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Second Stranorlar Presbyterian Church, Stranorlar Parish, County Donegal, Ireland Marriages 1845-64

Registration District of Stranorlar
Extracted from Indexes to Registers of Civil Registration of Marriages in Ireland
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


SECOND STRANORLAR PRESBYTERIAN MARRIAGES, CO. DONEGAL 1846-64 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH, IRELAND provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland .com Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy. Many records pertaining to Stranorlar Parish (villages of Stranorlar & Ballybofey) County Donegal uploaded on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

The following records for Second Stranorlar Congregation have been filmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast where they may be consulted:

MARRIAGES: 1846-69; PRONI Ref: MIC1.C/7

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In 1871 the congregation ceased to function and from 1872 the meetinghouse hosted a congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.



No. Date Marriage
1 Feb 17 1846

George Kilpatrick minor bachelor farmer Teevickmoy. Father: George Kilpatrick farmer


Fanny Coulter minor spinster farmer’s daughter Backlees. Father: William Coulter farmer

Witnesses: John Huston & James Huston

2 Mar 11 1846

George Morrow minor bachelor farmer Drumgorna? Father: George Morrow farmer


Charlotte Oliver minor spinster farmer’s daughter Cloghrow? Father: Henry Oliver farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Stewart & William Taylor

3 Nov 8 1849

Elizabeth Crawford 35 years spinster farmer’s daughter Midcut. Father: William Taylor farmer


George McCready 40 years bachelor farmer Corleckey. Father: John McCready farmer

Witnesses: Charles Lepper & John Farren

4 Sep 11 1850

Joseph Roulston 30 years bachelor farmer’s son Rawes. Father: James Roulston farmer


Rebecca Taylor 25 years spinster farmer’s daughter Drumavish. Father: Samuel Taylor farmer

Witnesses: William Taylor & Jeremiah Roulston

5 Oct 29 1850

Samuel Frizell 20 years bachelor farmer Drummanaught. Father: John Frizell farmer


Sarah Jane Pollock 17 years spinster farmer’s daughter Callin. Father: Robert Pollock farmer

Witnesses: James Miller & John Greer

6 Jan 17 1851

Samuel Taylor full age bachelor farmer Cavan. Father: Samuel Taylor farmer


Margaret Tait full age spinster Labbadoo. Father: Adam Tait farmer

Witnesses: John Taylor & William Tait

7 Apr 12 1852

John Chambers full age bachelor farmer Corleckey. Father: Matthew Chambers farmer


Mary Crawford full age spinster Corleckey. Father: William Crawford farmer

Witnesses: David Brown & Archibald McQuilkin

8 Sep 15 1852

James Blackburn full age bachelor farmer Carricknamanna. Father: Samuel Blackburn farmer


Mary Wray full age spinster Carricknamanna. Father: James Wray farmer

Witnesses: Robert Wray & John Wray

9 May 27 1853

James Tait full age bachelor farmer Ballyholey. Father: Adam Tait farmer


Margaret Taylor full age spinster Drumavis. Father: Samuel Taylor farmer

Witnesses: Robert Taylor & William Tait

10 Jul 7 1854

Samuel McCormick full age bachelor farmer Magheracorran. Father: James McCormick farmer


Margaret Roulston full age spinster Magheracorran. Father: James Roulston farmer

Witnesses: John Latta & Thomas Kee

11 Sep 29 1854

Andrew McLeery full age bachelor farmer Menavoy. Father: John McLeery farmer


Mary McLehinney [McElhinney?] full age spinster Callin. Father: Ebenezer McLehinney [McElhinney?] farmer

Witnesses: John Hepburn & Archibald McQuilkin

12 Oct 15 1858

John McLeary full age widower labourer Menavoy, Parish of Stranorlar. Father: John McLeary farmer


Mary McElhinney full age widow spinster Callin, Parish of Conwall. Father: John Tinney farmer

Witnesses: James McLean & Archibald McGulkin

13 Dec 30 1858

John McFetrish full age widower farmer White Hill, Naveny. Father: Robert McFetrish farmer


Fanny Farran full age spinster Naveny, Stranorlar. Father: John Farren farmer

Witnesses: John Farren & Archibald McGulkin

14 May 24 1859

Thomas Leeper full age bachelor farmer Ballinatone. Father: Thomas Leeper farmer


Isabella Leeper full age spinster Welshtown, Parish of Kiltevock. Father: Francis Leeper farmer

Witnesses: Samuel Donaldson & Thomas McElhinney

15 Nov 1 1859

Thomas Hart full age bachelor gardener Drumboe, Parish of Stranorlar. Father: Thomas Hart gardener


Sarah Bonar full age spinster Drumboe, Parish of Stranorlar. Father: Robert Bonar farmer

Witnesses: James Bonar & John Bonar

16 Nov 10 1859

Thomas Algoe full age bachelor farmer Magherabuoy, Parish of Donoughmore. Father: James Algoe farmer


Mary Jane McLairn full age spinster Drennan?, Parish of Donoughmore. Father: Robert McLairn farmer

Witnesses: Robert Taylor & James McLairn

17 Wanting
18 Feb 11 1860

Newby Chase full age bachelor gardener Londonderry. Father: Thomas Chase schoolmaster


Jane Tait full age spinster Mullaghagarry. Father: John Tait farmer

Witnesses: John Tait, Jun. & Adam Tait, Jun.

19 Jan 17 1861

Adam Tait full age bachelor farmer Labbadoo. Father: Adam Tait farmer


Mary Roulston full age spinster Magheracorran. Father: William Roulston farmer

Witnesses: Samuel McAuley & Andrew Russell

20 Jan 29 1861

John McMonagle full age widower servant Calcadden. Father: William McMonagle farmer


Rachel Buchanon full age spinster Drumavis. Father: James Buchanon servant

Witnesses: John Farren & James Ewin

21 Jun 6 1861

Samuel McCollum full age bachelor ex-constabulary Castlederg. Father: Daniel McCollum constabulary


Mary Chism full age spinster Bridgetown. Father: Foster Chism farmer

Witnesses: James Tait & Archibald McGulkin

22 Oct 22 1861

Thomas Buchannon full age bachelor servant Drumavis. Father: Thomas Buchannon farmer


Elizabeth Waddell full age spinster Corcam Father: James Waddell labourer

Witnesses: Joseph Barr & John Forrist

23 Nov 22 1861

Robert Brown full age bachelor servant St Johnston. Father: Arthur Brown shoemaker


Mary Vanse full age spinster Stranorlar. Father: William Vanse Labourer

Witnesses: Henry Paisley & Ann Vanse

24 Jan 10 1862

Thomas Kilpatrick full age bachelor servant Lettermakenny. Father: Thomas Kilpatrick servant


Elizabeth Crawford full age spinster Callin. Father: William Crawford servant

Witnesses: David Houston & James Holmes

25 Jan 30 1862

John Snodgrass full age bachelor farmer Dunwiley. Father: Thomas Snodgrass farmer


Elizabeth McReady full age spinster Tivockmoy .Father: John McReady servant

Witnesses: James McCurday & David Kilpatrick

26 Jan 30 1862

Joseph Rankin full age bachelor farmer Seacore. Father: John Rankin farmer


Isabella Matilda Roulston full age spinster Magheracorran. Father: William Roulston merchant

Witnesses: Joseph Rankin & Thomas Rankin

27 Jul 1 1862

William Elliott full age widower farmer Knock, Parish of Donoughmore. Father: John Elliott farmer


Mary Jane Farren full age spinster Navenny, Parish of Donoughmore. Father: John Farren farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Farren & John Farren

28 Sep 3 1862

Robert Johnston full age widower farmer Glenmaqueen, Parish of Raphoe. Father: Thomas Johnston farmer


Isabella Latta full age spinster Milltown, Convoy Father: James Latta farmer

Witnesses: John Allen & Adam Johnston

29 Feb 2 1864

James McLay full age bachelor mason Bells Park [Co. Tyrone]. Father: John McLay mason


Jane Hepburn full age spinster Stranorlar. Father: John Hepburn carpenter

Witnesses: Samuel Hepburn & James Knox

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