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Aghalurcher Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Fermanagh, Northern Ireland Personal Announcements 1831-69

Items from the Press
Extracted from Personal Notices of Births, Marriages & Deaths Inserted in the Londonderry Sentinel
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia



Date Surname Notice
May 28 1831 Glenn & Robinson [Married] On the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Mr. Burke, Mr. Thomas Glenn, of Maguiresbridge, merchant, to Catherine Jane, second daughter of James Robinson, of Fintona, Esq.
Oct 19 1833 Armstrong [Died] In Lisnaskea, of apoplexy, on the 8th inst., Surgeon William Armstrong, R. N.
Jan 25 1834 LLoyd [Died] On Wednesday last, at Lisnaskea, Mr. George Lloyd
Jul 2 1836 Forster & Clarke [Married] On Tuesday morning, at Lisnaskea Church, by the Rev. Alexander Hurst, Mr. John Forster, of Maguiresbridge, to Mrs. Clarke, widow of the late Mr. Jonathan Clarke, of Enniskillen
Nov 11 1837 Wilson & Skelton [Married] On Wednesday, the 8th inst., in the Church of Dromore, county of Tyrone, by the Rev. Benjamin Marshall, Mr. Robert Wilson, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Preacher, to Anastasia, second daughter of Mr. William Skelton, Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh
Aug 10 1839 McMillan & Morton [Married] On Saturday week, at Enniskillen, by the Rev. A. C. Maclatchy, James McMillan, Esq., surgeon, to Mrs. Morton, widow of the late Dr. Morton, of Maguiresbridge
Aug 29 1840 Trimble [Died] On the 22nd inst., at her mother's residence, in Lisnaskea, after a protracted illness, Catherine, wife of Joseph Trimble, Esq., of Clogher, county Tyrone
Feb 6 1841 Dundass & Forster [Married] At Maguiresbridge, Mr. Edward Dundass, of Ballyshannon [Co. Donegal], to Miss Forster, daughter of the late Dr. Forster, Maguiresbridge, and sister of the late Dr. Forster, of Tempo
Jul 2 1842 Graham [Died] On Friday, the 17th inst., at Woodville Cottage, Enniskillen, after a short and severe illness, Miss Graham, late of Maguiresbridge, sincerely regretted
Apr 8 1843 Henderson & Palmer [Married] On the 21st ult., in Maguiresbridge Church, by the Rev. Mr. Roe, Mr. George Henderson, of New York, America, to Mary Anne, second daughter of Mr. James Palmer, Maguiresbridge
Apr 5 1845 Cullen & Stevenson [Married] On the 27th ult., at the residence of the lady's father, by the Rev. James Reid Dill, Presbyterian Minister of the Congregation of Dromore [Co. Tyrone], Mr. John Cullen, Methodist Preacher, Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, to Anne, eldest daughter of Dr. Charles Stevenson, Goland House, county Tyrone
Sep 5 1846 Armstrong [Died] At Millview, Ballintra, county Donegal, the residence of his brother, of consumption, John Armstrong, Esq., for several years connected with the government press of New York. His remains passed through Enniskillen on Friday last, for the family burying place at Lisnaskea
Jun 19 1847 Hall [Died] Last week, near Lisnaskea, of fever, caught in the discharge of his duties as poor law guardian, Mark Hall, Esq
Dec 18 1847 Flanagan & Moorhead [Married] On the 7th inst., in the Church of Lisnaskea, by the Rev. Archibald Crawford, Incumbent of Trinity Church, Crom, and Chaplain to the Earl of Erne, the Rev. John Flanagan, Perpetual Curate of Lisnaskea, to Sarah, second daughter of the late Robert Moorhead, Esq., of Carnalay, in the county of Tyrone
Aug 24 1849 Irwine [Birth] At Eaglemount, Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, the lady of John H. Irwine, Esq., of a son
Aug 27 1852 O’Reilly & McIlwaine [Died] August 16, after two day's illness, at her mother's house, Gledstown, Maguiresbridge, Mary Finlay, widow of the Rev. Joseph O'Reilly, late minister of Lisbellaw, and eldest daughter of the late Richard McIlwaine, Esq., merchant, Londonderry
Sep 2 1853 Eccles & Dickson [Married] August 24, in the Church of Lisnaskea, by the Rev. E.A. Lucas, uncle of the bride, the Rev. Robert G. Eccles, son of the late John D. Eccles, Esq., Ecclesville, in the county Tyrone, to Anne Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant Colonel Dickson, of Hollybrook, in the county of Fermanagh, and formerly of the East India Company's service
Oct 13 1854 Moss & Richardson [Married] On the 21st ult., at Kilternan Church, by the Rev. W. Greyburn, Henry Moss, Esq., Kilternan House, to Mary, second daughter of John Richardson, Esq., Kilgobbin, county Dublin
Aug 17 1855 Hunter [Birth] August 2nd, at Lisnaskea, the wife of Dr. Hunter, of a son
Oct 5 1855 Porteus [Died] At Maguiresbridge, on the 2nd inst., John William Porteus, son of Mr. James A. Porteus, New York, aged 7 years, 5 months and 10 days
Dec 21 1855 Darling & Johnston [Married] On the 18th inst., at Lisnaskea Church, by the Rev. Henry Ffolliott, John S. Darling, Esq., of the National Bank, Kells, to Mary Anne, only daughter of Mr. James Johnston, Maguiresbridge, merchant
Feb 22 1856 Forster & Anderson [Married] On the 12th inst., in Lisnaskea Church, by the Rev. William E. Bailey, Mr. William Forster, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr. Robert Anderson, both of Lisnaskea
Oct 3 1856 Gibson & Wherry [Married] On the 24th ult., at Lisnaskea Church, by the Rev. W. R. Bailie, A. M., Mr. John P. Gibson, of Belfast, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Henry Wherry, and niece of Mr. Thomas Scholes, Lisnaskea
Jan 2 1857 Love & Sproule [Married] On the 17th ult., in the Presbyterian Church of Cavanaleck, by the Rev. John Crockett, Mr. Charles Love, of Crew [Ardstraw parish, Co. Tyrone], to Miss Elizabeth Sproul, daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Sproul, of Drapers' Hill
Oct 2 1857 Hamilton & Moorehead [Married] On the 27th ult., in the Church of Cooltrain, by the Rev. John Flanagan, Rector of Killeevan, Robert Saunderson Hamilton, Esq., of Lakemount, county Tyrone, Lieutenant Tyrone Fusiliers, to Bessie, eldest daughter of Charles Moorehead, Esq., of Ballymakenny, Lisnaskea, Lieutenant h.p., 71st Regiment
Oct 23 1857 Hearne [Birth] On the 10th inst., in Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, the wife of Dr. Hearne, of a son
Dec 4 1857 Johnstone & Sandels [Married] On the 25th ult., in Fivemiletown Presbyterian Church [Co. Tyrone], by the Rev. William Graham, Scotstown, assisted by the Rev. G. H. Johnston, Hillsborough, brother to the bridegroom, John, son of Mr. James Johnston, Corrylongford Mills, county Fermanagh, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late James Sandels, Esq., Kilmore, Maguiresbridge
Feb 12 1858 Noble [Died] On the 29th ult., at Maguiresbridge, Mr. James Noble, late of Farnaconahy, in the 63rd year of his age
Jul 9 1858 McNeece & Forster [Married] At Lisnaskea, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Bailey, Mr. Robert McNeece, to Hannah, daughter of Mr. James Forster, of Lisnaskea
Jul 16 1858 Hoey & Johnston [Married] On the 13th inst., in the Presbyterian Church, Lowtherstown, by the Rev. William James Guy, Mr. Joseph N. Hoey, Tattenderry Cottage, Maguiresbridge, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Johnston, merchant, Lowtherstown
Jan 14 1859 Moore & Holmes [Married] On the 6th January, at St. George's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Richard Barton, John Moore, Esq., Tonyreagh, Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, son of the late Montgomery Moore, Esq., to Arabella Mary, daughter of the late William Holmes, Esq., Barnhill House, Stewartstown, county Tyrone
May 27 1859 Foster [Died] At Lisnaskea, on the 15th inst., Mr. James Foster aged 74
Jun 10 1859 Montgomery & Armstrong [Married] June 1, in Lisnaskea Church by the Rev. Mr. Bally, Mr. J. R. Montgomery, second son of Mr. Gabriel Montgomery, to Mary Jane, second daughter of the late James Armstrong, hotel keeper, Lisnaskea
Jul 1 1859 Abraham [Birth] June 20, at Maguiresbridge, the wife of the Rev. Thomas Abraham, of a daughter
Jul 15 1859 May [Died] July 3, at Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, Mr. James May, Stationmaster of the Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway, he was in his 22nd year
Sep 21 1860 Macartney [Died] At the residence of her husband, Abbey Lodge, near Maguiresbridge, the wife of James Macartney, Esq.
Oct 5 1860 Cowan & Owens [Married] September 27, at Connor [Co. Antrim], the Rev. Henry Cowan, Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, to Ellen, youngest daughter of John Owens, Esq., Tannybrake House, Kells
Mar 22 1861 Black & Rutledge [Married] March 12, in Maguiresbridge Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. David Clements, Tempo, Mr. Joseph Black, merchant, Lisbellaw, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Rutledge, Esq., Badoney, Trillick, county Tyrone
Mar 29 1861 Hogg [Died] At Grogey, near Brookborough, in the county of Fermanagh, on the22nd inst., Mr. John Hogg, aged 72 years. For 42 years he was master of the Coonian Orange Lodge No. 1,010, in which he succeeded his father, who was connected with the institution for upwards of half a century
Apr 19 1861 Moore & Hamilton [Married] April 2, in Lisnaskea Church, W. C. Moore, Lieutenant Royal Tyrone Fusiliers, son of the late Edward Moore, Esq., of the Bond, county Tyrone, to Kate, fourth daughter of the late James Hamilton, Esq., of Lakemount
May 17 1861 Kerr & Bannon [Married] May 15, by the Rev. T. Smallen, Miss Catherine Josephine Kerr, second daughter of Mr. John Kerr, merchant, Enniskillen, to Mr. Patrick Bannon, Lisnaskea
Sep 27 1861 Macklin & Moore [Married] September 12, in the Parish Church, Lisnaskea, by the Rev. James Bailie, George Macklin, Esq., Drum Cottage, Ballyaughlis, county Down, to Eliza, third daughter of James Moore, Esq., Drumbad House, county Fermanagh
Jan 31 1862 Noble [Died] January 19, at his residence, in Lisnaskea, suddenly, of disease of the heart, Mr. George Noble, aged 88 years
May 15 1863 Bannon (Kerr) [Died] May 8, at Lisnaskea, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. P. Bannon, and daughter of Mr. J. Kerr, T. C., Enniskillen
Jun 9 1863 Wynne & Smith [Married] On the 3rd June, at Aghava Church, county Fermanagh, by the Lord Bishop of Kilmore, the Rev. George Robert Wynne, of St. Anne's, Dublin, eldest son of George Wynne, Esq., Wicklow, to Ellen Lees, eldest daughter of the Rev. Sidney Smith, D. D., Rector of Aghalurcher, and formerly F. T. C. D.
Jul 10 1863 Doonan & Elliott [Married] July 8, in Cooltrain Church, by the Rev. W. Deering, Mr. Thomas George Doonan, Maguiresbridge, to Eliza, fourth daughter of the late James Elliott, Esq., Coolcrannell
Aug 21 1863 McIlwaine [Died] August 16, at her residence, Maguiresbridge, Anna, second daughter of the late Richard McIlwaine, Esq., Londonderry
Dec 18 1863 Beatty [Died] On the 11th December, at Maguiresbridge, Mr. William Beatty, aged 74 years
Feb 2 1864 Gough & Wright [Married] January 26, in the Parish Church, Cooltrain, by the Rev. Lucas Dixon, John Gough, Esq., Lisnaskea, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of D. Wright, Esq., Lisnaskea
Apr 29 1864 Deering [Birth] April 26, at Maguiresbridge, the wife of the Rev. William W. Deering, of a daughter
Jun 10 1864 Scholes [Died] June 2, at Lisnaskea, Mr. Thomas Scholes aged 70 years. The Earl of Erne made Mr. Scholes manager and bookkeeper of the Crichton Loan Fund
Nov 11 1864 Clarke [Died] November 7, at Fairview, Lisnaskea, James Clarke, Esq., in his 65th year
Nov 11 1864 Gough [Died] November 9, Mary Ann, wife of Mr. John Gough, of Lisnaskea
Jan 24 1865 Armstrong & Crawford [Married] On the 13th January, at Colebrook Church, by the Rev. Mr. Dixon, Henry, fourth son of Mr. Robert Armstrong, Foydra, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late John Crawford, Killycloughey, Maguiresbridge
Jan 19 1866 Maxwell [Birth] January 15, at Lisnaskea, the wife of Thomas D. Maxwell, Esq., of a son
Apr 3 1866 Robinson & Riddell [Married] March 27, in the Cavanaleck Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. T. H. Thompson, Maguiresbridge, Mr. David Robinson, Lisnacrieve, Tyrone, to Harriet, youngest daughter of Mr. Hugh Riddell, Ardmoy, Fermanagh
Apr 10 1866 Bradshaw [Died] April 1, at Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh, Constable John Bradshaw, of Whiteabbey Station, in the 37th year of his age
May 8 1866 Maguire [Died] On the 1st May, at Lisnaskea, Mr. James Maguire, stonemason, aged 52 years
Aug 14 1866 Miller & Irwin [Married] August 9, at St. Stephen's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Thomas Miller, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge, assisted by the Rev. Robert Moffett, Rector of Kilternan, Alexander H. Miller, Esq., M. D., Indian Medical Service, son of the late Rev. John H. Miller, Rector of Tamlaght O'Crilly. county Londonderry, to Mary, daughter of the late Very Rev. Arthur Irwin, Dean of Ardfert and Aghadoe and Vicar General
Jan 11 1867 Clarke [Died] December 31, at his residence, Manorwater House, Lisnaskea, after a short illness, James Clarke, Esq., aged 31 years
Jan 22 1867 Maxwell [Birth] January 16, at Lisnaskea, the wife of J. D. Maxwell, Esq., S. I. Constabulary, of a daughter
Apr 19 1867 Carson [Birth] April 13, at Maguiresbridge, the wife of the Rev. James Carson, Methodist Minister, of a son
Aug 27 1867 Thompson & McIlwaine [Married] July 25, at the residence of the bride's parents, Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, by the Rev. W. W. Woodend, assisted by the Rev. P. S. Jennings, the Rev. S. P. Thompson, LL. D., Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, to Martha Jane McIlwaine
Dec 3 1867 Irvine & Beresford [Married] November 21, in Killesher Parish Church, by the Rev. Campbell B. Jamieson, A. M., Mr. Andrew Irvine, of Corrard House, Lisnaskea, to Ellen, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Beresford, Drumsilla House, Florencecourt
Dec 10 1867 Beatty & Thompson [Married] November 29, in Derry Cathedral, by the Rev. Mr. Johns, Mr. William Beatty, of Lisnaskea, to Miss Bessie Thompson, matron of Foyle College [Londonderry]
Feb 21 1868 Atwell & Wilson [Died] February 17, at the residence of his grandfather, Mr. John Woods, Stewartstown, John Atwell, only son of Mr. J. H. Wilson, Lisnaskea, aged 3 years
Feb 21 1868 Irwin [Died] February 14, at her residence, Lisnaskea, Mary, widow of the late Rev. George Irwin, of Tuam
Feb 25 1868 Carre [Birth] February 20, at the Parsonage, Lisnaskea, the wife of the Rev. N. W. Carre, of a daughter
Jul 21 1868 Haire [Died] July 12, at Lisnaskea, Albert, youngest son of Mr. James Haire, aged 14 years
Aug 7 1868 Maxwell [Birth] July 31, at Whitepark Cottage, Lisnaskea, the wife of T. D. Maxwell, Esq., R. I. C., of a daughter
Dec 4 1868 Thompson [Birth] November 28, at the Manse, Maguiresbridge, the wife of the Rev. S. H. Thompson, of a son
Apr 2 1869 Gardiner [Died] March 26, suddenly, at Lisaderney, near Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, William, second son of John Gardiner, aged 50 years
Jul 20 1869 Orr [Birth] July 17, at Maguiresbridge, county Fermanagh, the wife of Mr. J. S. Orr, R. I. C., of a son
Aug 3 1869 Hall [Died] July 28, at her residence, Maguiresbridge, Miss Anne Hall, in the 82nd year of her age
Oct 22 1869 Carr [Birth] Oct. 16, the wife of the Rev. N. W. Carre, A. B., Incumbent of Lisnaskea, of a daughter
Nov 23 1869 Porter & Robinson [Married] November 19, at Cooltrain Parish Church, by the Rev. Dr. Burnside, William Porter, Esq., Raphoe, to Isabella Colquhoun, third daughter of James Robinson, Esq., Lisnaskea, county Fermanagh