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Index to Griffiths Valuation Magheraculmoney Parish, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Union of Irvinestown
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The background to, and explanation of the importance of c1860 Griffiths Valuation can be found here, also free-of-charge images of all entries.

Griffith's Valuation (

Magheraculmoney Parish Co. Fermanagh. Courtesy of



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghagaffert Aghaleague Aghama Agharainy
Aghinver Ardatrave Ardess Glebe Ardore
Ardvarny East Ardvarny West Ballynant Barnalackan
Cady Camplany Carn Carrickagreany
Clareview Cleenishgarve Island Cleenishmeen Island Cloy
Cornacrea Creefin Island Creetin Island Crevinish
Crevinishaughy island Croneen Croneen Barr Davy's Island
Deerahan Island Diviny Drumadraghy Drumard
Drumbane Drumbarna Drumcahy Drumcose
Drumcrin Drumgivery Drumhoney Drumkeen
Drummacalara Drummoyagh Drumnacross Drumnarullagh
Drumreane Drumsawna Beg Drumsawna More Drumwhinny
Duck Island Edenaclogh Edenagee Edenamohill Black
Edenamohill Under Edenclaw Great Edenclaw Little Ederny
Fargrim Gargrim Gay Island Glasmullagh
Glenarn Goladoo Gorteen Gravel Ridge
Gravel Ridge Island Gubbaroe Inishmakill Killycappy
Horse Island Killylea Kilsmullan Kiltierney
Kinnausy Island Lack Largy Lavaran
Leaghan Letterboy Lisingle Lurganboy
Manoo Mantlin Meenmore Mullanasaggart
Mullanrody Mullanrody Nedsherry Parkhill
Rabbit Island Raw Rosscah Rosscolban
Scattered Rocks Shanmullagh Sheenmuldoon Slievebane
Stranadarriff Stranahone Strongbow Island Tattykeel Lower
Tattykeel Upper Toms Island Tullanaginn Tullanaglare
Tullanaglug Tullanaguiggy Tullycallrick White Island




ACHESON Dorothea Rosscolban
ACHESON Robert Stranadarriff
ACHESON Thomas Agharainy
ACHESON Thomas Gubbaroe
ACHESON Thomas Mantlin
ACHESON Thomas Rosscah
ACHESON Thomas Rosscolban
ACHESON William Kesh
ACHESON William Mantlin
ACHESON William Rosscolban
AIKEN James Drumkeen
AIKEN James Main Street, Ederny
AIKEN John Ederny
AIKEN John Raw
AIKEN Thomas, Jun. Parkhill
ALEXANDER Margaret Drumhoney
ANDERSON Alexander Ballynant
ANDERSON Alexander Tattykeel Lower
ANDERSON Robert Drumwhinny
ARCHDALL Mervyn Ardatrave
ARCHDALL Mervyn Ardore
ARCHDALL Mervyn Cleenishgarve Island ,Islands
ARCHDALL Mervyn Creefin Island, Islands
ARCHDALL Mervyn Crevinishaughy Island ,Islands
ARCHDALL Mervyn Deerahan Island, Islands
ARCHDALL Mervyn Inishmakill, Islands
ARCHDALL Mervyn Inishmore or Davy Island, Islands
ARCHDALL Mervyn Kiltierney
ARCHDALL Mervyn Strongbow Island, Islands
ARCHDALL Mervyn White Island, Islands
ARCHDALL Robert Drumbane
ARCHDALL Robert Drumhoney
ARCHDALL Robert Drumreane
ARCHDALL William Cleenishmeen Island, Islands
ARCHDALL William Drumard
ARCHDALL William Drumbarna
ARCHDALL William Drumwhinny
ARCHDALL William Gorteen
ARCHDALL William Gubbaroe
ARCHDALL William Kesh
ARCHDALL William Rosscolban
ARMSTRONG Andrew Croneen
ARMSTRONG Andrew Manoo
ARMSTRONG Charles Mullaghfarne
ARMSTRONG Charles Tullanaginn
ARMSTRONG Christr. Parkhill
ARMSTRONG Edward Goladoo
ARMSTRONG Edward Tullanaginn
ARMSTRONG Hugh Rosscolban
ARMSTRONG Irvine Glenarn
ARMSTRONG Irvine Stranahone
ARMSTRONG James Drumgivery
ARMSTRONG James Inish Beg or Tom's Island, Islands
ARMSTRONG James Mullanrody
ARMSTRONG John Drumgivery
ARMSTRONG John Goladoo
ARMSTRONG John Lurganboy
ARMSTRONG John Mullanrody
ARMSTRONG John Nedsherry
ARMSTRONG John Stranadarriff
ARMSTRONG John Tullanaginn
ARMSTRONG Letitia Kesh
ARMSTRONG Letitia Rosscolban
ARMSTRONG Reps. Allan Nedsherry
ARMSTRONG Robert Edenagee
ARMSTRONG Robert Rosscolban
ARMSTRONG Thomas Tullanaginn
ARMSTRONG William Croneen
ARMSTRONG William Drumhoney
ARMSTRONG William Edenagee
ARMSTRONG William Mullaghfarne
ARMSTRONG William Parkhill
ARMSTRONG Winifred Edenagee
ATHILL [ATTHILL] Edward Ardvarny West
ATHILL [ATTHILL] Edward Drumnacross
BARTON Richard Largy
BARTON William Glenarn
BEACOM George Clareview
BEACOM Henry Gorteen
BEACOM John Gubbaroe
BEACOM John Rosscolban
BEACOM Robert Aghaleague
BEACOM William Gubbaroe
BEACOM William Kinnausey Island, Islands
BEACON Andrew Drumbarna
BEATTY Anne Stranahone
BEATTY Guy Stranahone
BEATTY Oliver Stranahone
BEATTY Richard Drumard
BEATTY Rowland Gorteen
BEGGS Edward Tullanaguiggy
BEGGS Matthew Drumwhinny
BELFORD Alexander Lisingle
BELFORD Irvine Kesh
BELFORD Irvine Rosscolban
BELFORD James Gubbaroe
BELL Francis Drumadraghy
BELL Henry Edenamohill Under
BELL John Edenamohill Under
BELL Thomas Drummacalara
BELL William Drumard
BELL William Edenamohill Under
BELL William Lisingle
BELTON Thomas Drumkeen
BELTON Thomas Lack Road, Ederny
BETTY John Drumreane
BIRNEY George Slievebane
BIRNEY John Slievebane
BIRNEY Thomas Slievebane
BIRNEY William Slievebane
BLESSINGTON Thomas Meenmore
BOWLES Thomas Lack
BOYD James Barnalackan
BOYD John Barnalackan
BOYD William Barnalackan
BOYLE Frederick Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
BOYLE Margaret Edenclaw Great
BOYLE Margaret Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
BOYLE William Carn
BRANDON Andrew Aghaleague
BRANDON Connor Stranadarriff
BRANDON Elizabeth Letterboy
BRANDON Henry Drumadraghy
BRANDON John Mullanasaggart
BRANDON John Tullanaglug
BREEN Andrew Aghaleague
BREEN Bridget Glenarn
BREEN Edward Aghaleague
BREEN Francis Glenarn
BREEN James, Sen. Glenarn
BREEN Jane Main Street, Ederny
BREEN John Aghaleague
BREEN Nicholas Glenarn
BREEN Patrick Glenarn
BREEN Patrick Stranadarriff
BREEN Philip Glenarn
BREEN Thomas Aghaleague
BREEN Thomas Glenarn
BREEN Thomas, Sen. Glenarn
BRIMSTONE John, Jun. Slievebane
BRIMSTONE John, Sen. Slievebane
BRIMSTONE Thomas Slievebane
BRITAIN Samuel Edenclaw Great
BRITAIN Samuel Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
BROWN Edward Edenamohill Black
BROWN James Rosscolban
BROWN John Edenamohill Black
BROWN Mary Rosscolban
BROWNE Alexander Drummacalara
BROWNE Alexander Tullanaglug
BROWNE Christopher Glenarn
BROWNE Mary Rosscolban
BUTLER Catherine Leaghan
CALLION John Tattykeel Upper
CAMPBELL Hugh Lurganboy
CAMPBELL Hugh Nedsherry
CAMPBELL William Kesh
CAMPBELL William Rosscolban
CARLTON Hugh Drummacalara
CARLTON William Drumsawna
CARRIGAN Thomas Main Street, Ederny
CASSIDY Anne Aghagaffert
CATHERS John Ardvarny East
CATHERS Matthew Slievebane
CHADWICK James Drumnacross
CLARKE Andrew Nedsherry
CLEMENTS David Drumcahy
COCHRANE Henry Drumwhinny
COCHRANE Henry Lisingle
COLLINS James Drumkeen
COLLINS William Kesh
COLTER William Drumcrin
COLWELL Robert Main Street, Ederny
CONNELLY Owen Glenarn
CONNOLLY Anthony Rosscolban
CONNOLLY George Slievebane
CONNOLLY Patrick Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
CONNOR Francis Rosscolban
CONNOR John Drumwhinny
CONNOR John Lisingle
CONNOR Myles Killycappy
CONNOR Thomas Killycappy
COOPER James Edenclaw Great
COOPER Jane Edenclaw Great
COOPER William Aghaleague
CORRIGAN Andrew Aghaleague
CORRIGAN James Aghaleague
CORRIGAN James Killycappy
CORRIGAN John Aghaleague
CORRIGAN Terence Kesh
CORRY Mary Drumreane
CORRY Patrick Edenamohill Black
COUGHLAN Patrick Kesh
COULTER Alexander Drumhoney
COWAN Matthew Drumgivery
COYLE James Aghinver
CRAWFORD John Clareview
CRAWFORD Robert Mantlin
CRAWLEY Selina Main Street, Ederny
CREIGHTON Henry Rosscolban
CROZIER Christopher Aghinver
CROZIER Christopher Cady
CROZIER Christopher Clareview
CROZIER Hugh Drummoyagh
CROZIER James, Jun. Drumcose
CROZIER James, Sen. Drumcose
CROZIER John Drumcose
CROZIER John Gorteen
CROZIER Richard Drumwhinny
CROZIER Robert Lack
CROZIER Thomas Gubbaroe
CULLEN James Lack Road, Ederny
CULLEN James Main Street, Ederny
CURRAN Andrew Meenmore
DANE James Ardore
D'ARCY IRVINE Henry M. Aghaleague
D'ARCY IRVINE Henry M. Gay Island, Islands
D'ARCY IRVINE Henry M. Sheenmuldoon
DEAZLEY John Edenaclogh
DEVANY Denis Glenarn
DIXON James Aghinver
DOLAN Edward Edenamohill Black
DOLAN Owen Edenamohill Black
DONNELLY Christopher Main Street, Ederny
DONNELLY Felix Carrickagreany
DONNELLY Francis Carrickagreany
DONNELLY Francis Lurganboy
DONNELLY Hannah Lurganboy
DONNELLY James Goladoo
DONNELLY Michael Glenarn
DONNELLY Owen Nedsherry
DONNELLY Patrick Goladoo
DONNELLY Patrick Tullanaginn
DONNELLY Peter Mullanrody
DONNELLY Peter, Jun. Carrickagreany
DONNELLY Peter, Sen. Carrickagreany
DONNELLY Sarah Nedsherry
DONNELLY Terence Carrickagreany
DORAN Mary Drummacalara
DOWD Thomas Cady
DOWLING Owen Rosscolban
DUNCAN George Tullycallrick
DUNCAN William Aghagaffert
DUNDAS Aaron Rosscolban
DUNDAS Thomas Drumreane
DUNKIN [DUNCAN] George Ederny
DUNKIN [DUNCAN] George Main Street, Ederny
DUNKIN [DUNCAN] James Main Street, Ederny
ELLIOTT Richard Kesh
ELLIOTT Richard Rosscolban
EMERY Anne Drumsawna More
EMERY John Croneen
EMERY John Lack
EMERY William Drumsawna More
EMERY William Edenclaw Great
EVANS Francis Lack
EVANS Francis Stranahone
EVANS Henry Glenarn
EVANS Robert Aghaleague
EVANS Robert Glenarn
EVANS Robert Lack
EVANS Robert, Jun. Glenarn
EVANS Robert, Jun. Largy
EVANS Robert, Sen. Largy
EVANS Samuel Kilsmullan
EVES Adam Kesh
EVES Adam Rosscolban
EWEN Matthew Stranadarriff
FARRELL Anne Kilsmullan
FLEMING John Glenarn
FLYNN Bernard Kesh
FRAZER Christopher Agharainy
FUNSTON Mary Drumsawna More
GALAGLY Bridget Glenarn
GALLAGHER Anne Croneen Barr
GALLAGHER Bridget Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER Catherine Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER Darby Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER Felix Tullanaglare
GALLAGHER Francis Croneen Barr
GALLAGHER Francis Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER Francis Largy
GALLAGHER Hugh Croneen Barr
GALLAGHER Hugh Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER Hugh Main Street, Ederny
GALLAGHER Hugh, Jun. Meenmore
GALLAGHER Hugh, Sen. Meenmore
GALLAGHER James Croneen Barr
GALLAGHER James Drumadraghy
GALLAGHER James Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER James Lurganboy
GALLAGHER James Nedsherry
GALLAGHER John Killycappy
GALLAGHER John Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER John Meenmore
GALLAGHER Margaret Lack
GALLAGHER Owen Meenmore
GALLAGHER Owen Sheenmuldoon
GALLAGHER Patrick Edenclaw Great
GALLAGHER Patrick Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
GALLAGHER Patrick Kilsmullan
GALLAGHER Patrick Meenmore
GALLAGHER Patrick Sheenmuldoon
GALLAGHER Richard Meenmore
GALLAGHER Terence Kilsmullan
GALOOLY Owen Stranadarriff
GALOUGHLY James Gorteen
GIBSON Alexander Shanmullagh
GIBSON Hugh Drumbane
GIBSON William Kesh
GILMORE James Cornacrea
GINN James Ederny
GLASS Irvine Ardore
GORMLEY Hugh Drumhoney
GORMLEY James Glenarn
GRAHAM Alexander Aghaleague
GRAHAM Alexander Tullanaguiggy
GRAHAM Anne Main Street, Ederny
GRAHAM Arthur Tullanaglare
GRAHAM Ellen Tullanaguiggy
GRAHAM Francis Drummacalara
GRAHAM George Aghaleague
GRAHAM George Tullanaginn
GRAHAM James Mullaghfarne
GRAHAM John Aghaleague
GRAHAM John Drummoyagh
GRAHAM John Main Street, Ederny
GRAHAM John Rosscolban
GRAHAM Thomas Edenagee
GRAHAM William Aghaleague
GRAHAM William Gargrim
GRAHAM William Shanmullagh
GRAHAM William Tullanaglare
GREEHAN Jane Letterboy
GREENE Farrell Raw
GREENE Francis Fargrim
GREENE Patrick Raw
GUNNIS Thomas Drumreane
GUNNIS William Drumreane
HAMILTON Christopher Manoo
HAMILTON George Leaghan
HANNIGAN Patrick Main Street, Ederny
HARAN Terence Drumbarna
HARNEN Margaret Meenmore
HEALY Francis Lurganboy
HENDERSON Elizabeth Drumadraghy
HENRY Robert Tullanaginn
HENRY Thomas Main Street, Ederny
HICKS Mary Main Street, Ederny
HILL Thomas Aghaleague
HILL William Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
HOEY William Drumwhinny
HOEY William Rosscolban
HOWARD James Tattykeel Lower
HUMPHERIES Johnston Drumbane
HUMPHERIES Johnston Drumreane
HUMPHRIES Bernard Ardvarny West
HUMPHRIES Christopher Drumhoney
HUMPHRIES Christr. Drumbarna
HUMPHRIES James Rosscolban
HUMPHRIES Jas., Jun. Slievebane
HUMPHRIES Jas., Sen. Slievebane
HUMPHRIES John Clareview
HUMPHRIES John Drumhoney
HUMPHRIES John Slievebane
HUMPHRIES Johnston Rosscolban
HUMPHRIES Richard Cady
HUMPHRIES Richard Crevinish
HUMPHRIES Richard Duck Island, Islands
HUMPHRIES Richard Horse Island, Islands
HUMPHRIES Thomas Drumhoney
HUMPHRIES Wm., Sen. Slievebane
HUNTER David Lack
HUNTER William Carn
HYNES James Edenclaw Great
INGRAM David Diviny
INGRAM David Drumcahy
INGRAM David Largy
INGRAM Deborah Aghaleague
INGRAM James, Jun. Diviny
INGRAM James, Sen. Diviny
INGRAM John Drumcose
INGRAM William Diviny
IRVINE Alexander Stranadarriff
IRVINE Andrew Raw
IRVINE Charles Largy
IRVINE David Glenarn
IRVINE Elizabeth Parkhill
IRVINE Francis Tullanaglug
IRVINE George Drummoyagh
IRVINE James Drumbane
IRVINE James Manoo
IRVINE John G. Edenaclogh
IRVINE John G. Glenarn
IRVINE John G. Lack
IRVINE Mary Lack Road, Ederny
IRVINE Robert Drummoyagh
IRVINE Robert Kesh
IRVINE Thomas Drumnarullagh
IRVINE William Drummacalara
IRVINE William, Jun. Stranadarriff
IRVINE William, Sen. Stranadarriff
IRWIN William Kesh
JOHNSTON Christopher Drumhoney
JOHNSTON Christopher Ederny
JOHNSTON David Stranadarriff
JOHNSTON Edward Largy
JOHNSTON Francis Kesh
JOHNSTON Francis Rosscolban
JOHNSTON James Glenarn
JOHNSTON John Drumcrin
JOHNSTON John Tullanaguiggy
JOHNSTON John Tullycallrick
JOHNSTON Oliver Croneen
JOHNSTON Robert Drumhoney
JOHNSTON Rowland Rosscolban
JOHNSTON Susan Largy
JOHNSTON Thomas Tullanaguiggy
JOHNSTON William Crevinish
JOHNSTON William Drumreane
JOHNSTON William Kesh
JOHNSTON William Lack
JOHNSTON William Rabbit Island, Islands
JOHNSTON William Rosscolban
JUDGE James Drumkeen
JUDGE James Lack Road, Ederny
JUNKINS John Aghama
KEANE Norah Edenamohill Black
KEANE Owen Edenamohill Black
KEARNS Eliza Drumgivery
KEELY Owen Clareview
KELLY Bernard Lack Road, Ederny
KEOWAN Cornelius Parkhill
KEOWN Cornelius Drumgivery
KEOWN John Ardore
Keown John Drummoyagh
KERR Charles Drumkeen
KERR Charles Ederny
KERR Charles Main Street, Ederny
KERR John Edenaclogh
KETTLES Peter Gorteen
KETTLES William Cornacrea
KEYS Arthur Stranahone
KEYS Charles Glenarn
KEYS Christopher Main Street, Ederny
KEYS Eliza, Jun. Aghaleague
KEYS Francis Lack
KEYS Henry Tullanaguiggy
KEYS Henry, Sen. Tullanaguiggy
KEYS Irvine Glenarn
KEYS Irvine Kesh
KEYS Isabella Rosscolban
KEYS James Drumbarna
KEYS James Tullanaguiggy
KEYS Robert Drumgivery
KEYS Robert Mullanrody
KING James Ederny
KNOX Andrew Aghaleague
KNOX Andrew Drumsawna
KNOX Andrew Drumsawna More
KNOX Andrew Mullanrody
KNOX Andrew Raw
KNOX Anne Mullanrody
KNOX Arthur Drumsawna More
KNOX James Ardvarny East
KNOX James Mullanrody
KNOX John Drumgivery
KNOX Joseph Drumnarullagh
KNOX Joseph Drumsawna More
KNOX Margaret Mullanrody
KNOX Robert Shanmullagh
KNOX Thomas Drumsawna
KNOX Thomas Mullanrody
KNOX William Mullanrody
KNOX William, Jun. Drumsawna More
KNOX William, Sen. Drumsawna More
LADELY John Kesh
LAW Irvine Carn
LAW Irvine Cloy
LAW James Mullaghfarne
LAW Mary Carn
LAW Thomas Carn
LAW Thomas Cloy
LEATHAM James Barnalackan
LEITH Robert Kiltierney
LITTLE Anne Edenamohill Under
LOFTUS Lord Adam Ardess Glebe
LOFTUS Lord Adam Edenclaw Great
LOFTUS Lord Adam Meenmore
LOFTUS Lord Adam Tattykeel Upper
LOFTUS Lord Adam Tullanaglug
LUTTERELL Thomas Drumwhinny
LYNCH William Rosscolban
LYSLE Henry Drumsawna
MACKEY Catherine Drumadraghy
MACKEY Edward Drumcrin
MACKEY Michael Lavaran
MACKEY Thomas Drumadraghy
MAGEE Christopher Drumnacross
MAGEE Hugh Raw
MAGEE Mary Drummacalara
MAGEE Mary Ederny
MAGEE Mary Main Street, Ederny
MAGEE Thomas Agharainy
MAGRATH Edward Carrickagreany
MAGRATH Edward Main Street ,Ederny
MAGRATH James Glenarn
MAGUIRE Anne Lurganboy
MAGUIRE Bernard Crevinish
MAGUIRE Bernard Drumkeen
MAGUIRE Bernard Lack Road, Ederny
MAGUIRE Bernard Main Street, Ederny
MAGUIRE Bernard Mullanasaggart
MAGUIRE Bridget Sheenmuldoon
MAGUIRE Bryan Largy
MAGUIRE Catherine Largy
MAGUIRE Catherine Leaghan
MAGUIRE Charles Largy
MAGUIRE Ellen Drumadraghy
MAGUIRE Francis Drumnacross
MAGUIRE Hugh Drumhoney
MAGUIRE Hugh Leaghan
MAGUIRE James Crevinish
MAGUIRE James Drumard
MAGUIRE Jane Largy
MAGUIRE Jas. Largy
MAGUIRE John Crevinish
MAGUIRE John Drummacalara
MAGUIRE John Main Street, Ederny
MAGUIRE John Sheenmuldoon
MAGUIRE John Tullanaguiggy
MAGUIRE John, Jun. Drumkeen
MAGUIRE John, Sen. Drumkeen
MAGUIRE John, Sen. Ederny
MAGUIRE John, Sen. Lack Road, Ederny
MAGUIRE John, Sen. Main Street, Ederny
MAGUIRE Margaret Kesh
MAGUIRE Margaret Rosscolban
MAGUIRE Mary Largy
MAGUIRE Owen Largy
MAGUIRE Patrick Largy
MAGUIRE Philip Sheenmuldoon
MAGUIRE William Lurganboy
MAHAFFEY James Tullycallrick
MARSHALL Robert Clareview
MARSHALL Robert Gubbaroe
MARSHALL William Camplany
MARSHALL William Gubbaroe
MARTIN Alexander Tattykeel Lower
MARTIN Irvine Drumcahy
MAXWELL James Edenamohill Black
MC GUINNESS Thomas Glenarn
MCANEELY Thomas Drumard
MCANERN Humphrey Drumwhinny
MCANERN Walter Mullanasaggart
MCATEER William Lack
MCBRIEN John Mantlin
MCBRYAN Michael Glenarn
MCCABE Anne Drumhoney
MCCABE John Tullanaguiggy
MCCAFFREY Elizabeth Mantlin
MCCAFFREY James Drumard
MCCAFFREY John Drumhoney
MCCAFFRY John Drumgivery
MCCAFFRY Thomas Drumgivery
MCCANN Honoria Raw
MCCANN Hugh Sheenmuldoon
MCCANN Neal Sheenmuldoon
MCCANN Thomas Lurganboy
MCCARN Owen Largy
MCCARNEY Michael Kilsmullan
MCCARNEY Richard Kilsmullan
MCCLURE James Drumard
MCCONNELL Arthr. Lack Road, Ederny
MCCONNELL Arthur Drummacalara
MCCONNELL Patrick Largy
MCCORMICK James Drumcahy
MCCORMICK James Rosscolban
MCCOSKER Francis Stranadarriff
MCCOY Alexander Kesh
MCCOY Alexander Rosscolban
MCCREADY James Drumadraghy
MCCULLEY Robert Drumgivery
MCCUSKER Fardy Largy
MCCUSKER Felix Largy
MCCUSKER Patrick Largy
MCDANIEL William Rosscolban
MCDERMOTT John Sheenmuldoon
MCDERMOTT Patrick Drumadraghy
MCDONAGH Charles Ardore
MCDONAGH George Ardore
MCDONAGH John Ederny
MCDONAGH John Main Street, Ederny
MCDONAGH Patrick Ardore
MCDONAGH Robert Slievebane
MCDONAGH William Tullanaglare
MCDONNELL James Drumgivery
MCDONNELL William Drumhoney
MCDONNELL William Drummoyagh
MCDONNELL William Kesh
MCENERNY John Rosscolban
MCFARLAND Alex. Aghagaffert
MCFARLAND John Drumsawna More
MCFARLAND William Aghagaffert
MCFAUGHY Thomas Cady
MCFOUGHY Thomas Cornacrea
MCGAHY Richard Tullanaguiggy
MCGILLY Terence Sheenmuldoon
MCGIRR Catherine Glenarn
MCGIRR Edward Glenarn
MCGIRR James Sheenmuldoon
MCGIRR Patrick Sheenmuldoon
MCGLYNN Susan Gubbaroe
MCGOLEY John Slievebane
MCGOLRICK Charles Cady
MCGORLICK Patrick Lack
MCGOVERN John Aghagaffert
MCGOVERN John Drumkeen
MCGOVERN John Ederny
MCGOVERN Joseph Aghagaffert
MCGOVERN Michael Drumcahy
MCGOVERN Thomas Aghagaffert
MCGOVERN Thomas Drumgivery
MCGRADE Cormick Ardvarny East
MCGRATH Patrick Camplany
MCGREGOR James Parkhill
MCGREGOR James Slievebane
MCGUINNESS Philip Drumcose
MCGUIRE Bridget Edenamohill Black
MCGUIRE Mary Glenarn
MCGURREN James Drumard
MCGURREN James Drummoyagh
MCHUGH Patrick Drumsawna
MCILROY Bernard Raw
MCINTYRE William Largy
MCKENNA Sarah Largy
MCKERVEY James, Jun. Glenarn
MCKERVEY James, Sen. Glenarn
MCKERVEY Owen Glenarn
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Largy
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Meenmore
MCMAHON Michael Largy
MCMANUS Bridget Raw
MCMANUS Francis Rosscolban
MCMANUS James Camplany
MCMANUS James Gubbaroe
MCMANUS Margaret Raw
MCMANUS Owen Clareview
MCMENAMIN Edward Rosscolban
MCMENAMIN William Kesh
MCMULKIN Terence Lack
MCMULLEN Alexander Drumcahy
MCMULLEN Alexander Killycappy
MCMULLEN James Edenclaw Little (Glebe)
MCMULLIN Terence Lack
MCMURTY Anne Glenarn
MCNEELY James Main Street, Ederny
MCNULTY Catherine Meenmore
MCNULTY James Sheenmuldoon
MCPEAK Catherine Largy
MCPEAK Sarah Largy
MCQUADE Andrew Croneen Barr
MCQUADE Denis Drumsawna More
MCQUADE Dudley Largy
MCQUADE Henry Ardore
MCQUADE James Croneen Barr
MCQUADE James Largy
MCQUADE John Drumhoney
MCQUADE Patrick Croneen Barr
MCQUADE Patrick Largy
MCQUADE Terence Largy
MCQUAID Owen Main Street, Ederny
MCSORLEY William Lack
MCSORLEY William Leaghan
MELLY Charles Carrickagreany
MELLY Charles Drumsawna More
MILLER Thomas Lack
MILLIGAN Alexander Drumsawna More
MITCHELL George Leaghan
MOFFETT George Kilsmullan
MOFFETT James Lack
MOFFETT James Largy
MOFFETT Thomas Kilsmullan
MONAGHAN Catherine Agharainy
MONAGHAN Christopher Slievebane
MONAGHAN Edward Main Street, Ederny
MONAGHAN John Edenaclogh
MONAGHAN John Edenamohill Under
MONAGHAN Mary Ederny
MONAGHAN Mary Main Street, Ederny
MONAGHAN Owen Edenamohill Under
MONAGHAN Patrick Cady
MONAGHAN Patrick Kiltierney
MONTGOMERY George Gorteen
MOORE David Tullycallrick
MOORE William Raw
MOORE William Tullycallrick
MORAN Cormick Mullanrody
MORAN William Mullanrody
MORRIS Margaret Edenclaw Great
MORRIS Owen Croneen
MORRIS Philip Aghagaffert
MORRIS Philip Parkhill
MORRISON Charles Drummoyagh
MORRISON John Lack Road, Ederny
MORRISSON Noble Mantlin
MORROW Christopher Gubbaroe
MORROW Henry Ederny
MORROW James Tullanaglug
MORROW John Drumhoney
MORROW Joseph Aghagaffert
MORROW William Lavaran
MORROW William Leaghan
MULDOON Andrew Drumard
MULDOON Christopher Drumard
MULDOON Christopher Slievebane
MULDOON Christr., Jun. Fargrim
MULDOON Christr., Sen. Fargrim
MULDOON James Glenarn
MULDOON John Drumbarna
MULDOON John Fargrim
MULDOON Patrick Gubbaroe
MULDOON Patrick Kesh
MULDOON Peter Edenamohill Black
MULDOON Thomas Drumcahy
MULHERN James Lack Road, Ederny
MULLIGAN James Croneen
MULLIGAN John Edenamohill Under
MULLIGAN Joseph Rosscolban
MULLIGAN Thomas Mantlin
MULRAIN Catherine Drumadraghy
MULRAIN Jane Tullanaguiggy
MULRAINE William Croneen
MURPHY Nicholas Drumard
MURPHY Patrick Main Street, Ederny
MURPHY William Drumkeen
MURPHY William Main Street, Ederny
MURPHY William Stranadarriff
MURRAY James Aghinver
NAPIER Charles Rosscolban
NELSON William Parkhill
NETHERY John Edenclaw Great
NOBLE ??? Tullycallrick
NOBLE Andrew Slievebane
NOBLE James Slievebane
NOBLE John Drumsawna
NOBLE John Slievebane
NOBLE William Slievebane
O'DONNELL Cornelius Nedsherry
O'DONNELL Hugh Nedsherry
O'DONNELL John Nedsherry
O'DONNELL Owen Leaghan
O'DONNELL Patrick Nedsherry
O'KANE John Glenarn
OLIVER Colwell Letterboy
OLIVER John Letterboy
O'NEILL Henry Largy
O'NEILL John Drumcahy
O'REILLY William Main Street, Ederny
OWENS Bridget Main Street, Ederny
OWENS Edward Mullanrody
OWENS James Goladoo
OWENS John Goladoo
OWENS John Mullanrody
PATTERSON John Mantlin
PATTERSON John Rosscolban
PATTERSON Samuel Aghaleague
PHILLIPS Robert Barnalackan
PHILLIPS Robert Drummacalara
PHILLIPS Robert Ederny
PORTER Matthew Killycappy
POTTERS Mary Drummacalara
QUINN Catherine Aghama
QUINN Flora Drummoyagh
REID James Mullanasaggart
RICHARDSON William Drumgivery
ROBINSON James Aghama
ROBINSON James Mantlin
ROSS Thomas Kesh
ROSS Thomas Rosscolban
ROWE Matthew Drumard
ROWE Robert Mantlin
RUSSELL Alexander Drumcose
RUTLEDGE John Y., Rev. Drummoyagh
SCALLAN Bridget Lack Road, Ederny
SCALLON Bridget Ederny
SCALLON Bridget Main Street, Ederny
SCOLLAN James Aghinver
SCOLLON William Cady
SCOTT William Drumwhinny
SHANNON George Main Street, Ederny
SHANNON James Cady
SHANNON John Aghinver
SHANNON John Lack Road, Ederny
SHANNON John Main Street, Ederny
SIMPSON Anne Kilsmullan
SIMPSON Christopher Ardore
SIMPSON Christopher Gargrim
SIMPSON Robert Aghaleague
SIMPSON Robert Kilsmullan
SIMPSON Thomas Aghaleague
SIMPSON Thomas, Jun. Aghaleague
SLEVIN Bridget Kesh
SLEVIN Bridget Rosscolban
SLOAN John Ardvarny West
SMOLLAN Peter Drumkeen
SMOLLAN Peter Glasmullagh
SOMERVILLE Robert Aghagaffert
SPEAR George Lack
SPEAR Matthew Lack
SPEAR Robert Lack
SPEAR Thomas Croneen
SPEAR William Croneen
SPRATT John Rosscolban
SPROULE Charles Edenamohill Under
SPROULE Charles Tattykeel Lower
SPROULE James Rosscolban
SPROULE John Ballynant
SPROULE John Killylea
SPROULE John Mullanasaggart
SPROULE Joseph Killylea
SPROULE William Lack
ST. GEORGE Capel Aghinver
STACK Charles M., Rev. Lack
STEWART Charles Main Street, Ederny
STEWART James Slievebane
STEWART William Drumkeen
STRONG John Edenclaw Great
STUART Charles Ederny
STUART Richard Lisingle
SWEENY Catherine Main Street, Ederny
SWIFT John Drummacalara
SWIFT Peter Mullanrody
TEAGUE Owen Sheenmuldoon
THOMPSON Alexander Drumard
THOMPSON David Gorteen
THOMPSON Elizabeth Largy
THOMPSON William Drumgivery
TUGMAN James Drumnarullagh
TUMATH George Ardvarny West
TUMATH John Drummacalara
VERTUE Archibald Stranadarriff
VERTUE John Rosscolban
VERTUE Johnston Lavaran
VERTUE Robert Stranahone
VERTUE Thomas Stranahone
VERTUE William Edenaclogh
WALMSLEY Catherine Drumcahy
WALMSLEY Charles Tullanaglug
WALMSLEY George Tattykeel Upper
WALMSLEY James Drumcahy
WALMSLEY John Mullanasaggart
WALMSLEY Matthew Aghama
WALMSLEY Matthew Mantlin
WALMSLEY Matthew Tullanaglug
WALMSLEY Robert Tullanaglug
WALMSLEY William Drumnacross
WALMSLEY William Fargrim
WALMSLEY William Leaghan
WALMSLEY William Tullanaglug
WARD Thomas Drumreane
WARKE Mary Rosscolban
WARNOCK Samuel Main Street, Ederny
WASSON David Edenclaw Great
WATSON Andrew Stranahone
WATSON George Stranadarriff
WATSON William Stranahone
WEIR Christopher Lack
WEIR Esther Stranadarriff
WEIR James Stranadarriff
WEIR Peter Drumwhinny
WEIR Robert Stranadarriff
WEIR Thomas Stranadarriff
WEST William, Rev. Lack Road, Ederny
WEST Wm., Rev. Drumkeen
WEST Wm., Rev. Ederny
WEST Wm., Rev. Main Street, Ederny
WEYER [WEIR] William Edenclaw Great
WHITTAKER Francis Glenarn
WHITTAKER Francis Stranahone
WILKIN James Croneen
WILKIN William Largy
WILSON Charles Lack
WILSON Francis Tullanaginn
WILSON John Lisingle
WILSON John Stranahone
WILSON Joseph Tullanaglare
WILSON Robert Lack
WILSON Robert Stranahone
WILSON Thomas Drumard
WILSON Thomas Kesh
WILSON William Drumgivery
WRAY Andrew Sheenmuldoon
WYER [WEIR] Christopher Glenarn
WYER [WEIR] James Edenagee
YOUNG James Croneen Barr
YOUNG William Croneen Barr


The 1901 census and indexes to civil registration of births, marriages and deaths have been consulted for confirmation of the spelling of family names

For further Magheraculmoney parish research see Index to the Flaxgrowers Bounty List (Spinning Wheel Premiums), Magheraculmoney Parish, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland 1796