 26 1850

Robert Porter full age bachelor farmer Derrylougher. Father: William Porter farmer


Rosanna Martin full age spinster Kimmitt? Father: Christopher Martin farmer

Witnesses: William Collins & John Cathcart

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