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Drumragh (Drumra) Parish Hearth Money Roll, Co. Tyrone c1670

Undated, but believed to be 1670
Extracted from FHL Film #1279356
Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

Filmed from the collection deposited in the Armagh County Museum


Surname Firstname Townland
ACHESON Patrick Omagh
BRADDY William Omagh
BRUSH John Omagh
CAMPBELL John Mullaghmore
COYLL Miles Freaghmore [Freughmore]
CRAFFORD Alexander Cullaghy
CRAFFORD Robert Cullaghy
CRAFFORD Thomas Tavnamatt
CRAIGE Robert Dugry [Doogary]
CROSBY George Crevamore [Creevanmore]
DABSON Robert Omagh
DENNY Humphrey Cullaghy
DOUGLAS Robert Omagh
DUNWIDDY John Gortmore
DUNWIDDY Ninian Aghameel [Aughnamoyle?]
EGLES Robert Omagh
GILL Laughlan Freaghmore [Freughmore]
GIVAN John Omagh
GIVAN Robert Drum
GLENDINNING John Culnagard [Coolnagard]
GRICKSON Robert Omagh
GRIFFITH Owen Loghmuck
GRIFFITH Thomas Loghmuck
HALL George Crevamore [Creevanmore]
HAMILTON William Omagh
HENDERSON John Edergoul [Edergoole]
KILMAY Dermond Cavanaca [Cavanacaw]
LAMBART David Strentorbagg [Stroancabadagh?]
M’ANKILLY? Hugh Tatekill [Tattykeel]
M’CAWELL [McCOWELL] Patrick Kiltavlagh [Kiltamnagh]
M’CLANAGHAN [McCLANAGHAN] John Aghalegge [Aghaleag]
M’COSKER [McCUSKER] Cormick Tatekill [Tattykeel]
M’COURT [McCOURT] Hugh Corlea
M’FADDEN [McFADDEN] Teege Cavanaca [Cavanacaw]
M’GILHONE [McELHONE?] John Kiltavlagh [Kiltamnagh]
M’GROW [McGREW] John Mullaghmanagh [Mullaghmenagh]
M’GUNSHENAN? Patrick Cloghoge
M’HUGH [McHUGH] Marcus Tatekill [Tattykeel]
M’ILMARTIN [McILMARTIN] Donaghy Taterreagh [Tattyreagh]
M’ILURNER [McELDOWNEY?] Duncan Balligolons [Ballygowan?]
M’KEAGHY [McKEAGNEY] Ardle Tavlaght [Tamlaght]
M’LAUGHLIN [McLAUGHLIN] Donold oge Cloghoge
M’LEARY [McCLEARY] Torlogh Fereagh
M’PEACKE [McPEAKE] Owen Corlea
M’PEAKE [McPEAKE] Donald Corlea
M’PEAKE [McPEAKE] Donoghy Corlea
M’QUADE [McQUADE] Brian Aughadulla
MIMNAGH William Rakeragh
MORGAN David Freaghmore [Freughmore]
O’CALLAN Owen Mullaghmore
O’CLEARY Thomas Strentorbagg [Stroancabadagh?]
O’DALLY Neal Taterreagh [Tattyreagh]
O’DONALLY Neil Tateshallagh [Tattysallagh]
O’DONNELL Owen Tateshallagh [Tattysallagh]
O’GLACKAN Owen Crevangan [Creevangar]
O’GLACKAN Patrick Mullaghmore
O’HAGAN Owen Tatekill [Tattykeel]
O’KEIVAN Hugh Rooe Gortmore
O’MARKEY Connor Taterreagh [Tattyreagh]
O’MULLAN Hugh Fereagh
O’MULLURE [O’MULLAN] Shan Clanbogan
O’NEILL Owen Clanbogan
O’QUINE [O’QUINN] Patrick Aughadulla
POINES Robert Gortmore
POINTS John Lavey [Lammy?]
POTTS Francis Omagh
RENOLDS William Omagh
SCOTT Donell Balligoans [Ballygowans]
STEVENSON Gilbert Lavey [Lammy?]
STEVENSON Robert Aghameel [Aughnamoyle?]
THOMSON George Culnagard [Coolnagard]
TODD Andrew Mullaghmanagh [Mullaghmenagh]
TRECY Francis Omagh
TRECY William Omagh
WILSON Thomas Derymony [Dergmoney]
WINN Peter Omagh
WINN Robert Omagh
YOUNG John Balligoans [Ballygowans]

iiii.i hearths sum payable £8.2s.0d Undated, but believed to be 1670