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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Tullyfern Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Main Street, Milford, Co. Donegal (from an old postcard)



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghanursan Ardnaree Ballyarr Ballyarr Glebe
Ballyboe Ballyconnelly Ballygay Ballykenny
Bay Hill Black Land Black's Glen Bridge End aka Drummonaghan
Brownknowe Carn High Carn Low Carnisk
Carrowkeel Claggan Claragh Clooney
Clooney More Conaghrud Cratlagh Drumacloghan
Drumatrumman Drumbern Drumman Dunmore
Fawninoughan Fogher aka Forquar Garrygort Garrymore
Glen Lower Glen Upper Glenkeen Glentidaly
Glentidaly Glebe Gortcally Gortin Gortnavern
Legmuckduff Long Hill Loughdoo Loughnakey
Loughros Glebe Magheradrumman Millford Moyagh
Moyle Moylehill Mullagheep Oghill
Ranny Rossgarrow Rossreagh Rough Island
Roughan Tirhomin Tiroddy Tully Beg
Tully Hall Tully More Tully Mountain Urbalshinny




ACRITE James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
ADAMS James Carn Low
ADAMS Robert Carn Low
AIKIN James Ballykenny
AIKIN John Ballykenny
AIKIN Richard Ballykenny
AIKIN Sarah Ballykenny
ALCORN James Magheradrumman
ALCORN John Main Street, Milford
ALCORN William Gortnavern
ALGEO William Cratlagh
ALLEN George Fogher
ALLISON John Black's Glen
ANDERSON William Carn High
ARBUCKLE Daniel Main Street, Milford
BAKER Captain Main Street, Milford
BARRON William Tirroddy
BAXTER Matthew Drumbern
BAXTER Matthew Main Street, Milford
BAYNE Peter Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
BAYNE Peter Gamble's Row, Town of Ramelton
BELINDSAY Ambrose Moylehill
BEST Robert Claggan
BEST Robert Islands: Long Island, No 4
BEST Robert Islands: Island No 8
BEST Robert Islands: Rough Island, No 6.
BEST Robert Islands: Toonoge Island, No. 19
BEST Robert Islands: Watt's Island, No. 7
BEST Robert Tirhomin
BEST Robert, Jr. Tirhomin
BEST Susan Carn High
BEST William Islands: Island No 8
BEST William Islands: Long Island, No 4.
BEST William Islands: Rough Island, No 6.
BEST William Islands: Toonoge Island, No. 19
BEST William Islands: Watt's Island, No. 7
BEST William Tirhomin
BIRNEY James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
BIRNEY John Tirhomin
BLACK Ann Glen Upper
BLACK Eliza Glentidaly
BLACK Samuel Drumacloghan
BLACK Samuel Glentidaly
BLACKWOOD William Letterkenny Road, Milford
BLANEY Michael Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
BOND George Ballyboe
BOND George Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
BOND George Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
BOND George Clooney
BOYCE John Cratlagh
BOYCE John Fawninoughan
BOYCE John Loughdoo
BOYLE Bryan Clooneymore
BOYLE John Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
BOYLE Michael Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
BRADLEY John Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
BRADLEY John Carrowkeel
BRADLEY Margaret Glentidaly
BRADLEY Neal Ballyconnelly
BRADLEY William Ardnaree
BRAGDON Patrick Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
BRAGDON Patrick Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
BRAGDON Patrick Main Street, Milford
BRAGDON Patrick Millford
BRENNAN John Garrymore
BROWN John Tirroddy
BROWN Robert Tirhomin
BROWN Samuel Tirhomin
BROWNE William Carn High
BUCHANAN Andrew Main Street, Milford
BUCHANAN Charles Gortnavern
BUCHANAN Elizabeth Carn Low
BUCHANAN James Ballyarr Road, Town of Rathmelton
BUCHANAN James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
BUCHANAN James Main Street, Milford
BUCHANAN John Church Street, Milford
BUCHANAN John Drumbern
BUCHANAN John Garrygort
BUCHANAN John Main Street, Milford
BUCHANAN John Millford
BUCHANAN Robert Garrygort
BUCHANAN Susan Garrygort
BUCHANAN Walter Clooney
BUCHANAN William Main Street, Milford
BUCHANAN William Millford
BUCHANAN William, Jr. Carn Low
BUCHANAN William, Sr. Carn Low
BURNS Charles Conaghrud
BURNS Isaac Legmuckduff
BURNS Isaac Loughrosglebe
BURNS Joseph Legmuckduff
BURNS Joseph Loughrosglebe
CAFFERTY James Clooney
CAMPBELL Henry Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
CAMPBELL Thos., Jr. Cratlagh
CAMPBELL Thos., Sr. Cratlagh
CANNON Charles Garrygort
CANNON Edward Cratlagh
CANNON James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
CANNON James Clooney
CANNON Joseph Garrygort
CANNON Patrick Ballykenny
CANNON Patrick Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
CANNON Samuel Ballyboe
CAROLAN Rev. William Drumacloghan
CAROLAN Rev. William Glentidaly
CHATELY James Carn High
CHATELY James Fawninoughan
CHATELY John Ballyconnelly
CHATELY Samuel Glentidaly
CHATELY William Fawninoughan
CHURCH EDUCATION SOCIETY SCHOOL HOUSE Church Education Society Church Street, Milford
CLARKE Daniel Gortnavern
CLARKE William Loughrosglebe
COLGAN Patrick Fogher
COLHOUN William Glentidaly
COLL Edward Ward's Lane, Town of Rathmelton
COLL James Main Street, Milford
COMPTON Patrick Main Street, Milford
CONNOR Benjamin Carn High
CONNOR Henry Carn High
CONNOR Nathaniel Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
COOK George Urbalshinny
CORRAN James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
CORRIN George Main Street, Milford
CORRIN Samuel Cratlagh
COYLE Edward Clooneymore
COYLE Edward Moyagh
COYLE Edward Mullagheep
COYLE George Carn Low
COYLE Hugh Gortcally
COYLE James Carn Low
COYLE James Main Street, Milford
COYLE James Millford
COYLE John Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
COYLE John Claragh
COYLE John Drumman
COYLE John Main Street, Milford
COYLE John Mullagheep
COYLE John Tullymore
COYLE Manus Gortcally
COYLE Roger Moyle
CRAWFORD James Tirhomin
CREARON Hannah Main Street, Milford
CREARON James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
CREARON Jeremiah Tullymore
CREARON John Moyagh
CREARON John Tullymore
CRERON Hugh Tully Mountain
CROSSAN Neal Glentidaly
CROSSAN Patrick Carn High
CROSSAN Patrick Garrymore
CUNNINGHAM Gustavus Carn Low
CURRAN Eliza Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
CURRAN James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
DARCUS Solomon Magheradrumman
DARCUS Solomon Oghill
DAVIS Alexander Clooney
DAVIS George Main Street, Milford
DAVIS Joseph Carn High
DAVIS Joseph Carn Low
DAVIS Joseph Clooney
DAVIS Sarah Jane Clooney
DAVIS Thomas Carn High
DAVISON Eliza Ardnaree
DAVISON John Ardnaree
DAVISON John Brownknowe
DAVISON John Island
DAVISON Mary Carn High
DAVISON Samuel Ardnaree
DAVISON Samuel Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
DAVISON Samuel Carn High
DEANE George Main Street, Milford
DEENY James Carn High
DEENY Mary Black's Glen
DELAP John, Jr. Ballyconnelly
DELAP John, Sr. Ballyconnelly
DELAP Samuel Ballyconnelly
DENEESE Hugh Ballyarr Glebe
DILL Alexander Carn High
DILL Susan Carn High
DIVER Charles Garrygort
DIVER Henry Ballyarr
DIVER James Ballyarr
DIVER John Ballykenny
DIVER John Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
DIVER John Clooneymore
DIVER Rev. Thomas Drumbern
DIVER Rev. Thomas Main Street, Milford
DIVER Robert Tully Hall
DIXON Alexander Aghanursan
DIXON Jane Garrymore
DOGHERTY Charles Brownknowe
DOGHERTY Jane Garrygort
DOGHERTY John Drumatrumman
DOGHERTY Michael Drumatrumman
DOGHERTY William Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
DOHERTY Jane Ballyconnelly
DOHERTY John Loughrosglebe
DOHERTY John Tully Hall
DOHERTY Seth Moyle
DONAGHY George Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
DONNELL Hugh Gortcally
DONNELL John Garrygort
DONNELL Philip Gortcally
DONNELLY James Main Street, Milford
DONNELLY Thomas Ballyconnelly
DONNELLY Thomas Fogher
DORRIAN Hugh Glen Upper
DUFFY Cornelius Garrygort
DUNCAN Mary Moyle
DUNCAN Thomas Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
EDEN Jane Drumacloghan
ELLIOTT David Ballyarr Road, Town of Rathmelton
ELLIOTT David Glen Lower
ELLIOTT James Main Street, Milford
ELLIOTT Martha Drumman
ELLIOTT Richard Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
ELLIOTT Thomas Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
ELLIOTT Thomas Main Street, Milford
ELLISON John Carn High
ELLISON John Clooney
ELLISON Robert Clooney
EWART Alexander Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
EWING James Ballyarr
EWING Thomas Loughrosglebe
FERGUSON John Carn Low
FERRY Hugh Carrowkeel
FERRY James, Jr. Moylehill
FERRY James, Sr. Moylehill
FERRY Manus Cratlagh
FERRY Mary Garrygort
FERRY Patrick Moylehill
FISHER George Tully Mountain
FISHER John Garrygort
FISHER John Glentidaly
FISHER William Glentidaly
FISHER William Tirhomin
FLEMING James Loughrosglebe
FLEMING John Ballyarr
FOSTER William Breaghy
FRANCIS John Rossreagh
FRASER John Rossreagh
FRIEL Francis Cratlagh
FRIEL James Drumacloghan
FRIEL James Drumatrumman
FRIEL James Gortcally
FRIEL Maurice Dunmore
FRIEL Neal Gortcally
FULLERTON John Ballyboe
FULLERTON John Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
FULLERTON John Roughan
GALLAGHER Annesley Carn Low
GALLAGHER Daniel Ballyconnelly
GALLAGHER David Ardnaree
GALLAGHER Eneas Moylehill
GALLAGHER Fergal Main Street, Milford
GALLAGHER George Ardnaree
GALLAGHER Humphrey Fogher
GALLAGHER James Ardnaree
GALLAGHER James Carrowkeel
GALLAGHER James, Sr. Carn Low
GALLAGHER John Moylehill
GALLAGHER Joseph Ballyarr Glebe
GALLAGHER Patrick Ballyarr
GALLAGHER Richard Carrowkeel
GALLAGHER Robert Ardnaree
GALLAGHER Sarah Carrowkeel
GALLAGHER William Ardnaree
GALLAGHER William Ballyconnelly
GALLAGHER William Rossreagh
GAMBLE Charles Cratlagh
GAMBLE Daniel Cratlagh
GAMBLE John Carn Low
GILDEA Philip Tully Hall
GILL Charles Garrygort
GLACKEN Charles Tullymore
GLACKIN James Ballygay
GLACKIN James Loughdoo
GLACKIN Jeremiah Loughdoo
GLACKIN John Loughdoo
GLINN Joseph Drumbern
GLINN Joseph Main Street, Milford
GORDON James Ballyboe
GORDON Thomas Moylehill
GRAHAM Hugh Carrowkeel
GRAHAM James Cratlagh
GRAHAM John Ballyconnelly
GRAHAM Thomas Fogher
GRAHAM William Fogher
GRAHAM William Loughnakey
GREENE William Carrowkeel
GRIER Alexander Clooney
GRIER Alexander Glen Lower
GRIER David Clooney
GRIER Isabella Glen Lower
GRIER Jane Drumman
GRIER John Ballyconnelly
GRIER John Main Street, Milford
GRIER Joseph Glen Lower
GRIER Joseph Tullymore
GRIER Robert Clooney
GRIER Robert, Jr. Glen Lower
GRIER Robert, Sr. Glen Lower
GRIFFIN Hugh Gortnavern
HAGAN John Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
HAGAN Patrick Tully Mountain
HAMILTON Alexander Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
HAMILTON James Clooney
HAMILTON Matthew Tirhomin
HAMILTON Thomas Tirhomin
HAMILTON William Gortnavern
HARKIN Edward Garrygort
HARKIN Hugh Drumbern
HARKIN Mandy Drumbern
HARKIN Patrick Drumbern
HARKINS Edward Rossgarrow
HARKINS John Claggan
HARKINS William Rossgarrow
HARTE John Glentidaly
HAY Eliza Tullymore
HAY Margaret Cratlagh
HAY Thomas Cratlagh
HAY William Ranny
HAZLETT Alexander Tirroddy
HAZLETT David Brownknowe
HAZLETT James Ballyconnelly
HAZLETT John Brownknowe
HAZLETT John Tirroddy
HAZLETT Reps. of Robert Tirroddy
HAZLETT Reps. of Robt. Tirroddy
HEGARTY Andrew Cratlagh
HEGARTY Hugh Cratlagh
HEGARTY James Cratlagh
HEGARTY John Carn Low
HEGARTY Michael Main Street, Milford
HEGARTY Michael Millford
HELFERTY James Breaghy
HENRY Samuel Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
HERAGHTY Ellen Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
HERAGHTY James Gortcally
HERAGHTY James Tully Mountain
HERAGHTY Thomas Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
HERAGHTY Thomas Drumman
HERON David Breaghy
HERON James Clooney
HERON John Clooney
HERON Moses Glen Upper
HILL David Bayhill
HILL Lord Geo. A. Ballyarr
HILL Lord George A. Ballyarr Glebe
HILLIARD William Urbalshinny
HILLNAN Edward Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
HILLNAN Hugh Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
HILLNAN Hugh Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
HUME Elizabeth Ballyarr Road, Town of Rathmelton
HUNTER John Rossgarrow
HUNTER John, M.D Black's Glen
HUNTER Mrs. Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
HUNTER William Main Street, Milford
HUNTER William Millford
HUTCHINSON Isaac Drumbern
ILWAIN Martha Roughan
IRWIN John Carn High
JACKSON James Drumatrumman
JACOB William Ballyarr
JAMES John Longhill
JAMESON John Main Street, Milford
JERVIS Robert Ballyarr Glebe
JOHNSTON John Tirhomin
JOHNSTON Robert Gortnavern
JOHNSTON Thomas Gortnavern
JOHNSTON Thomas Tirhomin
KENNEDY Edward Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
KERR Cornelious Gortcally
KERR Cornelius Ballyconnelly
KERR Denis Ballyconnelly
KERR Edward Oghill
KERR Eleanor Main Street, Milford
KERR James Ballyconnelly
KERR James Carrowkeel
KERR Joseph Ballyarr Glebe
KERR Mary Black's Glen
KERR Michael Moyle
KERR Patrick Gortcally
KERR Thomas Ballyarr Glebe
KERRIGAN Joseph Tirhomin
KILDEA Philip Tully Mountain
KILPATRICK George Tully Mountain
KILPATRICK George Tullymore
KILPATRICK Robert Tullymore
KILPATRICK William Tully Hall
KILPATRICK William Tullymore
KYLE Thomas Magheradrumman
LAFFERTY Hannah Main Street, Milford
LAFFERTY Lewis Glenkeen
LAIRD Samuel Islands: Cranberry Island, No 1
LAIRD Samuel Islands: Green Island, No 2.
LAIRD Samuel Islands: Stick Island No. 3
LAIRD Samuel Ranny
LAIRD William Drumatrumman
LANDERS Elizabeth Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
LANDERS Joseph Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
LATHAM …….? Gortcally
LAVENS James Drumbern
LAVENS James Main Street, Milford
LAVENS James Millford
LAVENS John Fawninoughan
LEITRIM Earl of Church Street, Milford
LEITRIM Earl of Cratlagh
LEITRIM Earl of Drumbern
LEITRIM Earl of Garrygort
LEITRIM Earl of Garrymore
LEITRIM Earl of Gortnavern
LEITRIM Earl of Islands: Crattagh Island No. 10
LEITRIM Earl of Main Street, Milford
LEITRIM Earl of Millford
LEITRIM Earl of Rossgarrow
LOCKHEED Jane Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
LOGAN William Clooney
LOGUE Daniel Ballyarr Glebe
LOGUE Daniel, Jr. Mullagheep
LOGUE Daniel, Sr. Mullagheep
LOGUE George Dunmore
LOGUE Michael Drumatrumman
LOGUE Michael Dunmore
LOGUE William Dunmore
LONG William Roughan
LOUGHERY Bryan Dunmore
LOUGHERY Patrick Dunmore
LOUGHERY William Dunmore
LOVE John Main Street, Milford
LOVE William Drumbern
LOVE William Main Street, Milford
LYNCH Daniel Garrygort
LYNCH John Garrygort
MAGAHY Sarah Tully Mountain
MALSEED Andrew Glen Upper
MALSEED Henry Black's Glen
MALSEED James Magheradrumman
MALSEED James Moyagh
MALSEED James Tullybeg
MALSEED John Black's Glen
MALSEED John Tullybeg
MARTIN Daniel Drumatrumman
MARTIN Eliza Clooney
MARTIN James Moylehill
MARTIN John Moyle
MARTIN Lydia Ballykenny
MARTIN Rosanna Oghill
MATSON Alexander Ballygay
MATSON Robert Carrowkeel
McADAM William Breaghy
McADAMS John Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McADAMS Joseph Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McADAMS Sarah Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McADAMS William Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McADAMS William Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
McADOO Alexander Claggan
McADOO Alexander Garrygort
McADOO Charles Ballyboe
McADOO David Drumatrumman
McADOO Robert Claggan
McADOO Thomas Claggan
McADOO William Garrygort
McADOO William Gortcally
McADOO William Kilwarry
McATEER Hugh Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McATEER James Moyle
McATEER James Rossgarrow
McATEER Michael Carrowkeel
McAVEAGH Michael Dunmore
McBRIDE Bridget Gortnavern
McBRIDE Daniel Moyagh
McBRIDE Daniel Moylehill
McBRIDE Denis Cratlagh
McBRIDE Edward Cratlagh
McBRIDE Hugh Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McBRIDE Hugh Carrowkeel
McBRIDE James Ballyarr Glebe
McBRIDE James Ballyconnelly
McBRIDE John Cratlagh
McBRIDE John Millford
McBRIDE Myles Cratlagh
McBRIDE Myles Rossgarrow
McBRIDE Rev. Edward Carrowkeel
McBRIDE Susan Cratlagh
McBRIDE William Gortin
McBRIERTY Patrick Magheradrumman
McCARROLL Joseph Drumbern
McCARRON Patrick Main Street, Milford
McCLAY Samuel Carn Low
McCLEAN Andrew Garrymore
McCLEAN David Carn Low
McCLEAN David Drumacloghan
McCLEAN James Garrymore
McCLEAN James Gortnavern
McCLEAN John Fogher
McCLEAN Michael Ballyarr Road, Town of Rathmelton
McCLURE John Ballygay
McCLURE Joseph Longhill
McCLURE Nathaniel Carrowkeel
McCLUSKEY William Fawninoughan
McCOACH James Gortcally
McCOACH William Main Street, Milford
McCOLLUM Charles Gortnavern
McCOLLUM Eliza Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McCONNELL George Fawninoughan
McCONNELL James Ballyarr
McCONNELL Robert Ranny
McCONNELL Thomas Rann
McCONNELL William Garrygort
McCONNELL William Tirhomin
McCORD Margaret Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McCOY Eliza Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McDAID Daniel Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McDAID James Blackland
McDAID James Mullagheep
McDAID John Main Street, Milford
McDAID Michael Ballyboe
McDAID Michael Carn Low
McDAID Patrick Blackland
McDAID Patrick Conaghrud
McDAID Patrick Moyle
McDAID Roger Black's Glen
McDAID William Moyagh
McDAID William Moylehill
McDERMOTT John Main Street, Milford
McDERMOTT John Mullagheep
McDERMOTT Neal Cratlagh
McDERMOTT Patrick Ballygay
McDERMOTT Robert Roughan
McDEVITT Charles Carrowkeel
McDEVITT John Main Street, Milford
McDONNELL James Ballyarr
McELHINNY Bernard Conaghrud
McELHINNY Peter Main Street, Milford
McFADDEN Francis Black's Glen
McFADDEN James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McFADDEN John Carrowkeel
McFADDEN John Clooney
McFADDEN William Carrowkeel
McFADDEN William Fogher
McFADDEN William Glentidaly
McGARVEY Anthony Glentidaly
McGEEHAN Thomas Mullagheep
McGEEVER James Fogher
McGETTIGAN Patrick Drumbern
McGETTIGAN Patrick Main Street, Milford
McGETTIGAN Thomas Ballyarr
McGIBSON James Ballygay
McGINLEY James Drumbern
McGINLEY James Main Street, Milford
McGINLEY James Moylehill
McGINLEY Mary Rossreagh
McGINLEY Michael Claragh
McGINLEY Michael Gortcally
McGINLEY Thomas Carnisk
McGLASHAN Daniel Dunmore
McGLASHEN Daniel Dunmore
McGLASHEN Hugh Fogher
McGLASHEN Patrick Drumatrumman
McGLASHEN Patrick Gortnavern
McGLASHEN Robert Letterkenny Road, Milford
McGLASHIN Charles Main Street, Milford
McGLINCHY Daniel Magheradrumman
McGLINN Patrick Millford
McGOWAN Mary Anne Brownknowe
McGRATH Fanny Carn High
McGRATH William Main Street, Milford
McGREGOR John Magheradrumman
McGRENOR Neal Garrygort
McGRORY Anthony Drumatrumman
McGRORY Charles Garrygort
McGRORY Denis Dunmore
McGRORY Edward Dunmore
McGRORY James Dunmore
McGRORY John Drumatrumman
McGRORY John Dunmore
McGRORY Mary Gortnavern
McGRORY Peter Mullagheep
McGRORY Thomas Dunmore
McILHENNY Patrick Carrowkeel
McILWAIN Archibald Clooney
McILWAIN Edward, Sr. Ballyconnelly
McILWAIN Edwd., Jr. Ballyconnelly
McILWAIN Edwd., Sr. Ballyconnelly
McILWAIN Thomas Ballyconnelly
McILWEE James Ballyconnelly
McINTYRE James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McINTYRE James Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
McINTYRE James Glen Lower
McIVERS Eleanor Oghill
McKENRIE Thomas Brownknowe
McKIM Andrew Legmuckduff
McKIM William Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
McKINLEY Roger Gortcally
McKNIGHT Alexander Roughan
McLOUGHLIN James Gortin
McMAHON Hugh Moyle
McMAHON William Moyle
McMONIGLE Cormack Cratlagh
McMONIGLE Hugh Gamble's Row
McMONIGLE John Cratlagh
McNAUGHT John Clooney
McNAUGHT William Carn High
McNUTT Francis Ballyconnelly
McNUTT James Glentidaly
McNUTT James Longhill
McNUTT James Tirhomin
McNUTT Robert Aghanursan
McNUTT William Aghanursan
McPAUL Cornelius Rossgarrow
McSHEFFNEY John Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McSWYNE Andrew Drumman
McSWYNE Bryan Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McSWYNE Charles Conaghrud
McSWYNE Charles Moyle
McSWYNE Daniel Ballyarr
McSWYNE Denis Conaghrud
McSWYNE Denis Cratlagh
McSWYNE James Ballyconnelly
McSWYNE John Conaghrud
McTAGGART James Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McTAGGART James Cratlagh
McTEAGUE Edward Tullybeg
McTEAGUE John Ballyarr Glebe
McTEAGUE William Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McVEY Michael Gortnavern
McWARD Cornelius Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
McWARD Hugh Ballyarr Glebe
McWEY Hugh Blackland
MELLON James Rossgarrow
MILLS Samuel Clooney
MITCHELL David Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
MOLLOY William Main Street, Milford
MOLLOY Wm. H., M.D. Millford
MONTGOMERY Alexander Clooney
MOORE Alexander Loughnakey
MOORE George Carn Low
MOORE Robert Magheradrumman
MOORE Samuel Main Street, Milford
MORRISON Andrew Claragh
MORRISON John Claragh
MORRISON Margaret Claragh
MORRISSON James Ballyconnelly
MUNROE George Bayhill
MUNROE George Breaghy
MUNROE George Carnisk
MURRAY Andrew Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
MURRAY Samuel Carn Low
O'DONNELL Daniel Cratlagh
ORR George Glentidaly
PATTERSON Francis Tirroddy
PATTERSON James Black's Glen
PATTERSON John Clooneymore
PATTERSON John Gortnavern
PATTERSON John Urbalshinny
PATTERSON Joseph Clooneymore
PATTERSON Mary Urbalshinny
PATTERSON Matthew Glen Upper
PATTERSON Sarah Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
PATTERSON William Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
PATTERSON William Tirhomin
PATTON John Ballykenny
PATTON Robert Ballyconnelly
PATTON Scott Glen Lower
PATTON Thomas Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
PAXTON William Ballyconnelly
PEEBLES William Carn Low
PEEBLES William Cratlagh
PEOPLES Alexander Magheradrumman
PEOPLES Francis Magheradrumman
PEOPLES Francis Oghill
PEOPLES Robert Loughnakey
PEOPLES Thomas Ballyarr Glebe
PORTER Charles Ballyarr
PORTER Charles Drumman
PORTER Charles Tullymore
PORTER James William Ballyarr
PORTER William Ballyarr
PRICE Hannah Dunmore
QUIGLEY Hugh Ballyarr Road, Town of Rathmelton
RABB James Ballyarr Glebe
RABB Samuel Ballyarr Glebe
RANKIN Andrew Tirhomin
RANKIN James Tirhomin
RANKINS James Drumbern
REID Alexander Ballygay
REID Andrew Ballyboe
REID Colin Fogher
REID Colin Glenkeen
REID James Fawninoughan
REID James, Sr. Ballygay
REID Rep. John Carn High
REID Robert Legmuckduff
REID William Ballygay
REID William Drumacloghan
REYNOLDS William Ballygay
RICHEY John Loughrosglebe
RICHEY Samuel Glenkeen
RICHEY William Black's Glen
RICHIE John Glentidaly
RICHIE William Main Street, Milford
RICHMOND William Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
RICHMOND William Ward's Lane, Town of Rathmelton
ROBINSON James Ballyarr
ROGERS Alexander Tirhomin
ROGERS Andrew Tirhomin
ROGERS Edward Black's Glen
ROGERS Hugh Black's Glen
ROGERS Robert Magheradrumman
ROGERS Samuel Loughnakey
ROLLSTONE David Magheradrumman
ROLLSTONE Samuel Tirroddy
ROSSAN Samuel Ward's Lane, Town of Rathmelton
RUSSELL Alexander Main Street, Milford
RUSSELL Alexander Millford
RUSSELL Elly Ballyarr
RUSSELL James Main Street, Milford
RUSSELL John Ballygay
RUSSELL Matthew Glen Lower
RUSSELL Samuel Drumbern
RUSSELL William Drumbern
RUSSELL William Main Street, Milford
SCOTT Anne Ballyboe
SCOTT Anne Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
SHANNON James Ballyarr Glebe
SHEERIN Daniel Carn High
SHEERIN Denis Conaghrud
SHEERIN William Carn Low
SHERIDAN William Gortin
SNODGRASS William Clooney
SPENCE John Fawninoughan
SPENCER John Carn High
SPENCER John Clooney
SPROULE John Bayhill
SPROULE John Carnisk
STARRETT Alex., Jr. Black's Glen
STARRETT Alexander Fawninoughan
STARRETT Alexander, Jr. Black's Glen
STARRETT Alexander, Jr. Clooney
STARRETT Ezekiel Claggan
STARRETT Ezekiel Kilwarry
STARRETT Mary Drumbern
STEPHENSON David Ballyarr
STEPHENSON Rev. S. B. Islands: Carrickadaross Island No 12
STEPHENSON Rev. S. B. Islands: Hewitson's Island No. 11
STEPHENSON Rev. S. B. Rossgarrow
STEPHENSON William Ballyconnelly
STEWART Alexander Black's Glen
STEWART Alexander Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
STEWART Alexander Roughan
STEWART Archibald Clooney
STEWART Baronet James Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
STEWART Baronet James Carn High
STEWART David, Jr. Glen Upper
STEWART David, Sr. Glen Upper
STEWART Henry Ballyconnelly
STEWART Henry Glen Upper
STEWART John Glen Upper
STEWART John Letterkenny Road, Milford
STEWART John Main Street, Milford
STEWART Robert Black's Glen
STEWART Robert Clooney
STEWART Robert Main Street, Milford
STEWART Robert Millford
STEWART Robert Roughan
STEWART William Tirhomin
STRAIN Edward Tully Hall
STRAIN Michael Clooneymore
STRAIN Patrick Oghill
STRAIN William Clooneymore
SWEENEY Abraham Moylehill
SWEENEY Edward Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
SWEENEY Edward Main Street, Milford
SWEENEY Edward Tully Hall
SWEENEY James Main Street, Milford
SWEENEY Mary Main Street, Milford
SWEENEY Michael Main Street, Milford
SWEENEY Michael Rossreagh
SWEENEY William Ballyboe
SWEENEY William Drumbern
SWEENY Michael Ballyboe
SWINEY Anne Moyle
SWINEY Charles H. Moyle
SWINEY John H. Moyagh
SWINEY John H. Moylehill
TAYS Samuel Bridge End Road, Town of Rathmelton
THOMPSON James Moylehill
THOMPSON Thomas Main Street, Milford
THOMPSON Thomas Millford
TOLIN Daniel Gortnavern
TOLIN John Tully Mountain
TOLIN Matty Gortnavern
TORRENS Robert Gortcally
TOY Edward Drumatrumman
TOY Edward Gortcally
TOY Michael Ballyarr Road, Town of Rathmelton
WALLEN John K. Ballyarr Glebe
WALSH James Loughnakey
WALSH William Legmuckduff
WARD Daniel Carrowkeel
WARD Daniel Gortcally
WARD Joseph Gortcally
WARD Patrick Garrygort
WARD William Carrowkeel
WARD William Gortcally
WARREN Thomas Tullybeg
WASSON Thomas Cratlagh
WATERS Samuel Moyle
WATT David Drumbern
WATT James Ballyboe
WATT James Bayhill
WATT James Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
WATT James Claragh
WATT James Tully Hall
WATT James Ward's Lane, Town of Rathmelton
WATT Samuel Drumbern
WATTERS John Fogher
WHITE Henry Ballyboe
WHITE Henry Bridge End, or Drummonaghan
WHITE Rev. Robert Fogher
WHITE Rev. Robert Loughrosglebe
WHITE Rev. Robert Main Street, Milford
WHITE Rev. Robert Millford
WHITE Thomas Main Street, Milford
WHITE William Gortnavern
WHORISKEY Edward Dunmore
WILLIAMSON James Cratlagh
WILLIAMSON James Gortcally
WILLIAMSON Johanna Moyagh
WILLIAMSON John Gortnavern
WILLIAMSON Richard Dunmore
WILLIAMSON Robert Tullybeg
WILSON Alexander Fawninoughan
WILSON Catherine Church Street, Milford
WILSON James Tully Mountain
WILSON Joseph Carn Low
WILSON Thomas Magheradrumman
WILSON Thomas Tully Mountain
WILSON Thomas, Jr. Tully Mountain
WILSON William Church Street, Milford
WOODHOUSE John O. Carrowkeel
WOODHOUSE John O. Dunmore
WOODHOUSE John O. Gortcally
WRAY Matthew Clooneymore
WRAY Matthew Moyagh
WRAY Samuel Magheradrumman
YOUNG Robert Fawninoughan
YOUNG Robert Fogher
YOUNG Samuel Fawninoughan
YOUNG William Fogher
YOUNG William Letterkenny Road, Milford