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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Killyman Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Armagh, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Killyman Parish, Cos. Tyrone & Armagh.


For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Further reading: Killyman Parish Tithe Applotment Book (1825)




Townland Townland Townland Townland
Annaghbeg Ballynakilly Bernagh Bogbane
Bovean Cavan Coash Cohannan
Corr Corrainy Culnagor Culnagrew
Derrygally Derrygally Demesne Derrymeen Dreemore
Drumard Cross Drumard Glebe Drumaspil Drumcrow
Drumenagh Drumhorrik Drumkee Drummuck
Drumgorman Gortrea Gortshalgan Keenaghan
Kinego Laghey Lederg Lisnahoy
Lowertown Moyroe Mullaghteige Tamlaghtmore
Tartlaghan Tempanroe True



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Clonmore Clontyclay Derrycorry, North Derrycorry, South
Derryhirk Derryhubbert, East Derryhubbert, North Derryhubbert, South
Mullenakill, North Mullenakill, South Mullenakill, West




AIKEN James Ballynakilly Tyrone
AIKIN Gabriel Cavan Tyrone
ALCOCK William Derrycorry, North Armagh
ALLEN Isabella Drumard Cross Tyrone
ALLEN John Gortrea Tyrone
ALLEN Richardson Ballynakilly Tyrone
ALLEN William Ballynakilly Tyrone
ALLEN William Gortrea Tyrone
ANNESLEY Henry Coash Tyrone
ANNESLEY Henry Lederg Tyrone
ANNETT Thomas Derryhubbert, East Armagh
ANNETT Thomas Mullenakill, North Armagh
ARCHER Robert Keenaghan Tyrone
ARCHER Thomas Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
ARCHER William Lowertown Tyrone
ASH James Bovean Tyrone
ASH John Cohannan Tyrone
ASH Samuel Mullenakill, North Armagh
ASH Samuel Mullenakill, West Armagh
ASKIN Abraham Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
ASKIN Thomas Annaghbeg Tyrone
ASKIN Thomas Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
ATKINSON Jackson Drummuck Tyrone
ATKINSON Jackson Tempanroe Tyrone
AVERALL Adam Cohannan Tyrone
AVERELL Joseph Cohannan Tyrone
AVERELL Margaret Cohannan Tyrone
BADGER John Drumcrow Tyrone
BARCROFT William J. Bernagh Tyrone
BARKER Thomas Laghey Tyrone
BATES Thomas Moyroe Tyrone
BAXTER George Derrycorry, South Armagh
BAXTER George Derryhirk Armagh
BAXTER George Derryhubbert, South Armagh
BAXTER George Mullenakill, West Armagh
BAYLE Anne Bernagh Tyrone
BERRY Robert Mullenakill, West Armagh
BEVAN William Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
BLACK John Drumaspil Tyrone
BLAIR Abraham Drumard Glebe Tyrone
BLAIR Abraham Drumenagh Tyrone
BLAIR Isabella Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
BLAIR John Drumcrow Tyrone
BLAIR Robert Bovean Tyrone
BLAIR Robt. Coash Tyrone
BLAIR William Ballynakilly Tyrone
BLANEY James Annaghbeg Tyrone
BLEVINS David Derryhubbert, East Armagh
BLEVINS David Mullenakill, North Armagh
BLEVINS John Mullenakill, North Armagh
BLEVINS Margaret Mullenakill, North Armagh
BLEVINS William Mullenakill, North Armagh
BOND William M. G. Derrygally Demesne Tyrone
BOWEN John Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
BOYD George Derryhubbert, South Armagh
BOYLE Owen Derrycorry, South Armagh
BRADFORD David Keenaghan Tyrone
BRADFORD Thomas Drummuck Tyrone
BRADLEY Enoch Drumenagh Tyrone
BRADLEY James Drumenagh Tyrone
BRADLEY William, Jun. Drumard Glebe Tyrone
BRADLEY William, Jun. Drumenagh Tyrone
BRADLEY William, Sen. Drumard Glebe Tyrone
BRADLEY William, Sen. Drumenagh Tyrone
BROOKS John Ballynakilly Tyrone
BRYAN Catherine Corr Tyrone
BRYAN Charles Corr Tyrone
BRYAN Daniel Clonmore Armagh
BRYAN Patrick Corr Tyrone
BRYSON Robert Bovean Tyrone
BUGLES [BUGLASS] Eleanor True Tyrone
BULLOCK Joshua Culnagor Tyrone
BULLOCK William Dungorman Tyrone
BURNS Alice Corr Tyrone
BURNS James Ballynakilly Tyrone
BURNS James Corr Tyrone
BURNS James Gortshalgan Tyrone
BURNS John Bogbane Tyrone
BURNS Mary Cohannan Tyrone
BURNS Matthew Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
BURNS Robert Ballynakilly Tyrone
BURNS Robert Corr Tyrone
BURNS Robert Gortshalgan Tyrone
BURNS Thomas Derryhubbert, East Armagh
BURRIS William Dungorman Tyrone
BURROWS John Cavan Tyrone
BURROWS William Moyroe Tyrone
CALVERT James Dreemore Tyrone
CALVERT Thomas, Sen. Dreemore Tyrone
CAMPBELL Bernard Drumaspil Tyrone
CAMPBELL John Corrainy Tyrone
CAMPBELL John Drumkee Tyrone
CAMPBELL Matthew Ballynakilly Tyrone
CAMPBELL Michael Corrainy Tyrone
CAMPBELL Owen Derrymeen Tyrone
CAMPBELL Patrick Corr Tyrone
CAMPBELL Robert Ballynakilly Tyrone
CAMPBELL Sarah Ballynakilly Tyrone
CAMPBELL Sarah Keenaghan Tyrone
CANOVAN Bernard Annaghbeg Tyrone
CANOVAN Edward Kinego Tyrone
CANOVAN Patrick Annaghbeg Tyrone
CARDLE Alexander Bogbane Tyrone
CARDLE William Derrymeen Tyrone
CARDWELL Catherine Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL Elizabeth Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL John Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL John Bovean Tyrone
CARDWELL Nelson Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL Robert, Jun. Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL Robt. Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL Robt., Sen. Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL Thomas Annaghbeg Tyrone
CARDWELL Thomas Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL Thomas Corr Tyrone
CARDWELL Whiteside Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL William Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL William Corr Tyrone
CARDWELL Wm. Ballynakilly Tyrone
CARDWELL Wm. Corr Tyrone
CARRAN John Dreemore Tyrone
CARROLL Robert Corr Tyrone
CARY William Mullaghteige Tyrone
CASEY Elizabeth Corrainy Tyrone
CASEY James Corr Tyrone
CASEY William Derrymeen Tyrone
CASSIDY Bridget Dungorman Tyrone
CASSIDY Terence Dungorman Tyrone
CASSIDY William Clontyclay Armagh
CAVANAGH Bernard Corr Tyrone
CAVANAGH James Bogbane Tyrone
CESSAN Margaret Ballynakilly Tyrone
CHAMBERS Robinson Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
CHAMBERS William Lowertown Tyrone
CHAPMAN Jacob Cohannan Tyrone
CHAPMAN John Lowertown Tyrone
CHAPMAN Richard Lowertown Tyrone
CHERRY Robert Derryhirk Armagh
CHERRY Robert Mullenakill, West Armagh
CHERRY Samuel Derryhubbert, East Armagh
CHERRY Samuel Mullenakill, West Armagh
CHERRY Thomas Derrycorry, North Armagh
CHERRY Thomas Derryhirk Armagh
CHERRY Thomas Mullenakill, West Armagh
CHERRY William Derryhubbert, South Armagh
CHRISTY James Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
CHRISTY Mary Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
CHRISTY Thomas Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
CLARKE Adam Derrycorry, South Armagh
CLARKE John Drummuck Tyrone
CLARKE John Moyroe Tyrone
CLARKE Thomas Culnagor Tyrone
CLARKE William Culnagor Tyrone
CLAYTON David Ballynakilly Tyrone
CLEMENTS Christopher Drumkee Tyrone
CLEMENTS Francis Corrainy Tyrone
CLEMENTS George Corr Tyrone
CLEMENTS George, Jun. Corr Tyrone
CLEMENTS George, Sen. Corr Tyrone
CLEMENTS John Derryhirk Armagh
CLEMENTS Richard Cohannan Tyrone
CLEMENTS William Ballynakilly Tyrone
CLEMENTS William Corr Tyrone
CLYDE David Drumaspil Tyrone
CLYDE David Drumcrow Tyrone
CLYDE James Drumaspil Tyrone
CLYDE Samuel Drumaspil Tyrone
COCHRAN Thomas Corrainy Tyrone
COLEMAN Charles Drumcrow Tyrone
COLEMAN Francis Gortrea Tyrone
COLEMAN Francis True Tyrone
COLEMAN Laurence Cohannan Tyrone
COLEMAN Laurence Gortrea Tyrone
COLEMAN William Derrymeen Tyrone
COLLINS James Gortrea Tyrone
COLLINS William Culnagrew Tyrone
COMPSTIN Elizabeth Tartlaghan Tyrone
COMPSTIN William Tartlaghan Tyrone
CONLAN Anne Kinego Tyrone
CONLAN Bernard Cavan Tyrone
CONLAN Bernard Clonmore Armagh
CONLAN Bernard Drumhorrik Tyrone
CONLAN George Kinego Tyrone
CONLAN James Derrygally Tyrone
CONLAN John Dungorman Tyrone
CONNELL William Bovean Tyrone
CONNOLLY Bernard Clontyclay Armagh
CONNOLLY James Corr Tyrone
CONNOLLY John Corr Tyrone
CONNOLLY Michael Corr Tyrone
CONNOLLY Owen Corr Tyrone
CONNOLLY Patrick Corr Tyrone
CONNOLLY Patrick Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
CONNOLLY Terence, Jun. Corr Tyrone
CONNOLLY Terence, Sen. Corr Tyrone
CONNOLLY Thomas Corr Tyrone
CONNOR William Derrymeen Tyrone
CORR Cecily Ballynakilly Tyrone
CORRORAN Patrick Corrainy Tyrone
COTTON Henry Drumkee Tyrone
COTTON John Drumkee Tyrone
COULTER Steward Derrygally Tyrone
COURTENAY Ruth Culnagrew Tyrone
COURTENAY Samuel Tempanroe Tyrone
COURTENAY William Gortshalgan Tyrone
COURTENAY William Tempanroe Tyrone
COURTNEY Richard Dungorman Tyrone
COWAN George Gortshalgan Tyrone
COWAN John Drumaspil Tyrone
COWAN Walter Gortshalgan Tyrone
COWAN William Gortshalgan Tyrone
COWAN William Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
COYNE John Clontyclay Armagh
CRANSTON George Corr Tyrone
CRANSTON John Corr Tyrone
CRANSTON William Ballynakilly Tyrone
CRANSTON William Laghey Tyrone
CRAWFORD Andrew Derryhubbert, East Armagh
CREIGHTON Elizabeth Bovean Tyrone
CRONE Robert Mullenakill, West Armagh
CRONSTON John Ballynakilly Tyrone
CROSS Abraham Moyroe Tyrone
CROSS Thomas Kinego Tyrone
CROSS Thomas Laghey Tyrone
CROSS Thomas Moyroe Tyrone
CROSS William Kinego Tyrone
CROSS William Lowertown Tyrone
CROSS William Moyroe Tyrone
CULLEN Charles Corr Tyrone
CULLEN Charles Keenaghan Tyrone
CULLEN John Corr Tyrone
CULLEN John Keenaghan Tyrone
CULLEN John Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
CULLEN Michael Corr Tyrone
CULLEN Patrick Keenaghan Tyrone
CULLEN Thomas Corr Tyrone
CULLEN William Bogbane Tyrone
CULLER John Cohannan Tyrone
CULLION Patrick Corrainy Tyrone
CUMBERLAND John Dungorman Tyrone
CUMBERLAND Joseph Kinego Tyrone
CUMBERLAND Richardson Dungorman Tyrone
CUMMINS James Moyroe Tyrone
CURRAN Jane Mullaghteige Tyrone
CURRY Robert Corrainy Tyrone
DALY William Tartlaghan Tyrone
DANIEL Edward T. Cohannan Tyrone
DAVIDSON Thomas Mullenakill, North Armagh
DAVISON William Henry Derrycorry, North Armagh
DAWLEY Mary Kinego Tyrone
DAWSON Abraham Moyroe Tyrone
DAWSON Edward Bovean Tyrone
DAWSON Francis Moyroe Tyrone
DAWSON James, Jun. Bovean Tyrone
DAWSON James, Sen. Bovean Tyrone
DAWSON John Drumaspil Tyrone
DAWSON John Drumcrow Tyrone
DAWSON Rev. Abraham Bovean Tyrone
DAWSON Sarah Bovean Tyrone
DAWSON William Bovean Tyrone
DAWSON William N. Bovean Tyrone
DEERING Francis Drumkee Tyrone
DEERING James Bogbane Tyrone
DEVLIN James, Jun. Mullaghteige Tyrone
DEVLIN James, Sen. Mullaghteige Tyrone
DEVLIN Mary Derrygally Tyrone
DEVLIN Mary Kinego Tyrone
DEVLIN Richard Drumenagh Tyrone
DICKSON John Cohannan Tyrone
DILLON Catherine Drumhorrik Tyrone
DILLON Cornelius Drumaspil Tyrone
DILLON Daniel Corr Tyrone
DILLON Ellen Bovean Tyrone
DILLON Reps. Charles Drumcrow Tyrone
DILLON Reps. Charles Drumhorrik Tyrone
DILWORTH Abigail Cohannan Tyrone
DILWORTH Anthony Bogbane Tyrone
DILWORTH Benjamin Drumcrow Tyrone
DILWORTH Benjamin Moyroe Tyrone
DILWORTH Benjamin Tartlaghan Tyrone
DILWORTH Ezekiel Tartlaghan Tyrone
DILWORTH George Lowertown Tyrone
DILWORTH James Drumkee Tyrone
DILWORTH James Laghey Tyrone
DILWORTH Jane Cohannan Tyrone
DILWORTH John Bogbane Tyrone
DILWORTH John Drumcrow Tyrone
DILWORTH John Moyroe Tyrone
DILWORTH Mary Anne Moyroe Tyrone
DILWORTH Richard Ballynakilly Tyrone
DILWORTH Richard Corr Tyrone
DILWORTH Richard Drumard Glebe Tyrone
DILWORTH Richd Bogbane Tyrone
DILWORTH Robert Corr Tyrone
DILWORTH Sarah Ballynakilly Tyrone
DILWORTH William Bogbane Tyrone
DILWORTH William Laghey Tyrone
DILWORTH William Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
DISNEY Rev. James Drumard Glebe Tyrone
DISNEY Rev. James Drumenagh Tyrone
DISNEY Rev. James Laghey Tyrone
DIXON Francis Corrainy Tyrone
DOBSON Jeremiah Coash Tyrone
DOBSON Robert Corrainy Tyrone
DOHERTY James Mullenakill, West Armagh
DONAGHY Catherine Drumcrow Tyrone
DONAGHY Catherine Drumhorrik Tyrone
DONAGHY Catherine Lisnahoy Tyrone
DONAGHY James Clonmore Armagh
DONAGHY Mary Drumkee Tyrone
DONAGHY Patrick Dreemore Tyrone
DONAGHY Patrick Laghey Tyrone
DONAGHY Peter Clonmore Armagh
DONAGHY Thomas Clonmore Armagh
DONAGHY William Dreemore Tyrone
DONNELLY Alice Drumard Glebe Tyrone
DONNELLY Anne Coash Tyrone
DONNELLY Anne Corr Tyrone
DONNELLY Bernard Coash Tyrone
DONNELLY Daniel Corrainy Tyrone
DONNELLY Felix Coash Tyrone
DONNELLY Francis Derrymeen Tyrone
DONNELLY James Derrymeen Tyrone
DONNELLY James Drumcrow Tyrone
DONNELLY John Coash Tyrone
DONNELLY Michael Drumkee Tyrone
DONNELLY Patrick Ballynakilly Tyrone
DONNELLY Phelim Keenaghan Tyrone
DONNELLY Robert Cavan Tyrone
DONNELLY Sarah Drumcrow Tyrone
DONNELLY Terence Derrymeen Tyrone
DONNELLY Terence Drumard Glebe Tyrone
DONNELLY Thomas Annaghbeg Tyrone
DONNELLY Thomas Coash Tyrone
DONNELLY Thomas, Jun. Derrymeen Tyrone
DONNELLY Thomas, Sen. Derrymeen Tyrone
DONNELLY William Derrymeen Tyrone
DOUGLAS Daniel Drumenagh Tyrone
DOUGLAS George Kinego Tyrone
DOUGLAS John Mullenakill, West Armagh
DOUGLAS Robert Drumenagh Tyrone
DOUGLAS Robert Mullaghteige Tyrone
DOUGLAS Samuel Culnagrew Tyrone
DOWNEY Benjamin Derryhirk Armagh
DOYLE Catherine Culnagor Tyrone
DOYLE Joseph Dungorman Tyrone
DRENNAN Sarah Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
DUGAN John Derrycorry, South Armagh
DUKE Richard Derryhubbert, East Armagh
DUKE Richard Mullenakill, West Armagh
DUNNE Henry Gortshalgan Tyrone
DUNNE John Annaghbeg Tyrone
DUNNE John Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
DUNWORTH Matthew Corrainy Tyrone
DYNES John Clontyclay Armagh
DYNES John, Jun. Clontyclay Armagh
DYNES John, Sen. Clontyclay Armagh
DYNES Philip Derrycorry, North Armagh
DYNES Richard Clonmore Armagh
DYNES Rose Clontyclay Armagh
DYNES Thomas Clonmore Armagh
EARLY Patrick Gortshalgan Tyrone
EARLY Thomas Gortshalgan Tyrone
ELLIOT Robert, Jun. Clontyclay Armagh
ELLIOT Robert, Sen. Clontyclay Armagh
ELLIOTT James Mullenakill, West Armagh
ELLIOTT William Mullenakill, West Armagh
ESPIE James Lowertown Tyrone
FALLOON Peter Laghey Tyrone
FALLOON Samuel Mullaghteige Tyrone
FALLS James Dungorman Tyrone
FANNIN George Bernagh Tyrone
FARMER John Clontyclay Armagh
FARMER Robert Bovean Tyrone
FARRELL John Drumenagh Tyrone
FEARN Margaret Mullaghteige Tyrone
FEARON Thomas Clontyclay Armagh
FEE Hugh Bovean Tyrone
FEE John Bovean Tyrone
FEE John, Jun. Bovean Tyrone
FEE Patrick Bogbane Tyrone
FEE Patrick Bovean Tyrone
FEE Patrick Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
FEE Peter Bovean Tyrone
FERRIS Moses Keenaghan Tyrone
FERRIS Samuel Keenaghan Tyrone
FINLAY John Bovean Tyrone
FINN Daniel Clonmore Armagh
FINN John, Jun. Clonmore Armagh
FINN John, Sen. Clonmore Armagh
FITZSIMONS Patrick Gortshalgan Tyrone
FLEMING George Derrycorry, South Armagh
FLEMING The Misses Moyroe Tyrone
FOWLER Enoch Corr Tyrone
FOWLER James Corr Tyrone
FOWLER Richard Derrymeen Tyrone
FOWLER William Drumcrow Tyrone
FOX Daniel Clonmore Armagh
FOX Edward Mullenakill, North Armagh
FOX Edward Mullenakill, West Armagh
FOX John Clontyclay Armagh
FRAZER Andrew Moyroe Tyrone
FRAZER Anne Ballynakilly Tyrone
FRAZER Charles Kinego Tyrone
FRAZER John Moyroe Tyrone
FRAZER William Drumenagh Tyrone
FRIZELL Anthony Drumaspil Tyrone
FRIZELL George Dungorman Tyrone
FRIZELL James Dreemore Tyrone
FRIZELL John Dungorman Tyrone
FRIZELL William Laghey Tyrone
FULLERTON John Clontyclay Armagh
FULLERTON Samuel Moyroe Tyrone
FULLERTON Thomas Bogbane Tyrone
FULTON Elizabeth Laghey Tyrone
FULTON Elizabeth Moyroe Tyrone
FULTON George Dungorman Tyrone
FULTON George Laghey Tyrone
FULTON George Moyroe Tyrone
FULTON Thomas Laghey Tyrone
FULTON Thomas Moyroe Tyrone
GALLAGHER David Derrygally Tyrone
GALLAGHER Henry Cavan Tyrone
GALLAGHER James Drumenagh Tyrone
GALLAGHER James, Jun. Laghey Tyrone
GALLAGHER James, Sen. Laghey Tyrone
GALLAGHER John Drumkee Tyrone
GALLAGHER John True Tyrone
GARTLAND John Drumaspil Tyrone
GARTLAND John Drumhorrik Tyrone
GATES John Drumkee Tyrone
GATES Margaret Ballynakilly Tyrone
GATES Samuel Moyroe Tyrone
GAULT Alexander Keenaghan Tyrone
GAULT John Keenaghan Tyrone
GIBSON James Derryhubbert, South Armagh
GILLESPIE Mary Gortshalgan Tyrone
GILMOUR James Cohannan Tyrone
GILPIN James Dungorman Tyrone
GILPIN John Mullaghteige Tyrone
GILPIN Richard Derrycorry, South Armagh
GILPIN Richard Derrycorry, South Armagh
GILPIN Sarah Mullaghteige Tyrone
GIRVIN William Drumkee Tyrone
GLACKEN John Drumkee Tyrone
GLASS Henry Laghey Tyrone
GOODFELLOW Owen, Jun. Drumenagh Tyrone
GOODFELLOW Owen, Sen. Drumenagh Tyrone
GORT Hiram Tartlaghan Tyrone
GOWDY Margaret Mullenakill, North Armagh
GRAHAM Christopher Corr Tyrone
GRAHAM James Drumhorrik Tyrone
GRAHAM Sarah Drumkee Tyrone
GRAHAM Thomas Ballynakilly Tyrone
GRAHAM Thomas Corr Tyrone
GRANT John Cohannan Tyrone
GREENE Henry Clontyclay Armagh
GREENE Jacob Mullenakill, North Armagh
GREENWOOD Samuel Corr Tyrone
GREER Bridget Laghey Tyrone
GREER Joseph Drumkee Tyrone
GREER William Dungorman Tyrone
GREEVES Rachel Bernagh Tyrone
GRIMBY William Derryhirk Armagh
GRIMLEY Edward Clonmore Armagh
GRIMLEY Owen Clonmore Armagh
GRIMLEY Patrick Clonmore Armagh
GRIMLEY Sarah Clonmore Armagh
GROHAN John Annaghbeg Tyrone
GRUMLEY Henry Ballynakilly Tyrone
HADDOCK Isaac Lowertown Tyrone
HADDOCK Thomas Lowertown Tyrone
HAGAN Anne Cohannan Tyrone
HAGAN Bernard Bovean Tyrone
HAGAN Bernard Gortshalgan Tyrone
HAGAN Catherine Ballynakilly Tyrone
HAGAN Charles Clonmore Armagh
HAGAN Daniel Bovean Tyrone
HAGAN Hugh Bogbane Tyrone
HAGAN Hugh Gortshalgan Tyrone
HAGAN John Corr Tyrone
HAGAN Patrick Keenaghan Tyrone
HALL Isaac Derrygally Tyrone
HALL Isaac Gortrea Tyrone
HALL Margaret Drumhorrik Tyrone
HALL Mary Moyroe Tyrone
HALL Mary Anne Derryhubbert, South Armagh
HALL Richard Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HALL Thomas Derrymeen Tyrone
HALL Thomas Drumcrow Tyrone
HALL William Derrycorry, North Armagh
HALL William Derrygally Demesne Tyrone
HAMILL Allen Kinego Tyrone
HAMILL Bernard Clonmore Armagh
HAMILL Bernard Mullaghteige Tyrone
HAMILL Francis Gortshalgan Tyrone
HAMILL James Clonmore Armagh
HAMILL James Moyroe Tyrone
HAMILL Michael Moyroe Tyrone
HAMILL Sarah Clonmore Armagh
HAMILL Sarah Clontyclay Armagh
HAMILTON David Gortshalgan Tyrone
HAMILTON James Bogbane Tyrone
HAMILTON James Drumard Glebe Tyrone
HAMILTON James Mullenakill, North Armagh
HAMILTON John Annaghbeg Tyrone
HAMILTON John Derrycorry, South Armagh
HAMILTON John Mullenakill, North Armagh
HAMILTON Joseph Annaghbeg Tyrone
HAMILTON Joseph Dreemore Tyrone
HAMILTON Robert Gortshalgan Tyrone
HAMILTON Silas Mullenakill, North Armagh
HAMILTON Thomas Annaghbeg Tyrone
HAMILTON William Ballynakilly Tyrone
HAMILTON William Cohannan Tyrone
HANDCOCK James Mullenakill, West Armagh
HANLAN Felix Moyroe Tyrone
HANNA Richard Lowertown Tyrone
HANNA Robert Gortshalgan Tyrone
HANNA Robert Lowertown Tyrone
HANNA William Bernagh Tyrone
HANNA William Mullaghteige Tyrone
HARRISON Thomas Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HASLETON Isabella Mullenakill, North Armagh
HASTY John Bogbane Tyrone
HAUGHEY Terence Kinego Tyrone
HAVERN Bartholomew Clonmore Armagh
HAYES George Clonmore Armagh
HAYES George Clontyclay Armagh
HAYES John Clonmore Armagh
HAYES Mary Jane Clontyclay Armagh
HAYES Thomas Clontyclay Armagh
HAZELTON Dawson Laghey Tyrone
HAZELTON Edward Dreemore Tyrone
HAZELTON Frederick Bogbane Tyrone
HAZELTON Isabella Annaghbeg Tyrone
HAZELTON John Lederg Tyrone
HAZELTON Simon, Jun. Drumcrow Tyrone
HAZELTON Simon, Sen. Drumcrow Tyrone
HAZELTON Thomas Bogbane Tyrone
HAZELTON William Derrymeen Tyrone
HAZLETON Dawson Moyroe Tyrone
HAZLETON Edward Culnagrew Tyrone
HAZLETON Elizabeth Moyroe Tyrone
HAZLETON George Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HAZLETON John Drumcrow Tyrone
HAZLETON John True Tyrone
HAZLETON John, Jun. Bovean Tyrone
HAZLETON John, Sen. Bovean Tyrone
HAZLETON Robert Gortrea Tyrone
HAZLETON Robert Moyroe Tyrone
HAZLETON William Bovean Tyrone
HAZLETON William Culnagrew Tyrone
HEALY William Clontyclay Armagh
HENDERSON David Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HENDERSON James Bovean Tyrone
HENDERSON William Annaghbeg Tyrone
HENDERSON William Derrygally Tyrone
HENDERSON William Gortrea Tyrone
HENDERSON William Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HICKEY Alfred Laghey Tyrone
HILLAN Cormick Keenaghan Tyrone
HILLAN Isabella Corrainy Tyrone
HILLAN Patrick Corrainy Tyrone
HOBBS James Bogbane Tyrone
HOGAN James Drumenagh Tyrone
HOGG Robert Bovean Tyrone
HOLIN Neal Kinego Tyrone
HORNER Benjamin Derrycorry, South Armagh
HUGHES Alice Derrygally Tyrone
HUGHES Arthur Ballynakilly Tyrone
HUGHES Arthur Corr Tyrone
HUGHES Bernard Coash Tyrone
HUGHES Catherine Corr Tyrone
HUGHES Catherine Drumhorrik Tyrone
HUGHES Charlotte Clontyclay Armagh
HUGHES Elizabeth Bovean Tyrone
HUGHES Francis Kinego Tyrone
HUGHES Francis, Jun. Drumhorrik Tyrone
HUGHES Francis, Sen. Drumhorrik Tyrone
HUGHES Henry Drumcrow Tyrone
HUGHES James Corr Tyrone
HUGHES Jane Lowertown Tyrone
HUGHES John Annaghbeg Tyrone
HUGHES John Derrymeen Tyrone
HUGHES John Drumhorrik Tyrone
HUGHES John Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HUGHES Lucy Corrainy Tyrone
HUGHES Patrick Annaghbeg Tyrone
HUGHES Patrick Drumaspil Tyrone
HUGHES Patrick Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HUGHES Thomas Ballynakilly Tyrone
HUNTER James Drumkee Tyrone
HUNTER James Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HUNTER Maryanne Cavan Tyrone
HUNTER Matthew Mullenakill, West Armagh
HUNTER Moses Drumkee Tyrone
HUNTER William Gortshalgan Tyrone
HUNTER William Keenaghan Tyrone
HUNTER William Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HUTCHINSON Richard Drumkee Tyrone
HYDE Francis Annaghbeg Tyrone
HYDE Francis Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
HYDE Thomas Drumaspil Tyrone
HYDE Thomas Drumcrow Tyrone
HYDE William Kinego Tyrone
HYDE William Moyroe Tyrone
IRWIN Alexander Bovean Tyrone
IRWIN Andrew Derrycorry, South Armagh
IRWIN John Bovean Tyrone
IRWIN John Dungorman Tyrone
IRWIN Thomas Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
JACKSON John Clonmore Armagh
JACKSON Joseph Derryhubbert, East Armagh
JACKSON Joseph Mullenakill, North Armagh
JACKSON Joseph Mullenakill, West Armagh
JACKSON Thos. David Mullenakill, North Armagh
JACKSON William Mullenakill, North Armagh
JENKINSON Hamilton Laghey Tyrone
JENKINSON Mary Mullaghteige Tyrone
JENKINSON Thomas Drummuck Tyrone
JOHNSTON John Dreemore Tyrone
JOYCE Matilda Ballynakilly Tyrone
JOYCE Matilda Bovean Tyrone
JOYCE Richard Clonmore Armagh
KANE Bridget Derrymeen Tyrone
KANE John Cohannan Tyrone
KANE John Tartlaghan Tyrone
KANE Michael Drumcrow Tyrone
KANE Neal Drumard Glebe Tyrone
KANE Patrick Laghey Tyrone
KANE Richard Coash Tyrone
KANE Sarah Kinego Tyrone
KANE Thomas Tartlaghan Tyrone
KAVANAGH Catherine Cohannan Tyrone
KAVANAGH John Derrygally Tyrone
KEANE James Derrycorry, North Armagh
KEEFFE Mary Laghey Tyrone
KEENAN Margaret Corr Tyrone
KEENAN Michael Corr Tyrone
KEENAN Peter Ballynakilly Tyrone
KEENAN William Corr Tyrone
KEEVAN John Ballynakilly Tyrone
KEEVAN John Drumaspil Tyrone
KEEVAN Owen Drumcrow Tyrone
KEEVAN Thomas Derrygally Tyrone
KELLY Bridget Drumhorrik Tyrone
KELLY Honoria Bogbane Tyrone
KELLY James Bogbane Tyrone
KELLY John Clontyclay Armagh
KELLY Maria Drumcrow Tyrone
KELLY Thomas Gortrea Tyrone
KELSO Sarah Derryhubbert, East Armagh
KELSO William Derryhubbert, East Armagh
KELSO William Mullenakill, North Armagh
KENNEDY Bernard Kinego Tyrone
KENNEDY John Dreemore Tyrone
KENNEDY Joseph Kinego Tyrone
KENNEDY Sarah Dungorman Tyrone
KENNEDY William Kinego Tyrone
KENNEDY William Tempanroe Tyrone
KENNY Anne Mullenakill, North Armagh
KERR Daniel Kinego Tyrone
KERR James Dreemore Tyrone
KILPATRICK Joseph Ballynakilly Tyrone
KILPATRICK Joseph Dungorman Tyrone
KILPATRICK Robert Mullenakill, North Armagh
KILPATRICK Robert Mullenakill, West Armagh
KILPATRICK William Drumenagh Tyrone
KING Joseph Dungorman Tyrone
KING Robert Corrainy Tyrone
KING Robert Dungorman Tyrone
KNOX Hon. Cath. Anne Bernagh Tyrone
LAMB Anne Kinego Tyrone
LARKIN Thomas Clonmore Armagh
LATIMER William Gortshalgan Tyrone
LATIMER William Keenaghan Tyrone
LATTIMER John Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
LAUGHRAN Michael Kinego Tyrone
LECK Alexander Corrainy Tyrone
LECKEY Alexander Keenaghan Tyrone
LEE John Bovean Tyrone
LEE Mary Ballynakilly Tyrone
LEGGETT James Moyroe Tyrone
LEGGETT Patrick Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
LENAN Alice Kinego Tyrone
LENNAN Peter Drumaspil Tyrone
LENNON Elizabeth Derrygally Tyrone
LENNON Mary Keenaghan Tyrone
LINIS Richard Gortshalgan Tyrone
LIPSEY Mary Dreemore Tyrone
LITTLE Andrew Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
LITTLE Jane Derrygally Tyrone
LITTLE John Clonmore Armagh
LLOYD Richard Annaghbeg Tyrone
LLOYD Richard Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
LOGAN Hugh Tartlaghan Tyrone
LOGAN Sarah Cavan Tyrone
LOUGHRAN Bernard Derrygally Tyrone
LOUGHRAN Bernard True Tyrone
LOUGHRAN William Coash Tyrone
LOWRY John Tartlaghan Tyrone
LYONS Anne Bovean Tyrone
LYONS George Mullaghteige Tyrone
LYONS James Corrainy Tyrone
LYONS Matilda Gortshalgan Tyrone
LYONS William Corr Tyrone
MACKAY James Bernagh Tyrone
MACRORY Neal Drumcrow Tyrone
MAGINN Reps. P. Derrygally Tyrone
MAGRATH Charles, Jun. Corr Tyrone
MAGRATH Charles, Sen. Corr Tyrone
MAGRATH Edward Ballynakilly Tyrone
MAGRATH Henry Corr Tyrone
MAGRATH John Ballynakilly Tyrone
MAGRATH John Corr Tyrone
MAGRATH Lucy Corr Tyrone
MAGRATH Michael Ballynakilly Tyrone
MAGRATH Michael Ballynakilly Tyrone
MALLEN Charles Corr Tyrone
MALLEN Patrick Corr Tyrone
MALLON Edward Corrainy Tyrone
MANN Deane Corr Tyrone
MARLOW James Mullaghteige Tyrone
MARSHALL Samuel Drumkee Tyrone
MARSHALL Sarah Bogbane Tyrone
MARSHALL William Bogbane Tyrone
MARTIN William Derrymeen Tyrone
MASON Joseph Culnagrew Tyrone
MATCHETT George Derrycorry, South Armagh
MATCHETT Thomas Annaghbeg Tyrone
MATCHETT Thomas Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
MCADAM Anne Derryhirk Armagh
MCADAM John Cohannan Tyrone
MCALINDEN James Dreemore Tyrone
MCALINDEN James Dungorman Tyrone
MCANALLY Susan Clonmore Armagh
MCATARSNEY Owen Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCBRIDE James Gortshalgan Tyrone
MCCAFFREY Rose Cohannan Tyrone
MCCALL William Derrycorry, South Armagh
MCCALL William Mullenakill, West Armagh
MCCANN John Mullaghteige Tyrone
MCCANN Margaret Dreemore Tyrone
MCCLEAN Alexander Mullaghteige Tyrone
MCCLEAN Ellen Corrainy Tyrone
MCCLEAN Frederick Mullaghteige Tyrone
MCCLEAN Hector Mullaghteige Tyrone
MCCLEAN Jacky Keenaghan Tyrone
MCCLEAN John Corrainy Tyrone
MCCLEAN John Mullaghteige Tyrone
MCCLEAN Mary Mullaghteige Tyrone
MCCLEAN Nathaniel Cohannan Tyrone
MCCLEAN Reps. John Keenaghan Tyrone
MCCLEAN Sarah Corrainy Tyrone
MCCLEAN Thomas Keenaghan Tyrone
MCCLEARIN Bernard Clonmore Armagh
MCCLEARIN Michael Clonmore Armagh
MCCLEARIN Michael Clonmore Armagh
MCCLELLAND John Mullenakill, West Armagh
MCCLERNAN John Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCCLERNAN Michael Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCCLERNAN Patrick Keenaghan Tyrone
MCCLUNY William Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCCLUSKEY James Clonmore Armagh
MCCLUSKEY Thomas Clonmore Armagh
MCCONNELL Daniel Culnagrew Tyrone
MCCONNELL Joseph Drummuck Tyrone
MCCONNELL Thomas Laghey Tyrone
MCCONOMY James Drumcrow Tyrone
MCCONOMY James Drumhorrik Tyrone
MCCORMACK Francis Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
MCCOY Isabella Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCCOY John Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCCOY Robert Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCCREADY James Gortshalgan Tyrone
MCCREADY Samuel Cohannan Tyrone
MCCREELY Bernard Gortrea Tyrone
MCCREELY John Derrygally Tyrone
MCCREELY Margaret Corr Tyrone
MCCRUM James Gortshalgan Tyrone
MCCRUM James Keenaghan Tyrone
MCDONALD Alexander Bovean Tyrone
MCDONALD Alexander Cohannan Tyrone
MCDONALD Alexander Moyroe Tyrone
MCDONALD Arthur Bernagh Tyrone
MCDONALD Elizabeth Gortshalgan Tyrone
MCDONALD James Cohannan Tyrone
MCDONALD James Drummuck Tyrone
MCDONALD John Bovean Tyrone
MCDONALD John Cohannan Tyrone
MCDONALD John Drumard Cross Tyrone
MCDONNELL James Laghey Tyrone
MCDONNELL James Tempanroe Tyrone
MCDONNELL John Tempanroe Tyrone
MCDOWELL John Clontyclay Armagh
MCELHONE John Drumcrow Tyrone
MCELROY Mary Laghey Tyrone
MCELROY Mary Tempanroe Tyrone
MCELROY William Dreemore Tyrone
MCELROY William Kinego Tyrone
MCELROY William Moyroe Tyrone
MCEVOY George Tartlaghan Tyrone
MCEVOY John Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCEVOY Margaret Tartlaghan Tyrone
MCEVOY Patrick Corr Tyrone
MCEVOY Patrick Tartlaghan Tyrone
MCFARLANE Joseph Derryhubbert, East Armagh
MCGAHAN John Cohannan Tyrone
MCGAHAN John Drumaspil Tyrone
MCGAHAN John Drumcrow Tyrone
MCGAHAN John Drumhorrik Tyrone
MCGAHAN John Drummuck Tyrone
MCGAHAN John Lowertown Tyrone
MCGAHAN Mary Laghey Tyrone
MCGAHAN Michael Drumhorrik Tyrone
MCGAHAN Patrick Cohannan Tyrone
MCGARE Arthur True Tyrone
MCGARE John Gortrea Tyrone
MCGAUGHAN Michael Drumkee Tyrone
MCGEARY Richard Annaghbeg Tyrone
MCGEE Mary Dreemore Tyrone
MCGEOUGH William Cohannan Tyrone
MCGIRR Arthur Drumhorrik Tyrone
MCGLONE Arthur Kinego Tyrone
MCGLONE James Drumaspil Tyrone
MCGLONE John Drumhorrik Tyrone
MCGLONE Joseph Corrainy Tyrone
MCGLONE Owen Drumaspil Tyrone
MCGLONE Owen Drumhorrik Tyrone
MCGLONE Thomas Drumhorrik Tyrone
MCGLYNN Peter Derrymeen Tyrone
MCGOWAN Felix Derrycorry, North Armagh
MCGOWAN Peter Derrycorry, North Armagh
MCGRATH Hugh Cavan Tyrone
MCGUINNESS Andrew True Tyrone
MCGUINNESS Elizabeth Bogbane Tyrone
MCGUIRE Mary Cavan Tyrone
MCINTYRE Armstrong Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCIVERS Robert Laghey Tyrone
MCIVOR Bernard Bogbane Tyrone
MCIVOR John Bogbane Tyrone
MCIVOR Susan Bogbane Tyrone
MCIVOR William Moyroe Tyrone
MCKAY Simon Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCKEARNEY Bernard Bovean Tyrone
MCKEARNEY Bernard Dreemore Tyrone
MCKEARNEY James Cavan Tyrone
MCKEARNEY Patrick Bernagh Tyrone
MCKEARNEY Patrick Dreemore Tyrone
MCKEE Anne Drumenagh Tyrone
MCKEE Francis Drumcrow Tyrone
MCKEE John Clonmore Armagh
MCKEE John Corr Tyrone
MCKEE Michael Drumaspil Tyrone
MCKEE Richard Cohannan Tyrone
MCKEE Richard Drumcrow Tyrone
MCKEE Terence Keenaghan Tyrone
MCKEE Thomas Drumcrow Tyrone
MCKEEVER Bernard Drumenagh Tyrone
MCKENNA Anne Drumard Glebe Tyrone
MCKENNA Catherine Corr Tyrone
MCKEON James Ballynakilly Tyrone
MCKEON Thomas Annaghbeg Tyrone
MCKEOWN William Bogbane Tyrone
MCKEOWN William Derrycorry, South Armagh
MCKITTRICK George Clonmore Armagh
MCLAUGHLIN Francis Bovean Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Daniel Annaghbeg Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Ellen Annaghbeg Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Margaret Annaghbeg Tyrone
MCLOUGHLIN Neal Annaghbeg Tyrone
MCMAHON Arthur Drumkee Tyrone
MCMAHON James Drumenagh Tyrone
MCMAHON John Drumkee Tyrone
MCMINN John Corrainy Tyrone
MCMINN Robert Corrainy Tyrone
MCMINN Samuel, Jun. Corrainy Tyrone
MCMINN Samuel, Sen. Corrainy Tyrone
MCMINN Sarah Corrainy Tyrone
MCMINN Thomas Corrainy Tyrone
MCMUNN Samuel Mullaghteige Tyrone
MCNALLY John Derryhubbert, East Armagh
MCNALLY William Derrycorry, North Armagh
MCNALLY William Derrycorry, South Armagh
MCNAMEE Hugh True Tyrone
MCNEECE Felix Moyroe Tyrone
MCNEECE Thomas Derrygally Tyrone
MCPARLAND John Clontyclay Armagh
MCQUADE Abigail Bernagh Tyrone
MCQUADE Arthur Bernagh Tyrone
MCQUADE John Bernagh Tyrone
MCQUADE John Culnagor Tyrone
MCREYNOLDS James Corrainy Tyrone
MCSHANE Edward Laghey Tyrone
MCVEY Owen Drumkee Tyrone
MCVEY Patrick Drumkee Tyrone
MEASE James Laghey Tyrone
MEASE John Moyroe Tyrone
MEASE Margaret Laghey Tyrone
MILLAR John Drumard Glebe Tyrone
MILLAR William Annaghbeg Tyrone
MILLAR William Derrycorry, South Armagh
MILLER William Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
MILLS James Dungorman Tyrone
MILLS James Laghey Tyrone
MILLS Robert Gortrea Tyrone
MONTGOMERY Alex. Corrainy Tyrone
MOORE Joseph Corrainy Tyrone
MOORE Mary Drumkee Tyrone
MORRISSON Samuel Drumaspil Tyrone
MORRISSON Thomas Drumaspil Tyrone
MORROW John Moyroe Tyrone
MORROW Martha Mullenakill, North Armagh
MOSES John Drumenagh Tyrone
MOSS John Clonmore Armagh
MULCAHY John Kinego Tyrone
MULLEN Francis Clontyclay Armagh
MULLEN John Clontyclay Armagh
MULLEN Rachel Ballynakilly Tyrone
MULLEN Thomas Drumkee Tyrone
MULLEN William Mullenakill, North Armagh
MULLIGAN Eliza Lowertown Tyrone
MULLIGAN Jane Corr Tyrone
MULLINS John Drumkee Tyrone
MURPHY Laurence Keenaghan Tyrone
MURPHY Matthew Gortshalgan Tyrone
MURPHY Thomas Dreemore Tyrone
MURPHY Thomas Dungorman Tyrone
MURPHY Thomas Kinego Tyrone
MURPHY William Ballynakilly Tyrone
NEAL James Derryhubbert, East Armagh
NEILL Bernard Bovean Tyrone
NEILL Hugh Gortshalgan Tyrone
NEILL James Mullenakill, West Armagh
NEILL Michael Drumenagh Tyrone
NEILL Peter Ballynakilly Tyrone
NEILL Sarah Ballynakilly Tyrone
NELSON Abraham Drumard Cross Tyrone
NEVILLE Edward Bernagh Tyrone
NEVILLE William Bernagh Tyrone
NEWELL Joseph Ballynakilly Tyrone
NEWELL William Kinego Tyrone
NICHOLSON Edward Coash Tyrone
NOBLE William Drummuck Tyrone
O'BRIEN Charles Ballynakilly Tyrone
O'BRIEN Frances Derryhubbert, South Armagh
O'BRYAN Francis Corr Tyrone
O'HARA Charles Gortshalgan Tyrone
O'NEILL Charles Derrymeen Tyrone
O'NEILL Constantine Corrainy Tyrone
O'NEILL Edward Drumenagh Tyrone
O'NEILL Ellen Drumcrow Tyrone
O'NEILL Felix Annaghbeg Tyrone
O'NEILL Felix Lisnahoy Tyrone
O'NEILL Felix Tempanroe Tyrone
O'NEILL Francis Corr Tyrone
O'NEILL Hugh Coash Tyrone
O'NEILL John Clontyclay Armagh
O'NEILL John Derrymeen Tyrone
O'NEILL Terence Annaghbeg Tyrone
PAINTER John Mullenakill, West Armagh
PATTERSON Robert Gortrea Tyrone
PICKEN Sarah Gortshalgan Tyrone
PICKIN James Tempanroe Tyrone
PICKIN John Cavan Tyrone
POTTS James Derrycorry, North Armagh
POTTS William Derrycorry, North Armagh
POTTS William Mullenakill, West Armagh
POWELL William Cavan Tyrone
PROCTOR George Bovean Tyrone
PROCTOR John Annaghbeg Tyrone
PROCTOR John Mullaghteige Tyrone
PROCTOR Thomas Drumard Cross Tyrone
QUIGLEY Patrick Corr Tyrone
QUIN Felix Corrainy Tyrone
QUINN Alexander Laghey Tyrone
QUINN Bernard Corr Tyrone
QUINN Bridget Ballynakilly Tyrone
QUINN Eleanor Moyroe Tyrone
QUINN John Ballynakilly Tyrone
QUINN Mary Ballynakilly Tyrone
QUINN Patrick Laghey Tyrone
QUINN Peter Ballynakilly Tyrone
QUINN Phelim Ballynakilly Tyrone
QUINN Sarah Ballynakilly Tyrone
RANKIN William Bogbane Tyrone
REA David Bovean Tyrone
REA James Ballynakilly Tyrone
REA James Corr Tyrone
REA Richard Bovean Tyrone
REA Thomas Bovean Tyrone
READ Thomas Derrycorry, South Armagh
REID John Laghey Tyrone
REID William Laghey Tyrone
RICE Joseph Cavan Tyrone
RICE Margaret Cavan Tyrone
RICE Richard Cavan Tyrone
RICE William Cavan Tyrone
RICHARDSON Anne Gortshalgan Tyrone
RICHARDSON Benjamin Bovean Tyrone
RICHARDSON Jackson Annaghbeg Tyrone
RICHARDSON Jackson Cohannan Tyrone
RICHARDSON Jackson Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
RICHARDSON James G. Derrygally Tyrone
RICHARDSON James G. Gortrea Tyrone
RICHARDSON James G. True Tyrone
RICHARDSON John Ballynakilly Tyrone
RICHARDSON John Corrainy Tyrone
RICHARDSON John Tartlaghan Tyrone
RICHARDSON Joseph Derrycorry, South Armagh
RICHARDSON Mary Ballynakilly Tyrone
RICHARDSON Thomas Ballynakilly Tyrone
RICHARDSON Thomas Drumkee Tyrone
RICHARDSON Thomas Tartlaghan Tyrone
RICHARDSON William Tartlaghan Tyrone
RICHMOND Samuel Ballynakilly Tyrone
ROBINSON Alexander Cavan Tyrone
ROBINSON James Derryhubbert, East Armagh
ROBINSON John Derrymeen Tyrone
ROBINSON John Drumcrow Tyrone
ROBINSON John Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
ROBINSON Joseph Cavan Tyrone
ROBINSON Nicholas Kinego Tyrone
ROBINSON Richard Kinego Tyrone
ROBINSON Thomas Drumaspil Tyrone
ROBINSON Thomas Drumcrow Tyrone
ROBINSON Thomas Drumhorrik Tyrone
ROBINSON Thomas Gortshalgan Tyrone
ROBINSON Thomas Keenaghan Tyrone
ROBINSON Thomas Mullaghteige Tyrone
ROBINSON Thos Gortshalgan Tyrone
ROCK Terence Laghey Tyrone
RODDY Felix Laghey Tyrone
ROE James Clontyclay Armagh
ROGERS Abraham Laghey Tyrone
ROGERS Andrew Annaghbeg Tyrone
ROGERS Andrew Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
ROGERS Thomas Derryhubbert, South Armagh
ROGERS Thomas Drumcrow Tyrone
ROGERS Thomas Drumhorrik Tyrone
ROGERS Thomas Laghey Tyrone
RUDDY James Dungorman Tyrone
RUDDY John Kinego Tyrone
RUDDY Mary Dungorman Tyrone
RUDDY Patrick Kinego Tyrone
RUDDY Robert Dreemore Tyrone
RUDDY William Drumcrow Tyrone
RUSH Daniel Drumkee Tyrone
RUSSELL Joseph True Tyrone
RYAN Michael Annaghbeg Tyrone
SANDFORD Alexander Bovean Tyrone
SCOTT George Ballynakilly Tyrone
SCOTT John Ballynakilly Tyrone
SCOUSE Alexander Dreemore Tyrone
SHANNON Alexander Derrycorry, North Armagh
SHARKEY Patrick Corr Tyrone
SHAW Isabella Tempanroe Tyrone
SHAW Mary Tempanroe Tyrone
SHORT Hugh Corr Tyrone
SIMMONS Hans Drumard Cross Tyrone
SIMMONTON David Derrycorry, North Armagh
SIMONS Dilworth Drumard Cross Tyrone
SIMONS Joseph Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
SIMONS Thomas Drumard Cross Tyrone
SIMONS William Annaghbeg Tyrone
SIMPSON John Ballynakilly Tyrone
SIMPSON John Tempanroe Tyrone
SIMPSON Sarah Ballynakilly Tyrone
SKELTON Daniel Cavan Tyrone
SKELTON Daniel Culnagrew Tyrone
SKELTON Daniel Gortshalgan Tyrone
SKELTON Daniel Keenaghan Tyrone
SKELTON Daniel Lisnahoy Tyrone
SKELTON John Cavan Tyrone
SKELTON Mary Coash Tyrone
SKELTON Thomas Cavan Tyrone
SKELTON William Bovean Tyrone
SLANE Margaret Annaghbeg Tyrone
SLOAN Adam Clonmore Armagh
SMITH Margaret Drummuck Tyrone
SMITH Margaret Gortshalgan Tyrone
SMITH Thomas Cohannan Tyrone
SMITH William Cohannan Tyrone
SMYTH Alexander Kinego Tyrone
SMYTH Maryanne Gortrea Tyrone
SMYTH Robert Derrycorry, North Armagh
SMYTH William Clonmore Armagh
SOUTER William True Tyrone
STEELMICK [STEELINICK] Daniel Corrainy Tyrone
STEENSON Robert Drumenagh Tyrone
STEVENSON David Kinego Tyrone
STEVENSON John Laghey Tyrone
STEWART Alexander Ballynakilly Tyrone
STEWART Alexander G. Derrymeen Tyrone
STEWART Alexander G. Drumcrow Tyrone
STEWART Alexander G. Drumhorrik Tyrone
STEWART David Laghey Tyrone
STEWART Isabella Ballynakilly Tyrone
STEWART James Drumaspil Tyrone
STEWART James Drumcrow Tyrone
STEWART Jane Derrymeen Tyrone
STINSON David Keenaghan Tyrone
STRAIN Alexander Drumaspil Tyrone
STRAIN Alexander Drumenagh Tyrone
STUART John Mullaghteige Tyrone
STUDDERT William Derrygally Tyrone
SULLIVAN Daniel Bogbane Tyrone
SULLIVAN John Bogbane Tyrone
TEMPLETON Elizabeth Ballynakilly Tyrone
TEMPLETON John Ballynakilly Tyrone
THOMPSON James Dungorman Tyrone
THOMPSON John Dungorman Tyrone
THOMPSON Joshua Dreemore Tyrone
THOMPSON William Cavan Tyrone
TIMLIN James Corr Tyrone
TOAL Michael Ballynakilly Tyrone
TOMNEY Patrick Corr Tyrone
TOTTEN John Bovean Tyrone
TOTTON John Derrycorry, North Armagh
TOTTON John Derryhirk Armagh
TRAINOR Philip Corrainy Tyrone
TRAYNOR Hugh Derrymeen Tyrone
TRAYNOR Hugh Drumcrow Tyrone
TRAYNOR John Drumard Glebe Tyrone
TRUMAN Joseph Drumcrow Tyrone
TULLERTON John Clonmore Armagh
TURK John Bovean Tyrone
TURKE Anne Corrainy Tyrone
VALLALLY John Bernagh Tyrone
VALLALLY Rebecca Bernagh Tyrone
VALLELY John Clonmore Armagh
VANCE Jane Kinego Tyrone
VANCE Margaret True Tyrone
VENABLES James Culnagor Tyrone
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Cohannan Tyrone
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Clontyclay Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Derrycorry, North Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Derrycorry, South Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Derrycorry, South Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Derryhirk Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Derryhubbert, East Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Derryhubbert, North Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Derryhubbert, South Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Laghey Tyrone
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Mullenakill, North Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Mullenakill, South Armagh
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Mullenakill, West Armagh
WALKER James Cohannan Tyrone
WALKER James Drumard Cross Tyrone
WALKER Thomas Dreemore Tyrone
WALLACE Henry Ballynakilly Tyrone
WALLACE William Drumcrow Tyrone
WALSH Bernard Corrainy Tyrone
WALSH Peter Kinego Tyrone
WARD Alice Dreemore Tyrone
WARING James Tartlaghan Tyrone
WATERS William Ballynakilly Tyrone
WATSON William Derrycorry, North Armagh
WATSON William Derryhirk Armagh
WATT Abraham Bovean Tyrone
WATT Andrew Cohannan Tyrone
WATT John Derrycorry, South Armagh
WATTERSON John Ballynakilly Tyrone
WEBSTER John Mullenakill, North Armagh
WHITESIDE John Ballynakilly Tyrone
WIGTON Andrew Laghey Tyrone
WIGTON James Bovean Tyrone
WIGTON Joseph Laghey Tyrone
WILEY James Dreemore Tyrone
WILEY John Gortshalgan Tyrone
WILEY Robert Gortshalgan Tyrone
WILEY Robert Lowertown Tyrone
WILEY Thomas Derrycorry, North Armagh
WILEY William Mullaghteige Tyrone
WILLIAMS George Drumkee Tyrone
WILLIAMS Richardson Coash Tyrone
WILLIAMSON David Drumkee Tyrone
WILLIAMSON David Keenaghan Tyrone
WILLIAMSON James Drumkee Tyrone
WILLIAMSON John Gortshalgan Tyrone
WILLIAMSON Martin Ballynakilly Tyrone
WILLIAMSON Robert Derryhirk Armagh
WILLIAMSON Robert Drumkee Tyrone
WILLIAMSON Thomas Gortshalgan Tyrone
WILLIAMSON William Gortshalgan Tyrone
WILLIS Henry Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
WILLIS John Cohannan Tyrone
WILLIS Robert Cohannan Tyrone
WILLIS William Cohannan Tyrone
WILSON James Bogbane Tyrone
WILSON John Clontyclay Armagh
WINTER Daniel Derrycorry, North Armagh
WINTER John Bovean Tyrone
WOODS James Drumkee Tyrone
WRIGHT Robert Bovean Tyrone
YOUNG Alexander Tamlaghtmore Tyrone
YOUNG Richard Bovean Tyrone