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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Loughgall Parish, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


The background to, and explanation of the importance of c1860 Griffiths Valuation can be found here, also free-of-charge images of all entries.

Griffith's Valuation (

St. Peter’s Catholic Chapel, Charlemont, Co. Tyrone




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghinlig Annaghmacmanus Borough of Charlemont Corr and Dunavally
Drumarn Keenaghan Kinnegoe Kishaboy
Lislasly Mullaghmore Tirmacrannon  



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Altaturk Annaghmore Annasamry Ardress East
Ardress West Ballygasey Ballymagerny Ballytyrone
Causanagh Clonmain Cloven Eden Coragh
Derrycoose Derrycrew Drumart Drumharriff
Drumilly Drumnasoo Eagralougher Fernagreevagh
Legavilly Levalleglish Lisneany Lissheffield (Loughgall portion)
Loughgall Mullaghbane Mullanasilla Turcarra




Surname Given Name Townland
ABRAHAM Thomas Annaghmore
ACHESON Edward Ballytyrone
ACHESON John Coragh
ADAMS William Kinnegoe
ADDEY Margaret Village of Loughgall
ADDEY Mary Jane Lisneany
AIKEN James Ballytyrone
ALDERDICE David Borough of Charlemont
ALDERDICE David Charlemont
ALDERDICE David Corr & Dunavally
ALDERDICE David Keenaghan
ALDERICE David Charlemont
ALEXANDER Henry Kinnegoe
ALEXANDER Henry Mullaghmore
ALEXANDER Henry Tirmacrannon
ALEXANDER Jane Mullaghmore
ALEXANDER John Mullaghmore
ALEXANDER John Tirmacrannon
ALEXANDER Sarah Jane Kinnegoe
ALLEN Abraham Drumharriff
ALLEN Alexander Cloven Eden
ALLEN Alexander D. Turcarra
ALLEN Henry Derrycrew
ALLEN Isaac Causanagh
ALLEN Jacob Annasamry
ALLEN James Drumilly
ALLEN James Fernagreevagh
ALLEN John Lissheffield
ALLEN Robert Ballytyrone
ALLEN Robert Derrycrew
ALLEN William Ballymagerny
ALLEN William Ballytyrone
ALLEN William Fernagreevagh
AMBERSON John Clonmain
ANDERSON Elizabeth Annasamry
ANDERSON Henry Annasamry
ANDERSON Henry Kinnegoe
ANDERSON Jonathan Causanagh
ANDERSON Joseph Tirmacrannon
ANDERSON Robert Kinnegoe
ANDERSON Robert Mullaghmore
ANDERSON Thomas Annasamry
ARMSTRONG Theodosia Annaghmore
ARMSTRONG William Aghinlig
ARMSTRONG William Kinnegoe
ARTS John, Jr. Kinnegoe
ARTS John, Sr. Kinnegoe
ATKINSON Alicia Clonmain
AUSTIN John Cloven Eden
AUSTIN Rebecca Coragh
AUSTIN Thomas Cloven Eden
BAILIE James Corr & Dunavally
BAIRD Alexander Annaghmore
BALFOUR Blayney T. Ardress, West
BALL Mark Aghinlig
BARR Thomas Village of Loughgall
BARTLEY William Kishaboy
BARTLY James Keenaghan
BEATTY James Corr & Dunavally
BEGGS George Ballygasey
BEGGS George Drumilly
BELL Ellen Derrycrew
BELL Francis Corr & Dunavally
BELL Francis Kishaboy
BELL John Ardress, East
BELL John Coragh
BELL John Derrycrew
BELL Joseph Ardress, East
BELL Thomas Clonmain
BENNETT George, Jr. Lislasly
BENNETT George, Sr. Lislasly
BENNETT John Aghinlig
BENNETT Thomas Keenaghan
BENNETT William Corr & Dunavally
BENSON Samuel Fernagreevagh
BENSON Thomas Ardress, East
BERTRAM William Ballygasey
BEST Edward Ballygasey
BEST George Eagralougher
BLAIR Margaret Ballymagerny
BLEVIN John Kishaboy
BLEVINS David Charlemont
BLEVINS John Annaghmore
BLEVINS John Annasamry
BODEN James Annaghmore
BOTHWELL Susan Charlemont
BOTHWELL William Cloven Eden
BOWEN James Annaghmore
BOWEN William Clonmain
BOYD Andrew Coragh
BOYLE John Charlemont
BRANNIGAN Patrick Aghinlig
BRANNIGAN Patrick Keenaghan
BRAWLY Patrick Mullaghmore
BRENNAN Charles Ballytyrone
BRIGGS Joseph Derrycrew
BROTHERS Anne Tirmacrannon
BROTHERS Robert Cloven Eden
BROTHERS Thomas Tirmacrannon
BROTHERS William Tirmacrannon
BROWNE John Annaghmore
BROWNE John Derrycrew
BROWNE Robert Derrycrew
BROWNE Samuel Drumilly
BROWNLEE John, Jr Tirmacrannon
BROWNLEE John, Sr. Tirmacrannon
BROWNLEE William Kinnegoe
BROWNLEE William Lislasly
BROWNLEE William Mullaghmore
BROWNLEE William Tirmacrannon
BROWNLEY John Annaghmore
BUCKLEY Rebecca Annaghmore
BURNS James Annaghmore
BURNS John Charlemont
BURNS Michael Annaghmore
BURROWS James Aghinlig
BURROWS James Kinnegoe
BURROWS James Lislasly
BURROWS John Kinnegoe
BURROWS John Mullaghmore
BURROWS Thomas Aghinlig
BURROWS Thomas Kinnegoe
BURROWS William Aghinlig
BURROWS William Lislasly
BYERS Jackson Borough of Charlemont
BYERS Jackson Charlemont
BYERS Jackson Corr & Dunavally
CALLAGHAN Denis Loughgall
CALLAGHAN Denis Turcarra
CALLAN Matthew Eagralougher
CAMPBELL Arthur Charlemont
CAMPBELL Felix Derrycrew
CAMPBELL Graham Keenaghan
CAMPBELL James Keenaghan
CAMPBELL Margaret Clonmain
CAMPBELL Patrick Clonmain
CAMPBELL Thomas Aghinlig
CAMPBELL Thomas Ardress, East
CAPPAGH Alexander Cloven Eden
CAPPAGH Alexander Eagralougher
CARBERRY Matthew Annaghmore
CARBERRY Patrick Fernagreevagh
CARDWELL John Ballymagerny
CARDWELL John Cloven Eden
CARDWELL John Loughgall
CARDWELL John H. Village of Loughgall
CAREY James Kishaboy
CARLISLE Mary Anne Cloven Eden
CARR John Aghinlig
CARR John Borough of Charlemont
CARR Mary Annasamry
CARR Sarah Corr & Dunavally
CARROLL Edward Causanagh
CARROLL James Annaghmore
CARROLL James Derrycrew
CARROLL William Derrycrew
CARRON John Aghinlig
CARROTT [CARROLL?] Samuel Mullaghmore
CARSON Arthur Charlemont
CARSON James Charlemont
CARSON John Charlemont
CARTAN Anne Drumnasoo
CARTER Rev. Henry Village of Loughgall
CASEY Catherine Derrycrew
CASEY Henry Aghinlig
CASEY John Aghinlig
CASEY Mary Charlemont
CASEY Patrick Charlemont
CASTLES Isaac Ardress, West
CAUL Patrick Corr & Dunavally
CAULFIELD Mrs. E. W. Drumnasoo
CHAMBERS Bridget Fernagreevagh
CHAMBERS John Coragh
CHARLEMONT ??? Borough of Charlemont
CHARLEMONT ??? Charlemont
CHARLEMONT ??? Corr & Dunavally
CHERRY Richard Eagralougher
CHERRY Richard Levalleglish
CHERRY Richard Village of Loughgall
CHERRY Sarah Village of Loughgall
CHOMLEY Rev. J. R. Levalleglish
CLANCY George Aghinlig
CLANCY Patrick Aghinlig
CLANCY Robert Aghinlig
CLARKE Alexander Borough of Charlemont
CLARKE Alexander Charlemont
CLARKE Edward Corr & Dunavally
CLARKE George Levalleglish
CLARKE James Ardress, East
CLARKE John Loughgall
CLARKE Joseph Corr & Dunavally
CLARKE Mary Corr & Dunavally
CLARKE Robert Borough of Charlemont
CLARKE Robert Charlemont
CLARKE Robert Corr & Dunavally
CLARKE Sarah Ardress, East
CLARKE Thomas Ardress, East
CLARKE William Corr & Dunavally
CLARKE William James Corr & Dunavally
CLEMENTS Anne Charlemont
COLGAN Henry Clonmain
COLHOUN Patrick Clonmain
COLTER Robert Annaghmore
CONLAN David Corr & Dunavally
CONLAN George Ballymagerny
CONLAN Henry Ardress, West.
CONLAN John Ballymagerny
CONLAN Mary Anne Lisneany
CONLAN Patrick Eagralougher
CONLAN Robert Annasamry
CONLAN William Drumnasoo
CONNOR Charles Lissheffield
CONNOR Eliza Ardress, East
CONNOR James Aghinlig
CONNOR James Keenaghan
CONNOR James Lissheffield
CONNOR John Ardress, East
CONNOR Peter Ardress, East
CONNOR Thomas Ardress, East
CONWAY Elizabeth Aghinlig
CONWAY Henry Clonmain
CONWAY James Cloven Eden
CONWAY Michael Clonmain
CONWAY Peter Drumart
COOEY Matthew Levalleglish
COOKE Alexander Drumnasoo
COOKE Eliza Lisneany
COOKE George Drumnasoo
COOKE George Village of Loughgall
COOKE James Lisneany
COOKE John Lisneany
COOKE Robert Turcarra
COOLIGAN William Ardress, West
COOPER John Village of Loughgall
COPE Anna Ballygasey
COPE Anna Ballytyrone
COPE Anna Drumilly
COPE Anna G. Annaghmore
COPE Cecilia Village of Loughgall
COPE Rep. Francis Ballytyrone
COPE Rep. Francis Levalleglish
COPE Rep. Francis Lisneany
COPE Rep. Francis Loughgall
COPE Rep. Francis Village of Loughgall
COPELAND Thomas Derrycrew
COPELAND William Derrycrew
COPLETON Mary Ballymagerny
CORR James Mullaghmore
CORR Rep. Michael Mullaghmore
CORRIGAN Richard Lislasly
CORRIGAN Robert Annasamry
CORRIGAN Robert Lislasly
CORRIGAN Samuel Annasamry
CORRIGAN William Lislasly
COTTIER Martha Corr & Dunavally
COULTER Richard Annaghmore
COURTNEY Alice Lissheffield
COWDY [CODY] Anthony Clonmain
CRAIG Ellen Charlemont
CRANSTON Charles Ballymagerny
CRANSTON James Lissheffield
CRANSTON Margaret Lissheffield
CREGAN James Ardress, West
CREGAN James Coragh
CRONSTAN [CRANSTON?] Charles Ballygasey
CULBERT Jonathan Annaghmore
CULLEN Bernard Clonmain
CULLEN Christopher Ardress, West
CULLEN John Annaghmore
CULLEN John Ardress, West
CULLEN John Keenaghan
CULLEN Laurence Ardress, West
CULLEN Maria Ballytyrone
CULLEN Peter Mullaghmore
CULLEN William Drumart
CUNNINGHAM James Annaghmore
CUNNINGHAM John Annaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Mary Annaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Michael Mullaghmore
CUNNINGHAM Thomas Annaghmore
CURRAN Hugh Coragh
CURRAN John Ballygasey
CURREN George Fernagreevagh
CURRY Ellen Coragh
CURRY Henry Annaghmore
DALE Robert Ardress, West
DALTON Anne Lissheffield
DALY Anne Charlemont
DALY Cormac Lislasly
DALY Francis Charlemont
DALY James Aghinlig
DALY John Aghinlig
DALY John Lislasly
DALY Luke Cloven Eden
DALY Michael Aghinlig
DALY Peter Aghinlig
DALY Thomas Charlemont
DAVIDSON James Ardress, West
DAVIDSON James Clonmain
DAVIDSON Jane Ardress, West
DAVIDSON John Ardress, West
DAVIDSON John Ardress, West
DAVIDSON Joshua Annasamry
DAVIDSON Joshua Clonmain
DAVIDSON Thomas Ardress, West
DAVIDSON Walter Annasamry
DAVISON Abraham Annaghmore
DAVISON Thomas Annaghmore
DAVISON Thomas Coragh
DAVISON William Ballymagerny
DAVISON William Eagralougher
DEALE Robert Annaghmore
DEHAN James Eagralougher
DERMOTT Valentine Kinnegoe
DERMOTT Valentine Mullaghmore
DEVIN James Annaghmore
DEVINE Thomas Charlemont
DEVLIN Anne Mullaghmore
DEVLIN Bernard Annaghmore
DEVLIN Daniel Annaghmore
DEVLIN Henry Corr & Dunavally
DEVLIN Isaac Mullaghmore
DEVLIN James Aghinlig
DEVLIN James Annaghmore
DEVLIN James Corr & Dunavally
DEVLIN John Aghinlig
DEVLIN John Corr & Dunavally
DEVLIN John Keenaghan
DEVLIN John Mullaghmore
DEVLIN Michael Annaghmore
DEVLIN Neal Corr & Dunavally
DEVLIN Owen Annaghmore
DEVLIN Patrick, Jr. Mullaghmore
DEVLIN Patrick, Sr. Mullaghmore
DEVLIN Robert Ardress, West
DEVLIN William Annaghmore
DICKSON George Borough of Charlemont
DICKSON George Charlemont
DICKSON James Charlemont
DICKSON John Borough of Charlemont
DIXON Elizabeth Corr & Dunavally
DIXON Geo. Corr & Dunavally
DIXON George Corr & Dunavally
DIXON Thomas Corr & Dunavally
DOBSON John Charlemont
DODD Rep. John Ardress, West
DOHERTY Catherine Village of Loughgall
DOHERTY Rose Charlemont
DONAGHY Patrick Derrycrew
DONALDSON Thomas Mullaghmore
DONNELLY Anne Cloven Eden
DONNELLY Anne Kinnegoe
DONNELLY Bridget Keenaghan
DONNELLY Catherine Keenaghan
DONNELLY Ellen Cloven Eden
DONNELLY James Ballygasey
DONNELLY James Village of Loughgall
DONNELLY Peter Annaghmore
DONNELLY Philip Cloven Eden
DONNELLY Thomas Causanagh
DONOUGHY Charles Lislasly
DOOLY Anne Charlemont
DOON John Corr & Dunavally
DOON Terence Charlemont
DOWD Matthew Annaghmore
DOWNART Thomas Mullaghmore
DOWNEY Henry Keenaghan
DOWNEY John Drumnasoo
DOWNEY Margaret Charlemont
DRAINEY Henry Ballytyrone
DRAINEY Henry Drumilly
DREELAN John Eagralougher
DREWGAN [DRUGAN] Henry Aghinlig
DUFF Patrick Aghinlig
DUFFY Bernard Annaghmore
DUFFY Henry Annaghmore
DUFFY James Annaghmore
DUFFY Patrick Aghinlig
DUFFY Patrick Keenaghan
DUGAN John Clonmain
DUGGAN Jane Charlemont
DUKE James Derrycoose
DUNLOP John Derrycrew
DUNNE Daniel Annaghmore
ECCLES Thomas Cloven Eden
EDMONDSON Robin Charlemont
EDWARDS Thomas Tirmacrannon
ELLIOTT Eliza Ardress, West
ELLIOTT Eliza, Sr. West
ELLIOTT Elizabeth, Jr. Ardress, West
ELLIOTT James Ardress, West
ELLIOTT James Keenaghan
ELLIOTT John Annasamry
ELLIOTT John Ardress, West
ELLIOTT John Eagralougher
ELLIOTT Joseph Annasamry
ELLIOTT Robert Clonmain
EMMERSON Eliza Annasamry
EMMERSON John Annasamry
EMMERSON Wm., Jr. Annasamry
ENGLISH Elizabeth Kinnegoe
ENGLISH Elizabeth Mullaghmore
ENGLISH James Coragh
ENGLISH Margaret Kinnegoe
ENGLISH Thomas Derrycrew
ENSOR George Ardress, East
EVANS Eliza Charlemont
EWART John Ballymagerny
FALLS John Corr & Dunavally
FARLEY John Aghinlig
FARLEY John Causanagh
FARNAM Michael Lislasly
FARRELL Elizabeth Lislasly
FAY Felix Coragh
FAY James Causanagh
FAY John Causanagh
FERGUSON Margaret Ardress, West
FERGUSON Mary Anne Charlemont
FERGUSON Sarah Charlemont
FERIN Bernard Annaghmore
FERIN Owen Annaghmore
FERIN Patrick Annaghmore
FERIN Sarah Annaghmore
FERIN Thomas Annaghmore
FERRY James Levalleglish
FINNEGAN John Clonmain
FINNIGAN James Lislasly
FLANAGAN Robert Drumilly
FLEMING John Village of Loughgall
FLETCHER Jacob Ardress, East
FLETCHER Robert Ardress, East
FORBES John Ardress, West
FOSTER Joseph Drumharriff
FOX Patrick Annaghmore
FOX Rose Annaghmore
FOX Terence Annaghmore
FOX Thomas Mullaghmore
FRANCIS Rebecca Charlemont
FRAZER Ruth Village of Loughgall
FREEBARN John, Jr. Annaghmore
FREEBARN John, Sr. Annaghmore
FRIZELL Hugh Annaghmore
FRIZELL Hugh, Jr. Annaghmore
FRIZELL Hugh, Sr. Annaghmore
FRIZELL James Annaghmore
FRIZELL William Annaghmore
FRIZELLE James Ardress, West
FULLERTON Robert Keenaghan
FULLERTON William Eagralougher
GADDIS Thomas Clonmain
GALBRAITH John Charlemont
GALLAGHER James Annaghmore
GALLOWAY George Ballygasey
GARLAND Robert Charlemont
GARLAND Thomas Village of Loughgall
GARTLAND Anne Aghinlig
GARTLAND Denis Aghinlig
GARVEY Letitia Aghinlig
GATES Jane Derrycrew
GEDDIS James Cloven Eden
GEDDIS Robert Cloven Eden
GILLESPIE Thomas Ardress, West
GILPIN Jane Annaghmore
GILPIN John Annaghmore
GILPIN Johnston Ardress, East
GIRVAN William Drumnasoo
GLASS Samuel Ballytyrone
GLASS Samuel Lissheffield
GLASS Thomas Borough of Charlemont
GORDON James Mullaghmore
GORDON James Tirmacrannon
GRAHAM Thomas Drumharriff
GRAY James Clonmain
GREENAWAY Francis Annaghmore
GREENAWAY Robert Coragh
GREENWOOD Elizabeth Lislasly
GREENWOOD John Ballymagerny
GREENWOOD John Lislasly
GREGG Martha Drumart
GREW Felix Keenaghan
GRIMASON Thomas Charlemont
GRIMLEY Anne Derrycoose
GRIMLY Catherine Aghinlig
GRIMLY John Aghinlig
HADDEN Susannah Annaghmore
HADDON Robert Drumharriff
HAGAN Henry Annaghmore
HAGAN James Aghinlig
HAGAN James Lislasly
HAGAN John Aghinlig
HAGAN Patrick Ardress, West
HAGAN Thomas Kishaboy
HAGERTY Edward Lislasly
HAGERTY James Lislasly
HALFERTY Joseph Drumnasoo
HALL Henry Drumharriff
HALL Joseph Fernagreevagh
HALL Mary Fernagreevagh
HALL Ruth Ballymagerny
HALL Thomas Annaghmore
HALL Thomas Cloven Eden
HALL William Loughgall
HALLIGAN Christopher Cloven Eden
HALLIGAN Hugh Coragh
HALLIGAN James Coragh
HALLIGAN Nicholas Derrycrew
HALLIGAN Thomas Causanagh
HALLIGAN Thomas Coragh
HALLIGAN William Causanagh
HALLIGAN William Cloven Eden
HALLIGAN William Coragh
HAMILL Charles Lislasly
HAMILL James Corr & Dunavally
HAMILL James, Jr. Corr & Dunavally
HAMILL John Borough of Charlemont
HAMILL John Clonmain
HAMILL John Kishaboy
HAMILL Mary Annaghmacmanus
HAMILL Thomas Aghinlig
HAMILTON George Fernagreevagh
HAMILTON James Ardress, West
HAMILTON James Keenaghan
HAMILTON William Kishaboy
HAMPTON Margaret Charlemont
HANLON John Eagralougher
HANLON Mary Ardress, West
HANLON Thomas Eagralougher
HANLON William Ballymagerny
HANNON James Annaghmore
HANVEY [HARVEY?] Richard Annaghmore
HARDY John Derrycoose
HARDY Rev. Edward Cloven Eden
HARDY William Ballygasey
HARDY William Levalleglish
HARDY William Village of Loughgall
HARE John, Sr. Keenaghan
HARVEY John Drumnasoo
HAYES George Clonmain
HAYES John Ballytyrone
HAYES John Loughgall
HEARNE Samuel Ballymagerny
HEATHER John Borough of Charlemont
HEATHERMAN John Charlemont
HEATHERS John Corr & Dunavally
HEATHERS Richard Kishaboy
HEGARTY Daniel Aghinlig
HEGARTY Edward Aghinlig
HENDERSON John Annaghmore
HENDRY John Cloven Eden
HENDRY John Eagralougher
HENDRY Mary Ardress, West
HENRY Bernard Causanagh
HENRY James Borough of Charlemont
HENRY James Charlemont
HENRY Rev. William Annasamry
HENRY Rev. William Clonmain
HERON George Charlemont
HIGGINS George Eagralougher
HILLAN John Clonmain
HOBBS William Ballytyrone
HOBBS William Charlemont
HOBBS William Kishaboy
HOBSON Joshua Ballytyrone
HOBSON Joshua Drumilly
HOGG Thomas Eagralougher
HOLLAND James Turcarra
HOLLAND Thomas Turcarra
HOOLEY James Eagralougher
HUGHES ??? Aghinlig
HUGHES Cecilia Charlemont
HUGHES Daniel Eagralougher
HUGHES Edward Ardress, West
HUGHES Edward Tirmacrannon
HUGHES Henry Corr & Dunavally
HUGHES James Borough of Charlemont
HUGHES James Corr & Dunavally
HUGHES John Tirmacrannon
HUGHES Mary Charlemont
HUGHES Mary Tirmacrannon
HUGHES Michael Corr & Dunavally
HUGHES Peter Borough of Charlemont
HUGHES Peter Charlemont
HUGHES Peter Corr & Dunavally
HUGHES Peter Keenaghan
HUGHES Rose Corr & Dunavally
HUGHES Sarah Borough of Charlemont
HUGHES Sarah Charlemont
HUGHES William Borough of Charlemont
HUGHES William Charlemont
HUMPHREYS Robert Derrycoose
HUTCHINSON Alexander Turcarra
HUTCHINSON George Annaghmore
HUTCHINSON George Keenaghan
HUTCHISON John Drumnasoo
HUTCHISON Joseph Ballytyrone
HYDE William Loughgall
HYNES Samuel Annaghmore
HYNES William Fernagreevagh
IRWIN Archibald Kinnegoe
IRWIN Archibald Lislasly
IRWIN Archibald Mullaghmore
IRWIN Archibald Tirmacrannon
IRWIN Christopher Kinnegoe
IRWIN Christopher Mullaghmore
IRWIN Christopher Tirmacrannon
IRWIN James Cloven Eden
IRWIN James Kinnegoe
IRWIN James Mullaghmore
IRWIN John Cloven Eden
IRWIN Margaret Aghinlig
IRWIN Patrick Causanagh
IRWIN Richard Coragh
IRWIN Richard Derrycrew
IRWIN Sarah Clonmain
IRWIN Sarah Cloven Eden
IRWIN Thomas Cloven Eden
JACKSON Benjamin Coragh
JACKSON Joseph Coragh
JACKSON Joseph Fernagreevagh
JACKSON Joseph Village of Loughgall
JACKSON Margaret Ballymagerny
JACKSON Mary Ballymagerny
JACKSON Thomas Clonmain
JACKSON Walter Coragh
JACKSON Walter Derrycrew
JACKSON William Coragh
JAMESON Anne Kinnegoe
JAMESON Francis Corr & Dunavally
JAMESON Mary Anne Keenaghan
JAMESON William Corr & Dunavally
JOHNSON Ellen Ballytyrone
JOHNSON Mary Annasamry
JOHNSON Robert Lisneany
JOHNSON Wilson Clonmain
JOHNSTON John Keenaghan
JONES Mary Ballymagerny
JONES William Turcarra
KEANE John Ardress, East
KEANE Rev. John B. Ardress, East
KEARNS Amelia Loughgall
KEARNS George Annaghmore
KEEGAN Thomas Lissheffield
KEENAN Edward Drumnasoo
KEENAN James Aghinlig
KEENAN Mary Aghinlig
KEENAN William Annaghmore
KELLY Catherine Charlemont
KELLY Edward Aghinlig
KELLY Eliza Charlemont
KELLY James Ballytyrone
KELLY James Drumart
KELLY James Turcarra
KELLY John Mullaghmore
KELLY Patrick Loughgall
KELLY Thomas Turcarra
KELSO Francis Fernagreevagh
KENNY Jane Ardress, West
KERR John Charlemont
KERR John Keenaghan
KERR Patrick Keenaghan
KERR Peter Keenaghan
KERR Terence Keenaghan
KERR Thomas Keenaghan
KEYS Isabella Derrycrew
KILLEEN Susan Annaghmore
KILLINGS Joseph Village of Loughgall
KILPATRICK James Annasamry
KILPATRICK James Borough of Charlemont
KILPATRICK James Charlemont
KILPATRICK John Turcarra
KIMLIN George Drumharriff
KIMLIN James Ballymagerny
KIMMINS Thomas Derrycoose
KIMMINS William Derrycoose
KIMMITT Rev. Edward Ballygasey
KINCAID John Ballytyrone
KINCAID John Village of Loughgall
KING John Village of Loughgall
KING William Ballygasey
KINGSBURY Henry Ballygasey
KIRBREY [CARBERRY?] Matilda Ballytyrone
KITTRICK [MCKITTRICK?] Samuel Charlemont
LANG James Aghinlig
LANG James Keenaghan
LAPPIN Anne Ballymagerny
LAPPIN James Cloven Eden
LAPPIN William Drumharriff
LATTON John Annaghmore
LAVELLE Bridget Village of Loughgall
LAVELLE Catherine Ardress, West
LAVELLE John Cloven Eden
LAVERY Denis Annasamry
LAVERY Edward Aghinlig
LAVERY George Kinnegoe
LAVERY George Mullaghmore
LAVERY Hugh Keenaghan
LAVERY James Annaghmore
LAVERY John Tirmacrannon
LAVERY Margaret Kinnegoe
LAVERY Margaret Mullaghmore
LAVERY Michael Aghinlig
LAVERY Robert Annasamry
LAVERY Thomas Keenaghan
LAWSON Hardwick Keenaghan
LAWSON William Annaghmore
LAWSON William John Clonmain
LAYCOCK Hugh Keenaghan
LEAMY Patrick Fernagreevagh
LEE Henry Derrycrew
LEE Robert Annasamry
LEE Sarah Charlemont
LEEPER William Loughgall
LEEPER William W. Village of Loughgall
LENNON Anne Ardress, West
LENNON John Ardress, West
LENNOX Andrew Ballygasey
LEWIS Frances Corr & Dunavally
LIND Jenny Mullaghmore
LINDSAY Samuel Charlemont
LITTLE John Village of Loughgall
LOCK George Ballymagerny
LONEY Francis Ballymagerny
LONEY John, Jr. Annaghmore
LONEY John, Sr. Annaghmore
LONEY Thomas Loughgall
LONG James Derrycrew
LONG John Ballytyrone
LONG Mary Cloven Eden
LONG Moses Drumnasoo
LONG Robert Village of Loughgall
LONSDALE James Causanagh
LONSDALE James Coragh
LONSDALE James Eagralougher
LONSDALE John Coragh
LOUGHERAN John Ardress, West
LUDDEN Thomas Ballymagerny
LUDDON James Fernagreevagh
LUDLOW William Ballytyrone
LYNCH Henry Charlemont
LYNN William Clonmain
MACKALL Peter Aghinlig
MACKALL Peter Keenaghan
MACKALL Terence Aghinlig
MACKALL Terence Kinnegoe
MACKALL Terence Lislasly
MACKAY James Charlemont
MACKLIN Patrick Ardress, East
MACLES James Ardress, West
MADDEN John Corr & Dunavally
MADIGAN James, Jr. Annaghmore
MADIGAN James, Sr. Annaghmore
MAGARE John Derrycrew
MAGEE Anne Lissheffield
MAGEE Mary Charlemont
MAGEE Patrick Levalleglish
MAGILL James Coragh
MAGILL Patrick Derrycrew
MAGRATH Michael Causanagh
MAGUIRE Bernard Mullaghmore
MAGUIRE Bridget Aghinlig
MAGUIRE Bridget Mullaghmore
MAGUIRE Edward Drumnasoo
MAGUIRE John Keenaghan
MAGUIRE Mave Drumnasoo
MAGUIRE Peter Drumnasoo
MAGURK John Derrycrew
MAJOR Robert Fernagreevagh
MALLEN Patrick Charlemont
MALLEN Rose Charlemont
MALLON Bernard Aghinlig
MALLON John Keenaghan
MALLON Michael Aghinlig
MALLON Michael Keenaghan
MALLON Patrick Aghinlig
MALLON Patrick Annaghmacmanus
MALONE Isaiah, Jr. Annaghmacmanus
MALONE Isaiah, Sr. Annaghmacmanus
MARKS Jacob Cloven Eden
MARSHALL George Keenaghan
MARSHALL Jacob Fernagreevagh
MARSHALL James Derrycrew
MARSHALL James Fernagreevagh
MARSHALL James, Jr. Fernagreevagh
MARSHALL John Derrycrew
MARSHALL John Fernagreevagh
MARSHALL Thomas Annasamry
MARSHALL William Derrycrew
MARSHALL William Fernagreevagh
MARTIN George Tirmacrannon
MARTIN James Cloven Eden
MARTIN John Keenaghan
MARTIN Robert Annasamry
MCADAM John Derrycoose
MCALINDON Francis Lislasly
MCANALLY Hugh Clonmain
MCANALLY John Aghinlig
MCANALLY Patrick Annaghmore
MCANASPY Cornelius Lislasly
MCANASPY James Lislasly
MCANASPY Patrick Lislasly
MCANESPY Owen Borough of Charlemont
MCANESPY Owen Charlemont
MCANESPY Sarah Aghinlig
MCATAMNEY Patrick Keenaghan
MCATARNEY Arthur Annaghmore
MCATARSNEY Francis Annaghmore
MCATEE Peter Coragh
MCCABE Henry Clonmain
MCCABE Henry Cloven Eden
MCCABE Samuel Eagralougher
MCCABE William Eagralougher
MCCALL James Charlemont
MCCALL Robert Charlemont
MCCANN Cecilia Mullaghmore
MCCANN Isabella Ballytyrone
MCCANN John Aghinlig
MCCANN Peter Ardress, West
MCCARTNEY George Keenaghan
MCCARTNEY James Causanagh
MCCARTNEY John Clonmain
MCCLATCHEY William Levalleglish
MCCLATCHEY William Village of Loughgall
MCCLELLAND David Causanagh
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Aghinlig
MCCLUSKEY Bernard Keenaghan
MCCLUSKEY Elizabeth Loughgall
MCCLUSKEY James Aghinlig
MCCLUSKEY James Annaghmore
MCCLUSKEY James Ardress, East
MCCLUSKEY Thomas Annaghmore
MCCLUSKY Bernard Keenaghan
MCCONNELL Robert Ballytyrone
MCCORMACK Arthur Keenaghan
MCCORMACK Francis Causanagh
MCCORMICK Felix Coragh
MCCORMICK Margaret Ballymagerny
MCCRACKEN James Cloven Eden
MCCRACKEN John Cloven Eden
MCCRACKEN Robert Charlemont
MCCREA James Levalleglish
MCCREA William Loughgall
MCCREALY Charles Corr & Dunavally
MCCREE Ellen Keenaghan
MCCULLAGH Sarah Eagralougher
MCCUSKER Henry Keenaghan
MCCUSKER Joseph Loughgall
MCDONALD Mary Coragh
MCDONALD William Coragh
MCDONNELL Henry Drumharriff
MCDONNELL James Clonmain
MCDONNELL James Lissheffield
MCDOWELL Sarah Ballygasey
MCDOWELL Thomas Ballygasey
MCDOWELL William Village of Loughgall
MCEWEN William Corr & Dunavally
MCFADDEN William Charlemont
MCFARLAND William Coragh
MCGEARY Felix Aghinlig
MCGEARY John Aghinlig
MCGEE John Drumnasoo
MCGERR Arthur Aghinlig
MCGERR Arthur Keenaghan
MCGERR John Aghinlig
MCGILLY Bryan Annaghmore
MCGILLY Patrick Annaghmore
MCGLENNAN Thomas Eagralougher
MCGRANE James Aghinlig
MCGRATH Bernard Annaghmore
MCGRATH Thomas Corr & Dunavally
MCGUIGAN Loughlin Drumart
MCGUIGGAN Francis Corr & Dunavally
MCGUIRK Ellen Keenaghan
MCILLGAUN Patrick Ardress, West
MCKAIG Anne Charlemont
MCKAY William Keenaghan
MCKEEVER John Tirmacrannon
MCKENNA Bernard Ardress, West
MCKENNA Bernard Corr & Dunavally
MCKENNA Catherine Corr & Dunavally
MCKENNA James Charlemont
MCKENNA Jane Annaghmore
MCKENNA John Ardress, West
MCKENNA Mary Ardress, West
MCKENNA Patrick Annaghmore
MCKENNA Patrick Ballytyrone
MCKENNA Thomas Keenaghan
MCKENNA William Ardress, West
MCKEON James Causanagh
MCKEONE James Fernagreevagh
MCKEOWN Ellen Annaghmore
MCKEOWN James Derrycrew
MCKEOWN John Annaghmore
MCKEOWN Peter Annaghmore
MCKEOWN Robert Ardress, West
MCKEY James Lislasly
MCKINSAY William Clonmain
MCKITTRICK Alexander Coragh
MCKITTRICK Alexander Derrycrew
MCKITTRICK James Derrycrew
MCKITTRICK John Annaghmore
MCKITTRICK John Village of Loughgall
MCKITTRICK Tobias Annaghmacmanus
MCKITTRICK William Annaghmore
MCKITTRICK William Charlemont
MCLOUGHLIN Joseph Ballygasey
MCMANAMAN William Ardress, East
MCMULLEN Mary Anne Village of Loughgall
MCMURDY Joseph Levalleglish
MCNALLY James Ardress, West
MCNALLY Reps. of John Ardress, West
MCNAUGHTON William Annaghmore
MCNEECE Bernard Annaghmore
MCNEECE Ellen Annaghmore
MCNEECE Francis Annaghmore
MCNEECE Henry Clonmain
MCNEECE Mary Annaghmore
MCNEECE Matthew Annaghmore
MCNEECE Patrick Annaghmore
MCNEECE Thomas Annaghmore
MCNEILL George Annaghmore
MCNEILL James Fernagreevagh
MCNEILL John Annaghmore
MCNEILL William Annaghmore
MCNICHOLL John Ardress, East
MCNIECE Michael Ardress, East
MCPARLAND Daniel Keenaghan
MCPARLAND Henry Drumnasoo
MCQUADE John Fernagreevagh
MCQUAID Catherine Ardress, West
MCQUAID Hugh Ballymagerny
MCQUAID Hugh Derrycrew
MCQUAID Hugh Drumharriff
MCQUAID James Derrycoose
MCQUAID John Fernagreevagh
MCSHANE James Annaghmore
MCSHERRY Mary Aghinlig
MCSORLEY Hugh Keenaghan
MEEK Patrick Charlemont
MILLAR Anne Corr & Dunavally
MILLAR James Corr & Dunavally
MILLAR Martha Corr & Dunavally
MILLAR Samuel Corr & Dunavally
MILLAR William Corr & Dunavally
MILLAR William Village of Loughgall
MILLS James Charlemont
MOLE ??? Kishaboy
MOLLOY Richard Aghinlig
MOLYNEUX Baronet Capel Turcarra
MONTGOMERY John Aghinlig
MOONEY Bernard Mullaghmore
MOONEY Catherine Mullaghmore
MOONEY Thomas Charlemont
MOORE John Borough of Charlemont
MOORE Mary Kinnegoe
MOORE Robert Eagralougher
MOORE Thomas Annaghmacmanus
MOORE William Annaghmacmanus
MOORELAND James Borough of Charlemont
MORELAND James Charlemont
MORELAND James Corr & Dunavally
MORGAN James Charlemont
MORGAN James Corr & Dunavally
MORGAN Mary Corr & Dunavally
MORGAN Thomas Turcarra
MORRIS Thomas Keenaghan
MORRISON Thomas Aghinlig
MORROW Mary Village of Loughgall
MORTON Terence Ardress, West
MULDOON William Annaghmore
MULHOLLAND William Ardress, West
MULLAN Edward Annaghmore
MULLEN John Aghinlig
MULLEN John Annaghmore
MULLEN John P. Annaghmore
MULLEN Rose Annaghmore
MULLEN Samuel Ardress, East
MULLEN Thomas Derrycrew
MULLEN William Annaghmore
MULLIGAN Elizabeth Annaghmore
MULLIGAN John Aghinlig
MULLIGAN Warnock Aghinlig
MULLINS James Tirmacrannon
MURDOCK George Fernagreevagh
MURDOCK John, Jr. Derrycoose
MURDOCK John, Sr. Derrycoose
MURDOCK Robert Derrycoose
MURDOCK Robert, Jr. Derrycoose
MURPHY Daniel Annaghmore
MURPHY John Corr & Dunavally
MURPHY Sarah Annaghmore
MURRAY Edward Ardress, West
MURRAY James Eagralougher
MURRAY Jane Turcarra
MURRAY John Eagralougher
MURRAY John Kinnegoe
MURRAY Michael Drumnasoo
MURRAY Owen Eagralougher
MURRAY Patrick Eagralougher
MURTAGH Charles Keenaghan
MYLES George Corr & Dunavally
NEAL Charles Fernagreevagh
NEAL John Eagralougher
NEAL Patrick Coragh
NEILL Anne Coragh
NEILL Arthur Corr & Dunavally
NEILL Charles Annaghmacmanus
NEILL Felix Coragh
NEILL Henry Derrycrew
NEILL John Annaghmore
NEILL Mary Charlemont
NEILL Mary Kinnegoe
NEILL Rose Aghinlig
NEILL Sarah Corr & Dunavally
NELSON Jane Charlemont
NELSON Mary Borough of Charlemont
NELSON Mary Kishaboy
NEVILLE Ellen Kinnegoe
NEVILLE Henry Annaghmore
NEVILLE Margaret Mullaghmore
NEWELL Sarah Ardress, West
NICHOLSON Charles Clonmain
NICHOLSON Charles Jas. Cloven Eden
NICHOLSON Harriett Ardress, East
NICHOLSON Joseph Drumnasoo
NICHOLSON Joshua Drumnasoo
NOBLE Robert Village of Loughgall
OAKES Walter Annaghmore
OAKS Eliza Ardress, East
OAKS William Ardress, East
OGILBY James Tirmacrannon
O'NEILL Daniel Eagralougher
O'NEILL John Eagralougher
O'NEILL Mary Charlemont
ORR Jacob Clonmain
ORR Jacob Cloven Eden
ORR Jacob Drumharriff
ORR Jacob, Jr. Ballymagerny
ORR Jacob, Sr. Ballymagerny
ORR Jacob, Sr. Fernagreevagh
ORR James Charlemont
ORR James Village of Loughgall
ORR John Ballymagerny
ORR Joseph Loughgall
ORR Joseph Village of Loughgall
ORR Nathaniel Clonmain
ORR Robert Ballymagerny
ORR Robert Coragh
ORR Sinclair Ballymagerny
ORR Sinclair Loughgall
ORR Sinclair Village of Loughgall
ORR Thomas Annaghmore
ORR William Ardress, East
ORR William Ballymagerny
ORR William Coragh
ORR William Drumharriff
ORR William Lisneany
ORR William Loughgall
PAISLEY Alexander Ballymagerny
PAISLEY Henry Village of Loughgall
PALMER Eliza Annaghmore
PALMER William, Jr. Annaghmore
PALMER William, Sr. Annaghmore
PARKER Matthew Levalleglish
PARNELL Rep. John Aghinlig
PARNELL Rep. John Keenaghan
PARNELL Rep. John Kinnegoe
PARNELL Rep. John Lislasly
PATTERSON Richard Clonmain
PEARSON Joseph Annaghmore
PEDEN John Drumart
PEEL Christopher Turcarra
PEEL Ruth Turcarra
PHILLIPS William Corr & Dunavally
PIGNELL Sarah Ballytyrone
PLUNKETT Martha Charlemont
POWELL William Borough of Charlemont
POWELL William Charlemont
POWELL William Corr & Dunavally
PRENTIS John Cloven Eden
PRESTON Alexander Ballymagerny
PRESTON Alexander Derrycrew
PRESTON Margaret Coragh
PRINTY [PRUNTY] John Cloven Eden
PROCTOR Ellen Ballytyrone
PROCTOR Isabella Eagralougher
PROCTOR John Drumilly
PROCTOR Thomas Ballytyrone
PROCTOR Thomas Coragh
PROCTOR Thomas Eagralougher
PROCTOR William Ballytyrone
PRUNTY Daniel Annaghmore
PRUNTY Owen Mullaghmore
PRUNTY Owen Tirmacrannon
QUIGLEY Robert Ballymagerny
QUINN Anne Charlemont
QUINN Bernard Cloven Eden
QUINN Bernard Derrycrew
QUINN Felix Corr & Dunavally
QUINN James Corr & Dunavally
QUINN Jas. Derrycrew
QUINN John Charlemont
QUINN Sarah Ballymagerny
RAFFERTY Bernard Aghinlig
RAFFERTY Bernard Ardress, East
RAFFERTY Felix Ardress, East
RAFFERTY John Ardress, West
RAFFERTY John Derrycrew
RAFFERTY John Keenaghan
RAFFERTY Patrick Kishaboy
RAFFERTY William Drumnasoo
RAINEY William Charlemont
RAVERTY Margaret Annaghmore
RAVERTY Peter Loughgall
RAW John Derrycrew
RAW Sarah Derrycrew
RAY James Drumart
READ Jane Ballygasey
READ Robert Causanagh
READ Robert Clonmain
READ William Derrycrew
REDMOND James Kishaboy
REDMOND Philip Causanagh
REDMOND Philip Coragh
REDMOND Robert Derrycrew
REGAN Michael Drumnasoo
REID William Charlemont
REILLY Anne Keenaghan
REILLY John Lisneany
REILLY John Lissheffield
REILLY Joseph Keenaghan
REILLY Patrick Charlemont
REILLY Richard Annaghmore
REILLY Samuel Lissheffield
REILLY William Fernagreevagh
RICHARDSON Isaac Derrycrew
RICHARDSON Jane Derrycrew
RICHARDSON Jane Eagralougher
RICHARDSON Jn. Derrycrew
RICHARDSON John Derrycrew
RICHARDSON John Tirmacrannon
RICHARDSON John Turcarra
RICHARDSON William Coragh
RICHARDSON William Derrycrew
RICHES Edward Lisneany
RICHES Edward Loughgall
RITCHIE James Clonmain
ROBERTS Mary Turcarra
ROBINSON Edward Ballygasey
ROBINSON Edward Levalleglish
ROBINSON Henry Charlemont
ROBINSON James Aghinlig
ROBINSON James Ballymagerny
ROBINSON Jno. Derrycrew
ROBINSON John Coragh
ROBINSON John Corr & Dunavally
ROBINSON John Derrycrew
ROBINSON R ep. Samuel Borough of Charlemont
ROBINSON Rebecca Charlemont
ROBINSON Rebecca Derrycrew
ROBINSON Robert Aghinlig
ROBINSON Robert Coragh
ROBINSON Robert Corr & Dunavally
ROBINSON Robert Derrycrew
ROBINSON Thomas Coragh
ROBINSON Thomas Derrycrew
ROBINSON William Ardress, East
ROBINSON William Coragh
ROBINSON William Corr & Dunavally
RODGERS James Cloven Eden
ROLESTON Brown Lislasly
ROLESTONE Brown Aghinlig
ROLESTONE Sarah Aghinlig
RONADTRA [ROUNDTREE?] John Ballymagerny
ROSS George Ballytyrone
ROSS James Lissheffield
ROSS Thomas Lisneany
ROSS Thomas Lissheffield
ROUNDTREE Johnson Causanagh
RUDDY Edward Mullaghmore
RYAN James Ballytyrone
RYAN Patrick Corr & Dunavally
RYAN Simon Corr & Dunavally
SANDFORD Jacob Annaghmore
SCOTT Robert Annaghmore
SCOTT William Annaghmore
SCOTT William Corr & Dunavally
SCUISE James Aghinlig
SEALS Susan Derrycrew
SHEGOG Robert Coragh
SHEPPARD Joseph Levalleglish
SHEPPARD Joseph Village of Loughgall
SHILLINGTON Thomas Ardress, East
SHORT James Ballymagerny
SHORT James Loughgall
SIMPSON William Annaghmore
SINCLAIR William Clonmain
SKIMMINGTON Michael Drumart
SLANE Sarah Charlemont
SLATOR Robert Fernagreevagh
SLOAN George Drumharriff
SLOANE George Ballygasey
SMART Maria Annaghmacmanus
SMART Maria Borough of Charlemont
SMART Maria Charlemont
SMART Maria Corr & Dunavally
SMITH James Corr & Dunavally
SMITH Samuel Aghinlig
SMITH Samuel Keenaghan
SMITH William Derrycoose
SMITH William G. Lisneany
SMYTH Matilda Ballymagerny
SMYTH William Eagralougher
SPENCE George Lissheffield
SPENCE Margaret Annaghmore
SPENCE Robert Ballytyrone
SPENCE Thomas Causanagh
SPENCER Thomas Drumart
STANTON Jane Keenaghan
STAPLETON George Coragh
STEEN Solomon Drumart
STEPHENSON Ruth Ballytyrone
STEWART Michael Charlemont
STEWART Thos. Ballygasey
STOTHERS James Fernagreevagh
STOTHERS John Fernagreevagh
STOTHERS Moses Causanagh
STOTHERS Moses Coragh
STOTHERS William Fernagreevagh
STOTHERS William. J. Village of Loughgall
STRATTEN John Derrycrew
STRATTON John Annaghmore
STRINGER Arthur Kinnegoe
STRINGER Jane Drumart
SYMMINGTON Robert Fernagreevagh
TAGUE Henry Keenaghan
TAYLOR Robert Drumnasoo
TAYLOR Robert Turcarra
TEAGUE Alice Ardress, West
TEAGUE Patrick Ardress, West
TEAGUE Patrick Eagralougher
TEIGE Charles Causanagh
TEIGE James Ballymagerny
TELFORD James Mullaghmore
TEMPLAR Robert B. Cloven Eden
THOMPSON George Annaghmore
THOMPSON John Derrycrew
THOMPSON Mary Ardress, East
THOMPSON Mary Derrycrew
THOMPSON William Ballygasey
THOMPSON William Clonmain
THOMPSON William Derrycrew
THOMPSON William Lisneany
THOMPSON William Loughgall
THOMPSON William Village of Loughgall
TODD Jane Turcarra
TOLE Edward Tirmacrannon
TOLE Mary Keenaghan
TONER James Drumharriff
TONER Patrick Coragh
TRAYNOR Christopher Cloven Eden
TREANOR Anne Lislasly
TREANOR George Lislasly
TREANOR James Lislasly
TRELFORD Robert Annasamry
TRELFORD William Annaghmore
TROTTER John Charlemont
VALELLY Mary Mullaghmore
VALLELY Edward Charlemont
VALLELY James Ardress, West
VALLELY Patrick Keenaghan
VENARD James Lisneany
VERNER Baronet William Annasamry
VERNER William Annasamry
WALKER John Ballytyrone
WALKER William Annaghmore
WALKER William H. Village of Loughgall
WALLACE Andrew Ballytyrone
WALLACE Anne Aghinlig
WALSH Robert Annaghmore
WALSH Thomas Annaghmore
WARBERTON Peter Borough of Charlemont
WARBURTON Peter Charlemont
WARBURTON Peter Corr & Dunavally
WARD Bridget Clonmain
WARD John Ardress, West
WARD William Clonmain
WATSON William Charlemont
WATT Ellen Corr & Dunavally
WEBB Henry Causanagh
WEIR Anne Keenaghan
WEIR Anne Kinnegoe
WEIR Anne Mullaghmore
WEIR Anne Tirmacrannon
WEIR Edward Charlemont
WEIR John Kinnegoe
WEIR John Mullaghmore
WEIR Thomas Kinnegoe
WEST James Fernagreevagh
WEST Mary Anne Ballymagerny
WEST Mary Anne Coragh
WEST Robert Ballymagerny
WEST Thomas Coragh
WEST William Ballymagerny
WEST William Derrycoose
WHITE James Kinnegoe
WHITE James Mullaghmore
WHITE John Charlemont
WHITE John Mullaghmore
WHITE Robert Annaghmore
WHITE Thomas Clonmain
WHITE William Clonmain
WILEY James Drumharriff
WILEY John Drumharriff
WILEY Matthew Mullaghmore
WILEY Thomas Coragh
WILKIN William Ballymagerny
WILKIN William Drumharriff
WILLIAMSON John Annaghmore
WILLIAMSON Phoebe Annaghmore
WILLIAMSON Richard Annaghmore
WILLIAMSON William Aghinlig
WILLIS John Annaghmore
WILLIS Joshua Annaghmore
WILLIS William Village of Loughgall
WILSON Eliza Charlemont
WILSON Elizabeth Eagralougher
WILSON James Charlemont
WILSON John Ardress, West
WILSON John Coragh
WILSON Joseph Lisneany
WILSON Mary Charlemont
WILSON Thomas Causanagh
WINCHESTER John Fernagreevagh
WINTER Daniel Ardress, West
WINTER John Annaghmore
WINTERBOTHAM John Ballygasey
WINTERBOTTOM Samuel Charlemont
WINTERBOTTOM Samuel Corr & Dunavally
WINTERBOTTOM William Keenaghan
WOODS David Clonmain
WOODS Patrick Aghinlig
WOODS Samuel Village of Loughgall
WOOLSEY Samuel Fernagreevagh
WRIGHT Abraham Fernagreevagh
WRIGHT Capt. ??? Borough of Charlemont
WRIGHT James Annaghmore
WRIGHT James Derrycrew
WRIGHT John Drumilly
WRIGHT Joseph S. Charlemont
WRIGHT Thomas Derrycrew
WRIGHT Thomas Lisneany
WRIGHT Thomas Loughgall
WRIGHT Thomas Village of Loughgall
WRIGHT William Ballymagerny
WRIGHT William Derrycrew
WRIGHT William Drumnasoo
WYNNE Thomas Clonmain
YEWARDS John Aghinlig
YOUNG Francis Charlemont