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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Killeeshil Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia
Killeeshil Parish, Co. Tyrone. Map ​​​​​​​

For an explanation of and background to Griffiths Valuation see

Further reading: Killeeshil Parish Tithe Applotment Book (1829)



Townland Townland Townland Townland
Aghaginduff Aghnahoe Ballynahaye Bockets
Cabragh Clontyclevin Clontyfallow Coolhill
Cranlome Cullentra Dergenagh Drumfad
Ennish Eskragh Farriter Fasglashagh
Glencull Killeeshil Lisfearty Lurgacullion
Mullyroddan Mullysilly Mulnahunch Tullyvannon




AGNEW John Mullyroddan
ANDERSON Robert Ballynahaye
ARDRY John Mulnahunch
ARMSTRONG John Ballynahaye
ARNEIL Martha Drumfad
ARNEIL Thomas Drumfad
ARTHUR Alexander Fasglashagh
BARCLAY James Aghnahoe
BARCLAY James Cullentra
BARCLAY Nathaniel Mulnahunch
BEADMEAD John Mulnahunch
BEATTY David Mulnahunch
BEATTY James Cabragh
BEATTY John Coolhill
BEATTY John Mulnahunch
BEATTY Robert Eskragh
BELL James Lisfearty
BELL James, Jun. Lisfearty
BELL Joseph Coolhill
BELL Richard Coolhill
BEST Francis Ballynahaye
BEST Francis Tullyvannon
BEST William Glencull
BLUMER Hugh Eskragh
BLUMER James Farriter
BLUMER John Eskragh
BOYD James Mulnahunch
BOYLE Alexander Aghaginduff
BOYLE Arthur Aghaginduff
BOYLE Bernard Aghaginduff
BOYLE John Aghaginduff
BOYLE John, Sen. Aghaginduff
BOYLE Lawrence Aghaginduff
BOYLE Michael Aghaginduff
BOYLE Toale Aghaginduff
BROWNE Alexander Clontyfallow
BROWNE Alexander Mullyroddan
BROWNE Eliza Fasglashagh
BROWNE James Clontyclevin
BROWNE James Ennish
BROWNE William Ennish
BRUSH Samuel Cullentra
BURGESS John Y. Ennish
CAGHEY James Fasglashagh
CALDWELL William Bockets
CAMPBELL James Farriter
CAMPBELL John Bockets
CAMPBELL John Lurgacullion
CAMPBELL William Tullyvannon
CARBERY James Mullyroddan
CARLIN Bernard Ennish
CARLTON John Ballynahaye
CARR Hugh Cranlome
CARR Mary Cranlome
CARR Patrick Ballynahaye
CARR Patrick, Sen. Cranlome
CARR Peter Ballynahaye
CARR Samuel Ballynahaye
CARR Samuel, Jun. Ballynahaye
CARR William Cranlome
CARSON James Lurgacullion
CARSON John Mulnahunch
CARSON Nathaniel Mulnahunch
CARSON Thomas Lisfearty
CARSON William Lurgacullion
CASH Francis Cranlome
CASH Owen Cranlome
CHAPMAN Robert Cullentra
CLARKE John Aghnahoe
CLARKE John Lurgacullion
COCHRANE John Lurgacullion
COLBERT John Ballynahaye
COLBERT John Coolhill
COLBERT William Ballynahaye
COLLINS Edward Clontyclevin
CONDY Alexander Coolhill
CONDY Alexander Cullentra
CONDY George Dergenagh
CONDY James Drumfad
CONDY John Aghnahoe
CONDY John Drumfad
CONDY Robert Mulnahunch
CONDY Theophilus Cullentra
CONDY Thomas Cullentra
CONDY William Cullentra
CONIGAN Charles Ballynahaye
CONIGAN James Ballynahaye
CONIGAN Keane Lurgacullion
CONIGAN Patrick Killeeshil
CONLON Hugh Ballynahaye
CONLON John Ballynahaye
CONLON John Ennish
CONLON Michael Aghaginduff
CONLON Patrick Aghaginduff
CONLON Patrick Ballynahaye
CONN Richard Bockets
CORBETT William Glencull
CORRIGAN Patrick Fasglashagh
COUSINS John Mullyroddan
COUSINS Robert Mullyroddan
COUSINS William Mullyroddan
CREGAN Francis Cabragh
CROSSLE James Aghnahoe
CROSSLE James Lurgacullion
CROTHERS John Dergenagh
CULLEN Michael Coolhill
CUMBERLAND Robert Aghnahoe
CUNNINGHAM Felix Ballynahaye
CUNNINGHAM James Ballynahaye
CUNNINGHAM James Dergenagh
CURLEY Hugh Eskragh
DALY Bartholomew Killeeshil
DALY Bridget Aghaginduff
DALY Felix Killeeshil
DALY Francis Aghaginduff
DALY Henry Killeeshil
DALY James Killeeshil
DALY James, Jun. Killeeshil
DALY John Aghaginduff
DALY John Killeeshil
DALY Michael Killeeshil
DALY Patrick Aghaginduff
DALY Patrick Killeeshil
DALY Timothy Killeeshil
DAVIDSON John Mulnahunch
DAWLEY John Cranlome
DAWLEY John Killeeshil
DAWLEY Philip Fasglashagh
DAWLEY Thomas Farriter
DAWSON William Cabragh
DEVINE Arthur Ballynahaye
DEVINE Ellen Fasglashagh
DEVINE John Ballynahaye
DEVINE Patrick Cranlome
DEVINE Robert Cabragh
DEVINE William Fasglashagh
DEVLIN Henry Aghaginduff
DEVLIN John Glencull
DEVLIN Mary Cullentra
DEVLIN Patrick Aghaginduff
DINES John Mullyroddan
DISNEY Rev. Edwd. O. Killeeshil
DIXON James Lisfearty
DONAGHY Bryan Dergenagh
DONAGHY Catherine Drumfad
DONAGHY Felix Coolhill
DONAGHY Hugh Cranlome
DONAGHY Hugh Drumfad
DONAGHY James Cranlome
DONAGHY John Cranlome
DONAGHY John Dergenagh
DONAGHY John Drumfad
DONAGHY John, Sen. Cranlome
DONAGHY Mary Drumfad
DONAGHY Michael Drumfad
DONAGHY Owen Cranlome
DONAGHY Owen Drumfad
DONAGHY Patrick Cranlome
DONAGHY Peter Drumfad
DONAGHY Rose Drumfad
DONNELLY Daniel Tullyvannon
DONNELLY Felix Ballynahaye
DONNELLY Francis Cranlome
DONNELLY James Cabragh
DONNELLY Jno. Cranlome
DONNELLY John Aghaginduff
DONNELLY John Cranlome
DONNELLY Murtagh Ballynahaye
DONNELLY Neal Cranlome
DONNELLY Patrick Ballynahaye
DONNELLY Patrick Cranlome
DONNELLY Patrick Farriter
DONNELLY Patrick Mullysilly
DONNELLY Peter Cranlome
DONNELLY Terence Ballynahaye
DONNELLY Terence Cranlome
DONNELLY Terence, Sen. Ballynahaye
DONNELSON John Cullentra
DOOGAN Thomas Cranlome
DORAN John Ballynahaye
DORAN Peter Ballynahaye
DOYLE Henry Aghaginduff
DOYLE Henry Coolhill
DOYLE Henry Mulnahunch
DOYLE James Aghaginduff
DOYLE Michael Aghaginduff
DOYLE Peter Aghaginduff
DRUMMOND William Mulnahunch
DUFF Alexander Dergenagh
DUFF John Dergenagh
DUFF Nathaniel Dergenagh
DUFF Robert Dergenagh
DUFF Thomas Dergenagh
DUGGAN Simon Cranlome
DUNBANE Ellen Lurgacullion
DUNBANE William Bockets
DUNBANE William Lurgacullion
DUNLOP Robert Dergenagh
EARLY Michael Cabragh
ECCLES Thomas Farriter
ELLISON Henry Ballynahaye
ELLISON John Tullyvannon
ELLISON Joseph Ballynahaye
ELLISON Thomas Ballynahaye
ELLISON Thomas Cranlome
FAHAN Mary Aghaginduff
FARLEY Daniel Bockets
FARLEY Francis Killeeshil
FARLEY James Killeeshil
FARLEY Owen Killeeshil
FERGUSON Margaret Killeeshil
FINLAY David Dergenagh
FINLAY William Dergenagh
FLANAGAN Patrick Aghaginduff
FOX Anne Mullysilly
FOX Bernard Lurgacullion
FOX Ellen Mullysilly
FOX Robert Drumfad
GAMBLE John Ennish
GAULT Uriah Bockets
GILKINSON James Ennish
GILLESPIE Sampson Bockets
GILMOUR Robert Ballynahaye
GILMOUR Thomas Cabragh
GILMOUR William Ballynahaye
GIVAN William Drumfad
GIVANS Alexander Dergenagh
GIVANS George Aghnahoe
GIVANS George Dergenagh
GIVANS Henry Aghnahoe
GIVANS Henry Tullyvannon
GIVANS Jeremiah Aghnahoe
GIVANS John Aghnahoe
GIVANS Joseph Dergenagh
GIVANS William Drumfad
GOFF Joseph Aghaginduff
GOFF Joseph Clontyfallow
GOFF Joseph Coolhill
GOFF Joseph Eskragh
GOFF Joseph Lisfearty
GOODWIN Edward Coolhill
GORMLY Charles Cranlome
GORMLY Michael Cranlome
GRIFFIN David Lisfearty
GRIFFIN Elizabeth Lisfearty
GROMLY Hugh Lurgacullion
HACKETT Bernard Fasglashagh
HADDIN John Farriter
HADDOCK Henry Cabragh
HADDOCK Thomas Cabragh
HAGAN Charles Bockets
HAGAN Daniel Cranlome
HAGAN Mary Bockets
HAGAN Michael Bockets
HAGAN Reps. John Clontyclevin
HALL Bridget Aghaginduff
HAMILL Charles Aghaginduff
HAMILL Francis Aghaginduff
HAMILL Henry Mullysilly
HAMILL James Aghaginduff
HAMILL John Aghaginduff
HAMILL John Mullysilly
HAMILL Mary Mullysilly
HAMILL Michael Ballynahaye
HAMILL Patrick Aghaginduff
HAMILL Patrick Tullyvannon
HAMILL Rose Mullysilly
HAMILL Thomas Mullysilly
HARDY Thomas Eskragh
HARVEY Peter Ennish
HAYES John Coolhill
HENDERSON Robert Eskragh
HILL Reps. William Bockets
HODGE John Cabragh
HOLMES James Dergenagh
HUGHES Edward Ballynahaye
HUGHES Edward Lurgacullion
HUGHES Henry Lurgacullion
HUGHES James Killeeshil
HUGHES Michael Aghaginduff
HUGHES Peter Killeeshil
HULLIN Barnaby Aghaginduff
HULLIN Edward Aghaginduff
HURST Catherine Glencull
HURST James Dergenagh
HURST Robert Dergenagh
IRWIN George Aghnahoe
IRWIN James Fasglashagh
IRWIN William Lisfearty
IRWIN William Tullyvannon
JAMESON John Mullyroddan
JOHNSTON Andrew Coolhill
JOHNSTON Andrew Killeeshil
JOHNSTON James Aghnahoe
JOHNSTON John Aghnahoe
JOHNSTON Robert Aghnahoe
JOHNSTON Robert Lurgacullion
JUDGE Catherine Lisfearty
KEARNS Thomas Bockets
KEENAN Patrick Drumfad
KELLY Anne Aghaginduff
KELLY Arthur Ballynahaye
KELLY Arthur Killeeshil
KELLY Bernard Killeeshil
KELLY Catherine Killeeshil
KELLY Francis Farriter
KELLY Francis Killeeshil
KELLY Hugh Aghaginduff
KELLY Hugh Killeeshil
KELLY James Cullentra
KELLY James Farriter
KELLY James Tullyvannon
KELLY John Bockets
KELLY John Fasglashagh
KELLY John Killeeshil
KELLY Michael Bockets
KELLY Michael Eskragh
KELLY Owen Killeeshil
KELLY Patrick Bockets
KELLY Patrick Cranlome
KELLY Patrick Killeeshil
KELLY Peter Ballynahaye
KELLY Peter Killeeshil
KELLY William Aghaginduff
KELLY William Fasglashagh
KING Hugh Fasglashagh
KIRK William Mullyroddan
KNOX James Cullentra
KYLE Jane Mulnahunch
KYLE John Cabragh
LAFFERTY Bernard Fasglashagh
LAFFERTY Charles Fasglashagh
LAFFERTY Edward Fasglashagh
LAFFERTY Michael Cabragh
LAFFERTY Michael Fasglashagh
LAFFERTY Owen Cabragh
LAFFERTY Owen Fasglashagh
LAFFERTY Patrick Fasglashagh
LAMMY James Ballynahaye
LAMMY Robert Ballynahaye
LAMMY William Ballynahaye
LAPPIN Henry Killeeshil
LAPPIN John Killeeshil
LAPPIN Patrick Killeeshil
LEGGETT Robert Mullyroddan
LEISTER Hugh Ballynahaye
LEMONT Daniel Killeeshil
LEWIS John Mulnahunch
LEWIS William Cranlome
LINN Peter Cranlome
LITTLE Archibald Mulnahunch
LOCKHART Andrew Aghnahoe
LOCKHART Robert Bockets
LOCKHART William Ballynahaye
LOCKHART Wm., Sen. Ballynahaye
LOON Michael Aghnahoe
LOUGHNAN Michael Fasglashagh
LOUGHNAN Owen Fasglashagh
LOUGHNAN Owen, Sen. Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Alexander Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Alice Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Anne Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Francis Aghaginduff
LOUGHRAN Hugh Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN James Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN John Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Mary Aghaginduff
LOUGHRAN Michael Aghaginduff
LOUGHRAN Michael Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Michael Killeeshil
LOUGHRAN Owen Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Patrick Aghaginduff
LOUGHRAN Peter Fasglashagh
LOUGHRAN Thomas Cabragh
LOUGHRAN William Fasglashagh
LOUGHRANE James Cranlome
LUCAS Beatty Ennish
LYNCH Andrew Ennish
MACKEN Bernard Fasglashagh
MACKEN Daniel Fasglashagh
MACKIN Ellen Farriter
MACKIN Ellen Killeeshil
MACKIN John Cranlome
MACRORY Henry Bockets
MACRORY Terence Bockets
MAILEY James Tullyvannon
MARTIN George Dergenagh
MARTIN William Dergenagh
MASON James Mulnahunch
MASON Thomas Tullyvannon
MATHEWS Joseph Clontyfallow
MAY John Lisfearty
MCALEER Francis Killeeshil
MCALEER Henry Farriter
MCALEER James Killeeshil
MCALEER Owen Farriter
MCATAGGART Charles Aghaginduff
MCATEER William Mulnahunch
MCBRIDE John Aghaginduff
MCBRIDE Patrick Aghaginduff
MCCAMMON David Tullyvannon
MCCANN Mary Cranlome
MCCANNA Edward Mulnahunch
MCCAUL Alice Farriter
MCCAUL Ellen Farriter
MCCAUL Francis Cabragh
MCCAUL James Cabragh
MCCAUL John Cabragh
MCCAUL John Farriter
MCCAUL John Fasglashagh
MCCAUL John, Sen. Fasglashagh
MCCAUL Patrick Killeeshil
MCCAUL Peter Killeeshil
MCCLEAN James Drumfad
MCCLEAN William Bockets
MCCLUSKY John Aghaginduff
MCCOLLUM Robert Drumfad
MCCOLLUM Robert Tullyvannon
MCCONNELL George Dergenagh
MCCOOL Bernard Fasglashagh
MCCOOL Charles Coolhill
MCCOOL Francis Fasglashagh
MCCOURT James Farriter
MCCOY William Mulnahunch
MCCUSKER Bernard Ballynahaye
MCCUSKER Henry Ballynahaye
MCCUSKER Hugh Ballynahaye
MCCUSKER Michael Ballynahaye
MCDONNELL James Tullyvannon
MCDONNELL John Fasglashagh
MCELHINNEY Arthur Fasglashagh
MCFARLAND Bernard Ballynahaye
MCFARLAND William Cullentra
MCFARLEY John Cranlome
MCGEE Francis Mullyroddan
MCGEE Patrick Killeeshil
MCGEOGHEGAN John Ballynahaye
MCGEOUGH Patrick Fasglashagh
MCGILBY James Aghaginduff
MCGILLY James Aghaginduff
MCGILLY James Farriter
MCGILLY John Killeeshil
MCGILLY Michael Farriter
MCGIRR John Cranlome
MCGUIGGAN Edward Aghaginduff
MCGUIGGAN Mary Aghaginduff
MCGUINNESS James Ballynahaye
MCKENNA Catherine Glencull
MCKENNA James Farriter
MCKENNA John Ennish
MCKENNA John Killeeshil
MCKENNA Patrick Farriter
MCKENNA Patrick Killeeshil
MCKEON Edward Farriter
MCKINLEY James Bockets
MCKINLEY William Dergenagh
MCLEAN William Bockets
MCMAHON Robert Glencull
MCMULLEN Elizabeth Bockets
MCMULLEN Mary Bockets
MCMULLEN William Cabragh
MCNEILL Anne Mullyroddan
MCNEILL Archibald Clontyfallow
MCNEILL Hugh Eskragh
MCQUAID Lawrence Cranlome
MCQUAID Owen Aghaginduff
MCQUAID Patrick Cranlome
MCQUAID Peter Cranlome
MCQUAID Terence Cranlome
MCTEAGUE Jane Fasglashagh
MCTEAGUE Patrick Cabragh
MCVEAGH Michael Fasglashagh
MCVEIGH James Fasglashagh
MCWILLIAMS Eliza Glencull
MCWILLIAMS James Lisfearty
MELVIN Christian Mullyroddan
MELVIN John Mullyroddan
MILLER James Glencull
MINES Henry Coolhill
MINES John Coolhill
MOFFETT James Lurgacullion
MONTAGUE Jane Fasglashagh
MONTGOMERY Archibald Cranlome
MONTGOMERY John Cranlome
MONTGOMERY Robert Cranlome
MONTGOMERY William Cranlome
MOONE Alexander Ballynahaye
MOONE George Ballynahaye
MOONE George Bockets
MOONE George, Sen. Bockets
MOONE John Cranlome
MOONE Samuel Bockets
MOONEY John Farriter
MOORE Samuel Cranlome
MORAGHAN Timothy Drumfad
MORRIS Launcelot Bockets
MORRIS William Bockets
MULGREW Bernard Bockets
MULGREW Catherine Mullysilly
MULGREW Ellen Aghaginduff
MULGREW Francis Bockets
MULGREW James Ballynahaye
MULGREW James Bockets
MULGREW John Ballynahaye
MULGREW John Cranlome
MULGREW John Mullysilly
MULGREW Patrick Aghaginduff
MULGREW Peter Cranlome
MULGREW Peter Mullysilly
MULLEN John Cranlome
MULLEN John Fasglashagh
MURPHY Alice Clontyclevin
MURPHY Hugh Clontyclevin
MURPHY Hugh, Sen. Clontyclevin
MURPHY James Clontyclevin
MURPHY James Cranlome
MURPHY James, Jun. Clontyclevin
MURPHY John Clontyclevin
MURPHY Mark Ennish
MURPHY Owen Cranlome
MURPHY Peter Cranlome
NCMINN William Killeeshil
NEALIS Mary Aghaginduff
NEILL Charles Farriter
NEWTON Courtney Cabragh
NEWTON John Tullyvannon
NOBLOW Thomas Lurgacullion
OAK Joseph Clontyfallow
OAK Joseph Eskragh
O'BRIEN Arthur Glencull
O’NEILL Anne Ballynahaye
O’NEILL Bridget Ballynahaye
O’NEILL Charles Ballynahaye
O’NEILL Edward Fasglashagh
O’NEILL John Aghaginduff
O'NEILL Charles Glencull
ORR John Fasglashagh
ORR John Tullyvannon
PAISLEY Samuel Ballynahaye
PATTERSON John Tullyvannon
PAUL William Clontyfallow
POTTER Henry Glencull
QUINN Charles Drumfad
QUINN Edward Aghnahoe
QUINN Edward Drumfad
QUINN Hugh Mullysilly
QUINN Jane Ennish
QUINN John Aghnahoe
QUINN John Glencull
QUINN Margaret Cranlome
QUINN Patrick Drumfad
QUINN Peter Cranlome
QUINN Peter Ennish
RAFFERTY Michael Cranlome
RAFFERTY Peter Cranlome
RAMSAY John Cabragh
RAMSAY William Cabragh
REGAN John Ennish
REID Adam Coolhill
REID James Ennish
REID John Mullyroddan
REID Mary Mullyroddan
REID Robert Lisfearty
REID William Ennish
ROBINSON James Drumfad
RYAN James Mulnahunch
SADLIER John Aghnahoe
SCOTT Robert Coolhill
SEALEY Samuel Ballynahaye
SHANNON James Coolhill
SHARKEY William Lisfearty
SHIELLS Thomas Glencull
SIMPSON John Dergenagh
SIMPSON John Eskragh
SIMPSON John Glencull
SIMPSON Robert Cullentra
SKIFFINGTON John Lurgacullion
SLOAN Mary Drumfad
SLOANE Joseph Dergenagh
SLOANE Richard Coolhill
SLOANE Stewart Coolhill
STENSON Anne Lisfearty
STENSON James Lisfearty
STENSON Robert Clontyfallow
STENSON Robert Mullyroddan
STENSON Robt. Mullyroddan
STENSON William Clontyfallow
STENSON William Lisfearty
TALBOT Henry Eskragh
TALBOT Waller Eskragh
TANNISTAN Patrick Ballynahaye
TEAGUE James Ballynahaye
TEAGUE James Cranlome
TEAGUE John Cranlome
THOMPSON Richard Bockets
TIERNEY Bernard Bockets
TIERNEY Hugh Bockets
TIERNEY Patrick Bockets
TODD William Cullentra
TRAYNOR James Drumfad
TRUMAN Edward Cabragh
TRUMAN William Ballynahaye
TRUSLE [TRUSDALE] William Mulnahunch
TURNER Robert Dergenagh
VENABLES Rev. Edward B. W. Farriter
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Mullysilly
VERNER Sir William, Bart. Tullyvannon
VERNER Sir Wm., Bart. Aghnahoe
VERNER Sir Wm., Bart. Bockets
VERNER Sir Wm., Bart. Dergenagh
VERNER Sir Wm., Bart. Lurgacullion
WALKER John Clontyfallow
WALKER Robert Coolhill
WATERS John Eskragh
WATSON Archibald Aghnahoe
WATT Hugh Bockets
WHITTINGTON William Dergenagh
WILLIAMS John Coolhill
WILLIAMSON Joseph Eskragh
WILSON David Bockets
WILSON John Cabragh
WILSON William Bockets
WILSON William Cabragh
WOODS Francis Farriter
WOODS Patrick Coolhill
WOODS Patrick Fasglashagh
YOUNG Elizabeth Coolhill
YOUNG Robert Bockets