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2nd Raphoe Presbyterian Church, Raphoe Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland Marriages 1860-99

Extracted from Indexes to Registers of Civil Registration of Marriages in Ireland
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Second Raphoe Presbyterian Church, The Diamond, Raphoe, Co. Donegal (now the hall of Raphoe Presbyterian Church. (Photo: Google Maps)


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Extracted from A History of Congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland 1610-1982 (Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland, Belfast, 1982)

About the year 1855 a dispute, involving personalities and not doctrine, arose in 1st Raphoe and the congregation was split. Part of the congregation left and asked the Presbytery of Raphoe for recognition as a separate congregation. The request was refused, but on the matter being brought before the General Assembly, the Presbytery’s decision was reversed and the proposed new erection was sanctioned and placed under the care of the Presbytery of Derry. Mr. Robert Boyle, (licensed Belfast 1857) was ordained as minister of the new congregation on 27 Mar. 1859. A large house of worship was built in the centre of the town in 1850 (sic). Mr. Boyle resigned the charge on 8 June 1875 when he was given credentials to go to the colonies. When this did not happen he was called to Second Killimurris [Co. Antrim], and was succeeded by Rev. William McKeen on 17 Nov. of that year.

Five years later, having accepted a call to 1st Ballymacarrett [Belfast], he resigned the charge 8 Nov. 1881. The next minister, Rev. William Lowry Berkeley, was installed on 2 June 1882, and remained until 6 May 1890 when he resigned to go to Sinclair Seamen’s Church [Belfast]. The last minister of the congregation, Mr. William Craig (licensed Glendermott 1890) was ordained 17 Oct. 1890 and remained there for the rest of his life. He died on 19 Aug. 1922.

Many people were then agreed that there should be a union of 1st and 2nd Raphoe, but it was difficult to arrive at terms of union acceptable to both congregations. Numerous meetings were held and terms of union were agreed on 8 Aug. 1923 and the separate existence of 2nd Raphoe came to an end. Despite the difficulties of reaching agreement, the union was soon found to be acceptable to the great majority of members of both the former congregations.


After the decision in Aug. 1923 to amalgamate these two congregations, Rev. Samuel Meek retired on 1 Nov. 1929, because of ill-health, and the now reunited congregation called Mr. Joseph Percival Connery (lic. Belfast 1921) as its minister. He was ordained on 2 January 1924 and resigned when called to Glenwherry [Co. Antrim] on 17 Sept. 1929. The Rev. William Frederick Shepherd, who followed Mr. Connery, had been licensed in Princetown (sic) USA, and then received by the Rathfriland Presbytery [Co. Down]. He was installed in Raphoe on 14 May 1930 and served the congregation faithfully and well until his retirement on 7 Feb. 1961. He retired to Bangor and died 13 June 1970.

The Second Raphoe church ceased to be used for services at the end of 1949, and in a short time became the recreation hall for the youth of the congregation. It is also used for the monthly sittings of the District Court.

The next minister was Mr. Robert McCausland Bell (lic. Belfast 1956), son of Mr. S. D. Bell of Bangor, a prominent elder and trustee of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Bell was installed in 31 May 1961, and when later called to Kilraughts [Co. Antrim], he resigned on 15 Nov. 1971. During his ministry he was appointed stated supply of the vacant congregation of Ballindrait. In the vacancy which followed the congregations of Raphoe and Ballindrait became united.


The registers of 2nd Raphoe have been microfilmed by the staff of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), Belfast, where they may be consulted:

Baptisms 1860-1923; Marriages 1860-1939 PRONI: Ref. MIC1P/1, 184

N.B. - 3rd column is Data Contained on Marriage Certificate


No. Date Marriage
#1 November 15 1860

David King 19 years bachelor labourer Dooish. Father: James King labourer


Anne Black 19 years spinster Ballyholey. Father: Francis Black labourer

Witnesses: Andrew Jack & Robert Glenn

#2 January 31 1861

Samuel Byers full age widower labourer Ballyholey. Father: William Byers labourer


Jane Kincaid full age spinster Legnathraw, Parish of Taughboyne. Father: James Kincaid farmer

Witnesses: Robert King & James Morrison

#3 September 10 1861

Robert McAnulty full age widower weaver Lisnoble. Father: Edward McAnulty weaver


Ann Montgomery full age spinster Lisnoble. Father: William Montgomery labourer

Witnesses: John Dunlop & James Morrison

#4 September 19 1861

Thomas Kirkpatrick full age bachelor farmer Tubberslane. Father: Frederick Kirkpatrick farmer


Catherine Parker Baird minor spinster Mullanabuoy. Father: William Baird farmer

Witnesses: John Ramsay & John J. Baird

#5 February 13 1862

John Scott full age bachelor labourer The Park, Raphoe. Father: Patrick Scott labourer


Sarah Dunlop full age spinster Maghryhane. Father: Robert Dunlop labourer

Witnesses: James Cumming & James Scott

#6 February 24 1863

John Provins full age bachelor policeman Anagry, Parish of Templecrone. Father: Thomas Provins clerk


Elizabeth Hyndman minor spinster Raphoe. Father: William Hyndman publican

Witnesses: William John Hindman & Susan Wilson

#7 August 4 1864

John Colhoun Rodgers full age bachelor farmer Mundooey. Father: James Rodgers farmer


Anne Clyde full age spinster Montclink Father: Thomas Clyde farmer

Witnesses: James H. Smith & Robert Clyde

#8 November 28 1864

William Irwin full age widower weaver Raphoe. Father: William Irwin weaver


Isabella McAllister full age spinster servant Raphoe. Father: Alexander McAlister miller

Witnesses: James H. Smith & Richard Hamilton

#9 January 12 1865

William Barnhill full age bachelor farmer Brickfield, Strabane. Father: Thomas Barnhill farmer


Frances Anne Wilson full age spinster Raphoe. Father: William Wilson solicitor

Witnesses: William Wilson, jun. & W. McClintock

#10 March 3 1865

Thomas Baird full age bachelor farmer Inchany. Father: Thomas Baird farmer


Annie Donaghey full age spinster Derrymore. Father: David Donaghey farmer

Witnesses: David Baird & William Aikin

#11 August 10 1865

Samuel Eaton full age bachelor farmer Muntertinny. Father: Thomas Eaton farmer


Sarah Jane Huston minor spinster Muntertinny. Father: James Huston farmer

Witnesses: Mathew Kilpatrick & James Laird

#12 November 29 1866

James Boyle full age bachelor Presbyterian Minister Eagry, Bushmills. Father: John Boyle occupation not given


Martha Wilson full age spinster Raphoe. Father: William Wilson solicitor

Witnesses: William Wilson & Thomas Madill

#13 February 20 1868

John Brooks full age bachelor farmer Rylands. Father: Quentin Brooks farmer


Mary Jack full age spinster Ballyholey. Father: William Jack farmer

Witnesses: William Snodgrass & John Watson

#14 July 9 1868

Robert Smyth full age bachelor minister Donoughmore. Father: Hugh Smyth farmer


Jane Hamilton minor spinster Coolaghey. Father: William Hamilton farmer

Witnesses: Hugh Smyth & Wm. Hamilton

#15 December 2 1868

James Laird full age bachelor labourer Raphoe. Father: Henry Laird labourer


Isabella Moore full age widow servant Raphoe. Father: Robert Moore labourer

Witnesses: James Jackson & Margaret Jackson

#16 January 7 1869

John Dunlop full age bachelor labourer Maghryhane. Father: Robert Dunlop labourer


Jane Holmes full age spinster Maghryhane. Father: Samuel Holmes labourer

Witnesses: Samuel Holmes & William Lapsley

#17 January 14 1869

William Bogle full age bachelor labourer Carrick?, Donoughmore. Father: William Bogle labourer


Ellen Elliott full age spinster Raphoe. Father: John Elliott farmer

Witnesses: Hamilton Hume & Scot? Elliott

#18 January 20 1870

Joseph McCurdy full age bachelor carpenter Raphoe. Father: John McCurdy farmer


Rebecca Eaton full age spinster Muntertinney. Father: Ephraim Eaton farmer

Witnesses: James Eaton & James Laird

#19 October 20 1870

William Gibson minor bachelor farm servant Ballyholey. Father: Alexander Gibson labourer


Jane Black full age spinster Ballyholey. Father: Francis Black labourer

Witnesses: Andrew Jack & John Watson

#20 March 16 1871

Andrew Lowry full age widower farmer Argry. Father: James Lowry farmer


Esther McGregor full age spinster Craigs. Father: William McGregor farmer

Witnesses: John McGregor & Alexander Glenn

#21 March 27 1874

Henry Hugh Dugan full age bachelor farmer Articlave, Co. Derry. Father: James Dugan farmer


Sarah Margaret Bates full age spinster Raphoe. Father: William Bates merchant

Witnesses: Abraham Buchanan & Joseph Dugan

#22 March 31 1874

Francis Dunlop full age bachelor farmer Raphoe. Father: John Dunlop farmer


Elizabeth Houston Graham full age spinster Dromore. Father: William Graham farmer

Witnesses: Joseph Chambers & Samuel Vance

#23 May 11 1874

Alexander Wray full age bachelor labourer Argrey. Father: William Wray labourer


Catherine Doherty full age spinster Argrey. Father: Neill Doherty farmer

Witnesses: Andrew Lowry & Abraham Buchanan

#24 August 18 1875

John Dunlop full age bachelor labourer Magherahane. Father: Charles McConnell (sic) labourer


Elizabeth Kelso minor spinster The Common. Father: Joseph Kelso farmer

Witnesses: John Clarke & Jane Kelso

#25 September 2 1875

William John Black full age bachelor labourer Carrick-a-dawson. Father: Francis Black labourer


Mary Porter full age spinster Carrick-a-dawson. Father: Robert Porter labourer

Witnesses: Thomas McCobb & John Porter

#26 February 27 1879

Joseph Wallace full age bachelor blacksmith Carrick. Father: James Wallace farmer


Mary Eaton full age spinster Muntertinney. Father: Ephraim Eaton farmer

Witnesses: James H. Smith & Abram Buchanan

#27 March 20 1879

Alexander Porter full age bachelor farmer Ballylenon. Father: John Porter farmer


Maggie Huston full age spinster Beltony. Father: Samuel Huston farmer

Witnesses: William Alexander Sheldon & John Porterfield

#28 January 1 1880

James A. Dewart full age bachelor private in constabulary Londonderry. Father: Edward Dewart farmer


Sarah A. McCleary full age spinster Londonderry. Father: Thomas McCleary

Witnesses: Thomas McCleary & James H. Smith

#29 January 28 1880

James Witherow full age bachelor farmer Ardvarnock House, Parish of Raphoe. Father: William Witherow farmer


Sarah McConaghy full age spinster Larkhill, Parish of Urney [Co. Tyrone]. Father: John McConaghy clergyman

Witnesses: Charles Wilson & Charles McConaghy

#30 June 19 1882

John McKean full age bachelor farmer Raphoe. Father: Joseph McKean farmer


Martha Turner full age spinster Raphoe. Father: James Turner sexton

Witnesses: Robert Jarvis & Mary A. Turner

#31 October 18 1882

Robert Henry full age bachelor water bailiff Warbleshinney [Co. Londonderry]. Father: John Henry labourer


Margaret Turner full age spinster Raphoe. Father: James Turner sexton

Witnesses: Samuel Henry & Mary Ann Turner

#32 March 8 1883

Wm. H. Bryce full age bachelor farmer Manitoba, Canada. Father: John Bryce veterinary surgeon


Isabella Rodgers full age spinster Back Tops, Raphoe. Father: John Rodgers farmer

Witnesses: John Rodgers & Maggie Jane Rodgers

#33   Wanting
#34 September 6 1884

Joseph Henderson Stevenson full age bachelor farmer Manorcunningham. Father: John Erskine Stevenson farmer


Annabella Wilkie full age spinster Bogaugh, Raphoe. Father: Robert Wilkie farmer

Witnesses: John E. Stevenson & Jane Browne

#35 June 11 1885

Thomas Foster full age widower grocer Derry. Father: George Foster farmer


Margaret A. Gibson full age spinster Derry. Father: James Gibson farmer

Witnesses: Chas. Gibson & Ellen R. Gibson

#36 August 11 1885

John William Taggart Smith full age bachelor clerk Londonderry. Father: Jeremiah H. L. Smith draper


Jane Adams full age spinster Londonderry. Father: Alexander Adams farmer

Witnesses: R. Greer, junr. & Maggie Baird

#37 November 19 1885

David Dougherty full age bachelor farmer Carnone, Raphoe. Father: James Dougherty dealer


Esther Huston full age spinster Muntertinney, Raphoe. Father: Samuel Huston farmer

Witnesses: John Connelly & Hannah Connelly

#38 December 17 1888

David Speer 19 years bachelor labourer Ballyholey, Raphoe. Father: David Speer labourer


Elizabeth Byars full age spinster shirtmaker Raphoe. Father: Henry Byars labourer

Witnesses: James H. Smith & William Arthur

#39 September 26 1893

John Duncan full age bachelor labourer Manorcunningham. Father: Moses Duncan labourer


Eliza Byars full age spinster labourer Ballyholey. Father: George Delap (sic) labourer

Witnesses: Robert Duncan & Jane Black

#40 November 9 1893

John McCracken full age widower stationmaster St. Johnston. Father: John McCracken no occupation given


Martha Rodgers full age spinster Raphoe. Father: John Rodgers public carrier(?)

Witnesses: Sarah Rodgers & N. Rodgers

#41 July 19 1894

Joseph McClure full age bachelor grocer Philadelphia, U.S.A. Father: Henry McClure farmer


Maria Katherine Roulston full age spinster Raphoe. Father: Joseph Roulston farmer

Witnesses: Jessie Hamilton & Francis McClure

#42 January 1 1895

John Albert Harris full age bachelor ……? (illeg.) officer Dublin. Father: John Harris no occupation given


Margaret Baird full age spinster Raphoe. Father: James Baird joiner

Witnesses: Martha Baird & R. J. Farrell

#43 April 11 1895

Joseph Allison full age bachelor clerk Londonderry. Father: William Allison clerk


Minnie McCurdy 19 years spinster Raphoe. Father: Joseph McCurdy carpenter

Witnesses: Mary Hay Wray & Fred. J. Simmons(?)

#44 November 14 1895

Andrew Crauford full age labourer Galdanagh. Father: James Crauford labourer


Katherine Hetherington full age spinster Ballyholey. Father: Wm. Hetherington labourer?

Witnesses: Alexander Watson & Eliza Margaret McGirr

#45 April 30 1896

James Hamilton full age bachelor labourer Ballyholey. Father: William Hamilton labourer


Mary Jane Glenn full age spinster Ballyholey. Father: William Glenn labourer

Witnesses: John McClintock & Mary J. McClintock

#46 July 16 1896

Andrew Lindsay full age bachelor labourer Ballyholey. Father: Andrew Lindsay labourer


Lizzie Glenn full age spinster Ballyholey. Father: William Glenn labourer

Witnesses: Mary Jane Hamilton & James Hamilton

#47 June 1 1899

Frank McClintock full age bachelor shoemaker Drumcairn. Father: Alexander McClintock labourer


Annie Glenn 20 years spinster Ballyholey. Father: William Glenn no occupation given

Witnesses: John McClintock & Mary Jane McClintock