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Index to Griffiths Valuation, Killea Parish, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Barony of Raphoe North
Transcribed, Compiled and Submitted by
Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia


1: Altaghaderry; 2: Ardnamoghill; 3: Carrigans; 4: Drumnashear; 5: Dunmore; 6: Glasmullan; 7: Imlick; 8: Legnaduff; 9: Magheraboy; 10: Magheraboy Glebe; 11: Newtown Hamilton; 12: Toberslane; 13: White House


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ALEXANDER Joseph Imlick
ALLEN John Whitehouse
ALLEN Robert Town of Carrigans
ARTHUR James K. Whitehouse
ARTHUR Jas. K. Drumnashear
ARTHUR Jas. K. Glasmullan
BAIRD John Toberslane
BALL Rev. John G. Magheraboy Glebe
BLACK Alexander Dunmore
BOVAIRD John Altaghaderry
BOYD Alexander Imlick
BOYD James Toberslane
BOYD William Imlick
BRADLEY Andrew Town of Carrigans
BRADLEY William, Jr. Town of Carrigans
BRADLEY William, Sr. Town of Carrigans
BROWN Robert Town of Carrigans
BROWNE William Whitehouse
BURDY James Altaghaderry
BYRNE Patrick Dunmore
CALLAGHAN William Carrigans
CALLAGHAN William Town of Carrigans
CAMPBELL William Town of Carrigans
CRAIG John Magheraboy
CRAIG John Town of Carrigans
CRIGGEEN Bernard Imlick
CROCKETT Alexander Drumnashear
CROCKETT Alexander Glasmullan
CROCKETT Alexander Newtownhamilton
CROCKETT John Imlick
CULLION John Ardnamoghill
CUNNINGHAM Alexander Town of Carrigans
DEVER Charles Glasmullan
DEVERELL Cornelius Imlick
DOHERTY Thomas Town of Carrigans
DONAGHY William Altaghaderry
DOUGAL James Glasmullan
DUNCAN Catherine Ardnamoghill
DUNNE James Altaghaderry
DUNNE James Dunmore
EATONS Margaret Town of Carrigans
EDMONDSON William Ardnamoghill
ELLIOTT James Carrigans
ELLIOTT James Town of Carrigans
ELLIOTT Patrick Carrigans
ELLIOTT Patrick Town of Carrigans
FERGUSON Baronet Robt. A. Drumnashear
GALLAGHER Bryan Town of Carrigans
GALLAGHER Daniel Altaghaderry
GALLAGHER James Altaghaderry
GAMBLE John Toberslane
GILFELLAN David Altaghaderry
GOURLEY James Dunmore
GROVES Daniel Newtownhamilton
HAMILTON Joseph Town of Carrigans
HAMILTON Robert Town of Carrigans
HANNA John Carrigans
HANNA John Glasmullan
HANNA John Whitehouse
HARGLOT William Carrigans
HARRIGAN Neal Town of Carrigans
HASTY Margaret Glasmullan
HAZLETT William Town of Carrigans
HUNTER James Dunmore
HUNTER John Dunmore
HUNTER Robert Dunmore
HUTCHINSON John Town of Carrigans
IRWIN Eliza Altaghaderry
IRWIN James Altaghaderry
KERNAHAN John Town of Carrigans
KILDEA William Altaghaderry
KILPATRICK Frederick Ardnamoghill
KILPATRICK Frederick Toberslane
LAIRD Margaret Town of Carrigans
LOGAN Joseph Altaghaderry
LOGHERY Daniel Altaghaderry
LYNCH Thomas Glasmullan
MAHAFFY Robert Altaghaderry
MASON William Ardnamoghill
MAXWELL Alexander Altaghaderry
MAXWELL Thomas Town of Carrigans
MCALLISTER James Town of Carrigans
MCBRIERTY John Town of Carrigans
MCCALLION James Altaghaderry
MCCAUL Hugh Legnaduff
MCCLELLAND David Newtownhamilton
MCCLELLAND David Whitehouse
MCCLELLAND John Newtownhamilton
MCCLELLAND Robert Town of Carrigans
MCCLELLAND Samuel Whitehouse
MCCLINTOCK Robert Carrigans
MCCLINTOCK Robert Dunmore
MCCLINTOCK Robert Town of Carrigans
MCCOLGAN Ellen Town of Carrigans
MCCORKLE Moses Town of Carrigans
MCDERMOTT William Altaghaderry
MCGILLIGAN Hugh Town of Carrigans
MCGILLIGAN Thomas Glasmullan
MCGREGOR William Toberslane
MCGUINNESS Andrew Town of Carrigans
MCILWAINE John Dunmore
MCILWAINE John Whitehouse
MCILWEE Samuel Town of Carrigans
MCKEARN Patrick Town of Carrigans
MCNALTY Anne Newtownhamilton
MCNULTY John Town of Carrigans
MCNUTT William Ardnamoghill
MCPHERSON John Newtownhamilton
MCWARD James Town of Carrigans
MONTGOMERY Robert Town of Carrigans
MULLEN James Imlick
MULLEN Robert Imlick
ORR James Whitehouse
ORR William Whitehouse
OSBORNE Smith Carrigans
OSBORNE Smith Town of Carrigans
OSBORNE Walter Altaghaderry
RANKIN Matthew Altaghaderry
RANKIN William Altaghaderry
ROBINSON James Dunmore
SCOTT Robert Ardnamoghill
SCOTT Robert Legnaduff
SMITH Anne Whitehouse
SMITH Timothy Imlick
SMYTH Charles Newtownhamilton
SMYTH James Dunmore
SMYTH Sarah Glasmullan
SMYTH Susan Dunmore
SMYTH William Town of Carrigans
STEEL James Altaghaderry
SWEENEY Edward Whitehouse
THOMPSON Matilda Altaghaderry
THOMPSON Robert Newtownhamilton
TIERNEY Samuel Altaghaderry
TOLAND James Whitehouse
WALLACE Robert Whitehouse
WHITE Robert Town of Carrigans
WHITTINGTON James Ardnamoghill