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Looking for information for my ancestors: John St George (b 1860) son of Annie McElrone and Capel St George. Capel, a Magistrate and Son of Rev Henry Lucas St George Is shown as having died without issue. Annie emigrated to the US . She was a Roman Catholic. I don’t think she and Capel ever married as he was Church of Ireland.

Added: May 14, 2020
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My grandfather, Francis Hewett O'Neill, was born in Pomroy in 1900. His father, Isaac George, was the son of Jane O'Neill (husband may have been Bernard) and we're told they owned a hotel called the Bellmore Arms. Does anyone have information about a hotel in the late 1800s called the Bellmore Arms in Pomroy?

Added: May 12, 2020
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Hello, my gr. grandmother Mary Ann Burrows lists Tyrone on her marriage record as the place of her birth. She was married in Belfast at Ekenhead Presbyterian Parish on March 10,1888 to William James Campbell. She lists her father as John Burrows and her sister is Elizabeth Burrows Gass. Elizabeth was married at St. Anne’s, Church of Ireland, Belfast using the name Burrowes on Nov. 16, 1874 to Joseph Gass. She also lists her father as John Burrowes and that she was born in Tyrone. So, not sure if the e in Burrowes should be there. Elizabeth died first on March 30, 1906 and is buried with Mary Ann’s husband William James Campbell and son, Joseph in Belfast City Cemetery. Mary Ann Burrows Campbell died Jan. 21, 1926. According to death records, Mary Ann was 62 making her birth date around 1864 and Elizabeth was 49 at death which makes her birth date around 1857. Did the family move to Belfast or did just the sisters ? So many questions. I had one good lead from the keeper of the records at Rosemary Presbyterian after Ekenhead had closed. He was going to get into the records once some construction work was done and he could reach the records but nothing came from him. I think Tyrone is lost to me.

Added: May 9, 2020
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Failte: My GGgrandfather is James Donaghey. He married Agnes McLaughlin St Malachys Belfast 1859 and died 1888. His life in Belfast after his marriage is fairly well documented as a flax buyer and parent. However his birth in 1826 is a brick wall with no more records to peruse. Its been said James comes from a family with some wealth but its unproven.

Added: May 3, 2020
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Researching Ferguson from near or around Glendermott, Eglington, LondonDerry

Added: May 3, 2020
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Researching the BURNSIDE genealogy of County Tyrone. Any information on the following persons would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Burnside (Surgeon) d: Newtownstewart, his wife, Jane McFarland d: Newtownstewart.
Their children,
Anne Burnside m: Andrew Cooper.
David Burnside m: Anne Nolan.
Eliza Burnside m: John Wilson.
Jane Burnside m: Hobcroft/Hopcroft.
Mary Burnside m:? Dowling.
Robert Burnside d: England.
Sarah Burnside m: Claudius Christie/Christy.
Prudence Burnside m: Robert Burnside (Capt.)
William Burnside m: Cherry Matilda Burnside.
Matthew Burnside (Surgeon) m: Sarah Badham.
Andrew Burnside d: Canada.
John Burnside d: USA.

also their grandsons,
David Nolan Burnside b:1813 d:1891 Faughanvale.
James Howard Burnside b:1824 d:1899 Australia.
John Henry Burnside b:1814 d:1893 New Zealand.
Matthew James Burnside b:1812 d:1836 Newtownstewart.

and granddaughters,
Jane Burnside b:1818 d:1857 Australia.
Ellen Leticia Burnside b:1820 d:1890 Australia.
Matilda Elizabeth Burnside b:1822 d: 1855 Australia.
Sophia Margaret Burnside b:1825 d:1908 Australia.
(all born Newtownstewart).

other family members from County Tyrone,
Thomas Burnside (Judge) b:1782 Newtownstewart d: 1857 USA.
James Burnside (Surgeon) b:1788 d: 1862 Eglinton.
Thomas Burnside (MD) d:1798 Newtownstewart.
Matthew James Burnside b:1771 d: 1831 Corcreavy House.
Thomas Burnside (MD) d:1837 Millview.

Added: May 2, 2020
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My great grandfather is William Curry. He was baptized on 4 August 1850 at the 2nd Donanghedy Presbyterian Church. Born in Sandville, Donangheady, Tyrone and his father is John Curry of Sandville and is listed as a Labourer. William was married to Catherine Ann Hamilton on September 19, 1972 at the Donagheady 2nd Presbyterian Church. William's father was listed as the Sexton to that Church. I have also found on the Griffith's Evaluation records (1847-1864)that John Curry had a house - Lessor was Rev. F.J. Portier. I am trying to find the name of John Curry's wife (and any information on her) when John was born and died. Also would like to find the date when William died. I know it is between July, August, September around 1890-91. He died before his last son was born in January 1891.
Looking at the Donagheady 2nd Presbyterian Church Records - Baptisms(April 1838 - July 1901) I have found William's baptism date. I also found MaryJane Curry who was baptised July 5, 1840 - father John - Sandville who is William's older sister. There are records that she ended up living with William's wife, Catherine, after William died. She never married. Also found John James Curry baptised Feb. 19, 1846..again father John..Sandville. I assume this is William's brother but have not found any other further information on him. Any information on William's father, mother or siblings would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Added: April 24, 2020
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I'm researching two surnames, PORTER and COOPER, from the Castlederg townlands of Lisnacloon for Cooper and Coolcreaghy for Porter.

William Porter, b. ~1815, Co. Tyrone; d. 17 Jul 1883, Coolcreaghy.
m. Nancy "Ann" Cooper, b. ~1819, Co. Tyrone; d. 21 Jun 1905, Coolcreaghy.

Research points to William's father being Thomas Porter, also of Coolcreaghy, and mother as Fanny Gibson. Both died sometime before 1872.

Nancy Cooper was from Termonamongan Parish at time of marriage. Believe her father was Samuel Cooper of Lisnacloon as her firstborn son, my gg-grandfather was Samuel Porter, b. 1845, Coolcreaghy.

Samuel Cooper, b.~1792; d. 30 Jan 1872 in Lisnacloon; wife unknown.

Added: April 23, 2020
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I know I posted the other day, but noticed that I put the name wrong I am looking for information on
Dawson Gerald Wray born June 9 1907 in Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland lived at house 5 Bovean Drumaspil Tyrone. Moved to Ontario Canada, found records saying his father was James Wray and mother was Laura Wray also from Co. Tyrone. The information I found said there were 6 children but 5 living in 1911, my great grandfather, Dawson Gerald Wray being 1 of the 5 living children of James and Laura Wray. They also lived with Laura's mother Sarah Dawson, who according to a 1911 census was 70 years old and a farmer. Looking for any information anyone has or if you are related and can provide any information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Trying to put together a family tree book for my kids with any family an information I can find

Added: April 23, 2020
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Hagan (& variants): Younger children of Charles Hagan & Ellen Meenagh, born in Termonmaguirk in late 1830s. Daughters emigrated to Australia & New Zealand. Surviving letters show cousins, of Irish St Dungannon, who moved to New York (and possibly back again, also links to the McShane family of Irish St.

Added: April 21, 2020
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