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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Macosquin Parish, Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The background to, and explanation of the importance of c1860 Griffiths Valuation can be found here, also free-of-charge images of all entries

Griffith's Valuation (

Further essential records for Clonfeacle researchers can be located in the 1833 Tithe Applotment Book

Macosquin Parish, Co. Londonderry. Map courtesy of



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ardvarness Ballintaggart Ballylagan Ballylintagh
Ballynacanon Ballyness Ballyvennox Ballywilliam
Bushtown Cam Camus Camus Macosquin Glebe
Carndougan Cashel Castleroe Coolyvenny
Croaghan Crossgare Culdrum Curragh
Derrydorragh Dromore Drumcroon Dunderg
Englishtown Farranlester Farranseer Gills
Glenhall Glenleary Killure Kilmaconnell
Kinnyglass Learden Leck Letterloan
Lismurphy Lower Balteagh Lower Coole Glebe Lower Kiltinny
Macleary Macosquin North Ballinteer Ringrash Beg
Ringrash More Somerset South Ballinteer Tamnamoney
Upper Balteagh Upper Coole Glebe Upper Kiltinny  




Surname Given Name Townland
ADAMS Henry Kinneyglass
ADAMS John Kinneyglass
ADAMS John Camus
ALEXANDER John Ringrash More
ALLEN Robert Ballyness
ALLEN Robert Fishery
ALLEN Robert Glenleary
ALLEN William Camus
ANDERSON Daniel Camus
ANDERSON Hen. Culdrum
ANDERSON James Camus
ANDERSON Joseph Camus
ANDERSON Robert Glenleary
ARCHBOLD Joseph Culdrum
ARCHBOLD Robert Ballylagan
ARCHBOLD Robert Ballylintagh
ARMSTRONG Thomas Camus
ARTHUR James Derrydorragh
ARTHUR Joseph Ballywilliam
ARTHUR Samuel Kinneyglass
ARTHUR William Macosquin
BAILEY David Camus
BAIRD William, jun. North Ballinteer
BAIRD William, sen. North Ballinteer
BAMFORD Hugh Kinneyglass
BAMFORD William Ballyness
BAMFORD William Kinneyglass
BARR James Dromore
BARR Jane Upper Coole Glebe
BARR John Camus
BARR John Gills
BARR Joseph Curragh
BARR Mary Ardvarness
BAXTER Benjamin Camus
BAXTER James Camus
BAXTER Robert Camus
BELLINGHAM Dawson Ardvarness
BELLINGHAM Francis Gills
BENNETT Mary Ardvarness
BENNETT Mary Dunderg
BENNETT Mrs. Ballyness
BENNETT Stephen Macleary
BENNETT Thomas Camus
BENNETT Thomas Castle
BLACK Daniel Leck
BLACK Daniel Letterloan
BLACK James Derrydorragh
BLACK John Camus
BLACK John Castleroe
BLACK John Croaghan
BLACK John Crossgare
BLACK John Letterloan
BLACK John Macleary
BLACK John South Ballinteer
BLACK John Upper Balteagh
BLACK Margaret Lower Kiltinny
BLACK Martha Cashel
BLACK Samuel Derrydorragh
BLACK Samuel Letterloan
BLACK William Cashel
BLACK William Croaghan
BLACK William Letterloan
BLACK William North Ballinteer
BLAIR James Drumcroon
BLAIR John North Ballinteer
BLAIR William Derrydorragh
BLAIR William North Ballinteer
BLAIR William South Ballinteer
BLAKE Samuel Letterloan
BONIS James Dromore
BOWEY John Killure
BOYCE Alexander Crossgare
BOYCE Matthew Ardvarness
BOYCE William Killure
BOYD Anne South Ballinteer
BOYD James Croaghan
BOYD William Drumcroon
BOYLAN Charles Lower Balteagh
BOYLAN James Lower Balteagh
BOYLAN John Lower Balteagh
BOYLE Ellen Kilmaconnell
BOYLE Joh Culdrum
BOYLE Thomas Kilmaconnell
BRADLEY Abraham Castleroe
BRADLEY Anne Ballyness
BRADLEY Francis Ballywilliam
BRADLEY James Killure
BREWSTER James Ballintaggart
BREWSTER James Ballyvennox
BREWSTER John Glenhall
BREWSTER Robert Dromore
BROWN Lydia Lower Kiltinny
BROWNE John Macleary
BROWNE Matthew Upper Coole Glebe
BURKE John Lower Kiltinny
BURNS James, jun. Faranseer
BURNS James, sen. Faranseer
CALDWELL Anne Ringrash More
CALDWELL Hugh Upper Kiltinny
CALDWELL John Ringrash More
CALDWELL Samuel Bushtown
CALDWELL William Lower Kiltinny
CALDWELL William Ringrash More
CALDWELL William Upper Balteagh
CALVIN Elizabeth, jun. Ardvarness
CALVIN Elizabeth, sen. Ardvarness
CALVIN James Lower Balteagh
CALVIN John Lower Balteagh
CALVIN Joseph Lower Balteagh
CALVIN William John Ringrash More
CAMPBELL Alexander Letterloan
CAMPBELL Alexander Lower Balteagh
CAMPBELL Alexander Macosquin
CAMPBELL Alexander Ringrash Beg
CAMPBELL Ephraim Ballylagan
CAMPBELL Hugh Ballyvennox
CAMPBELL Hugh Glenleary
CAMPBELL Hugh Killure
CAMPBELL Hugh Ringrash Beg
CAMPBELL James Derrydorragh
CAMPBELL James Lower Balteagh
CAMPBELL John Ballylintagh
CAMPBELL John Ballyvennox
CAMPBELL John Camus Macosquin Glebe
CAMPBELL John Faranseer
CAMPBELL John Learden
CAMPBELL John Lower Balteagh
CAMPBELL John Lower Kiltinny
CAMPBELL John Macosquin
CAMPBELL John Upper Kiltinny
CAMPBELL Mary Lower Balteagh
CAMPBELL Mary Anne Ringrash Beg
CAMPBELL Samuel Glenleary
CAMPBELL Samuel Lower Balteagh
CAMPBELL Samuel Lower Kiltinny
CAMPBELL Susan Lower Balteagh
CAMPBELL Thomas Ardvarness
CAMPBELL Thomas Lower Balteagh
CANNING Catherine Farranlester
CAROLAN John Ballyness
CAROLAN John Kilmaconnell
CARR Bridget Croaghan
CARR Edward Croaghan
CARR Patrick Croaghan
CARTER Hugh Coolyvenny
CASKEY James Cam
CASKEY James Cashel
CASKEY James Croaghan
CASKEY Joseph Letterloan
CASKEY Joseph Upper Kiltinny
CASKEY Paul Croaghan
CASKEY Paul Upper Kiltinny
CASSIDY Bernard Castleroe
CASSIDY Henry Farranlester
CASSIDY Hugh Camus
CASSIDY Margaret Farranlester
CATHCART Mary Glenleary
CHRISTIE Alexander Lismurphy
CLARK James Gills
CLARKE Daniel Croaghan
CLARKE Guthrie Croaghan
COCHRANE James Cashel
COCHRANE John Carndougan
COCHRANE John Curragh
COCHRANE John Dromore
COCHRANE John South Ballinteer
COCHRANE Robert Leck
CONNELL James Ballintaggart
CONNELL Terence Croaghan
CONNOLLY Martha Killure
CRAIG John Killure
CRAMSIE Jane Lower Kiltinny
CRAWFORD James Lismurphy
CRAWFORD John H. Castleroe
CRAWFORD Mary Curragh
CREELMAN Andrew Ringrash More
CREELMAN Matthew Ringrash More
CRESWELL Bartholomew Ballyvennox
CREELMAN James Camus
CREELMAN James Curragh
CREELMAN Robert Camus
CREELMAN Samuel Gills
CRILLY Catherine Killure
CROWE Benjamin Crossgare
CROWE Daniel Castleroe
CROWE Daniel Kilmaconnell
CROWE Elizabeth Curragh
CROWE James Leck
CROWE John Kilmaconnell
CROWE Robert Letterloan
CROWE William Cashel
CROWE William Kilmaconnell
CROWE William Letterloan
CUMMING Samuel Cashel
CURRY Edward Ballyness
CURRY Hanson South Ballinteer
CURRY Margaret Ballyvennox
CURRY Neal Ballyvennox
CURRY Neal Farranlester
CURRY William North Ballinteer
CURRY William South Ballinteer
DALLAS Jacob Upper Coole Glebe
DAVIDSON Robert Letterloan
DAVIS Matthew Learden
DAVISON Blair Lower Kiltinny
DAVISON John Ringrash More
DAVISON William Castleroe
DEAN Mary Learden
DEANS Joseph Ardvarness
DEMPSEY Charles Kinneyglass
DEMPSEY Henry Lower Kiltinny
DEMPSEY James North Ballinteer
DEMPSEY Mary Ballynacannon
DEMPSEY William Camus
DEVLIN Margery Cashel
DICKMAN Margaret Camus
DICKSON Alexander Gills
DIFFIN James Camus Macosquin Glebe
DINSMORE Samuel Macosquin
DINSMORE William Camus Macosquin Glebe
DINSMORE William Macosquin
DIXON Daniel Camus
DIXON Robert J. Camus
DODD John Ballylintagh
DOGHERTY Bernard Camus
DOGHERTY Mary Cashel
DOGHERTY Patrick Cashel
DOHERTY John Culdrum
DOHERTY William Castleroe
DOHERTY William Culdrum
DONAGHY James Drumcroon
DONAGHY Joseph Macleary
DOOEY Archibald Lower Kiltinny
DOOEY Stewart Letterloan
DOOEY Thomas Letterloan
DOUGLAS William Camus
DOWNES James Upper Kiltinny
DOWNES Thomas Glenleary
DOWTHARD William Ringrash Beg
DUNBAR George Dromore
DUNLOP Hugh Camus
DUNLOP James Derrydorragh
DUNLOP Joseph Camus
DUNLOP Robert Glenleary
DUNNE Edward Derrydorragh
DUNNE John Derrydorragh
DUNNE Robert Derrydorragh
DUNNE Samuel Derrydorragh
EAGLESON Alexander North Ballinteer
EAGLESON James Ringrash Beg
EAGLESON James Ringrash More
EATON Christopher Ballywilliam
EATON James Ardvarness
EATON John Ardvarness
EATON Thomas Ardvarness
EATON Thomas Lower Balteagh
EATON William Ardvarness
EDMONDSON Isaac Kilmaconnell
EGAN William South Ballinteer
ELDER Robert Kinneyglass
ELLIOTT John Camus
ELLIOTT Robert Glenleary
EVANS Mary Drumcroon
FAIRGRAVE William Faranseer
FAITH Thomas Drumcroon
FINLAY Hannah Lower Kiltinny
FINLAY Hugh Ballywilliam
FINLAY James Crossgare
FINLAY James Lower Kiltinny
FINLAY John Ballynacannon
FINLAY John Camus Macosquin Glebe
FINLAY John, sen. Ringrash More
FINLAY Mary Ballynacannon
FINLAY Mary Anne Lower Kiltinny
FINLAY Mary Anne, jun. Ringrash More
FLEMING Matthew Camus Macosquin Glebe
FLEMING Samuel Lower Kiltinny
FOREGRIFF James Cashel
FORGY Daniel Farranlester
FORGY Samuel Farranlester
FORSYTH John, jun. Carndougan
FORSYTH John, sen. Carndougan
FORSYTHE Jane Macosquin
FORSYTHE John Ardvarness
FORSYTHE John Dunderg
FORSYTHE John Faranseer
FORSYTHE Margaret Ballyvennox
FOX John Kilmaconnell
FRAZER Charles Castleroe
FRIZELL Robert Letterloan
FRIZELLE Catherine Cam
FULTON Daniel Castleroe
FULTON David Ballywilliam
FULTON David Coolyvenny
FULTON John Ringrash More
FULTON Samuel Coolyvenny
FULTON Samuel Ringrash Beg
FULTON Sarah South Ballinteer
FULTON Thomas Ringrash More
GAGE Andrew Culdrum
GAGE Hugh Culdrum
GAGE James Culdrum
GAGE Thomas Culdrum
GALBRAITH William Ballyvennox
GALBRAITH William Ringrash Beg
GALVIN James Ballyness
GARVAN James Dromore
GARVIN Jane Lower Balteagh
GAULT James Camus
GAULT John Camus
GAULT William Lower Balteagh
GIBSON Andrew Coolyvenny
GIBSON James Letterloan
GILLAN John Ballynacannon
GILLAN Johnin Letterloan
GILLON Arthur Cam
GILLON Charles Cam
GILLON Ellen Cam
GILMORE Andrew Gills
GILMORE James Ballyvennox
GILMORE James Killure
GILMORE Samuel Glenleary
GINKIN [JUNKIN?] Bridget Letterloan
GIVIN John Ballyness
GIVINS John Castleroe
GORDON Joseph Ballywilliam
GRAY James Ballintaggart
GRAY James Coolyvenny
GREY [GRAY] James Upper Coole Glebe
GREY [GRAY] Joseph Camus
GREY [GRAY] Samuel Camus
GUTHRIE Samuel North Ballinteer
HAMILTON Andrew Camus
HAMILTON John Glenleary
HAMILTON Joseph Leck
HAMILTON William Dunderg
HANSON Alexander Bushtown
HANSON Elizabeth Bushtown
HANSON Elizabeth Killure
HANSON Elizabeth Macleary
HANSON George Dunderg
HANSON Hugh Faranseer
HANSON Marcus Killure
HANSON Marcus Macleary
HARPUR Mary Glenleary
HARROW Robert Ardvarness
HART Daniel Croaghan
HART Patrick Letterloan
HEMPHILL Hugh Ballylagan
HEMPHILL John Ballintaggart
HEMPHILL John Ballylagan
HEMPHILL Patrick Gills
HEMPHILL William Ballylagan
HENDERSON Anne Upper Balteagh
HENDERSON James Upper Balteagh
HENEY Anthony Lower Balteagh
HENRY Daniel Ballynacannon
HENRY David John South Ballinteer
HENRY Eliza Cam
HENRY Hannah Gills
HENRY James Ballyvennox
HENRY James Camus
HENRY Jane Curragh
HENRY John Ballylagan
HENRY John Ballyvennox
HENRY John Cam
HENRY John Camus
HENRY John Lismurphy
HENRY John Lower Coole Glebe
HENRY John Upper Coole Glebe
HENRY Joseph Cam
HENRY Joseph Camus
HENRY Joseph H. Camus
HENRY Matthew Ballyvennox
HENRY Robert Cam
HENRY Robert Ringrash Beg
HENRY Samuel, jun. Cam
HENRY Samuel, sen. Cam
HENRY William Ballyvennox
HENRY William Camus
HEUSTON James North Ballinteer
HICKSON James Lower Balteagh
HICKSON Martha North Ballinteer
HOGAN William Gills
HOLLAND William Ballylintagh
HOLLY James Camus Macosquin Glebe
HOLLY Robert Cashel
HOLLY William Lower Kiltinny
HONE William Killure
HORE William Lower Kiltinny
HOUSTON David North Ballinteer
HOUSTON John North Ballinteer
HOUSTON Joseph North Ballinteer
HOUSTON Robert North Ballinteer
HOUSTON William Ardvarness
HUMPHREY Alex Ballintaggart
HUMPHREY Alexander Ballintaggart
HUMPHREY James Ballintaggart
HUNTER Andrew Derrydorragh
HUNTER Anne Lower Balteagh
HUNTER Daniel Crossgare
HUNTER David Coolyvenny
HUNTER Elizabeth Curragh
HUNTER George Crossgare
HUNTER Jane Dromore
HUNTER John Ballylagan
HUNTER John Coolyvenny
HUNTER John Curragh
HUNTER Stewart Ardvarness
HUNTER Thomas Derrydorragh
HUSTON Rev. John C. Englishtown
HUTCHINSON James Macleary
HYLAND James Castleroe
HYNES Charles Leck
HYNES James Camus
IRWIN John Ballyness
IRWIN Joseph Drumcroon
IRWIN Samuel Ardvarness
IRWIN William Bushtown
JACKSON David Lower Balteagh
JAMESON James Gills
JAMESON John Gills
JAMESON Mary Crossgare
JAMESON Matthew Ballintaggart
JAMESON William Lower Coole Glebe
JOHNSTON Daniel Drumcroon
JOHNSTON James Drumcroon
JOHNSTON James Upper Kiltinny
JOHNSTON John Lower Balteagh
JOHNSTON John Upper Balteagh
JOHNSTON William Drumcroon
KANE Frederick Croaghan
KANE James Farranlester
KANE James Lower Balteagh
KANE John Farranlester
KANE John Glenhall
KANE Margaret Dromore
KANE Margaret Lower Balteagh
KANE Michael Glenhall
KANE Michael Upper Coole Glebe
KANE Patrick Croaghan
KANE Richard Lower Balteagh
KANE Thaddeus Ardvarness
KEARS William Ringrash More
KEENAN Hannah Learden
KEERS Andrew Lower Kiltinny
KELLY John Crossgare
KELLY Joseph Bushtown
KENNEDY Alexander Ballynacannon
KENNEDY David Camus
KENNEDY David North Ballinteer
KENNEDY Hugh Culdrum
KENNEDY Hugh Kinneyglass
KENNEDY James Castleroe
KENNEDY James Kinneyglass
KENNEDY James Macleary
KENNEDY James H. Cam
KENNEDY John Camus
KENNEDY John Curragh
KENNEDY John Macleary
KENNEDY Margaret Bushtown
KENNEDY Margaret Macleary
KENNEDY Mary Anne Camus
KENNEDY Matthew Bushtown
KENNEDY Matthew Killure
KENNEDY Robert Cam
KENNEDY Robert Killure
KENNEDY Robert Macleary
KENNEDY Samuel Cam
KENNEDY Samuel Castleroe
KENNEDY Samuel Upper Balteagh
KENNEDY Thomas Drumcroon
KENNEDY Thompson Crossgare
KENNEDY William Camus
KENNEDY William Castleroe
KIDD James Glenhall
KIDD Robert J. Bushtown
KIDD Robert J. Tamnamoney
KILPATRICK William Ballintaggart
KING David Ballyvennox
KING James Dromore
KING Thomas Ballyvennox
KIRK John Lower Coole Glebe
KNOX Chas. J. North Ballinteer
KNOX Chas. J. South Ballinteer
KNOX Elizabeth Camus
KNOX Robert Camus
KNOX Robert Upper Balteagh
KNOX Samuel North Ballinteer
KNOX William North Ballinteer
LAFFERTY John Ardvarness
LAMONT James Camus
LAMONT John Lower Coole Glebe
LAMONT Samuel Gills
LAMONT Samuel Lower Coole Glebe
LANG John Castleroe
LAW Andrew South Ballinteer
LEE John Leck
LEIGHTON John Ringrash Beg
LESLIE John Culdrum
LESLIE John Upper Balteagh
LIGHTON Isaiah Glenleary
LOGAN John Leck
LOGAN Paul Lower Kiltinny
LOGAN William Camus
LOWE Andrew Lower Kiltinny
LOWE Samuel Letterloan
LYNAS John Camus
LYND John Killure
LYONS William Gills
MACARTNEY Mary Farranlester
MACREADY Thomas Ringrash More
MACREADY William Camus Macosquin Glebe
MAGEE Hannah Ardvarness
MAGEE James North Ballinteer
MAGEE John Ardvarness
MAIRS James Lower Kiltinny
MARKS Thomas Killure
MARS Hugh Glenleary
MARSHALL Sheriff Ballyvennox
MARSHALL William Ballyvennox
MARSHALL William Lower Balteagh
MARTIN James Ballylagan
MARTIN James Carndougan
MARTIN Rev. John Camus
MARTIN Thomas Ballyness
MATHEWS James Crossgare
MATHEWS James Letterloan
MATHEWS Rev. William Ballylintagh
MATHEWS Robert Ballynacannon
MATHEWS William Crossgare
MATTHEWS James Englishtown
MCAFEE David Culdrum
MCAFEE Hannah Englishtown
MCALEECE Jane Ballyvennox
MCALEESE James Camus
MCALISTER James Letterloan
MCALISTER Robert Lower Kiltinny
MCANINCH John Bushtown
MCATEER Daniel Dromore
MCATEER Esther Dromore
MCATEER Samuel Letterloan
MCBRIEN William Killure
MCCALLA James Crossgare
MCCALLY Jane Castleroe
MCCANDLESS Abraham Learden
MCCANDLESS George Learden
MCCANDLESS Henry Learden
MCCANDLESS John Ardvarness
MCCANDLESS Thomas Kinneyglass
MCCANDLESS Thomas Learden
MCCARDY James Ardvarness
MCCARL [MCCARROLL?] John Crossgare
MCCARROLL John Lower Kiltinny
MCCARTER Robert Lower Coole Glebe
MCCAULEY William Killure
MCCLELLAN Rev. Thomas Camus Macosquin Glebe
MCCLELLAN Rev. Thomas Macosquin
MCCLEMENT Samuel Lower Balteagh
MCCOACH Alexander Ringrash More
MCCOMBIE John Castleroe
MCCONNELL Robert Ballywilliam
MCCOWAN Patrick Lower Balteagh
MCCOY William Culdrum
MCCULLAGH John Castleroe
MCCULLAGH John South Ballinteer
MCCULLAGH William Curragh
MCCULLION Jane Ballyness
MCCULLUM Samuel Ballyness
MCCURDY James Ardvarness
MCCURDY James Farranlester
MCCUSACK Mary South Ballinteer
MCDONNELL Hugh Kilmaconnell
MCDOUGAL Collins Ballyvennox
MCDOUGAL Thomas Ballyvennox
MCDOUGAL Thos., jun. Ballyvennox
MCELROY John Curragh
MCENTIRE William Ardvarness
MCENTYRE John Croaghan
MCENTYRE Martha Camus
MCENTYRE Richard Glenleary
MCFALL Ephraim Camus
MCFALL John Camus
MCFETRIDGE Daniel Ballintaggart
MCFETRIDGE John Ballynacannon
MCFETRIDGE William Glenleary
MCGONIGLE John Kilmaconnell
MCGONIGLE Mary Jane Letterloan
MCGONIGLE Richard Farranlester
MCGONIGLE Richard Kilmaconnell
MCGONIGLE William Kilmaconnell
MCGONIGLE William North Ballinteer
MCGONNAGH Mary Jane Camus Macosquin Glebe
MGOWAN John Tamnamoney
MCGRATH Johnston Coolyvenny
MCGUIGGAN James Letterloan
MCGUNNIGAN William Lower Balteagh
MCHENRY Sarah Macleary
MCILHATTON Robert Lower Balteagh
MCININCH [MCANINCH] John Ballyvennox
MCINURTREY [MCMURTRY?] Samuel Letterloan
MCKAY Anne Crossgare
MCKEA William Cashel
MCKEAGUE Andrew Killure
MCKEAGUE Charles Somerset
MCKEAGUE Hugh Glenleary
MCKEAGUE James Kilmaconnell
MCKEAGUE John Glenleary
MCKEE Alexander Ballylagan
MCKEE John Ballylagan
MCKEE Robert Curragh
MCKEEFERY John Lismurphy
MCKEEMAN John Coolyvenny
MCKENNA Robert Killure
MCKEON John Lower Kiltinny
MCKILPATRICK James Lower Balteagh
MCKINNEY John Drumcroon
MCLOUGHLIN Alex, jun. Glenleary
MCLOUGHLIN Alex, sen. Glenleary
MCLOUGHLIN Anne Kinneyglass
MCLOUGHLIN Edward North Ballinteer
MCLOUGHLIN Elizabeth South Ballinteer
MCLOUGHLIN Jas., sen. South Ballinteer
MCLOUGHLIN Margaret Lower Balteagh
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Croaghan
MCLOUGHLIN Patrick Farranlester
MCLOUGHLIN Robert Glenleary
MCLOUGHLIN Thomas North Ballinteer
MCLOUGHLIN William Ballintaggart
MCLOUGHLIN William North Ballinteer
MCMAGH Joseph North Ballinteer
MCMAGH Joseph Ringrash More
MCMAGH Margaret North Ballinteer
MCMAGH Susanna North Ballinteer
MCMICHAEL John Crossgare
MCMICKEN John Killure
MCMICKEN Margaret Camus
MCMULLEN Hugh Castleroe
MCMULLEN James Carndougan
MCMULLEN John Carndougan
MCMULLEN John Glenleary
MCMULLEN Samuel Dromore
MCMULLEN William Carndougan
MCMULLEN William Upper Coole Glebe
MCMURRAY James Derrydorragh
MCMURTRY Thomas Coolyvenny
MCNAB Matthew Leck
MCNAB Robert Dromore
MCNAMEE James Castleroe
MCNEAL James Cam
MCNEAL James Drumcroon
MCNICKLE Sarah Coolyvenny
MCPEAK Samuel Ballyness
MCPEAKE James Dunderg
MCQUAID John Coolyvenny
MCQUAIDE Robert Upper Coole Glebe
MCQUILKIN John Drumcroon
MCQUILKIN Thomas Lower Coole Glebe
MCQUILLAN Charles Camus
MCQUILLAN James Castleroe
MCSHANE Henry Culdrum
MCSHEFFRY Hugh North Ballinteer
MCSHEFFRY John South Ballinteer
MCSTANNUS Widow Drumcroon
MCVICAR Anne Castleroe
MEARS John Ballyvennox
MEARS John South Ballinteer
MELLAN James Culdrum
MERNS James Ballynacannon
MILLER Daniel Ballintaggart
MILLER David Gills
MILLER James Bushtown
MILLER James Killure
MILLER James Macosquin
MILLER John Lismurphy
MILLER John, jun. Faranseer
MILLER John, jun. South Ballinteer
MILLER John, sen. Faranseer
MILLER Robert Lower Kiltinny
MILLER Thomas Faranseer
MILLER William Ardvarness
MILLER William Glenleary
MITCHELL Allan South Ballinteer
MITCHELL Elizabeth North Ballinteer
MITCHELL Elizabeth Upper Coole Glebe
MITCHELL Robert North Ballinteer
MITCHELL Robert J. Bushtown
MITCHELL Samuel Upper Coole Glebe
MOODY Hugh G. Farranlester
MOODY James Dromore
MOODY John Camus
MOODY John Coolyvenny
MOODY Matthew Ballintaggart
MOODY Matthew Coolyvenny
MOODY Thomas Cashel
MOODY Thomas, jun. Cashel
MOON Thomas Gills
MOONEY James Bushtown
MOONEY John Ardvarness
MOONEY John Ballintaggart
MOONEY John Coolyvenny
MOONEY John Macosquin
MOONEY Richard Coolyvenny
MOORE James Leck
MOORE John Letterloan
MOORE Mary Ballynacannon
MOORE Robert Ballynacannon
MOORE Samuel Castleroe
MOORE William Ardvarness
MOORE William Camus
MOORE William Learden
MOORE William Upper Coole Glebe
MOORE William, jun. Ardvarness
MORNING David Gills
MORRISON Benjamin Upper Coole Glebe
MORRISON John Cashel
MORRISON Samuel Crossgare
MORRISON William Cashel
MORROW Anne Dromore
MORROW John Englishtown
MORROW Mary Dromore
MULHOLLAND James Letterloan
MULHOLLAND William Letterloan
MULLAN James Dromore
MULLEN Bridget Croaghan
MULLEN Bryan Cashel
MULLEN Edward Cashel
MULLEN Michael Cam
MULLEN Owen Croaghan
MURPHY John Killure
MURTAGH James Castleroe
NEAL Robert Drumcroon
NEILL Arthur Letterloan
NEILL James Dromore
NELSON Hugh Lower Kiltinny
NEVIN John Leck
NICHOL Thomas Lower Kiltinny
NICKLE Anne Ballintaggart
NOUSE Robert Letterloan
O'BRIEN John Glenleary
O'CONNOR James Letterloan
O'NEILL John Drumcroon
O'NEILL Thomas Drumcroon
OLIVER James Curragh
ORR Andrew Derrydorragh
ORR William Derrydorragh
OVENS Alexander Learden
PATRICK Catherine Ringrash Beg
PATRICK Robert North Ballinteer
PATTERSON Anne Learden
PATTISON Jane Letterloan
PATTISON Thomas Croaghan
PATTISON Thomas Culdrum
PATTISON William Gills
PATTON Daniel Lower Kiltinny
PATTON Margaret Ballintaggart
PATTON Martha Glenleary
PATTON Robert Ballintaggart
PATTON Robert Gills
PATTON Robert Glenleary
PATTON Samuel Ballintaggart
PAUL James Castleroe
PAUL Robert Croaghan
PAUL Robert Drumcroon
PEACOCK William Killure
PIPER Robert Crossgare
POKE [POLLOCK] Robert Drumcroon
POLLOCK Charles Ballyvennox
POLLOCK Cornelius Leck
POLLOCK James Leck
POLLOCK James Ringrash More
POLLOCK John Ringrash More
POLLOCK John, jun. Leck
POLLOCK John, sen. Leck
POLLOCK Robert Kinneyglass
POLLOCK Samuel Leck
POLLOCK William Crossgare
POLLOCK William Englishtown
POLLOCK William Leck
PURDY James North Ballinteer
QUIGG James North Ballinteer
QUIGG John North Ballinteer
QUIGG Margaret Camus
RAMAGE Andrew Dromore
RAMSAY James Dromore
RAMSAY Jas., jun. Dromore
REATH [RATH] Benjamin North Ballinteer
REID Fulton Ballynacannon
REID James Ballynacannon
REID James Lower Kiltinny
REID Samuel Ballynacannon
REID William Glenleary
REID William Kilmaconnell
RICE George Ballywilliam
RICHARDSON Thomas Ballintaggart
RICHARDSON Thomas Ballyness
RICHARDSON Thomas Coolyvenny
RICHARDSON Thomas Dunderg
RICHARDSON Thomas Englishtown
RICHARDSON Thomas Lower Balteagh
RICHARDSON Thomas Somerset
RICHARDSON Thomas Tamnamoney
RICHARDSON Thomas Upper Balteagh
RICHMOND John Ballylintagh
RIDDLE Hugh Kilmaconnell
RIDDLE James Cashel
RIDDLE Thomas Cashel
RITCHIE James Curragh
ROBINSON John Englishtown
ROGERS John Curragh
ROSS James Gills
SAVAGE Samuel Gills
SHERLOCK James Kilmaconnell
SHERLOCK James Macleary
SHIRLEY Anne Killure
SIMMONS John Ballynacannon
SIMMONS John Letterloan
SINCLAIR James Dromore
SINCLAIR Margaret Gills
SMITH Andrew Ballintaggart
SMITH David Glenhall
SMITH Hugh Bushtown
SMITH James Coolyvenny
SMITH James Glenhall
SMITH James North Ballinteer
SMITH Joseph Ballyvennox
SMITH Peter Camus
SMITH Robert Dromore
SMITH Thomas Glenhall
SMITH William Dromore
SMYTH Henry Kilmaconnell
SMYTH Hugh Glenleary
SMYTH Hugh Upper Coole Glebe
SMYTH James Upper Coole Glebe
SMYTH John Upper Coole Glebe
SMYTH John A. Carndougan
SMYTH Mary Anne Carndougan
SMYTH Thomas Upper Coole Glebe
SMYTH William Camus
SMYTH William Macleary
SPENCER John Ballyness
STEEN Daniel Cam
STEEN Robert Cam
STEWART Henry Kinneyglass
STEWART James Curragh
STEWART Matthew Kinneyglass
STEWART Robert Culdrum
TANNAHILL Alex. Kinneyglass
TANNAHILL Curtis Drumcroon
TANNAHILL Curtis Kinneyglass
TANNAHILL Douglas Upper Balteagh
TANNAHILL Frederick Ballywilliam
TANNAHILL John D. Kinneyglass
TAYLOR Adam Castleroe
TAYLOR Henry Ardvarness
TAYLOR Hugh Ardvarness
TAYLOR Hugh Learden
TAYLOR John Macleary
TAYLOR Joseph Letterloan
TAYLOR Nathaniel Letterloan
TAYLOR Robert Ardvarness
TAYLOR William Ballyness
TAYLOR William Croaghan
TAYLOR William Farranlester
TAYLOR William Letterloan
TEADLY James Camus
TEADLY James Glenleary
TEADLY Michael Castleroe
THOMPSON James Drumcroon
THOMPSON John Drumcroon
THOMPSON Richard Camus
THOMPSON Robert Dunderg
THOMPSON William Ballyvennox
THOMPSON William Croaghan
TODD John Cam
TORBIT John Derrydorragh
TORBIT Nathaniel Derrydorragh
TOSH Tobert [Robert] North Ballinteer
TRAYNOR William Crossgare
TURNBULL Rev. Mathew Cashel
TURNER Mary Crossgare
USHER Daniel Killure
USHER James Killure
VALENTINE John North Ballinteer
VAULS Patrick Dromore
WALKER Hugh Ringrash Beg
WALKER John North Ballinteer
WALKER William Curragh
WALLACE Hugh Gills
WALLACE James Ballylagan
WALLACE John Lower Balteagh
WALLACE Joseph Ballylagan
WALLACE Joseph Englishtown
WALLACE Mary Ballylagan
WALLACE William Drumcroon
WARWICK James Castleroe
WATSON John Upper Balteagh
WATT Andrew Dunderg
WATT Andrew Lower Balteagh
WATT Hugh Dunderg
WATT James Camus
WATT James Croaghan
WATT James Dunderg
WATT John Dunderg
WATT John Killure
WATT Rachel Dunderg
WATT William Derrydorragh
WHITE John Killure
WILLIAMSON George Dunderg
WILSON Elizabeth Drumcroon
WILSON John Crossgare
WILSON Matilda Ballylintagh
WILSON Matilda Crossgare
WILSON Matilda Drumcroon
WILSON Matilda Glenleary
WILSON Samuel Croaghan
WILSON Thomas Killure
WORKMAN James Culdrum
WRAY Robert North Ballinteer
WRIGHT John Ballyness
YOUNG Samuel Ballywilliam
YOUNG William Drumcroon