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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Pomeroy Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see


Surname First Name Townland
AIKIN Isabella Claggan
AIKIN James Claggan
ALISON Francis Munderrydoe
ANDERSON James Altmore alias Barracktown
ANDERSON John Gortnagarn
ANDERSON John Killey
ANDERSON Joseph Altmore alias Barracktown
ARMSTRONG Alexander Turnabarson
ARMSTRONG David The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
ARMSTRONG Francis Crosscavanagh
ARMSTRONG Francis Galbally
ARMSTRONG Isabella Galbally
ARMSTRONG James Galbally
ARMSTRONG Michael Galbally
ARMSTRONG Michael Gortnagola
ARMSTRONG Michael Lurgylea
ARMSTRONG Patrick Aghnaskea
ARMSTRONG Patrick Cappagh
ARMSTRONG Patrick Galbally
ARMSTRONG Patrick Lurgylea
ARMSTRONG Thomas Galbally
ARMSTRONG William Cavanakeeran
ARNOLD Archibald Lisnagleer
ARNOLD James Lisnagleer
ARNOLD Robert Aghafad
ARTHUR James Crosscavanagh
BAILIE Rev. James K. Sessiadonaghy
BANKHEAD Doctor Creeve
BANNAN Thomas Tanderagee
BARBER John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
BARCLAY James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
BATES Ellen The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
BATES George Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
BEGGS William Drumconor
BENISON Samuel Corkhill
BENISON William Corkhill
BENNISON John Turnabarson
BENNISON Joseph Cavanakeeran
BENNISON Matthew Turnabarson
BENNISON William Tanderagee
BERNARD Neill Cavanakeeran
BIRMINGHAM William Killey
BLACK Thomas Killey
BLACK William Killey
BLACK William, Jr. Ballymacall
BLACK William, Sr. Ballymacall
BLANEY James The Diamond, Pomeroy, Cavanakeeran)
BLOOMER Laurence Sessiadonaghy
BLOOMER Margaret Dernanaught
BLOOMER Michael Camaghy
BLOOMER Patrick Glenburrisk
BOOTH Benjamin Drummond
BORRIS John Drumconor
BORRIS Robert Dernanaught
BORRIS Thomas Glenburrisk
BORRIS William Gortnagola
BOYD John Turnabarson
BOYD Robert Tulnagall
BOYD Robert Turnabarson
BOYD William Turnabarson
BOYLE Bridget Cappagh
BOYLE Catherine Cappagh
BOYLE Charles Altmore alias Barracktown
BOYLE Charles Cappagh
BOYLE Hugh Camaghy
BOYLE John Cappagh
BOYLE Joseph Cappagh
BOYLE Mary Cappagh
BOYLE Michael, Jun. Cappagh
BOYLE Michael, Sen. Cappagh
BRACKENLEDGE John Altmore alias Barracktown
BRADLEY Charles Gortnagarn
BRADLEY Margaret Gortnagarn
BRADLEY Patrick Cavanakeeran
BRANAGAN Charles Glenbeg
BRANAGAN Henry Glenbeg
BRANAGAN Hugh Galbally
BRANAGAN Launcelot Munderrydoe
BRANAGAN Michael Glenbeg
BRANAGAN Michl. Glenbeg
BRANAGAN Neal Glenbeg
BRANAGAN Terence Glenbeg
BRANAGAN Thomas Galbally
BRANIGAN Andrew Cornamaddy
BRANIGAN Catherine Claggan
BRANIGAN Hugh Cornamaddy
BRANIGAN John Camaghy
BRANIGAN Michael Lurgylea
BRANIGAN Peter Camaghy
BRANIGAN Thomas Sessiadonaghy
BRANNAN John Dungororan
BRAWN William Glenburrisk
BRENNAN Michael Curlonan
BROWN Robert Kilmore
BROWN William Gortnagola
BROWN William Kilmore
BROWN Wm. Kilmore
BROWNE John Crossdernot
BROWNE John Lurganeden
BROWNE Robert Gortnagola
BROWNE Robert Killey
BUCHANAN Joshua Corkhill
BURNSIDE Isabella Kilmakardle
CADDA Henry Mulnagore
CAIRNS William Claggan
CAMPBELL Hugh The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
CAMPBELL William Claggan
CARBERY Bernard Crosscavanagh
CARBERY Matthew Crosscavanagh
CARBERY Matthew Dernanaught
CARR James Crannogue
CARR James Crossdernot
CARR John Crossdernot
CARR Mary Anne Cornamaddy
CARR Mortimer Tanderagee
CARR Patrick Altmore alias Barracktown
CARRICK William Drumconor
CARROLL Owen Cornamaddy
CARROLL Thomas Cornamaddy
CARROLL Whiteside Drumconor
CARSON William Creeve
CARTMILL Jonathan Dernanaught
CASEY John Cavanakeeran
CASEY Peter Gortnagarn
CASSIDY Arthur Claggan
CASSIDY Jas. Hughes Claggan
CASSIDY Peter Shanmaghry
CATHCART Gabriel Cavanakeeran
CATHCART Gabriel Gortnagarn
CATHCART Gabriel The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
CINNAMOND Benjamin Aghafad
CINNAMOND Edward Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
CINNAMOND Hamilton Aghafad
CLARKE James Lurgylea
CLARKE William Corkhill
COLEMAN Isabella Kerrib
COLGAN Patrick Kerrib
COLLINS John Claggan
COLLINS Robert Claggan
CONLAN Bridget Gortindarragh
CONLAN James Creeve
CONLAN John Creeve
CONLAN Michael Dernanaught
CONLAN Michael Gortindarragh
CONLAN Thomas Creeve
CONLAN Thomas Tulnagall
CONN William Dungororan
CONNOLLY Patrick Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy,(Cavanakeeran)
CONNOR Daniel Cornamaddy
CONNOR Edward Dernanaught
CONWAY Daniel Cavanakeeran
CONWAY Daniel Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
CONWAY Edward Cavanacaw
CONWAY Henry Gortnagarn
CONWAY Robert Crannogue
CONWAY Thomas Gortindarragh
CORR Bernard Camaghy
CORR Elizabeth Turnabarson
CORR James Glenbeg
CORR James Gortnagarn
CORR Mary Turnabarson
CORR Michael Glenbeg
CORR Michael Shanmaghry
CORR Neal Shanmaghry
CORR Patrick Dernanaught
CORR Patrick Turnabarson
CORR Peter Glenbeg
CORR Rosanna Glenbeg
CORR Sarah Turnabarson
CORR William Gortnagarn
CORRIGAN Bernard Aghnaskea
CORRIGAN Eleanor Camaghy
CORRIGAN James Lurgylea
CORRIGAN John Drummond
CORRIGAN Owen Camaghy
COTTER Patrick Crosscavanagh
COWAN Patrick Lurgylea
COYLE Anne Mulnagore
COYLE James Crannogue
CRAIGAN Neal Tulnagall
CROSS Margaret Claggan
CUDDY Francis Lurganeden
CULLEN David Gortnagarn
CULLEN James Drummond
CULLEN James Turnabarson
CULLEN John Turnabarson
CULLEN Thomas Gortnagarn
CUNNINGHAM Bridget Munderrydoe
CUNNINGHAM Elizabeth Claggan
CUNNINGHAM Hugh Munderrydoe
CUNNINGHAM James Gortnagarn
CUNNINGHAM John, Jun. Mulnagore
CUNNINGHAM John, Sen. Mulnagore
CUNNINGHAM Owen Tanderagee
CUNNINGHAM Patrick Tanderagee
CUNNINGHAM Robert Crossdernot
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Munderrydoe
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Tanderagee
DALTON Catherine The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
DALY Bernard Cavanakeeran
DALY Felix Cavanakeeran
DALY James Drumconor
DALY James Sessiadonaghy
DALY John Claggan
DALY Myles Cavanakeeran
DALY Owen Drumconor
DALY Rosanna The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
DALY Sarah Drumconor
DAULEY John Cavanakeeran
DAVIDSON George Claggan
DAVIDSON Thomas Munderrydoe
DAWLEY Michael Lurganeden
DEEHAN Jane Mulnagore
DEEHAN John Mulnagore
DEMPSEY Patrick Tulnagall
DENISON John Cappagh
DEVLIN Jane Mulnagore
DEVLIN Terence Munderrydoe
DIXON Francis Mulnagore
DIXON John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
DIXON Thomas Gortnagarn
DOBSON Robert Munderrydoe
DONAGHY Bridget Lisnagleer
DONAGHY Catherine Altmore alias Barracktown
DONAGHY Edward Lisnagleer
DONAGHY Edward Tanderagee
DONAGHY Hugh Altmore alias Barracktown
DONAGHY James Altmore alias Barracktown
DONAGHY James Lisnagleer
DONAGHY John Altmore alias Barracktown
DONAGHY John Camaghy
DONAGHY John Drumconor
DONAGHY John Lisnagleer
DONAGHY John Tanderagee
DONAGHY Mary Creeve
DONAGHY Michael Altmore alias Barracktown
DONAGHY Michael Drumconor
DONAGHY Michael Lisnagleer
DONAGHY Michael Lurgylea
DONAGHY Owen Lurgylea
DONAGHY Patrick Killey
DONAGHY Patrick Lurgylea
DONAHER John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
DONALDSON Thomas Turnabarson
DONNELL Armor Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
DONNELLY Bernard Corrycroar
DONNELLY Bernard Galbally
DONNELLY Daniel Corrycroar
DONNELLY Daniel Galbally
DONNELLY Daniel Gortnagola
DONNELLY Daniel Lurgylea
DONNELLY Daniel Munderrydoe
DONNELLY Daniel Sessiadonaghy
DONNELLY Edward Altmore alias Barracktown
DONNELLY Edward Killey
DONNELLY Felix Gortnagarn
DONNELLY Francis Cornamaddy
DONNELLY Francis Tanderagee
DONNELLY Hugh Lurgylea
DONNELLY James Camaghy
DONNELLY James Dernanaught
DONNELLY James Galbally
DONNELLY James Gortnagarn
DONNELLY James Sessiadonaghy
DONNELLY James Turnabarson
DONNELLY John Cappagh
DONNELLY John Cavanakeeran
DONNELLY John Dungororan
DONNELLY John Gortnagarn
DONNELLY John Lisnagleer
DONNELLY John Sessiadonaghy
DONNELLY John Turnabarson
DONNELLY Margaret Killey
DONNELLY Margaret Lisnagleer
DONNELLY Mary Cavanakeeran
DONNELLY Michael Aghafad
DONNELLY Michael Aghnaskea
DONNELLY Michael Cavanakeeran
DONNELLY Michael Dernanaught
DONNELLY Michael Gortnagarn
DONNELLY Michael Killey
DONNELLY Michael Sessiadonaghy
DONNELLY Neal Killey
DONNELLY Neal Sessiadonaghy
DONNELLY Owen Corrycroar
DONNELLY Owen Sessiadonaghy
DONNELLY Patrick Cornamaddy
DONNELLY Patrick Crosscavanagh
DONNELLY Peter Killey
DONNELLY Rep. Fras. Altmore alias Barracktown
DONNELLY Rosanna Gortnagarn
DONNELLY Sarah Dernanaught
DONNELLY Terence Kilmakardle
DONNELLY Terence Lurganeden
DONNELLY Thomas The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
DOOGAN Joseph Claggan
DORAN Francis Altmore alias Barracktown
DORAN John Altmore alias Barracktown
DORAN John, Jun. Altmore alias Barracktown
DORAN John, Sen. Altmore alias Barracktown
DOUGLAS James Tulnagall
DOUGLAS Samuel Cavanakeeran
DOYLE Catherine Tanderagee
DOYLE Michael Turnabarson
DOYLE Patrick Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
DUFF Neal Cappagh
DUFF Patrick Cappagh
DUNLOP Robert Mulnagore
DUNN Anne Cappagh
EARLEY Jane Claggan
ELLISON James Aghafad
ELLISON John Cappagh
FAIRLEY Charles Dungororan
FARIS Daniel Cappagh
FARR Ephraim Mulnagore
FARR James Gortnagarn
FARR James Killey
FARSON David Cavanakeeran
FERGUSON James Lisnagleer
FLEMING John Curlonan
FLEMING William, Jun. Claggan
FLEMING William, Sen. Claggan
FLETCHER George Killey
FLETCHER John Killey
FORD James Claggan
FOSTER William Drumconor
FOSTER William Lisnagleer
FOX Denis Turnabarson
FOX Patrick Gortnagarn
FOX Peter Gortnagarn
FULLERTON John Dernanaught
FULLERTON William Dernanaught
GADDIS James Skea
GADDIS John Glenburrisk
GADDIS Joseph Ballymacall
GADDIS Robert Ballymacall
GADDIS William Skea
GARRETT James Camaghy
GARRETT John Killey
GARRETT Patrick Camaghy
GARVEY James Cappagh
GARVEY John Sessiadonaghy
GARVEY Patrick Sessiadonaghy
GETHINGS Ellen Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
GETHINGS Ellen Cookstown Old Road, Town of Pomeroy
GILCHREEST Andrew Turnabarson
GILCHREEST James Turnabarson
GILCHREEST John Turnabarson
GILCHREEST Robert Turnabarson
GILCHREEST William Turnabarson
GILKINSON James Ballymacall
GILKINSON Joseph Ballymacall
GILKINSON Joseph Gortavoy
GILKINSON Margaret Skea
GILKINSON Samuel Ballymacall
GILKINSON William Cornamaddy
GILLESPIE Daniel Camaghy
GILLESPIE Daniel Dernanaught
GILLESPIE Edward Cornamaddy
GILLESPIE James Camaghy
GILLESPIE James, Sen. Camaghy
GILLESPIE Mary Camaghy
GILLESPIE Michael, Jun. Camaghy
GILLESPIE Neal Camaghy
GILLESPIE Neal Cornamaddy
GILLESPIE Owen Camaghy
GILLESPIE Patrick Cavanacaw
GILLESPIE Patrick Gortnagarn
GILLESPIE Peter Camaghy
GILLESPIE Peter Cavanakeeran
GILLESPIE Peter The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
GILLESPIE Sarah Camaghy
GILPIN John Corkhill
GLACKEN Hugh Altmore alias Barracktown
GLACKEN Hugh Lurgylea
GLACKEN Patrick Lurgylea
GLASSE John Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
GOFF Joseph Glenburrisk
GOFF Joseph Gortnagola
GOFF Joseph Kilmore
GORLICK Martin Shanmaghry
GRAHAM James Cavanakeeran
GRAHAM James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
GRAHAM John Gortnagarn
GRAHAM Sarah Gortnagarn
GRAHAM Susan Drummond
GRAHAM Susan Gortnagarn
GROGAN James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
GROGAN John, Jun. Cavanakeeran
GROGAN John, Sen. Cavanakeeran
GROGAN Michael Cavanakeeran
GROGAN Owen Dernanaught
GROGAN Owen Sessiadonaghy
GROGAN Sylvester Dernanaught
GROVES Robert Lurganeden
GROVES Robert Munderrydoe
HACKETT Bernard Glenbeg
HACKETT Charles Glenbeg
HACKETT John Corrycroar
HACKETT John Glenbeg
HACKETT John Lurgylea
HACKETT Owen Glenbeg
HACKETT Patrick Glenbeg
HACKETT Peter Glenbeg
HACKETT Stephen Glenbeg
HADDOCK Joseph Corkhill
HAGAN Bernard Cappagh
HAGAN Charles Glenbeg
HAGAN Daniel Corrycroar
HAGAN Edward Altmore alias Barracktown
HAGAN Felix Munderrydoe
HAGAN Francis Tulnagall
HAGAN Hugh Turnabarson
HAGAN James Corrycroar
HAGAN James Glenbeg
HAGAN John Camaghy
HAGAN John Cappagh
HAGAN John Glenbeg
HAGAN John Munderrydoe
HAGAN John Tanderagee
HAGAN John, Sen. Cappagh
HAGAN Patrick Corrycroar
HAGAN Patrick Dernanaught
HAGAN Patrick Turnabarson
HAGARTY John Mulnagore
HAGARTY Samuel Mulnagore
HAGGINS Michael Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HAGNEY John Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HALL Mary The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HALLIGAN Bernard Curlonan
HALLIGAN Bridget Curlonan
HAMILL Hugh Cappagh
HAMILL Owen Cappagh
HAMILTON Alexander Lisnagleer
HAMILTON Anne Drumconor
HAMILTON Charles Altmore alias Barracktown
HAMILTON Charles Cappagh
HAMILTON Charles Gortindarragh
HAMILTON Patrick Tanderagee
HAMILTON Thomas Claggan
HAMILTON William Altmore alias Barracktown
HARRIS Hugh Skea
HARRIS Jane Skea
HARRIS John Skea
HART Andrew Shanmaghry
HART Bernard The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HART Catherine Aghafad
HART Catherine Tulnagall
HART Francis Shanmaghry
HART John Corrycroar
HART Owen Corrycroar
HART Peter Cavanakeeran
HARVEY John Gortnagarn
HARVEY Michael Gortnagarn
HARVEY Patrick Turnabarson
HAWKSHAW Eleanor Drummond
HAWKSHAW Isaiah Drummond
HAWKSHAW Mary Mulnagore
HAYES James Kerrib
HAYES Thomas Tanderagee
HEDRINGTON John Tulnagall
HEFFERNAN Bridget Munderrydoe
HENRY Robert Cavanakeeran
HENRY Robert The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HERSON John Dungororan
HERSON Patrick Dungororan
HERSON Philip Dungororan
HEWEY William Mulnagore
HEYBURNE John Altmore alias Barracktown
HILL Joseph Dungororan
HILL Mary Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HOGG James Curlonan
HOGG John Curlonan
HOOD Samuel Crossdernot
HOPPER Andrew Cavanakeeran
HOWARD John Drumconor
HOWARD John Killey
HOWARD Robert Drumconor
HOWARD Thomas Drumconor
HOWARD William Drumconor
HUGHES Bernard Galbally
HUGHES David Lurganeden
HUGHES Henry Galbally
HUGHES Hugh Tanderagee
HUGHES James Claggan
HUGHES John Glenburrisk
HUGHES John Tulnagall
HUGHES Owen Crannogue
HUGHES Patrick Cappagh
HUGHES Patrick Glenburrisk
HUGHES Patrick Kerrib
HUGHES Patrick The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HUGHES Philip Lurganeden
HUGHES Philip Tanderagee
HUGHES Robert Tulnagall
HUGHES Samuel Aghafad
HUGHES William Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HUGHES Wm. Back Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HUNTER Adam Drumconor
HURSON Arthur Coolmaghry
HURSON Bernard Coolmaghry
HURSON Charles Kerrib
HURSON Henry Coolmaghry
HURSON Henry Kerrib
HURSON Hugh Coolmaghry
HURSON James Coolmaghry
HURSON John Coolmaghry
HURSON John Drummond
HURSON John Lurgylea
HURSON John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
HURSON John, Jun. Coolmaghry
HURSON Michael Lurgylea
HURSON Neal Coolmaghry
HURSON Patrick Coolmaghry
HURSON Patrick Kerrib
HURSON Thomas Coolmaghry
HYNES Alexander Glenburrisk
HYNES Anne Glenburrisk
HYNES Bernard Turnabarson
HYNES Mary Glenburrisk
HYNES Thomas Galbally
HYNES Thomas, Jun. Cavanakeeran
HYNES Thomas, Sen. Cavanakeeran
HYNES William Glenburrisk
IRWIN James Lisnagleer
IRWIN John Mulnagore
IRWIN Thomas Altmore alias Barracktown
JACKSON Hugh Mulnagore
JACKSON James Dungororan
JACKSON Richard Crossdernot
JACKSON Richard Mulnagore
JACKSON Robert Mulnagore
JACKSON Robert Tulnagall
JACKSON William Dungororan
JACKSON William Mulnagore
JOHNSTON Benjamin Killey
JOHNSTON James Lurganeden
JOHNSTON Matthew Killey
JOHNSTON William Aghafad
JONES Samuel Aghafad
JONES Samuel Lurganeden
JONES Thomas N. Crosscavanagh
KANE Alexander Aghnaskea
KANE Anne Cappagh
KANE Bernard Cavanakeeran
KANE Charles Aghnaskea
KANE Felix Aghnaskea
KANE Michael Cavanakeeran
KANE Patrick Aghnaskea
KANE Patrick Gortindarragh
KAVANAGH Charles Lurgylea
KAVANAGH Hugh Lurgylea
KAVANAGH Patrick Lurgylea
KEENAN Charles Kilmakardle
KEENAN Francis Kilmakardle
KEENAN James Galbally
KEENAN James Kilmakardle
KEENAN John Kerrib
KEENAN Mary Kerrib
KEENAN Michael Shanmaghry
KEENAN Patrick Cavanakeeran
KELLY Bernard Kilmore
KELLY Edward Glenbeg
KELLY James Claggan
KELLY James Dungororan
KELLY John Gortnagarn
KELLY Michael Gortnagarn
KELLY Michael, Jun. Tanderagee
KELLY Michael, Sen. Tanderagee
KELLY Owen Cornamaddy
KELLY Owen Crannogue
KELLY Owen Glenburrisk
KELLY Patrick Kilmore
KELLY Patrick Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
KELLY Patrick Tanderagee
KELLY Peter Glenburrisk
KELLY Peter Gortnagola
KELLY Terence Kilmore
KELLY William Crossdernot
KENNY James Coolmaghry
KENNY Michael Coolmaghry
KIRKLAND William Cappagh
KIRKLAND Wm. Altmore alias Barracktown
LACK Daniel Lisnagleer
LAFFERTY John Crosscavanagh
LAPPIN Mary Crosscavanagh
LAPPIN Michael The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LAUGHRAN James Dernanaught
LAVERTY Felix Gortnagarn
LAVERTY William Gortnagola
LAVERY James Cavanakeeran
LAVERY William Cavanakeeran
LAW James, Jun. Gortnagarn
LAW James, Sen. Gortnagarn
LAW Robert The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LEEKS William Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LEGGETT Samuel Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LENNON James Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LINDSEY John Crossdernot
LINDSEY John Mulnagore
LINN Catherine Killey
LINN Terence Shanmaghry
LITTLE Hugh Claggan
LITTLE Mary Cookstown Old Road ,Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LITTLE William Kilmore
LITTON Edward T. Aghnaskea
LITTON Edward T. Cappagh
LITTON Edward T. Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Bernard Lisnagleer
LOUGHRAN Bridget Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Catherine Crannogue
LOUGHRAN Edward Crosscavanagh
LOUGHRAN Francis Gortindarragh
LOUGHRAN Hugh Aghnaskea
LOUGHRAN Isabella Crosscavanagh
LOUGHRAN James Crannogue
LOUGHRAN James Crosscavanagh
LOUGHRAN John Ballymacall
LOUGHRAN John Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Mary Crannogue
LOUGHRAN Michael Altmore alias Barracktown
LOUGHRAN Michael Crannogue
LOUGHRAN Michael, Jun. Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Michael, Jun. Lurgylea
LOUGHRAN Michael, Sen. Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Michael, Sen. Lurgylea
LOUGHRAN Michl, Sen. Lurgylea
LOUGHRAN Neal Crannogue
LOUGHRAN Neal Lurgylea
LOUGHRAN Owen Cappagh
LOUGHRAN Owen Lurgylea
LOUGHRAN Owen, Jun. Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Owen, Sen. Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Patrick Cornamaddy
LOUGHRAN Patrick Crannogue
LOUGHRAN Patrick Crosscavanagh
LOUGHRAN Patrick Lisnagleer
LOUGHRAN Patrick Lurgylea
LOUGHRAN Peter Crannogue
LOUGHRAN Peter Dernanaught
LOUGHRAN Roger Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Samuel Ballymacall
LOUGHRAN Sarah Knocknaclogha
LOUGHRAN Thomas Crosscavanagh
LOUGHRAN Thomas Lurgylea
LOWRY James C. Corkhill
LOWRY James C. Cornamaddy
LOWRY James C. Kerrib
LOWRY Robert W. Bonn
LOWRY Robert W. Cavanacaw
LOWRY Robert W. Cavanakeeran
LOWRY Robert W. Corrycroar
LOWRY Robert W. Gortnagarn
LOWRY Robert W. Killey
LOWRY Robert W. Lurganeden
LOWRY Robert W. Munderrydoe
LOWRY Robert W. Pomeroy
LOWRY Robert W. The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LOWRY Robert W. Turnabarson
LOY Henry Corrycroar
LOY Margaret Kerrib
LOY Mary Kerrib
LOY William Corrycroar
LUNNEY John Glenburrisk
LYNN James Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
LYONS Jane Crossdernot
MACKAY Wm. Gortavoy
MACKEY William Drummond
MACNEECE Margaret Mulnagore
MACRORY Bernard Cavanakeeran
MACRORY Hugh Crosscavanagh
MACRORY John Drummond
MACRORY John Kerrib
MAGEE Bernard Cornamaddy
MAGEE Daniel Gortnagola
MAGEE Francis Glenburrisk
MAGEE James Camaghy
MAGEE John Gortnagola
MAGEE Patrick Cornamaddy
MAGEE Patrick Gortnagola
MAGILL Isabella Glenbeg
MAGILL John Shanmaghry
MAGUCKIAN Michael Lisnagleer
MAGUIGGAN Michael Kerrib
MAGUIGGAN Patrick Kerrib
MAGUIGGAN Peter Kerrib
MAGUIRE George Lisnagleer
MAJOR James Creeve
MALCOLM Alexander Thornhill Glebe
MALCOLM William Thornhill Glebe
MALLIN Hugh Skea
MALONE Arthur Altmore alias Barracktown
MALONE Ellen Tanderagee
MALONE James Drummond
MALONE Peter Tanderagee
MALY Michael Cappagh
MANSFIELD Francis Aghnaskea
MARSHALL George Crossdernot
MCALEER Charles Cavanakeeran
MCALEER Charles Gortnagarn
MCALEER Charles The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCALEER John Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran
MCALEER John Dernanaught
MCALEER Peter Cavanakeeran
MCALEER Peter Kerrib
MCALEER Peter The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCANALLY Patrick Gortnagarn
MCCAFFREY William Altmore alias Barracktown
MCCAHY Mary Cappagh
MCCAHY Thomas Shanmaghry
MCCANN Bernard Cornamaddy
MCCANN Eleanor Glenburrisk
MCCANN Hugh Camaghy
MCCANN James Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCCANN Michael The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran
MCCANN Thomas Coolmaghry
MCCART Michael Thornhill Glebe
MCCART Patrick Thornhill Glebe
MCCAUSLAND James Drumconor
MCCAUSLAND John Drumconor
MCCAUSLAND John Mulnagore
MCCAUSLAND Robert Lisnagleer
MCCLEAN Archd., Sen. Skea
MCCLEAN Archibald, Jun. Skea
MCCLEAN Archibald, Sen. Skea
MCCLEAN Charles Munderrydoe
MCCLEAN Daniel Crossdernot
MCCLEAN Francis Corrycroar
MCCLEAN James, Jun. Skea
MCCLEAN James, Sen. Skea
MCCLEAN Joseph Skea
MCCLERNAN John Lisnagleer
MCCOLLUM Patrick Drumconor
MCCONAMY Bridget Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCCONNELL James Corkhill
MCCONNELL Joseph Corkhill
MCCONNELL Robert Corkhill
MCCONNELL Thomas Cavanakeeran
MCCONWAY Hugh Corrycroar
MCCOURT Arthur, Jun. Cappagh
MCCOURT Arthur, Sen. Cappagh
MCCOURT Catherine Creeve
MCCOURT John (pensioner) Creeve
MCCOURT John, Jun. Creeve
MCCOURT Owen Creeve
MCCOURT Patrick Creeve
MCCOURT Patrick Drumconor
MCCOURT Patrick Drummond
MCCOURT Patrick Lurgylea
MCCOURT Patrick The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCCOURT William Drumconor
MCCRYSTAL Jane Claggan
MCCUE Philip Sessiadonaghy
MCCULLAGH Toler The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCCUTCHEON John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCDONNELL Catherine Gortnagola
MCDONNELL James Tulnagall
MCDONNELL John Coolmaghry
MCDONNELL John Corrycroar
MCDONNELL John Drummond
MCDONNELL John Gortnagarn
MCDONNELL Margaret Gortnagarn
MCDONNELL Mary Gortnagarn
MCDONNELL Patrick Gortnagarn
MCDOOGAN Edward Thornhill Glebe
MCELHONE Barthw. Kerrib
MCELHONE Bernard Turnabarson
MCELHONE Bryan Cavanakeeran
MCELHONE Edward Shanmaghry
MCELHONE Felix Corrycroar
MCELHONE John Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCELREE Alexander Drumconor
MCELREE John Drumconor
MCELROY Patrick Cornamaddy
MCELVENNA Henry The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCELVOGE Bernard Gortnagarn
MCELVOGE Simon Gortnagarn
MCELVOGUE Hugh Aghnaskea
MCELVOGUE John Aghnaskea
MCFAGAN John Claggan
MCFELONE Patrick Cavanakeeran
MCGAHAN Bridget The Diamond, Pomeroy, Cavanakeeran)
MCGAHY James Shanmaghry
MCGARTLAND Hugh Lurgylea
MCGARTLAND James Cornamaddy
MCGARTLAND John Lurgylea
MCGARTLAND Peter Cornamaddy
MCGARTLAND Sarah Cornamaddy
MCGARTLAND Terence Crannogue
MCGAUGHY Bernard Glenburrisk
MCGAUGHY Stephen Glenburrisk
MCGAUGHY Thomas Glenburrisk
MCGEARY Anne Aghnaskea
MCGEARY Edward Gortnagarn
MCGEARY Mary Cavanacaw
MCGEARY Michael Camaghy
MCGEARY Owen Camaghy
MCGEARY Patrick Cavanacaw
MCGEARY Terence Altmore alias Barracktown
MCGEARY Terence Camaghy
MCGEARY Terence Gortnagarn
MCGEOUGH Arthur Cavanakeeran
MCGEOUGH John Killey
MCGEOUGH William Cavanakeeran
MCGERAGHTY Arthur Cornamaddy
MCGERAGHTY Daniel Cornamaddy
MCGERAGHTY Owen Turnabarson
MCGLINCHY Patrick Lurgylea
MCGLONE Charles Cornamaddy
MCGLONE Owen Cornamaddy
MCGOUGH Francis Shanmaghry
MCGOUGH John Shanmaghry
MCGOUGHY Bernard Kilmore
MCGOUGHY Patrick Cornamaddy
MCGOWAN James Kilmore
MCGOWAN Matthew Kilmore
MCGOWAN William Kilmore
MCGRATH Patrick The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCGUCKAN Andrew Cappagh
MCGUCKIAN Anthony Main Street, Pomeroy (Cavanakeeran)
MCGUCKIAN Thomas Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCGUCKIN Alex Lurgylea
MCGUCKIN Andrew Lurgylea
MCGUCKIN Hugh Dernanaught
MCGUCKIN James Aghnaskea
MCGUIGGAN Francis Cavanakeeran
MCGUIGGAN Hugh Corrycroar
MCGUIGGAN John Munderrydoe
MCGUIGGAN Margaret Corrycroar
MCGUIGGAN Margaret Tanderagee
MCGUIGGAN Michael Crannogue
MCGUIGGAN Patrick Camaghy
MCGUIGGAN Patrick Dernanaught
MCGUIGGAN Peter Corrycroar
MCGUIRE William Turnabarson
MCGUIRK Murtagh Cornamaddy
MCGUONE Archibald Cavanakeeran
MCGURKE Bernard The Diamond ,Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCGURKE John Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, Cavanakeeran)
MCGURKE Mortimer Gortnagarn
MCGURKE Patrick Drummond
MCGURKE Sarah Turnabarson
MCGURKE Terence Drumconor
MCGURKE Terence Lisnagleer
MCGURKE William Cavanakeeran
MCGURKE William The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCILHATTEN Henry Drummond
MCILHATTEN Henry Mulnagore
MCILHATTEN John Drummond
MCILHATTEN John Mulnagore
MCILHATTEN Patrick Aghnaskea
MCILLHATTEN Patrick Crannogue
MCILVANNY Charles Tulnagall
MCILVOGE James Dernanaught
MCKEAN Jane Claggan
MCKEE William Cavanakeeran
MCKEEVER Catherine Ballymacall
MCKEEVER Daniel Kerrib
MCKEEVER Daniel, Jr. Kilmakardle
MCKEEVER Daniel, Sr. Kilmakardle
MCKEEVER Hugh Ballymacall
MCKEEVER Hugh Gortavoy
MCKEEVER Hugh Kilmakardle
MCKEEVER James Kerrib
MCKEEVER James Kilmakardle
MCKEEVER John Ballymacall
MCKEEVER John Kilmakardle
MCKEEVER Matthew Kerrib
MCKEEVER Matthew Kilmakardle
MCKEEVER Patrick Munderrydoe
MCKEEVER Samuel Kerrib
MCKEEVER Samuel Kilmakardle
MCKEEVER William Gortnagola
MCKEEVER William Kerrib
MCKENNA Arthur Dernanaught
MCKENNA Charles Kerrib
MCKENNA Edward Kerrib
MCKENNA Hugh Munderrydoe
MCKENNA James Tanderagee
MCKENNA John Altmore alias Barracktown
MCKENNA John Cappagh
MCKENNA John Kerrib
MCKENNA William The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCKENZIE James Tulnagall
MCKEON James Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCKEON James Killey
MCKEON Margaret Sessiadonaghy
MCKEON Patrick Sessiadonaghy
MCKEON Peter The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCKERNAN Bernard Glenburrisk
MCKERNAN Dixon Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCKERNAN Hugh Gortnagarn
MCKERNAN James Cavanakeeran
MCKERNAN James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCKERNAN John Cavanakeeran
MCKERNAN John Glenburrisk
MCKERNAN John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCKERNAN Patrick Camaghy
MCKERNAN Patrick Crosscavanagh
MCKERNAN Patrick Tanderagee
MCKINLEY James Cappagh
MCKINLEY Owen Cappagh
MCKINNEY Rev. David The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCKITTRICK John Altmore alias Barracktown
MCKITTRICK Robert Altmore alias Barracktown
MCKITTRICK Robert Cornamaddy
MCLEAN Daniel Kerrib
MCMAHON Edward Cavanakeeran
MCMAHON Edward The Diamond, Pomeroy (Cavanakeeran)
MCMAHON John Altmore alias Barracktown
MCMENAMIN Patrick Shanmaghry
MCMINN James, Jun. Crossdernot
MCMINN James, Sen. Crossdernot
MCMINN Samuel Gortnagola
MCMINN Samuel, Jun. Kilmore
MCMINN Samuel, Sen. Kilmore
MCMULLEN Charles Gortindarragh
MCMULLEN Kennedy Corkhill
MCMULLEN William Gortavoy
MCNALLY George Kilmore
MCNULTY James Dernanaught
MCPHELIMY Neal Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCQUAID Felix Drumconor
MCQUAID Patrick The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCSHANE Francis Crossdernot
MCSHANE James Drummond
MCSHANE Peter The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MCSHANE Terence Crossdernot
MCVEY Catherine Dernanaught
MCVEY Daniel Cornamaddy
MCVEY Francis Camaghy
MCVEY James Camaghy
MCVEY James Cappagh
MCVEY James Dernanaught
MCVEY James Sessiadonaghy
MCVEY James Shanmaghry
MCVEY John Camaghy
MCVEY John Shanmaghry
MCVEY Margaret Sessiadonaghy
MCVEY Michael Camaghy
MCVEY Michael, Sen. Camaghy
MCVEY Patrick Camaghy
MCVEY Patrick Galbally
MILLER …………(?) Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MILLER James Cavanakeeran
MILLER James Drumconor
MILLER James Mulnagore
MILLER John Drumconor
MILLER John Lisnagleer
MILLER Mary Lisnagleer
MILLER Thomas Claggan
MILLER Thomas Mulnagore
MILLIGAN Kennedy The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MITCHELL David Claggan
MONAGHAN Patrick Cavanakeeran
MONAGHAN Patrick The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MONTGOMERY John Cavanacaw
MONTGOMERY John Tanderagee
MONTGOMERY Joseph Creeve
MONTGOMERY Joseph, Sen. Creeve
MONTGOMERY Launcelot Creeve
MONTGOMERY Launcelot Tulnagall
MONTGOMERY Robert Cavanacaw
MONTGOMERY Robert Tulnagall
MONTGOMERY Samuel Tulnagall
MONTGOMERY Thomas Cavanacaw
MONTGOMERY William Creeve
MOONEY Felix Lurganeden
MOONEY John Cavanakeeran
MOONEY John Corrycroar
MOONEY John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran
MOONEY Michael Corrycroar
MOONEY Michael Dernanaught
MOONEY Neal Corrycroar
MOONEY William Gortindarragh
MOONEY William Shanmaghry
MOORE Andrew Drumconor
MOORE Andrew Lisnagleer
MOORE Daniel Lisnagleer
MOORE John Gortnagarn
MOORE John Skea
MOORE Joseph Lisnagleer
MOORE William Skea
MORGAN Alexander Cornamaddy
MORGAN Archibald Dernanaught
MORGAN Eleanor Dernanaught
MORGAN Hugh The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MORGAN James Dernanaught
MORGAN Sarah Dernanaught
MORRAN William Mulnagore
MORRIS John Dernanaught
MORRIS Margaret The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MORRISON Archibald Camaghy
MORRISON Foster Cornamaddy
MORRISON James Drumconor
MORRISON Samuel Cornamaddy
MORROW Alexander Claggan
MOYLE John Camaghy
MULDOON Michael Glenburrisk
MULDOON Michael Kilmore
MULGREW Bridget Coolmaghry
MULGREW Hugh Dernanaught
MULGREW James Coolmaghry
MULGREW James Munderrydoe
MULGREW John Mulnagore
MULGREW Michael Glenburrisk
MULGREW Peter Coolmaghry
MULGREW Rev. John Turnabarson
MULHOLLAND Arthur Cavanakeeran
MULHOLLAND William Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
MULLEN Hugh Drummond
MULLEN James Crannogue
MULLEN John Dernanaught
MURDOCK John Crosscavanagh
MURPHY Catherine Dernanaught
MURPHY Hugh Camaghy
MURPHY James Lurgylea
MURPHY James, Jun. Cavanakeeran
MURPHY James, Sen. Cavanakeeran
MURPHY Mary Camaghy
MURPHY Neal Shanmaghry
MURPHY Terence Munderrydoe
NEAL Peter Dungororan
NEILL Arthur Cavanakeeran
NEILL Cormack Cavanakeeran
NEILL Daniel Corrycroar
NEILL Henry Tanderagee
NEILL Margaret Cavanakeeran
NEILL Patrick Dernanaught
NEILL Rosanna Cavanakeeran
NEWTON Courtney Dungororan
NOBLE Francis Killey
NOGHER John Lurganeden
NUGENT Eliza Coolmaghry
NUGENT James Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
NUGENT James Curlonan
NUGENT Mary Lurganeden
NUGENT Patrick Curlonan
O’BRIEN Michael Sessiadonaghy
O’BRIEN Patrick Sessiadonaghy
O’DONNELL John Dungororan
O’HANLON Patrick Kerrib
O’NEILL Arthur Shanmaghry
O’NEILL Bernard Coolmaghry
O’NEILL Bernard Gortindarragh
O’NEILL Bernard Kilmakardle
O’NEILL Charles Coolmaghry
O’NEILL Cornelius Kerrib
O’NEILL Francis Coolmaghry
O’NEILL Hugh Gortindarragh
O’NEILL James Sessiadonaghy
O’NEILL John Coolmaghry
O'NEILL   Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
O'NEILL Francis The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
O'NEILL John Tanderagee
O'NEILL John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
O'NEILL Michael Tanderagee
O'NEILL Rosanna Corrycroar
ORR John Tanderagee
OULTON Rev. Richard Cavanakeeran
OULTON Rev. Richard The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
PATTEN John Drummond
PATTEN William Skea
POTTER Joseph Munderrydoe
POTTER Robert Tanderagee
QUANN James Claggan
QUANN Robert Claggan
QUANN Samuel Claggan
QUINN Arthur Gortindarragh
QUINN Bernard Cornamaddy
QUINN Bernard Crossdernot
QUINN Bridget Cornamaddy
QUINN Charles Aghafad
QUINN Charles Cappagh
QUINN Charles Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy,(Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Charles Corrycroar
QUINN Charles Kerrib
QUINN Charles The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Chas. Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Colum Cornamaddy
QUINN Daniel Crosscavanagh
QUINN Daniel Kilmakardle
QUINN Denis Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Denis Crosscavanagh
QUINN Edward Kilmakardle
QUINN Edward, Jun. Gortnagarn
QUINN Edward, Sen. Gortnagarn
QUINN Eleanor Kerrib
QUINN Felix The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Felix Tulnagall
QUINN Francis Altmore alias Barracktown
QUINN Francis Cavanakeeran
QUINN Francis Coolmaghry
QUINN Francis Cornamaddy
QUINN Francis Gortnagarn
QUINN Francis Sessiadonaghy
QUINN Francis Turnabarson
QUINN Hugh Corrycroar
QUINN Hugh Crosscavanagh
QUINN Hugh Kilmore
QUINN Hugh Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN James Cappagh
QUINN James Claggan
QUINN James Crosscavanagh
QUINN James Gortindarragh
QUINN James Kerrib
QUINN James Kilmore
QUINN James Skea
QUINN James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN John Cornamaddy
QUINN John Corrycroar
QUINN John Curlonan
QUINN John Glenbeg
QUINN John Glenburrisk
QUINN John Gortindarragh
QUINN John Gortnagarn
QUINN John Kerrib
QUINN John Kilmakardle
QUINN John Sessiadonaghy
QUINN John Shanmaghry
QUINN John, Jun. Crosscavanagh
QUINN John, Sen. Crosscavanagh
QUINN John, Sen. Kerrib
QUINN Laurence The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Mary Crosscavanagh
QUINN Mary Skea
QUINN Michael Cornamaddy
QUINN Michael Glenbeg
QUINN Michael Gortindarragh
QUINN Michael Gortnagarn
QUINN Michl. Gortindarragh
QUINN Myles Coolmaghry
QUINN Myles Cornamaddy
QUINN Neal Corrycroar
QUINN Neal Crosscavanagh
QUINN Owen Altmore alias Barracktown
QUINN Patrick Aghafad
QUINN Patrick Cornamaddy
QUINN Patrick Crosscavanagh
QUINN Patrick Gortindarragh
QUINN Patrick Gortnagarn
QUINN Patrick Shanmaghry
QUINN Peter Coolmaghry
QUINN Peter Cornamaddy
QUINN Peter Corrycroar
QUINN Peter Crosscavanagh
QUINN Peter The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Robert Aghafad
QUINN Rose Sessiadonaghy
QUINN Sarah Gortnagarn
QUINN Terence Corrycroar
QUINN Terence Gortnagarn
QUINN Terence Shanmaghry
QUINN Terence The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
QUINN Thaddeus Corrycroar
QUINN Thomas Kerrib
RAFFERTY Bridget Glenbeg
RAFFERTY Francis Cappagh
RAFFERTY George Dernanaught
RAFFERTY James Glenbeg
RAFFERTY John Cappagh
RAFFERTY John Lurgylea
RAFFERTY Joseph Lurgylea
RAFFERTY Peter Lurgylea
RAMSAY William Cavanakeeran
RAVERTY Edward Gortnagarn
RAVERTY James Gortnagarn
RAVERTY John Cavanakeeran
RAVERTY John The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
RAVERTY Patrick Gortnagarn
RAVERTY Peter Gortnagarn
RAVERTY William Gortnagarn
RAYMOND Miss The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
REANY William Lisnagleer
REID James Aghafad
REID Richard Killey
REID Robert Lurganeden
RICHARDSON Joseph Gortavoy
RICHARDSON Thomas Gortavoy
RICHARDSON Thomas Kerrib
ROBINSON James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
ROBINSON John Dungororan
RODDY John Claggan
RODDY William Claggan
RODY James Munderrydoe
RODY Patrick Munderrydoe
ROE William Lisnagleer
ROGERS Bernard Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
ROGERS Hugh Dernanaught
ROGERS Michael Dernanaught
ROONEY Dominick Gortnagarn
RUDDY James Gortnagarn
RUDDY Michael Gortnagarn
SAMPSON Robert Creeve
SHAW Eleanor Kilmore
SHEILS Danl. Cappagh
SHEILS Patrick Cappagh
SHERRY Bridget Shanmaghry
SHERRY Edward Corrycroar
SHERRY Patrick Shanmaghry
SHIELDS Daniel Altmore alias Barracktown
SHIELDS Daniel Cappagh
SHIELDS Patrick, Jun. Altmore alias Barracktown
SHIELDS Patrick, Sen. Altmore alias Barracktown
SHUTER Kennedy Drummond
SIMMON Hamilton Killey
SIMONTON James Gortindarragh
SIMONTON John Altmore alias Barracktown
SIMONTON John Cavanakeeran
SIMONTON John Gortindarragh
SIMONTON Rachel Kilmore
SIMONTON Richard Cavanakeeran
SKEFFINGTON Edward Lisnagleer
SLANE Francis Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
SLANE James Gortnagarn
SLANE John Gortnagarn
SLANE Patrick Gortnagarn
SLANE Peter Gortnagarn
SLEAN Michael, Jun. Shanmaghry
SLEAN Michael, Sen. Shanmaghry
SLEAN Patrick Camaghy
SMART Henry Killey
SMYTH James Corkhill
SMYTH James Crossdernot
SMYTH James Gortindarragh
SMYTH Jane Altmore alias Barracktown
SMYTH John Altmore alias Barracktown
SOMERVILLE Margaret Gortnagola
SOMERVILLE Margaret Kilmore
SOMERVILLE Robert Ballymacall
SOMERVILLE Samuel Gortnagola
SOMERVILLE William Altmore alias Barracktown
SPENCE Thomas Mulnagore
STACK Rev. Thomas L. Shanmaghry
STAFFORD Robert Shanmaghry
STEEN Henry Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
STEEN James Mulnagore
STENSON John Claggan
STENSON William Claggan
STENSON William Kerrib
STEWART George V Altmore alias Barracktown
STEWART William Skea
STUDDERT Joseph Skea
STUDDERT William Crossdernot
STURGEON Samuel Altmore alias Barracktown
SUMMERILL John Dungororan
SWEENEY James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
TALLY James Galbally
TALLY James Glenbeg
TALLY Michael Kilmore
TALLY Michael Shanmaghry
TALLY Owen Shanmaghry
TALLY Patrick Gortindarragh
TALLY Patrick Kerrib
TALLY Peter Galbally
TALLY Terence Galbally
TANNER George Drummond
TANNY Daniel The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
TEAGUE Patrick Dernanaught
THOMPSON William Gortnagola
TOALE James Altmore alias Barracktown
TOALE Owen Altmore alias Barracktown
TOLE James Drumconor
TOLE James Lisnagleer
TONER John Cappagh
TRAYNOR John Aghnaskea
TRAYNOR John Cavanacaw
TRAYNOR Patrick Sessiadonaghy
TRAYNOR William Cavanacaw
TRIMBLE Andrew Munderrydoe
TRIMBLE Eliza Main Street, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
TRIMBLE James Cavanakeeran
TRIMBLE James The Diamond, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
TRIMBLE William Bonn
TUNNY Elizabeth Gortnagarn
TUNNY John Cavanakeeran
TUNNY Michael Gortnagarn
TWIGG Rev. Thomas Thornhill Glebe
WAITS William Tulnagall
WALKER George Tulnagall
WALLACE Patrick Shanmaghry
WALLACE Robert Shanmaghry
WALLACE William Cavanakeeran
WALSH Patrick Drumconor
WARD Francis Munderrydoe
WARD Hugh Munderrydoe
WARD John Lisnagleer
WARD Michael Munderrydoe
WARD Patrick Gortnagarn
WARD William Drumconor
WARD William Lisnagleer
WARNOCK Henry Gortindarragh
WATT Andrew, Jun. Corkhill
WATT Andrew, Sen. Corkhill
WATT Ellen Dungororan
WATT George Aghnaskea
WATT Hugh Dungororan
WATT James Skea
WATT John Crossdernot
WATT John Dungororan
WATT Joseph Dungororan
WATT Mary Dungororan
WATT Robert Corkhill
WATT Robert Dungororan
WATT Robert Tulnagall
WATT Robert, Jun. Drummond
WATT Robert, Sen. Drummond
WATT Samuel Corkhill
WATT Samuel Dungororan
WATT Sarah Tulnagall
WATT Thomas Aghnaskea
WATT William Aghnaskea
WATT William Corkhill
WATT William Crossdernot
WATT William Dungororan
WATT William Tanderagee
WHITESIDE Arthur Lurganeden
WHITESIDE Arthur Munderrydoe
WILEY Sarah Turnabarson
WILKINSON William Cookstown Old Road, Pomeroy, (Cavanakeeran)
WILKINSON William Tanderagee
WILLIAMS Anne Glenbeg
WILLIAMS Archibald Glenburrisk
WILLIAMS John Glenburrisk
WILLIAMS John Gortindarragh
WILLIAMSON John Drumconor
WILLIS Joseph Altmore alias Barracktown
WILSON James Camaghy
WILSON John Lisnagleer
WILSON Thomas Lisnagleer
WILSON Thomas, Jun. Drumconor
WOODS Thomas Gortnagola
YOUNG George Cavanakeeran
YOUNG Robert Cavanakeeran
YOUNG Robert Claggan