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Magheramason Presbyterian Church, Donaghedy Parish Marriages 1881-1927

Transcribed by Faye Logue

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Date Name Age Condition Occupation Residence Father's Name Profession Minister 1st Witness 2nd Witness
12/05/81 Samuel ROBINSON Full Bachelor Labourer Creighcor, Donagheady James Robinson Labourer Thomas Boyd Victor Love Bella Love
  Eliza Jane McVEIGH 20 Spinster ________ Tamnaclare, Donagheady John McVeigh Labourer      
05/10/82 Thomas DOGHERTY Full Widower Labourer Gortin, Glendermott James Dogherty Labourer Thomas Boyd Samuel Maxwell Matilda Patterson
  Mary Jane GODFERY Minor Spinster ________ Gortin, Glendermott John Godfery Labourer      
05/11/85 Thomas JACKSON Full Bachelor ? Rockfield, Taughboyne Wm. Jackson Farmer Francis R. Moore Samuel Killen Matthew Davis
  Martha Woods FINLAY Full Spinster ________ Bogagh, Glendermott Wm. Finlay Farmer      
07/01/86 John McGOWAN Full Widower Grocer Ballymagorry     F. R. Moore Lindsay Love Charles McCay
  Agnes LOVE Full Spinster ________ Creighcor, Donagheady David Love Farmer      
27/05/86 Wm. John MONTGOMERY Full Bachelor Farm Servant Taughboyne Alex. Montgomery Labourer Francis R. Moore David Donaghey Robert McFarlane
  Eliza DONAGHY Full Spinster ________ Gortavea, Donagheady Wm. Donaghy Labourer      
10/03/87 Lindsay LOVE Full Bachelor Farmer Gortavea, Donagheady George Love Farmer Francis R. Moore Robert Gamble Andrew ??
  Eliza BAIRD Full Spinster ________ Creaghan, Donagheady Archibald Baird Farmer      
17/03/87 John LYNCH Full Bachelor Labourer Creighcor, Donagheady Wm. Lynch Labourer Francis R. Moore Robert Keys Wm. Falconer
  Mary Ann NIXON Full Spinster ________ ??, Donagheady John Nixon        
21/04/87 John MATHERS Full Bachelor Farmer Ardmore, Cullion Robt. Mathers Farmer Francis R. Moore James Smyth Bessie Love
  Martha SMYTH Full Spinster ________ Clampermore, Glendermott Archibald Smyth Farmer      
18/11/89 Samuel STEWART Full Bachelor Clerk Londonderry Samuel Stewart Clerk Francis R. Moore James Stewart Lizzie L. Crawford
  Isabella CRAWFORD Full Spinster ________ Rosnagalla, Co. Derry James Crawford Farmer      
15/10/91 John DEANS 21 Bachelor Labourer Lisdivin, Co. Tyrone Henry Deans Labourer F. R. Moore James Caldwell Jane Deans
  Sarah McVEIGH 19 Spinster ________ Dunnalong, Co. Tyrone John McVeigh Labourer      
11/11/91 Andrew LOVE Full Bachelor Labourer Gortmesson, Donagheady Joseph Love Labourer Francis R. Moore Robert Kerr Margaret Kerr
  Isabella DONAGHY Full Spinster ________ Gortivey, Donagheady Wm. Donaghy Labourer      
09/02/93 John Wray STEWART Full Bachelor Farmer Boghill, Coleraine William Stewart Farmer R. B. Wylie Thos. Wray Emma Jane Mackswell
  Martha LOVE 20 Spinster ________ Foyleside, Bready Victor Love Farmer      
06/06/93 William James HENDERSON Full Bachelor Labourer Magheramason Robert Henderson Labourer James M. Hamill James Leitch Maggie Leitch
  Eliza Jane CANNING Full Spinster ________ Cullmaghray Patrick Canning Labourer      
24/05/94 John McCORKELL Full Bachelor Labourer Coolmaghery Jas. McCorkell Labourer Jas. M. Hamill Robert McCorkell Sarah Love
  Elizabeth LOVE Full Spinster ________ Magheramason Jas. Love Sexton      
27/06/94 James BAIRD Full Bachelor Farmer Sion David Baird Farmer James M. Hamill John Patton Margaret Baird
  Sara Jane GAMBLE Full Spinster ________ Magheramason Wm. Gamble Farmer      
06/09/94 James ROWAN Full Bachelor School Teacher Killymallaght Joseph Rowan Tradesman James M. Hamill J. Stewart Moore Nellie H. Matthews
  Elizabeth W. MOGEY Full Spinster Do. Do. John Mogey Do.      
25/04/95 Wm. POLLOCK Full Bachelor Farmer Fyfin Wm. Pollock Farmer Jas. M. Hamill Robert A. Pollock May McD. Love
  Agnes LOVE 20 Spinster ________ Foyleside, Bready Victor Love Farmer      
26/09/95 Andrew McCORKELL Full Bachelor Labourer Coolmaghery James McCorkell Labourer Jas. M. Hamill Robert McCorkell Jane Finlay
  Lizzie FALCONER Full Spinster ________ Creighcor John Falconer Labourer      
24/10/95 George WATSON Full Bachelor Labourer Cloughogle George Watson Labourer Jas. M. Hamill Robert Clarke Sara E. McDermott
  Eliza Jane CLARK Full Spinster ________ Craighcor Robert Clarke Labourer      
19/12/95 Francis I. ROGERS Full Bachelor Constable Derry Robert Rogers Farmer John Huey James Love Eliza Jane Martin
  Ezella McCLOSKEY Full Spinster ________ Derry Hugh McCloskey Farmer      
20/02/97 James AYTON Full Bachelor Fisherman Whitecastle, Co. Donegal Thomas Ayton Fisherman Joseph D. Caskey James Love Annie Doherty
  Sarah J. DOHERTY 20 Spinster ________ Whitecastle William Doherty Farmer      
30/09/97 Finlay STEWART Full Bachelor R.I.C Belfast Thomas Stewart Farmer Jos. D. Caskey Saml. A. Cummins Sara Hanna
  Maggie J. HANNA Full Spinster ________ Rosnagalla Robert Hanna Farmer      
02/06/98 William PATTERSON Full Bachelor Blacksmith Tamnakeery Robert Patterson Labourer Jos. D. Caskey James Love Maggie Finlay
  Jane FINLAY Full Spinster ________ Bready Alex. Finlay Labourer      
01/12/98 Walter NELSON Full Bachelor Commercial Traveller Belfast James Nelson Merchant Jos. D. Caskey James H. Blair Annie Ma???
  Mary A. MAUSON Full Spinster ________ Magheramason Charles Mauson Farmer      
08/06/99 Josias RANKIN Full Bachelor Farmer Creighcor Josias Rankin Farmer Jos. D. Caskey David Rankin Lizzie McNeely
  Martha McNEELY Full Spinster ________ Magheramason William McNeely Farmer      
03/08/99 Alex. MILLS Full Bachelor Overseer in Factory 4 ??? Terrace, Derry Wm. Mills Farmer James Cargin Wm. Coskey Jane H. Wright
  Matilda WRIGHT Full Spinster At Home 5 Rosemount Terrace, Derry John Wright Merchant      
20/06/01 Archd. SMYTH Full Bachelor Farmer Clampernow Archd. Smyth Farmer Jos. D. Caskey David a. Dunn Lena Mitchell
  Tilly CURRY Full Spinster ________ Coolmaghery Jacob Curry Farmer      
06/08/01 Edward John RAUSLAN Full Widower Gentleman Craigton Barrack William Rauslan Gentleman Joseph D. Caskey Patrick Fahy Sara C. McElveenny
  Catherine Elizabeth McELVEENNY Full Spinster ________ 16 Strand Road, Londonderry Ephrain McElveenny Gentleman      
19/09/01 William McCONNELL Full Bachelor Painter Fountain Hill, L - Derry John McConnell Labourer Jos. D. Caskey George Keys Ellen J. Dickson
  Bella McDERMOTT Full Spinster ________ Gortivea, Donagheady Saml. McDermott Labourer      
05/06/02 Robert LONGWELL Full Bachelor Farmer Gortnessy Samuel Longwell Farmer Jos. D. Caskey David Longwell Elizabeth McCorkell
  Sara McCORKELL Full Spinster ________ Primity John McCorkell Farmer      
15/09/02 Thos. Lynn STEWART Full Bachelor Manufacturer Derry Thos. Lynn Stewart Builder John Huey William Wright Martha Quigley
  Ellen Mary NELSON Full Spinster ________ Derry Charles Nelson Builder      
23/09/02 Robert LYNDSAY Full Bachelor Draper Limerick Samuel Lyndsay Farmer Leslie Rankin E. Lindsay C. Glenn
  Tillie GLENN Full Spinster ________ Londonderry William J. Glenn Farmer      
29/12/02 James BRYSON Full Bachelor Farmer Glencush James Byson Farmer Leslie Rankin William Donnell Ellen Donnell
  Sarah Jane HUEY Minor Spinster Factory Londonderry John Huey Farmer      
03/12/03 William ROBINSON Full Bachelor Labourer Desertone Joseph Robinson Labourer Jos. D. Caskey George Donnell Eliza J. Brown
  Bella McKINLAY 19 Spinster ________ Desertone Thomas McKinlay Labourer      
27/04/04 Hugh COLHOUN Full Bachelor Labourer Bready Samuel Colhoun Labourer Jos. D. Caskey James Colhoun Eliza Finlay
  Jane RODEN Full Spinster ________ Tamnakeery David Roden Labourer      
30/06/04 David LOVE Full Bachelor Farmer Creighcor David Love Farmer Jos. D. Caskey Wm. D. Cunningham Annie McNeely
  Catherine McCLEMENTS Full Spinster ________ Tamnaclare Samuel McClements Farmer      
18/08/04 John McCOURT Full Bachelor Labourer Tamnaclare, Donagheady Wm. Jas. McCourt Labourer Jos. D. Caskey John McBride Rebecca Hutchinson
  Sarah Jane HUTCHINSON Full Spinster ________ Bready John Hutchinson Blacksmith      
10/11/04 John CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Labourer Tully, Glendermott William Campbell Labourer Jos. D. Caskey George Brown Annie Brown
  Eliza Jane BROWN Full Spinster ________ Desertone, Glendermott Robert Brown Labourer      
05/01/05 Robert ORR Full Bachelor Labourer Cloughbuoy Robert Orr Labourer Jos. D. Caskey Samuel Nixon Sarah Orr
  Martha NIXON 19 Spinster ________ Gortevea ___________ ________      
20/04/05 Charles ROULSTON Full Bachelor Farmer Gortevea Thomas Roulston Farmer Jos. D. Caskey V. M. Love S. J. Jeffrey
  Martha GAMBLE Full Spinster ________ Magheramason William Gamble Farmer      
30/05/05 William McCORKELL Full Bachelor Labourer Coolmaghery, Donagheady James McCorkell Labourer Jos. D. Caskey Hugh Thompson Annie Love
  Martha THOMPSON Full Spinster ________ Rosnagalla, Glendermott William Thompson Labourer      
22/06/05 Samuel ELDER Full Bachelor Carpenter Woolwich Samuel Elder Labourer Jos. D. Caskey S. T. Ricketts Elizabeth Elder
  Catherine DOHERTY 19 Spinster ________ Rosnagallagh Thomas Doherty Labourer      
20/09/05 Robert GRAHAM Full Bachelor Rent Agent Strabane, Co Tyrone Francis Graham Farmer Jos. D. Caskey Joseph Graham Rebecca Elizabeth Graham
  Elizabeth FLANAGAN Full Spinster ________ Strabane, Co Tyrone Samuel Flanagan _______      
25/01/06 James G. ROBINSON Full Bachelor Engineer Tamnaclare, Donagheady Samuel Robinson Labourer Jos. D. Caskey John J. Faulkner Sarah Jane Robinson
  Minnie McC. FAULKNER Full Spinster ________ Bready, Donagheady John Faulkner Labourer      
27/12/06 Samuel KEYS Full Bachelor Farmer Bready, Donagheady Michael Keys Farmer Jos. D. Caskey Joseph Osborne Maggie Keys
  Rachel CRUMLEY Full Spinster ________ Keery, Donagheady John Crumley Farmer      
29/01/07 Thomas LEE Full Bachelor Shoemaker Buncrana, Co. Donegal Thomas Lee _______ Jos. D. Caskey Robert Banks Jeannie Millar
  Minnie MILLAR 19 Spinster ________ New Buildings, Co. Derry Samuel Millar Mill Wright      
12/03/07 Samuel MITCHELL Full Bachelor Farmer Craigtown, Co. Derry David Mitchell Farmer Jos. D. Caskey Andrew Curry Sara M. Simpson
  Lizzie M. CURRY Full Spinster ________ Craigtown, Co. Derry John Curry Farmer      
04/06/07 John Alexander FULTON Full Bachelor Farmer Greenlaw, Strabane Robert Fulton Farmer Jos. D. Caskey Samuel R. Fulton Annie S. Patrick
  Cassie McCORKELL Full Spinster ________ Primity, New Buildings John McCorkell Farmer      
14/05/08 John McBRIDE Full Bachelor Labourer Lisdivin Porter McBride Labourer Jos. D. Caskey Thomas McBride Maggie Roden
  Annie RODDEN Full Spinster ________ Keery David Rodden Labourer      
28/07/08 Robert S. GAMBLE Full Bachelor Farmer Magheramason William Gamble Farmer James Connell William Gamble Lizzie McNeely
  Annie McNEELY Full Spinster ________ Creighcor William McNeely Farmer      
21/01/09 William CRUMLEY Full Bachelor Farmer Killinon John Crumley Farmer James Connell Robert Thompson Mary Keys
  Rachel KEYS Full Spinster ________ Bready Michael Keys Farmer      
12/04/09 Joseph DONAGHEY Full Widower Shirt Cutter 70 Glendermott Rd. James Donaghy Farmer Leslie Rankin William Norris Emma Donaghey
  Kate DUNLOP Full Spinster ________ Florence St. Andrew Dunlop Private      
24/06/09 John ROBINSON Full Bachelor Labourer Bready Samuel Robinson Labourer Robert Hyndman Joseph Robinson Martha Taylor
  Rebacca HUTCHINSON Full Spinster ________ Bready John Hutchinson Tradesman      
18/11/09 Charles BURKE Full Bachelor Labourer Grange Joseph Burke Labourer Robert Hyndman Maggie Burke John Love
  Martha LOVE Full Spinster Servant Gortmesson Joseph Love Labourer      
02/12/09 Joseph D. BLACK Full Bachelor Farmer Drumcarn ? William Black Farmer Robert Hyndman John Oliver Isobel S. Love
  Maude LOVE Full Spinster ________ Foyleside Victor Love Farmer      
13/10/10 Alexander Hopkins HUTTON Full Bachelor Business Man Armadale, Scotland Alexander Hutton Merchant Thomas Boyd Lizzie Hutton Dow? Alexander Hutton
  Isabel Boyd LOVE Full Spinster ________ Foyleside, Bready Victor Love Farmer      
23/02/11 Andrew McGERIGLE Full Bachelor Labourer Killymallaght Andrew McGerrigle Labourer Robert Hyndman Martha McGerigle Sam McCourt
  Annie BROWN Full Spinster Labourer Desertone Robert Brown Labourer   Martha McGerigle  
01/02/12 Robert WALKER Full Bachelor Labourer Desertone David Walker Labourer Robert Hyndman Jane C. Morrison Thomas Walker
  Annie MULBERRY Full Spinster Seamstress Desertone Isaac Mulberry Labourer      
06/06/12 Robert L. McCORKELL Full Bachelor Mill Owner Artigarvan James McCorkell Farmer Robert Hyndman Thomas Andrew McCutty Margaret Louisa Miller
  Jemima Gilmour LOWRY Full Spinster Dairy Maid Bready Robert Lowry Farmer      
19/11/12 William FALCONER Full Bachelor Labourer Donemana Alex. Falconer Labourer Robert Hyndman Rebecca Robinson William Buchanan
  Mary Jane DONNELL Full Spinster Seamstress Drumagore James Donnell Labourer      
12/06/13 Victor M. LOVE Full Bachelor Farmer Foyleside Victor M. Love Farmer Robert Hyndman James Crawford Kathleen A. Mitchell
  Eliza (Lena) D. MITCHELL Full Spinster Farmer's daughter Killymallaght John Mitchell Farmer      
19/06/13 Sidney Jame CORMACK Full Bachelor Engineer 28 Sixth Street, Belfast James Cormack Commercial Traveller John Stuart Henry Willam Henderson Cormack Mary Ethel Smyth Heaney
  Margaret Jane McMILLEN Full Spinster _________ 19 Violet St. Londonderry Joseph McMillan Bootmaker      
17/03/14 James ADAIR Full Bachelor Carpenter Tirkevenagh James Adair Carpenter Robert Hyndman Maggie Brown Hugh Keys
  Fannie BROWN Full Spinster Saleswoman Desertone John Brown Tradesman      
14/05/14 Thomas ALFORD Full Bachelor Labourer Desertone John Alford Labourer John Rutherford Joseph McGerigle Rebecca McDermott
  Catherine McKINLAY Full Spinster _________ Desertone Thomas McKinlay Labourer      
15/07/15 Thomas Reid JACKSON Full Bachelor Attendant in Asylum Gransha, Co Londonderry John Alexander Jackson Farmer Gordon D. Erskine Robert Millar Fanny Ferguson
  Jane MILLAR Full Spinster ________ Newbuildings, Co Londonderry Samuel Millar Mill-wright      
19/10/15 John James McCREA Full Bachelor Farmer Eden, Co Tyrone Robt. McCrea Farmer Gordon D. Erskine James Scott Kathleen A. Mitchell
  Annie Louisa MITCHELL Full Spinster ________ Killymallaght, Co Derry John Mitchell Farmer      
25/11/15 George McCORKELL Full Bachelor Labourer Magheramason, Co Tyrone James McCorkell Farm Labourer Gordon D. Erskine Willie Henderson Katie Allen
  Sarah Jane Wilson HENDERSON 19 Spinster ________ Tamnaclare, Co Tyrone William James Henderson Labourer      
16/12/15 John CURRIE Full Bachelor Labourer Mount Pleasant, Co Tyrone William Currie Labourer Gordon D. Erskine James Hamilton Saidie McCorkell
  Sarah LOVE Full Spinster ________ Magheramason, Co Tyrone James Love Labourer      
01/02/16 Jacob MOWBRAY Full Bachelor Labourer Coolmaghery, Co Tyrone Isaac Mowbray Labourer Gordon D. Erskine William Simpson Fanny Black
  Mary Elizabeth SIMPSON Full Spinster ________ Tamnakeery, Co Tyrone William Simpson Labourer      
09/02/17 John RODGERS Full Bachelor Miner Bells Hill, Lanarksire Elizabeth Rodgers (Mother) Housekeeper John Stuart Hillis Wright Sarah Elder Campbell
  Margaret CAMPBELL Full Spinster ________ Bonds Street, Londonderry James Campbell Farmer      
14/05/17 Robert BLACK Full Bachelor Labourer Gortivea, Bready, Strabane Patrick Black Labourer Gordon D. Erskine Willie McClean Hannah Black
  Emma RODEN 18 Spinster Servant Bready, Strabane David Roden Labourer      
02/10/17 William John LOGUE Full Bachelor Farm Labourer Killymallaght, Co Derry James Logue Farm Labourer Gordon D. Erskine Samuel L. Legarty Margaret McGarrigle
  Sarah WILSON Full Spinster Farm Servant Tagharina, Co Derry _________ _________      
27/11/17 Robert BRADLEY 26 Bachelor Farm Labourer Magheramason, Co Tyrone Alex. Bradley Labourer Gordon D. Erskine John Hunter Minnie Roden
  Annie HUNTER 23 Spinster ________ Cloughogle, Co Tyrone John Hunter Labourer      
09/04/18 Samuel McMORRIS Full Widower Fisherman 61 Ferguson Lane, Londonderry John McMorris Labourer James Connell Alexander B. Hutchinson Sarah Donnell
  Rebecca ROBINSON     _            
  otherwise HUTCHINSON Full Widow _________ Bready, Co Tyrone John Hutchinson Blacksmith      
10/06/18 Alexander Britton HUTCHINSON Full Bachelor Labourer Bready, Co Tyrone John Hutchinson Blacksmith Gordon D. Erskine William John Hutchinson Katie Allen
  Margaret MONTGOMERY Full Spinster ________ Gortmessan, Co Tyrone William Montgomery Labourer      
05/08/19 Francis Rankin Moore STRAWBRIDGE 29 Bachelor Factory Manager Ballyorr, Newbuildings, Co Derry Hugh Strawbridge Blacksmith Gordon D. Erskine Andrew Walker Annie Dans
  Mary Isabel WALKER 23 Spinster ________ Primity, Newbuildings, Co Derry Thomas W. Walker Carpenter      
12/11/19 John CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Farm Labourer Rosnagalleagh, Co Derry Richard Campbell Labourer Gordon D. Erskine John Clements Martha Pattisson
  Elizabeth DOHERTY Full Widow ________ Tamnakeery, Co Tyrone David Roden Labourer      
16/03/20 Andrew MARSHALL 35 Bachelor Farmer Craigtown, Co Derry John Alexander Marshall Farmer Gordon D. Erskine Stephen Lowry Elizabeth Henderson
  Margaret Gilmour LOWRY 26 Spinster ________ Bready, Co Tyrone Robert Lowry Farmer      
27/05/20 Samuel ROBINSON 26 Bachelor Engine Driver Tamnaclare, Co Tyrone Samuel Robinson Labourer Gordon D. Erskine Hugh Colhoun Jane Colhoun
  Minnie RODEN 25 Spinster ________ Tamnakeery, Co Tyrone David Roden Labourer      
14/09/20 Alexander MILLER Full Widower Bread ?? Kilfennan John Miller Labourer John Stuart Joseph Speers Nellie Wilson
  Edith RUTHERFORD Full Widow ________ 11 Bond's Hill, Londonderry William Reynolds Car Proprietor      
30/12/20 Andrew COLE 23 Bachelor Farm Labourer Tamnaclare, Co Tyrone Samuel Cole Farm Labourer Gordon D. Erskine John Clarke Catherine Clarke
  Annie Margaret WATSON 19 Spinster ________ Gortivea, Co Tyrone George Watson Farm labourer      
09/09/21 John KYDD 27 Bachelor Draper's Assistant 33 Dunfield Terrace, Londonderry James Kydd Baker Gordon D. Erskine Sara Baird John Rankin
  Sybil EVANS 28 Spinster Nurse 47 Spencer Road, Londonderry William Evans Farmer      
19/04/22 Robert John DIXON 31 Bachelor Insurance Agent Buncrana, Co Donegal John Dixon Farmer Gordon D. Erskine Robert Millar Lydia Clements
  Isabella Florence MILLER 23 Spinster ________ Newbuildings, Co Derry Samuel Millar Millwright      
01/06/22 James HYNDMAN 55 Bachelor Engineer Greerstown, Glendermott, Co Derry William Hyndman Farmer Gordon D. Erskine W. J. Hyndman G. M. McClelland
  Mary Elizabeth SNODGRASS Full Spinster ________ Carnafern, Glendermott, Co Derry James Snodgrass Carpenter      
22frb1923 Nathaniel BURKE 25 Bachelor Labourer Corrody, Waterside, Londonderry Andrew Burke Labourer Gordon D. Erskine Joseph Kelly Fanny Burke
  Jeannie KELLY 19 Spinster ________ Magheramason, Co Tyrone James Kelly Labourer      
05/04/23 William SMYTH Full Bachelor Milk Vender Ballyarnett Robert Smyth Labourer John Gregg Sara Smyth James G???
  Sarah McDAID Full Spinster ________ 41 Ashfield Tce, Londonderry D. McDaid Labourer      
26/07/23 Donald DEANS Full Bachelor Labourer 3 Cuthbert St, Londonderry Robert Deans Labourer James Connell David Porter Annie Rebecca Deans
  Sarah JOHNSTON Full Spinster ________ 30 Mill St, Londonderry George Johnston Labourer      
16/10/23 Stephen LOWRY 31 Bachelor Farmer Bready, Strabane Robert Lowry Farmer Gordon D. Erskine Stephen Lowry Nettie Mac Laughlin
  Florence Adair Mac LAUGHLIN 19 Spinster ________ Coolmaghery, Parish of Donagheady James H. Mac Laughlin Druggist      
06/02/24 Albert OLPHERT 19 Bachelor Labourer Coolmaghery, Bready, Strabane Francis Olphert Farm Labourer Gordon D. Erskine William Dougherty Gwendoline Maud Pomeroy
  Jeannie DOUGHERTY 17 Spinster Domestic Servant Tamnakeery, Bready, Strabane Joseph Dougherty Labourer      
22/05/24 Robert McCLINTOCK Full Bachelor Labourer Tamnakeery, Bready, Strabane James McClintock Labourer John Carson Greer William Doherty Katie Dougherty
  Jeannie DOUGHERTY 18 Spinster ________ Magheramason William Dougherty Labourer      
31/07/24 Matthew MILLER Full Bachelor Bus Ennuctor ? 69 Duke St, Londonderry John Miller Farmer Leslie Rankin Samuel Clements ???? Nellie Glenn
  Ethel GLENN Full Spinster ________ Sramba Cottages William Glenn Asylum Attendant      
17/09/24 James CARRUTHERS Full Widower Baker 9 Georges St, Londonderry William Carruthers Retired Leslie Rankin John Peden Mary H. Peden
  Margaret LONG Full Widow Maternity Nurse 1 Temple More Terrace, Londonderry John Campbell Retired      
18/12/24 Robert Bond CLAYTON Full Bachelor Engineer Killymallaght, Derry Samuel Clayton Gentleman John Carson Greer Ernest Hazlett Clayton Kathleen Rogers
  Mary QUIGLEY Full Spinster ________ Bogagh, Derry James Quigley Deceased      
24/09/25 Frederick REID Full Bachelor Flesher 16 Duke Street, Derry Robert C. Reid Flesher (Deceased) Robert J. Wilson Robert Peoples Jean Wicklaw
  Eleanor DEVLIN Full Spinster ________ 18 Clooney Terrace, Derry Daniel Devlin Cattle Dealer      
17/12/25 Thomas BOND Full Widower Businessman Londonderry James Bond Farmer F. W. C. Wallace Ernest H. Clayton Hilda Lynn
  Rebecca McLEOD Full Spinster ________ Londonderry Wm. A. McLeod Farmer      
18/03/26 Robert PEOPLES Full Bachelor Flesher 70 Spencer Road, Londonderry William Peoples Mason Robert J. Wilson Thomas Campbell Margaret Campbell
  Violet Alice ALEXANDER Full Widow ________ 70 Spencer Road, Londonderry Robert Swan Dealer      
01/09/26 William KING Full Widower Solicitor Strabane William King Horse Agent James Thompson D. G. Reid ? Evel??? Mo????
  Helena Jane Matilda MUIRHEAD Full Spinster ________ Londonderry George Muirhead Journalist      
01/09/26 Samuel Sydney DOWDS Full Bachelor Optician Londonderry Samuel Dowds Jeweller Retired James Thompson W. Macrae Edmiston Eileen D. C. Adams
  Isobel MACLOSKIE Full Spinster ________ Londonderry Robert James Macloskie Business Man      
03/08/27 Thos. STEEN Full Bachelor Teacher Londonderry Rev. John Steen Clergyman F. W. C. Wallace John Watters Ada M. E. Emerson
  Letitia Jane WASSON Full Spinster ________ Londonderry John Wasson Farmer