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Hearth Money Roll, Taughboyne Parish, Raphoe Barony, County Donegal, Ireland 1665

Extracted from FHL Film #1279356
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


This file of the TAUGHBOYNE PARISH, COUNTY DONEGAL HEARTH MONEY ROLL OF 1665 forms part of the vast archive of 3,000+ pages of genealogical records relating to COUNTIES TYRONE, DONEGAL, LONDONDERRY & FERMANAGH provided without charge or subscription by CoTyroneIreland Welcome to the Premier Website & Research Tool for Cos. Tyrone, Donegal, Londonderry & Fermanagh Genealogy A complete list of records pertaining to TAUGHBOYNE PARISH on this website can be found at the foot of this file.

THE HEARTH TAX was the first of a new wave of taxes brought in shortly after the restoration of King Charles II in 1662 and continued for 27 years until 1689. Collected twice yearly at Michelmas (29th September) and Ladys Day (25th March) copies of the returns of payments were sent to the exchequer and to the local Quarter Sessions. The first Hearth Money Act was passed in the Irish Parliament in 1662. It provided that 2 shillings should be paid on every hearth or ‘other place used for firing’. Arranged by county, parish and, usually, townland, the Hearth Money Rolls list the names of householders who were liable to pay tax at the rate of two shillings on every hearth or fireplace they had. Some people were exempt from the tax and, of course, others managed to evade paying it. The lists are not a complete record of every householder in a townland. Those exempt included persons living on alms, or persons not able to work, or persons who had a house or lands worth less than eight pounds per annum and with property valued at less than four pounds.

The original Hearth Money Rolls were destroyed by fire in the Four Courts, Dublin in 1922. However, the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland had made copies of the Rolls and these were lent to PRONI in the mid-1920s for copying. This clearly has implications for the spelling of both personal names and townland names as the copies are transcripts of transcripts. Nevertheless, the HMR is a valuable census substitute for the seventeenth century. Thanks to Bobby Forrest for this succinct explanation of the Hearth Tax: see his blog - Ulster Genealogy and Local History Blog

Two Hearth Money Rolls survive for Taughboyne Parish; Taughboyne Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland Index to the Hearth Money Roll c1663 & 1665.


Townlands recorded in the Hearth Money Roll; Taughboyne parish at that time contained townlands within Allsaints and Killea parishes


Altacaskein Altaskin [Taughboyne]
Altaghadery Altaghaderry [Allsaints]
Ardee Ardee [Allsaints]
Ballehesky Ballyhaskey
Ballibegly Ballybegly [Allsaints]
Ballylennan Ballylennan [Taughboyne]
Bogey Bogay [Allsaints]
Cargins Carrigans [Killea]
Carnshannagh Carnshannagh [Taughboyne]
Carshoey Garshooey [Allsaints]
Cashell Castle?
Castrews Castrues [Allsaints]
Cloghfin Cloghfin [Taughboyne]
Corncumell Corncammon [Allsaints]
Creghadow Creaghadoos [Taughboyne]
Culm’atraine ?
Drumay Drummay [Allsaints]
Drumboy Drumboy [Allsaints]
Drumenan Drumenan [Taughboyne]
Drumlogher Drumlougher [Allsaints]
Drumore Dromore [Taughboyne]
Dumellan ?
Dunmore Dunmore [Killea]
Glassegowan Clashygowan [Taughboyne]
Gortlush Gortlush [Allsaints]
Gortnileave Gortinlieve [Allsaints]
Gortree Gortree [Allsaints]
Kildrum Kildrum [Allsaints]
Kinnekilly Kinnacally [Taughboyne]
Letrum Leitrim [Allsaints]
Letterguill Lettergull [Taughboyne]
Maymore Maymore [Taughboyne]
Momein Momeen [Taughboyne]
Moneygrogan Moneygreggan [Allsaints]
Mongavelen Mongavlin [Taughboyne]
Monglass Monglass [Allsaints]
Moyle Moyle [Allsaints]
Newton Newtowncunningham? [Allsaints]
Portlough Portlough [Allsaints]
Ratein Ratteen [Taughboyne]
Ruchan Roughan [Allsaints]
Rusky Roosky [Allsaints]
Taghboyne Taughboyne
Tanagh Tonagh [Taughboyne]
Tryentagh Treantagh [Taughboyne]
Tullyenan Tullyannan [Allsaints]
Tullyrap Tullyrap [Taughboyne]


AITKIN Robert Momein 1
ALEXANDER John Ballylennan 1
ALLASON James Drumboy 1
ALLASON James Drumboy 1
ALLEN James Dunmore 1
ALLEN James Kinnekilly 1
ALLEN Robert Creghadow 1
ALLEXANDER Archibald Ballibegley 1
ALLEXANDER John, junior Carnshannagh 1
ALLEXANDER John, senior Carnshannagh 1
ALLISON Mathew Moneygrogan 1
ALLISON Robert Ballibegley 1
ALLISON Robert Ballibegly 1
ARCHIBALD Allexander Ballibegly 1
ARRELL John Newton 1
BALFOURE William Kildrum 1
BARBER Ninian Drumlogher 1
BARBER Robert Drumlogher 1
BARNETT George Drumlogher 1
BAXTER Andrew Drumenan 1
BAXTER John Kinnekilly 1
BEATISON [BATESON] Allexander Taghboyne 1
BOGGS James Monglass 1
BOGGS James, junior Monglass 1
BOGGS John Monglass 1
BOOTH Francis Momein 1
BOYLE Robert Moyle 1
BREADIN Thomas Tanagh 1
BREADIN William Altacaskein 1
BREDIN James Taghboyne 1
BROWNE Thomas Ballibegley 1
BROWNE Thomas Ballibegly 1
BRUCE Doctor Thomas Taghboyne 2
BRYCE James Letrum 1
BUCHANAN John Rusky 1
BUCHANAN John Tullyrap 1
BUCHANNAN Daniell Culm’atraine 1
BUCHANNAN John Carnshannagh 1
BUCHANNAN John Taghboyne 1
CALDWELL David Taghboyne 1
CALDWELL John Taghboyne 1
CAMPBLE John Altacaskein 1
CAMPBLE William Ruchan 1
CARNWATH John Taghboyne 1
CARRUTHERS John Taghboyne 1
CHAMBERS George Momein 1
COCHRAN John Newton 1
COCHRANE James, junior Drumore 1
COCHRANE James, senior Drumore 1
COCHRANE Robert Drumore 1
COCK John Cargins 1
COCK John Tanagh 1
COCK Widow Cloghfin 1
COGHRANE John Drumore 1
COLHOUNE Andrew Momein 1
COLHOUNE Pattrick Taghboyne 1
CONINGHAM Alexander Ballibegley 1
CONINGHAM David Altaghadery 1
CONINGHAM James Ballibegley 1
CONINGHAM Patrick Altaghadery 1
CONINGHAM [CUNNINGHAM] William, esq. Newton 3
CONINGHAME [CUNNINGHAM] Alexander Ballibegly 1
CORBAY Pattrick Taghboyne 1
COWAN Robert Altacaskein 1
CRAIG James Momein 1
CURRY James Carshoey 1
CURRY Robert Momein 1
DAVIDSON William Drumboy 1
DAVIDSON William Drumboy 1
DAVISON William Bogey 1
DEAN John Taghboyne 1
DENISTON Wm. Letterguill 1
DENNISTON Pattrick Momein 1
DENNY John Portlough 1
EDMISTON James Altaghadery 1
ELDER John Portlough 1
ENGLISH William Letrum 1
ERWING Robert Momein 1
EWING Alexander Culm’atraine 1
EWING Humphrey Creghadow 1
EWING John Gortree 1
FISHER John Drumlogher 1
FLEMING James Drumboy 1
FLEMING James Drumboy 1
FLEMING Robert Newton 1
FLEMING Widdow Bogey 1
FORSYTH James Mongavelen 1
FULTON David Gortnileave 1
FULTON James Gortnileave 1
GALBRAITH Elspet Ratein 1
GALBRAITH James Gortree 1
GALBRAITH Ninian Creghadow 1
GALBRAITH Walter Mongavelen 1
GAMBLE Patrick Mongavelen 1
GAMBLE William Altacaskein 1
GIBSON David Corncumell 1
GILFILLAN Thomas Mongavelen 1
GILGOUR John Ratein 1
GLASS Donnell Dunmore 1
GLASS John Letterguill 1
GLENDUNEIN William Glassegowan 1
GOOLELAND [GILLILAND?] Alex. Glassegowan 1
GOURLAND Robert Momein 1
GRAHAME John Kildrum 1
GRAY Thomas Cargins 1
GREEVE Hugh Dunmore 1
HALLEY Mr Mathew Culm’atraine 2
HAMILTON John, jun. Drumboy 1
HAMILTON John, jun. Drumboy 1
HAMILTON John, sen. Drumboy 1
HAMILTON John, sen. Drumboy 1
HAMILTON William Dunmore 1
HARIOT William Ballibegley 1
HARIOT [HERRIOT] William Ballibegly 1
HARLOE? John Newton 1
HARVY David Dunmore 1
HARVY James Corncumell 1
HARVY James Dunmore 1
HARVY John Cargins 1
HARVY Robert Carshoey 1
HARVY Widow Altacaskein 1
HEARNE John Tullyrap 1
HOMES John Drumay 1
HOMES John Momein 1
HOMES John, junior Momein 1
HOMES John, senior Momein 1
HOOD William Momein 1
HOUSTON Allexander Taghboyne 1
HOWATT Archibald Momein 1
HUNTER Archibald Ardee 1
HUNTER Robert Newton 1
JOHNSTON James Ardee 1
JOHNSTON James Taghboyne 1
JOHNSTON John Taghboyne 1
LANGWILL David Gortnileave 1
LATA [LATTA] John Taghboyne 1
LATA [LATTA] John Tullyenan 1
LATA [LATTA] William Taghboyne 1
LIEPER [LEEPER] John Cargins 1
LINDSAY Mathew Altacaskein 1
LINDSAY Mathew Maymore 2
LOGAN Robert Taghboyne 1
LOVE Ninian Taghboyne 1
LOWRY Thomas Tullyrap  
MACKY David Cargins 1
MACKY John Carshoey 1
MACKY John Dunmore 1
MACKY Patrick Cloghfin 1
MACKY Robert Cargins 1
MACKY William Altacaskein 1
MAFFETT [MOFFITT] John Altacaskein 1
MAGHAN Claud Ardee 1
MARSHALL ….? Castrews 1
MARSHALL John Altacaskein 1
MARTEIN John Momein 1
MARTIN John Drumay 1
MARTIN William Letterguill 1
MAXWELL John Momein 1
MCADAM John Ballylennan 1
MCADAM Robert Ballylennan 1
MCADAM Walter Momein 1
MCADOE James Gortlush 1
MCCAFFERY Pattrick Momein 1
MCCAUSLAN Robert Tullyenan 1
MCCAY Daniell Moyle 1
MCCAY Dougall Moyle 1
MCCLELLAN Robert Portlough 1
MCCLINTOCK Alex. Tryentagh 1
MCCLINTOCK Finlay Altacaskein 1
MCCLINTOCK John Momein 1
MCCLINTOCK Widow Ratein 1
MCCOBB Pattrick Momein 1
MCCONNELL Alexander Ruchan 1
MCCONNELL James Carnshannagh 1
MCCONNELL John, jun. Ruchan 1
MCCONNELL John, sen. Ruchan 1
MCCONNELL Morice Carnshannagh 1
MCCORCKLE [MCCORKLE] James Ballehesky 1
MCCREA James Ballylennan 1
MCGETTIGAN Bryan Cashell 1
MCILMUN [MCELMUN] John Glassegowan 1
MCILWAIN Robert Altacaskein 1
MCILWHAN [MCILWAINE] John Culm’atraine 1
MCKEAN James, junior Taghboyne 1
MCKEAN John Momein 1
MCKEAN John Tryentagh 1
MCKEEN James Altacaskein 1
MCKEUN John Altaghadery 1
MCKEWN …..? Castrews 1
MCKEWN James Castrews 1
MCKIM James Altaghadery 1
MCKINLAY Finlay Letterguill 1
MCKINLAY Pattrick Momein 1
MCKREE [MCCREA?] John Dunmore 1
MCNEEVEIN John Tullyrap 1
MCROBB Peter Drumenan 1
MCWILLIAM James Momein 1
MILLER John Maymore 1
MITCHEL Wm. Drumay 1
MITCHELL Walter Altacaskein 1
MOORE Robert Moneygrogan 1
MORISON John Ratein 1
MYEGAH? Robert Carshoey 1
NICHOLL Thos. Newton 1
NOBLE William Altacaskein 1
NOBLE William Cashell 1
O’BRILLAGHAN Andrew Momein 1
O’DEVANY Pattrick Creghadow 1
O’GLACKAN Roory Drumenan 1
O’KERRAN Owen Mongavelen 1
O’LAST Edmund Dunmore 1
O’LOUGHERY Hugh Momein 1
O’MEGHAN Manus Momein 1
O’TONER Owen Momein 1
O’TWOLAN Edmund Drumenan 1
ORR Joseph Drumay 1
ORR Thomas Taghboyne 1
PARK John Ballibegley 1
PARK John Ballibegly 1
PARKE David Ardee 1
PATTERSON Adam Newton 1
PATTERSON Duncan Rusky 1
PATTERSON James Moneygrogan 1
PATTERSON John Moneygrogan 1
PATTERSON William Newton 1
PATTERSON William Rusky 1
PEDIN Andrew Cloghfin 1
PETTICREW Robert Glassegowan 1
PORTERFIELD John Ballylennan 1
PORTERFIELD Patrick Drumenan 1
PORTERFIELD William Ballylennan 1
POTTS Robert Gortree 1
RAMSAY James Drumellen 1
RAMSAY John, younger Newton 1
RAMSAY William Monglass 1
RAMSEY John Altacaskein 1
REAGH Hugh Momein 1
REAGH Mathew Momein 1
RODGER James Tullyrap 1
RODGER John Mongavelen 1
RODGER Thomas Tullyrap  
SCOT Andrew Kildrum 1
SCOTT Adam Tullyenan 1
SCOTT John Taghboyne 1
SCOTT Robert Momein 1
SCOTT Robert Monglass 1
SMITH James Ratein 1
SMITH John Momein 1
SMITH John Ratein 1
STARRET Robert Gortlush 1
STEPHEN James Drumore 1
STEVINSON James Kildrum 1
STEWART John Creghadow 1
STORRET [STARRETT] John Gortlush 1
TAYLOR Thomas Ratein 1
TAYLOR Thomas Ratein 1
THOMPSON James Carshoey 1
THOMPSON John Culm’atraine 1
TURNOR Robert Maymore 1
WALKER Hugh Tullyenan 1
WARKE Gilbert Dunmore 1
WATTSON Walter Letterguill 1
WIGTON William Newton 1
WILSON Thomas Letrum 1
WILSON Thomas Momein 1
WILSON Walter Ballylennan 1
WILSON Wm. Rusky 1
WOOD Alexander Cashell 1
WOODS Andrew Maymore 1
WOODS James Tryentagh 1
WRIGHT John Momein 1
YOUNG Robert Cargins 1

£27 8s for 274 hearths

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Taughboyne Parish Records, County Donegal, Ireland

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