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Maps of Ireland: Historical, Political & Geographical


This file of the Maps of Ireland: Historical, Political & Geographical forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH, IRELAND provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy ( 

This collection of maps details much of the historical changes in political Ireland.

Many of the maps on this page are provided courtesy of


Ice Age Ireland - Map showing the extent of the ice coverage in Ireland as well as the locations of the lower coastline and glacial landforms.

Ireland 100AD - map showing the main Celtic tribes living in Ireland in 100AD. Also shows the leading royal sites.

Ptolemy's Map of Ireland 140 AD - Ptolemy's Map of Ireland (140 AD) was created by Ptolemy who almost certainly never visited Ireland but compiled the map based on military, trader and traveller reports and his own mathematical calculations. Given the creation process, the time period involved and the fact that the Greeks and Romans had limited contact with Ireland, it is considered remarkably accurate.

Ireland 650AD - map showing the Provinces of Ireland c.650AD, 200 years after St. Patrick as well as the locations and names of the Christian monasteries in Ireland.

Ireland 795-851AD - Map showing Ireland in the early Viking Period showing the main monasteries attacked and the Viking encampments, labeled with dates.

Ireland 950AD - Map of Ireland as it was c.950AD showing the layout of the provinces, kingdoms and Viking territories and towns.

Ireland 1300 - Map of Ireland in 1300AD showing the maximum extent of Norman Control in Ireland and their main settlements.

Ireland 1450 - Map of Ireland in 1450 during the Norman decline showing the Celtic areas, Anglo-Irish areas and the English-ruled Pale.

Ulster Clan Territories c.1500s - [downloadable pdf file] this map shows the locations of the clans.

Scots in Ulster,the First Scottish Migrations, 1606-1641, Surname Map - [downloadable pdf files] this map shows the first Scottish migrations 1606-1641 and the locations in Ulster of the various surnames.  The opposite side is here. Hardcopies are available from - The Ulster-Scots Agency, 68-72 Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BB, Northern Ireland which has graciously provided this map.

Ireland 1609 - Map of Ireland in 1609 showing the three main Plantations that took place between 1556 and 1609.

Cromwell in Ireland - Two-in-one map of Ireland in 1641 and 1703 indicating the effect of Oliver Cromwell.s period of rule of Britain and Ireland.

Ulster in 1762 - The map is an ancient painting done by a known cartographer: Grisellini Francesco (1717 - 1783) and Menescardi Giustino (1720 - ?) entitled Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Asia Minor (1762). It is oil on canvas located in Venice, Doge's Palace, The Scield Room. This photo was taken 2006.

Poverty in Ireland 1841 - Map indicating the levels of poverty in Ireland on the eve of the Great Famine.

Severity of Famine 1847 - Map showing the varying level of severity of the Great Famine across Ireland at its height in 1847.

Population Fall 1841-1851 - Detailed map showing the levels of population fall over the Famine period in each part of Ireland.

Irish Settlement in Britain 1851 - Map showing the locations in Britain where Irish-born who emigrated to Britain settled.

Language Map of Ireland 1911 - A map of Ireland based on the 1911 Census showing various prominent languages

Ireland 2001 - An improved map of Ireland in 2001 showing all towns with over 7000 inhabitants and all the counties.

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