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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Lissan Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see


Further relevant reading: Lissan Parish Tithe Applotment Book (1827)


Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballynagilly Broughderg Cluntyganny Coolreaghs
Creevagh Creeve Davagh Lower Davagh Upper
Drumgrass Dunmore Feegarran Lissan
Slaghtfreeden Tamnyhagan Tatnagilta Unagh



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Ballybriest Ballyforlea Brackagh Caneese
Clagan Coltrim Derryganard Dirnan
Drumard Drummeen Drummeen (Drapers) Drumrot
Dunnabraggy Glebe Killybasky Knockadoo
Letteran Lissan Demesne Mobuy Moneyhaw
Muff Rossmore Tintagh Tullynure




ADAMS James Drumard Londonderry
ADDERLY Thomas Cluntyganny Tyrone
ALLEN Samuel Drumard Londonderry
ALLEN Samuel Tintagh Londonderry
ALLEN Samuel Tullynure Londonderry
ANDERSON George Knockadoo Londonderry
ANDERSON James Turnaface Londonderry
ANDERSON John Dunnabraggy Londonderry
ANDERSON John Knockadoo Londonderry
ANDERSON Samuel Knockadoo Londonderry
ANDERSON Thomas Dunnabraggy Londonderry
ARMSTRONG Anne Drumard Londonderry
ARTHURS James Killybasky Londonderry
ARTHURS John Killybasky Londonderry
ATKINSON Rev. Robt. G. Glebe Londonderry
BALLANTINE Armor Broughderg Tyrone
BARFOOT Henry Drumard Londonderry
BARKER Anne Unagh Tyrone
BARKER Ellen Rossmore Londonderry
BARKER Hamilton Ballybriest Londonderry
BARKER Hugh Drumgrass Tyrone
BARKER James Coltrim Londonderry
BARKER Margaret Rossmore Londonderry
BARKER Thomas Rossmore Londonderry
BEAN John Lismoney Londonderry
BELL David Ballynagilly Tyrone
BELL George Dunmore Tyrone
BELL George Dunnabraggy Londonderry
BELL James Clagan Londonderry
BELL James Drumgrass Tyrone
BELL James Mobuy Londonderry
BELL John Drumgrass Tyrone
BELL John Dunmore Tyrone
BELL John Rossmore Londonderry
BELL John Turnaface Londonderry
BELL Robert Rossmore Londonderry
BELL Robert, Jun. Dunmore Tyrone
BELL Robert, Sen. Dunmore Tyrone
BELL Thomas A. Dunmore Tyrone
BELL Thomas, Sen. Dunmore Tyrone
BELL William Ballynagilly Tyrone
BELL William Dunmore Tyrone
BELL William Killybasky Londonderry
BELL William Turnaface Londonderry
BLACK Alexander Muff Londonderry
BLACK Andrew Dunmore Tyrone
BLACK Joseph Killybasky Londonderry
BLAIR Bryce Killybasky Londonderry
BLAIR Bryce Muff Londonderry
BLAIR James Mobuy Londonderry
BLAIR Robert Drummeen (Drapers) Londonderry
BLAIR William Mobuy Londonderry
BLAIR Wilson Dunnabraggy Londonderry
BODKIN George Dirnan Londonderry
BODKIN Henry Derryganard Londonderry
BOLE Martha Drumard Londonderry
BOYLE Henry Creevagh Tyrone
BRADFORD Henry Ballynagilly Tyrone
BRADFORD Henry Dunmore Tyrone
BRADFORD James Ballynagilly Tyrone
BRADFORD James Dunmore Tyrone
BRADFORD Robert Ballynagilly Tyrone
BRADLEY Ambrose Ballybriest Londonderry
BRADLEY Felix Mobuy Londonderry
BRADLEY John Ballybriest Londonderry
BRADLEY Michael Ballybriest Londonderry
BRADLEY Michael Tullynure Londonderry
BRADLEY Patrick Ballybriest Londonderry
BRALLAHAN James Knockadoo Londonderry
BRANNAN Bridget Letteran Londonderry
BRANNAN Peter Letteran Londonderry
BRANNAN Peter, Jun. Tintagh Londonderry
BRANNAN Peter, Sen. Tintagh Londonderry
BRANNAN Philip Tintagh Londonderry
BRENNAN Philip Knockadoo Londonderry
BRIEN Archibald Dunmore Tyrone
BRIEN James Ballynagilly Tyrone
BROOKES James Caneese Londonderry
BROOKES James Knockadoo Londonderry
BROWNE George Mobuy Londonderry
BROWNE James Killybasky Londonderry
BROWNE Robert Dunnabraggy Londonderry
BROWNE Thomas Mobuy Londonderry
BRYANS James Unagh Tyrone
CAMPBELL Cath, Sen. Dirnan Londonderry
CAMPBELL Cath., Jun. Dirnan Londonderry
CAMPBELL Charles Dirnan Londonderry
CARBERRY William Drumgrass Tyrone
CARBERY Patrick Rossmore Londonderry
CARBERY William Rossmore Londonderry
CARR John Broughderg Tyrone
CARSON Alexander Tintagh Londonderry
CASEY Richard Mobuy Londonderry
CAULFIELD Edward Dunmore Tyrone
CAULFIELD Michael Creevagh Tyrone
CHARLES William Derryganard Londonderry
CLARKE Hugh Broughderg Tyrone
CLARKE John Knockadoo Londonderry
CLARKE Patrick Coltrim Londonderry
CLEMENTS Francis Muff Londonderry
CLEMENTS Thomas Clagan Londonderry
CLENDENNING Robert Brackagh Londonderry
CLENDENNING William Brackagh Londonderry
COLHOUN John Ballybriest Londonderry
COLHOUN William, Jun. Ballybriest Londonderry
COLHOUN William, Sen. Ballybriest Londonderry
COLLINS Sarah Cluntyganny Tyrone
CONLAN Denis Dirnan Londonderry
CONLAN Ellen Dirnan Londonderry
CONLAN Henry Ballynagilly Tyrone
CONLAN Jane Dirnan Londonderry
CONLAN John Dirnan Londonderry
CONLAN Margaret Ballynagilly Tyrone
CONLAN Matthew Dirnan Londonderry
CONLAN Michael Tamnyhagan Tyrone
CONLAN Owen Dirnan Londonderry
CONLON Arthur Tullynure Londonderry
CONLON Ellen Tullynure Londonderry
CONLON Francis, Jun. Tullynure Londonderry
CONLON Francis, Sen. Tullynure Londonderry
CONLON James Tullynure Londonderry
CONLON John Tullynure Londonderry
CONLON Peter Tullynure Londonderry
CONLON Susan Tullynure Londonderry
CONN Margaret Lismoney Londonderry
CONN Thomas Lismoney Londonderry
CONNOLLY Francis Killybasky Londonderry
CONNOLLY James Killybasky Londonderry
CONNOLLY James Tullynure Londonderry
CONNOLLY Michael Killybasky Londonderry
CONWAY Daniel Feegarran Tyrone
CONWAY James Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY John Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY Joseph Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY Margaret Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY Michael Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY Neal Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY Owen Clagan Londonderry
CONWAY Patrick Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY Patrick Rossmore Londonderry
CONWAY Peter Broughderg Tyrone
CONWAY Peter Drumard Londonderry
CONWAY William Ballybriest Londonderry
CORORAN Owen Slaghtfreeden Tyrone
CORR Anne Tullynure Londonderry
CORR Arthur Glebe Londonderry
CORR Bernard Dunmore Tyrone
CORR Catherine Tullynure Londonderry
CORR Charles Killybasky Londonderry
CORR David Unagh Tyrone
CORR Denis Clagan Londonderry
CORR Hugh Tatnagilta Tyrone
CORR James Dunmore Tyrone
CORR John Clagan Londonderry
CORR John Drummeen Londonderry
CORR John Dunmore Tyrone
CORR John Killybasky Londonderry
CORR John Tullynure Londonderry
CORR John Unagh Tyrone
CORR Mary Cluntyganny Tyrone
CORR Mary Tullynure Londonderry
CORR Michael Dunmore Tyrone
CORR Michael Tullynure Londonderry
CORR Patrick Caneese Londonderry
CORR Patrick Tullynure Londonderry
CORR William Killybasky Londonderry
COTTON Alexander Caneese Londonderry
COTTON George Caneese Londonderry
COTTON George Dirnan Londonderry
COTTON George Killybasky Londonderry
COTTON James Caneese Londonderry
COTTON John Caneese Londonderry
COTTON John Killybasky Londonderry
COTTON William Caneese Londonderry
COY James Rossmore Londonderry
COY John Rossmore Londonderry
COY Maurice Rossmore Londonderry
COY Thomas Dunmore Tyrone
COY Thomas Rossmore Londonderry
CRATTON Esther Clagan Londonderry
CRATTON Esther Mobuy Londonderry
CRAWFORD Robert Rossmore Londonderry
CRAWFORD William Killybasky Londonderry
CRILLY John Creevagh Tyrone
CRILLY Michael Creevagh Tyrone
CRILLY Michael Dirnan Londonderry
CRILLY Patrick Creevagh Tyrone
CRILLY Thomas Tullynure Londonderry
CROOKE Robert Knockadoo Londonderry
CROOKES Alexander, Jun. Ballybriest Londonderry
CROOKES Alexander, Sen. Ballybriest Londonderry
CROOKES Andrew Ballybriest Londonderry
CROOKES George Drumard Londonderry
CROOKES James Ballybriest Londonderry
CROOKES James Clagan Londonderry
CROOKES James Drumgrass Tyrone
CROOKES James, Jun. Mobuy Londonderry
CROOKES James, Sen. Mobuy Londonderry
CROOKES John Ballybriest Londonderry
CROOKES Robert Ballybriest Londonderry
CROOKES Robert Mobuy Londonderry
CROOKES Robert, Jun. Clagan Londonderry
CROOKES Robert, Sen. Clagan Londonderry
CROOKES Samuel Clagan Londonderry
CROOKES William Ballybriest Londonderry
CUDDY Jane Ballybriest Londonderry
CUDDY John Ballybriest Londonderry
CUDDY Thomas Ballybriest Londonderry
DALE James Ballynagilly Tyrone
DALY James Broughderg Tyrone
DAVIDSON Isabella Derryganard Londonderry
DAVISON Andrew Drumrot Londonderry
DAVISON George Drumrot Londonderry
DAVISON John Dunnabraggy Londonderry
DAVISON Margaret Tullynure Londonderry
DAVISON Smyth Moneyhaw Londonderry
DAVISON Thomas Knockadoo Londonderry
DAVISON William Drumrot Londonderry
DAVISON William, Jun. Coltrim Londonderry
DAVISON William, Jun. Drumrot Londonderry
DAVISON William, Jun. Dunnabraggy Londonderry
DAVISON William, Sen. Drumrot Londonderry
DEVLIN Arthur Coolreaghs Tyrone
DEVLIN Charles Coolreaghs Tyrone
DEVLIN Felix Tullynure Londonderry
DEVLIN Henry Tullynure Londonderry
DEVLIN Jane Coolreaghs Tyrone
DEVLIN Mary Knockadoo Londonderry
DEVLIN Patrick Clagan Londonderry
DEVLIN Patrick Coltrim Londonderry
DEVLIN Phillip Coltrim Londonderry
DILLANE James Dirnan Londonderry
DILLANE Mary Dirnan Londonderry
DILLANE Peter Dirnan Londonderry
DONAGHY Hugh Unagh Tyrone
DONAGHY James Killybasky Londonderry
DONAGHY James Letteran Londonderry
DONAGHY John Ballynagilly Tyrone
DONAGHY John Creeve Tyrone
DONALDSON James Caneese Londonderry
DONALDSON James Drumard Londonderry
DONALDSON James Tullynure Londonderry
DONALDSON Robert Caneese Londonderry
DONALDSON Thomas Tullynure Londonderry
DONNELLY Anne Coltrim Londonderry
DONNELLY Anne Creevagh Tyrone
DONNELLY Arthur Cluntyganny Tyrone
DONNELLY Bernard Feegarran Tyrone
DONNELLY Bernard Glebe Londonderry
DONNELLY Catherine Drumard Londonderry
DONNELLY Charles, Sen. Caneese Londonderry
DONNELLY Chas., Jun. Caneese Londonderry
DONNELLY Esther Cluntyganny Tyrone
DONNELLY Francis Caneese Londonderry
DONNELLY Henry Dirnan Londonderry
DONNELLY James, Jun. Dirnan Londonderry
DONNELLY James, Sen. Dirnan Londonderry
DONNELLY John Feegarran Tyrone
DONNELLY Luke Caneese Londonderry
DONNELLY Mark Mobuy Londonderry
DONNELLY Patrick Caneese Londonderry
DONNELLY Patrick Derryganard Londonderry
DONNELLY Peter Dunmore Tyrone
DONNELLY Rosanna Feegarran Tyrone
DONNELLY Thomas Feegarran Tyrone
DOUGLAS Samuel Dunmore Tyrone
DOUGLE John Ballynagilly Tyrone
DOUGLE Mary Ballynagilly Tyrone
DOYLE Bridget Tullynure Londonderry
DOYLE John Caneese Londonderry
DRUM Thomas Dirnan Londonderry
DUGGAN John Killybasky Londonderry
DUGGAN John Tullynure Londonderry
DUNSEITH Allen Coltrim Londonderry
ECCLES Adam Coltrim Londonderry
ECCLES Adam Drumrot Londonderry
ECCLES Adam Moneyhaw Londonderry
ECCLES James Drumard Londonderry
EDMUNSTON John Knockadoo Londonderry
ERSKINE David Unagh Tyrone
FALKINER John Drumgrass Tyrone
FERGUSON Andrew Mobuy Londonderry
FERGUSON George Ballybriest Londonderry
FERGUSON William Knockadoo Londonderry
FIELDS Andrew Lismoney Londonderry
FLANAGAN John Broughderg Tyrone
FLEMING Joseph Unagh Tyrone
FOCKARD John Dunnabraggy Londonderry
FORSYTHE Adam Turnaface Londonderry
FORSYTHE James Coltrim Londonderry
FORSYTHE James Dunnabraggy Londonderry
FORSYTHE Jane Coltrim Londonderry
FOX Felix Broughderg Tyrone
FRANKLINTON Thomas Dunnabraggy Londonderry
FULLAN James Caneese Londonderry
FULLEN William Cluntyganny Tyrone
FULLERTON Jane Tullynure Londonderry
GERVIN Jane Cluntyganny Tyrone
GILLAN John Broughderg Tyrone
GLASCOW Thomas Coltrim Londonderry
GLASCOW Thomas Drummeen (Drapers) Londonderry
GLASCOW Thomas Dunnabraggy Londonderry
GLASGOW Henry Ballynagilly Tyrone
GORMLEY David Ballynagilly Tyrone
GOURLEY Arthur Unagh Tyrone
GOURLEY George Unagh Tyrone
GOURLEY William Unagh Tyrone
GRAHAM Patrick Ballynagilly Tyrone
GREER David Rossmore Londonderry
GREER John Dirnan Londonderry
GRIMES Samuel Drumard Londonderry
HAGAN Bernard Drumgrass Tyrone
HAGAN Felix Ballynagilly Tyrone
HAGAN George Ballynagilly Tyrone
HAGAN George Dunmore Tyrone
HAGAN James, Jun. Letteran Londonderry
HAGAN James, Sen. Letteran Londonderry
HAGAN John Cluntyganny Tyrone
HAGAN Neal Feegarran Tyrone
HAGAN Peter Feegarran Tyrone
HAGAN Peter Letteran Londonderry
HAGAN Thomas Drumgrass Tyrone
HAMILTON George Turnaface Londonderry
HARBISON William Coltrim Londonderry
HARKNESS Hugh Drumard Londonderry
HARKNESS Rev. Jn. N. Drumard Londonderry
HARKNESS Robert Drumard Londonderry
HARKNESS Robert Killybasky Londonderry
HARKNESS Robert Tullynure Londonderry
HARKNESS Robt. Lismoney Londonderry
HARKNESS Thomas Drumard Londonderry
HARKNESS Thomas Letteran Londonderry
HARKNESS Thomas Lismoney Londonderry
HARKNESS Thomas Rossmore Londonderry
HARKNESS Thomas Tintagh Londonderry
HARPER William Ballybriest Londonderry
HARTLEY Smith Dunmore Tyrone
HARTLY Matthew Dunmore Tyrone
HARTNESS James Cluntyganny Tyrone
HARTNESS James Creevagh Tyrone
HAUGHY Daniel Derryganard Londonderry
HAUGHY Denis Tintagh Londonderry
HAUGHY Patrick Tintagh Londonderry
HAUGHY Roderick Tintagh Londonderry
HEAGNEY Ellen Broughderg Tyrone
HEANY John Tintagh Londonderry
HEANY Murtagh Tintagh Londonderry
HEANY Patrick Tintagh Londonderry
HEGARTY Michael Coltrim Londonderry
HENDERSON Adam Coltrim Londonderry
HENDERSON Adam Moneyhaw Londonderry
HENDERSON John Coltrim Londonderry
HENDERSON John Tatnagilta Tyrone
HENRY Archibald Mobuy Londonderry
HIGGINS Henry Tatnagilta Tyrone
HIGGINS Margaret Tullynure Londonderry
HIGGINS Mary Knockadoo Londonderry
HILL William Killybasky Londonderry
HODDER Charles Coltrim Londonderry
HOGG James Coltrim Londonderry
HOGG James Drumrot Londonderry
HOLLAND Charles Drumgrass Tyrone
HOPKINS Sarah Unagh Tyrone
HOWLETT Thomas Mobuy Londonderry
HUGHES William Lismoney Londonderry
HUNTER James Ballyforlea Londonderry
HUNTER Kennedy Drummeen (Drapers) Londonderry
HUNTER Kennedy Dunnabraggy Londonderry
HUNTER Samuel Turnaface Londonderry
HUNTER William, Jun. Turnaface Londonderry
HUNTER William, Sen. Turnaface Londonderry
HUTCHINSON Robert Knockadoo Londonderry
HUTCHISON John Rossmore Londonderry
HUTCHISON Robert Tullynure Londonderry
HUTCHISON William Caneese Londonderry
INES Andrew Letteran Londonderry
INNES Andrew Letteran Londonderry
IRWIN Daniel Killybasky Londonderry
JACKSON Joseph Creevagh Tyrone
JACKSON Luke Creevagh Tyrone
JACKSON Samuel Creevagh Tyrone
JOHNSTON James Knockadoo Londonderry
JOHNSTON John Caneese Londonderry
JOHNSTON John Drumard Londonderry
JOHNSTON Joseph Drumgrass Tyrone
JOHNSTON Joseph Knockadoo Londonderry
JOHNSTON Robert Ballyforlea Londonderry
JOHNSTON Robert Knockadoo Londonderry
JOHNSTON Thomas Ballyforlea Londonderry
JOHNSTON Thomas Killybasky Londonderry
JORDAN James Muff Londonderry
JORDAN Thomas Cluntyganny Tyrone
JUNKIN Courtney Drumrot Londonderry
JUNKIN Zachariah Drumrot Londonderry
KANE Francis Mobuy Londonderry
KANE Michael Tintagh Londonderry
KANE William Muff Londonderry
KEANE William Tullynure Londonderry
KELLS Andrew Drumrot Londonderry
KELLS Margaret Drumrot Londonderry
KELLS William Lismoney Londonderry
KELLY Mary Creevagh Tyrone
KELLY Rev. James Tullynure Londonderry
KELLY William Clagan Londonderry
KEMPTON Andrew Clagan Londonderry
KEMPTON James Ballybriest Londonderry
KEMPTON James Dunmore Tyrone
KEMPTON John Ballynagilly Tyrone
KEMPTON John Clagan Londonderry
KEMPTON Robert Ballybriest Londonderry
KEMPTON Robert Dunmore Tyrone
KEMPTON Samuel Ballybriest Londonderry
KEMPTON William Dunmore Tyrone
KENNEDY David Cluntyganny Tyrone
KENNEDY Henry Knockadoo Londonderry
KENNEDY Thomas Jas. Drumard Londonderry
KENNY William Broughderg Tyrone
KERRIGAN John Tintagh Londonderry
KERRIGAN Michael Derryganard Londonderry
KERRIGAN Patrick Tintagh Londonderry
KEVIN Bridget Dirnan Londonderry
KIDD John Letteran Londonderry
KISSACK Joseph Caneese Londonderry
KISSACK Robert Caneese Londonderry
KNIPE Robert Unagh Tyrone
KNIPE Thomas Unagh Tyrone
KNIPE William Coolreaghs Tyrone
LAGAN Francis Dirnan Londonderry
LAGAN Hugh Creevagh Tyrone
LANE James Unagh Tyrone
LATIMER John Ballynagilly Tyrone
LEES John Ballybriest Londonderry
LINN Francis Tatnagilta Tyrone
LINN William Tatnagilta Tyrone
LITTLE John Ballybriest Londonderry
LOUGHLIN Charles Letteran Londonderry
LOUGHRAN Arthur Cluntyganny Tyrone
LOUGHRAN Arthur Creevagh Tyrone
LOUGHRAN Arthur Feegarran Tyrone
LOUGHRAN David Broughderg Tyrone
LOUGHRAN William Rossmore Londonderry
LUNNAN James Letteran Londonderry
LUNNAN James Tintagh Londonderry
LUNNAN John Knockadoo Londonderry
LUNNAN Michael Tintagh Londonderry
LUNNAN Patrick Tintagh Londonderry
LYTTLE James Creevagh Tyrone
MACARTNEY George Killybasky Londonderry
MACGILL Samuel R. Tullynure Londonderry
MADDEN Edward Tullynure Londonderry
MAGILL Hugh Cluntyganny Tyrone
MAGILL Samuel R. Ballynagilly Tyrone
MAGILL Samuel R. Creevagh Tyrone
MAGILL Samuel R. Creeve Tyrone
MAGILL Samuel R. Tamnyhagan Tyrone
MAGILL William Ballynagilly Tyrone
MAGILL William Dunmore Tyrone
MALLON Bernard Dunmore Tyrone
MALLON Charles Cluntyganny Tyrone
MALLON Francis Creeve Tyrone
MALLON James Dunmore Tyrone
MALLON Michael Creevagh Tyrone
MALLON Michael Tamnyhagan Tyrone
MALLON Patrick Creeve Tyrone
MALLON William Dunmore Tyrone
MALONE Ellen Drumrot Londonderry
MALONE Ellen Dunnabraggy Londonderry
MALONE James Knockadoo Londonderry
MALONE James Tintagh Londonderry
MALONE John Drumrot Londonderry
MARSHALL James Dunmore Tyrone
MARSHALL Joseph Dirnan Londonderry
MARSHALL Robert Dirnan Londonderry
MARSHALL William Dunmore Tyrone
MARSHALL Wilson Cluntyganny Tyrone
MARTIN George Tatnagilta Tyrone
MARTIN John Cluntyganny Tyrone
MARTIN Robert Cluntyganny Tyrone
MARTIN William Tatnagilta Tyrone
MASON David Rossmore Londonderry
MASON James Ballybriest Londonderry
MASON Robert Dunmore Tyrone
MASON Samuel Clagan Londonderry
MAXWELL Hugh Dunmore Tyrone
MCADOO James Killybasky Londonderry
MCADOO John Knockadoo Londonderry
MCADOO Kennedy Caneese Londonderry
MCADOO Robert Caneese Londonderry
MCADOO Robert Knockadoo Londonderry
MCADOO William Knockadoo Londonderry
MCALEER Arthur Tullynure Londonderry
MCALEER Edward Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCALEER John Rossmore Londonderry
MCALEER Patrick Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCANALLY Ambrose Derryganard Londonderry
MCANALLY Bernard Caneese Londonderry
MCANALLY James Drumard Londonderry
MCANALLY John Dirnan Londonderry
MCANALLY Peter Derryganard Londonderry
MCANANNY John Drumard Londonderry
MCANANNY Patrick Tullynure Londonderry
MCANENNY John Broughderg Tyrone
MCANULLER Hugh Feegarran Tyrone
MCANULLER James Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCANULLER Peter Creeve Tyrone
MCBRIDE James Derryganard Londonderry
MCBRIDE Margaret Creevagh Tyrone
MCCANN Anne Letteran Londonderry
MCCANN Anne Rossmore Londonderry
MCCANN Arthur Ballybriest Londonderry
MCCANN Arthur Mobuy Londonderry
MCCANN Bernard Creevagh Tyrone
MCCANN James Cluntyganny Tyrone
MCCANN James Coltrim Londonderry
MCCANN James Creevagh Tyrone
MCCANN John Cluntyganny Tyrone
MCCANN John Creevagh Tyrone
MCCANN Michael Letteran Londonderry
MCCANN Patrick, Jun. Letteran Londonderry
MCCANN Patrick, Sen. Letteran Londonderry
MCCAW Rev. Henry Unagh Tyrone
MCCLEAN Maryanne Tintagh Londonderry
MCCLEERY Robert Knockadoo Londonderry
MCCLISE James Clagan Londonderry
MCCONKY George Muff Londonderry
MCCONKY Henry John Muff Londonderry
MCCONKY James Killybasky Londonderry
MCCONKY William, Jun. Muff Londonderry
MCCONKY William, Sen. Muff Londonderry
MCCONNY James Caneese Londonderry
MCCONNY James Drumard Londonderry
MCCONOMY Bernard Dirnan Londonderry
MCCONWAY Andrew Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCCONWAY Arthur Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCCONWAY John Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCCONWAY Terence Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCCORD George Ballyforlea Londonderry
MCCORMACK John Killybasky Londonderry
MCCRACKEN John Mobuy Londonderry
MCCREA Abraham Knockadoo Londonderry
MCCREA Robert Knockadoo Londonderry
MCCREA Samuel Knockadoo Londonderry
MCCREHAN James Cluntyganny Tyrone
MCCREIGHTON James Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCCREIGHTON John Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCCREIGHTON Michl., Jun. Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCCRORY Bryan Broughderg Tyrone
MCCRORY James Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULAGH Henry, Jun. Creeve Tyrone
MCCULAGH Henry, Sen. Creeve Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Alice Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Anne Drummeen (Drapers) Londonderry
MCCULLAGH Bridget Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Henry Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCCULLAGH James Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCCULLAGH James Killybasky Londonderry
MCCULLAGH John Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH John Drummeen Londonderry
MCCULLAGH Joseph Drumard Londonderry
MCCULLAGH Kennedy Drummeen Londonderry
MCCULLAGH Kennedy Dunnabraggy Londonderry
MCCULLAGH Michael Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Myles Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Neal Creeve Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Owen Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Patrick Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH Peter Broughderg Tyrone
MCCULLAGH William Drummeen Londonderry
MCDONNELL Mary Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCELDOON Hugh Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCELDOON Owen Ballybriest Londonderry
MCELHANNON Peter Unagh Tyrone
MCELHATTON James Dunnabraggy Londonderry
MCELHENNAN Bell Knockadoo Londonderry
MCELHENNAN Bernard Knockadoo Londonderry
MCELHENNAN Francis Knockadoo Londonderry
MCELHENNAN Jane Knockadoo Londonderry
MCELHOAN Arthur Caneese Londonderry
MCELHOAN James Derryganard Londonderry
MCELHOAN James Knockadoo Londonderry
MCELHOAN James Letteran Londonderry
MCELHOAN John Dirnan Londonderry
MCELHOAN John Knockadoo Londonderry
MCELVAN William Coltrim Londonderry
MCELWEE Michael Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCEVARY John Tullynure Londonderry
MCFALIN Lavinia Dirnan Londonderry
MCFARLAND Mary Broughderg Tyrone
MCFARLAND Sarah Broughderg Tyrone
MCFARLANE Jane Mobuy Londonderry
MCFARLANE Robert Mobuy Londonderry
MCGAGH James Unagh Tyrone
MCGAGH John Coolreaghs Tyrone
MCGAGH John Unagh Tyrone
MCGAGH Thomas Unagh Tyrone
MCGARVEY David Letteran Londonderry
MCGARVEY Hannah Dirnan Londonderry
MCGARVEY John, Jun. Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCGARVEY John, Sen. Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCGARVEY Patrick Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCGARVEY Rosanna Broughderg Tyrone
MCGARVEY William Letteran Londonderry
MCGAW Samuel Lismoney Londonderry
MCGEAGH Andrew Tullynure Londonderry
MCGEAGH Robert Tullynure Londonderry
MCGENITY James Broughderg Tyrone
MCGLADE James Rossmore Londonderry
MCGLADE Patrick Killybasky Londonderry
MCGLOIN Patrick Tullynure Londonderry
MCGLONE Bernard Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Daniel Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Eliza Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Isabella Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE James Ballynagilly Tyrone
MCGLONE John Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE John Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE John, Sen. Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Lawrence Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Michael Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Peter Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Thomas Mobuy Londonderry
MCGLONE Thomas & partners Mobuy Londonderry
MCGRADDY Cornelius Drummeen Londonderry
MCGRADDY Daniel Drummeen Londonderry
MCGRADDY Patrick Drummeen Londonderry
MCGREEVY James Drumard Londonderry
MCGUIGGAN James Clagan Londonderry
MCGUIGGAN Jane Tullynure Londonderry
MCGUIGGAN Roger Broughderg Tyrone
MCGUIRK Hugh Clagan Londonderry
MCGURKE Alexander Coolreaghs Tyrone
MCGURKE Alexander Lissan Tyrone
MCGURKE James Drumgrass Tyrone
MCILREE John Drumgrass Tyrone
MCKEE Eliza Moneyhaw Londonderry
MCKEE Henry Moneyhaw Londonderry
MCKEE James Coltrim Londonderry
MCKEE James Dunnabraggy Londonderry
MCKEE James Moneyhaw Londonderry
MCKEE John Moneyhaw Londonderry
MCKEE Robert Moneyhaw Londonderry
MCKEEVER Alice Derryganard Londonderry
MCKEEVER James Letteran Londonderry
MCKEEVER John Clagan Londonderry
MCKENNA Francis Feegarran Tyrone
MCKENNA Hugh Letteran Londonderry
MCKENNA Hugh Tintagh Londonderry
MCKENNA John Caneese Londonderry
MCKENNY Anne Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY James Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY John Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCKENNY John Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY Joseph Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY Mary Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY Rachel Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY Samuel Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY Thomas Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCKENNY Thomas Unagh Tyrone
MCKENNY William Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCKENNY William Unagh Tyrone
MCKENZIE John Drumard Londonderry
MCKEON Sarah Dunmore Tyrone
MCKEOWN John Mobuy Londonderry
MCKEOWN Joseph Tintagh Londonderry
MCKERNAN Bernard Lismoney Londonderry
MCKERNAN James Knockadoo Londonderry
MCLOUGHLIN Arthur Tatnagilta Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN James Glebe Londonderry
MCLOUGHLIN Mary Caneese Londonderry
MCNAMARA Edward Dunmore Tyrone
MCNAMARA Michael Dunmore Tyrone
MCNAMARA Neal Creevagh Tyrone
MCNAMEE Loughlin Broughderg Tyrone
MCPEAK Thomas Killybasky Londonderry
MCPHILLIPS Terence Dirnan Londonderry
MCRORY Francis Ballybriest Londonderry
MCSWIGGAN Michael Creevagh Tyrone
MCTEAGUE Edmund Mobuy Londonderry
MCTEAGUE Margaret Tullynure Londonderry
MCWILLIAMS Eliza Letteran Londonderry
MCWILLIAMS James Letteran Londonderry
MEEHAN Thomas Rossmore Londonderry
MELLIGAN Joseph Turnaface Londonderry
MELLON Anne Dirnan Londonderry
MELLON Bernard Dirnan Londonderry
MELLON Charles Dirnan Londonderry
MELLON Henry Mobuy Londonderry
MELLON James Clagan Londonderry
MELLON James Dirnan Londonderry
MELLON Laurence Dirnan Londonderry
MELLON Patrick Derryganard Londonderry
MELLON Patrick Dirnan Londonderry
MELLON Patrick Tintagh Londonderry
MELLON Patrick Tullynure Londonderry
MELLON Patrick, Sen. Dirnan Londonderry
MELLON Susan Mobuy Londonderry
MELLON Thomas Dirnan Londonderry
MENNEELY James Caneese Londonderry
MENNEELY James Drumard Londonderry
MENNEELY John Dirnan Londonderry
MILLER J. R. Ballyforlea Londonderry
MILLER J. R. Coltrim Londonderry
MILLER J. R. Drumrot Londonderry
MILLER J. R. Dunnabraggy Londonderry
MILLER James Drummeen (Drapers) Londonderry
MILLER Rev. Alexander Derryganard Londonderry
MILLER Rev. Alexander Letteran Londonderry
MILLER Rowley Ballybriest Londonderry
MILLER Rowley Ballyforlea Londonderry
MILLER Rowley Coltrim Londonderry
MILLER Rowley Drumrot Londonderry
MILLER Rowley Dunnabraggy Londonderry
MILLER Rowley Mobuy Londonderry
MILLS John Caneese Londonderry
MILLS William Caneese Londonderry
MITCHELL Anne Ballynagilly Tyrone
MITCHELL David Ballynagilly Tyrone
MITCHELL John Dunmore Tyrone
MITCHELL William Coltrim Londonderry
MONTGOMERY Henry Drumard Londonderry
MONTGOMERY William Drumard Londonderry
MOONEY John Ballynagilly Tyrone
MOONEY Joseph Tintagh Londonderry
MOONEY Michael Ballynagilly Tyrone
MOORE William Letteran Londonderry
MOORE William Letteran Londonderry
MORRIS John Tintagh Londonderry
MORRIS Patrick Drumard Londonderry
MULGREW Bridget Tullynure Londonderry
MULGREW Charles Tullynure Londonderry
MULGREW Letitia Tullynure Londonderry
MULGREW Patrick Tullynure Londonderry
MULGREW Susan Tullynure Londonderry
MULHOLLAND Anne Creevagh Tyrone
MULHOLLAND Bernard Mobuy Londonderry
MULHOLLAND Hugh Mobuy Londonderry
MULHOLLAND James Ballynagilly Tyrone
MULLEN Daniel Tintagh Londonderry
MULLEN John Mobuy Londonderry
MULLEN Patrick Drumrot Londonderry
MULLEN Patrick Tullynure Londonderry
MURPHY Matthew Drummeen (Drapers) Londonderry
MURPHY Robert Dunnabraggy Londonderry
MURRAY Patrick Tatnagilta Tyrone
NEARY John Dirnan Londonderry
NEESON Daniel Ballynagilly Tyrone
NEESON John Dirnan Londonderry
NEESON Michael Dirnan Londonderry
NEILL Francis Broughderg Tyrone
NEILL James Broughderg Tyrone
NEWBURY Henry Creevagh Tyrone
NORRIS John Rossmore Londonderry
NORRIS John Tullynure Londonderry
O’NEILL Anne Davagh Upper Tyrone
O’NEILL Arthur Davagh Upper Tyrone
O’NEILL Bernard Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL Bernard Davagh Upper Tyrone
O’NEILL Charles Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL Charles Davagh Upper Tyrone
O’NEILL Daniel Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL Henry Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL James Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL John Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL John Davagh Upper Tyrone
O’NEILL Matthew Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL Patrick Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL Patrick Davagh Upper Tyrone
O’NEILL Peter Broughderg Tyrone
O’NEILL Peter Davagh Upper Tyrone
O’NEILL Rosanna Broughderg Tyrone
O'KANE Michael Tintagh Londonderry
OLIVER William Knockadoo Londonderry
O'NEILL Charles Broughderg Tyrone
O'NEILL Charles Derryganard Londonderry
O'NEILL John Letteran Londonderry
O'NEILL Mary Dirnan Londonderry
O'NEILL Michael Caneese Londonderry
O'NEILL Sarah Dirnan Londonderry
ORR Peter Tullynure Londonderry
OTTERSON William Mobuy Londonderry
PALMER Job Caneese Londonderry
PALMER Richard Caneese Londonderry
PATRICK Elizabeth Drumgrass Tyrone
PORTER Robert Unagh Tyrone
PURVIS Margaret Drumard Londonderry
PURVIS William Cluntyganny Tyrone
QUIGLY John Broughderg Tyrone
QUINN Bernard Broughderg Tyrone
QUINN Bernard Tintagh Londonderry
QUINN Bridget Derryganard Londonderry
QUINN Charles Davagh Upper Tyrone
QUINN Eneas Creevagh Tyrone
QUINN James Ballynagilly Tyrone
QUINN James Davagh Lower Tyrone
QUINN John Broughderg Tyrone
QUINN John Mobuy Londonderry
QUINN Mary Tullynure Londonderry
QUINN Michael Broughderg Tyrone
QUINN Michael Killybasky Londonderry
QUINN Michael Moneyhaw Londonderry
QUINN Michael Slaghtfreeden Tyrone
QUINN Richard Creeve Tyrone
QUINN Robert, Jun. Broughderg Tyrone
QUINN Robert, Sen. Broughderg Tyrone
QUINN Rose Letteran Londonderry
QUINN Stephen Broughderg Tyrone
RAE Mary Cluntyganny Tyrone
RAMSAY George Clagan Londonderry
REA John Tullynure Londonderry
REA Joseph Ballybriest Londonderry
REA Thomas Mobuy Londonderry
REID Bernard Broughderg Tyrone
REID Henry Knockadoo Londonderry
REID James Knockadoo Londonderry
REID Jane Drumgrass Tyrone
REID John Knockadoo Londonderry
REID John Tullynure Londonderry
REID Robert Drumard Londonderry
REID Thomas Derryganard Londonderry
REID Thomas Knockadoo Londonderry
REYNOLDS John Clagan Londonderry
REYNOLDS Thomas, Jun. Clagan Londonderry
REYNOLDS Thomas, Sen. Clagan Londonderry
RICE James Mobuy Londonderry
RICHARDSON John Broughderg Tyrone
RIDDLE William Muff Londonderry
ROBERTS Robert Ballyforlea Londonderry
ROBINSON Daniel Creevagh Tyrone
ROBINSON James Drumgrass Tyrone
ROBINSON Thomas Unagh Tyrone
ROBSON John Ballyforlea Londonderry
ROGERS James Ballynagilly Tyrone
ROGERS Jane Dunmore Tyrone
ROSS James Ballybriest Londonderry
SAMPSON Arthur Ballybriest Londonderry
SHEARER Mary Coltrim Londonderry
SHEPPARD James Tullynure Londonderry
SHERLOW James Dunmore Tyrone
SHERRY Bernard Knockadoo Londonderry
SHERRY James, Jun. Knockadoo Londonderry
SHERRY Rose Knockadoo Londonderry
SIMPSON Adam Coltrim Londonderry
SIMPSON James Cluntyganny Tyrone
SIMPSON John Knockadoo Londonderry
SIMPSON Robert Coltrim Londonderry
SINCLAIR Rev. Robert Coltrim Londonderry
SLANE Daniel Broughderg Tyrone
SLANE Felix Broughderg Tyrone
SLANE James Unagh Tyrone
SMITH Eliza Ballyforlea Londonderry
SMITH Thomas Dunnabraggy Londonderry
SMYTH Joseph Coltrim Londonderry
SMYTH William Ballybriest Londonderry
SMYTH William Lismoney Londonderry
STAPLES Edmund Dirnan Londonderry
STAPLES Thos., Bart Killybasky Londonderry
STAPLES Thos., Bart Lissan Demesne Londonderry
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Brackagh Londonderry
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Cluntyganny Tyrone
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Creevagh Tyrone
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Drumard Londonderry
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Drumgrass Tyrone
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Feegarran Tyrone
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Lissan Tyrone
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Rossmore Londonderry
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Tatnagilta Tyrone
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Tullynure Londonderry
STAPLES Thos., Bart. Unagh Tyrone
STAUNTON John Ballyforlea Londonderry
STAUNTON John Lismoney Londonderry
STEPHENSON William Lismoney Londonderry
STEWART Charles Clagan Londonderry
STEWART James Derryganard Londonderry
STEWART John Derryganard Londonderry
STEWART John Tullynure Londonderry
STEWART Oliver Tintagh Londonderry
TAGGART Alexander Killybasky Londonderry
TAYLOR Benjamin Knockadoo Londonderry
TAYLOR David Tullynure Londonderry
TAYLOR Job Caneese Londonderry
TAYLOR Samuel Caneese Londonderry
TAYLOR Thomas Caneese Londonderry
TEAGUE Michael Creevagh Tyrone
TEANY Anne Tintagh Londonderry
TEW Norman Unagh Tyrone
THOMPSON James Drumard Londonderry
TIMONEY Bryan Mobuy Londonderry
TIMONY Arthur Ballynagilly Tyrone
TIMONY John Creeve Tyrone
TIMONY Patrick Ballynagilly Tyrone
TOAZ William Letteran Londonderry
TOMB George Cluntyganny Tyrone
TONER Alice Ballynagilly Tyrone
TONER John Dunmore Tyrone
TONER Patrick Dunmore Tyrone
TONER Veronica Tatnagilta Tyrone
TRENCH Mary E. S. Ballynagilly Tyrone
TRENCH Mary E. S. Dunmore Tyrone
WALLS Robert Tintagh Londonderry
WANSLEY Margaret Dunnabraggy Londonderry
WATSON John Tullynure Londonderry
WATSON Joseph Mobuy Londonderry
WATSON Thomas Tullynure Londonderry
WEIR John Killybasky Londonderry
WEIR John Unagh Tyrone
WEIR Margaret Ballynagilly Tyrone
WEIR William Dirnan Londonderry
WEIR William Unagh Tyrone
WHITE John Drumrot Londonderry
WHITE Robert Drumard Londonderry
WILEY Alexander Cluntyganny Tyrone
WILEY Andrew Mobuy Londonderry
WILEY Andrew Tullynure Londonderry
WILEY Jane Ballynagilly Tyrone
WILEY Jane Caneese Londonderry
WILEY Jane Creeve Tyrone
WILEY John Cluntyganny Tyrone
WILEY Thomas Moneyhaw Londonderry
WILEY Thomas Muff Londonderry
WILKINSON John Mobuy Londonderry
WILKINSON Samuel Dunmore Tyrone
WILKINSON William Dunmore Tyrone
WILSON George Drumard Londonderry
WILSON Thomas Broughderg Tyrone
WOODS Alice Derryganard Londonderry
WRIGHT John Ballybriest Londonderry
WRIGHT John Clagan Londonderry