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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Magheracross Parish, Cos. Fermanagh & Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Magheracross Parish, Cos. Fermanagh & Tyrone. Photo:


Magheracross parish straddles the Fermanagh-Tyrone county boundary and consists of 40 townlands; 38 in Co. Fermanagh and 2 in Co. Tyrone



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardgart Ballydoolagh Baragh Beagh
Bellanamallard Cavanalough Glebe Cavantillycormick Coa
Cleenaghan Coolgarran Cooltrain Craghan
Currin Derryraghan Drumbulcan Drumconnis
Drumcreen Drumcullion Drumkeen Drummurry
Drumrainy Drumsloe Ferney Glencoonra
Gortaloughan Kilgortnaleague Killee Killymittan
Knockmanoul Lettermoney Magheracross Mullaghmeen
Relagh Salloon Salry Sessiaghs
Sidaire Tullyrain



Townland Townland
Roscor Sheridan




ADAMS Alexander Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
ADAMS James Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
ADAMS John Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
ADAMS Mary Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
AIKEN Andrew Sheridan Tyrone
AIKEN Sarah Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
AIKEN Thomas Roscor Tyrone
AIKEN Thomas Sheridan Tyrone
ALLEN Hugh Drumsloe Fermanagh
ALLEN William Bellanamallard (Village} Fermanagh
ANDERSON Anne Coolgarran Fermanagh
ANDERSON Elizabeth Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ANDERSON Elizabeth Killymittan Fermanagh
ANDERSON John G. Sidaire Fermanagh
ANDERSON Joseph Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
ANDERSON William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ANDERSON William Craghan Fermanagh
ANDERSON William Drumrainy Fermanagh
ANDERSON William Drumsloe Fermanagh
ANDERSON William Glencoonra Fermanagh
ANDERSON William Salloon Fermanagh
ANDREW Alice Sidaire Fermanagh
ANDREW Arthur Sidaire Fermanagh
ARCHDALL Edward Sidaire Fermanagh
ARCHDALL Nicholas Drumcullion Fermanagh
ARCHDALL Nicholas Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Abel Drumcullion Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Alexander Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Alexander Coolgarran Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Andrew Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Andrew Craghan Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Anne Cleenaghan Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Anne Drumcreen Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Charles Currin Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG David Drumkeen Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG James Currin Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG James Drumbulcan Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Jane Drumcullion Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Jas. Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG John Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG John Currin Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG John Drumrainy Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG John Drumsloe Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG John Relagh Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG John, Jun. Sidaire Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG John, Sen. Sidaire Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Joseph Roscor Tyrone
ARMSTRONG Robert Beagh Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Robert Coolgarran Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Robert Drumconnis Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Samuel Sidaire Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Thomas Magheracross Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG William Baragh Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG William Drumrainy Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG William Killee Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG William Killymittan Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG William Salloon Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Wm., Jun. Drumbulcan Fermanagh
ARMSTRONG Wm., Sen. Drumbulcan Fermanagh
ATWELL Noble Magheracross Fermanagh
BALL Francis Drumcullion Fermanagh
BALL Francis Drummurry Fermanagh
BALL Francis Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
BALL Henry Drumbulcan Fermanagh
BARTON Sarah Bellanamallard Fermanagh
BEATTIE James Gortaloughan Fermanagh
BEATTY Barbara Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
BEATTY Barbara Drummurry Fermanagh
BEATTY Barbara Salloon Fermanagh
BEATTY Barbara Sidaire Fermanagh
BEATTY Christopher Currin Fermanagh
BEATTY Francis Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
BEATTY James Drumcullion Fermanagh
BEATTY James Killymittan Fermanagh
BEATTY Jane Beagh Fermanagh
BEATTY John Coa Fermanagh
BEATTY John Craghan Fermanagh
BEATTY Robert Beagh Fermanagh
BEATTY Robert Killee Fermanagh
BEATTY Robert, Sen. Beagh Fermanagh
BEATTY William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
BEATTY William Cleenaghan Fermanagh
BEATTY William Drumcreen Fermanagh
BEGGS Edward Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
BELL Richard Gortaloughan Fermanagh
BETTY William Ferney Fermanagh
BETTY William Killymittan Fermanagh
BLAKELY Charles Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKELY Guy Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKELY Henry Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKELY Joseph Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKELY Mary Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKELY Matthew Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKELY Rebecca Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKELY Thomas Ardgart Fermanagh
BLAKELY William Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
BLAKLEY Robert Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
BLAYNEY Ellen Knockmanoul Fermanagh
BLEAKLEY Anne Roscor Tyrone
BLEAKLEY William Sessiaghs Fermanagh
BOOTH Hugh Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
BOOTH Jane Sidaire Fermanagh
BOOTH John Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
BOWLES Robert Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
BOWLES Robert Knockmanoul Fermanagh
BOWLES Thomas Ferney Fermanagh
BOYLE Ellen Lettermoney Fermanagh
BOYLE Mary Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
BRADY Peter Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
BREEN Edward Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
BREEN Edward Salloon Fermanagh
BREEN Frances Killee Fermanagh
BREEN George Magheracross Fermanagh
BREEN Henry Baragh Fermanagh
BREEN Henry Drumsloe Fermanagh
BREEN Henry Salloon Fermanagh
BREEN James Coa Fermanagh
BREEN John Salloon Fermanagh
BREEN Michael Ardgart Fermanagh
BREEN Owen Drumcullion Fermanagh
BREEN Robert Drummurry Fermanagh
BREEN Robert Relagh Fermanagh
BREEN Sarah Roscor Tyrone
BREEN William Cleenaghan Fermanagh
BREEN William Magheracross Fermanagh
BREEN William Relagh Fermanagh
BRIEN Edward Roscor Tyrone
BRIEN John Relagh Fermanagh
BRIEN Robert Roscor Tyrone
BRIEN Stewart Roscor Tyrone
BROWN Henry, Jun. Salloon Fermanagh
BROWN Henry, Sen. Salloon Fermanagh
BROWN John Drumsloe Fermanagh
BROWN Robert Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
BROWNE William Beagh Fermanagh
BURKE Michael Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
BURKE Michael Drumkeen Fermanagh
BURKE Michael Magheracross Fermanagh
BURKE Rev. Henry A. Drumkeen Fermanagh
BURLEIGH Thomas Drumsloe Fermanagh
BURNS John Drumcullion Fermanagh
CADDEN Anky [Anketell] Knockmanoul Fermanagh
CADDEN Eliza Drumrainy Fermanagh
CADDEN Elizabeth Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CADDEN James Drumconnis Fermanagh
CAHILL Patrick Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CAHILL Thomas Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CALDWELL John Drumrainy Fermanagh
CALLAGHAN William Drumbulcan Fermanagh
CAMPBELL Francis Drumcullion Fermanagh
CAMPBELL Henry Drumcullion Fermanagh
CAMPBELL Henry Drummurry Fermanagh
CAMPBELL John Craghan Fermanagh
CAMPBELL John Drumcreen Fermanagh
CAMPBELL Richard Currin Fermanagh
CAMPBELL Richard Drummurry Fermanagh
CAMPBELL Richard Sidaire Fermanagh
CAMPBELL Robert Drumcullion Fermanagh
CAMPBELL William Drummurry Fermanagh
CARROTHERS Robert Derryraghan Fermanagh
CASSIDY Charles Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CASSIDY Patrick Relagh Fermanagh
CASSIDY Thomas Killymittan Fermanagh
CATHCART Anne Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
CHAPMAN Elizabeth Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
CHAPMAN Ralph Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
CHAPMAN Thomas Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
CHITTICK Charles Tullyrain Fermanagh
CHRISTIE David Drumbulcan Fermanagh
CLARKE James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CLARKE Robert Glencoonra Fermanagh
CLEARY James Salry Fermanagh
CLEARY Patrick Currin Fermanagh
CLUFF Elizabeth Cleenaghan Fermanagh
CLUFF Thomas Killymittan Fermanagh
COLLUM Catherine Ferney Fermanagh
COLLUM John Drumsloe Fermanagh
CONNOLLY Edward Killee Fermanagh
CONNOLLY James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CONNOLLY Michael Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CORR Francis Killymittan Fermanagh
CORRIGAN Catherine Beagh Fermanagh
CORRIGAN Gerard Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CORRIGAN Thomas Sessiaghs Fermanagh
CORRIGAN William Currin Fermanagh
CORRON Bernard Relagh Fermanagh
CORRON James Ardgart Fermanagh
CORRON John Ardgart Fermanagh
CORRON Mary Knockmanoul Fermanagh
CORRON Patrick Ardgart Fermanagh
COULTER Andrew Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
COULTER John Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
COULTER Joseph Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
COULTER Mary Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
COULTER Mary Derryraghan Fermanagh
COULTER William Drumbulcan Fermanagh
COWAN Adam Sidaire Fermanagh
CRANSTON Michael Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
CRAWFORD Andrew Drumconnis Fermanagh
CREAN William Magheracross Fermanagh
CREIGHTON John Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CREIGHTON Margaret Salry Fermanagh
CREIGHTON Noble Knockmanoul Fermanagh
CROWE Thomas Coolgarran Fermanagh
CROWE Thomas Lettermoney Fermanagh
CROZIER Andrew Drumconnis Fermanagh
CROZIER Andrew Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
CROZIER Catherine Craghan Fermanagh
CROZIER George Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
CROZIER James Drumconnis Fermanagh
CROZIER James Drummurry Fermanagh
CROZIER John Bellanamallard Fermanagh
CROZIER John Coa Fermanagh
CROZIER John Craghan Fermanagh
CROZIER John Drummurry Fermanagh
CROZIER John Drumrainy Fermanagh
CROZIER John Salry Fermanagh
CROZIER John Sidaire Fermanagh
CROZIER Robert Bellanamallard Fermanagh
CROZIER Robert Craghan Fermanagh
CROZIER Thomas Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CROZIER William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CULLEN Catherine Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
CULLEN John Coolgarran Fermanagh
CUNNINGHAM George Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
CURRY Nathaniel, Jun. Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
CURRY Nathaniel, Sen. Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
D'ARCY IRVINE Henry M. Coolgarran Fermanagh
D'ARCY IRVINE Henry M. Glencoonra Fermanagh
D'ARCY IRVINE Henry M. Lettermoney Fermanagh
D'ARCY IRVINE Henry M. Sessiaghs Fermanagh
DARRAGH Charles Beagh Fermanagh
DICK Mary Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
DICK Mary Salloon Fermanagh
DINNAN William Roscor Tyrone
DIXON Irwin Salry Fermanagh
DOHERTY Charles Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
DONALDSON Anne Roscor Tyrone
DONALDSON Rose Roscor Tyrone
DONNELLY Anne Killee Fermanagh
DONNELLY Bernard Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
DONNELLY Charles Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
DONNELLY Henry Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
DONNELLY John, Jun. Coa Fermanagh
DONNELLY John, Sen. Coa Fermanagh
DONNELLY Patrick Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
DONNELLY Patrick Coa Fermanagh
DONNELLY Patrick Derryraghan Fermanagh
DORGAN Patrick Drumbulcan Fermanagh
DOYLE Thomas Sidaire Fermanagh
EARLY John Drumrainy Fermanagh
EARLY Patrick Beagh Fermanagh
EARLY Thomas Gortaloughan Fermanagh
EDWARDS John Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
EDWARDS Mark Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
EDWARDS Mark Drumkeen Fermanagh
EDWARDS Robert Bellanamallard Fermanagh
EDWARDS William Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
EDWARDS William Coa Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Alexander Cleenaghan Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Andrew Knockmanoul Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Edward Ferney Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Eliza Salry Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Grace Drummurry Fermanagh
ELLIOTT James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ELLIOTT James Drumsloe Fermanagh
ELLIOTT James Ferney Fermanagh
ELLIOTT James Salry Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Margaret Drumsloe Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Rebecca Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Robert Salry Fermanagh
ELLIOTT Sarah Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
ELLIOTT William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ELLIOTT William Drumsloe Fermanagh
ELLIOTT William Ferney Fermanagh
ELLIOTT William Relagh Fermanagh
ELLIOTT William, Jun. Ferney Fermanagh
EMERSON John Coa Fermanagh
EMERSON Noble Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
EMERSON William Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
ENNISKILLEN Earl of Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
ENNISKILLEN Earl of Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
FAIR James Drumsloe Fermanagh
FARMER Terence Drumcreen Fermanagh
FARMER Thomas Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
FARRY Andrew Coa Fermanagh
FARRY Anne Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
FARRY Darby Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
FARRY Dominick Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
FARRY James Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
FARRY James Tullyrain Fermanagh
FARRY John Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
FARRY John Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
FARRY John Coa Fermanagh
FARRY Patrick Beagh Fermanagh
FARRY Patrick Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
FARRY Patrick Coa Fermanagh
FARRY Thomas Relagh Fermanagh
FERRIS James Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
FIFE Elizabeth Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
FIFE James Currin Fermanagh
FIFE James Drumcullion Fermanagh
FIFE John Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
FIFE Robert Drumcullion Fermanagh
FIFE William Drumcullion Fermanagh
FITZPATRICK Jane Drumcullion Fermanagh
FLAHERTY Henry Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
FLAHERTY Henry Drumkeen Fermanagh
FLAHERTY Henry Drummurry Fermanagh
FOSTER Robert Lettermoney Fermanagh
FOX Eliza Gortaloughan Fermanagh
FOX John Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
FRITH Samuel Cooltrain Fermanagh
FRITH Samuel Relagh Fermanagh
FRITH William Gortaloughan Fermanagh
FYFFE Bridget Beagh Fermanagh
FYFFE Edward Beagh Fermanagh
FYFFE Hannah Beagh Fermanagh
FYFFE James Beagh Fermanagh
FYFFE John Beagh Fermanagh
FYFFE Thomas Beagh Fermanagh
GALLAGHER Denis Magheracross Fermanagh
GALLAGHER Hugh Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
GARDINER Edward Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
GIBSON Catherine Drumkeen Fermanagh
GIBSON Hugh Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
GILLESPIE Leonard Lettermoney Fermanagh
GILLESPIE Richard Beagh Fermanagh
GILMORE Robert Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
GORELY Edward Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
GORRELL William Roscor Tyrone
GRAHAM Alexander Drumcullion Fermanagh
GRAHAM Andrew Drumcullion Fermanagh
GRAHAM Anne Cleenaghan Fermanagh
GRAHAM Charles Knockmanoul Fermanagh
GRAHAM James Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
GRAHAM Jane Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
GRAHAM John Sidaire Fermanagh
GRAHAM John R. Knockmanoul Fermanagh
GRAHAM Mary Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
GRAHAM Robert Lettermoney Fermanagh
GRAHAM Thomas Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
GRAHAM William Drumsloe Fermanagh
GRAHAM William Knockmanoul Fermanagh
GRAINGER William Knockmanoul Fermanagh
GREENE Anne Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Hugh Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
GREENE John Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Margaret, Sen. Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Michael, Jun. Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Michael, Sen. Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Michl. Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Patrick Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Patrick, Jun. Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Patrick, Sen. Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Thomas Killee Fermanagh
GREENE Thomas Killymittan Fermanagh
HADDICK Isaac Relagh Fermanagh
HALES John Craghan Fermanagh
HALL Thomas Drumsloe Fermanagh
HALLIDAY Alexander Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
HALLIDAY William A. Craghan Fermanagh
HALLIDAY William A. Salloon Fermanagh
HALLORAN John Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
HAMILTON Catherine Beagh Fermanagh
HARE Thomas Magheracross Fermanagh
HARGAN Margaret Derryraghan Fermanagh
HARRARAN John Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
HENDERSON Alice Currin Fermanagh
HENDERSON Andrew Currin Fermanagh
HENDERSON Andrew Roscor Tyrone
HENDERSON George Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
HENDERSON Isabella Ballinamallard (Village) Fermanagh
HENDERSON Isabella Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
HETHERING Noble Sidaire Fermanagh
HETHERINGTON Christr. Baragh Fermanagh
HETHERINGTON James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
HETHERINGTON James Glencoonra Fermanagh
HETHERINGTON John Glencoonra Fermanagh
HIGGINS James Beagh Fermanagh
HIGGINS James Killee Fermanagh
HIGGINS Patrick Killee Fermanagh
HIGGINS Thomas Beagh Fermanagh
HOEY Anne Roscor Tyrone
HOEY John Drumcreen Fermanagh
HOEY Sarah Sidaire Fermanagh
HOLYWELL John Knockmanoul Fermanagh
HOWE William Knockmanoul Fermanagh
HUGHES Michael Coa Fermanagh
HUGHES Michael Sheridan Tyrone
HUNTER Andrew, Jun. Coa Fermanagh
HUNTER Andrew, Sen. Coa Fermanagh
HUNTER James Coa Fermanagh
HUNTER Jane Coa Fermanagh
HURST Anthony Tullyrain Fermanagh
HURST James Killee Fermanagh
HURST Lendrum Tullyrain Fermanagh
HURST Margaret Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
HURST Mary Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
HURST Mitchel Tullyrain Fermanagh
HURST Rebecca Tullyrain Fermanagh
HURST Stephen Beagh Fermanagh
HURST Stephen Tullyrain Fermanagh
HURST William Beagh Fermanagh
HURST William Craghan Fermanagh
HURST William, Jun. Tullyrain Fermanagh
HURST William, Sen. Tullyrain Fermanagh
HUTCHINSON Anne Currin Fermanagh
IRVINE Anne Coa Fermanagh
IRVINE Gerard Sessiaghs Fermanagh
IRVINE James Currin Fermanagh
IRVINE John Roscor Tyrone
IRVINE Margaret Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
IRVINE Walter Sessiaghs Fermanagh
IRVINE William Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
IRVINE William Currin Fermanagh
IRWIN Alexander Drumcullion Fermanagh
IRWIN George Drumbulcan Fermanagh
IRWIN Henry Drumbulcan Fermanagh
IRWIN Jane Currin Fermanagh
IRWIN John Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
IRWIN John Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
IRWIN William Coolgarran Fermanagh
IRWIN William Lettermoney Fermanagh
JENKINS Anne Sidaire Fermanagh
JENNINGS James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
JERVIS Abraham Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
JERVIS Robert Coolgarran Fermanagh
JOBB Joseph Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
JOHNSON Arthur Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
JOHNSON Jane Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
JOHNSON William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
JOHNSON William Drumbulcan Fermanagh
JOHNSTON Elliott Currin Fermanagh
JOHNSTON Jane Drumrainy Fermanagh
JOHNSTON John Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
JOHNSTON Robert Drumcreen Fermanagh
JONES Christopher Lettermoney Fermanagh
KEARN John Derryraghan Fermanagh
KEENAN Hugh Ferney Fermanagh
KELLY Patrick Salloon Fermanagh
KENNEDY Lucy Roscor Tyrone
KENNY George Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
KERR Anne Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
KERR Christopher Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
KERR Margaret Drumkeen Fermanagh
KERR William Knockmanoul Fermanagh
KIDNEY Henry Ferney Fermanagh
KIDNEY Robert Salry Fermanagh
KIDNEY William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
KIRK John Currin Fermanagh
LAVELLE Owen Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
LAW Anne Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
LAW Christopher Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
LEDLEY Margaret Knockmanoul Fermanagh
LEE Robert Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
LENDRUM James Craghan Fermanagh
LENDRUM James Drumcreen Fermanagh
LENDRUM James Magheracross Fermanagh
LEONARD Mary Drumbulcan Fermanagh
LINDSAY John Magheracross Fermanagh
LITTLE Henry Relagh Fermanagh
LITTLE Robert Currin Fermanagh
LOGAN Hugh Knockmanoul Fermanagh
LOGAN James Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
LONG Jane Knockmanoul Fermanagh
LOVE Charles Craghan Fermanagh
LOVE James Coa Fermanagh
LOVE John Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
LOVE Margaret Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
LOVE Patrick Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
LOVE Patrick Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
LOVE Thomas Beagh Fermanagh
LYTLE James Drumrainy Fermanagh
MACAN Andrew Killymittan Fermanagh
MACAN Bridget Beagh Fermanagh
MACAN Hannah Killymittan Fermanagh
MACAN James Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MACAN Michael Magheracross Fermanagh
MACAN Michael, Jun. Beagh Fermanagh
MACAN Michael, Sen. Beagh Fermanagh
MACAN Thomas Beagh Fermanagh
MACARTNEY James Drumconnis Fermanagh
MACLEAN William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MAGEE Andrew Drumcullion Fermanagh
MAGEE Patrick Cleenaghan Fermanagh
MAGENNIS Edward Baragh Fermanagh
MAGRATH David Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MAGUIRE Catherine Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MAGUIRE John Coa Fermanagh
MAGUIRE John Drumbulcan Fermanagh
MAGUIRE Patrick Killee Fermanagh
MAGUIRE Thomas Drumcullion Fermanagh
MAIRS John Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MAIRS Mary Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MAIRS Thomas Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MANNING John Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MARTIN Patrick Glencoonra Fermanagh
MASTERSON Christopher Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
MASTERSON John Drumbulcan Fermanagh
MASTERSON John Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
MASTERSON Sarah Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
MASTERSON Thomas Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCALEER Henry Salloon Fermanagh
MCANASPIE Charles Beagh Fermanagh
MCANERNEY Samuel Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MCAULEY John Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCBREEN Rose Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCBRIDE Robert Craghan Fermanagh
MCCABE Mary Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCCABE William Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
MCCAFFREY Edward Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCCAFFREY Hugh Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MCCAFFREY James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MCCAFFREY James Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCCAFFREY Margaret Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCCAFFREY Thomas Currin Fermanagh
MCCANN John Cleenaghan Fermanagh
MCCANN John Killee Fermanagh
MCCLELLAND Alexander Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCCLELLAND Isabella Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCCLELLAND John Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MCCLELLAND John Cleenaghan Fermanagh
MCCLELLAND Margaret Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCCOLGAN James Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Andrew Drumconnis Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Catherine Ardgart Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Catherine Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Charles Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Charles Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Daniel Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Edward Ardgart Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Jane Drumcreen Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Jane Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Mary Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Patrick Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Redmond Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Thomas Ardgart Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Thomas Craghan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Thomas Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Thomas, Jun. Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Thomas, Sen. Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCOSKER Thos., Sen. Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MCCULLAGH James Baragh Fermanagh
MCCULLAGH James Drummurry Fermanagh
MCCUSKER Mary Drumcullion Fermanagh
MCDONAGH Hugh Currin Fermanagh
MCDONAGH Thomas Coolgarran Fermanagh
MCELROY Edward Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
MCFARLAND George Salloon Fermanagh
MCGAUGHRAN Robert Drumbulcan Fermanagh
MCGAUGHY John Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCGAUGHY Michael Beagh Fermanagh
MCGAUGHY William Knockmanoul Fermanagh
MCGERAGHTY Ellen Roscor Tyrone
MCGERAGHTY James Salloon Fermanagh
MCGLINCHY Thomas Beagh Fermanagh
MCGOLDRICK Charles Beagh Fermanagh
MCGOLDRICK Thomas Roscor Tyrone
MCGORMAN Thomas Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MCGOWAN Francis Lettermoney Fermanagh
MCGREGOR Mary Currin Fermanagh
MCGREGOR Noble Lettermoney Fermanagh
MCILBRIDE John Salloon Fermanagh
MCKENNA Hugh Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
MCKENNA William Killee Fermanagh
MCLOUGHLIN Bernard Beagh Fermanagh
MCLOUGHLIN Owen Beagh Fermanagh
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Killymittan Fermanagh
MCLOUGHLIN Rev. John Drumconnis Fermanagh
MCLOUGHLIN Torrens Beagh Fermanagh
MCMANUS Catherine Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
MCMANUS John Cleenaghan Fermanagh
MCMANUS John Magheracross Fermanagh
MCMANUS William Coa Fermanagh
MCMANUS William Drumrainy Fermanagh
MCMENIMIN James Craghan Fermanagh
MCMULKEN Andrew Killee Fermanagh
MCMULKEN Edward Cleenaghan Fermanagh
MCMULKEN Edward Killee Fermanagh
MCMULKEN Michael Killee Fermanagh
MCMULKEN Michael, Sen. Killee Fermanagh
MCMULLEN Jane Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MCQUAID Anne Beagh Fermanagh
MCQUAID Edward Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MCQUAID Edward Killymittan Fermanagh
MCQUAID Felix Killee Fermanagh
MCQUAID James Glencoonra Fermanagh
MCQUAID James Killee Fermanagh
MCQUAID Jas. Killee Fermanagh
MCQUAID John Glencoonra Fermanagh
MCQUAID John Killee Fermanagh
MCQUAID John Sidaire Fermanagh
MCQUAID Launcelot Killymittan Fermanagh
MCQUAID Launcelot Sidaire Fermanagh
MCQUAID Patrick Coa Fermanagh
MCQUAID Patrick Killymittan Fermanagh
MCQUAID Peter Beagh Fermanagh
MCQUAID Terence Beagh Fermanagh
MCQUILLAN Anne Derryraghan Fermanagh
MCSORLEY Hugh Salloon Fermanagh
MCSORLEY William Baragh Fermanagh
MELDRUM Fanny Glencoonra Fermanagh
MILLER Joseph L. Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MITCHELL Henry Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MITCHELL Jane Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MOFFATT Andrew Cleenaghan Fermanagh
MOFFATT Henry Drumbulcan Fermanagh
MOFFATT John Drumbulcan Fermanagh
MOFFATT William Salloon Fermanagh
MOHAN Sarah Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
MONAHAN Margaret Sidaire Fermanagh
MONAHAN Patrick Derryraghan Fermanagh
MOORE George Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
MOORE James Gortaloughan Fermanagh
MOORE Jane Sidaire Fermanagh
MOORE Thomas Drummurry Fermanagh
MORAN William Baragh Fermanagh
MORRIS Noble Drumrainy Fermanagh
MORRISON Edward Currin Fermanagh
MORRISON George Currin Fermanagh
MORRISON James Currin Fermanagh
MORRISON John Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
MORRISON Rebecca Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MORRISON William Currin Fermanagh
MOSGROVE Alice Sheridan Tyrone
MOSGROVE Dorothea Roscor Tyrone
MOSGROVE Dorothea Sheridan Tyrone
MOSGROVE Thomas Drummurry Fermanagh
MULDOON William Lettermoney Fermanagh
MULHERN John Salloon Fermanagh
MULRAIN William Craghan Fermanagh
MURPHY Mary Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
MURPHY William Baragh Fermanagh
MURRAY Charles Drumconnis Fermanagh
MURRAY Francis Drumcullion Fermanagh
MUSGRAVE Catherine Magheracross Fermanagh
NELSON Andrew Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
NIXON George Drumrainy Fermanagh
NIXON John Knockmanoul Fermanagh
NIXON Richard Knockmanoul Fermanagh
NOBLE Adam Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
NOBLE Christopher Knockmanoul Fermanagh
NOBLE John H. Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
NOBLE Samuel Drumkeen Fermanagh
NOBLE Thomas Drumrainy Fermanagh
NOBLE William Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
NOBLE William Sidaire Fermanagh
NOLAN Patrick Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
O'BRIEN Hugh Magheracross Fermanagh
OWENS Patrick Craghan Fermanagh
OWENS Thomas Craghan Fermanagh
PALMER George Drumcullion Fermanagh
PARKER John Ferney Fermanagh
PATTERSON James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
PATTERSON James Drumcullion Fermanagh
PATTERSON James Drumrainy Fermanagh
PATTERSON James Ferney Fermanagh
PERSSE William Derryraghan Fermanagh
PHAIR Alexander Knockmanoul Fermanagh
PHAYRE Edward Drumsloe Fermanagh
PHAYRE Edward Salloon Fermanagh
PHAYRE Thomas Drumkeen Fermanagh
PORTEOUS Lucy Mullaghmeen Fermanagh
PORTER Robert Gortaloughan Fermanagh
POTTER James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
POTTER John Salloon Fermanagh
POTTER Thomas Kilgortnaleague Fermanagh
POTTERS Thomas Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
REILLY Patrick Beagh Fermanagh
RICHIE William Lettermoney Fermanagh
ROBINSON Christopher Cleenaghan Fermanagh
ROBINSON James Drumcreen Fermanagh
ROBINSON John Derryraghan Fermanagh
ROBINSON Thomas Drumconnis Fermanagh
ROBINSON William Cleenaghan Fermanagh
ROBINSON William Magheracross Fermanagh
ROLLESTON James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ROLLESTON James Drumrainy Fermanagh
ROLLESTONE James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
ROLLESTONE John Baragh Fermanagh
RUTLEDGE Jane Beagh Fermanagh
SCALLAN Charles Gortaloughan Fermanagh
SCOLLAN Edward Drumcullion Fermanagh
SCOLLAN Edward Killymittan Fermanagh
SCOLLAN John Beagh Fermanagh
SHANNON Robert Gortaloughan Fermanagh
SHARPE William Sidaire Fermanagh
SINGLETON Thomas C. Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
SINGLETON Thomas C. Salry Fermanagh
SMITH Adam Derryraghan Fermanagh
SMITH Anne Derryraghan Fermanagh
SMITH Anthony Roscor Tyrone
SMITH John Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
SMITH John Roscor Tyrone
SOMERVILLE William Sheridan Tyrone
SPRATT James Sidaire Fermanagh
SPRATT William Coolgarran Fermanagh
STEWART Edward Drumbulcan Fermanagh
STEWART William Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
SUMERVILLE John Tullyrain Fermanagh
SUMERVILLE Robert Tullyrain Fermanagh
SWEENY Rebecca Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
THOMPSON David Sessiaghs Fermanagh
THOMPSON John Currin Fermanagh
TUMMAN John Killee Fermanagh
TUMMON James Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
VANCE William Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
VEITCH James Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
WALKER John Cavantillycormick Fermanagh
WALMSLEY Charles Knockmanoul Fermanagh
WALMSLEY Edward Drumconnis Fermanagh
WATKIN John Roscor Tyrone
WATSON James Beagh Fermanagh
WATSON Joseph Beagh Fermanagh
WEST Jonathan Drumkeen Fermanagh
WHITE Henry Drumkeen Fermanagh
WHITTAKER Catherine Drumcullion Fermanagh
WHITTAKER Rev. John Drumcullion Fermanagh
WHITTAKER Rev. John Ferney Fermanagh
WILEY James Sidaire Fermanagh
WILEY Joseph Drumcullion Fermanagh
WILKIN Charles Drumconnis Fermanagh
WILKIN James Sidaire Fermanagh
WILLIAMS James Knockmanoul Fermanagh
WILSON John Bellanamallard (Village) Fermanagh
WILSON John Salry Fermanagh
WILSON Richard Sidaire Fermanagh
WOODS Andrew Cavanalough Glebe Fermanagh
WOODS Mary Sidaire Fermanagh
WOODS Patrick Ballydoolagh Fermanagh
WOODS Thomas Drumcreen Fermanagh
WRIGHT John Currin Fermanagh
WYNNE Edward Sidaire Fermanagh